but he's so cute i can't

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Your ask about Awashima protecting Fushimi is LOVE! I hope you can write more about it someday! I love your blog *-* have a nice day!! <3

I love Awashima big-sistering Fushimi, seriously there’s never enough of the two of them being cute together. I love her worrying over him in ROK and am forever bitter that we never got a reunion scene for the two of them at least.

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Oh and I also would like to mention that The Reaper is my favorite! He's so cute and I need him and Sunny to be together 😭

omGGG❗️❗️ the grim reaper is the cuTEST and they’re such good actors every single character that yoo inna portrays is… amazing 😥 im so excited to watch this weeks two eps 📺 🛋