but he's out and back

TVLINE | Cas has been in Heaven for a little while now. How will he re-enter the action? And is he any different?

ANDREW DABB: When Cas comes back [in this Thursday’s episode], we’re going to get a lot of clarity in terms of not only why he’s been in Heaven for so long, but his own point of view on why he went. Some people are looking at it like, “He went to Heaven because he’s choosing angels over Sam and Dean,” and things like that. What’s going to come out very strongly when he comes back is that what he’s doing, he views as doing for our guys. That’s been a big part of the season overall: Sam and Dean have proven themselves as heroes, certainly to everyone around them. So whether it’s Cas or Crowley or Mary or Mick until his unfortunate demise or anyone else in our story, these are people who realize Sam and Dean’s importance. Sam and Dean have always been willing to sacrifice for each other. Now we’re seeing a lot of people around them that are willing to sacrifice for Sam and Dean, and it’s really about building a sense of community.

So from Cas’ point of view, everything he’s been doing has been for Sam and Dean. When he comes back in, that will be made pretty clear, and then the question is: Where does he go from there? Once he comes back in, he’s going after Kelly. Once he comes into contact with her [and] her kid, a lot of his misconceptions may fall away. A big part of his time in Heaven has been gathering information, but not reorienting his thinking to the point where he’s against Sam and Dean or anything like that. It’s more like having moments of clarity in terms of why he’s doing this and the price he, personally, is willing to pay to keep Sam and Dean alive or to keep them from experiencing pain.

Chasing Empty Spaces

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/10

Words: 6,403/100k (roughly)


The year is 1934 and Harry Styles was to inherent the largest tobacco firm in the south. His parents have picked out the “perfect” girl for him to marry and he has the privilege of receiving the highest education possible. The problem was, Harry hadn’t realized he didn’t actually want any part of that future until he met a mechanic named, Louis Tomlinson. 

“Whoa there, Stud. Don’t want the missus to find out?”

“Not even close,” Harry laughed as he turned back to the mirror and continued to rub the irritated skin. “Got set up on a date and she’s a bit, um, different.”

“Don’t think she’ll like it much if you scrub all that off,” The other man leisurely shrugged.

As the lipstick continued to spread over his skin, Harry whined, “Seeing as how I’m supposed to be on stage soon, that’s the least of my worries.“

He gently scoffed, “Performer, huh?”

Harry glanced over and saw the man take his bandana off with a smirk. He ran the material under the running faucet and put a dollop of soap on it. Turning to face Harry, he expectantly held out the bandana.

“Take it,” He pushed the material closer to Harry. “It’ll work better than whateva you were gonna do.”

“You sure?” Harry hesitantly asked, looking between the soapy bandana and the man’s face.

He rolled his eyes and laughed, “I’d hope so since I already did it. Just take it.”

“Thanks,” Harry mumbled and he took the bandana, turning back forwards to wash off the remainder of the lipstick.

“Good luck out there,” The man drawled as he walked towards the door.

“Wait, I still have your –” Harry started, but was cut off.

“Keep it,” He looked over his shoulder at Harry and flashed him a quick smile. “Seems like you’ll need it more than me, Stud.”

Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 2)

Summary: This is the simple, straight-forward tale of how Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s true identity and how he dealt with it.

He dealt with it expertly like the heroic cat he was and definitely didn’t mess anything up.

Nope, he didn’t mess anything up at all. 

Part 1 || Ao3 Link

yells into the sun “help i don’t know what i’m doing!”

Chapter 2: The Day After Chat Noir Found Out

“Plagg, what should I do?”

Adrien was hysterical. It was only fifteen minutes before he has to be driven to school. He was going to see her and he wasn’t ready and he didn’t know what to do.

Last night was a complete blur, and it was a surprise he even remembered he just discovered Ladybug’s civilian identity. Actually, no, that was the only thing he remembered. What happened the rest of yesterday was a complete mystery to him.

To add to the mystery, that very morning he woke up—he didn’t remember falling asleep either—the first thing Plagg did was not ask for cheese, but to gently remind him that his name was Adrien Agreste. He couldn’t fathom why. At the back of his head, he vaguely remembered a lot of Marinettes, but it couldn’t have been so bad that he’d forgotten his own name, right?


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Who Is He? | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Jealous!Zach
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hey guys! I really missed writing about Jealous!Zach so I had to bring him back even for just a short one-shot. A couple of people also requested for a Jealous!Zach imagine and I thought now was the perfect time since it’s been a week since I’ve started this blog! Happy week-sary to me haha! Anyway, enjoy this cute little write-up starring Jealous!Zach and a special participation from Clay Jensen. LOL.


“I could get used to this.”

“So could I.”

I reply as Zach and I laid together on the leather sofa in his living room. He laid on the sofa with his legs spread out and his back leaning comfortably on the armrest. I was on top of him, my head resting on his firm chest with my arms wrapped around his waist. I placed my ear where his heart was, I could hear it beating every second or so and the sound of his beating heart calmed my head and pulled the corners of my lips upwards. His arms were wrapped around me, almost like a warm blanket and his chin rested on the crown of my head. We just sat there in silence, although it was very comfortable and calming.

It’s only been a couple of months since we had officially started dating but for some reason it’s almost like we’ve known each other for more than that. We’re very comfortable with each other, and we already know each other quite well if I do say so myself. But of course, like any other relationship, ours wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

It was times like this when I didn’t mind him always being busy with school, or basketball for that matter. He has to do well so that he can get a scholarship in his chosen university. He was busy, he was always either at the school courts practicing or in different states battling it out with other high schools, and I understood, seeing as he is the captain of the Liberty High basketball team, and he is their most valuable player. It’s his dream along with becoming a marine biologist, and who am I to get in the way of his dream. I’ll always be there for him, to support him, to help him, to encourage him whenever he feels down but I missed times like this, if I’m being honest, and these were the days where I could be selfish around him. What meant the most is that I still get to spend times like this with no one else, but him. He was mine, only mine, and I was his, only his.

“I really missed you.” I look up to face him.

“What? Babe you see me in school almost everyday.” he replies with a chuckle.

“Yes I do see you but I don’t get to actually spend much time with you since you’re always so busy.” I answer with a pout.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You know I have to do well to get a scholarship.” he says as he strokes my hair gently.

“Of course I understand Zach. We’ll just have to spend times like this wisely because we rarely get to be together like this. So what exactly do you want to do today? Do you have anything in mind?” I ask him. Just as Zach was about to reply, my phone which was resting on top of the coffee table, lit up. A person’s name came up on the screen and I got up immediately to answer it.


“I’m good, I missed you! How ‘bout you? How are you doing?”

“Uhm, nothing much I’m just with Zach right now.”

“Sure! Sure! He’ll understand. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

“Alright, yup, i’ll see you soon Helmet!”

I smile as I take the phone to my chest and run to Zach’s bathroom. As I freshened up, I can feel heavy footsteps coming closer to the bathroom door. A few seconds later, as I turn around, I see Zach’s tall figure leaning against the doorframe.

“Who was that?” he asks with his arms crossed infront of his chest.

“My helmet.” I reply without looking at him as I hurriedly tried to brush my teeth.

“What did he or she need?” he asks.

He wanted to see me.” I answer as I got out of the bathroom.

“Why did he want to see you?” he asks once again.

“Because we miss each other?” I reply with a smile and my eyebrows raised.

“Where are you meeting each other?” Zach continues to ask.

“The coffee shop down the road.” I say as I put my jacket on and take my purse with me.

“I’ll go now baby, I’ll be back soon I promise.” I continue as I quickly give him a kiss on his cheek.

I run out of Zach’s house and walk my way to the coffee shop. As soon as I saw the wooden sign of the cafe, I went in immediately with a huge smile on my face. And there he was! He sat at the seats near the glass window in front of the coffee shop with a navy blue hoodie on; a pair of headphones hanging on his neck.

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Just let me hold you

So I had a dream yesterday about having to warm a very grumpy Ivar while we were visiting something that looked like a combination of a cabin and a treehouse. After some encouragement from my sister wives in the heathen army, I decided to write something about it. Enjoy!

Modern au

Ivar x reader

Angst and fluff, body image issues


Älskling - love / darling / dear

Skitstövlarna - (these) arseholes / douchebags / scumbags

Min Ivar, min älskling - my Ivar, my love

(this is the look he gave me when I finally came back with the extra blankets)

Originally posted by smiletotheshadow

“I hate it here.” Ivar mutters while you shut the door.

“I know, älskling, but they are my family and they wanted to meet my boyfriend.” You stand behind him and reach a hand out to rub his lower back. He twitches and lets out a hiss, making you back off. You let your hand fall back to your side and watch as Ivar struggles to make his way through the small room.

“I’m not blind you know, I see the way they stare.” He mutters while sinking down on the bed, discarding his crutches.

“I’m sorry. But I promise that we will go home as soon as possible tomorrow.”

“You’re damn right we are. I’m not staying in this shithole with skitstövlarna a second longer than what is absolutely necessary.”

“Ivar, please don’t call it a shi…”

“What? I can’t be honest now.” He snaps “This little summerhouse is a shithole, inhabited by shit people and you know it.” Ivar’s reddened and chafed fingers stumble with the zipper on his hoodie. Turning away from him so that he won’t see your face, you begin to change into pj’s. Once you’re done you see that Ivar has already curled up under the covers, facing the wall. You lie down next to him and take a deep breath, deciding to make a new attempt at reaching out. He tenses up at the feeling of you nuzzling against his shoulder through the black t-shirt.

“Ivar…” You begin but he cuts you off with a harsh voice.

“Let’s just go to sleep.” You shrink back from him and curl up in defeat.

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sleeping devastatingly handsome

They can’t figure out this fucking curse. Cas is still as a corpse but still breathing, heart still beating, limbs still warm to the touch, but he won’t wake up no matter what they do.

“Fuck this,” Dean says for the upteenth time, shoving another book with another worthless antidote away.

“We’ll find it,” Sam says, turning pages quickly as he scans for more options.

Instead of continuing what feels like a fruitless needle-in-haystack search, Dean stomps off to Cas’s room. Cas looks just like he did last time Dean was in there, laid out flat on his back with his chest rising and falling slowly. He looks peaceful, like he could be dreaming about something other than the hell-hole he’s found himself trapped in on earth.

“Cas, buddy,” Dean says, flopping in a chair next to the bed. “We’re not finding anything. But I’m going to get you out of this, ok?”

He doesn’t expect Cas to respond, but he sits there in silence for awhile anyway, just staring at the wall above Cas’s inert body.

Every day since Cas went under, Dean has been coming to the room to talk to him. He’s not actually sure if he hopes Cas can hear or not, because he’s been saying the kind of shit he would never say if Cas were conscious, speaking quietly between them like the walls have ears. (They might; Sam is always lurking around waiting for Dean to have a moment of Feelings that he can take advantage of.)

“I hope you’re ok in there,” Dean says, leaning forward in the chair, elbows on his knees. “I, um. We miss having you around.”

Dean drops his head into his hands, scrubs his hands through his hair. “You’re part of us, you know? Team Free Will, remember? I can’t – we can’t – do this without you.”

Next time Dean visits Cas, he is disastrously drunk, went through most of a fifth of Jack on an empty stomach while everyone else keeps researching.

“I’m the shittiest guy,” Dean says to Cas. “I’m the shittiest fucking friend you could ever have, Cas. We’re gonna figure this out, and then you gotta leave, ok? You think you love me, but it’s just cuz you don’t know anyone else. Someone else will be better for you. Wouldn’t let this happen in the first place.”

Dean reaches out and touches Cas’s hand, his slender fingers. This vessel never gets gun and shovel callouses like the one covering Dean’s hands. And because Dean is drunk, he does something he’s only done in life-or-death situations before, touching Cas’s face, just the back of his knuckles brushing down Cas’s cheek. He kind of expects the skin to be clammy, but it’s not; it’s rough with stubble that’s not any longer than it was the day Cas went under but soft and warm underneath. “Cas,” Dean says quietly, voice breaking. “Need you, man.”

And because Dean is drunk, he leans further forward and brushes his lips over the place his hand just touched, just a barely-there caress of Cas’s cheek.

Dean is half turned towards the door, heading out, when Cas says, “Dean.”

Dean turns in a flash. “Fucking hell – Cas!”

Cas sits up and gives Dean a smile far too wide for someone who’s been comatose for months, but Dean falls into it like he always does.

“You – how – ?”

“You kissed me,” Cas says, touching his cheek like he can still feel the ghost of Dean’s mouth.

“I’m really fucking drunk, I’m sorry, it didn’t mean –”

“It’s a Sleeping Beauty curse, Dean,” Cas says.

Dean gulps. He can guess what Cas is going to say next.

“True love’s kiss,” Cas says, “is the only way to disable the curse.”

“Let’s take a picnic out to the park when you get home today,” Dean murmured when Cas’s alarm went off. “I’ll make everything, just come home and change, ok?”

Cas burrowed back into Dean’s naked warmth. “Can’t I just call out?”

“I still gotta open the store,” Dean said ruefully, “or I’d be all over that.”


“Yeah, bummer. C’mon, babe, get up. You’re gonna be late.” Dean tickled his hip under the covers before reaching around for a shameless grope.

“Oh, right. Now I really want to get up and go to work,“ Cas said sarcastically.

“But you’re awake now, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.” He pulled himself out of bed, turning back to look at Dean. “Time to redye your hair. It’s looking less voodoo blue and more bad-do blue.”

Dean barked a laugh. “Ok, I’ll fix it. Promise. Go to work!”

Cas grumbled all the way to the bathroom but was smiling when Dean kissed him goodbye.

Work went quickly, at least, and he hurried home to change out of his suit and into more comfortable clothes. Dean appeared with freshly dyed hair as he was putting on his sneakers, and they headed to the park.

“The Impala is looking extra shiny today,” Cas remarked, admiring the way the sun reflected on her glossy black paint.

“It’s her birthday. Gotta have my baby looking her best!”

“So she’s fifty today?”

“Yup!” Dean grinned. “She’s a hot old girl, huh?”


Dean parked close to the grassy area of the park away from the swings and playgrounds. He and Cas laid out a blanket and enjoyed the feast Dean had prepared - fried chicken, mac salad, deviled eggs, Caesar salad, and of course, pie - and admired the Impala.

As they finished the food, Dean reached across the blanket and took Cas’s hand. “I know I say this a lot, but I am so grateful for you. I wouldn’t have half this good stuff in my life if -” Dean’s voice broke and he blinked rapidly in the light of the setting sun. "I wouldn’t have her,” he whispered.

“You make it all worth it,” Cas told him, squeezing his hand. “All of it.”

He leaned in for a kiss, enjoying the taste of cherry pie on his husband’s lips. When they pulled apart, Dean stared at him for a bit, a familiar expression of wonder in his pretty green eyes.

Cas shifted until he was leaning up against Dean and laid his head on his shoulder. “Happy birthday, Baby,” he smiled at the car.

“Yeah. Happy birthday, girl.”

You Weren’t

So it’s a Thomas JeffyJeff x reader and they’re engaged. But then Thomas cheats on the reader and he tells her, then the girl is like I’m pregnant (But she’s actually not) and so Thomas says that he can’t ruin his reputation by not assisting her so he leaves the reader, but the reader was going to tell him she was pregnant, so her bud James Madison helps her and stuff and when Thomas finds out the girl was lying he runs back to the reader and she’s mad and so is James (it’s platonic).

“You fucking what?” you asked in disbelief, not wanting to believe what you were hearing.

The man in front of you grimaced, his eyes sorrowful. You didn’t know why, it was his fault that this was happening in the first place. He made his choice.

He cheated on you, and got a girl pregnant. Now he was leaving you.

“I cannot believe you,” you said, turning away from your fiance.

Thomas Jefferson, now the biggest dickhead that you had ever met.

You cleared your thoughts and started fresh.

Number 1: Thomas had cheated on you about three months ago.

Number 2: He hadn’t said anything, he kissed you, hugged you and went on with you until now.

Number 3: He was going to be a father soon. He got this girl pregnant.

Number 4: He was trying to save his reputation and was going to marry this girl instead of you.

Number 5: Your heart was broken and now you didn’t know what you were going to do.

“I’m leaving,” you said, grabbing your bad and keys, heading towards the door. “I’ll get my stuff later.”

“It’s for the best,” Thomas replied, his back to you.

You looked at him, a few tears slipping down your face. You turned away from him again, opening the door and leaving, slamming it as you left.

You got into your car and pulled away, taking out your phone as you drove.

“James?” you said into the phone. “I need someone to talk to, can I come over?”


“Will you help me?” you sobbed as your best friend James sat across from you in his kitchen. He was looking at you, many emotions crossing his face all at once.

“You’re pregnant.”

It was true. You were pregnant with Thomas’s child. And he had left you for another pregnant girl, before you even got the chance to tell him.

What were you supposed to do now?

“Yes,” you replied to him numbly.

There was a child growing inside you.

“Of course I’ll help you,” James said. “I’m not going to leave you like this, I promise. We’ll get through this together.”


2 months later


Thomas POV:

“Get out.”

The girl stared at him in tears.


“I SAID GET OUT!” he screamed loudly. The girl sobbed and tore away from his house.

She had lied to try and keep him for herself.

He had lost a girl that he truly loved. He hadn’t even seen her in two months since she came to pick up her stuff.

It was all his fault in the first place. If he hadn’t cheated she would still be here with him, they would still be getting married.

‘I need to go and find her. I need her back.’


The tension in the air was thick.

Thomas sat on one side of the table, while you and James sat on the other side. You had one hand on your enlarged stomach.

You were glaring at him, James was sitting with quiet anger.

This wasn’t going to end well.

“Why are you here Thomas?” you questioned.

“To get you back,” he said. You snorted. “I want to be in our child’s life, I want to go back to where we were. I want us to have a family.”

“Why don’t you go have a family with that other girl you cheated on me with?” you asked angrily.

He looked away.

“She faked the pregnancy,” he mumbled.

You laughed, loudly and bitterly.

Both of the boys looked at you uneasily. James squeezed your hand gently.

“I’m sorry Thomas, you can see the child once and awhile, but there is absolutely no way in hell that I am going to get back together with you. You trashed my heart, left me for dirt all because of your precious reputation,” you snarled.

He flinched.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care. Get out.”


“She said leave Thomas,” James said softly.

Thomas gaped at him in anger.

“What do you have to do in this?” he asked.

“James has been there for me when you weren’t. He’s been there through all my doctor appointments, when you weren’t. He was there, you weren’t. In my mind, he’s more of the father than you are.”

You and Thomas stared at each other, neither one letting go.

“Leave Thomas. You’ve lost.”

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Cheated, Mikey Pearce Fluff

-Mikey comforts you when you get bad news-


You were walking freely around Mikey’s living room, surrounded by all of the guys. You reach for a shot glass and Mikey laughs at you.

“You’ve had a bit too much to drink love” Mikey says pulling the glass away from you.

You give him a light glare and you didn’t have to say anything because you were interrupted by a couple voices.

“Let her have funnnn” Conor and Jack whine, in sync. They look at each other in shock and then continue on making jokes to each other that no one understood.

You had all been drinking that night as it was your birthday and you were a bit upset because your current boyfriend was no where to be found. He wasn’t one of the guys, he was just someone you met on vacation once and it turned out he lived in London.

With Conor and Jack backing you up, you reach for the shot glass and pour yourself a shot. When you take it you make a disgusted face and the boys cheer you on, except Mikey.

“What’s wrong babes?” you ask pouting down at Mikey.

“You’re only getting drunk cause he’s not here” Mikey says rolling his eyes, “you aren’t having fun”.

You sigh at Mikey and reassure him you are having fun with him and the boys.

“Y/N wanna grab some ice?” Caspar asks you kindly.

You walk away to the kitchen which was open to the living room and your phone goes off. You left it on the coffee table and all of the boys point at it when you turn around.

“Who is it?” you ask. They all shout your boyfriends name and you groan. “Put him on speaker”.

Some boy from the room answers and puts him on speaker.

‘Ayyyyyyye bbaaabyyy’ there was a slight pause and you could already tell that he was drunk without you on your birthday; you respond shortly and turn back to grab the ice. ‘I got something to tell yaaa’. When you walk back into the living room you hand the ice to Caspar and you get your boyfriend to carry on. Before he did you heard a light female voice asking him something in the back ground.

“Who is that?” you ask, the boys around you staring at you with confused looks; Mikey putting his hand on your shoulder from behind.

‘I cheated on ya and i don’t fucking regret it mann’, your face drops and you grab your phone quickly to turn it off speaker. Your eyes begin to water as you press the phone up against your ear. You walk away, pushing Mikey off of you and head for the bathroom.

You were there for a few minutes fighting with your now ex boyfriend about everything on your chest. He cheated, he wasn’t around for your birthday and past experiences with him.

When you leave the bathroom your face was red from tears and you walk to the living room to see the boys all staring at you. You could tell they heard the majority of everything and it made you hate them for a brief second. You walk angrily towards the table and pour yourself a shot. Wiping away tears right after.

“Y/N?” you look in the direction of the voice and see Mikey looking at you, more concerned than you had ever seen him before.

“Im sorry” you say shakily, looking at all of the boys individually before you walk towards the front door grabbing your purse.

“Y/N, you can’t drive” Mikey yells towards you, standing up just incase you decided on walking out the door.

“Fuck” you exclaim and put your purse back down. You stand still for a minute breathing heavily while avoiding eye contact with the quiet boys.

“You can stay here” Mikey offers, “at least until you are safe enough to drive”.

You give Mikey a small smile and nod at him, quietly walking back to join him on the couch. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you in to lean on him. After a few minutes of silence, the boys begin talking again about anything going on in their lives. Mikey stayed silent to kiss you on the head, playing with your hair lightly. You cant help yourself and fall asleep in Mikey’s comfort.

You must’ve slept really well because you were awoken by Mikey lightly pushing a door open with his foot. He was carrying you through a doorway and you flutter your eyes open just enough to see that it was a bedroom. He places you down on the bed and then tucks you under the blankets, kissing your head when he was done. He sits down next to you and you stay silent hoping that he wouldn’t realize you were awake.

Under his breath he sighs, “Y/N, you deserve so much better”. He brushes your hand, which was out of the blankets, lightly with his. He gets up and begins to walk out of the bedroom.

“Mikey…stay” you say desperately, surprised at how much you wanted him to comfort you.

He turns around surprised to see you awake and then quickly smiles.

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep” Mikey says returning back to his spot on the bed.

“Longer” you mumble through a yawn and he laughs.

“Only because I care about you”.


My dnd character who I never uploaded fsr and her lil asshole son
She was a trope wine mom until he got snatched by some human trafficers. Then she hit the fucking gym and is now out to get him the hell back because he loves him a lot

Doughnuts (Drabble Challenge)

38. “Why can’t you appreciate my sense of humour?” + Sehun

You had been planning this day for ages, carefully arranging the details of your day out with Sehun for the day after he got back from his travels. It was supposed to be perfect, just the two of you. But here you were, walking through the night market surrounded by the beagle line, who had invited themselves once Sehun spilled about your plans.

You sighed when Baekhyun and Chanyeol forced everyone to stop at a doughnut stand.

‘We’re still going for dinner!’ you tried to mention, but your small voice was drowned out in all the chaos around you. You sighed loudly.

Sehun chuckled, folding an arm around you and placing a chaste kiss on your temple.

Five minutes later, Chanyeol came up beside you, offering you half of his bright pink iced doughnut. It was covered in white sprinkles, too pretty to turn down. He beamed at you as you accepted it.

Baekhyun hummed as he filled his face with cinnamon doughtnut holes.

‘How’s that?’ Chanyeol asked as you took a bite.

You smiled and nodded, your mouth full.

‘Really?’ Sehun said. ‘Y/N-ah, the only dough-nuts you should be holding are mine!’

He guffawed and paused with a cheesy grin on his face, waiting for the laughter from his elders. Instead, they just stared at him blankly. You elbowed him in the side. The expression on his face quickly faded.

‘Yah, why can’t you appreciate my sense of humour?’ he huffed dramatically.

You found the last remark funnier than anything else he had said, and, with the worst timing in the world, you laughed.

Sehun was offended. He crossed his arms and stomped off to the front of the group, as if he didn’t want to be seen with you.

‘Yah, Sehunnie, come back!’ you tried to say through the fits of laughter. ‘You’re funny, I promise!’

You sighed as your laughter died down. You had a lot of sucking up to do later.

Toy Guns

Sam Winchester x Reader

Requested by @bradygabrielle-blog from the drabble prompt list. Requested #68:  “He’s four years old!!”

HERE is the list of drabble prompts. If you want to request one, just ask!

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Ten years ago you would have never thought you would be where you are now. It had never been something you had even thought to dream about, ever imagined would happen to you.

Yet, here you were  in your own house, miles away from the bunker. Sitting on your couch as you watched your husband play with your little boy. It was amazing, seeing how happy the three of you were, especially when you had never expected to live long enough to become a Mother.

“Mom, look!” Your little boy exclaimed as he held out a package his dad, Sam had brought back from his latest hunting trip. The hunting trips were getting fewer and farther in between, with the responsibilities of being a Dad making him second guess things. “Can I open it?”

“Ask your Dad.” You chuckled, watching as your shaggy haired boy who already looked so much like his father turned to the man in question.

“Can I Daddy? Please?” He begged, and Sam nodded.

Ripping through the paper, your son John started jumping up and down when he noticed what was in the package. “A gun!” He exclaimed, holding out a realistic looking play gun.

“Sam!” You exclaimed, surprised that he bought the gun for your son. “He’s four years old!!”

“I know!” Sam argued. “It wasn’t even my gift. It’s from Uncle Dean. He figured John would need to learn how to hold a gun someday, and boys love toy guns.”

Sighing, you knew it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Boys played with things like that all the time. It just reminded you of the life you didn’t want for your son, at all.

Coming over, Sam wrapped his arms around you. “Even with the gun, that doesn’t mean he will get into the life of a hunter. It’s just a toy. It will be okay.” He assured you, and you nodded.

Pressing your head to Sam’s chest, you relished the feeling of being held in his comforting embrace. “It was just a reaction. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. With our lives a gun has never been a toy. Even when we were kids. But I want that for him. And the one on the way.” He said, pressing his hand to your swollen belly.

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Okay okay okay so basically…

Bruce Wayne gets screwed over by the Wayne Enterprises board, and loses everything he has. His children come together to get back at the people who fucked over their dad, and afterwards realize that they can put their skills to use by helping other people who have been screwed over.

Duke is the mastermind, planning out the cons, coordinating his siblings and occasionally playing a direct role in his own plans.

Jason is the grifter, manipulating the marks and infiltrating their groups. If things go sour, he can always fight his way out.

Tim is the hacker, usually hanging back and dealing with things from afar. Without him, the family is blind and unable to communicate.

Dick is the thief. He slips in where nobody can see him and takes whatever they need, escaping before anyone knew he was there.

Cassandra is the hitter. Nobody can take her in a fight, and she knows it. Whenever there’s security to deal with, she’s the one to handle it.

Damian and Bruce hang back from afar, occasionally lending a hand when they’re needed, but mostly just covering for their family.

Plus Babs, Harper, Steph and anyone else making guest appearances to help out.

You Never Listen to Me

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you had just listened,” Barry scolded me. I sighed, wincing at the pain in my head from the massive hangover I was having. “Yeah yeah but you should know by now that I almost never listen to you,” I whispered back. Barry’s lips were pursed as he handed me another bottle of water. I downed the whole bottle almost instantly and closed my eyes, relishing in the feeling of cold water down my throat. “I’m sorry,” I told him. He only smile and nodded his head slowly as he turned on his heel and walked out of the lab I laid back down on the bed and listened to the sound of the birds chirping outside and the whirring of multiple machines. Sometimes I have find myself wondering why I got this job only to remember that I’m a scientist and this is what I do. But, now that I’m also a metahuman I have a whole new list of reasons why I’m here in this moment. Barry flashes through my mind and I can already feel my face heat up. Damn it, why am I like this? The oh so familiar whooshing sound signaled that Barry was back from wherever he went. “Welcome back,” I groaned in his direction. A chuckle left his lips as he set yet another bottle of water and some soup on the table next to me. “Aren’t you glad to have a boyfriend like me?” He teased, taking a seat at the edge of the bed. “Yeah, especially because of your super speed,” you retorted. He let out a fake gasp and put a hand on his heart, “that’s the only reason you keep me around (y/n) I am wounded.” A smile was present on your face as you scooted over to give him some room to lay next to you. Barry laid down and pulled you into his arms and snuggled his face into your neck. “Next time, lay off the alcohol,” he mumbled. You simply nodded and closed your eyes, falling asleep next to your boyfriend.

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The Bates Motel Series finale was everything I could have ever hoped for and more.

Unfortunately… my television reception was not. I missed the last couple minutes; the last thing I saw was what I’m assuming was a close up of Emma holding Katie’s hand. I’m so emotional right now idk if I even wanna talk. It was just… perfect. Perfect fuckin’ finale. Perfect goodbye. True as ever to all characters. Perfect.

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Little snippets for the Nyx as bird lover/owner AU

  • There comes a time in Nyx’s life when he thought he lost Libertus. He just turns his back for a min and suddenly he’s gone. Not even a sign of him taking off
    • Nyx freaks out and scrambles around the house for all the possible places and crevices that Libs may be hiding until he remembers he left his bedroom window open
    • “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” Nyx sticks his head out the window and calls out his name. Nothing. And whistling doesn’t work. He runs downstairs and starts to head out. “I’ll be right back guys! Luche, don’t give me that-” [alarm blares] “Whatever! Hold the fort, Tredd!”

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