but he's such an asshole

After the Kegster, lardo talks up with shitty while they’re talking in bed. 

“Shitty. You do know that Jack and bitty are probably dating, right?”

“What? No they’re not…I know Jack. He would tell me these things.” Shitty shakes his head.

Lardo just sighs, “Trust me on this. Why else would the two be upstairs together and come down together?”

Shitty shrugs, “I still don’t believe you.”

“We should let them do it on their own time if they tell us. I know how Bitty is, and I don’t want to stress him out about it.” Lardo tells him. 

“Yeah. They probably won’t even tell us until after winter break. That is, if they are dating.” shitty frowns. He doesn’t want it to be true, just because he would feel like a total asshole for calling Jack out like that. 

They bring it up to ransom and holster a little while later. 

“I kinda want to ask Bitty about it, but at the same time, I don’t want to stress him out. He seems stressed enough.” Ransom says. 

“Yeah.” Holster agrees, “We’ll just…pretend like we have no clue….”

When the actual event happens, the group gets nervous. They were somewhat expecting this when they found out bitty needed them at brunch.

There was such an awkward silence. Shitty was genuinely surprised and didn’t know what to say, so he just loudly pretends that they had some sort of bet, to show Bitty and Jack that it’s okay. The group played along with it because its the best way they know how. They’re not the best at comforting others, and they mainly know how to tease each other. Jack and Bitty are smiling, because they know that the group supports them and is happy and lively about it. They’re not mad that they never told them. 

I want to point out that Cartman didn’t go on about how everyone thinks he’s cool and how he still has friends like he did in Breast Cancer Show and Gay Fish. He fucking says ‘I don’t have any friends. I don’t know if I ever did’I feel like that’s a step for him getting somewhat redeemed and facing reality. We all know he’s still an asshole, and he may go back to how he was before, but man, what if this season he starts to ‘somewhat’ mature and get out of his mind. He has no dolls to cry to and his made up friends like Cupid Me didn’t come out to make him feel better. He actually had human interaction, with a girl none the less, and could let out his actual feelings without trying to over shadow it. That’s why I appreciate Heidi because she sits there and listens to him, which is exactly what Eric needs. Not a mother giving him whatever he wants so he can shut up and eat his way out of his mental illness. 


Eric is such a deep character when you really think about it. I fucking love it.

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Immortal oro in FMA: he's the asshole immortal in that one post you reblogged where he's just vaguely famous always, not for troll reasons, but becuase he rediscovered genetics twice revolutionized medicine three times and stopped giving fucks.

xD Yes, this is exactly him. And when people ask him whether he’s related to that one scientist who looks just like him, he goes, “Oh no no, complete coincidence, I can’t imagine why you’d think that”

Everyone is so confused, and Orochimaru is the world’s oldest and bestest troll without even trying. 

*Red stumbled through the snow back to the house. He wasn’t sure how he’d gotten outside. He had laid down for a nap and woke up out in the forest. Maybe someone had left him out there as a prank? He unlocked the front door and slipped into the house.*

I’m home! Whoever did that is an asshole, by the way! *He called out as he entered the living room.*


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Hi, abby again! I loved the last prompt so much that i thought I would send another one. How about lethargy by bastille for andreil, but maybe with raven!neil as a twist? Only if you want to!

Aw! I’m glad you liked the last one so much, babe! (sorry this one isn’t as long as closer’s lol) 

Raven!Neil as requested 🙌🏽


Nathaniel blinked, what was going on? 

“Fucking listen, will you?” 

Nathaniel glared at Riko, he didn’t have the patience to deal with this asshole today. 

“Fuck off.” Nathaniel made to leave, but before he knew it, he was pinned to the wall with Moriyama’s fist twisted in the front of his shirt. 

“Talk to me like that again. I dare you.” 

Nathaniel made to open his mouth, but his lips wouldn’t work. His mouth stayed shut, he glared defiantly for a moment, and then looked away from Riko’s glare. His shoulders sagged, the fight leaving him. 

Riko sneered, he snorted condescendingly, “Coward.” He used his fist to pull and then push Nathaniel back, knocking his head against the wall behind him. 

He let Nathaniel go, turning, “I won’t be so forgiving next time.” 

Nathaniel stayed there, his chest aching but eyes dry. 

They’d been dry for years now. He’d learned early on that they didn’t make a difference. 

They never did. 

After Kevin ran away to the Foxes, he and Jean took the brunt of the abuse. 

Jean still cried, no matter how hard he tried to hide the fact. 

Nathaniel didn’t know whether or not the tears made him or Jean the stronger of the two. 

It wasn’t until Renee got them both out and Kevin got Jean to Jeremy and Nathaniel to Wymack that he met Andrew. 

He knew about Minyard, from the news. From the time Kevin and Riko had gone to recruit him and he’d turned them down. The first ever. 

It wasn’t until he was playing alongside him that Nathaniel realized how alike they were. 

It was unsettling. 

Kevin and he had grown up together but Nathaniel had more in common with Minyard than any of the Perfect Court did. 

They were on the roof. 

Each with a cigarette between their fingers and a bottle of vodka exchanging hands. 

It was silent. 

But a conversation was happening. 

Nathaniel took a swig, his head thrown back. You actually think this could…work?

Andrew took a drag. There is no this. 

Nathaniel nodded along to a silent beat. Sure. But, what if?

Andrew shook his head slightly, reaching for the bottle. Shut up, junkie. 

Nathaniel took a drag, blowing out slowly. I don’t believe you.

Andrew stood, taking the bottle with him. 

I hate you.” 

Want one? 

Hear me out: Kylux Hair Salon AU

-Hux is a hairstylist, and a damn good one.

-Kylo has a regular salon he’s gone to his whole life but, after one too many disagreements with the staff there, he goes in search of a new place.

-On a recommendation, he ends up at the salon where Hux and Phasma work.

-Hux is the only stylist free and so even though they dislike each other almost immediately, Kylo has no choice but to let Hux cut his hair.

-They bicker the entire time.

-It’s the best haircut Kylo’s ever had in his life.

-Reluctantly, he returns next month. And the month after that. And the month after that. Hux washes and cuts his hair every time. They fight every time. It turns out beautifully every time.

-Kylo develops a crush on Hux, because of course he does. He may be an asshole but he’s also intelligent and poised and gives incredible scalp massages.

-Hux starts by just liking Kylo’s hair, then his face, and over time, finally, the rest of him. Yes, even his personality. Kylo may be childish but he’s also sweet and funny and has amazing hair.

-To see Hux more, Kylo starts getting other services at the salon: facials, deep conditioning treatments, he even gets his brows waxed, once. (Never again.)

-Hux notices how often he’s there and confronts him about it.
“If you hate me so much, why do you keep booking me?”
“Because maybe I like you!”
“Well maybe I like you, too!”

  • someone walking by door:Hola!
  • me:*freezes*
  • me:*internally* is he talking to me i think he’s talking to me he finished talking to the other guy and gestured his hand in my room should i say hi or am i supposed to come up with a conversation should i ask how he is or growl because he’s probably gonna go visit those asshole neighbors of mine should i say hi or... oh i should say something fast so that I don't sound mean what if he wasn't even talking to me and i'm just being an idiot
  • me:*externally, ignoring my tense inner screams* ...H...i..?

So I just pointed out the joke on a stupid show to my husband and he said in a snippy ass tone “That’s the joke.” To which I took offense and said “I want you to stop yelling at me on my birthday!” And he said “it ain’t your birthday anymore darling” and I HATE when he calls me darling in that voice and I said “it’s 11:02 you asshole!” And he laughed so hard.

Joseph Kavinsky is honestly one of the most well written villains, I can’t get over it. He’s an asshole, yes. He’s got a completely twisted way of thinking, but you can’t quite hate him. Some people love him, and some have a hard time seeing past what he did to Mathew. The best thing though is that reader gets to see him like Ronan does, Ronan can’t shake this guy, he really wants to hate Kavinsky but he’s attracted to him. But however you see him there’s a point where you also realize that Kavinsky’s just a kid. He’s a kid completely warped by the situation he was born into. He’s a kid with a cocaine addiction at the age of 17. Joseph Kavinsky is one of the saddest well thought out villains, and to this day I still don’t know how to feel about this guy.

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oooooh yeah there's been a lot of mischaracterization and antagonizing of sousuke. :') especially is some other ships, like soumako or souharu and all, where he's made out to be an aggressive horny asshole who can't control himself. It's so terribleee he's such a sweetheart he doesn't deserve thisss

THAT IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES. IN a lot of earlier SR doujins and fics, Sousuke is made out to be this asshole who forces himself on Rin or something and I just????? that is not Sousuke?????

Royai Pirate AU

Yar, here be all the requests from the last fic meme that somehow turned into this…..I really appreciate you guys still asking for these things when this is what I churn out.  


Roy clenched his butt cheeks as another patron pinched his ass while he pushed through the crowded tavern to get back to the bar.  Several ships had come into port and their first stop was Christmas’s for grog and women, not necessarily in that order.   Some were pirates, others merchants and some a vaguely labeled privateer that could denote either affiliation.   The one overwhelming thing they had in common was that they stank, a smell so putrid that it made the smell of dead fish in the harbor pale in comparison;   the second thing was that they all had been paid and were looking to spend that money as quickly as they could.

His ass was grabbed yet again, this time a whole hand squeeze.   He was used to it, these rowdy and horny assholes took advantage of the fact that his hands were occupied with two trays of empty mugs.   He slid all the mugs into a soapy tub and then placed the trays on the bar before quickly washing them and handing them to his foster mother who rinsed them off.   The new order of mugs hadn’t arrived yet,  rumor was that the merchant ship had been attacked by pirates, so they were having to make do with the ones they had.  

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This event is my first in SLBP, but it's pretty nice. I got Nobu's done first cause that kimono is super stylish. I didn't think I'd like him much though based on what I've heard about him (haven't played his main story yet), but I kind of did.

Come to my side anon, I’m lonely hahahaha. (Shoutout to Nobu fangirls, please, talk to me lol) No really, I NEVER liked Nobunaga before. Yukimura was my first love. It was only after I started with his main story that I fell hard for the asshole that he is. It’s probably just me, because really, I would never even think of dating a guy like him for real. But… I don’t see him as a love interest in slbp tbh, I see him more as an individual with a very charming personality.

He is arrogant, but some of it justifiable, because he is actually quite skilled in a lot of things and the people around him believe in his abilities. Despite his temper (which is really bad, you know), and the terror that he could brew with even just his words, he’s actually goofy. Nobu is a light tsundere, believing that showing affection is a sign of weakness, that’s why all his good deeds are done behind the curtains.

I also would just like to say that despite him brandishing his sword on the MC several times, almost ready to cut her and all, he in fact (correct me if I’m wrong), has never hurt her. Also let me share this since it’s one of my faves:

Well I’m sorry if I rambled too much, dear. I tried not to spoil, I hope I didn’t. It’s not everyday I get to talk about my darling with someone XD I got carried away.