but he's the best at what he does

Just because Nikki Reed is acting all cool with it does not mean what Ian Somerhalder did was ok. Yeah, I’m sure they both talked about it together after he revealed he threw out the birth control pills and came to an understanding yada yada yada that’s not the point. The point isn’t whether Nikki consented in the end to be impregnated or not, which from what I can tell she did. It’s the blatant presumptuousness (even Nikki called it presumptuous) with which a man decided to take his partner’s fertility and reproductive choice into his own hands and thought the best way to communicate that he had decided that now was the best time to have kids was by throwing away her freakin birth control without her permission.

Keep in mind, Ian was the one who wanted to have kids, being older than her and wanting to have kids sooner, and Nikki was on the fence about it until after he did that and until after she had a like 6 minute freak out when she found out her pills were gone. 

This whole story is extremely gross and not cute. It’s misogyny. 

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What if... What IF (saying that Pewdieken is real) (This is just something I like to imagine Ken does) When Ken edits his videos that he recorded with Felix, he'll just stare at Felix's face cam and admire him. Thoughts?

thoughts ?? THOUGHTS,,,???  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

waht do u mean by writing “ if” ?

i just love u anon. u r the best anon of the day. yes. you earned that title. dah best.  gimme moar ‘’imagine ken does” . i ll live for that. (✿ ◜u◝ )

-this aside, i think ken doesn t edit his videos himself anymoar.like jack or brad,he has an editor //winky wonk// -

See the raw honesty in his face? The way he tells his story without any attempt at white-washing things? How he abstains from trying to come up with excuses for his actions and just talks about what happened, to the best of his knowledge and belief? -

But even as he does, he is so clearly hoping against hope to be heard and understood; maybe even forgiven.

Would you deny him that?

Gotham 4x01
  • Oswald Cobblepot: Victor Zsasz... How do I begin to explain Victor Zsasz?
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Victor Zsasz is flawless.
  • Tabitha Galavan: I hear his balding head is insured for $10,000.
  • Selina Kyle: I hear he does pizza commercials... in Japan.
  • Harvey Bullock: His favorite movie is The Godfather.
  • Bruce Wayne: One time he went to a wedding...
  • Ivy Pepper: And it was the best wedding ever.
  • Jim Gordon: One time he shot me in the stomach... it was awesome

and another thing I keep thinking about is how he explicitly says his mum left him. This is Keith we’re taking about here. Keith who strives to obtain all the information and facts before coming to a conclusion on something and does his best to maintain that (searching for answers re: the knife + a few other places where he ascertains info and asks questions to get the full picture)

Imo if he’s saying his mum left him then that implies to me from what kind of person he is that he witnessed it and remembers it. not something like his father telling him it happened (he may have tried to rationalise and come up with reasons why that may not entirely accurate/acknowledge it’s one viewpoint and he’d want to know more im sure).

That or the other thing I’m thinking, something that could overrule that and distort that level of objective assessment is that maybe…….. maybe it’s something drilled into him in the past as he became orphaned playing on what we spoke about below (“she left bc you were X and Y” / “if you weren’t so X she wound have left you” / “you see? This is exactly why she’s gone and didn’t want you” / “no wonder you’re an orphan”) and bc of that he has accepted it as truth bc of his own character and how it’s been presented back to him. But hmm…. just a thought.

This was the last picture I took from this comic and I think it’s important because Rincewind is fighting as hard as he can when finally pushed into it.  That’s his character all over.  He doesn’t WANT to be a Chosen One and will try his damndest to get out of it (or later on, just accept his fate with long-suffering resignation), but when there really is only him standing between evil and destruction on one side and the world on the other?  He does his best to do what’s right every time.  That’s what makes him an interesting and compelling protagonist, in my opinion!

Someone Not You

Kenny Omega/Reader, mentioned Kenny/Kota Ibushi
2210 words; Smut and Angst

This is set after the G1 finals.

Anon requested post-match smut with Kenny and I’m pretty sure this probably isn’t what you wanted because it’s basically angst with more angst on top, so I’m sorry about that! But there is smut in it? At least?


You always watch Kenny’s matches from backstage. He’s asked you a few times if you’d rather be in the audience, but you prefer it this way, with some distance. You love to see him do what he does best, but sometimes it’s not easy for you, to witness what he puts himself through. And tonight you know he won’t be holding anything back, so you take a deep breath, steadying yourself, eyes glued to one of the monitors as the final begins.

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The original team plus Roy, Zatanna and Raquel as pokémon go

Dick is absolutely Team Mystic. the idea that intellect can beat brute strength? that you can circumvent an opponent’s prowess through strategy? that’s what he does

Wally, on the other hand, goes with Team Instinct. for the aesthetic. but also because he knew that Team Instinct was best known for hatching eggs, and to hatch eggs you need to run. too bad no one told him he couldn’t use his super speed

Conner picks Team Valor. he values his strength and his power. and honor. oh and bravery! it’s not bc he saw Superman had joined Team Valor. totally not

Artemis is on Team Valor, but she seriously considered joining Team Mystic for the same reasons as Dick

Kaldur doesn’t play, bc as team leader he feels he shouldn’t pick sides. but he likes all teams equally, so maybe it’s better that he doesn’t have to choose

M’gann joins Team Mystic. mysticism! maybe it’ll be like all that magic that she loves so much! nope. but she gives berries to the pokemon in gyms and tells them to keep up their strength. nobody has the heart to tell her to stop

Zatanna chooses Team Mystic. she saw the word “Mystic” and clicked on it without bothering to consider anything else

Roy ends up being forced into Team Valor. Wally and Dick kept pestering him to join their teams so he went with neither just to spite them both. and of course it doesn’t hurt that it goes with his look

Raquel joins Team Instinct. she’d seen and heard about the fights between Team Valor and Team Mystic and decided she’d like to stay under the radar. she just wants to fill up her pokedex

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Hi Lu! Hope you're having a good weekend so far. About Harry's suits, I love the colors and the fabrics so much. He looks good in so much bright, happy clothing. I wonder if he'll keep wearing trousers with a flare. His legs one of his best features and I miss seeing the beautiful pins on display in a narrower leg. Also what does he for skincare he always glows. 😥😍

I kinda feel we’ll see flares for the rest of the 2017 smaller venues tour and then he’ll change the aesthetics a bit for the arenas! Which sounds super fun to be honest, having a whole era linked to your clothes. I like the idea. I like that his shows are not this super big production but mostly speak for themselves and he’s still wearing a suit. To me it says “yea I wanna be here and I put thought into this and you deserve a new suit tonight”. I miss his leggies too but at the same time they’re there during off hours and fan pics 😉

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Anon is VERY HAPPY with what you wrote! The Even…

Share the headcanons! (Or possibilities; I know what it’s like having so many IDEAS.) It’s Friday night, I have nothing else really to do.

Sure. So while I’m gonna lump this all into Even in the Dark AU, no clue if they all go together. They can but eh. 

Even in the Dark AU Part 2

Check the Even in the Dark AU tag for more of this universe

  • Hizashi really regrets all his mummy jokes. He really does. 
  • Being Shouta’s best friend, he jumps at helping Shouta out and he knows a thing or two about sound and how to navigate with sound. 
  • The loss of his Quirk, sends Shouta into a depression. 
  • It’s Toshinori or Izuku who brings him back. Because Quirkless is a feeling they know all too well. 
  • Here’s the thing though, Shouta just lost his vision, he didn’t actually lose his Quirk. 
  • With the lost of his vision, his Quirk decides to manifest in a different way. 

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What would kaneki and ayato's reactions be if touka went into labor suddenly , would they freak out?

Mod S:

Ayato is cursing up a storm, he doesn’t know what to do, he’s blaming Kaneki for everything, and he’s just making Touka more annoyed. At one point she just grabs him by the collar and pulls him down just to tell him to calm the fuck down. Kaneki is the most nervous one, obviously. I see him trying he’s hardest to not show it and he’s does his best to distract her from the pain, but the moment he tells her “you’re so beautiful” she looks at him like she wants to punch his face, but at the same time her heart is just fluttering.

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a's has called Dick the detective too (and official DC info does call Dick the 2nd best detective in the world. still true in Rebirth since Wally called him that too). What made me think why Ra's is focused on Bruce, Tim and Damian but not Dick or Jason comes down to control. Damian is his grandson and Ra's will always carry some interest in getting him back as he grows in skill under Bruce. Bruce has this inner darkness that Ra's wants to use against him. After all Bruce himself believes if-

2 he crosses a line he won’t come back. I’m honestly surprised Metal doesn’t have a Al Ghul Batman considering how much Ra’s pokes and prods at Bruce being not so different and wanting him to take over. Tim seems pretty similar to Bruce deep down. Out of the Robin’s I remember Tim coming off as being very cold when he wants to be. When he lost his parents and Bruce, Tim became pretty ruthless in a way Bruce and Dick at their worst never were. I think Ra’s saw some potential to mold Tim. -

3 Dick doesn’t have that same kind of darkness though. Dick hates Talia and Ra’s and doesn’t give them any chances. His character is about being free and overcoming his trauma. Bruce has Dick’s undying loyalty, but he’s (and Jason) the protege Bruce has the least control over. Ra’s has no chance with Dick either and I doubt wants to even bother. In the end I don’t see it as liking or favorites but what Ra’s can work with. Heck, Rebirth Tim is getting creepy w/his dictator views. =p

That’s very well said and I agree wholeheartedly! 

The problem with Sasuke Uchiha

I hear you talk alot about Naruto Uzumaki but not too much about Sasuke Uchiha. What do you think of him? Do you like or dislike him? If so why do you feel that way and what ways would you improve his character.

I talk about naruto uzumaki a lot cos I hate him, this is a hate blog after all. I don’t hate Sasuke, there isn’t much I want to say about him. I think I like his fights more than his actual character. He’s enjoyable on a superficial level. His fights are the best especially before he got susanoo. The fights were tactical, his arsenal was versatile. Unlike naruto, he’s quiet, doesn’t try to understand and befriend the villains, which took away the tension and intensity. When he does talk during fights, he trash talks, when he’s back into a corner, he’d freak out a bit, these little things escalate the tension, I like that.

I don’t mind the idea of him becoming antagonist after the reveal. The problem I have with the itachi reveal is it made itachi the most nonsensical and obnoxious piece of shit of a character I’ve ever read. However, I think the idea of sasuke being able to destroy Konoha on his own is absurd, and it doesn’t make a believable goal for his character. Obviously, this is all set up in such way so that naruto vs sasuke could happen, and konoha has to be attacked for that to happen, since naruto doesn’t do anything except defending konoha. But like I said, it’s too much reaching how much destruction sasuke is able to do alone. I mean obito, even with the help of kyuubi only did some damage to konoha. 

I actually have an idea how Kishi could’ve kept sasuke as an antagonist and rival to naruto, while delaying their final showdown rematch and prolong the series. He could’ve made sasuke take over the sound village after he killed orochimaru, and later absorbed what’s remained of akatsuki after Pein’s death. With a village as a base and some bijuus at his disposal, he could’ve quietly proceed with his revenge against konoha with obito as his ally. I would’ve kept Obito as someone who had a grudge against Konoha cos of Rin’s death and someone who had ambition to have built his own ninja system like Pein. This would make him a more consistent character, the whole moon eye plan thing doesn’t explain why he attacked konoha with kyuubi. What’s he trying to achieve? why risk losing kyuubi during the attacks when he would need kyuubi for his moon eye plan? Getting back to the revenge, first sasuke should take out the elders, Obito could quietly teleport to Konoha and assassinate them. Second, Sasuke and obito should propose sharing bijuus with other villages as incentives to get them on their side. They unite some of the other villages to challenge Konoha’ hegemony, arguing Konoha is a threat cos they have the most powerful bijuu and is the richest village, and proposing they’d undermine and destroy Konoha and split the missions revenue that used to go to Konoha. Meanwhile they sabotage Konoha missions to ruin their reputation and stealing clients from them.

Fourth, Sasuke and Obito try to instigate a rebellion by the hyuuga cadet branch. Kishi could’ve made up some shit that Orochimaru discovered a way to nullify the curse seal. Sasuke could offer to undo the curse seal for any hyuuga who come to join him. Hiashi then used the curse seal to kill any hyuuga who tried to leave, it prompted a all out rebellion and mass defection. Tsunade had to step in and forced Hiashi to abolish the hyuuga slavery practice, since she’s facing the prospect of losing all the cadet hyuuga either to sasuke and obito or to Hiashi’s murder spree. It’d end with Hiashi being removed and replaced by Hinata, and 2/3 of the cadet hyuuga including neji defected to Sasuke. 

After the rivalry between Sound village and Konoha is set up, Kishi could write another few arcs of outside threats that’re not part of the Sound vs Konha conflicts. Maybe have naruto and sasuke fighting on the same side occasionally cos their agenda happen to coincide. And he could return to the conflicts between the villages later for the final arc. I think this would allow more flexibility for plot ideas and thus allowing him to milk the series and throw in new elements and threats to the plot while keeping the naruto vs sasuke thing relevant.

btw, I’ve made a few long posts about him before, you could run a search of his name on this blog, you should see them. I’m too lazy to dig them up :p

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109, with Alex?

Alex isn’t a bad roommate per se, it’s just that sometimes he does things not realising that anyone is home. At least that’s what Hercules says when the two of you are hanging out on the couch and Alex walks out of the bathroom, dripping wet and stark naked.

“Dude!” Herc says, staring at Alex with a glare.

“Why are you naked?” You exclaim, trying your best to keep your eyes on his face.

It doesn’t work.

Alex’s jaw drops in shock and he quickly covers himself.

“When did you get home?” He asks, backing away slowly down the hall.

“Like 20 minutes ago? Didn’t you hear us?” Herc asks.

You try to speak up, but all you can do is stare at his hands trying to pull your eyes away but you just can’t.

“Can you just go put some clothes on man?” Herc grumbles.

He throws a cushion at Alex who quickly runs into his room.

“You okay Y/N? You’re blushing,” Herc says and you swear he sounds smug as he asks.

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What about sour candy? Does he make a sour face?

There’s not enough sugar in most sour candies for Mono to eat them comfortably. They have often times have high concentrations of citric acid, which tends to burn his tongue and make him nauseous.

He can’t process too many additives very well. Hence whenever the family goes shopping for food, the shorter and more natural the ingredient list, the better. Less preservatives and fewer added dyes makes for a healthy baby.

He doesn’t make a sour face, but more of spits the candy out and then spasms like he’s shaking his head ‘no’. He does not appreciate sour.

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13 and 15 for Clav!

What color does he think he looks best in? Does he actually look best in that color?
He’d probably say black and silver. He looks good in that yea, but honestly, white, blues, and golds look best on him imo? Really does some nice contrast with his hair and makes his eye look real nice.

How does he speak? Is what he says usually thought of on the spot, or does he rehearse it in his mind first?
It’s all rehearsed, but he delivers his words so effortlessly that it seems off the cuff. If he’s in the company of confidants he’s a little less fake and even ventures to use metaphors and slang that he’s not before- very daring!- almost casual. But he’s living a calculated charismatic farce, so everything is rehearsed to be fair!
WAIT WAIT, he actually doesnt think when he speaks to his doctor!! and she routinely has to set him straight cuz he
was a bit of an asshole to her, and she kind of had his life in her hands for a few years there. very rude dumb boy when at his sickest

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What does Shisui do if someone cries in front of him? For example Sasuke or Itachi. Or both. Sorry i need angst. XD

Shisui isn’t the best in comforting people, but he does what he can. He listens to them, comforts them and gives them enough reassurance that things will be fine.

i just remembered this story my dad told me one time, about abraham lincoln

a guy challenged abe to a duel once. lincoln very much did not want to duel this cat.

so lincoln agreed, on the condition he got to choose the weapon. maybe that was how it generally went in 19th century dueling culture, i have no idea.

the guy said “sure”

lincoln said, “ok. broadswords.”

so that poor would-be opponent shows up on the day of the would-be duel, and abe is outside, doing, like, some quick sword warmups.

now, back in lincoln’s day, he was, as any american schoolchild can tell you, the tallest fucking dude on the entire fucking planet, so please try to even imagine the majestic reach of this stovepiped giant’s condor-like wingspan.

(wingspan plus broadsword.)

abe’s enemy takes one look at this, does some quick mental calculations on his own arm length (mortal, human), turns around and goes home.

the best part is that, as i remember it, lincoln of course had no fucking idea how to swordfight. it was the 1800s. we had guns. he’d just been, like, waving this giant sword around haphazardly, whacking at tree limbs, making his arms look as big as possible because he knew this joker could see him, and he knew that guy didn’t know that lincoln didn’t know what the hell to do with a broadsword.

anyway, i don’t actually know if that story is true or not but i really really hope it is. i would love to know that the president who defeated the confederacy was also fucking hilarious.

So BNHA Smash! chapter 92 is ABSOLUTE GOLD.


So it’s a Bakugou-centered chapter this time, and the premise is this: Bakugou had been attacked by a villain on the way to school and was affected by the Quirk “Good Face”. What this Quirk does is that it “corrects” his behavior by turning him into a SHOUJO MANGA MALE PROTAGONIST. 

Any time he tries to scowl or glare? He gets a “bishounen” face and shoujo manga sparkles.

 Any time he tries to curse? He autocorrects to a ridiculous catchphrase with hilarious poses. 

And when he actually tries to outright threaten somebody? HE ENDS UP AGGRESSIVELY FLIRTING. WITH EVERYONE.


Other highlights include:

  • Sero and Kaminari screaming (mockingly) like fangirls.

  • Bakugou accidentally flirting with All Might, who is terrified until Deku explains everything. (Bonus: Bakugou blushing furiously when he returns to his senses). 

  • Bakugou flirting with Kirishima (WHO FLIRTS BACK) during a class training exercise in which Bakugou is supposed to play the part of the hostage (tied up) and Kirishima is the villain. 

    Bakugou: “No matter how long you keep me bound, you’ll never bind my heart.”
    Kirishima: “Interesting! It’s a challenge! Let’s see whose heart will give in first!” 
    Iida (the rescuing hero): “Um, what?”

  • Bakugou (acting villain) flirting with Yaoyorozu (acting hostage), who freaks out so badly that she accidentally BASHES HIS FACE IN. Cue Jirou (acting hero) walking in to find Bakugou laying in a puddle of blood at Yaomomo’s feet. 


… But then he chokes up blood at the cheesy stuff he was saying to Midoriya and, um…

At the very least, he DOES look a bit sorry for what he did afterwards.

And it ends with Iida and Mineta holding back waves of fangirls Bakugou gained through the day from the other classes. Bakugou TRIES to yell at them to go away, only for the “Good Face” quirk to activate to flirt with them AGAIN.


I MIGHT actually try to translate this now. It’s too good to pass up.