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Re: Rules to Date a Hockey Player


This is just my perspective, but I think you genuinely don’t understand why people had a problem with your post, so I’m gonna go through it. And let me just say that not all of it is awful

1. this is a-okay, most of us don’t want to talk about our jobs at home
2. It’s one thing to respect your boyfriend’s wishes, but this can easily become controlling behavior that you later warn a hockey player’s partner against.
3. There isn’t a problem with this until the last line. Nobody’s value and/or input in a relationship should be reduced to their looks/being pretty not paying the bills. If that’s all one of these guys sees in you, they’re shitty, it’s not an equal partnership and their ass should be dumped.
4. It’s human to be disappointed by plans with your guy being cancelled. The line gets crossed when you throw a tantrum over something out of his control.
5. This is what I was talking about in #3. If he’s supposed be trusted around random women whose intention is getting him to cheat, he should be able to trust that you won’t let his teammate who doesn’t understand boundaries go too far if you speak to him.
6. I think you worded this one badly. There’s a difference between trying to communicate with that person while they’re hundreds of miles away from you, and harassing someone and expecting an immediate response 24/7.
7. I don’t know many people who have the time or money to do this in the first place.
8. Yes, but not every situation is the same. If you’re unhappy with the amount of time you’re getting to spend with your hockey player during the already limited amount of free time they have, you should be able to communicate with them— and I’m not talking about nagging, I mean productive communication.
9. Your two personalities are not one in the same. A woman and a man can be friends without her pining for attention outside of her relationship, even if Mr. Hockey Boyfriend doesn’t want to be buddies with him. Having friends who happen to play hockey with him doesn’t make you look cheap (never mind how misogynisitc this idea is).
10. People can wear what they want. Point blank. And a lot of women walk very well in heels without looking like Bambi.
11. I get what you’re trying to say because we all get exhausted, but again, communicating about something you’re unhappy with is important between two adults. Especially if, assuming you’re not married and living with this person, you’ve gone out of your way to go see them and they don’t value it.
12. I agree with the last piece, but 9 hours of anything without acknowledging the person spending time with you is ridiculous. Both people need to try something the other likes to do.
13. This is pretty common with athletes at all levels, but he shouldn’t turn into the Hulk if you don’t know better and make a mistake trying to talk about the game. Anybody who does that is an asshole immature.
14. The good job in the game piece if part of being supportive. But if they’re asking for an honest opinion on their outfit, there’s no need to tear them down, and there’s no need to lie either. And if he likes what he’s got on, that’s all that matters anyways.
15. He’s working, there’s no problem with this.
16. Every person should have an independent life outside of their relationship, no matter who the guy is and you shouldn’t feel guilt for not devoting your life to him 100%, especially if “you tell them not to go out with their friends, it’s not happening”.
17. If this is someone you’ve decided to be together with — you’re not “talking” or in any other not-a-committed-relationship status — making plans a couple months ahead isn’t unheard of.
18. This is a complete mess. You can’t defend this post as adult behavior and then follow in #19 with telling someone not to act like they’re in a high school relationship. Teasing is one thing when both parties have an understanding that, that is what’s being done. GROWN MEN AND WOMEN gossiping about a woman cheating, which they didn’t know for sure according to you, isn’t the same. Especially being that there’s an idea that “hoe” behavior by men in professional sports is okay. She was being slut-shamed for something that she may not have even done. And even if she had, her guy had no business telling everyone he works with what goes on within their relationship when he chose to continue being with her.
19. Again, I find this ironic following #18. And also, no person is disposable. That’s fucked. Nobody is a Barbie to entertain a man and nobody is a novelty item. And bimbo is just another gendered insult that I don’t think you would use against a man like the others throughout this post. What does it take to be a bimbo, anyways? Speculation that you might have cheated? That’s a little harsh, no?
20. You’re right, don’t throw away your life for anyone. Especially because most of the people reading this are young with a lot left in life to accomplish. But both people should be making efforts to spend time together, even if it’s just getting on FaceTime for the five overlapping minutes you both have.

I’m 100% not trying to shit on you or talk down to you, but what you wrote came across poorly. These are only things that I, personally, had an issue with. I can’t speak for anybody else. They may even think I’m wrong about some of this. What you wrote reeked of an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship with one person in control. I had to write this because it irked the hell out of me tbh.

Also, I noticed you changed your avi after your post got around. I hope you didn’t feel the need to do this because people were attacking you for a mistake.

@bisexualnylander I’m tagging you because you’re how I found out about this and I want your opinion.

killers as dril tweets part 1

Dylan Klebold:   i am notr, nor ever have been, a nerd, and i have used some very powerful swear words on this website that would blow most nerds socks off

Eric Harris:  ((pulls gun out in bank) NObody MOVE OR ILL BPLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF (empties a shit load of free lollipops & dog biscuits into big jeans 

Elliot Rodger: we’re at the point now, that when i offer to impregnate my girl followers, people assume my motives are sexual. disgusting, grow the fuck up,

Adam Lanza:  bad news: were all helpless cogs doomed to ceaselessly perpetuate a machine good news: the machine is a Sega and were all sonic the hegehog

Jeffrey Dahmer: i would really like to attend my grandsons funeral but at the same time i just want to sit in bed and explore my body with a peacock feather

Ted Bundy:  i put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad” “its ineffective” fuck off

Tim McVeigh:  the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. “war is the most fucked up thing ever.” he takes a sip of beer

James Holmes:  the jduge orders me to take off my anonymous v mask & im wearing the joker makeup underneath it. everyone in the courtroom groans at my shit

Brenda Spencer:  i just want to find the optimal bra for sniper operations, but everyeone here is so rude, and pieces of shit

Pekka Eric Auvinen:  THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset. ME: I agree

Richard Ramirez:  i will tell you this right now: I’m from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally

Dylann Roof:  my uncles caught me searching “can i still join isis if im racist” on the family computer & are now withholding all holiday treats for 2015.

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I see that Rus likes the Butterbeer from Starbucks :D which I also want to try some day. And it got me thinking. What Hogwarts house do you think UT, US, & UF would be sorted into? Also, what is a PSL? The L is for Latte right?

I think I made a post about this wayyy back when I started this blog, but my writing and opinion of them has changed slightly so I’ll update it. 



Ravenclaw. Sure, Classic might be lazy and unmotivated, but he’s a hell of a science student. He excels at math and the physics of magic and does spend his time studying, just unconventionally, like falling asleep to an audio file of the chapter. He absorbs info subconsciously. (Lucky him) 


Gryffindor! Papaya was almost sorted into Hufflepuff because of his outstanding loyalty, but he’s also very brave and isn’t afraid to stand up for others. He’s practically fearless and energetic so Gryffindor is the house for him. 



Gryffindor! It’s pretty much the same reason as Papaya, but he has a Slytherin streak with his ambition. Ambition to help other people rather than personal gain! 


Hufflepuff!! Yeah it’s a bit unconventional, and he does have a Ravenclaw side, but Stretch’s loyalty knows no bound. He loves his friends and would always take their side, even if they’re wrong, but that doesn’t make him a blind follower. Yes, when one of his friends does something wrong, he will side with them, but will also help improve his friends and get them to see why what they did was wrong and teach them how to be better people. 



Gryffindor! Red has no ambition or drive to be in Slytherin, he’s smart, but he doesn’t value knowledge so no Ravenclaw, Red in Hufflepuff? Nu uh. But Gryffindor suits him most. He’s not afraid to stand up for himself and knows when to back down from a challenge and when to engage in one. 


Fell is the definition (and the stereotypical portrayal) of a slytherin. He’s extremely resourceful and ambitious, and will only partake in activities that will somehow benefit him in the long run. 




He’s as Slytherin as it can get and even has a rivalry with Fell. While Black might not be entirely resourceful, he’s EXTREMELY cunning and intelligent, even smart enough to surpass the top Ravenclaws in his class. He’s highly ambitious to make a name for himself and to sit at the top of the hierarchy, and determined to do so. 


Rus has pure Hufflepuff blood, and loyal as he is, he is only loyal to his brother. Sure, he’ll side with his friends in arguments, but Black will always take priority. Rus is the peacemaker, and is often called upon to settle disputes with his kindness. 

(not so) lil celebration!

ok since i’ve been long gone (and since i’m back rn) i thought i can make a lil celebration for it. also i’ve reached 300 followers and i want to thank each one of you for that.

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hi i know you're annoyed with tumblr dot hell as of late because annoyingly popular posts and also ignoramuses in general but i just want you to know that i admire you from afar and i enjoy your confusing, gay, and very specific content. it tickles me and is a rare part of tumblr that i actually like. so thank you for that, genuinely.

this is timely and kind, thank you 💜

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Most probably you wont post it,but I insist,please can we ( Louies only) tweet topshot DJs like TheChainsmokers,Kygo,Daft Punk, TIESTO, DJSnake, Diplo,MajorLazer, Martin Garrix, AFROJACK, Calvin Harris, Alan Walker, MarshMello & others about how much we would love to see them collaborating with Louis Tomlinson, Please? Louis team LITERALLY sucks, when other boys teams are promoting hell out of them,Louis' doing nothing. It's up to us now to promote our boy. PLEASE help out..Ask ur followers too.

Anon I understand what you’re trying to say and of course I’ll post this. But after such a long break as much as we’ll like more collaborations, I just want solo louis music. No collaboration, just him, his words and his music. And it will make more sense if we promote his stuff after it comes out. You know we are best at it. So we just have to wait till louis is ready to share his music with us and then we’ll show his team how their job is done. But anon I do wish he has a new team by then. *fingers crossed*

FLASH / WEEKEND STARTER CALL. I’m going to be free from the hell that is babysitting at 5 PM EST, so LIKE THIS POST and the second I am able to I’m gonna write out starters and focus all energy on replies & NOTHING ELSE. strictly from tonight because I NEED to get my muse back up so bad. so ya, who wants to rp w sheri holland

Now this is interesting as hell:

Theoretical calculations suggest that an Earth-size planet’s own internal heat could keep its surface warm enough for liquid water if the surface were protected against heat loss by a thick hydrogen atmosphere. Such a hydrogen atmosphere is not possible on an Earth-size planet in our solar system, because solar heat would cause the hydrogen to escape into space fairly rapidly. But, as we will discuss further in Chapter 11, it is possible that Earth-size planets are sometimes ejected from solar systems in the process of forming, and sent into interstellar space. When an Earth-size planet is born, it might have a hydrogen atmosphere for a short time, particularly if it forms at a greater distance from its star or around a star cooler than our Sun. If such a planet is ejected into interstellar space before it loses this atmosphere, its thick hydrogen envelope might remain for many billions of years. Indeed, such “free-floating Earths” could conceivably be quite common in interstellar space, though their relatively small size and low brightness would make them extremely difficult to detect. If they exist, such planets could have surface oceans, as well as geothermal and chemical energy much like that sustaining life underground and around deep-sea vents on Earth. Although the total available energy would probably not sustain a huge amount of life, at least some might be possible.

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while i agree that maybe you shouldn't tell your hockey bf what he did wrong in a game, "Unless you want to see the calmest, sweetest guy turn into the hulk" is not a good reason. (id go with that uhh it's rude to say that) like you shouldn't be afraid of saying things to your partner?? you shouldn't be afraid that they'll yell at you like holy shit?? i read that whole post and my eyes rolled so far back in my head

the post in its entirety is messy as hell but yeah u shouldn’t be afraid of your partner and you shouldn’t be afraid that your partner is gonna “hulk out” when given bad feedback for something. like. I’m tired lmao. I’m glad I haven’t seen anyone actually put stock in that list. I’m angry that the op of the list is basically covering their ears at the criticism they’re getting and saying “nah y'all are wrong I’ve got Experience and I’m Mature and u guys are too immature to understand” like miss me with that superiority complex sis. sorry I’d be nicer if they like, tried to understand how they’re wrong? but that’s not happening so.




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

anyway I love Yuuri

Underappreciated* Yuuri caps from episode three post:


what is happening this is so cute.

full glasses push determined Yuuri!!

IT’S ENOUGH TO GET A MAN PREGNANT. Remember when this ridiculous smitten boy said this lmao.

he lacks confidence.

Yuuri plz omg.

back massages from Takeshi

You can do it, Yuuri (Yuuri freaking out here is too cute)

remember when Yuuri doubted his ability to portray sexiness and Eros and at that very moment he looked like this

I don’t want Yuuri Katsuki to ever have to eat broccoli again after looking at this. I don’t even hate broccoli, but that is tragic. 

he skates

when he’s being so sweet and compassionate and perceptive to Yurio at the waterfall!

a good looking man


I love… this shot? It looks almost Ghibli-esque to me.

Yuuri in the ballet studio gives me life. I want to see more of it!

There’s no way I could be the playboy (Victor, somewhere: sobbing into his pillow)

Yuuri(s) on tv

wow amazing

such a good sport look how appreciative he is of Yurio

I wanted to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL AND DEEP his edge is on this spread eagle?? +10 on all of Yuuri’s PCs tbh. 

being Eros is exhausting

that figure

a smile that could probably bring world peace


what the hell?? someone pinch those cheeks (Victor preferably)

he still looks nervous here awww.

but then Victor gives him that gentle squeeze

and he smiles. 

*Note: all shots of Yuuri are underappreciated because it’s not possible to appreciate Yuuri enough 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Here’s all the things that I’ve been working on. (Have fun scroling.)

1st: The people that I follows A.K.A my senpais:

@nekophy - First and for most, you’re amazing. Your art is beautiful in every piece. Your OCs are cute and adorable. You YOURSELF is amazing a hyperactive. Keep on being a cute little stick cat! Also I want to draw you as a cat and not a stick cat so sorry for that

@angexci - I can’t say how wonderful you are in any way possible. Your traditional are perfect, but your digital art is so awesome! You are amazing, everytime you post something, either a shitpost or an art piece, I love it all. So continue being a cool bird!

@jakei95 - One question, HOW. THE HELL. ARE YOU. SO FREAKING CALM?? Okay, you’re really, AWESOMELY cool. Your characters are cool, cute, awesome at the same time. Your art is TOO COOL, OKAY?? Also, you’re funny, like EXTREMELY FUNNY. Please continue on being a funny and cool potato! :3 I dunno I drew the background galaxy

@gabi4chan-akatsuki - I know your blog is not art related but I like Vocaloid and your Vocatale AU. I ADORE your Vocaloid covers, it sounds amazing. So just keep on tuning!

@wilyart - I know you don’t post much, but you are still amazing. I don’t have much to say aside from that your art are fabulous.

@kyashee-art - I. LOVE. EVERY. PIECE. OF ART. YOU MAKE. THAT’S ALL I COULD SAY. I can’t say anymore than compliment your art. I made this before you changed your mascot so oops.

@trashy-artzy-me - You’re one of the best traditional artist I’ve ever know. Personaly I feel that you’re cool :). Keep on being amazing!

@blogthegreatrouge - I can’t say you’re cool and amazing enough. You’re the first person i followed, the person that I made my blog for, the first person that I actually motivates me to post on Tumblr. Your art are all from the heavens. Except those sin art. So I hope you never give up and continue on!

@renrink - *inhales* YOU ARE SO COOL. Especially your AU, Reapertale is so cool and I’m waiting for your stuff. Your art are so goddamn wonderful, like DAYUM. I once tried to color like you but I failed so bad, I deleted it. :P. Just continue on being a cool dude gal!

@walkingmelonsaaa - I can’t say your art is amazing enough. Your lines, your coloring, your porotions! It’s beatiful! You are an art goddess to me, to everyone who knows you. So keep on making amazing art! I didn’t know what to draw for the background so I tried and it sucks >:(

@zarla-s - To be honest, I know you from Quotev XD, I read your fanfictions and I’m still waiting and I read the comics and I compared it and I’m surprised. Anyways, your art are so cute, espescially the skelebros! I want to say you’re great! Continue on!

@golzy - I know you’re on hiatus but I wanna say that I want feels too :3.I love your art, you’re talented at a young age. I’m cheering for you! I drew you in your Gay Daddy outfit with some fixing—

@camilaart - Through all the things that happened, you pushed through and fly up above! I wish you would never give up! Ever!

Sapphire by @sapphirescarletta123

Rey by @reyindee

@yugogeer12 - You’re from a cool gal to cute bean. AN ADORABLE BEAN!!! Your art are so goddamn cute!! So cute man! Your Epictale AU is great and EPIC! Keep on being a mixure of a cute and EPIC!!


2nd: People that I follows A.K.A my senpais in CHIBI FOOOOOOORM!!! XD:

Sharky by @myebi

@ania-da-peasant - Though those idiotic people send hate, send you ask that lacks inteligence. You still pushed through. You was pushed down before but you stood up and face them. So never lose hope! Stay DETERMINED!




@rosannapansino RosannaPansino

Perf by @perfectshadow06

3rd: For some of my followers:

@notch0607 @mkitkat @broken-tale-comic @nekokurisu @locis-didi @lazyartz @xxlisagamerxx @undertalefan1111 @anda-blr @cyberbullybro @saskiakawaiistudio @4jen

4th: My awesome friends!:

@mercury-draws-shitz - You’re great, even though it may not feel like it, it is. You’re the first one that actually made fanart for me :’DD So keep being cool!

@thekawaiichibigirl - You are a great friend, though you’re depression is bad, you’re pushing through!! I was– I mean EVERYONE was very worried, so don’t do that ever again. Those people are still hating but you’re answering them in a bad a$$ way!! Sorry Arty Just keep being who you are!!

@anndreemurr - We talk for like once and some how became friends X’DD So just wanna say that your art are everything! It’s so beautiful! So continue being cute and cool :D

@ithinkiamanartist - You’re the one that I talk to the most XDDD omg okay umm.. *inhales* YOUR COOL. You’re just like a cool big sister to me. Da coolest were cat big sister I’ve ever nyew. Your art is coot and cool just like you! Continue on being coot and cool kay sis? :) 

@armitie - Yay time for my first friend I ever made here :’D You are a little roll of memes and shitpost oh ye– You’re the meme sister and super SUPER weird. Your art is super duper cute!! ((I like slim bodies)) Though we don’t talk much, I still love you with every inch of— So keep on doin’ it!

@elamania - Time for my second friend that I made here! Where you’ve been? Nah just kiddin’ I’m not gonna joke like that. I must say that your coloring are wonderFUR!! Get it ‘cause you’re a cat? Yeah? Okay ._. 

@unlikelykingdomsuit - I know we rarely talk, but I still love your art. You’re real FURtastic! Yeah. Puns. I suck at it. But I still want you to know that care about you. Holy that sounds cheesy

@burntsalmonfishy132005 - HI LITTLE CHICKEN!! The second Vietnamese friend I made. You’re a cute little spammer. Yup - u - b Your art is adorable as heack! So keeo on being a cute little chick! ;D

@mikaru-blackspade - I know you’re banned from any social media but you’re still my first Vietnamese friend. You’re a great artist even if you don’t think you are. I wanna say keep on doin’ it!

@pandurrpink - Though we just became friends like a few weeks ago, you still counts as my dear friend. AND HOLY YOUR COLORING IS EVERYTHING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Continue to be an amazing artist Pandurr!

5th: The youtubers that I subscribe:









Ha! I can do something better with my birthday than writing and doing this. Only llike 3 or 4 people wish me “Happy Birthday”. This joke is so lame.

do you ever hear someone talk shit about a character you love and feel offended as if it was personally directed at you?


vfd boys + character posters

“When we drive away in secret, you’ll be a volunteer; so don’t scream when we take you: the world is quiet here.”