but he's so beautiful i cry


#the moment when you realised#you’re falling for that man#who trusts you#even though you know each other#just for a couple of days#magnus has fallen#so bad#both unintentionally#and#unconditionally

BTS Reaction - Crying from so much pleasure during sex

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[NU'EST W - If You] Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170817 EP.537

Ever since I stanned Nu’est, even if it’s not as long as the others and not as short as the new fans, I’ve had many tears with them. This performance just got me. I’m teary-eyed and happy and I literally hugged myself because everything is so good. They did so well and I just need a fandom hug, seriously.

“I am Tobias Forge, the man behind the mask in Ghost”. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I drew this after listening to this morning the interview in which he unmasks himself and although it isn’t necessary to know the language to intuit what he said, the fact of listening to how he got too emotional and how much he held on his tears until he finally began to cry… My heart broke at that moment and I cried too. I can’t. He is a beautiful person with a pure heart. So kind, so nice, so sweetheart… I’m so glad that I could met him and have an idol like him. I need to hug him again. I admire him more every day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Tobias Forge unmasked moniOJOte. Fan Art. Pigma ink and digital color. August 2017 ©Soniaka’s Art

I just played the citadel dlc and can I just say… Garrus Vakarian, my boyfriend, love of my life… He is the most beautiful man in Space and also I’m crying……. Him rigging the apartment to protect Sheperd… “The password is ‘I HEART GARRUS’” the freaking “good thing your boyfriend is the archangel”. HES A DORK AND A BADASS AND I LOVE HIM

  • Me: Please sent me daily cat pics so I got something to cheer for all day.
  • Mom: Okay. *sents me 500 pictures of our cat*
  • Me: *sobs* He's so beautiful and perfect I am crying.

keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance | Allura | Pidge | Shiro