but he's such a gentleman

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Can I request a Jooheon smut with him having a nice Mustang and one night while he's driving home with the reader she gets turned on and can't keep her hands to herself so he gets mad and parks the car where no one can see what's happening and then he fucks the shit out of the reader. Teasing and dirty talking would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙌

It has been a lovely dinner; Jooheon, being the ever gentleman and sweetheart, he didn’t even think twice before paying for everything. He even offered to drive you home to be sure you arrive safely. The thing that surprised you the most was, strangely, his car, some Mustang model.

It must’ve been new, because it looked ridiculously polished and well-taken care of. Your body was tingling at the sight of a rather formally dressed Jooheon, steadily driving his new car. Something about that picture was awfully intense, sending hot waves throughout your body. You decided to play with him a little bit, since he was focused on the road and couldn’t do much. Your fingers began grazing his thigh, as slowly as possible, running up and down it. Jooheon’s eyes shot at your hand, then at your flustered face.

“What are you doing?” he asked shortly.

“You just look so good tonight” was your self-defense.

Jooheon smirked, and tried to play the unaffected. Unfortunately, you knew that he had a weakness for your hands around his body, and the way your fingers were playing around his crotch were enough to drive him insane.

“Focus on the road, J.” you smiled.

With a growing erection and his gorgeous lover right next to him in the seat, how the hell could he? Within a single second, his hand grabbed your wrist, pulling your body slightly closer to him.

“If you don’t stop this now, it’s not gonna end well”.

“For who, may I ask?”

“For you, of course”.

“Funny, cause I’m not the one driving with a big ass erection”.

You smirked cockily, proud of your achievement. Though soon you started questioning your bravery when Jooheon began speeding the car like crazy, avoiding others on the road. You were quite sure you pushed some buttons, but you were incapable of controlling your demanding needs. You wanted nothing more but to have him right there in that car.

He parked fast in some God forgotten place, being now surrounded by trees and bushes. You looked around in confusion, and swallowed your question as soon as Jooheon’s tongue began exploring your mouth furiously.

He was turned on and a little angry as well. He didn’t like it to be teased and to do nothing about it. So naturally, his revenge included almost riping apart your blue shirt, jeans and underwear, while he was fully clothed.

“Turn around” he ordered huskily.

You did as you were told, although a bit afraid of the outcome. Jooheon was extremely passionate when the two of you were alone, and being in the middle of nowhere was no exception. As soon as you turned around, his hand smacked your ass, and he commanded you to count to ten, which you did. You were already breathing hard from the rush he gave you, and you knew that that was only the opening act of the ceremony.

“I’m not sure if this teaches you the lesson right” he contemplated, glancing at your reddened ass.

Before you could ask anything, you moaned deeply as his finger located your soaked core and began moving in and out, agonizingly slow.

“You’re always a spoiled little bitch” he nearly laughed.

You were at a loss of words and moaned louder as he inserted a second finger, still moving slowly. You tried to move your hips accordingly in order to get more movement, feeling your orgasm closer, and Jooheon, sensing your intentions, stopped.

“Babe, please…” you asked, already a horny mess.

“Already begging  for my dick? Oh, babe”.

He smiled devilishly, turning you back to face him; he spread your legs and immediately licked and sucked your wetness, relishing into every sound he earned from you. He was good with his tongue and you both knew it. You reached to grab his hair and you curved your hips again, desperate for more, but after a little while, Jooheon stopped again, watching your panting with excitement.

“You wanna cum, don’t you?”

“Please, yes”.

“You’re not gonna cum unless I want you to”.


“You bratty, needy bitch. Always so needy for babe’s dick. Always ready to be fucked. Say it. What are you?”

“A bratty, needy bitch. I need you”.

“I’m not that convinced”.

“I need you in me, I need you, I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard!”

“Getting better”.

How the hell did he showed so much self-control, you had no idea. But you were only glad when you saw him pull out a condom of his pocket and removing his clothes. He set up a fast, vicious pace almost right from the beginning, thrusting in and out whilst carefully grabbing your hair. In between he only murmured “bitch” and “come for your babe”, among other things you couldn’t comprehend as your were both doing your best to ride out your high.

send me up your bias/otp + prompt and you’ll get a scenario from me!


  • First: on the past war against Toffee, he was such a trouble that they were desperate enough make some of the council members think a treaty, in other words, surrender, was the best way to end that. 
  • Second: the situation was that bad, but Moon refused to surrender and then she come with a last spell which defeated Toffee, which gave her the name of Moon the undaunted. 
  • Third: Toffee offered a peace treaty. That was because he was a gentleman and/or he didn’t want a massacre if he could avoid it? Also, that way he could have ended the war without more deaths on his side, so, a good leader should do that, not only for being honorable to his enemies, but to avoid unnecessary deaths too. He was a good leader, probably a great one, not to say probably a good person too.
  • Fourth: after all the fight all over the ages and all the hatred, Toffee was willing to have mercy on his enemies. But Moon didn’t want peace with them; surrender wasn’t an option for her, quite possibly because Toffee already killed her mother. She wanted revenge, but could she do if they were winning? She made a deal with the Queen of Darkness.
  • Fifth: as the queen,  the kind of responsible queen that Moon hasn’t stopped telling Star to be, Moon should have signed the peace treaty and not used the Darkest Spell, since the Butterfly Royal Family denies Eclipsa and maybe think that using her magic is like a taboo. And Moon said no to all that because she wanted Toffee to die. They managed to make it look like she was a proud queen and who cares about her people so she would do anything to win, but it seems like it was just for selfish reasons.
  • Sixth: Toffee possibly knew that Eclipsa’s magic is a taboo for the Butterfly Family, so he didn’t expect Moon to use that since her beloved mother ordered her not to. That would explain his expression of shock in the tapestry. But also, he was willing to have mercy, even when all he just wanted was a better life for his people and was going to fight for it. He showed kindness, and Moon sent the worse and most painful death in a spell to him and his monster army if she reached them with it. Toffee ended probably with no army, since he was suppose to be famous but not a single monster from Ludo’s army recognised him, and with a wound which couldn’t heal ever and it’s probably hurting him ALL THE TIME, all that because of ONE SINGLE death and he knew it. That’s maybe enough to make him the deadly merciless psychopath we know.

By the way, did he offer the treaty just to Moon, or he offered it to her mother too? If it was just the first case, it was because he expected Moon to be more reasonable for some reason? Did he just see her as a little girl who wouldn’t fight the until the end or he thought he could get to reason with her? Yes, I saying this last thing because I ship MoonToffee, I’m trash.


Not to bring up the past but how amazing would it be to date Seth?? I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge fan, I’m saying it because it’s so true! I mean imagine going out to karaoke and having the time of your life with him! Sipping drinks, singing and laughing your heart out, and just being adored by him! Imagine him walking you out to his car, opening your door, and driving you home (and doing whatever else you’d do to end the date 😏) how romantic?? I mean what a gentleman! Is he even real??? Every woman deserves a man like Seth.


okay i don’t know if anybody noticed this 

i was going to post this like a week ago but i forgot (wow)

at first otabek is wearing this black coat while he is inside then yuri comes and they go outside and BOOM



Jason Todd is the type of dude to stop what he’s doing, full Red Hood get up, and help a gosh-darn old lady across the street and carry her groceries home. I don’t care if he’s angrily wielding an ak-47 in the faces of idiot goons, but he’s going to drop that shit like it’s hot and offer his arm like a gentleman while the half blind old lady tells him to put on some sunscreen because “sonny, your face is looking a little red”.
Another Old Weather Joke

Sugawara: I’m cold..
Daichi: You could wear my jacket
Sugawara: No it’s ok Daichi
Daichi: *takes off his jacket and put it on Sugawara as a gentleman he is*
Sugawara: Dai—
Daichi: Better? *smile*
Sugawara: *blushing* *slowly getting close and then kissed gently ok basically being shoujo manga fluff sweet and stuff u know typical daisuga so much sugar

Hinata: IT’S SO COLD
Kageyama: YEAH IT IS
Kageyama: YOU BET
(and then later the two of them caught flu)

Yamaguchi: It’s cold!
Tsukishima: Indeed.
Tsukishima: Do you need my jacket?
Yamaguchi: N-no it’s fine besides you would be the one that cold if yo—
Tsukishima: Shut up, Yamaguchi *put his jacket on Yamaguchi*
Yamaguchi: ..Sorry, Tsukki. *avert his gaze somewhere and blushing*

Noya: Can I get into your jacket
Asahi:….I-I’m sorry what?
Noya: It’s pretty cold!!
Asahi: A-alright come here is it comfortable enough can you breathe is it stuffed there are you okay i—

Kuroo: *Put his jacket on Kenma*
Kenma: What
Kuroo: I thought you’re cold
Kenma: I didn’t say anything
Kuroo: I knew it I could read your mind
Kuroo: Stop looking at me like I just stole your favorite game, kitten. I’m sincere

Oikawa: Iwa-chan I’m cold
Iwaizumi: Hello cold I’m Iwaizumi Hajime
Oikawa: Why are you like this

Akaashi: Bokuto-san, please refrain from doing something a little bit too much I’m perfectly fine.

Yachi: …
Kiyoko: Hitoka-chan are you feeling cold?
Yachi: A-ah? A bit! How about you senpai?
Kiyoko: I’m alright, let’s go to the nearest cafe and get a warm tea *put her scarf around Yachi and holds her hand*
Yachi: *blusHES A LOT,,,,,,

Ushijima: *Put his jacket on Shirabu*
Shirabu: Thank you.
Ushijima: No problem.

Hanamaki and Matsukawa, in sync: I’m cold
Hanamaki and Matsukawa, in sync, again: Dude
Matsukawa: Bro
Hanamaki: Bro


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”


Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

i decided to make a little thing for pride month!! it was something i wanted to draw since i don’t even know, so there it is: little fusions with pjo/hoo characters!

JERCY (jason and percy):

- gorgeous ace boy

- such an amazing leader. he’s very persistent and  most of the time work with fun to make his point. life’s boring, but he doesn’t need to be

- king of hot&cute face

PIPABETH (piper and annabeth):

- bi queen

- she’s the leader of everything. get out of her way. seriously

- “please kill me softly”

NANK (nico and frank):

- very gay

- he’s so polite. literally the biggest gentleman in the world

- doesn’t talk much, but if you need him, he’ll be there for you. anytime

LEYNA/REO (reyna and leo):

- handsome trans boy

- no one beats him at anything. it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, you will lose

- the world is his. bow down, please

HACHEL (hazel and rachel):

- pan-cutie

- art!! queen of drawings

- small and sweet, but will never tolerate any of your shit

i LOVE this. actually wanted to do more with another characters like will, grover, clarisse, etc.