but he's super fuckin cute

anonymous asked:

Hey love, could you do Yuri P. Turn ons and turn offs?

Of course, darling! Hope you enjoy!

Turn ons:

-Yuri loves it when kisses linger just a little longer, where your lips are just barely tickling his skin
-His favorite part of your body is your legs, not even sexually, he just thinks u have nice legs, so if you show those off, be it a short skirt or shorts, or skinny jeans, he’s into it
-Being able to trace your body. Gently running his fingers down the curves of your arms, or lightly stroking your fingers, he loves it. It sort of makes him feel closer to you
-Just calling him tiger. Seriously.
-Loves it when your quietly talking to him, especially if your voice has sort of a sleepy tone to it, he finds it super fuckin cute even tho he’d never tell u

Turn offs:

-Being overbearing, or clingy.
-Being called kitten. It’s nothing new, and his fanbase calls it to him, but Yuri just doesn’t like it. It’s too tame.
-Doesn’t!!! Like!!! Being!!! Disctracted!!! On purpose!!!! If he’s concentrating on something and you’re purposefully trying to get his attention, he will be high-key annoyed
-Don’t brush him off, he already gets that a shit ton, he likes to brood, so just… ask him what he’s brooding about. #WhatIsHeBroodingAboutNow
-If ur crotch aint shaved, he’s not a big fan