but he's such a gentleman

Teaching dance to Steve Rogers:

• The reason why you find yourself in this situation is because Fury has assigned you and Steve on an undercover mission to infiltrate a gala and you would surely dance there.
• You are surprised when Steve tells you he’s never had the chance to dance before, but you tell him you can show him how.
• Obviously, he accepts with a shy smile. Really cute to see.
• He is a real gentleman. He doesn’t touch you without asking first and that makes you smile all the time. Seriously, he is so adorable when he is flustered.
• Steve is unexpectedly a little uncomfortable because he doesn’t know how to move his body in sync with yours. But, after you show him he can see this as fight choreography, he gets it and he is more aware of his movements.
• You are inspired by the Yule ball dance practice scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and he laughs as well. This relaxes the atmosphere a lot more.
• He is glad to have you close to him, yet it intimidates him because he doesn’t know how to handle the situation sometimes.
• His eyes are glued to his feet while you dance because he is afraid to step on your toes.
• It takes him less time than you think to memorize everything you teach him about dancing, but he doesn’t tell you because he has other plans.
• Steve basically waits for you every evening in the training room to dance with you.
• At some point, he finds a new found confidence around you.
• There are a lot of smiles, giggles, and laughs every time Steve thinks he’s crushing you with his arms or his hands.
• You teach him slow dance, but also swing dance, which surprises him in a good way.
• After long sessions of dancing during a week, Steve finally leads your steps on the improvised dance floor and enjoys himself, smoothing his moves.
• These moments alone with him always take your breath away and this until the day of the assignment.

• The mission is a wrap and Steve asks you to dance with him after a quick first report to Fury.
• At the end of the slow, he dips you and his blue eyes stay connected to yours intensely.
• When he pulls you up, Steve leans and attaches his lips to yours softly.

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"Styles Sunday," huh? I can dig it, and I would like to know all the things. Lol. How would he let you know he liked you, how he would ask you out, where you think he would take you on a first date and how he would act on it, would he kiss you goodnight? What would he be like in bed? Also, how do you think he would say "I love you" for the first time? .....I apologize... My thirst got the best of me. 😂

Girl, let the thirst consume you like it has me! I seriously do love him! I’ve never been so torn between which wrestling shirts I should wear. Seriously. Which one?!? Lol.

Okay so I think at first, AJ comes off as this sweet gentleman. But he’s not shy in anyway. He’ll go out of his way for weeks to talk to you and spend any time with you he could. Then one night after he’s got you laughing about a funny story or a joke of his, he’ll just ask, “Do you want to go to dinner with me sometime?”
So that leads to the first date. He’s been known to be frugal but he wants to take you to the best place to get a steak in the world. It might be a little awkward at first but he isn’t much different from when you were both flirting. He’s still funny and pays 100% attention to every word that comes out of your mouth. (Mostly because he’s watching the way your mouth moves). He’s also, holding doors open for you and pulling out your chair. Just incredibly gentlemanly like.
Being a gentleman, he’d wait until the second date to move in for that kiss. So second gets done, you guys go to a movie. A comedy. Because he loves hearing you laugh. You’ll hold hands, but you know, his body radiates heat so your’s might get sweaty and you have to “take hand holding breaks” during which, he rests his hand on your thigh. You can feel it burning through your jeans and it send tingles up and down your spine.
At the end of the night he would walk you home and when you reached your door. You’d say “Well, goodnight.” But his hand will take the side of your cheek and pull you in for a very slow and passionate kiss with plenty of tongue involved. “That’s how you say goodnight, darlin’.” He’d whisper against your lips and give you another light peck.

When asked about Roadhog’s New Year’s resolution, Josh Petersdorf said, “He would like to travel more on his bike and eat more ravioli.”

New headcanon: Junkrat will kill for boba tea, Roadhog will kill for ravioli.


he’s such a gentleman I swear to god he took off his outerwear so she could cover her lap omG

But like...

Can we just take a minute to talk about how amazing Nico actually is?
- He was the only one to notice and be friendly to Hestia on The Last Olympian
- He’s so goddamn polite. Everyone always characterizes him as like not giving two fucks, but he was raised a fucking gentleman and he canonically is.
- Tbh, he probably pulls out the chair for Will when they go out for dinner.
- He’s a fucking genius. He survived Tartarus alone. Like, he /knew/ to drink from the Plegethon (spelling?) river to be able to breathe. How?
- He survived on his own for about 3 years.
- He’s so sweet to Hazel.
- he’s so sweet in general. Like, the whole thing with Bob and such.
- He’s so goddamn brave. He went through Tartarus alone and he keeps fighting
- He’s a small cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.

BTS Reactions To You Accidentally Giving Them A Boner


You weren’t very fond of people waking you up. Seokjin unfortunately learned this the hard way when he had done it accidentally only to have to face your wrath. However, he had learned with time and progression through your relationship, that there was a way to get you to wake up happy.

He had begun his work in the kitchen when the smell of delicious food sprung you to consciousness. You were practically drooling as you made your way to the kitchen in nothing but Seokjin’s shirt and a flimsy pair of underwear.  

“Good morning Jagi,” he cooed as he heard your approaching steps. 

“What are you making?” You asked excitedly as you spotted him.

He looked back and was just about to answer when he finally turned to look at you. He could feel himself growing hard as his gaze was suddenly drawn to your exposed legs. The sight of you in just his shirt was irresistible but Seokjin being the gentleman he was, waited until after you ate before making a move. 

You had just begun to wash the dishes when he suddenly reached over you to shut the tap off. He pressed his body behind yours and held you close to him as he whispered into your ear, “I want dessert Jagiya.” 

“O-oh yeah? What did you want to eat?” You stuttered as you became aware of his growing bulge pressed against your ass. 

“You,” he breathed before he turned you around and rid you of his shirt. His hands quickly coming into contact with your exposed skin. 

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In Yoongi’s eyes you were always attractive. However, it was moments like these; when he saw your eyes burning with passion, that he found you to be absolutely breathtaking. 

Your hands typed furiously against the keyboard, in a rush to get all your ideas for your next article down. You scrunched your eyebrows together and unconsciously bit your lip in concentration, absolutely driving Yoongi insane. 

He didn’t realize how big of turn on this side was of you until he felt a stir in his pants. Fuck.

“Are you almost done?” He asked from where he was lying on the bed, his voice a bit hoarse. 

“Mhm,” was your only answer as you continued to type away. 

Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek, willing his body to calm down. Now was not the time…but he couldn’t help himself. Before he knew it he found his way behind your chair. 

Your eyes shot wide open the second you felt his lips against your neck.

“Yoon-yoongi what are you doing?” You asked a bit breathlessly, as he had instantly gone for the spot you were the most sensitive.

“Can’t you take a break baby?” He whispered hotly against your ear.

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“Like this?” You asked Hoseok hesitantly. 

You were beyond nervous. Hoseok was naturally good at dancing, but you on the other hand, could hardly walk without tripping. Which is why you hadn’t understood why Hoseok had asked you to help him practice the dance duet he had been working hard on choreographing. 

“Your body seems a bit stiff Jagiya,” he pointed out and you felt yourself deflate just a little.

“I’m sorry Hoseok. I don’t think I’m the best person to help you with this,” you sighed a tad bit defeated.

“Of course you are Jagiya! Don’t give up,” he encouraged with a bright smile, “just relax.”

You were curious as to what he was up to as he walked closer towards you and grabbed you by the waist.

 “Okay let’s practice another part,” he suggested, “let my body lead yours ok?”

Within seconds he had your bodies blended against one another and he had yours moving to the speed of his. Just as he turned your body, so you’d be facing him, he felt himself stir. 

He usually was pretty good at controlling himself but the sight of your sweaty body against his in the mirrors reflection, must’ve played quite a number on him. He couldn’t help it as he leaned closer towards you and drew you into a passionate kiss, completely stealing your breath away.

You were breathless as you pulled away and looked up at him a bit amused by the sudden attack of his lips, “uh-is that apart of the choreo?”

“Just between you and I,” was all he said before he leaned in to kiss you again, a bit more rougher and messier this time. 

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Namjoon bit on his bottom lip as he stared at you intently from where he was seated. He couldn’t believe how easily you had managed to excite him. You hadn’t even intentionally done it. You had come over with the intention of watching a movie with him when you suddenly helped yourself to a banana. 

At the sight of your lips encircling the banana, any thoughts in Namjoon’s mind of a fluffy movie night was thrown out the window. 

“Namjoon?” You tilted your head in curiosity as you caught on to his intense stare.

Namjoon cleared his throat, a poor attempt at trying to calm himself down. It was too late, the desire to feel your body against him was too strong. 

“Are you done with that banana?” He asked, and you noticed that his voice was more hoarse than usual.

You looked at him, confused by the question, “…yes? Why?”

His eyes darkened as he gave you a small smirk, “because I’d rather have your lips wrapped around something else.”

It didn’t take much time for you to understand what he meant by that, Namjoon didn’t even really give you much time to think either. Before you knew it, he had you pinned under him on the couch.

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Jimin quietly cursed himself. Why had he thought that it’d be a good idea to have you sit on his lap?

He loved keeping you close but right now, he seriously regretted his decision. Especially since all the other members were gathered in the dorm’s living room with the two of you. You were just trying to get comfortable, but your constant movement had him getting hard, fast. The swelling of his dick was out of his control.

Your eyes widened the second you felt his bulge pressed up right against your ass. You turned around and sent him a questioningly glance.

“It’s because you keep moving,” he whispered, trying hard not be heard by the other members.

“Sorry,” you apologized, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit amused by the situation. Especially, when you saw Jimin close his eyes as he concentrated on calming himself down.

A sudden playfulness washed over you as you intentionally moved your ass a certain way against his bulge. You let a small smile grace your lips as you heard him release a soft hiss. 

“Are you okay?” You asked feigning innocence and that was the last straw for him. 

Before you knew it, Jimin had excused you both before leading you to his room only to have him press you up against a wall the second the door was closed.

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“Stay still,” you giggled as you pushed Taehyung down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling him. 

“Uh Jagiya, what are you doing?” He muttered as a flush began to bloom across his cheeks.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “don’t get all excited now.”

“I’m not,” he lied. He could already feel himself stirring in his pants, this was the affect you had on him. 

“Taehyung look at me,” you smiled, “I want to see your eyes.”

“My eyes?” He asked confused, but turned to look at you anyways. His excitment only growing at your close proximity. 

You nodded your head and leaned down so there was only a few inches between your lips and he contemplated kissing you. 

The second you saw the speck you had been searching for you grinned fondly, “ahh there it is! I love the mole under your eye so much.” 

Satisfied, you moved to get off his lap but Taehyung flipped your bodies instead so you were the one under him.

“I told you not to get excited Tae,” you jokingly chastised. 

“It’s a little too late for that…because of you I have a big problem now. it’s only fair that you help me with it,” he smirked as he licked his lips, the shyness from a few seconds ago completely gone.

You let out a small laugh before you drew him in for an intense kiss.

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Fuck. Was the only thought running through Jungkook’s mind as his eyes were glued to your body.

Why had he thought this would be a good idea?

Jungkook hadn’t fully thought it through when he asked you to join him for his workout. Of course he knew stretching was important, but was it even legal for you to look this good as you did?

You had no idea about the affect you were having on him as you began your exercise with squats. Jungkook was restless and couldn’t seem to focus on anything but you and eventually there was a stir in his pants and he inwardly cursed. He no longer had any control over his body as his mind began to fill with lustful thoughts. 

You had just been going down for another squat when you felt Jungkook wrap his arms around your waist drawing you close to him. Your eyes began to widen as you felt something poking you from behind and finally realized what it was.

“Baby, I don’t think this was a good idea,” was all he said before he turned you around and captured your lips in his. 

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top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”

Nonbinary people with specific limits on what is misgendering and what isn’t are excellent!

You’re excellent if she/her is fine, but being called ma’am makes you bristle!

You’re excellent if he/him is good, but ‘gentleman’ and ‘Mr.’ make you feel weird!

You’re excellent if they/them is your pronoun of choice, and you’re just fine being called ma’am, but miss isn’t something you’d touch with a ten foot pole!

You’re excellent if it’s the other way around! You’re excellent if your misgendering is specific!