but he's never going to give me my cds back or try to get his movies back

Positive Vibes (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you do something for Bucky that brightens his bad day. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,923

A/N: An anon requested “reader does something spontaneous and romantic for Bucky that she doesn’t even think of as romantic! And he is just floored by her thoughtfulness.“ This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”. Here’s a track list for the CD mentioned in this part. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you for existing and being my very best friend/editor

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You’re stuck in the middle of a heated debate between Bruce and Helen Cho about gamma radiation when Steve walks by. He scans the dining hall, letting his gaze fall from one table to the next, before balancing his tray in one hand so he can rub his forehead. As he does, he discreetly scans the room for a second time, reminding you of a lost child desperately seeking out his mother.

"Steve!” You call out, making sure your voice is loud enough to be heard over all the chatter. He turns around immediately, a relieved grin overtaking his features as he walks towards you.  

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In Your Head - Part 4

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,129

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

….“I’m going to kill him…”.

Jughead sprung up after uttering the words and made his way out of the library.
“Jughead!”, you screamed after him.

Jughead paused in front of Betty with such a stern look, Kevin looked in awe and in fear from the kitchen. “Where is he?!” You had never heard Jughead really shout before, not out of anger at least.

Abruptly answering while looking at you, “He left after you knocked him down” Betty answered.

“Jughead!”, you tried calling to his attention again.

Archie and Veronica had joined in the kitchen by now, still trying to determine what had happened outside.

“I need your keys!”, Jughead pushed out his hand giving a look to Archie that practically scared the ginger out of his own pale skin.

“Maybe we should go…” Veronica interjected grabbing Kevin’s elbow.

“Forsythe!” You finally caught his attention along with the rest of the kitchen.

Veronica sat back down on her stool, “Never mind….” while amazed at what name just came out of your mouth that commanded Jughead’s attention.

He paused, looked at you, and within a split second his whole face softened.
While moving his eyes to his feet, “Sorry”, he mumbled.

“Can we just get out of here?”, you walked up to him and reached for his hand.

Archie looked at you once again reaching for his keys out of his pocket, you stopped him. “No, that’s alright, we’re walking”. Archie gave a reassuring smile.

“Can I get my stuff at your place?”, you turned back to Veronica.

“Okay, but we’re talking about ALL of this later”. You gave a nod in answer. 

“Do you want us to come with you”? Betty had interjected, knowing more what was going on than anyone else in the group.

You shook your head while giving a reassuring smile.
“There’s a key to the front under the smallest potted plant”.Veronica looked back at Kevin who still seemed astonished by the use of the name Forsythe.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow, and have a good rest of your night, okay?”, you looked to everyone’s eyes and they either let out an agreement or a nod.
While still holding Jughead’s hand, you led him out the front door.

He was quiet for a few minutes until you broke the silence. “Sorry for using a name you loathe back there”.

“It’s okay, it was warranted”. Still holding your hand he was looking at his feet while mustering up his next second statement. “I want to kill him”.

“Part of me still does too”, you confessed.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N?” He finally looked to you with his silver blue eyes.

“I was scared, for lots of reasons. For one, THAT reaction”. One thing you shared with Jughead was a similar exaggeration to certain words in your speech. “Another…before Betty today, only my therapist has known”.

“You’ve been seeing someone then? About this?” While a little surprised he understood why.

“Not just for that reason, but yes. Before you, even before everything with Chuck last year, I’ve had a lot of issues. I mean mostly my life just being that, but none of it exactly typical….“ Your words once again, started to fade from you. 

You made it to the front of Veronica’s house. Found the key and opened the door to the very large home. You walked with Jughead to Veronica’s room, looking for your bag and the rest of your stuff you had laying around. You opened your bag and saw your pill bottle. You knew you were finally going to tell him everything. As nervous as you were, you just threw everything in your bag, unconsciously sighing. “Come on”. You grabbed his hand again, and with a determined look you made your way to Archie’s house. 

He waited a few minutes before stopping you on your rather fast paced walk. “I know I’ve asked this a lot today, but are you okay?”. He grasped a side of your face with his palm. 

 “Yeah I’ll be alright, I just want to get to your place”. 

He gave a surprised look. One as to calling it his place as he still very much saw it as Archie’s. Two, he retorted vocally, “I thought I was walking you to your house?”. 

 “No, I don’t feel like being there tonight. I want to be with you. I need to talk to you about all of this and it’s probably time”. You said it more determined than intentioned. 

 He could tell you were getting nervous. “If you don’t want to tell me, Y/N, that’s okay. There’s not any pressure of me putting any of this on you". 

 “No. Ever since you told me about your parents a few weeks ago, what happened with your dad and everything, I’ve wanted to tell you. It’s kind of a lot I know in one night, but I need to get this out and there is no where safer than when I’m with you. I know that”. You hadn’t ever told him before of what being around him truly meant to you. 

 He gave that great smile again. He pulled you in to hug you first before laying on a very heavy kiss. This time it was his turn to say it, “come on”.

 You had made it to his house and he unlocked the door. Fred was out of town for the weekend and Archie probably knew better than to be back yet and it being only 10, it seemed plausible he wouldn’t be back until Valerie and the Pussycat’s were done playing at Cheryl’s. He led you to his room. 

You had been in the kitchen and living room a few times whether it be to watch a movie or to make Jughead and Archie something that couldn’t be found at Pop’s. And while he had been there a little over a month, you still hadn’t seen the upstairs. While being present in the moment that Jughead had punched out Chuck had sobered you, you were still a little tipsy and took every step carefully.

 You entered into his room. He didn’t have much around, but you could tell what posters were his as well as stash of cds and old records. You looked to the right side of the room and saw a bookshelf, practically filled to the fullest like your own. And on one of the shelves was a stack of books you yourself had let him borrow. One’s with new pages cornered. You smiled, seeing how whenever you usually saw Jughead in his free time, he was on his laptop writing versus reading something you gave him. “You read them all huh?”. You turned to him with a smile.

 “Of course. I already loved reading, you just enhanced the genres”. He gave a loving smile while leading you to the bed to sit down.

 1….2…..3…..you opened your bag while saying the first thing you wanted to tell him. “Well here’s one thing”. You gave him the pill bottle. 

 “What’s are these for?”. He was reading all of the label now. 

4…5…6… “I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression and I’ve been on them since this”. You took off your cardigan, while you could tell he was mentally noting that he had never really seen your bare arms before. You yourself had almost forgotten you were in a full crop top from Veronica. He touched your somewhat healed scars from years back, one a bit more recently than the others. 

You went into the story of that one. How after last year, after Chuck, you didn’t feel like you belonged anywhere. That you had honestly never really fit anywhere. About the breakdown you had, how long you were in the hospital for and then you went into your family. 

How your mother didn’t really understand the point of “mental health”, and while she gave a good fake face to those who didn’t know her - that sometimes the worst monsters, were those found at home. You went into how she acted mentally, in and out of anger spells. And how when it was really bad, there was more than just emotional abuse. You went into why your confidence as a person was so down, and how it always started with her. Never thin enough, never smart enough and never pretty enough. You said all this while looking away until then end when you turned your body and moved your hair to probably the worse thing your mother had ever done to you physically. And on the side of your shoulder, you showed the burn marks. Still somewhat heavy in skin healing over as you could still easily feel the raised scars. You turned and explained that while it had been years since that one, that it came from the time you last told someone what it was like at home. 7th grade when you had told a teacher. But with your parents facade on the outside, no one had really bothered to believe you. You finally looked back to Jughead’s eyes. He locked his eyes on to your back. 

Before, when you had told him about Chuck, he was heavily angered while feeling something horrible for you. And while he had experienced a more than less perfect parent, and had some instances with his father of his own, he hadn’t expected this. 

 “I’m sorry it’s a lot. I know, we haven’t been dating that long. Heck, you’ve only known me for about 6 months…but with everything else that happened tonight, I needed to tell you everything. I couldn’t lie to you about all of this anymore…”. You looked away from his face, ashamed of your life’s scars. 

 His concerned face was brought back. “How long since the last time she….”. 

You cut him off, knowing that this would be a question. “Once in the last 9 months. Around my birthday, she’s never really okay around any holiday”, your mind thought back to certain instances in your life. “She found out she has a severe heart disease and since the amount of medications they put her on, she’s been better. Still distant as a parent…but better to us at least”. 

 “Your brother..?” 

You cut him off again “Yeah, but I always tried to make sure if something was happening, she’d focus on me instead. I’m easier for her to get at…”. You paused again and started hearing your mother’s voice and what she would scream at you. 

 Instead of if you were okay or going out to now “kill” your mother, Jughead looked at you again. Holding your hands with tears in his eyes. “Is there anything I can do?”. 

 “My mother wise, no. My Dad stays away from it himself, he leaves on “business trips” a lot. And again, she’s been better. As for me…you could just hold me”. 

 “I can do that, but first I need to tell you something”. You looked at him with questionable eyes as he put his hands around your hips. “You are the most caring, intelligent and most beautiful woman I have ever met and will probably know in my lifetime. You are more and deserve more than what you have been handed. You are amazing, and I plan to show you that whenever I can”. He grabbed the side of your face again and brought your mouth into his. He stopped to realize you were crying again and lifted his head looking into your eyes making sure you were okay. 

 You smiled and gave a small laugh while wiping your tears. “It’s okay, they’re happy tears”. You brought him back to your lips while moving his body back to the bed. You held him by his neck kissing him deeply. You really hadn’t felt like anyone in your life was home before. Not before him. Your body was on top of his now. Your legs over his. You kissed him harder and a little faster.  He could feel the tension in your body, it wanting more. He paused and pulled your head from his. 

“We don’t have to do this now. I love you Y/N, without all of this”, he motioned his head down to both of your bodies. It was the first time he said those words yet you had thought about saying them 20 times by now, 5 times in instances just that day. 

 “I love you too. And I want this. I have a connection to you more than anyone else and”, you paused as you were a bit nervous “I want to show you how much you mean to me”. 

 He smiled, “I already know how much”. 

 You gave a gleeful smile back, “but now I want to show you”.

Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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Nothing in common.

Can you please do a Daryl x Reader imagine? They’ve been close friends since the beginning but once they get to Alexandria they start falling apart. They find out that they have nothing in common (he like rock/she likes hiphop, he likes horror/she likes comedy etc.) and that she has more in common with Spencer who she starts getting close to. This makes Daryl really jealous and protective of her and maybe it ends in smut if you’re down for it? I love this blog :)

It’s smut, and I don’t know why it turned out super long, but I hope you like it! 💕

Daryl has been your friend since the beginning, you became close when you thought you had a lot in common: two strong people who always tried to ensure the group’s safety even if they often preferred to be alone, but once you arrived to the new community, you realised that that was pretty much all you had in common.

They gave you two houses, and being the cautious, suspicious people you are, Daryl and you went inside before anyone else to examine them.

You open one of the drawers under the television and find a collection of DVDs.

“Look, they got movies”, you tell Daryl as you crouch to check what they have.

“Look”, you chuckle as you go through lines and lines of movies packed together. You grab a few of them and read the titles out loud for Daryl to hear. “They got Ghostbusters, The Philadelphia Story, Tootsie…”

A chuckle lingers in your lips as you take your eyes off the DVDs, only to find Daryl shifting his eyes between you and the movies you had in your hand.

“What’s that?”, he asks as he furrows his brow.

“Comedy films”, you tell him. “They’re classics!”

“Never seen ‘em”, he says and goes to the drawer where you found them.

“They’re good”, you say, but you see him shake his head.

“I don’t think so, I never liked comedy.”

He takes boxes of DVDs and pushes them away until he finds a couple of them that he likes.

Psycho, Evil Dead”, he shows you the films he found. “Those are good movies.”

“I’d never see them”, you tell him while shaking your head and pretending that a shiver went down your spine. “Too scary.”

“Really?”, he raises an eyebrow; he thinks is ironic that those movies scare you, even now, after living worse things that they show on screens.

“Yeah”, you roll your eyes. “I’ve hated those movies even before this happened.”

Neither of you talk about it again, instead, you go upstairs to check the bedrooms.

You go inside one of the rooms; the walls are white, and all the lamps are off, so the blushing light of sunset that enters gives you a pale pink vibe. You search the drawers, and again find something interesting. There’s a pile of CDs, fewer than the amount of DVDs you found earlier, but you like what you see.

You always liked hip hop, and you surely would enjoy some alone time, listening to the music you’ve been longing to hear and relaxing for a moment. But then you shake your head and put the CDs back where you found them, you could’t relax now that you were in a foreign town, surrounded by strangers.

“Hey, (Y/N)”, you hear Daryl’s voice. He’s climbing down from the attic and he has something in his hands.


“Check this out”, he found CDs as well, and he parades them to you. “Motorhead, Sonic YouthSlayer! Damn, this shit’s good.”

“What?”, you repeat, but with a more confused tone.

“Music”, he says gruffly and shows you the CDs again, as if it should be obvious to you that that’s the kind of music that he likes.

“Oh, sure”, you nod along. “Let’s take a look at the other house.”


The whole group spends the night together at the living room of one of the houses, it does’t matter how nice the people acted or how widely their smiles spread over their mouths, it was better to stick together, at least the first night there.

Daryl leans on a window, resting his head but keeping his eyes open. He’s looking outside, guarding the place. His beautiful blue eyes are shining as he squints them and his hair is sticking to his face with sweat and dirt, he’s the only one who didn’t run to the bathroom and took a shower as soon as you arrived to Alexandria, but you still think he looks handsome. You smile to yourself as you watch him from the floor, you just found out you have nothing in common as you used to think, but he’s still your best friend and you love him.

Daryl didn’t sleep that night, but you did. When you wake up, you find everyone placing their pillows on the couch, above the pile of blankets they already folded. You get up immediately and do the same with your blanket.

Daryl didn’t get a job yesterday, but you did, so you take a quick shower and put on the clothes that a lady gave you before getting out of the house and walking to your new workplace: Deanna’s house. She saw something in you that she didn’t see in anyone else, and she wanted you to work with her and help her run the community.

You knock on her door and after waiting for a few seconds, someone opens the door. It’s not Deanna, though; it’s a tall man, with light brown hair that twists on his head in loose curls.

“Hey”, he greets, his brown eyes set on your face. “You’re (Y/N), right?”

“Yeah, that’s me”, you say and smile back to him.

“Great. My mom told me you’d come”, he steps aside and pulls the door with him, so you know you can go inside. “Come in.”

“Thanks”, you say and walk inside with him.

“She’s in her office”, he leads you down the hall. “I’m Spencer, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you”, you smile again, and he does too. He stops right in front of a door and knocks on it, and after a female voice says ‘come in’, he opens it.

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other, now that you’ll be working with my mom”, he says with a grin.

“I’m sure.”

“See you around, (Y/N)”, he smiles one last time and walks away. You step into the office and greet Deanna, she tells you to take a seat around the desk she’s been working on and talks to you about the plans of expansion she’s been thinking about. You listen carefully, and for the rest of the day, you try to do your job without thinking of her son’s cute smile.

Deanna finally lets you go, it’s been a long day but you enjoyed it, it’s a little more fun than killing walkers and having dark blood splattered all over you. Before you walk out of the house, you’re interrupted by Spencer.

“Hey”, he stands beside the door and leans casually on the wall. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I left some movies on one of your houses.”

“Oh, yeah”, you remember, they’re in the house that you’re not occupying yet.

“Do you think I could go get them?”, he asks. “Some of my favourites are there, and I’d like to watch them tonight.”

“Sure”, you say and open the door. “Let’s go.”

When you arrive to the house that you’ve left unoccupied, he goes to the drawers under the TV and grabs a bunch of movies. When he has what he needs, he closes the drawer and walks back to the door.

“Thanks for letting me come here”, he smiles, and you take a look at the films he took. He has some interesting titles there, some of your favourites too.  

“No problem”, you answer without taking your eyes off of the DVDs he’s got there. “You like The Big Lebowski?

“You’re kidding? It’s one my favourite movies, I love it!”

“I love it too”, you raise your eyebrows in surprise and giggle a little.

“Do you want to—”, he vaguely points back to his house. “Do you want to watch it with me?”

“I’d love to”, you say, with the obvious blank left for a ‘but’. “But I don’t think my group would be okay with that.”

“Of course”, he nods in understanding. “That’s okay, we can watch it some other time.”

“Sure, that would be awesome”, you press your lips together in a smile, and he leaves.

Then, you leave to and walk towards the other house. Daryl sees you getting out of the house, and he also saw how Spencer walked out of there a few seconds before you. He frowns and watches you as you walk up the porch steps.

“Hi”, you say joyfully, happy to see him after a long day without him.

“Hey”, he answers gruffly, with his rough voice. You think it’s strange that he talks to you like that, you’ve heard him speak with that voice to the people he distrusts or doesn’t know as well as he knows you; but you don’t linger on it, and you go inside the house.

As you’re having dinner with the rest of the group, Rick asks all of you how was your day. A couple of chuckles are heard around the table; those words put together have lost their meaning with time, and it’s strange —even a little funny— hearing them after so long.

“It was okay”, Tara answers.

“But Aiden is an idiot”, Glenn mutters, and Maggie pats his back softly.

“What about you, (Y/N)?”, Rick sets his eyes on you as he drives the fork to his mouth.

“It was good, I liked working with Deanna”, you say and Rick nods, pleased with your answer.

“You made any friends?”, Daryl asks abruptly, and everyone take their eyes from their plates and fixed them on him.

“Uh, well, Deanna is very nice”, you tell him. “But I don’t think I’d call her my friend just yet.”

He keeps his stare on you, but doesn’t say anything else. Everyone go back to their plates, and keep eating their dinner.


As you arrived to Deanna’s house, you found a van parked in the middle of the street. Glenn, Tara and Noah are there, packing supplies in the back and preparing their guns. You greet them, but before you can go into the house, you see that Spencer is there as well.

“Hey”, his voice is raspy but you find it sexy.

“Hi”, you smile. “Where are you going?”
“Nicholas got hurt in the last run, so Aiden asked me to replace him today.”

You nod. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing”, he gives you a flirty grin and leans on the truck, flexing his arm.

You laugh, a little flirty laugh and almost innocently bite your lower lip. Daryl can see you from one of the houses; he’s sitting on the porch, with his fists clenched and his blood boiling. He hates seeing you with Spencer, and the flirty looks you exchanged with him are like daggers to his chest. He has never felt that way before, but it’s so frustrating to him, that he feels like he wants to kill Spencer.


Days go by, and Daryl has spent them in the house because Deanna hasn’t give him a job yet. You are in your room, trying to relax by laying on your bed with your feet up while you’re reading a book you took from Deanna’s library.

Someone knocks on the door, but you don’t pay attention to it, Daryl spends most of the day sitting on the porch, taking care of his crossbow.

“What do you want?”, he asks violently as Spencer stands before the door.

“Hi, I’m Spencer”, he introduces himself and extends his hand, but Daryl doesn’t even look at it.

“What do you want?”, he repeats.

“Is (Y/N) home?”, Spencer asks, and Daryl feels like he could easily shoot an arrow through his head.


“My mom told me it’s her day off”, he says. “And I was wondering if she wanted to come to my house, and watch a movie or something.”

“She doesn’t”, Daryl says bluntly. Spencer frowns and scoffed lowly.

“I think I’d rather talk to her.”

“I think you better get the fuck out of here.”

“Listen, man—”, Spencer was about to say something to defend himself, but Daryl didn’t let him.

“No, you listen, go away before I put an arrow in your skull”, he threatens with his crossbow in hand. Spencer looks defiantly at him, but decides to leave anyway.

Daryl puts his crossbow in the floor; he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, he just threatened to kill a man just because he wanted to talk to you. He blames it on the pressure of being confined in those houses, or maybe it’s being under the constant looks of dozens of strangers, but he also feels that it’s about you.

A week after his little encounter with Spencer, Daryl founds you talking to him again. You’re on the sidewalk, just talking, but Spencer is too close to you. Daryl sees how you laugh at something he said and you bump his chest playfully. This enrages him, he feels anger building up in his stomach and he feels like his head is going to explode. He stomps his way towards you and once he’s there, grabs Spencer by the collar of his shirt and throws him to the ground.

“Daryl, what the fuck?!”, you yell at him, but he isn’t listening.

He starts punching Spencer in the face, over and over again.

“Daryl, stop!”, you yell again and try to pull him off of Spencer by his shoulders, but he firmly keeps himself on him.

Spencer gives him a strong punch to the jaw, which makes Daryl fall to the ground; Spencer gets on his feet and kicks Daryl in the ribs before he can stand up.

“Stop!”, you scream desperately at Spencer. You didn’t like to see Daryl beating Spencer, but you hated seeing Spencer so much as laying a hand on Daryl.

Spencer gets on his knees over Daryl and punches him in the face like he did.

“Get off of him!”, you tell Spencer and pull him off of Daryl. He falls on his butt and looks up at you.

“He started it!”, he points at Daryl. You don’t say anything, instead, you help Daryl get off the ground, but as soon as he does, he tries to run back to Spencer, who backs away immediately.

You take Daryl back to the house and grab the first aid kit. You make him sit on the couch and let you clean his wounds.

As you pour water on his face, he pulls back and hisses, but you keep his head in place.

“Why did you do that?”, you ask him calmly, but he can hear the anger in your voice. But rather than angry, you’re disappointed in him; you were trying to show those people that you weren’t savages, that you could live in harmony with them, but Daryl did exactly the opposite.

“He hit me too!”, he yells at you.

“You attacked him, I was there!”, you yell back.

“Yeah, but…”, he makes a pause. “It’s your fault!”

“You’re the one flirting with him and all that shit!”, he says angrily.

“So?”, you arch an eyebrow as you put a bandaid on the wound on his forehead, and another on the one on his left cheek.

“He’s an asshole, you don’t deserve someone like him”, he says in a more tranquil tone, which makes you think that he’s not quite telling you the truth.

“You wanna know what I think?”, you sit next to him on the couch. “I think you’re jealous.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”, he grimaces. “I’m not.”

“Oh, please!”, you laugh. “You’re not jealous? Not even a little bit?”

“No”, he says and pretends to be disgusted by the thought of it.

“So you’re not jealous that I talk to Spencer?”, you ask, and he shakes his head. “Or that I touch his hair, his arm, his chest?”

You ghost your fingers over his arm, and he swallows hard. “No”, he answers hoarsely.

“You’re not jealous that I’ve kissed him, touched his mouth with my tongue?”, you softly graze his ear with the tip of your tongue. You’re lying, but Daryl doesn’t know that. You hear him breathing heavily, but his answer is the same. “And that I’ve been in his room, naked?”

You bite your lip seductively, and Daryl’s chest heaves with his rough inhalations. You take your hand from his arm to his stomach, and slowly move your fingers downward.

“Daryl”, you say his name in a hot murmur. “You’re not jealous that I fucked him?”

He pushes you on the couch so you’re laying on your back. He’s looking down at you and breathing so heavily above you that you feel his chest touch yours when he inhales.

You part your lips and give him a grin. “So you’re not jealous?”

Daryl doesn’t answer, he knows there’s no need to anymore. He kisses you roughly, but he pulls away almost immediately to take off your clothes. He remembers how you told him that you’ve been naked in Spencer’s room, and it just makes him angrier. He rips your shirt off and pulls your jeans down too violently, almost painfully. You would care if you weren’t as turned on as you are now; you’re not sure if you loved Daryl as something more than a friend, but you’re sure you want him now.

You take his shirt and pull it over his head, then you throw it away. You struggle with the button of his pants, your fingers are shaking and goosebumps coat your body. He unclasps it and pulls his pants down along with his underwear.

You spread your legs and Daryl kneels between them, he grabs your ankles and pull you closer, then he throws your legs over him and you wrap them around his waist. As soon as his member touches you over your underwear, you moan and feel your chest jump with a sharp breath.

Daryl tears your wet panties apart with a savage rip of the delicate fabric, and thrusted into you. A gasp and a moan mingled in your throat when you felt him entering you so roughly.
You hear him grunting, and gaze up at him. He’s looking at you, his fierce look is locked on yours as he rams himself into you. Your breathing is fast and heavy, and you arch your back as a moan leaves your lips.

Daryl goes harder and harder, he’s been so angry and frustrated that he wants to take it all out on you, to show you that you don’t need anyone else but him to make you moan. You throw your arms around his neck and pull his head down, you kiss him and run your fingers through his hair, as your tongue delves his mouth.

He thrusts harder and you whimper, falling back to the couch. His hair is trapped in sweat as he groans and pants above you, still looking at you.

Your body shudders, tenses and strains under his, feeling a shiver running down your spine and stomach and legs. You buck your hips and let them fall back on the couch as you moan loudly, but Daryl keeps going for a few more seconds until he reaches his climax after yours.

Daryl grunts and throws himself back, leaning his back on the armrest of the couch, and watching you. You’re struggling for breath and your eyes are closed, but you have a wide smile of satisfaction on your face. He smirks as he realises what just happened, and it wasn’t Spencer who made you moan, and pant, and whimper. It was him, only him.

Harry Styles - Rich Girl Imagine

[Thank you to you and your friend! Enjoy and I AM SO SORRY IT’S BEEN LIKE A YEAR. I’M A FAILURE!]

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Your Promises, They Look Like Lies

Pairing: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Words: 1.516

Summary: He had been in love with him as a child, and even more so after puberty smacked him upside the head with its baseball bat and made him a ball of raging hormones.

(Jeremy has a list of rules in regards to Michael)

Read on AO3 or under the cut

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The best parts of Where We Are audiobook

Niall’s sounds the most scripted like he actually took time to think about these questions, and write down his responses.

He has one of the best vocabularies in the band.

“Didn’t get to finish school or do his exams.”

The fact that there was one suitcase in Niall’s house that they actually referred to as “the little suitcase.”

Laughing when he said, “Obviously we’ve managed to last more than six months.”

“Slugged it out in the back of a Mercedes van?” Slugged it out? In a Mercedes Niall, really?

“The band’s horizon’s seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every day.”

About the fans: “The fans are out of this world helping us.” He loves us.

Talking about when he got kicked out of a cab when they heard they got number one. “Me and my friend were just punching the head off each other and having a laugh.”


“I don’t really get homesick where as some of the lads would, but it’s not going to last forever so might as well enjoy it as much as I can now.”

About the trip to Ghana. “People out there are incredible, their spirits are mindboggling. You can only try your best for them when you admire them so much.” He was great talking about this.

He has the best perspective about the trip out of all the boys. When he’s talking about the water and how he’s got a fridge at home full of it and taps, but they don’t have a bit of it. You can tell that he appreciated and really felt what the trip was supposed to be about.

“For a man who loves his sleep that can only be good to be fair. I do waste a lot of my life sleeping.”

“YOU EITHER WANT TO BE PAPPED OR YOU DON’T.” He didn’t scream that, I just thought all caps were important there.

“do the job so home then mostly sit in my house. I don’t go on many holidays. I prefer to sit in my house mostly.”

“London Premiere best day he’s had in his career to date.” Then he goes on to name 800 other things that he liked too, “but the film premiere is 100% right up there. It was a huge moment for us…..”

“Them two idiots up the back.” Him and Louis at the Premiere/

“In typical One Direction style we were terrible at it.”

Success of Midnight Memories “We were just delighted.” I love how he says delighted.

“He brought me down to Chelsea and I became part of the furniture down there.” About his rehab after his knee surgery.

“We were confident of One Direction, and we work hard to make the band succeed.”

“Trepidation.” Great Word.

“Typical mad One Direction Style.”

“Croke Park was a special one.”

Best Ending: “but you know what? I’m still mad about being in this band.”



“I’d come home completely covered in mud after playing football, eventually I had a pair of trousers for every single day of the week cause it was impossible for my mom to keep up with the washing.”

“Sitting in half my classes covered in mud.”

“My dad was amazing. He was my driving force to get out there and perform to people.”

“Maybe he wasn’t that crazy after all, maybe he can just see the future.”

“You know about all the dreadful disappointment about being rejected them like the overwhelming excitement of being put into a band with these other four lads, but to this day the moment they revealed they were putting us into One Direction is still the most amazing memory it’s still hard to believe.” They always talked about this, but never described like that.

“It’s hard to think we were thrown into the deep end so quick.”

“Our guardian angel was our fans.” Liam loves us too. Bless his little heart.

“an army of fans out there promoting and championing our band which you know you really can’t buy. So brilliant.” Keep the compliments coming.

“I feel like we haven’t really celebrated that.” Talking about the first album tour.

“You have to respect the idea that you just can’t walk out on to an arena stage.”

“Proper New York cold.”

How he says Lady Gaga and crazy in this sentence here “I think we set a new record beating Lady Gaga which was craazzyy.” It was funny.

“I remember staying up til stupid o’clock in the morning signing 500 CDS.”

The school trip story to the O2 a.k.a the Millennium Dome: “but I was just a dippy kid back then so my parents thought Ruth (his sister) would remember and appreciate the day more than me cause I’d been just bouncing off the walls and doing stupid stuff. So I did a little chuckle to myself when I got there ass I actually got to the millennium dome for free.” 

“This job can make you very self centered if you’re not careful.”

“and I was absolutely terrible at listening which I always have been.”

Class of 92 movie premiere: “He (David Beckham) like clocked me from across the room and you know when lads give each other the nod? Well, like I kind of gave him the nod cause he was saying like wazup (yes, wazup, that is not a typo), and he gave me the nod back, and then to my like shock he came over and said like hey how’s it going you alright Liam and shook my hand, and I was like this is mad like David Beckham just gave me the manly nod from the other side of the room and that’s like the sickest thing like….”


And no, I didn’t make that story up, oh, though I wish I had.


“I think I’ve always had persistence which I suppose I probably got from my mom, uh, she always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and always just told me to give it my best and that’s what I try to do.”

“My mom’s pretty much the first person I go to for advice. You know I have a great relationship with my mom.” The first few minutes are devoted to talking about his momma, and I love that.

“We can travel the world which I don’t think, well, I know I wouldn’t have even been to America nevermind all the amazing places we’ve been at this age.”

“Doncaster is great, but you know I kind of wanted to see the world.”

“Even when we try our hardest to be sensible and mature we don’t do a very good job.”

Proof that Louis has seen This is Us, at least more than a couple of times. “You get taken away and bang you’re in this lifestyle and it is very alien.” Paul said nearly this same thing in the movie.

He loses his train of thought for a second when he’s talking about where he’s from. “ not many people from Donny record many albums, but anyway.” He says that ending very fast.

“There were often times I stand there and wonder how much the comments were relevant to me because my contributions to the band in my opinion at that time were so small.” Poor babe, but look at ya now.

“Delighted to be in the band.” Do they all say this word so wonderfully?

“It’s only been about since Midnight Memories that album that I’ve really felt comfortable with my voice.”

About the fans: “Little superfans trying to spread the word throughout the world.” More proof that Louis literally watches This Is Us every night before he goes to bed. Simon says this near the beginning of the movie, talking about the superfans.

The mattress story: “You wouldn’t get that now (the hesitation) they’d be straight down.”

“Four countries in four days.” Did he mean states?”

About a fan encounter after coming back from a tour. “It all got a bit aggressive I think I got me hoodie ripped off from me and I remember they dragged us into this tiny office with some police officers and the fans were outside surrounding it just banging on the walls. Yeah, it was intense. It definitely made us think there is some proper support there.”

About his man crush on David Beckham: “I’ve always idolized David Beckham. I just think he’s the coolest guy ever. Two or three of the lads me him before ME ( His tone is all like, How dare they?), and they had pictures with him right and I just saw these pictures on twitter and I was like what’s going on here I’d love to have met David, Becks, but anyway I did get to meet him in the end. I went to the Class of 92 premiere and uh, I’m just rubbish. I was trying to be cool, but you just can’t. I mean what do you say that is remotely impressive to David Beckham.”

He uses we a lot, not really I. It’s we did this, or we wanted that. That’s very interesting.

About Midnight Memories: “That we had a real, that we felt like we had a proper creative input on, not just a little bit, but we felt that we had a say over the whole thing.”

“it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make music.”

“We’re very lucky that we have great fans that I feel like if we messed up on stage I wouldn’t really feel that embarrassed because I feel like they’re so behind you anyway that it’s cool and they kind of put you at ease too which is a nice feeling which is why it almost encourages us to mess about and be a little off the cuff on stage because they made it easy for us in that way.”

“I just feel like a Donny lad that got lucky.”

“Maybe when were older and wiser we might be able to put some perspective on it, but….it’s cool.


“My own personality, individually….”

About playing characters/ acting: “When you’re in a band and you’re just portraying who you are as maybe as you know as a musical artist if you’re just trying to sing and be able the music then you’re just being yourself and I think behind that is, is probably the coolest thing to do, but at the same time it also adds pressure because that’s just you and that’s just who you are.”

Even to the sense that like when I was twelve or thirteen, I kind of still thought there’d be a chance I’d get super powers and be a superhero. So, I was definitely a dreamer. It took me a bit longer to grow out of that.” He shouldn’t have. I liked this version of Zayn better to be honest.

Reiterating: “Yeah, I was definitely a dreamer.”

The story we’ve heard 8,000 times about how Louis told him about the plane doing the loopdy loop the first time he was ever on a plane. Like you can just see Louis, stoic face, calm, just flat out lying to Zayn just to mess with him.

While on the X-Factor: “And we were in this little box room with bunk beds and a single bed.” Okay, so, who demanded the single bed?

Also the X-Factor: “And just seeing other people’s behavior, and you know how they would act and how they would do something or whatever and we were like maybe necessarily we don’t want to do it that way maybe we want to be a bit cooler about that you know we don’t want to wear our sunglasses inside and be weird.”

Liam mentioned some cattiness from the other contestants during his bit, I wonder how much of that they faced directly.

“Instead of being something else we were just interested in each other, and looking after each other, and being a band and being what we were about.”

About people recognizing them from the X-Factor: “one of the biggest shows…in the U.K. at that point.” Shady….or no?

“Somebody else…” “a different band” I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who didn’t name Big Time Rush directly.

About the blonde streak: “I forgot that I had the Olympics the next day?” Really???? Side eyes him suspiciously.

Good phrase: “You’ve made more of a noise.” I liked that.

“Sometimes I look to solo artists and feel a bit sorry for them.” Huh?


“I think I had a nice upbringing. My family was really nice to me.” Then he laughs because was that too sarcastic or not? Laugh, Harry, laugh so they know you were just joking.

“I grew up thinking everyone’s equal, everyone’s the same.”

When he looks at stuff from the X-Factor: “I look like I’m about twelve, and uh, I think it’s amazing to try to comprehend the fact that I was a kid.” – I read that way too heartbreakingly than I’m sure he meant it.

“Walking into a record label I always felt like I was walking onto a different planet.”

Describing the record studio: “There was like marble everywhere and it was all like shiney.”

About being excited about releasing the first album, the first songs after all the support the fans had given them before there was even an album. “It was time for us to give them something back.”

“I think we were just praying that people liked it because if they didn’t they’d be like uh, oh okay, maybe not I’ll go home.”

“The album had just gone number two,” mumbles…”thanks, Rhianna.” This kid is such a dork.

Then he talks about his hard on for sunshine, and all things being outside for at least five minutes.

Example: “Even if your car breaks down you’re just chilling in the sun for a bit. It’s actually not that bad.”

When they talk about coming back to the U.K. after that first major tour and getting chased by all those girls they all sound so excited, like of I got me hoodie ripped off and Liam lost a shoe and girls were banging on the walls and police had to escort us out, but It was totally great, would recommend 10 out of 10… except for Niall, I’m pretty sure the poor kid was traumatized…. That, or they are still in that I don’t want to offend anyone area.

Example: “We ended up going out in like a riot van which was probably a little over the top, but uh,…. It was fun.”

How he says, “Shopping mall.”

About all the promo and etc. “It was important for us to like justify why the album was number one.”

“Standing on the stage used to make me really nervous.” But look at you now….

About the second album: “I think you just want to people to hear it, and think it’s wicked.”

About putting out new material: “I think first of all you want people to not hate it then if people don’t’ hate it you want them to like it and if people like it you’re like uh,…..”

His thoughts on getting number one: “Then I was like sick, then it hit me.”

“My job, if you can call it a job.”

The trip to Ghana. He talks about it so well. “That it is different when you see it on TV than when you witness it in real life. The thing that triggers a different emotion is like all your senses are taken over by what’s going on, the smell, the smoke, the heat….”

“I think a big difference is made up of a bunch of little differences.”

“I think gossip is natural.” That would explain his sort of distance that he puts between him and any sort of news that goes out about him. It’s because he knows that its constantly in flux, and anything he says will only be magnified, and that it will make it stay around longer if he does. There just hasn’t been anything out that he really feels like he needs to comment on, but I think he would if he felt it was necessary.

“It’s important to remember that the job and the lifestyle aren’t normal.”

“It’s always going to be us the people who went through it.”

I hope you catch me, cause I’m already falling

Prompt: When one of Josh and Maya’s friend can’t stop talking about how good they are together, the couple is obligated to confront their own feelings.

Requested by: @matthewsjosh

word account: 7.9k 

Josh was never much of a fan of coffee growing up. He rarely drank it and despite the smell was amazing; he found the taste a little bit weird, so he never had any desire to drink like almost everyone he knew.

Of course, when he got into college and had to stay up all those nights to finish a paper or study to a test, coffee was his best friend. He really loved Topanga’s coffee but since he couldn’t go there all the time, for being a little far from his place, he had to find a decent substitute coffee shop near the university so he could maintain his relationship with those long nights.

Fortunately, his friend Jasmine worked on a little place just down the corner of NYU that served one of the best coffees he had tasted with a great price – especially with the discounts she got him sometimes.

That became his new favorite coffee shop. It was never full and it was a very calm place, so he could easily go there any time of the day to work in peace or even to go on a date that no one would bother him or whatever he was doing. His friends also hang out there and whenever Josh had nothing going on he’d come over there to help Jasmine or just bother her at work.

That was exactly what he was doing that moment. It was a Saturday afternoon and he was really bored, so Josh decided to show up and hang out with Jasmine until her shift was over. As soon as he stepped inside the place he saw something was wrong. The place was not empty like he was used to. Instead, there was a lot of people and a lot of noise filling the silence he liked so much.

As soon as Jasmine spotted him, she walked in his direction looking desperate.

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Louden Swain - wideawakeandwriting - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Written for @spnsongcc Round 12: Louden Swain  I @wideawakeandwriting vs  @kayleighwinchester

Prompt: No Hero 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing:  Dean Winchester/You, Dean Winchester/Reader

Word Count: 1150

Summary: There’s a lot more to the guy with the leather jacket who comes into the small music store you work at than meets the eye.

Warnings: Fluff, one curse word

A/N:   Shoutout to @samwise-the-true-hero, for betaing; any mistakes left are my own.

Feedback/comments welcome, tags are below :)

You’d seen him come in half-a-dozen times, at least once or twice a week. He always went straight for the classic rock section. With his leather jacket and the easy, confident charm he exuded, which you were sure plenty of people found irresistible, he was a walking cliche straight out of the old movies you secretly loved.

His visits became less frequent, until they eventually stopped altogether and you figured he had moved away, or simply found another place to get his music from. Probably somewhere out of town since music stores, especially ones that still carried cassettes and records, were far and few between.

Then one day, he just showed up out of the blue, like he’d never even left.

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Dating Jimin would Include

o   Compliments 20/24

o   « Isn’t my (y/n) just perfect? »

o   “Look at you rocking those jeans”

o   “That booty thou”

o   “ Jimin your booty is cuter than mine”

o   Just that will make him turn into a blushing mess

o   Hair porn

o   Eye smile

o   Tickle fight

o   Him trying not to laugh while he record you & zoom on your face

o   Taking embarrassing pictures of you

o   Chasing after him


o   Both of your phone gallery will be picture of both of you

o   Sending you selca EVERY !! SINGLE !!! DAY !

o   If he sees you sitting in the audience , he’ll go overboard . So extra

o   ‘ Get that tongue back inside young man’

o   RUDE

o   Playing with his hair because it’s perfect

o   “What shampoo do you use? Unicorn tears? ”

o   Jimin punching my whole family & I , would hurt less than dating him

o   Skinship

o   His hands is glued to your body

o   Even if the boys are there , he’ll casually put his hand on your thighs & you’re like

o   “Jimin , we’re not alone”

o   “  I know ~”

o   If they start teasing you ,  he’ll ask them to stop but of course they won’t , so he’ll just sit far from you ;however, a minute later his head will be on your lap

o   Lol , you thought he won’t do it again ? I’ve some news for you

o   Nothing can stop Park Jimin from physical contact

o   Holding hands is a must ok , even if it start sweating you’ll keep holding hands

o   “Jimin, my other hand is feeling lonely; can I have this one back?”

o   “No ~”

o   ‘Jimin , my butt isn’t for you to hit’

o   Probably think that Jungkook is cuter than you at times

o   Nicknames

o   At first , he’ll get flustered when you call him by a nickname but then he’ll keep muttering it to himself

o   “(Y/n) just called me chimchim” I’mbadwithnicknamesi’msorry

o   “Chimchim”

o   “Chimchim”

o   “Say Chimchim one more time”

o   Dates

o   He’s a romantic awkward turtle sprinkled with cheese

o   Fancy restaurant

o   Stargazing on a rooftop  with all the lights and junk food

o   Random dates at unbelievable hours

o   ‘Jimin it’s past midnight’

o   ‘ It’s never too late for a road trip’

o   Shining smile

o   Taehyung third wheeling 5 times out of 10 we both know you’ll be the one third wheeling

o   ‘Is Tae coming?’

o   ‘Of course, the more the merrier!’

o   Ending at a PC bar

o   Getting close with Tae

o   Taehyung being a huge shipper , making you do weird stuff

o   ‘ Ok , & now Kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ’

o   And you both are like ‘ WHAT’

o   Precious giggle

o   Dorm dates : Movie night with the boys

o   Sharing him with the whole squad duh , especially V & Kookie

o   ‘(Y/n) , just come and watch the movie , Jimin ain’t yours tonight’

o   Jealous Chimchim when you’re too close to a member

o   ‘I’m your favorite right?’

o   #Jiminprotectionsqaud

o   Jimin teasing suga like there is no tomorrow

o   Protecting Jimin from Yoongi’s wrath

o   ‘I’m too young to die’

o   Protecting Jimin from all the hate , because he’s an angel

o   ‘No , you don’t need to lose weight’

o   ‘But-‘

o   ‘Your tummy is cute as it is’

o   Stuffing his mouth with food

o   ‘Tae’s grandma likes us chubby’

o   Pickuplines

o   Deep awkward seducing voice

o   ‘Put your expensive ‘hard to get’ title down just for tonight , just for tonight..’

o   ‘Who taught you that?’

o   ‘ Namjoon hyung ?’

o   Puns

o   ‘What did the oceans say to each other?’

o   ‘Nothing they just waved! ‘

o   ‘Park Jimin.’

o   ‘Just one more: What do you call a fake pasta?’

o   Praising this ball of sunshine

o   ‘ You did well ~’

o   ‘Our Jiminie is working hard’

o   ‘ I think I’m blind , your smile is just too stunning’

o   ‘Have you eaten a CD? That high note was gold’

o   Him liking it too much & getting all shy or him smirking and biting his lip

o   Being the kind of couple that make people cringe

o   Flowery background ‘Shalalalala ~

o   Always got each other’s back. ALWAYS

o   ‘You can do it!’

o   ‘I’m rooting for you babe’

  • Often asking you if you love him 
  • and you’ll always have say yes & give him tones of reasons & he knows but he just like to hear you saying them
  • Pillow talk
  • He’ll mostly whisper because it’s a precious time of the day where he get to talk to you about everything & nothing , things that made him laugh or things that hurt him 
  • His hands will go through your hair & will be drawing circle on your palm 
  • He’ll always want to hear about your day & will be all ears .

o   Precious giggle

o   Jealous , protective Jimin if he feel competitiveness

  • Playing Pranks on the members or at each other 
  • Sunshine 
  • Jimin caring Jimin
  • Hard working Jimin
  • Him making you so proud

o   You can’t get mad at him , you  just can’t ok .He’s too precious

o   Stealing his sweaters

o   Jimin with glasses

o   Big scarf Jimin

I tried my best ,this is so cheesy I’m sorry.

 Jimin is just so perfect

Admin Bong-

Surprise (Rami Malek x Reader)

Yeah, Betty is posting imagines after a long time again!! Hurray! :D This imagine is dedicated to one of my good friends. I hope you like it! LOVE YOU A LOT H. <3 <3  Merry Christmas to everyone!! Feedbacks are very appreciated!!! (Sorry for grammar mistakes!) btw, If you’re a Josh Washington fan check out my last story called “Common things”! xoxo

Word count: 1,732

I never imagined in my whole life that I would ever miss someone so badly. Being without him at the moment, without his presence hurts so much.  I need him now . I need him to cheer me up and to make me laugh. I need his warm and tight hugs, his arms being wrapped around my waist so firmly and making me feel protected and safe. I want to kiss his soft lips again to remember what he tastes like. It feels like I haven’t seen him for ages although only three months have passed. And to me, that’s a lot.

I’m at my dorm now, sitting at my desk and trying to learn for my upcoming exams. Studying is the only way to distract myself from my boyfriend’s absence. Do you want to know who it is? I guess you won’t believe me. Okay- here it comes… I’m dating Rami Malek. Yeah, that guy from Mr. Robot, Night at the Museum and Buster’s Mal Heart. Unbelievable, right? I can’t even believe it myself sometimes. I mean how can a normal girl like me date someone like Rami Malek? Crazy!

  I’m happy that his career works so well at the moment, because he deserves it so much. Nobody at my college knows about my secret relationship with him except for my roommate and best friend Betty. When I told her the first time she was looking at me like I was a psycho but as she realized that I was very serious about what I’ve said, she totally freaked out. I needed her to promise me not to tell anybody about this. Nobody should know. Nobody needs to know.

Our relationship worked out so well until he barely had time anymore. I know that he is a busy man and I totally understand that. We used to Skype and texting to each other almost every day, but after a time our daily routine became even less. He told me about his future appointments and interviews and that he hardly will be able to contact me.

A tear drops down my cheek as my gaze falls to a photo right in front of me. Betty took it after Rami asked me to be his girlfriend. Rami is kissing my cheek so lovingly while I stare into the camera with a wide smile on my lips. My eyes are a bit red and puffy because I have cried a lot in that moment. And that was almost one year ago. God, I miss him so much! I try to work on my studies and keep myself busy with learning but my thoughts are always with him.

What is he doing now? Does he miss me like I miss him? Does he need me like I need him?

That’s so frustrating!

“Come on, girl, get yourself together and stop whining!” I say to cheer up myself. “He’ll be back soon. Very soon.” But to be honest, it doesn’t make me feel any better.

I check out the time and wonder why Betty takes so long to get us some Chinese food. She left an hour ago with the promise that she will be back in thirty minutes but now it is almost two hours. I take my phone to dial her number. It rings a few times only to send me right to her voicemail. Strange.

After I cannot concentrate on anything anymore, I put my books and notes aside to calm down. My head is killing me. I stare outside and witness the sun setting down slowly. The sky has taken a shade of red now and I think it looks so beautiful. I love watching a phenomenon like this.

I call Betty again because she keeps me worried. I hope that nothing bad has happened to her but unfortunately I’m sent back to her voicemail. Damn, Betty! Where the hell are you?

She suggested having a nice evening with take outs and a Disney movie, since I love them so much, because she couldn’t hold on anymore to see me mourning about how much I miss my boyfriend. And she seems to let me down now. I sigh and go to my bookshelf where I’ve put some of my favorite movies. I decide to watch Beauty and the Beast until Betty arrives.

I put the CD in the DVD-player and after the menu appears, I press play to start the movie. After 10 minutes, someone knocks on my door. Has Betty forgotten her keys again? I mean it happens very regularly that she leaves without her keys.

Sighing, I go to my door to open it. “Thank god, Betty! Where have you-“  But the person standing in front of me is not my roommate. No, the person in front of me wears a cap and sunglasses and a weird mustache is covering the area between his nose and upper lip. I stare at the guy with a confused expression.

“Can I help you?” He points at the bouquet of flowers in his hand which I totally have overseen. He hands them out to me. “For you, miss!” He only says.

I take it out of his hand and say thank you, still looking at him with confusion. Why would a stranger give me bouquet of beautiful flowers? Is that one of Betty’s pranks again? She loves to play games with me.

I hear a chuckle escaping the guy’s lips. “You don’t recognize me, don’t you?”

Right when I’m going to respond something, he takes of his glasses and mustache, that turns out to be a fake one and reveals himself as the man I love and miss since three months.

My heart skips a beat as his green eyes meet mine and for a second I’m not able to breathe. He is here, I think. He is here, standing at my door and smiling at me.

The bouquet in my hand falls to the ground and I choke out a heavy sob, as Rami wraps his arms around my body and presses me against him. I bury my face in the crook of his neck, sniffling his wonderful scent of men’s perfume.

“Everything’s alright, love!” Rami soothes me and runs his hand through my soft and short hair.

“Y-You’re h-here…” My voice shakes terribly and it takes me so much effort to form a proper sentence. Rami just nods and holds me even tighter against him.

“I have two days off and I know it’s not too much, but nevertheless I wanted to spend time with you.” He confesses, giving me kisses on my forehead.

“I’ve missed you so much, Rami.” I sniffle as I pull away from him and take his head between my hands, stroking his soft and rosy cheeks. “I’ve missed you so, so much.”

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, love.” He says before he crashes his lips on mine to kiss me passionately. With only that kiss he makes me know how much he has missed me and loves me.

That sweet and intimate moment is interrupted as I hear Betty from behind.

“Now that the lovebirds are united again, can someone please help me?” We pull away and look at her. She is staring at us with a smirk on her lips, which make my cheek turn to red instantly. She points at the many bags she’s carrying in her hands. I help her bringing them in but then it hits me like a brick.

“You were involved in all this?!” She turns to me and shakes her head.

“Of course, girl! He told me this morning that he was coming back and asked me to pick him up at the airport.” So that’s why she has run so late. I’m not sure how to react now. I’m still very surprised that my boyfriend is standing in the middle of my room.

“And, babe, I’m sorry I lied to you and turned my phone off, making you crazy, but I had no other choice or the surprise would be failed.” I run towards her to hug her tightly. I don’t care if she had lied to me only to bring my boyfriend back. I’m so grateful now.

“Thank you so much, Betty! I love you!” She laughs at my reaction but hugs me back.

“Love you, too! Now go to your boyfriend. I will leave you guys alone so you can catch things up! But leave some food for me!” Then she disappears.

Two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and I am pushed against a hard and strong chest. “How are you doing?” Rami speaks into my ear. His low and raspy voice causes goose bumps on my skin. I love him so much.

“Now that you’re here, I feel much better.” I turn around and look at him with much adoration. I’m glad I can call him mine. That he only belongs to me and to no one else.

“You were watching Beauty and the Beast?” He asks. “Care to watch it with me?”

I nod with my head. “I would love to.”

We make ourselves comfortable on my bed and I cuddle against his body. We rather talk more than watching the film actually. He has many thinks to report me. I listen to him until he has finished, responding with some comments. I know he has to leave in two days but I push that thought aside. I just want to enjoy our time together. After a very heated make out session-and yes we get caught by Betty, who can’t hold herself back by calling us perverts- we change our clothes and make ourselves ready for bed.

This day was exhausting enough to me and all I want is to sleep in my love’s arms.

“Come here, beautiful.” Rami beckons and as I lay down beside him, he spoons me from behind.

“I missed this.” He says. “Having you in my arms.”

“Me too. I hope this is not a scene that my mind has created.”

He laughs. “It’s not, love. I’m here.” He kisses my head.

“And I promise I will still be here the next morning.”

“Okay…” I mumble, feeling my limbs getting heavier. “I love you, Rami.” Before I’m completely surrounded by the dark, I hear him replying “I love you, too. Always and forever.”

Baekhyun Scenario (Fluff OneShot)

burning-clown said: Hi again, i think you have lot to do but if you have some time would you mind doing exo scenario where baekhyun thinks that her gf is cheating on her and he tries to get her back by making cute surprises and stuff for her? * Turns into small fluffy unicorn with puppy eyes * No need to hurry! 👌🏼

A/N: Since I’m on a scenario mood, I decided to fullfill your request, I hope you like it since this is my first Baek Scenario, and I’m glad I’m writting it for you, since I know that you’re a very loyal follower,so thank you for everything and here comes puppy Baek for you <3

“She doesn’t even talk to me as she used to!” Baekhyun whined to his friend Chanyeol. “That doesn’t mean a thing hyung, she’s probably feeling nervous about something” “Yeah, like getting caught for cheating on me?!” “No!” Chanyeol rolled his eyes “Hyung you know Y/N would never cheat on you” “I don’t know anything anymore” “Ah, don’t be so dramatic, why don’t you do something for her? Show her you’re her boyfriend, whatever it is she will tell you” Baekhyun stopped to think “I think you’re right, I’ll try to surprise her, tonight.” “Okay, spare me of the details hyung, I don’t need to hear about it, I will come back tomorrow then,so you can have privacy” And with that Chanyeol left giggling and Baekhyun was alone with his own thoughts.

What’s wrong with her? Baekhyun thought. She was always distant now, and she was always spending time with that friend of hers which he didn’t even knew much about, they were about to do 4 months of dating and she was already giving up on him? What could he possibily have done that was so wrong? It didn’t matter anymore, he was going to get her back. He decided make sure everything were her favorites for this date, he texted her saying that she should cancel any plans she had for tonight so they can meet, she was a little taken back by his determined mood but accepted.

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Bad Days (Luke)


“I’m sorry, Luke.” You said again and again over the phone. You knew how important this was to him, but the dark feeling in your chest grew stronger and stronger. “I just really can’t today.”

“What do you mean, Y/N? We’ve been planning this for ages! I haven’t seen you in forever.” Luke pleads, his voice  sounded so sad, it almost made you change your mind.

“Look, I know how much you wanted to go to the fair, I really do, but I’m just not feeling it today.”  At this point, you were desperately trying to come up with an excuse. You could just picture his sad eyes and his simple little outfit he probably picked out all for you, but you knew yourself. You knew how easily you gave in when he used that voice, but you stood strong. You didn’t want to ruin his day, just because of what happened.

“You’re not feeling today or are you not feeling us?”  Luke said sadly and you heard his voice crack on his end almost like he was trying not to cry.

“No, Luke, I love you. I love you so much!  I just don’t want to go to the fair today. I uhh…” you tried to come up with a reasonable explanation. “I’m  just.. on my period.” That did it.

“Oh, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me? I completely understand.”  Luke said relieved. You rolled your eyes. Seriously, some guys couldn’t get a hint.

“Yes, Luke, we’ll have dinner in that restaurant you love tomorrow. My treat. Sounds good?”

“Yeah, thanks Y/N. See you tomorrow. ” Luke finished, hanging up quickly.

You put your phone down and stretched yourself out on the bed. You pulled your duvet over you, marveling at the silence. You were finally alone, and you began to feel the waves that you had try to control, crash over you. Macy, the dog you had had since you were 11 , was now dead.  She had been fighting a losing battle ever since she was diagnosed and you had prayed so hard that she would be cured. Unfortunately, she passed away three days later, but the doctors assured you, peacefully in her sleep.  She was like a friend to you, always jumping up onto your lap for cuddles and getting your attention by licking your face and  playing with you.  You even admit to talking to her sometimes when you were feeling sad or confused.  At those times, Macy would just nudge you with her nose and nuzzle into your side, almost like she was telling you that everything was going to be alright.   But she couldn’t do that now. She was gone.

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kodie615  asked:

Idk how to ask but can you do a bullet point post of how Shawn would be while giving you presents on Christmas? Or how he'd be spending Christmas with you? If that's okay or makes sense? Also your imagines are he best btw xx

I keep seeing you pop up in my notes, so hi and thank you :D I’ve had this idea for so long and I’m so happy to finally have the chance to write it! This is a bit differen’t from my normal style so I hope you still like it. :)

⦁ Okay, so it would be the first year you and Shawn would be celebrating Christmas as a couple.
⦁ And Shawn wanted everything to be amazing and special and he wanted to get you the perfect gift.
⦁ So, all year he’s been keeping a list and whenever you would mention something he would keep note of it.
⦁ Like “There’s this book that I really want, but it’s too expensive and my local book shop does have it.”
⦁ Or “This cool band I like has a new album coming out…”
⦁ Then he would be running around like a week before Christmas trying to find things on the list because he’s silly and left everything to the last minute.
⦁ And he would be so happy because he managed to find that book you really wanted and he managed to get that really cool band’s CD.
⦁ But the gift he was most proud of was this really pretty necklace that you jokingly sent him a photo of while he was away on tour because it reminded you of him.
⦁ And the charm would link to something significant in your relationship; like a paper plane because that’s how you met (Shawn and his friends were joking around in class, making paper planes and the one Shawn threw hit you in the head) but also because he travels a lot and you’ve always talked about visiting different countries together.
⦁ I could imagine him getting his mum or Aaliyah to help him find it. And he would drag them into different jewelry shops but none of them would have it in store.
⦁ So they would spend hours looking online for it and everywhere seemed to be out of stock.
⦁ And he was about to give up looking for it until like three days before Christmas when his mum managed to find it on some site and he would cheer and let out a giant sigh of relief because they finally found the perfect gift.
⦁ Christmas Eve comes around and you’re staying at Shawn’s family home.
⦁ After spending the night with his family eating food and playing board games and all the other Christmas things families do, you and Shawn go back up to his room to watch movies and cuddle and just kill time until midnight so you could wish each other a Merry Christmas before going to sleep.
⦁ Both of you had planned on exchanging gifts with the rest of his family on Christmas morning, but Shawn was getting too excited about the necklace.
⦁ Midnight rolls in, you wish each other a Merry Christmas, and you’re so tired and already half asleep. But Shawn couldn’t wait any longer so would wake you up.
⦁ At first you would be a little annoyed with him because you wanted to sleep. But you would instantly forgive him when seeing the giant goofy smile on his face and how giddy and excited he was.
⦁ He would jump out of bed and run to his closest where he’s been hiding all your gifts, returning with a small box wrapped in this shiny red paper. And he’s never been that good at wrapping presents, but he really tried to make an effort and even tried tying a bow out of this glittery gold ribbon, but it just ended up looking a mess.
⦁ You would sit there holding this box confused because “We agreed to open everything in the morning.” But he would just keep pestering you until you opened it. So you did.
⦁ And you would stare down at this beautiful necklace in awe and slightly shocked because you really didn’t think he would remember you sending him that photo.
⦁ Shawn, being the cheeseball he is, had this whole speech planned out, promising he’ll “take you to see the world” and whenever he’s away “you’ll always have a piece of me” and stuff.
⦁ You’d be crying a bit and Shawn would panic because he thought you hated the gift of something but in fact you really, really loved it. And he would smile and wipe away your tears and kiss you like ten thousand times before helping you to put the necklace on.
⦁ And you guys would just lay in bed for another hour or so talking about anything that came to mind.
⦁ Eventually you would fall back to sleep all cuddled into Shawn with your head on his chest. And he would stay awake a bit longer, still smiling as he played with the charm on the necklace as he watched you sleep before his own eyes finally drifted shut.

Not Just a Girl

Fic Request: Can you do one where Lydias kind of like the smart girl in school no one really notices until Stiles the popular kid at school starts dating her and all these girls get jealous and start bashing at lydia?

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Nerd!Lydia

Author: allineedcd

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I played charades with SHINee!


I’m sorry this is so long!!! I wanted to be very detailed!

Brooke (@brookelyns12), Heather, and I went to the SHINee fan meet in Chicago tonight! We were among the 20 ladies picked to go up on stage and play charades with SHINee! So, here’s how the evening went for me.

So first, I have to say how we were picked. When we first got into the venue, my friend stopped a guy (Eddie, he was super nice and amazing), and asked where our seats were and he said “Oh, they’re over there. Do you want to go on stage and play a game with SHINee?” and we went “uh… yes. That would be good.” So he told us that after they sang “Hello” we needed to go to the side door and meet him and was it okay that we were going to miss the Q&A part and we were like “yeah that’s fine.”

So, we find out seats and I literally had to breathe into a bag to calm down. We made friends with some girls sitting by us and one girl near us could scream so loudly that it hurt, so I’m really glad that I brought ear plugs. Also, the music was super loud and hurt, too, so another reason I was glad.

So, they came out and sang “Everybody” 0.0 and then they introduced themselves and only Onew bowed because I think he forgot (I don’t know, but i loved it!) and they introduced themselves in english. And when Jjong did, a fan boy shouted “I LOVE YOU!” and Jjong smiled and said “I love you, too” in english! and Minho kept saying “Chi-town” instead of Chicago and I saw him tear up during them introducing themselves because of how loud we all were for them. Key said they were so blown away by us and the love they had already received and he wanted to know where we get out shirts and CDs (merchandise, basically) because he knows they don’t have a store in the U.S. I don’t know if they found out (the MC said something about Ebay, but I don’t personally tend to use Ebay, I typically use kpoptown and cdjapan).

Then they went off stage to change and the MC talked to us. He joked that we would cheer for anything he said and then said “I had eggs for breakfast!” and we cheered really loudly and he laughed. Then SHINee came back out and they played the fan video for them. And Jjong cried and so many people had amazing videos and OMG THEY INCLUDED MINE!!!  In the video I had hearts over my head and told them how proud we all are of them and how much we love them and just want them to be happy and Onew did wavy hands at the screen during my video and I FREAKED OUT and fell down into my seat and sobbed for a few seconds. Then after the fan videos, they sang “Hello” and it was so good! 

When the song ended, we ran out and met the other girls who were doing the game, too. Eddie told us to put our bags down in the waiting room and then we lined up in a backstage hall and they separated us into 5 teams of 4 people. There were only 3 of us, so we had another girl added to our team.  She told us she came to the fan meet because her sister wanted to for her birthday and that she was turning 14 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMAZING GIRL!!!) I’m so excited and happy for her that she got to do this on her birthday!

Then, they had us go out on stage and line up and SHINee each drew a ball with a number on it and that number told them which team they got. We were team 1 and Onew got us (he gave the ball with the number on it to the other girl in our group and she was so excited)! Jjong got team 2, Key got team 3, Minho got team 4, and Taemin got team 5. Then they tried to tell us how to play the game and it was loud and confusing and I looked at the girl and said “I don’t know what we’re doing?” and Onew leaned over and said “Me either.” And then I figured out it was charades and I leaned over to him and said “Okay, so you’re supposed to act out the word on the paper and we have to guess.” and he said “Only me?” and looked so adorably perplexed and I said “I don’t know. Maybe.” That was right.

Taemin’s team went first. Their category was school and they got 12 correct. He was so cute and silly acting out the things and he was super impressed when his team guessed some of the words. Onew laughed at the faces Taemin was making. Also, Onew realized that it was really hard to hear the girls’ guesses, so he went over and held a microphone up for them. He did it for Minho’s team, too. Minho’s team was next and their category was occupations and they got 9 correct. The first one was firefighter and it was so cute how he pretended to have a hose and AAHHHHHHH! Key’s category was instruments and they got 10 correct. Minho and Taemin stood behind him and tried to distract the girls and it was hilarious. Onew and I kept leaning forward trying to see the card to see what the words were. When we weren’t sure what xylophone was, he went over and looked at it and then came back and said “oh! It’s xylophone!” and he said it in the cutest voice! Then came Jjong’s turn and his category was movies and they got 10 right. And he totally cheated. He just started saying famous lines from the movies and it was hilarious. Also, Onew has apparently never seen Avatar because Jjong didn’t know how to do that one and they had to pass and Onew went and looked at it and came back with this confused look on his face. 

Then it was our turn. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! We got animals and we got 9 correct. I told Onew not to worry too much because I know he’s a amazing actor and we can do this! Key held the microphone for us. Onew had 3 boxes to choose from and so he walked over and had me choose which box to do. He opened it so cutely (just kept tossing it all adorably and aggressively on the ground). When we were getting ready to guess, Key held the microphone up to me and I said “Do you believe we can do this?” and he said “I don’t know.” and I said “Do it. Believe in us!” Then we were about to start and I went to give Onew a high five and he wiped his hand on his pants first and then gave me one and then the went down our line and gave the whole team one! I can’t remember all the animals we went through (I do remember my friend took forever to get giraffe, but please forgive her. She’s a new SHAWOL!), but Onew did so well! I ended up being last and the word was tiger and so Onew roared and pretend to bat things with his hands, so I started guessing big cats, but I guess I spoke too quickly and quietly because I said “lion? tiger? cat? uhh…” and he kept doing it and Key said “It’s a big cat” and so I was guessing leopard and mountain lion and Key said “Keep going. It’s like that.” and so I went back to lion and Onew ended up saying “No, lion.” and then time ran out. They told me it was tiger and Key said “Yeah. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger.” and I said “I said tiger.” and he said “but you didn’t get it.” and I did this little jump at him (Okay, it looks kinda aggressive in the video, but I wasn’t that close to him and he’s really tall and I think I just startled him because I’m really small and have literally no stage fright) and said “I said tiger!” and Onew came over and said “She said tiger!” into his mic and Key said “I’m not the judge.” So I went over to the MC and said “I said tiger!” and Onew ran over and yelled into the mic “SHE SAID TIGER!!” and the MC pretend to call security. So I walked away because I didn’t really care, but if our team lost, then Onew would have to do punishment and I didn’t want that! Then the MC said “that’s one aggressive girl!” and I walked back over to him and put my hands on his arms and said “It’s really okay, because it’s really loud in here and you just didn’t hear me. It’s okay.” and he said “Yeah, it is really loud. Okay.”

So we walked back to our spots and Onew came over to me and said “The next one was jelly fish. What? How?” and then he and my friend tried to figure out how to do jelly fish for a second and he laughed. Then they announced that Taemin won and he did this adorable proud spin! Jjong was really proud of his team and he gave them all a big hug! Not to be shown up, Onew pulled us all in his team in to a big hug and he hugged us so tightly and warmly. They decided that Minho and Onew lost and they let us leave the stage. We walked off and went back to Eddie and got our stuff and went to our seats. I found out that between me leaving stage and me getting to my seat, the MC announced that I actually had said tiger and that Onew shouldn’t get punished, but they still did it anyway. You should know that my friends and I basically made friends with any staff member that walked past us. We kept asking Eddie if he needed anything because we were so grateful and he thought it was really sweet and told us to find him after the show, but we couldn’t because venue staff ushered us out (which is understandable, but it was sad that we didn’t get to hang with our new friend.) I also want to say about this that I genuinely wanted to hang out with EDDIE because he seemed really cool and friendly and wasn’t trying to use him as a way to get any private one-on-one time with any of SHINee. Someone suggested that to me later and I got mad. SHINee are busy and need their personal time and I SERIOUSLY do not want to interrupt that at all. I got to see them and that is genuinely enough for me. 

After the game, we went back to our seats and they did the punishment game for Onew and Minho. They had to act out how they’d act if their girlfriend was mad at them. They looked embarrassed, but did it so cutely! Onew pretended his girlfriend slapped him and then they talked it out and made up and it was so cute! Sassy Key called out saying that Onew’s acting was bad. Then Minho had to do it and he made Onew pretend to be his girlfriend and proceeded to try to jump all over Onew and kiss his face and when Onew pushed him away, he did major aegyo and you could see Onew fighting a smiling but holding it together well. It was so cute! After that they sang another song (was it Replay? I can’t remember) and then they went backstage to change again. They played a behind the scenes video of the making of View and it was precious!!!! I’ve seen it before, but still! “Carrot no no!” Then SHINee came back on and sang View! and then they sang Sherlock (? honestly I’m having a super hard time remember what they sang after I got back to my seat). They ended and said goodbye and Key promised to come back again because of how impressed they were and how great we were and he was the last off stage (Minho was second to last and did his thing where he walks to every edge of the stage and waves at EVERYBODY) and kept talking to us in English about how they ARE going to come back!

When we left the venue, we found a group of 3 women outside just sitting and crying. So we went over and gave them tissues and consoled them and they told us that they were just so happy. They had been fans since SHINee debuted and they were older fans (about 30 years old, I think, probably a little less) and they had never imagined that they would get this opportunity. If SHINee had done this ANYWHERE else in the states, they wouldn’t have gotten to go, so this was huge for them! I actually videoed them telling us some of this. I am going to post it later, because THAT is the kind of thing SHINee needs to see. They need to see that they have fans in the states that have been around since the beginning and are so proud of them! I know not everyone has been a fan that long, myself included, but I need them to know that they are SO loved!

So, this is what it’s like to see SHINee up close in the flesh. Taemin is a literal fairy, but, at the same time hilarious, sexy, sweet, clever, and gorgeous! Minho could be carved from marble and I would see no difference. He has so much love for us in his heart! He’s so happy and sees how amazing his life is! Some idols don’t see, but he sees! Jonghyun… wow! You’ve seen pictures of him, but they do NO justice for him! He is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t even get to get that close to him. He’s so happy and clever and funny! One of the movies he had to do was Jurassic Park (Onew laughed really hard at that!) and so he just pointed at his face and then did t-rex arms! I laughed so hard! Dino!!!! He was also very loving with his team and gave them hugs and hand shakes! He’s also nowhere near as short as people make him out to be! I would look quite small compared to him! and HIS HAIR WAS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL LIGHT PINK AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Key can’t be real. His skin is flawless. His voice is sassy yet deep. He’s dark chocolate! His eyes are so intense (yes he had contacts in, but the point is, he was making intense eye contact with me). He’s tall and thin and if he couldn’t sing he’d be a model in a second! When you stand next to him, you can just FEEL him. His aura is huge and intense, but delicious. And Onew… How do I talk about this boy? How do I portray how sweet he was? How every time we looked at him he would look right back into our eyes. How he tried so hard to understand the things we were saying and respond well to them. How his tan skin glows  and his eyes light up when he smiles at you! His smile is sunshine and his laugh is a choir of angels! His hands are so much smaller than I expected, but not in a bad way (definitely bigger than mine!). He gave us all the attention that we needed to know that we were important to him and what we had to say was important. He was so comfortable and observant. And you should know, during our group hug, I had my arm wrapped around his back and my head against his chest and his back and chest are so wide and firm and strong feeling! Like, you can feel how stable he is physically. Like leaning against a warm, comforting… wall, I guess. And he smelled AMAZING (especially considering him being under the lights and sweating and stuff). He didn’t smell like any particular smell. He smelled clean and… safe. He smelled like home. I never want to forget how he made me feel! He made me feel so important and needed and loved. 

anonymous asked:

Question - which you don't have to answer - would you be interested in talking abt *how* you write? More specifically I guess how you outline/plan your fics; esp world ain't wide enough. You kind of are the president of Unrequited Pining, but how you managed to drag it out for 16 chapters and make it both the familiar rhythm of pining fic and also emotionally refreshing is beyond me. I really love ur fics and want to learn from them but am bad at understanding why what I'm reading works so well?

hi! thanks so much! i assume you mean world ain’t ready although oh man a hamilton crossover would be wild. all i know for sure is that hercules mulligan is DEFINITELY the straight guy in lavender jeans who makes inexplicable mix cds and mysteriously always knows the hot gossip.

anyway i’m gonna try to be helpful here although honestly it would be disingenuous for me to present myself as an authority on plotting. w.a.r. was the first fanfic i ever started with any serious intent of finishing, and prior to then, plot was by far the thing i struggled with most. i think the longest piece of original fiction i had ever even finished was maybe fifteen pages. in college i majored in creative writing but with a focus on creative nonfiction, because my main goal at the time was to do david sedaris-style comic essays but also in part because i could never keep fiction projects going for very long and it made me feel like a phony, like i didn’t deserve to call myself a writer

(a feeling i had all the way through college and still have now sometimes but that’s its own whole can of fish)

so anyway then i graduated in the middle of a recession with a creative writing degree and had some real rough years, until i was just like fuck it, fuck trying to make something deep or literary i’m gonna think about all the elements i love reading in fanfics and i’m gonna write the most self-indulgent fic in the entire goddamn world 

i wrote the first few scenes with no real plan for where it was going and to give you an idea of how little i knew i DECIDED ON FAKE DATING IN PART BECAUSE I HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT WAS GOING TO BE THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO GET THEM TOGETHER

i was like, ‘man who knows when i’ll ever write another fanfic, this is probably the only one i’ll ever really do so let’s try to make this as easy on myself as possible’



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got7 as your best friend

Jaebum: Acts like the older brother you never had. The type to give you a pat on the back and wrap an arm around your shoulders if you need to be comforted. Whenever you two hang out, you’re usually just lounging around his house with the TV on. If you’re younger, expect loads of teasing but be careful if you retaliate because he’s definitely going to pull the whole ‘I’m older than you what do you think you’re doing’ card. When you’re feeling affectionate and give him hugs or place a hand on his shoulder unconsciously, he’ll tease you and say ‘what are you doing don’t touch me’ but you only hug him harder. He makes a show to act ‘manly’ and with bravado but a gentle slap on the chest from you makes him burst into giggles and stop.

Mark: Now this guy is someone you can call at 3 am for some late iHop runs and he’ll answer on the second ring. If you own a dog, he’s going to visit a lot and you’ll whine ‘did you come to hang out with me or my dog’. Pillow fights will definitely happen, especially when he’s in a really giddy mood but he’s also down for just popping in a movie and laughing at your commentary. He’s the friend that you drunkenly made out with at a party but decided the next day that it wouldn’t work out since he’s him and well, you’re you. When you guys hit the town for a bite, he tends to play with any dog he sees so keep an eye out for him. You yell at him not to do flips in your house because last time he broke 3 vases, 5 dishes, and almost died but he still does it so you’re like “Mark if you do any more flips in my house, I swear to God–”

Jackson: He’s the one who has a key to your house and wakes you up when you’re sleeping in on a Saturday because– “(y/n) wake up! It’s a beautiful day out!” The self proclaimed work-out buddy because you happened to have said that you wanted to exercise more for your New Year’s resolution and he never let that go. When you’re going out to eat fast food, he always pushes on healthier alternatives and you appreciate that but sometimes you just want a damn hamburger. Don’t worry though, because at the end of the week is your meat date and he always pays despite you insisting to get this one. He’s always making you laugh but you can always tell when he’s down in the dumps and you just remind him that it’s okay to express his feelings and offer him any consolation and advice. You’re the shoulder he leans on. 

Junior: Your second mom. The minute you text that you aren’t feeling well, expect him to show up at your door with a canteen of hot soup, medicine, and a nice good book. He’s always recommending you novels to read and whenever he asks if you’ve started reading, you’re just like “yup yeah I love the main character" and he looks at you like "did you even open the book?“ The type to bring up the shit you did in the past because Jinyoung can be really petty and tease you at your expense but he always ends his teasing with "but you really changed and learned a lot”. Sometimes when you’re hanging out, it can get really quiet and then you both start laughing about the awkward silence. Whenever you want to see a movie because of a certain actor/actress or listen to a new band, he’s always like “yeah but I’m still your favorite right?”

Youngjae: The best friend who literally adds sunshine into your life and has ultimately made you a happier person. When he laughs, you start laughing. His jokes are corny as hell but you still can’t help but laugh because they’re so Youngjae. The snapchats he sends you are either really funny closeups of the other members or pictures of Coco. One time he recorded Jaebum on Snapchat and gradually zoomed in on his face but on the very last second, Jaebum turned his head to him and that was the last time you saw Youngjae. When you ask him to sing for you, he loudly whines “whyyyy” and you always compliment him. Sometimes when he’s over at your house and you’re both just scrolling on your phones, you’ll hear him loudly say a phrase in English (examples are: “Yo yo, man~”, “Hey, man!”, or “(y/n), how you feeling?”) 

Bambam: This is the guy you want to shop with because he’ll always give you his honest opinion and if he doesn’t think it suits you that well, he follows up with an alternative. One time you decided to buy a brown dress and he said “No, no, no, it fits nicely but how about this blue one?” And to this day, you’re thankful because you managed to snag the number of a cute looking bartender. Whenever you hang out with him, it’s always fun and very happy because Bambam always has a way to make everything very bright. You take him out to eat meat a lot (and sometimes Jackson comes along) because you’re worried about how thin he is but he’s like “Waah are you my mom?” Expect loads of girl group dancing too. When he’s feeling down in the dumps, because Bambam is also human, you’re always there to bring him back up. 

Yugyeom: The little punk who always pulls pranks on you but you can’t beat him up for it because you’re too busy laughing as well. There’s a prank war between the two of you currently and he’s still trying to get back at you for pouring tablespoons of salt in his chocolate shake. But you both look out for each other and because of him, you’ve also gotten closer to Bambam since the two are practically inseparable. For his birthday, your last present was with a homemade, heartfelt card and the latest Chris Brown CD and boy did he almost start crying. He’s always trying to show off his dance moves to you and you secretly record him on Snapchat but one time he saw you and he just stood there and whined, “(y/n) whyyyyy”. Whenever you call him his nickname, Browny, he always ducks his head down with a grin.