but he's still getting put there

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Ages and ages ago I used to go thrifting with my dad and one day we found a wooden shoe, carved into a sail boat, they actually put mini furniture inside it, then the sails were made into a lamp shade. I fell in love with that thing cause I was like 8 or something??? He promised we would go back to get it but we never did. He passed away and I still wonder if someone did buy that wooden shoe, made into a boat, that was a lamp. I hope they enjoy it for what it was worth cause it was obnoxious.

That sounds kind of incredible, I’m sure it found a good, weird home.

PDA is not Andrew and Neil’s thing, but when they’ve become more comfortable showing affection with each other alone, they start to show some subtle affection under very specific circumstances

  • Not around the team, but around Kevin
  • Because they spend a lot of time around Kevin
  • Kevin still prefers having Andrew with him to feel safe
  • Plus, the three of them have night practices
  • And the great thing about Kevin is he does not care
  • Nicky would freak out and gush over the smallest thing
  • And Allison would have questions
  • Matt would be staring and discussing bets
  • Dan would stare too and probably try to get another picture of them if she thought she could get away with it
  • Renee wouldn’t react badly, but they don’t spend that much time alone with her
  • Aaron would be annoyed after everything Andrew has put him through any time he’s so much as looked at a girl
  • But Kevin doesn’t really pay attention to Andrew and Neil’s relationship
  • He’s pretty much indifferent unless Andrew is getting in the way of Neil paying attention to exy or Andrew is actually making an effort at exy because of Neil
  • Andrew and Neil show tiny hints of affection in front of Kevin, but never kiss or do anything too major in front of him
  • It’s the small things
  • It’s Neil mentioning he’s hungry and a few minutes later, Andrew coincidentally making food for himself and bringing some out just for Neil, while Kevin’s sitting at his desk with highlights playing on his laptop
  • It’s Neil resting his arm between the driver and passenger seat and Andrew setting his arm next to Neil’s a few minutes later, just close enough that their pinkies are barely touching, as Kevin spouts off stats in the backseat
  • It’s Kevin making them sit through a historical documentary and Neil and Andrew sitting close enough that their legs are touching, while Nicky’s at the library, trying to finish up a project at the last minute
  • It’s fingers interlocked as they walk through the abandoned parking lot after night practice, while Kevin silently reflects on the practice and decides what to work on with Neil next time
  • It’s Neil punching the court wall in frustration because he doesn’t have Kevin’s new drill down and Andrew storming over, grabbing Neil’s hand, and ripping his glove off to get a look
  • Andrew holding Neil’s knuckles close to his face to investigate the damage while Neil insists “I’m fine.”
  • Andrew holding Neil’s hand so gently in his for long enough that Allison would have definitely made a comment
  • Andrew not really believing Neil’s fine until Neil flexes his fingers to prove he can
  • Andrew dropping Neil’s hand, throwing Neil’s glove at his chest, and staring him dead in the eyes as he says, “No, you are an idiot.”
  • And Kevin not seeming to notice the moment they just had as he asks Neil “How stupid are you? You are lucky you didn’t break your hand.”

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Headcannons for a relationship originally with SO and The Author but they get separated until he becomes the host? Like what the relationship was like and how did it change once he became the host. Thanks fren, take your time!

Host would definitely be awkward at first as they meet once again. He still loves them, truly, with all his heart, but he understands if the change is too much. It obviously takes time to adjust, but if his s/o lets him in and puts in their effort they’ll see it’s truly still him, even as Host there’s moments when that spark and passion Author had shines through, just in new ways, he still has his trusty bat and if anything he’d learned more and his way with words has only improved. He won’t give up on his s/o, no matter what, even if at first it feels different, if both stick together they’ll find not much has truly changed, if anything, Host might be even more protective now than ever.

Headcanons: Teaching you How to Fight

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Thorin:  Would take the situation very seriously.  Your safety would be extremely important to him, and he’d want to be sure you could defend yourself if he’s not around.  He might be a little strict in the beginning and even have Dwalin help with the teaching to get the point across. But he’d soon discover that you are focused and capable of putting these lessons to good use, and he would relax a little.

Fili: Isn’t as strict as Thorin, but he’d still take it pretty seriously.  Lessons would be relatively short and to the point, but knowing Fili, there would definitely be some flirting and time spent just talking and telling stories.  You’d also be traiined in self defense with knives and swords.  The two of you would become a dynamic duo during battle, coming to each other’s rescue.

Kili:  Would be more than happy to teach you all that he knew about fighting and self defense.  He might get distracted from time to time and end up telling jokes or flirting, but would be sure that you understood what was needed.  There would probably be more flirting than usual because he’d find it very attractive that you can fight. 

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does mark zuckerberg dab

Hahahahhahahahahhahaaahaaaha! That’s just what we expect to be asked on you Tumblr! You’re such silly and goofy and cute folks, and we just can’t not love that about you silly and goofy and cute folks! And this is just one thing you get to love about Mark Zuckerberg.

That’s right. He has knowledge based economies. He has innovative strategies and solutions. He has unite America. And now, he has a new promise for you fun young Tumblr folks. If Mark Zuckerberg takes presidency, he will dab in the White House and he will put it on this blog. He will stand up and get up and stand on top of the Resolute Desk and just dab after dab after dab right there on camera on the Resolute Desk for all of you that supported Mark Zuckerberg campaign here on Tumblr right now! And then Vice President Wil Wheaton will sing a cute geeky song about just how good it is that there is Disney princesses and there is still Big Bang Theory after all this time, and we’ll put it on the internet and for the first thing the campaign will do is order repairs on infrastructure, for the internet, so everyone can watch it and everyone can watch Big Bang Theory clips on Youtube, and oh it’ll just be great. It’ll just be great.

We can do this and we can make this happen America. We can get Mark Zuckerberg into the presidency and save America, and get him to stand up on the big desk and dab, and we can get Big Bang Theory, and if he gets 60% majority or more we’ll even throw in a whip and a nae nae or two!! We can do this and we can fix America, and we can bring an end to the chaos. Everything will be good again and hope will be here. Come on America. Let’s dab our way to the polling booths together and vote Mark Zuckerberg. Together united, forever strong!

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Oh! Now I really ship Vitaly and Nobuo as platonic friends with benefits (when Vitaly is in rut and therefore, ofc). I just love how Nobuo truly doesn't give a shit and puts up with all of Vitaly's issues while still being kind of a jerk.

Vitaly is sweating even as he meditates with his back against the wall. Nobuo keeps the apartment more than comfortable. His rut is getting closer and closer. Grabbing a pair of blue framed glasses sitting on the kitchen counter he sauntered over to Vitaly.

“Neh, neh, Katsuki. I can help you with your rut, you know?” He gets on his knees in front of Vitaly, hands on the alpha’s legs.

Vitaly doesn’t even open an eye. “No.”

“Come on,” Nobuo whined, slipping on the glasses and slicking back his wild hair. “You can even call me Mama and I’ll call you Vitalik.” 

Vitaly opens his eyes, then.

;D ;D ;D Vitaly probably then cries after rut and Nobuo realizes “Oh shit, like, your thing for you mom is REAL. Wow, I fucked up.” But yeah, Nobuo is the shit. He doesn’t care because he himself has some fucked up secrets and issues himself and Vitaly puts up with, so it really balances out. 

Petty chapter 6

He’s tellin me that it’s serious and that he’s really about to get in trouble for adultery. Of course I’m worried and nervous. I don’t blame myself but  I can’t help but to feel involved of course. So I lay low, considering his situation, I didn’t want to jeopardize his career any further. He kept me updated with his investigation and I can feel myself getting to caught up and focused on him…

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Now weeks and weeks is passing and he telling me more of the punishments he’s about to face. They don’t have proof of adultery but they can still give him some type of punishment. He tells me that he’s been put on internation hold. Basically even though he’s suppose to leave soon he now has to stay for another year. (common military punishment) I feel bad for him because I know how bad he wanted to be home again and see his child. Yall already know how I’m feeling. 

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Lets fast forward shall we……As time gets closer for me to leave Korea I started to notice a change in him. He was becoming more aggressive, rude, and mean. Not the guy I first met. I was like hold up, wtf is up with you. I know you’re stressing right now but no need to put it out on me. This the made YOU made so you gotta just suck it up. But I haven’t done anything to you to deserve this attitude. At this point we argue almost everyday. It was crazy. I couldn’t deal. He would ignore my text and calls sometimes, just stoic answers and replies, he was just moving differently. He calls me one night to say he didn’t want this anymore. I mean I was hurt but it is what it is. I’ll be a big girl and be okay. I was coming home soon anyway. Never should’ve gotten so caught up in the first place. Before he hangs up he’s like, igh well i’ll call you tmro…tf! 

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I’m livid yall! Pissed, hurt, and confused. What you mean bruh? Low and behold he does call me. We ran into each other one night, and we talked. I said my peace and he explained why he said what he said and apologised about how he handled it. I said whatever, and we kept it cool and came to a common ground. Basically we not together anymore and that’s that. He said he had too many things going on to focus on us and didn’t want to hurt me. I said “I wish you never tagged me along but I rather you say this now i guess.” Let’s fast forward again…

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I’m back home in the states, and we are still communicating. Nothing serious as before but casual convos. Keeping it cool between us. We still had “feelings” so I’m not surprised. But one day he catches a fit and ignores me…again. Igh cool. You not bout to keep disrespecting me like that bruh bruh. I went off on him. That’s not how you treat good people. It’s beyond rude, idc how many people in ya life do you like that but don’t do it to me…so I left it alone. He never responds back and neither do I. I’m no longer chasing now that I home…BUT THEN!! 

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Almost a week later, he calls me. I answer but the FaceTime calls won’t connect through. Hmm okay.Maybe it’s the connection. I call back but no answer. He calls again hours later. Once again I can answer but it won’t go through. It this happens like 5 times he called. So i hit up one of our mutual friends who there with him, to tell him the issue with the phone. Crazy thing is…even after he was told…he does nothing. Hm that’s weird…why keep calling but not try to find other solutions? A day pass and I tell the mutual friend to tell him to add me on snap since now I have one. (he has no social media but snap). Once again….he doesn’t add me. Now this is getting interesting. 

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A friend of mine, who know the situation, calls him with her phone……and he answered! So I’m ayo whats going on? You keep calling so I’m trying to get back in touch with you but its not working. He like I called you hella times, he like I feel like you blocked me. I’m like uh no, why would I ? I feel like you blocked ME actually. He like maybe it;s my network, I’ll restart it. I’m not ok cool, add me on snap until something works. He said sure, ttyl. BUT I FELT SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT.

Come to find out, he did block me -_- BUT WHY LIE BRUH? Why even entertain the idea that maybe it was the connection and you were gonna try to fix it? As dumb as this may seem, I ACTUALLY believed it lol days later I realized it and we spoke ONE last time, he told me he was good. That’s he didn’t want to talk to anyone. That he wanted to  be left alone, and that he blocked everyone. He hung up on  me and that was it…Haven’t spoken since…. that’s not the wild part though. As hurt as I was, I got over it. It is what it is, and life moves on. I actually start to forget. But the wild part was I found out that he was never in trouble….he never actually was punished or anything! This mofo lied since day one and I was just too stupid to see it all. He was coming home…and in the end he chose her. But couldn’t just tell me the truth. He was the first guy to hurt me like that but he won’t be the last. I learned something from all of this. I can smell BS from a mile away now thanks to him lol Karma will do my bidding. You just better hope we never cross paths. 

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IG: _raki92

Youtube Channel: Raki Wright 

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I love that Roberts just there. It's all the dingle's and Adam(๐Ÿ˜ด) and Roberts like "yeah I'm here to stop my husband from getting hurt. He's my love and I'm here" where did he come from! Did he get a lift with the dingle gang or just follow them there. It makes me chuckle. They broke them up but they're putting a lot of effort into reminding everyone that they're both still deeply in love and continue to be in scenes together. This split was just needed but not for Robron FOR PLOT!

Adam(😴) 😂😂😂

I’m thinking he snuck into the back of Zak’s van.

I really enjoy looking at Sakura and seeing how much she has changed during all these years. She’s not that little girl who had a huge crush on Sasuke anymore, she IS a mother - and a mother always puts her child above anything else. The fact that she walked past Sasuke to get to Sarada, hug her and assure that she’s ok outlines such a fine character development and I’m more than glad to see it. As for Sasuke, he’s still not very good with expressing his feelings and people who judge him for it are more than wrong. He’s been through a lot, he suffered deeply but still managed to redeem himself and he deserves to be happy and to have a family. HIS family IS HIS happiness. Yes, he may not say out loud how much he loves Sakura and Sarada, but heck, I’m pretty sure he loves them both more than anyone can actually understand!

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G1 sunstreaker, mtmte rodimus, drift, and swerve having an almost blind cybertronian s/o who always say "Your the prettiest blub I've ever seen", getting their vision fixed. First thing they say when they see them is " Yep, still the prettiest ".

Sunstreaker- His immediate response is pretty much “of course I’m still the prettiest, I’m me!” and holding your servo in his, he’s really glad you can see proper.  

Rodimus- Roddy is trying to scramble into the med bay while you’re in there and rapid fire questions you when you come out. None of it was actually coherent and he stops when you put your servo on his cheek and drop the line. he then picks you up and spins you around in joy.

Drift- You see the concern on his face and the wringing of his servos as you step out of the med bay, but he instantly brightens as he sees you. You stop him with your comment and he tears up as he’s showering you with kisses. Thank primus you’re okay.

Swerve- Swerve stops talking for a second when you say that to him. Then responds with nothing but puns and come-ons about optics and seeing for the rest of the afternoon. 

Eris’s BS: Shameless Promotion

((I joined my brother’s au @hetaliaroyalty, in which I also play China.  If you enjoy this portrayal of China, then I’m sure you’ll love China as an EMPEROR.  @hisbriiighterbeijing is my other China blog, which has a bit of a more serious appearance but you know me.  There’s never too much room for jokes.  Please go interact with that China, because he really isn’t as serious as you think!  Though he’s an Emperor, he’s still a mega dweeb.  That doesn’t mean this blog will be getting any less attention, though!  I just put more effort into answers and shit on that blog.  So uh yeah…check that URL out.  Promotion over.  *dabs away*))

Is this trainee girl trying to destroy any credibility Seunghyun has? Like b*tch seriously? You feed off someone’s misery to get a lighter f**king sentence?! Get a life! I’m sure he’s already suffering enough then you put his name back in the media where you knew it would cause a riot again. Who does that to a person?! Who would put someone through that much hell then still want more afterwards. I SWEAR IF YG DOESN’T DO ANYTHING THIS TIME, guess who’s gonna be flying to SK to mess him up.

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Lucky ๐Ÿ’ซ

“Um, Malfoy,” Harry muttered. “What are you doing?” Baffled, he looked at the Slytherin, who didn’t seem to be concerned at all.

“I’m resting. I’m so tired,” Malfoy mumbled, eyelids fluttering shut. He did sound pretty sleepy. Harry blinked as Malfoy’s lips stretched into a soft, contented smile.

“Okay,” Harry said slowly. “But why are you resting on my lap?”

“Why not?” Malfoy replied. “Seems like a good place to me.”

Harry stiffened as Malfoy turned his head and snuggled into him. What was he playing at?

“Oi, Harry!” Harry looked up. Seamus had just entered the eighth year common room and was grinning at him. “Don’t you two look cosy,” he said with a wink. Harry blushed and tried to move his legs but Malfoy was just too heavy.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Harry murmured. What had gotten into Malfoy?

“And then we have to get started on Transfiguration but first we have to- Oh!” Hermione stopped dead behind Seamus. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her, her studying schedule obviously forgotten. If only momentarily. Ron, who had seemed rather displeased with his girlfriend’s evening plans a second ago, suddenly had a weird glint in his eyes.

Harry watched his friends and was shocked when Hermione clutched her chest and put her other hand on Ron’s arm. He smiled at her and nodded.

“I thought something like this might happen,” he snickered.

“What?” Harry spluttered. When Pansy came into sight, a knowing grin on her face,  Harry felt like they were all in on a joke he didn’t get. “Can somebody please tell me what is going on?”

“Shhhhh,” came from Harry’s lap. “Trying to sleep here, remember?”

Harry eyed Malfoy suspiciously. He had to admit, he might have reacted a little differently if they had been alone. It was a bit sudden, but he wasn’t all that opposed to Malfoy lying on his lap.

Harry’s eyes darted to his friends again when Hermione leaned over to Pansy and whispered something to her. Looking exasperated, Pansy nodded. Harry still wasn’t used to the fact that they were all getting along so well now. Pansy could be fun but, still, Harry was a bit wary around her.

He kept his eyes on her as Hermione strode over to him.

“Don’t be mad,” she told him. Harry frowned.

“What did you do?”

“Well…” She looked at him sheepishly. “It’s more what I didn’t do.”

Harry looked at her, puzzled. She leaned closer to him and dropped her voice to a whisper.

“I didn’t stop Pansy, when she stole something from Slughorn’s personal stores and put it into Malfoy’s tea this morning.”

Harry’s frown deepened.

“What did she put in his tea?”

Hermione bit her lip and put a hand on his shoulder.

“We just felt like he deserved a good day for once. He’s been through so much.” She gazed at Malfoy thoughtfully. “That’s not to say you haven’t been having a hard time, either,” she added hastily. “But Pansy thought you might… benefit from it as well. Seems like she was right.”

Harry looked between Malfoy and Hermione, not understanding what she was telling him. It must have shown on his face. Hermione sighed and shook her head.

“Felix Felicis, that’s what Pansy put in his drink.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open.

“That’s why he’s being so weird?”

“You were weird, too, when you took it in sixth year,” Hermione reminded him.

Yeah, Harry mused, it had been a strange experience. He had felt so happy and cheerful, like nothing could go wrong. And, somehow, he had known exactly what he had to do to get… to get what he wanted.


Harry’s eyes darted back to Malfoy, who was still smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. Harry wondered what would have happened if his friends had given him the potion, instead of Malfoy. He doubted things would have been this forward but, maybe, it would have had a similar outcome.  

Ignoring the fact that everyone in the room was watching him, he slowly raised his hand and ran his fingers through Malfoy’s hair. The Slytherin let out a long sigh that made the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch.

As he sat there, stroking Malfoy’s hair and marvelling at the fluttery feeling in his stomach, Harry thought it was lucky he and Malfoy apparently wanted the same thing.

Stop pushing Ben Platt to his limits.

Today Ben Platt, during intermission had to leave. That’s right, he got so sick that he couldnt even finish the show, and Michael Lee Brown (god bless) had to step in. He tweeted yesterday this: “Real talk- sometimes you gotta leave out a quick lyric if the choices are take a pause to swallow mucus or cough it up onto the front row.” Now, we’ve known Words Fail makes this an issue, but there are still fans who sell their tickets simply because he isn’t going to preform.

Understudies are just as talented as the mains. Ben has dealed with so many terrible fans (see: People complaining about him not stagedooring on his Twitter) and he still puts on this performance for another THREE months. He’s going to the end of his contract, and thats all he must do. If he’s getting so sick he’s taken 2 vacations within the last 60 days (and the tonys vocal rest) people shouldn’t knock the understudies. When an actor has to LEAVE middle, that doesn’t normally happen, therefore something must be extremely wrong with him. Also if this is just a rumor this is a terrible rumor.

Please don’t be a straight up terrible person at stagedoor (he looks so unhappy at stagedoor???) or complain he didn’t come on/come out. Even SEEING THE SHOW was a privilege, no matter who your Evan was.


Edit 3: He was physically unable to speak when he left and the new person has a photo of it so this definitely is a real source

40 / 365 days of my sunshine


25/30 Dailies

Prompt [something from puzzle pieces (on ao3) by @letaizawarest ]

“I am not buying that for you,” Aizawa says suddenly, breaking Uraraka from her thoughts. She looks over to find Mic attempting to put a - frankly massive - bag of shrimp chips in Aizawa’s grocery cart.

“You get your juice boxes, I get my shrimp chips,” Mic replies, his expression dangerously close to a pout as he tries to get the bag past Aizawa’s hands and into the shopping cart.

This is turning into a game of ‘how many hairstyles can I give the teachers’-

I’m still open for prompts, but I do have a lot that I wanna do already, so bear it in mind :)

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could you possibly please rec a couple of your fave fics? ♥๏ธ

Ok, so I’m assuming: klance fics? Alright, here we go:

texting fics (I love those kind of fics. They almost always seem to nail characters’ personalities and texting style and are so funny to read. The ones I’ll mention now are my absolute fav from this category):

left on read ✓ by hinatashoyo

Ongoing, funny and although sometimes hits a serious area it’s mostly in a light tone. Pining!Keith.

(For me it’s a big plus, because as you know if you follow me, it’s one of my favourite tropes in Voltron fandom)

little numbers by ashtxns

(I guess you have to be logged in user of AO3 to read that one)

Anyway, ongoing and I suspect it won’t be finished but because of it’s form you don’t get a feeling like you’re left hanging. Super funny. Established klance.

and here comes the blushing groom by hiriki

Completed. Keith and Lance are stucked on a planet which citizens believe they are heroes destined to save them. The thing is they have to get married. Aka: Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura and Shiro are texting while Keith.exe stopped working. I don’t remember it very well, but I know I had fun while reading. Also, @xxxkaseixxx recommended it to me, so I already knew it’s a good one before starting.

Legendary Station by BleuSarcelle

Ok, so it’s not really texting fic but it’s a first part of a series where second part is texting fic. You don’t have to read that one to enjoy it’s continuation but I’m strongly reccomending it, because it’s a joy, I remember that one quote (about Keith’s mullet) made me laugh histerically at 3 a.m.

The story is: Voltron is a Radio Station beloging to Allura and her family and: Black, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue are it’s hosts. The station menagers decide that if all radio hosts specialize in certian topics and have already established base of listeners then Station can be even more popular if hosts would be paired with each other. Turns out they were right. Completed.

dance au fics:

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru

One of the first fics I’ve read in this fandom. I don’t remember it very well but the general impression is that it was quite enjoyable. Except that…pining!lance was…very extremaley thirsty and I’m not very fond of Keith being pictured as some sex object. The fic is well written, it’s not like Keith is dumb but pretty. It’s just when you see him through Lance’s eyes it may be uncomfortable for some people.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge are dancers who strongly admire dancing duo Keith and Shiro. Some stuff happens, Lance goes on dancing camp and guess who’s an instructor? Completed.

Shut Up And Dance With Me by wittyy_name

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this one so I’ll just say it’s pretty great and if you haven’t before you should read this one and also every other fic wrtitten by this author. Ongoing.

I’m Going To Sweep You Off Your Feet   by Adventures_in_Writing

Ongoing. Shiro and Allura are getting married and Keith - as Shiro’s best man - needs to take some dance lesson because it’s important part of a wedding. So he takes them from Allura’s maid of honor - Lance. There is some actual knowledge about dances so it’s cool. Also, Keith’s a florist.

fanatsy kind of fics:

Gate Keeper by MoonlitPaladin (MoonlitStardust)

Scottish folklore, faes, mystery. Lance has a destiny. Really good writing.

Flirting With Death by drippingpen

Now this one is maybe my favourite. It’s hard to decide but there is something about this story that reminds me of a type of books I used to read before discovering fanfiction.

Ongoing. Keith is Grim Reaper. Lance is his first…client?

Of Lions and House Cats  by Ms_Towa

People with super powers are real and known in public because they all belong to Voltron Alliance. Unless they are Galra.

Keith is a superhero. Lance is vigilante that he has to stop. Lance is also a cute boy he has a crush on. Secret identyties. Pining!Keith. Ongoing

coffe shop au (well not exactly but)

Better than coffee by peralta

Also one of the first fics I started reading in this fandom and only recently completed.

Lance is a college student who tries to cut of his addiction to coffee and maybe switch for tea… Keith conviniently is a hot as hell barista in a bubble tea shop. And also college student, double majoring because he’s awesome and perfect and dead inside.

Voltron cafe by PinkHitman

If you know this blog but didn’t read a fic that goes with it, go read it immediately.

It’s kind of like maid/butler cafe where Lance is a butler and his rival from high school his most frequent client. Very very like v e r y pining!Keith. Ongoing.

kind of nsfw/kinky stuff:

Please Drink Resposibly by enjayas

It’s completed and has lots of additional to this au separate fics. All of them great.

Let’s play a game „How much drunk Lance can remember”? Pining!Keith.

Keith is sure that his feelings will forever stay one-sided since Lance is so obviously straight.

Hot singles in your area by rire

Lance calls a girl who gave him her number execpt that she gave him a Sex Line number. Quite cruel, right? But the person on the phone is actually more interesting than that girl anyway, so.

Keith is Sex Line worker, but he’s soo into this that he talks his clients through while solving a sudoku. At least most of them, because one is special. Ongoing, possibly on hiatus.

Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Keith gets a job as a bertender and is immediately strongly atrracted to one of club’s dancers: Blue Rider. Too bad Keith’s taken.

This one may be triggering for some people because Keith is in a realtionship with a male OC character who’s manipulative, controlling and once used a violence to make a point.

I put this fic in „kinky” category but it’s actually a very thought out psychological study, excellent writing, some funny scenes too. Ongoing.

College au:

Not That Bad by varelsen

Actually realistic settings. I remember it very fondly. Mutual pining. Completed.

Keith moves in by averagebear

Slow burn torture. Like, really. Agony, but don’t we love it?

Anyway, title kinda tells what it’s about. Hunk decided that Lance as a roommate is too distracing so he moves out but finds Lance a new roommate so he can pay his rent. New roommate turns out to be Keith, Lance’s highschool rival and bisexual awakening. Another one of those where Keith thinks Lance is straight.

Mutual pining. Ongoing.

and for those I don’t really have a category for:

On Thin Ice by Minadora

Keith is a hockey player that needs to practise some grace so he takes ice dancing lessons in Arena where his brother Shiro is an instructor. Keith thinks that Shiro will be his teacher. ha ha. Ha.

Anayway, it’s lovely. Sadly updates are very rare. But the chapters are long so it evens. Ongoing.

Kismet, Kill me by Jessadilla

*sigh* Probably will never be completed and, unfortunetly, it WILL leave you hanging. So keep it in mind if you’ll decide to give it a try.

But I had to put it on a list becacuse it’s one of the first etc etc and there is a sentence that will probably stay with me forever: „Lance is a person of many acqaintances, but very few friends”. And I get it, I so get it. When you’re charismatic you attract people easily. But only some of them will stay with you after knowing you better.

Keith falls in love at first sight but will he still like that charming stranger who’s actually rude, obnoxious and tactless when he’ll spend more time in his company?

….Ongoing. In theory, but it’s been a year so…

Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay

(Actually check out all of this author’s fics!)

This one is about how on every planet that Paladins visit citizens mistake Keith and Lance as a couple. It happens so often that Pidge decides to collect data and analize it from scientfic point of view. Completed.

I hope it was a helpful list~

Edit: I don’t know how could it happen but I forgot to add one more of my most favourite fanfics:

A Commutual Contract by SKayLanphear

Keith witness Lance’s “death” and that experience traumatize him. Later when Lance is A-okay he still needs to check on him and can’t get any sleep due to terrible nightmares. Turns out sleeping near Lance helps him get some rest at night, when he can always make sure his friend’s alive.

Great writing. Interesting study in depression (Lance) and feeling alienated in group (Keith). Ongoing- and I’m personally dying to know what happens next, because resent events sort of left us hanging.


Kolvina + Driving

dating tom holland | pt. 2

Part One

  • okay so we’ve established that he would be the absolute perfect boyfriend in the world 
  • he would always try to make you happy, putting yourself before him
  • so if you’d get sick he’d freak out at first
    • like ??? what does he do
    • “do you need some soup?” “cough drops?” “a popsicle?” “cuddles?”
  • even though it’s just a cold and you constantly tell him that you’re fine 
  • he’ll still wrap you in a billion blankets like a burrito
  • and then proceed to lay on top of you
    • “Tom you’re squishing me,”
    • “Shhh it’s fine just relax,” as he peppers kisses on your face
    • “You’re crushing me,” 
  • not letting him kiss you when you’re sick cause you don’t want him to get sick (because that is a nightmare)
  • him pouting and whining
    • “pleasssseeee,” and 
    • “it’ll make you feel better,”  
  • he ends up kissing you and whadaya know, he gets sick
  • he’s super handsy with you at home and sometimes in public he forgets so there’s papped pictures of his hands on your bum 
  • jumping onto his back at random times telling him where to take you
    • “to the fridge!!!!!”
    • “we’re in the kitchen, [Y/N]…”
  • there’s one time where you jump onto his back and he completely face plants onto the floor
  • you know you should feel bad but you can’t control your laughter 
    • “are you okay?” in between breaths
    • “stooooop laughing at me,” as he rubs his nose 
    • “I’m sorry bubs, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” As your laughter dies down
    • “kisses and cuddles,”  
  • spending hours in bed or on the couch kissing and cuddling 
  • sometimes it’s full on makeouts where you’re straddling his lap with his hands on your hips as your both moaning and panting 
  • and other times its just lazy kisses while you lay in each others arms 
    • nudging his head into your hand when you stop as a silent plea for more
  • he’ll run his fingers up and down your arm or sides leaving goosebumps in his wake 
    • “can i try braiding your hair?” as his fingers card through your locks
  • the braid isn’t great but its not terrible either 
  • there’s so much lazy sex don’t fight me 
  • not like half assed sex but like when he’s still jet lagged but hella horny 
    • “baby, please,”
    • Tom you need to sleep,” 
    • “no, I need you,” and he’d definitely whine and pout
  • you finally giving in and riding him because poor baby is so whiny and needy and tired
  • calling him baby boy and bubs making him blush 
    • “don’t call me that,” in a high pitched whiny voice
  • but he secretly adores the nicknames you’ve given him
  • nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck whenever he can
    • “you smell so good,”
  • tapping your nose with his index finger lightly to get your attention 
  • “can we have sex when we get home??????” as he bounces up and down lightly in anticipation 
  • waking each other up with oral yes 
  • surprise blowjobs when he’s tired or stressed or tensed or bored 
  • his favourite thing is when you’re both in bed wide awake at three in the morning because of jetlag and talking about anything and everything 
  • as you’re both transfixed in each others eyes
  • his fingers twirling a strand of your hair as he listens to your words 
    • “i love you, darling,” at random times in the day 
  • sigh im so in love with tom honestly