but he's still not racist!

Concerning Hobbits (of Color)

Okay it’s been a whole day and I’m still angry about that hobbit casting thing, so let’s lay down some Tolkien canon here.

Fact 1: Per Tolkien, there were originally three races of hobbit. The Stoors were a small group, they were broad and stocky, they grew facial hair, they liked rivers, and their skin color is not specified, so Tolkien probably meant them to be white (but there’s no reason they have to be, since again, not specified). The Fallohides were a tiny group, they were thin, pale and tall, they were bold and good with languages, and they like trees. The Harfoots were the distinct majority, they lived in holes, they had hairy feet, and they were brown. Tolkien is super clear on this. He explicitly calls out Harfoots as having browner skin than other hobbits when describing the races and he uses phrases like “nut-brown skin” and “long brown fingers” when describing specific hobbits to back it up.

Fact 2: Britain planted its ravenous imperial flag firmly in the soil of India three centuries before Tolkien wrote The Hobbit. He knew what a brown person looked like. He would know he was not evoking a slightly darker shade of Caucasian when he said a person had brown skin.

Fact 3: Bilbo, Frodo, and all of their friends are aristocracy. Sam is the only hobbit we ever meet who is an actual laborer. In Tolkien’s time, laborers worked in the sun and middle class and aristocracy stayed inside where there was something resembling temperature control. Apart from Sam and Aragorn, no one in the Fellowship (or Company) ever voluntarily got a sunburn. If Tolkien talks about brown skin he’s talking about brown skin, not a farmer’s tan.

Where does this leave us?

Well, Tolkien says that after colonizing the Shire, the three hobbit races mingled more closely and became one. This leaves us with two options.

Option A: He’s talking about that thing that sci-fi writers sometimes do where “everyone is mixed race.” So all three races would have smeared together into a single uniform color. What color? Mostly Harfoot, aka brown. The “strong strain of Fallohide” in the Tookish and Brandybuck lines means maybe they’re white-passing, but in this scenario all hobbits are brown.

Option B: He’s talking about a more melting-pot scenario where visual racial distinctions still exist but everyone lives side-by-side in a fairly uniform culure. The Tooks/Brandybucks having a “strong strain of Fallohide” means that they are themselves remaining strains of Fallohide, and are straight-up white. Merry, half Took and half Brandybuck, is thus white (possibly part Stoor, given Brandybuck comfort with water); Pippin, half Took and half Banks, is either white or biracial. The Baggins family, sensible owners of the oldest and most venerable hobbit-hole anyone knows of, are blatantly Harfoot, making Bilbo and Frodo (half Took and half Brandybuck respectively) also biracial. Fallohides being exclusively adventurous high-class types, and the Gamgees being staid low-class homebodies with a distrust of moving water, Sam is obviously Harfoot and thus completely brown. (Smeagol, a Stoor, is probably white, but as discussed above, doesn’t have to be.) In this scenario, a minimum of three of five heroic hobbits are various shades of brown, four out of five of them could be, and most background hobbits are brown.

In conclusion, if you think all hobbits are white, you are canonically wrong. If you geek out over Aragorn wearing the Ring of Barahir, rage about Faramir trying to take the Ring, and do not even notice, much less complain, that Sam, Bilbo and Frodo are being erroneously portrayed by white guys, you need to reexamine the focus of your nerdery.

my feelings on bsd lovecraft and his real life counterpart


Jesse! You silly, boy! If Gabe would know what you wanna do..

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About “rice eaters” remark:

I got messages accusing me/Jesse of racism because of the moment when Jesse called his opponents from Hanamura “Rice eaters”. I want you all to know, like I also did through a separate post, that I didn’t mean it to sound racist in any way. McCree didn’t see much until he joined Over/Blackwatch, reason for which he might be slightly narrow minded when it came to other cultures. Not because he disrespected them, but because he knew little. He was young and still learning. And I, by no means, am a racist. I love the Japanese culture and don’t have anything against any other culture or race. (and if you check my blog you will see that I truly have no limits or reasons to lie about this). I am sorry if some of you found it offensive/racist, but I had a reason for which I made the remark. 

More about this HERE.


~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

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but jackson if you love black culture and black people so much…where are all the social media posts about police brutality and racism…or even just antiblackness in asian media…? you wanna wear dreads? fine, where are your tweets informing people about the stigmas against black hair? about people getting racially profiled? about black kids getting kicked out of school and black adults getting fired/not hired because of it? we don’t want your half-assed “love” or your half-assed “apology”.

spoilers but

i really like that scene in Get Out where all the cards are on the table and that art dealer is going to essentially wear Chris and Chris is like “why black people” and the art dealer is like “*shrug* i dunno”



still won’t SAY the straight up racist thing (like “you’re just black people”) because even at this point they prob think they aren’t racist

after all, isn’t this their way of demonstrating that they find black people attractive??? so not racist. the ultimate “black best friend” card, to wear a black person

fuck this movie was masterclass

In light of all the jeffree star shit thats going on right now I just want to remind everyone that back in the Myspace scene days when Jeffree Star was just getting popular, he was still getting shit from people for being racist and he literally put on his “about me” section that he was indeed racist and he has been bullying people and calling them the N-word openly on Myspace for everyone to see. On Myspace, you could leave comments on people’s pages even if you werent friends with them. They were filled with people calling him out on his racism. I wish I had a screenshot of this but I do not, it was in 2006-2007. that was 11 years ago. I remember it clear as day because I used to tell people about it when they told me that they liked Jeffree Star. Him being racist was a widely known fact that you could easily see by just going on his page, but people still didn’t care and they would defend him and he would harass people who tried to call him out.

When myspace started to die and everyone was transferring to Facebook, it killed the “scene queen” era and Jeffree Star was able to lay low and re-brand himself and rework his image, but his racism remained. Do not be fooled he is a con artist.

So Vilde can make tons of ignorant comments about Sana’s religion and can slutshame Eva yet everyone was still there for her.

Eva can hook up with her best friend’s boyfriend and can cheat on her boyfriend but everyone was still there for her.

Noora can lie about being with William to everyone and especially Vilde after talking about what a crap guy he is and everyone’s still there for her.

But Sana exposes a racist girl who tried to kick her off a bus and suddenly “I can’t be friends with someone who made a hate account”.

Honestly, fuck you Eva. Fuck you Vilde. Fuck you Noora. Sana was always there for them. She defended Eva against Iben and defended her against Vilde when she was about to get kicked off the bus. She defended Vilde from slutshaming comments, carried her to Eva’s house, and let her throw up all over her. She helped Noora with her boyfriend troubles and tried to help her move on and didn’t say anything when she was clearly hurt by Noora and Yousef.

The only one that has stayed unproblematic is Chris and thank God for that. Chris and Sana are the best. They needa join forces with Isak’s squad.

Can we please get an Isak/Sana text or something or some Elias/Sana stuff or Yousana, this is ridiculous, I don’t give a fuck about the girls anymore.



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Yo, someone actually tried to use the "I can't be racist, my wife is black!" argument against me. I asked him if that meant men with wives can't be sexist and he shut the fuck up. He's still racist though, so fuck him.

I can’t believe that actually worked.

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I saw person taking alec's words from new sneak peak as racist,not like his words were pointing out bigoted reasons of clave promoting jace and not him -"im dating a guy who is downwolder" as I'm gay and dating person who clave hates, but as "magnus is inconvenience and reason I didn't get job". Do u agree with that? He really meant that?

Alec was describing himself the way he knows the Clave sees him. A gay man in a homophobic society. Dating a downworlder in a racist society.

Is he probably bitter than Jace got the job- almost certainly because he’s suddenly a long lost Herondale and pure angel blooded? Probably. We all know Jace isn’t fit for the job. And that Alec has been working towards it.

Those two things intersect in his comment. He’s in no way regretting his relationship with Magnus, or that he came out, and he certainly doesn’t see Magnus as a burden. But he is bitter he didn’t get the job.

People are just reaching. And also failing to understand that Alec is still heavily influenced by the society he grew up in. He’s racist, inherently so, even though he’s trying to learn. Just like Jace and Clary and Izzy is racist. They’re all racist against downworlders. People like to forget this, but it’s the truth. Most of them are trying to do better than what they were taught but it doesn’t change what they were taught.

Alec loves Magnus. Period. Even when shit gets difficult.

Bucky Barnes adapting to the 21st century would include

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  • Bucky is more technically advanced than Steve
  • a couple of lessons and he knows how to turn on/off his laptop
  • closing his laptop too harshly and breaking it a few times
  • “Tony …”
  • “again? c’mon, Elsa!”
  • taping his webcam so no one’s able to see him
  • not being able to use his iphone with his left arm
  • getting angry at it
  • “c’mon, work you useless piece of metal, WORK!”
  • throwing it against the wall
  • getting scared when he sees Steve via Skype for the first time
  • “Steve, how did you get in there?”
  • “Are you okay?”
  • him googling really weird things, for instance
  • “how to use google?”
  • “why does Steve write lol when he sends me a message? thanks”
  • “is it safe to drink milk after the expiration date? thank you”
  • “how to know if someone likes you back”
  • “pictures of small brown puppies”
  • “what is a meme?”
  • “why does Tony call me Elsa?”
  • “Elsa pictures”
  • him googling himself
  • “pictures of kittens playing with balls”
  • “Wanda, what is a ball of sky doing here?”
  • “it’s a bath bomb, Bucky”
  • him being obsessed with bath bombs
  • always taking random pictures with his new phone
  • he also likes to take selfies
  • him being pretty big on Instagram
  • buying the weirdest stuff from Ebay
  • thinking that Netflix and chill means watching tv
  • “Steve, do you want to Netflix and chill?”
  • being startled every time Friday talks
  • him being into science fiction
  • reading all the Harry Potter books in 2 weeks
  • “Steve, stop taking pictures of me”
  • him being into tattoos
  • “why does she have a piece of metal hanging from her nose?”
  • “it’s a piercing, Buck”
  • him getting angry when fridge magnets stick to his hands
  • liking alternative music
  • having his own 8track account
  • being really happy when he’s told that people still listen to vinyls
  • getting irritated when he hears someone make sexist/racist/homophobic comments

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The Lovecraft thing perplexes me. I know he was racist as Hell, he had problems. I still enjoy his writing and love the whole Cthulhu/Old Ones mythology. I'm coming from a place of privilege here and somewhat immune to the hurt others might be caused. Is it okay to love the work and not the artist or should both be shunned altogether?

welcome to the world of The Problematic Fave

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Hey how come when someone asks your opinion on the whole Iron Fist being a "white saviour" thing, instead of answering you just delete yhr comment and block people? Is it a SJW/lebral tactic? Or you just don't have a legitimate answer? Side question, if he was played by an asian actor would it still be racist because it's stereotypical to say all Asians know kung fu? What if he was played by a black actor or latino actor, would it still be appropriation of asian culture?

I do have an answer and the answer is that I don’t have to provide it for you. If you truly wanted to know why Iron Fist is white savior shit, you could easily look it up yourself. The problem with people who ask these questions is that they’re not looking for answers. People like you are just looking to see what I will say and then you will form a rebuttal against it, which completely disregards the point of even asking in the first place because you are NOT actually looking for answers.

The stereotype itself is not so much about an Asian hero knowing martial arts, that’s acceptable. The stereotype is when the Asian hero is one-dimensional, has shitty to no backstory, is full of plot holes, is made to be a joke, has a thick accent and needs to be corrected all the time, and has to be mentored by someone who isn’t Asian.

Yes, People of Color can culturally appropriate each other but it doesn’t have the same effect if a white person does it. Topics to look up are white supremacy, white privilege, colonialism, and/or cultural appropriation. I basically laid it out for you. Now, you only need to do the research yourself. Don’t send me another ask again.

Angry Asian Guy