but he's more of a nerdy cute

I don’t think some of y’all understand swing dancing is not easy and is so cute and fun and romantic and it involves a lot of lifts and is very fast and is usually seen as one of the more fun, flirtatious dances and I cannot believe that Matthew Daddario, out of all the possible types of dances, can swing dance like it literally makes me swoon how nerdy and adorable is he like swing dancing is like Danny and Sandy in Grease dancing with all the lifts and the spinning and the laughing and smiling like I want to swing dance with him so badly and do a hip lift with him and have him twirl me around and see him laugh and smile because he said people want to dance with him because he looks like he’s enjoying himself and I’m so emotional over this guys more emotional than I should be but Matthew Daddario can swing dance

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Imagine Taehyung is a rich boy attending private school and being popular with boys and girls everywhere.

While Jimin is just a country boy from busan that happened to got into Taehyung school due to his talent in singing and dancing.

Taehyung thought Jimin was nerdy when he first saw the boy because Jimin was shy and quiet and his glasses wasn’t really helping with his popularity. Then one day, Jimin fell asleep in the studio due to exhaustion for having to balance both school and his part time job and Taehyung found him.

Taehyung just watch him sleep for a while before realizing the new boy was captivating him and ran out of the studio.

Later on, Taehyung start noticing jimin and saw how cute the busan boy was with or without his glasses and start learning more about the other boy.

and…idk how to continue this….

we got through all the angsty passive-aggressive fighting




AND JIYA BEING ALL CUTE AND WORRIED AND ALSO A GENIUS. did you see her super adorbs and relieved hello to rufus?????






this episode more than makes up for all the angsty happenings from last week, praise be. 


What I promised, the 3rd and final part of the Jock!Eren x Nerd!Levi prompt by ererifanatic. [Part 1] [Part 2]

It was really fun to make the 3 parts of your prompt and I wished I could do more, but since uni is starting this might be my last drawing for a long time haha. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot and it was such a nice prompt <:

Pose ref from here

Modern Fairytale

Modern Fairytale

Word Count: 15,882 (omg)
Rating: T
Genres: angst/fluff
Warnings: language, (some) violence, mentions of blood

Synopsis: Dan hadn’t even wanted to go watch his flatmate’s friend’s band perform, but now he was backstage and trying really hard not to make eye contact with the guitar player because he was really, really, unfairly cute. Or, the ridiculously long and fluffy sassy pastel!Dan and nerdy punk!Phil AU that no one wanted.

read on AO3

Not real; read more here. Don’t reblog and tag Dan or Phil, cheers.

A/N: i can’t believe i’m doing this, good god, HI, this is my first phanfic and i hope you like it. one hundred per cent inspired by llster‘s pastel!dan/punk!phil au, which is my all-time fave, and i used a bit of that storyline, but also added my own spin, so i hope that’s okay! i just really wanted some pastel/punk where dan and phil’s personalities were more similar to the real ones we see (so i’m sorry for the language but it’s just meant to be realistic dan ha). i’d love to hear your feedback, good or bad, just please be constructive! ty for reading!

“Could you at least try and look like you’re having a good time?”

“I’m having a great time, see?”

Dan pointed at his face, wearing the most deadpan expression he could muster.

“You’re so irritating,” Ed grumbled, shoving him on the arm.

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Dan reasoned with him, pushing himself off the pole he’d been leaning on and drawing up to his full height in an attempt to look a little more enthusiastic. “And I’m not having a bad time… it’s just that those first two bands were…”

“Not great?” Ed suggested.


“Oh shut up, just because this isn’t your taste in music.”

“You don’t need to like heavy metal to be able to hear when a drummer is out of time or when a singer is doing an excellent re-enactment of my grandma’s cat the time I stepped on it.”

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Nancy Drew Characters and Pokemon Go
  • Nancy: Hits every pokestop in the world(literally) yet still forgets to actually catch pokemon or leave the app open to hatch eggs.
  • George: Owns every gyms in River Heights, hatches eggs like their no tomorrow.
  • Bess: Only catches the pokemon she thinks are cute, has ten million weedles, pidgeys, and rattatas because no one wants them and she feels bad. Drives slow to hatch eggs.
  • Ned: Is like level 100 cause theres a million pokestops on campus and even more pokemon. Post pictures of all his pokemon because he's proud of them
  • Joe: Tried the ceiling fan trick and regretted it, nearly crashed the car because their was a pikachu.
  • Frank: Caught them all, literally all of them, no cheating but probably done in a very nerdy and strategic way. Also had to bring Joe to the hospital after the ceiling fan incident.

Saphael soulmate AU:

  • Simon has a name on his wrist and Raphael has a name on his wrist.
  • Raphael’s world was always black and white all his life so he thought it was normal and he thought he is colorblind.  When he turned into vampire, he was disappointed due to no change to his colorblindness.  That change when He first spots the nerdy cute mundane in the group while hiding behind the trashed car, and later kidnaps him. He thank Camille later for this.
  • Simon’s wrist says “on the contrary, I do.” and Raphael’s wrists  says “if your goal is to scare the crap out of me, mission accomplished.”
  • Raphael’s wrist is counting down in the alarming rate when he and Lily Chen fly to the City of Bones. The timer hits zero when he kidnaps Simon in the car.
  • Raphael does not understand why Simon’s blood sings to him more than any blood he encountered over the 80 years he’s been a vampire.
  • Raphael has a pebble that glows when he is near his soulmate.
  • Simon has drawing on his arm and it states weird stuff about vampires.  Simon shrugs it off thinking he was drunk last night. Across town, Raphael is writing on his arm out of bored. 
  • Simon sings sometimes and whenever he does, across town Raphael would be doing something and starts singing abruptly.  All Vampires are used to it.
  • Raphael had a red string around his wrist and Simon has a red string on his wrist and the red strings is then tattooed into their skin when they meet. 
  • Simon has a weird tattoo on his wrist and it is a cross and Raphael has a tattoo on his wrist and it is a glasses. 
  • Raphael’s dreams of a boy in sunlight.  Simon dreams of a boy walking to Taki’s at night.
  • Raphael has a guitar and Simon has a cross and when they meet, they notice they have each others items they been missing for some time.
  • Raphael works at a coffee shop and Simon always gets coffee from him.
  • Simon hears a certain music and plays it one night at Hotel DuMort and Raphael is speechless because it is is his song.
  • Simon dreams of Raphael what is happening when Raphael is awake and when Raphael is sleeping he sees What Simon does for the day.

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YanDev is liking your posts about the Gaming Club leader's personality and headcanons so there's a chance he might actually be a grumpy old gamer


More seriously, it would be really cool, because I talked with few players on differents platforms and IRL and they would love to have him as a grumpy motherfucker because it really change from the usual “im nerdy and i just wanna touch boobs” trope. :’D And to quote art.club.leader on Instagram “There’s too many positive characters in Yansim, we need a grumpy ass like him”. Aww

So if it happens, i’m gonna seriously throw all my money in the kickstarter and the final game!!

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Engaged- Ashton Irwin


“Hey baby.” Ashton says walking into the bedroom.

“Hey.” I say fidgeting with my ring. He proposed 2 months ago and our date is in 2 weeks.

“My lovely fiancé,” he says holding onto my waist as I smiled widely.“what, on earth, are you thinking about?” My smile dropped almost immediately. The single tear that ran down down my face earlier does it once more.

“Whoa, baby what’s wrong?” He asks wiping the tears from my cheek.

“It’s just….my grandma…….and the wedding-” he stops me before I can carry on.

“Are you having second thoughts on the wedding?” He asks as tears start to well up in his eyes.

“No, no. Of course not, baby. It’s just that,” I take a deep breath,“ my grandma always wanted to be at my wedding. And look I know that she had died when I was thirteen and that I got the clarity I needed but I feel like walking down the isle without her would be a disgrace.”

“Baby, it’s not a disgrace. I know she will be there with you, she would be so happy you’re even getting to walk down the isle. I love you so much and I know she will watch over you no matter what trouble or milestones we go through.” The tears that stream down my face start making my cheeks get all puffy and red. He finishes and I press my lips on his.

“Thank you.” I whisper against his lips as he smiles and pulls me in closer. He starts to get on top of me and I got this huge grin on my face.


Today is the big day, and I’m officially freaking out. My mom is helping me into my heels. I started to cry knowing that in about an hour I’m going to be walking down the isle to be married to the love of my life.

“Oh, well my little girl is all grown up now isn’t she. You look just as beautiful as I hoped you would be.” She says choked up on tears she tries to hold back.

“Don’t cry, If you start I’ll start.” I say as the tears run down my face. She rushes to my side wiping the tears off my face with a tissue.

“Okay we have to go out there. But you have 45 minutes, okay?” She says smiling at me and I nod. Standing in front of the mirror making sure that I look just right.

I can’t believe I’m marrying the love of my life. He is actually my Prince Charming but in a weird Cinderella story. We met on the metro at the airport. Well you know when two people run into each other and drop there phones and then they switch them because they had the same case. Yeah, that’s our story. It’s way more romantic when he explains it. He would always say “fate and destiny have brought us together, forever, it was obviously a sign and I’m not letting that go ever.”

“I figured you were still here.” I hear Luke say as I look up scared it was Ashton.

“You look amazing, I knew Ashton meet the right one as soon as he talked about you.” He says fixing the cuff on his shirt.

“I don’t know.” I say still on edge about everything.

“Are you having cold feet?” He asks and I shrug as tears well my eyes.

“Do you love him?” He asks as I look up in shock. “Do you? When you look in his eyes do you see your guys future? Do you see the kids running around in your backyard? Do you see your last waking moment with him and a binding ring that will last for eternity?” He asks as tears start rolling down my cheeks.

“Do you?”

I finally sit down as sobs break down.

“Yes I love him. I see every star in his eyes, I see our last breath together, I see everything all of the tears all of the laughs and snores and every last moment. He is my Everything and I can’t live my life without him.” I sob my hands over my face.

“I knew you loved him. I knew it.”

Misguided Constellations (Part 1)

Note: I’ve seen many shippers act like Smackle and Farkle’s feelings for each other aren’t real, they do the same with Riley and Lucas. I got the idea of writing a fic about Smackle and Lucas bonding over this. Heavy Lucadora friendship with Smarkle and Rucas sprinkled in.

Isadora Smackle mouthed the formulas from the latest math lesson, as she walked towards the girls’ bathroom. She quickly rushed into a stall but was distracted by the familiar voices of two girls from her biology class.

“No way are Smackle and Farkle the best couple,” Samantha said as she applied her lip gloss. “They’re so boring!”

“I think they’re kinda cute,” shrugged her friend, Lisa. “In a nerdy way. Although, I think Farkle is way too hot for Smackle. She is so nerdy and all about science, way more than Farkle.”

“He totally is,” Samantha agreed. “I think he’d be so cute with Maya! You know what they say about science and creativity!”

“If he would be cute with anyone it would be Riley!” Lisa gushed. “I mean do you see the way he looks at her! Gosh, he is so in love!”

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Hey! Can I get a HP and Avengers ship? I'm pretty short. I'm bi but I like boys most. I have short dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'm shy at first but when I get more comfortable I'm extremely playful. I'm very nerdy and love to read. Thank you!

I ship you with…

Harry Potter

Trio Era

Draco Malfoy

He would love and think your absolutely adorable!

Marauders Era

Remus Lupin

You two would be so cute!


Bucky Barnes

He would love you so much! You are so perfect for him!

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Okay, so if James was the mother hen, what was Remus? Was he the grandma that snuck everyone chocolate? What are THOSE headcanons like?

honestly no, i think that remus was more like the nerdy but cool uncle who swears at the dinner table

  • because seriously, remus lupin swears a lot 
  • don’t get tricked by his innocent face and cute smile, no
  • “where in the bloody hell is my fucking transfiguration book??????”
  • actually james, sirius and peter would bet how many “fucks” remus would say during the day 
  • (the winner by the closest guess was peter with the bet of 75)
  • i mean, remus was that kind of person that stays quiet during a discussion/fight with only the judging look in his face
  • but then he says something and dammmmmmmmn
  • remus is the kind of person that always wins a rap battle
  • and he creates the best pranks
  • remus lupin is the evil brain i’m not kidding 
  • especially because no one thinks that he could do that 
  • he always get away of detentions
  • sirius always blames his puppy eyes
  • james puts the guilt in his kind smile
  • peter says that his weak look always works with woman that is way mcgonagall never blames him for any of his pranks
  • seriously tho remus could forget about a homework and says “i’m so sorry professor but my mates here were unbearably noisy last night and i was not feeling weel i couldn’t concentrate”
  • but remus was the one who started the party
  • and still flitwick would put james, sirus and peter in dentention
  • and give remus some chocolate
  • (that actually happened two or three times)
  • don’t forget that sarcasm was remus lupin second language
  • in poa when snape accuses harry of getting the marauders map directly from the manufacturers (because snape knew who messrs moony, wormtail, padfoot and prongs were) and remus say oh no severus this is rubbish i’m sure that harry got this from zonko’s
  • oh my god
  • snape knew the truth, remus knew that snape knew and still, remus didn’t fucking care 
  • and i’m sure that remus was internally giggling
  • and the thing with neville’s boggart
  • 33 years old remus lupin put boggart-snape in an old woman clothes in front of all of his students in the first day of school
  • god bless this man

My sister and I had started writing a KatsuDeku AU where Katsuki was an all out nerd who had the biggest crush on beautiful, cute, popular Izuku.

Although, Izuku was nice, and he didn’t approve of the other students bullying Katsuki he cared about his reputation too much to step in and stop them. He was currently dating Iida, and he didn’t want him to know that he was kind to a person like Katsuki.
And- to make nerdy Katsuki even more freakin cute. He always looks angry and pissed off because he can’t see well. His eyebrows are scrunched and he shoots glares at everyone because he can’t see them.

There isn’t much information about this one cause we put a pause on it. But I love it so much and once we continue it, im going to write more about it here!

Just Add Moonlight

Look here is my street cred! It’s belated but whatever it still counts. ;) This was based on a series of tweets from nestingdean: “Today I would like u all to think about Dean visiting his aunt Ellen’s ranch for the summer and falling in love w/ the cute ranch hand, Cas. There are ridiculously tight wranglers, cowboy hats that remind Dean a little of Indiana Jones, and ofc, ass-less chaps.” I think I missed the ass-less chaps though, so I’m sorry.

Every summer Dean spends a month or two at his Aunt Ellen’s ranch while his parents go on a cruise and his brother Sam goes to some nerdy space or math camp.  It’s something Dean is more than okay with doing; he doesn’t need a camp to tell him how to hotwire a car or create an electromagnet that can wipe a hard-drive. Speaking of… that’s probably why his parents started sending him off to Roadhouse Ranch in the first place. These days, though, he goes more because he loves it and because Ellen needs the help more than he needs to get his act together.

This summer he’s going in hopes to figure out what to do with his life. He’s graduated high school, a miracle in and of itself his dad claims, and while he’s contemplated going to the community college or trade school closest to home, he’s just not sure that’s what he really wants. If he’s being honest, he loves being on the ranch, and if Ellen will let him, he’d like to turn this summer gig into a full time, year-round sort of deal. So he goes to the ranch with high hopes, and when he gets there, he thinks he might not be above begging to get Ellen to let him stay. Especially since she hired this ranch hand, someone new that Dean’s never seen before, and Dean doesn’t think he’ll ever see anyone like him ever again.

Read More on AO3

Ripper Street 3x06 commentary!!

Poor Artherton, poor toe :(

Why anyone thinks punching Drake is gonna be a good thing is beyond me…you tried Mr. Morton, you tried…

Edmund “what is this rest thing you keep telling me to do” Reid is of course back at work instead of maybe taking a long sabbatical away from whitechapel

I love that Drake is refusing to go back to just being attack dog/interrogator :) now that’s character development

Jackson being all mad scientist and clever is my fave Jackson, I love it when he’s all intense science!!!!

I’m still in love with Mimi Morton who is a treasure and a force of nature.

Even better than Jackson being nerdy is Jackson AND Reid both being nerdy about new science stuff, can we talk about their giddy nerdy smiles and how cute that was??!?!?! I have not seen two grown men more adorably happy and ecstatic over fingerprints!!!

*makes frowny face at grandpa Abberline* why u so close minded :(

are we sure Jackson and Reid isn’t sleeping together bc Jackson sure is more concerned with Reid’s life than even Reid!

oh and Jackson his ridiculous hat have had a thought…oh damn i knew that fingerprints thing wasn just one time thing…oh no…don’t tell me Jackson is gonna find out Susan shot Reid!

Ford: (Does/says something rude and jerk-like)

Me: Oh my God Ford be nicer to your brother.

Ford: (Does/says something cute and nerdy)

Me: Haha, that’s cute but seriously be nicer to your brother.

Ford: (Hints at past trauma)

Me: Oh my God that’s so sad but you still need to be nicer to your brother.

Ford: (Exists)

Me: Be nicer to your brother. Apologize to your brother. Thank your brother for all he’s done for you, BE NICER TO HIM, I’LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR, I’LL BREAK DOWN YOUR FACE, STANFORD FILBRICK PINES YOU BE NICER TO YOUR BROTHER.

Pearl becoming close with certain humans & learning from humans in general is very important to me and in addition to her and Greg being my brotp I have headcanons about Pearl and Connie’s friendship too like

  • Connie being nerdy and cute and talking to Pearl about books and history and things she’s into because Steven listens and he cares because she cares but sometimes you just need someone who cares because THEY care, y’know?
  • Connie as a younger teen struggling w/ time management & perfectionism and Pearl being there with a little advice and a lot of “listen if i knew i’d tell you kid” but it’s fine because it’s mostly just. having someone to commiserate with
  • Pearl admitting her mistakes more easily and being more humble with Connie than she is with anyone else b/c she knows Connie’s seen her at her worst early on but also that she understands feeling like you have to prove yourself. Connie & Pearl just really being on the same wavelength about the self-worth thing and cheering each other on to get better about it but also not putting any pressure on each other or ever demanding too much emotional work. Connie & Pearl using their friendship as fun, relaxed downtime in between the hard work of growing into better versions of themselves (and helping save the world).
  • PEARL TELLING CONNIE STORIES ABOUT ROSE That are…different from how she usually talks about her–the funny stories and the stories about times they argued and the stories about times Pearl had to bail her out and times they both got in huge trouble and the times she knew she loved her. And she doesn’t even really mean to but the thing is that…Connie talks about the adventures she has with Steven. And the conversations just happen organically like that.
  • Pearl being a fucking mom and trying to grill Connie about Steven when they’re teenagers and Connie’s like nope privileged information
  • Connie knowing a side of Pearl that nobody else knows because on the one hand they’re very similar but on another hand Connie doesn’t have any of that baggage of knowing about her and Rose or her past. Pearl just being really loose and open with Connie, the two of them laughing a lot and having inside jokes and teasing each other.
  • PEARL CALLING CONNIE ‘KIDDO’ ALL THE TIME, SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHERE SHE PICKED THAT UP, MAYBE IT WAS FROM PRIYANKA (who I imagine she’d also chat with a lot once they hit it off even if there was a lot of discomfort to get through) BUT SHE CAN’T STOP SAYING IT NOW
  • Connie introducing herself to anyone connected to the Gems as Pearl’s apprentice and Pearl being like omfg STOP 
  • Connie running Pearl the fuck through with a sword at least once and she’s like ohmy gosh im so sorry!!! i thought you were a hologram!!!!!! and Pearl is like…...i’m so proud…..
  • and then she yells ‘do yOUR DRILLS WHILE I’M GONE’ and poofs
  • Connie and Steven getting married when they’re grown up because we all know they’re going to and Connie telling Pearl she wants her to plan their decorations because she knows she’ll make them beautiful and Steven and the gems reacting like “what have you done” and Pearl reacting to it like *clenches fist and holds it aloft with tears in eyes*
  • Connie’s extended family throws her a sangeet and Pearl doesn’t actually come to it b/c she’s not family but the evening after she stops by and she has. Rose’s sword with a bow on it & she’s like “it’s not really a gift since you already use it but I thought…this was the time when it really should be yours, you know? I mean…the most important thing about it is…” and she shrugs and gets a little choked up and says “it goes with the shield…”
BTS Reacting to You Having a Girly and Innocent Style

JIN: Seokjin would love the girly and innocent style. He would always call you cute and adorable when you were dressed up for a date, or if you were just going out to the store.

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SUGA: Yoongi wouldn’t care about what you wore or what your body type was. It would be in a good way though. If he had to chose, he’s choose a girl with a androgynous and independent style. He’d still find it cute

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

J-Hope: Hoseok would think it’s cute, but he also likes a girl who can rock the egdy and hip-hop like. He’d also like a girl who could be nerdy, also he wouldn’t mind what your wore. He would like it’s nice to have a girl who can look good in anything. He would tell you that you were cute anytime he could.

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RAP MONSTER: Namjoon would think it’s nice. He wouldn’t really prefer a girl with a cutesy style but one with a more egdy style. Don’t get me wrong, he would find it cute. I just think he’d prefer a girl with a more edgy, hip-hop style. He’d still like the cute and innocent style depending on the person.

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JIMIN: Jimin would love it. We would eat every moment up that you were all dressed up. He would stare at you in a good way. He’d always call you a cute pet name or something like that.

Originally posted by booptae

V: Taehyung would be like Jimin. He would love it. He’d always call you his cuute darling. He’d want to take you out places to show you off and your style, but depending on the time, he wouldn’t care.

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JUNGKOOK: Kookie would like a girl with an independent style. He would think the cute, innocent style was sweet, but he really wouldn’t like it that much. He would mind because he would love you for you, not your looks.

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REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I’m sorry this took forever! It was harder to right than I thought. I didn’t know if you wanted gifs are not, so I put gifs~

~Admin Yoongi