but heichouuuu


First pic is my attempt to “restrain myself and be selective” HaruComi pile XD
On top is the elusive HaruMako AV anthology! Yup, I’ve finally managed to get my dirty paws on it. Lots of HaruMako catch this time around!! I hope they are good… though I did end up buying a couple (or more) by mistake so they will probably find their way to my big sales post.

Fun moment this event- going to a harurin circle to buy the two makoharu books they were selling. The seller (don’t know if it was the artist or not) was like, “You really like MakoHaru, huh?” so I told her I love them way too much it’s becoming a problem xD; (And also how there are so many doujinshi for them, that it makes up for all my other pairings that don’t have any ;-; ) I still had 3 sold outs. Including one that I really need to get somehow.

I went all the way to the eastern wing to get a makoharu doujinshi that sold out on me in the Only event. This time the artist’s new work was Kise/Kuroko so she was in the east hall with the shounen circles and not in the west hall where all the Free! circles were. So I bought 2 makoharu books in Kurobas area xD Then I thought, maybe I’d be lucky enough to find my OTP (Hyuuga x Izuki) and my next favorite kurobas pairing (Teppei x Kagami), which are so rare. but no such luck in the vast ocean of everyone x Kuroko. Then when I got home, I noticed I had an ad tucked into the makoharu books.. it was for a Moriyama x Izuki book. Like…. did they even interact ever?!?? And yet I can’t find a single doujinshi for my pairings with plenty of shared screentime, chemistry and interaction T_T /fangirl woes

Anyway, I ended up buying one single Daiya no A FuruMiyu doujinshi. I’m not into the pairing (or any pairing in this series), but I saw this book while browsing pixiv for Furuya fanart and I loved this cover. The art is also amazing (despite the numerous rough sketches panels the artist had no time to finish).

I only skimmed through it, but look who I spotted inside Seidou dining room!! XDDD (and maybe that’s Erwin in front of him?) . Place must be clean, huh?

HEICHOUUUUU I miss you… I did not buy any SnK doujins.

Levi: So, for the record, I got the shitty little brat back for kicking off at me today.  Here is photographic evidence.

Eren: Heichouuuu…  You didn’t have to post this!!
I guess I don’t feel so bad that he punished me because because if you look in the background of the photo you can see that Jean is with his new girlfriend. HAHAHA.


  • Isayama: Oh hey look. Chapter 57.
  • Isayama: Remember Capt. Ackerman?? His name is Kaney and-
  • Isayama: WHOPP he almost shot Levi.
  • Isayama: But he didn't.
  • Isayama: Lol.
  • Isayama: He just killed hanji's squad.
  • Isayama: What's that? You thought I was gonna kill Levi because I gave away too much information about him and his past?
  • Isayama: PSHHHHH. NO.
  • Isayama: OH WAIT WAIT WAIT.
  • Isayama: Kaney just pointed a gun towards Levi.
  • Isayama: And he only has swords to defend himself with.
  • Isayama: AAANDDD that's all you get for now.
  • Isayama: You have to wait next month again haha
  • Isayama: Hm? Oh don't worry. Levi won't die.
  • Isayama: Well...not yet.
  • Isayama: Lol.
  • Isayama: This is gonna be fun.


IT IS EVIL THAT THEY MADE TWO COVERS. (The one on the right is special edition with a book case and the prologue chapter.)

Cover slip says WHY SO PRETTY HEICHOU?! (Ok, it’s a comment from Hisayama who said “this Levi is soooo pretty!!”)

Shounen Magazine also has attached this week a special Heichou cover for Vol 13, which was very tempting. I WANT ALL THE HEICHOU!