but he's so possessive

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (You)

Words: 1,835

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Smut, Blow jobs, Dirty talk, PinkhairedYeol kink, Multiple positions, Rough Sex, Wall sex

Summary: Let’s just blame EXO’s new comeback.

Chanyeol’s groans increase in volume, his deep voice carrying throughout his little studio the faster you suck him off. The raspy call of your name as he yanks at your hair with rough fingers, a enticing moan chilling from you throat as you feel the rise of goosebumps on your skin.

Tears corner your closed eyes the farther he drove you down his length. The strength of his touch just so cold and possessive. You fucking loved it. He was so hard too, you surprised yourself with how much you was able to actually take.

Eventually you had to free yourself from his extreme gasp to get some air, but not long enough to leave him unsatisfied. Teasingly you nibble at his dick, sucking at his tight balls, tracing the curve of the underside with the tip of your tongue.

You listen diligently to the background music that continues on, reminding you too well of just what got you like this. Of the punishment you were now giving Chanyeol. Moreover you think to him this was heaven, not discipline. It really wasn’t mattered, As long as you both were enjoying yourself, you possibly more than him.

Only once do you glance up at your boyfriend, through hooded eyes, the blue of his own meeting yours intently, seemingly looking past you to your very soul even through the contacts.

Chanyeol smiles wide, your plans changing drastically as he hastily pulls you away, up from his cock and meets those slick lips of yours personally. You smiled nonetheless against his mouth, your boyfriend’s arms pulling you tightly to his chest. You could feel his heavy heartbeat against your breast, his uneven raspy breath across your neck.

Chanyeol’s lips easily finds all the right spots, littering your skin with his skilled wet tongue. “Ahhh…” You gasp when he begun to use his teeth instead, suckling at your pulse, marking your collarbones.

You close your eyes, biting your lip. Before long you had to pull ypurself back before things got too out of hand. You pant, watching with anticipation as he grins far too sexily at your distraught.

Chanyeol even smug, watches your every move with blown lustful pupils as you eagerly proceed to your prior actions. “Hmm I think my baby’s getting impatient?” You smile, planting light kisses up his bare thighs.

Chanyeol didn’t give in, but he didn’t have to, you knew first hand that the answer was undoubtedly yes. He couldn’t ever last long when you blew him. He gets too endorsed to feel your tight pussy instead, to feel the light sheen of sweat against your rocking mingled bodies.

You moaned, taking him back into your longing mouth, feeling Chanyeol immediately fuck your throat, holding your head down with no escape in sight. It didn’t bothered you any, you secretly chased this, you rode to feel the burn of his cock when he goes too far. The pulse it makes when he reaches unfamiliar grounds.

Your lay your attention upon the tip, you bobbing your head slow and unforgiving but not enough to actually get him off. You wasn’t ready.

Gradually your movements quicken, cheeks hollowing, your tongue focusing only on the head. You adored feeling Chanyeol quiver beneath you. As expected your boyfriend’s noises grew, his loud groans and moans for release so unbearingly close yet so far.

Never in your life was you a selfish person so you wasn’t about to leave him hanging. In advance you quicken your movements, hearing your loving boyfriend cry out in fits of pleasure, the ‘oh gods’ and curses not once going unnoticed to you. Internally you smirked.

Your name is heard mixed in with his pleasured noises before he hastily yanks you away, over sensitive. It took You by surprise and when you look at him curious your breath nearly leaves your chest.

Satisfaction framed his gorgeous face but you didnt taste any cum. It takes a second or so to finally get it. “An orgasm but not a climax.” You smiled. Leaning back down, ypu lick stripes up his cock. “I’m just that good?”

Your boyfriend didn’t answer but he does pull you forward, placing you in his needy lap, rightfully where you belonged. No struggle was needed. You giggled circling your arms around his neck. “Let me guess, none of your past girlfriends could do that? Hence the suddeness of your actions?” The hint of jealousy and pride was easily heard in your low voice as you sexily whispered it into Chanyeol’s ear.

Your boyfriend digs his fingers into your hips, groaning hoarsly into your hair, his cock beneath your pussy just dying to fuck your brains out already. “Damn straight,” He hisses, “-you’ve been the best I had…so far.” He chuckles darkly.

You gasp, so far! You push him back, “I will always be the best Channie,” You lean to his level, carding your fingers through his hair, face buried in the crook of his neck. “You could never get a pussy better than mine.” Before he could answer you leaned up, slowly grinding down against him, watching triumph as he throws his head back against the pillows. Clearly his sensitivity was still present

Teasingly you glide your cunt across his cock, Chanyeol hands quickly roaming all across your body, squeezing your breast, playing with your hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. His touch ignites your body, electing moans and whines of pleasure from your throat.

Chanyeol moves up, wrapping his arms around your back, his lips descending upon your neck, whispering deeply in your ear, of all the dirty things he was going to do to you. His dark tone just makes you tremble in the excitement.

Chanyeol traces up your spine slowly with gentle fingertips, dragging his nails so it sends chills throughout your body. He chuckles when you moaned his name, your fingers passing through his newly dyed hair, tugging at the pink locks, when he squeezes your ass.

The moment you seen him, with his bubblegum hair you swear to god you had came right there. His group didn’t give you any early previews of their newest comeback, no matter if you was his girlfirend or not, so like everyone else you had to wait. But good thing for that, because the moment he walked through that door you were on him in a heartbeat.

The thoughts of earlier today flash before your closed eyes, but before they got too intimate Chanyeol disrupts them. You feel him aligning himself to your soaked core, sliding the tip inside. You helped the rest of the way, easing yourself down, both you and him moaning together in the intense pleasure of becoming one. Your rising voices seemingly in perfect sync.

Chanyeol held you to his body tighter, reminding you of how good you felt as he now was completely in you. It wasn’t no shocker, the only man you’ve ever fucked was him so natrually you’d accustom to him without any struggle.

Lost in the moment he instinctivelybucks his hips up into you, it was unexpected so much that it makes you gasp in the mixture of pain and pleasure. Mostly pain. You still haven’t quite gotten used to his size yet, although from the many times he’s made love to you, you’re beginning to think you never will.

Your boyfriend realizes his mistake, slowly guiding you on your back instead. With the new comfortable position he starts a legitimate pace, the low mewls of bliss passing from your lips. Chanyeol’s own voice increases every passing second, your need for more pushing him to fuck you harder, faster until there was nothing but your pleasure wrapped in a white haze.

You bite your lip, crying his name, head thrown back in the rapture your body was drowned in. Chanyeol gradually speeds up, too eager to please your inner fantasies.

You watch his face as he makes love to you, the determined but enmursed in pleasure look that frames his strong features. Your reach for him, guiding him down to your lips, tasting his need for you with every breathless moment.

The longer he goes however the closer he gets to his edge. Of course he didn’t stop, he made sure your head spinned in ecstasy. That his name was heard for miles with every deep animalistic thrust he’d pound into you. God if you wasn’t so wrapped up in his rough touch you’d think his pace matched the music that was echoing throughout the studio. Or maybe he’s just got you too far gone that it seems that way.

You roll your hips against his pelvis, tightening your walls around his cock for more pleasure for him, to lessen some of the weight of doing all the work himself. “God Channie…” Your pants of breath grow ragged and uneven, your vision blurry as your mind gets engrossed in rapture.

The sounds of sex bounce off the walls of Chanyeol’s small studio, the song that plays on repeat just setting the erotic mood far more than you had originally thought. Of course it had to of if it could turn you on that much.

All of a sudden your thoughts shatter like glass around you when Chanyeol tightens up, your name loudly heard throughout the flat, overpowering even the music. You gasps loudly, watching your boyfriend’s intense orgasm, the warmth of his cum coating your wet walls.

You smiled, not entirely unsatisfied. At least you got to have him in the way you had fantasized.

Just when you was about to speak however, Chanyeol moves, picking you up from the bed. It took you by surprise, but not as much as it did when he slams you both against a nearby wall.

“Wha-” you began, but Chanyeol shushed you. “I’m far from done with you, baby.” He purrs, “I’m selfish when it comes to you but not to your pleasure.” Your heart beats erratic in your chest, “Now how many times exactly did you watch our music video?” He asks huskily, you shivering as you felt his cum dripping from your abused pussy, down your thighs.

You blink a couple times, thinking. “Three times…or maybe it was four, why?” You was almost scared of his reply. Chanyeol smirks. Withput any warning he pistons his cock back into your pussy. You gasped loudly, not expecting him to still be hard after just getting off.

He grunts.“Then that means I have two more times to find more appealing ways to get my baby off.” Your fingers dig into his shoulders. Once again you are clouded in pleasure as Chanyeol roughly fucks you up the wall, his raspy voice at your ear. “You shouldn’t have jumped me baby, now no matter how much you scream, beg me to lessen I won’t, not until you can’t walk, can’t talk, until your pussy is sore and raw. I will make you regret your every decision.”

A grin rises on your lips. You couldn’t wait.

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Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can I have a scenario of hoshi? When his gf(y/n) and him got a serious argument and one day some of his/her friend called him because she pass out. Make it super angst but fluffy in the end ☺ TYSM! 😊

Hi bb and sorry for the long wait of this being written 💕 ;u; I don’t think this is anywhere near super angsty but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Some months into your relationship with Soonyoung, you had started noticing something about him that you didn’t like; something that made you feel very uneasy.

He was possessive - overly so.

At first you didn’t think much of it, as it only felt natural that he wanted to spend time with you and didn’t necessarily want you to dress too revealingly and so on, but when he started getting upset whenever you couldn’t see him because you were seeing someone else - on a friendly occasion - and trying to limit who you could see and when as well as how you should be dressed, alarm bells went on in your mind.

That Tuesday, you and Soonyoung were out for coffee after taking a nice walk by the beach, and it had all been nice. You had talked and joked as per usual, holding hands and making plans for the near future, and even at the café you were caressing each other’s hands on the table.

“I was thinking we could go see a movie on Saturday,” Soonyoung smiled while rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. The smile on your lips faltered.

“I’ve already promised to go look for a birthday present to my friend’s boyfriend with her,” you said as softly as you could, only hoping that he would be understanding. There was nothing wrong with making plans with someone else and you knew that, yet you couldn’t shake the anxiety off your shoulders.

Soonyoung’s expression darkened a little. “Aren’t you seeing her a lot?”

“She’s my best friend,” you defended yourself and pulled your hand away from Soonyoung’s, the anxiety inside of you growing before slowly mixing with annoyance. “I have every right to see my friends, Soonyoung.”

“I’m just saying,” he grumbled and ran his fingers through his hair, recently dyed bright orange, which you loved to tease him about, and frowned. “You should spend more time with me.”

You stared him dead in the eye. “I see you every other day at least, isn’t that enough?”

There was a quick hint of something in Soonyoung’s eyes that you couldn’t quite identify yet sent chills down your spine, and he let out a heavy sigh as he sat better in his chair and stirred his drink with the straw in it.

“Is it that wrong to want you all for myself?” he asked in a mumble.

You were fuming. “Uh, yes?” You sat back on your chair and crossed your arms by your chest. “You don’t own me.”

Soonyoung’s eyebrows knitted, and his face seemed to turn sour altogether, as if his mind immediately went to “I wish I did.” Your heart was racing in your chest as feelings of anger and upset mixed together.

The man in front of you was barely a shadow of the loving, friendly one you had fallen in love with, the one who wished you had a good time with your friends whenever you went out with them and didn’t check up on you every hour and get upset if you were too busy to answer within a few minutes.

Silence hung over you for a moment, only broken when you grabbed your bag from the floor and stood up. “If you really think you’re entitled to tell me what I can or can’t do, I don’t want to see you again.”

Soonyoung remained silent as you left the café, and only continued moving the clear straw in his iced coffee while biting down on his lower lip.

How had he ended up there?

After the date that had turned into a disaster, you didn’t talk with Soonyoung. You refused to contact him until he apologized, and since he wasn’t contacting you, either, you decided to just let it be. If he loved you and realized that there was something wrong with the way he acted, he’d contact you sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Soonyoung was too ashamed to send you a message, much less call you, and instead spent time repenting on his actions and feelings, using dance as therapy of some sort.

It wasn’t easy on you, however, as much as one might think it’s only nice to not have someone as possessive around you. After all, he was your boyfriend, and the uncertainty of where you stood as well as having been hurt by him yet not receiving an apology pained you.

As much as you loved him, you could recognize an unhealthy relationship, and didn’t want to be a part of one.

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you also didn’t want to be with someone who was as possessive and controlling over you as he seemed to be, yet you had no idea where your relationship was going with the silence between the two of you.

And so, you lived with constant anxiety.

It was difficult for you to focus on anything, as your mind kept going back to what had happened - the date and the days before it - as well as the fact that Soonyoung didn’t seem to want to apologize, which you thought meant he had yet to realize the errors of his ways, which in turn only made you more anxious and upset.

The anxiety was eating at you fast, and as it made it difficult for you to sleep or eat anywhere near enough, it only grew, and so the vicious cycle was born. You were overly tense and alert throughout the day, whether it was 12pm or 3am, and did your best to do everything you possibly could to get your thoughts elsewhere, as long as it meant you didn’t have to focus on the root of the problem.

Whenever your phone buzzed, your heart jumped to your throat. You were nervous it would be Soonyoung, and whenever it turned out that it wasn’t, you frowned as a mix of feelings wallowed inside of you. On one hand you were happy you didn’t have to deal with the situation, but on the other hand you were sad that he still didn’t have it in him to contact you and apologize and talk things out.

As days passed, you felt weaker and weaker and the bags under your eyes only reached lower, and somewhere deep down, you knew you missed Soonyoung, a lot.

Some days over a week after your last meeting with Soonyoung, the concept of sleeping a full 8 hours or eating 3 meals a day felt oddly foreign to you, as you could barely sleep for two hours without interruptions or stomach much of anything.

The week after your argument, you had spent days looking forward to an outing with your best friend on the weekend in hopes of it helping you relax and think about more pleasant things. And frankly, it did work, if for a moment at a time, and you had a good time, although you had felt weak and even a bit dizzy every now and then.

You were on your way from a clothing store to one of the restaurants in the floor above, but when you reached the top of the escalator, you stopped and got your hand to the side of your head, your eyes falling shut and your legs feeling wobbly as everything started to look and feel blurry and surreal.

“Y/F/N, wait, I need a mo–”

Suddenly everything blacked out, and by the time your friend was kneeling down next to you, trying to get a response from you, you were already unconscious.

Soonyoung had been dancing a lot more than usual after your argument, and had more or less only left the dancing studio to eat and sleep during the past two weeks. He was mid-dancing when his phone started ringing, and he sighed while turning the music off and reaching for his phone. His heart jumped to his throat when he saw that the call was coming from your number, and hesitated a little before answering the call.

“Y/N?” he asked, voice a bit shaky, but his eyes widened when the voice didn’t belong to you.

“No, it’s Y/F/N, and I have something to say to you.”

“…Go on,” Soonyoung mumbled and sat down on the floor, ready for whatever was going to come at him.

”How much of a jerk can you be?! When you began dating, I was so happy for Y/N because they were so bubbly and so in love and I really thought you were a good guy, but based on the past few weeks, I’m not so sure. Do you realize what you did wrong the last time you saw Y/N?”

“Yes,” Soonyoung said quietly, remorse clearly audible in his voice, and fiddled a little with the hem of his top. He could hear your friend taking her breath.

”Then why on earth have you not called them? They’ve been feeling terrible and I’m so damn mad at you for making them feel that way when you’re supposed to make them happy! I didn’t want to meddle in this too much, but Y/N passed out when we were out, and that’s just… that’s the last straw. Man up, Soonyoung. Y/N needs you, and if you really know what you did wrong and feel remorse, I think you need them, too.”

Soonyoung processed your friend’s words for a moment, but there was mostly one thing that clung to his mind, which had his heart racing in anxiety, his eyebrows furrowing and breath nearly hitching in his throat. “Y/N passed out?”

”Yes, and if you want to make things right, you better drag your ass to their place soon.”

He only had time to mumble something before your friend hung up on him, and he had quite likely never been as fast to leave the studio as he was then.

An hour or so later, your friend opened your apartment’s door to Soonyoung, who smiled sheepishly at her, carrying a simple bouquet of your favorite flowers as well as a self-made card that said “Sorry for being an idiot” on the front of it. Your friend laughed at it and shook her head.

“Great choice of words,” she noted, and Soonyoung nodded with a quiet chuckle.

“Can’t disagree,” he admitted, and pursed his lips when he had closed the door behind himself. “Is Y/N okay? Where are they?”

Your friend pointed at your bedroom door that was almost shut, and then lifted her forefinger before her lips. “I got them to drink some chamomile tea, and now they’re sleeping. I don’t think Y/N’s gotten to sleep that well in a while.”

Soonyoung’s smile got a sad hint to it. “I’m so sorry…”

“Save the apologies,” your friend whispered and patted Soonyoung’s back before pointing at the living room area. “Let’s go sit there.”

They sat down on your couch and talked quietly: Soonyoung asked about how you had been doing, and your friend told him the full miserable story of it, and by the end of it Soonyoung felt like he was being suffocated.

“I’ve really got a lot to improve, don’t I?” he asked rhetorically and ran his fingers through his hair, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment and his eyes nearly watering. Your friend smiled a little, but gave him an honest nod.

“I’m sure you can do it. The fact that you realize you need to change is a good start,” she said and chuckled softly. “If you hurt Y/N, I’ll kick your ass.”

Soonyoung snickered, but regained his seriousness fast as he thought about you, his chest feeling pleasantly warm at the memory of your good times together. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good,” your friend hummed, and perked up when your voice could be heard from your bedroom.

Soonyoung stood up quickly, the flowers and card in his hands, and was about to bolt to your room before realizing that it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. He turned to look at your friend. “…Could you ask Y/N if they want to see me?”

Your friend smiled warmly at him and nodded, patting his shoulder as she came to your room. Soonyoung tapped the flowers with his fingers anxiously while he waited, and looked hopefully at your bedroom door when your friend came back out.

“You can go.”

Soonyoung nodded in understanding and walked to your room when your friend had come out.

“Hey,” he said softly from the door, and you looked at him blankly with a hint of sadness on your face.

“Why haven’t you called?” you asked, your voice breaking a little as tears began falling from your eyes. Soonyoung’s lips formed an automatic pout as his eyes welled up with tears, too, and he made his way to your bed to sit down next to you. You were half-sitting against the wall, and wiped your eyes with the backs of your hands, too tired and exhausted to fight the emotions that desperately wanted to be shown.

“I’m sorry,” Soonyoung said softly, placing his hand on top of you on the blanket once he had put the flowers and card next to you. “I should’ve called, I just… I was so ashamed…”

“Still,” you mumbled and looked at him, your eyes a bit puffy and your lips quivering.

“I can’t change the past, but I want you to know that I regret it,” Soonyoung said, his voice as steady as he could keep it, and looked into your eyes. “I regret behaving the way I did, feeling the way I did, not calling and apologizing when I really should have…”

You nodded as he apologized, and dried your tears again. The anxiety inside of you was slowly easing down, and the feeling of relief was starting to take over - you were infinitely grateful.

“Do you think you can forgive me?”

Looking into Soonyoung’s eyes, as candid and warm as ever, you nodded slowly. “But you need to change. We can’t… We can’t go on if you act like you own me. I need a life of my own, too.”

He nodded determinedly and took your hand into his when you had placed it on your lap. He caressed it gently. “I’ll change. I know it’s not right, and I don’t want to be like that. You deserve so much better.”

You let out a relieved sigh. “I’ll call you out if you cross the line again.”

“Please do,” Soonyoung said with a soft chuckle, and raised his eyebrows when you pulled your hand out of his and stretched your arms out.

“Come on and hug me, you dummy,” you pouted, your lips stretching into a happy smile when Soonyoung snickered and leaned down to hug you.

As you inhaled his familiar scent and felt yourself be embraced in his steady arms, you could finally feel yourself relax.

You finally had your loving, bubbly Soonyoung back.

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for the ask meme, #23? Wincest, obviously <333 btw I love your blog and your fics!

Thank you so much! That made my day ^.^

23. Who’s more jealous?

Dean. Perhaps it used to be Sam, when they were younger and Dean would come home with a shiteating grin slapped all over his smug face, smelling of girl’s perfume.

These days, it’s Dean.

He gets jealous so easily because he’s still so scared that Sam suddenly one day will tire of him, find someone else, someone normal and sane and well-functioning. Dean is terrified, because he’s still scarred from when Sam left him for Stanford, left him for Jess, and he tries not to be but sometimes he gets so possessive that he aches, and he can’t help it.

Dean’s arm circles Sam’s waist as he kisses Sam. He needs to show everyone that Sam belongs to him – the pretty young waitress, the leering bartender, the far too flirty officer - but most of all, he needs to show Sam that he ain’t letting him go, not ever again.

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YO, ok so so my headcanon for sandor is that he lost his virginity to a random chick in a brothel due to pressure, so he's not very experienced since he doesn't like the idea of making women uncomfortable so when hes with a person he likes hes /very/ shy and won't look them in the eye and is always asking if they're ok and what not. I just see him as a shy attentive lover ya know lol!!



I love how some people seems to think Ephemera is secretly evil-succumb to darkness-related to Xehanort -type of character just because he have a silver hair lol. Can’t blame you, I thought the same when the first time seeing Ephemer, silver hair character are always look suspicious in every kingdom hearts xD

thank god he’s still a nice character (at least for now)

“just… please, don’t take the kids. i’ll do a̲͇n̬͚y̬̩̝͇t͇͞h̘̼͖̪i̠͖̝̠̠ng̦͕̤̬͝ͅ.”

chase… the kids are alright. you, however… you’re a puppet.

Day One Hundred and Five

-A young boy walking by sounded the butt trumpet and promptly announced, “I blew gas!” to the world at large. I admire his pride and, moving forward, I will aspire to follow his shining example.

-I heard the voice of a man float through the store, saying, “When I was alive, Playboy actually played with me!” With no other context, I am forced to assume that Hugh Hefner has passed away and is spending his afterlife hanging around a Virginia Target, regaling the public with his tales.

-A three month-old in sunglasses gave me the double finger guns. He may not have possessed the fine motor skills to do so physically, but for the spiritually rad like he and I, the finger guns is more of an aura than an action, and he was exuding it in spades.

-Cat Lady has not been seen nor heard from since January, shortly after the inauguration of our Patron Saint of Incompetence and Impropriety. Whether this is coincidence or conspiracy, I hope to see her return soon.

-I rang up a joyful elderly woman sporting a Spider-Man hoodie. I feel that it is safe to say that I have just met Aunt May and that she is as supportive as ever.

-A guest walked by, carrying a poodle the size of a soda bottle. It took every ounce of self-restraint I have not to cry at its magnificence and/or give up my job for the sake of dognapping.

-A man, well into his sixties, purchased a large bottle of wine, a large box of condoms, and a large container of lube. It warms my heart to know that romance never dies.

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I don't get when people say how much they love Russel.. Like he's the least interesting member of the band. It's not a race thing, it's just his character, like there's no likability there. He's underrated, yeah, but im pretty sure the reason behind that is obvious..

No no no no you don’t understand-

Russel is absolutely interesting. He’s a no-nonsense, intelligent, quiet and deep man who’s still alive after all the shit he’s been through.

This guy has suffered so, so much.
He was possessed by demons ever since he was a child. He got expelled from school for attacking the other students because of this, and was put into a coma for four years. Afterwards, he had to go to a different school in Brooklyn, and finally found some friends, who all loved hip-hop. Russel has said that hip-hop saved his soul. He finally found he belonged, and didn’t feel like such a lost cause.

But his friends were taken away, killed in a drive-by shooting. Russel was the only survivor, and his friends’ spirits entered his mind and body, including his best friend and soulmate, Del.

Russel literally has to take medication for his depression. He’s attempted suicide before, and cares so much for Gorillaz, especially Noodle. Russel is a caring, honest, reserved, sad soul with immense talent. He’s been through so much terror and misery, but still continues to fight back his inner demons and sometimes bitter feelings.
Listen to him in interviews. The way he talks is gorgeous. The things he says are amazing.

Russel is extremely underrated, but he is NOT any less of a character than Murdoc, Noodle or 2D. He’s brilliant. Really bloody brilliant.

There’s so much more to him than you think, I promise.

Dear Percy, 

Just write back please 

Dear Percy, 

I don’t need anything from you, I just need you to tell me 


Bill and George keep telling me it’s not my fault

Percy Ingatious Weasley, 

That letter you wrote Ron was fucked the hell up and if that’s the kind of letter you’re in the business of writing, then 


I miss you. I hope it wasn’t me that drove you off. I mean, I know it was Dad and the Ministry and all that, but you wouldn’t leave completely if you felt safe with us. 

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never really realized that the pranks and stuff were hurting you. But I guess they were. 

If you would write back, just once, I wouldn’t tell Mum or Dad. I just want to know that you’re okay. 

Love, Fred 

PS - You’re missing out. George and I have been having many a late night meeting with Peeves these days, and Ron and Hermione are not as good at Prefect-ing are you were…you would have caught us ages ago. If this plan blows up in our faces instead of Umbridge’s, I’m blaming you.


Hey! I just got back from amke today and i met matt! He was wonderful, i gave him some of my mchanzo art and he recognized it! He was like “oh the mchanzo art i love it ! This is so well done!” And 1. Im. Really glad he liked it lmao and 2. It’s so sweet that he likes mchanzo it makes me so happy!!!!! He was so so wonderful. But yeah. He is currently in possession of some of my mchanzo art lmao

The return of Performing Dean

So, the family is out having breakfast. Remind me again, how long has it been since we’ve seen Dean flirt with a waitress? Yes I know, 12x11, but @mittensmorgul has written a fantastic meta HERE addressing that. 

What’s different this time? 


Wally - Red blooded American hunter. Wally, who sneers at namby pamby nancy boys with soft white hands. Wally, with his beard and his jacket who reminds me a lot of John. And Dean’s performing for him, being daddy’s little hunter boy. 

So Dean tries to flirt with Mandy, using the hammiest possible approach and it fails. And he’s okay with it. Until she shows interest in Cas. Look at the reactions, Sam immediately look at Cas with an uh-oh face. And Dean is just pissed, complete with eye rolling and lips pursing.

Dean’s jealous, and Sam knows it. I say this because some people are already trying to paint Dean getting pissed as him being angry about getting rejected. That is highly OOC for Dean (Jo shot him down and he simply breezed past it) He’s gotten rejected plenty of times with no issue. Dean’s also got rejected by girls who then hit on Sam. He’s always been okay with that. 

But Cas, Cas is different, isn’t he?

Wally is still there though. So Dean can’t pull the possessive jealous husband routine he pulled in 12x10. So what does Dean do? What every insecure person does. 

Lalala I don’t care at all that someone’s flirting with you. I’m going to be magnanimous about it and show how much I don’t care at all hahaha because I don’t care. Not at all. 

Wally nods in approval when Dean mentions Mandy is ‘into’ Cas. Mary shoots the topic down, and Dean tries to play both sides - the macho posturing side that Wally approves of, but Mary clearly doesn’t like it. So he backtracks there (”I’m not objectifying her Mom, this is a teachable moment)

And he’s trying to wink and act like everything’s cool… But it’s not. Dean doesn’t look happy, he looks positively pained. Contrast this to when he took Cas to the brothel. Another teachable moment. Look at how different he looked. 

Sam distracts, and Dean has the perfect chance to forget about it. But he doesn’t. Because even though Cas has been clueless to everything till now, Dean’s still not feeling secure enough to let it go. He can’t act too irritated in front of Wally, so he takes it out on Sam a little, then immediately goes back to bro-bro manly back slapping. And Wally is watching on, nodding and approving everything Dean’s saying - she’ll smell like food. Really, Dean? Are you talking about a girl who’ll appeal to Cas, or you? Why are you fishing so much?

Cas still doesn’t respond. Mary shuts it down again. And that’s the end of that.   

You know, it is surprising that 12x10 and 12x12 both had promos with Jealous!Insecure husband!Dean. It’s alost like their trying to point to something…  

(gif credits to @timetraveldean, @godshipsit, @storywingstiel)