but he's so possessive


I love how some people seems to think Ephemera is secretly evil-succumb to darkness-related to Xehanort -type of character just because he have a silver hair lol. Can’t blame you, I thought the same when the first time seeing Ephemer, silver hair character are always look suspicious in every kingdom hearts xD

thank god he’s still a nice character (at least for now)

Day One Hundred and Five

-A young boy walking by sounded the butt trumpet and promptly announced, “I blew gas!” to the world at large. I admire his pride and, moving forward, I will aspire to follow his shining example.

-I heard the voice of a man float through the store, saying, “When I was alive, Playboy actually played with me!” With no other context, I am forced to assume that Hugh Hefner has passed away and is spending his afterlife hanging around a Virginia Target, regaling the public with his tales.

-A three month-old in sunglasses gave me the double finger guns. He may not have possessed the fine motor skills to do so physically, but for the spiritually rad like he and I, the finger guns is more of an aura than an action, and he was exuding it in spades.

-Cat Lady has not been seen nor heard from since January, shortly after the inauguration of our Patron Saint of Incompetence and Impropriety. Whether this is coincidence or conspiracy, I hope to see her return soon.

-I rang up a joyful elderly woman sporting a Spider-Man hoodie. I feel that it is safe to say that I have just met Aunt May and that she is as supportive as ever.

-A guest walked by, carrying a poodle the size of a soda bottle. It took every ounce of self-restraint I have not to cry at its magnificence and/or give up my job for the sake of dognapping.

-A man, well into his sixties, purchased a large bottle of wine, a large box of condoms, and a large container of lube. It warms my heart to know that romance never dies.


Hey! I just got back from amke today and i met matt! He was wonderful, i gave him some of my mchanzo art and he recognized it! He was like “oh the mchanzo art i love it ! This is so well done!” And 1. Im. Really glad he liked it lmao and 2. It’s so sweet that he likes mchanzo it makes me so happy!!!!! He was so so wonderful. But yeah. He is currently in possession of some of my mchanzo art lmao

Dear Percy, 

Just write back please 

Dear Percy, 

I don’t need anything from you, I just need you to tell me 


Bill and George keep telling me it’s not my fault

Percy Ingatious Weasley, 

That letter you wrote Ron was fucked the hell up and if that’s the kind of letter you’re in the business of writing, then 


I miss you. I hope it wasn’t me that drove you off. I mean, I know it was Dad and the Ministry and all that, but you wouldn’t leave completely if you felt safe with us. 

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never really realized that the pranks and stuff were hurting you. But I guess they were. 

If you would write back, just once, I wouldn’t tell Mum or Dad. I just want to know that you’re okay. 

Love, Fred 

PS - You’re missing out. George and I have been having many a late night meeting with Peeves these days, and Ron and Hermione are not as good at Prefect-ing are you were…you would have caught us ages ago. If this plan blows up in our faces instead of Umbridge’s, I’m blaming you.


teaser released on 02.22.2012

When I first saw this teaser, I thought he would be the shy, quiet maknae of the group. And I guess we were all surprised when we found out he was actually the rapper whose deep voice did not match his cute looks. What I also did not expect was how passionate, driven, and multi-talented he would be. From time to time, I still go back to watch this teaser and I feel proud of how far he’s come and how much he has improved over the last five years. I know Chanyeol will never stop learning and improving and these are just some of the qualities he possesses which I admire most about him. There’s so much more I want to say but I will keep it short as this is merely a small celebration and a thank you for giving us EXO’s voice and fire: Park Chanyeol. I wish you nothing but happiness and please don’t forget that your health is important, too. [02.21.2017]

yah so no offense but shao is definitely gay but like lightyears in the closet to  the point where he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t like being w/ women or why he’s so possessive over zeke…. like i’m not reaching here if you rewatch the get down you will see it in his interactions with zeke + his interactions with women but also i will eat my hat if that show actually includes not one but TWO main LGBT characters that’s 2 next level for our day and age

You know what? Fuck me up.

Give me a Sangwoo that gets so fucking obsessed over Bum that he’s paranoid over Bum being stolen away. Give me a Sangwoo that so forcibly rejects the idea of losing Bum that he gets ultra possessive/protective.

Give me Bum, so happy to finally have Sangwoo’s love, that he will do anything to protect Sangwoo. Give me a Bum that gets jealous over the attention Sangwoo pays his victims that he plays up the terrified captive bit to make the killings sweeter for Sangwoo. Give me a Bum that tricks the cops into believing that someone else hurt him, someone else (uncle, maybe?) broke his legs and tortured him and that Sangwoo saved him/is hiding him from the monster.

As much as I want Bum safe, I need this like burning. Maybe it’s the Hannigram fan in me, but I don’t want them separated… just maybe balance the scales a bit.

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Yo r we gunna get some outwardly possessive/jealous viktor in the rut FIC??? Bc I NEEEEEEED

OH BOY, Victor is going to be SO possessive before he goes into rut. It’s going to be hard for them to go out in public when he’s like that because he’ll end up glaring at everyone who even glances at Yuuri. (And he won’t be able to stop touching him either.)

january 19

part of the valentines exchange for the @upperclassmennet written for the lovely @aronminyards :) i know your favorite characters are aaron, matt and jean but i’d started writing this and when i saw ur favorite pairing is andreil i just had to do this, hope u like it !!

Neil Josten was not one to make his birthday into a grand affair. In fact, he would have been fine if it weren’t an affair at all. January 19 was just another day; the only thing that made it remotely remarkable was that he’d created Neil Josten today. Neil Josten, a bundle of well-crafted lies and half-truths. He knew he would never be an honest man; he would always have a lie ready at the tip of his tongue, but he was trying. He was trying to become something more than Neil Josten, the boy who came to the Foxes with only one duffel to hold every one of his possessions. So, no, he didn’t exactly consider January 19 to be of any significant importance.

If he had to celebrate a day, he would’ve picked the day he forever said goodbye to Nathaniel Wesninski. When he cut the one identity that tied him directly to the Butcher. When he made Neil Josten a tangible reality rather than an imposter looking for a temporary relief. When he decided, in front of multiple witnesses, the person he was and who he wanted to be. When he made the conscious choice of accepting the family he knew would always be by side, if only he let them be.

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AU where Jataro is just Nagisa’s imagination

Masaru: Nagisa, who are you talking to?

Nagisa: Jataro.

Masaru: …who?

Nagisa: Jataro? You know, our cleric?

Masaru: …

Nagisa: Our priest? The one who always wears a mask?

Monaca: Haha, how silly of you, Nagisa.

Nagisa: I’m…not trying to be funny?

Monaca: Hahaha, Monaca’s sure you aren’t. Now, there’s a nice little place we like to call a hospital and Monaca thinks you should visit it.

Book describing its romantic lead: His face cracked into a charming crooked smile.

Me: Uh crooked smiles are not real?? No one in history has ever had a ‘charming crooked smi-.

Harry Styles:

Me: ok but you didn’t have to go that hard…

Heat Wave

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Request: (@the5sosfreakme) I was thinking evil Barry, high school? Like he’s super SUPER possessive of y/n and she comes to school in little shorts… So he’s like super possessive over her and like let’s say Mark Mardon, was flirting with her and he steps in. Then maybe hot and heavy in the parking lot?

Notes: I decided not to add the hot and heavy just because the fic itself ended at a good point and just it would have been a little out of place. Anyways, enjoy!

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You groaned as your alarm clock woke you up, the loud song you chose shaking the last remnants of your dream from your mind. Now fully awake you rub your eyes, kicking the sheets off your legs. It was boiling hot outside, and your open window letting in the heat made your room almost unbearable.

Sluggishly, you got out of bed, going through your usual morning routine. Faced with the difficult decision of what to wear in the heat you decided on a cute tank top and a pair of high-waisted short shorts, shrugging on a long cardigan on top in case school was cold inside. You put on a pair converse and quickly finish your makeup, deciding to pull your hair back so it doesn’t stick to your neck. Comfortable with your choices, you grab your backpack and make your way downstairs, grabbing something quick for breakfast and saying a quick goodbye to your family before getting into your car.

The drive to school was short, the AC cooling you down only to be blasted with heat when you get out of the car. You push through the doors into school, saying hi to people you pass as you make your way to your locker.

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so I was thinking about how dark said that mark “promised to let him back in” which means mark has some kind of connection w/ dark in which he can control him in some respect and/ or mark has no control but dark is reasonable enough to give him the “choice?”

while anti on the other hand can take over jack whenever he wants and he has no control / no power over anti. anti can kill him and possess him and he has no power.

that’s so interesting ok