but he's really cuteee

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"What am I to you?" s.o asking Kakashi unsure about how he really feels about her c:

CUTEEE i love this and kakashi is the loml i missed writing for him ;n; this was longer than i expected lol THIS WOULDNT BE CONSIDERED A DRABBLE ;u;


You had even went to Sakura for advice, knowing her situation with Sasuke and all. She was surprisingly successful with him which only led you to sheepishly ask for a sense of direction, and she was willing to do so with open arms. At first she teased you, poking fun at how you chose to ask her, someone who was younger. But then sat you down and told you everything

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leedonghae: Long time no see. Christmas is coming🎄hey guys don’t skip ur meal #Haruandoneday #DH

Yesung left a comment on Donghae’s IG: Ma boy. 

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i love the korean word distinction between girlfriend and lover, because they asked jungkook if he had a lover and his ears got all red >.< hehehe also super loyal to IU

OMG YES HEHE~ i didn’t notice his ears IT’S SO CUTEEE. He got really shy hehehe ;_; jungkookie can only see IU~~ hehehe! meanwhile IU:


When I saw makoharu for the first time
  • Episode 1:
  • Me: whoa mako-chan is so cuteee he have an amazing friendship with haruka he's really my tipe of a guy♡
  • Episode 6:
  • Me: oow they're married..