but he's happy so yolo right

hear me out you guys, lance is Keith's first Smooch ever

-keith is a hermit,, a smol closeted gay boi who was kicked out of school for reasons still uncertain,, who also appears to have had a pretty questionable childhood

-basically my boy Keith hasn’t exactly had the time or emotional availability to really Play The Field

-we haven’t seen lance actively hit on anyone that isn’t female but I’m willing to bet my Bottom Dollar™ that he’s 🅱️isexual asf and he’s also got a Big Honkin Crush on keith,,, hence the rivalry

-Keith is 1002% a pining fool for Lance and the only person who has Any Clue is shiro bc he knows our boy keith better than anyone ok


-something Grand happens like idk they take down a giant galra fleet or some shit and everyone is really excited and hugging and cheering

-lance is like Fuq it yolo I like this boy and this is the perfect moment to touch his mouth with my mouth

-so he does

-and it was so fast keith barely even registered before lance had pulled away, still cheering. And he’s having a whole crisis about it bc he’s never smooched a person in his Got Dang Life

-nobody else even really pays it much attention bc they’re so happy and keith is standing there pretty well shooketh

-he’s nervous as fuck but later when everything has calmed down he’s stands outside of lances door for many many Moments waiting in the right one to knock on the other boys door

-just as he raises his hand to knock,,,,, lance opens it

-“I was just about to come see you.”

-keith can basically taste his heart tbh,, a stuttering f00l

-“I- you- I just- you- I mean- we-” he blush

-“I kissed you”

-“you did.” the red paladin is Red

-“no way dude was that your first kiss?”
Lance is basically shockdt aS All fuCk bc keith is genuinely the most stunning creature he has ever laid eyes on and he simply cannot fathom why anyone would ever pass up an opportunity to lock lips with keiTH koGaNe??

-there is a long lOnG silence ok

“Would you like me to be your second? And maybe some more after that?”

-keith faints bc he’s weak and lance is very smooth

-needless to say he takes lance up on his offer when he regains consciousness

"it's alright" (showki)

+ inspired by shawn mendes’ ‘imagination’
+ one!sided showki
+ i apologize because this is so bad
+ i have class tmr at 8 but its 01:17 am so why im not asleep
+ yolo


The bright lights on top of his head is shining against the vast, dark night sky. It seems like the stars are not around tonight, as the sky is only decorated with thinly grey clouds and the cooling summer breeze. The energy he is feeling right now is anything but happiness. He feels empty, but he too, doesn’t understand why he is experiencing this right now, when hundreds of people are around him, dancing and having the time of their lives, while he is standing here stoicly.

Hyunwoo sips the orange juice in two, threes, before exhaling another deep sigh. He doesn’t like to be in this kind of place; the beaming sound of the bass, the smell of sweat and youth, the blinding lights and the people. Mostly, the people.

But it’s Kihyun’s birthday party, so he has to be here. He needs to be here.


Oh, Hyunwoo’s heart is constricting again.

Yoo Kihyun, his childhood friend, his best friend, and sadly, his crush, is literally everything in Hyunwoo’s life. Kihyun is like the apple to his pie, and the one that managed to steal his heart.

Everything about the younger is so ethereal, from his features, his personality, his everything; he loves everything about Kihyun. Simply everything.

But the thing that hurts him the most is that, Kihyun had never realized his feelings for him.

One-sided love. It hurts.

A lot.

And it hurts the most when he is already with someone else.

Shin Hoseok, the school’s hottest boy, with looks that can kill and a body that is as fine as gold, is Kihyun’s boyfriend.

When Hyunwoo discovered about them, only God knows how much he broke down afterwards.

Hyunwoo is okay with Kihyun’s choices, but not this time.

Hoseok is anything but nice. He likes to play with people’s feelings.

Minhyuk. Hyungwon. Changkyun. Name it. All of them are Hoseok’s past lovers. The thing about Hoseok is that, when he gets bored of something, or rather someone, he will simply leave them without a word.

Hyunwoo doesn’t want that to happen to Kihyun.

But Kihyun loves Hoseok so much. Even when Hyunwoo told him the case, the younger will shrug it off with a “He will change. He loves me.”

God. How is it even possible for his heart to shatter after all this time?

His train of thoughts came to a halt when he heard Kihyun’s voice near to him. He looks up, and he sees them. Both of them.

Kihyun looks a bit stressed out, maybe it’s because drunk Hoseok is bluntly letting his inner thoughts out. Small wrinkles are forming along his forehead, one vein is connected to the other, his cheeks are flushed red, and his lips are tightly shut.


Everything about him is just so beautiful.

For a moment, their eyes met.

And for once, Hyunwoo stares, and stares, and stares.

Kihyun looks at him, and that rosy lips formed a sweet smile.

Hyung, his mouth forming the syllables of his words. Hyunwoo understands this. He walks out to the beach, waiting patiently for the younger to come.



Hyunwoo looks up from his toes, and sees Kihyun smiling at him. His hand is holding two cans of Coke.

“Thanks.” He says.

“Are you okay?” Hyunwoo asks, straight to the topic.

“Hoseok can be a bastard sometimes.” The younger says, chuckling sarcasticly.

“He brought a guy to my birthday party, and I saw them kissing. When I asked him, he said that they are just friends but they are technically eating each other’s faces out so? I’m so stressed out,”

Silence. The waves are washing the shore in a heartbeat.

Hyunwoo doesn’t know what to say. Every single time they are sitting like this, it’s always about Hoseok, Hoseok and Hoseok.

Hyunwoo is so sick of it.

“You can sort this out. I know you can.” He simply replies.

The sky is dark. But Kihyun is shining. And the light is so blinding, so mesmerizing.

“Oh, Kihyun-ah,” Hyunwoo calls, taking out a neatly-wrapped box from the paper bag he’s been holding ever since he arrived at the party.

“Happy birthday.” He says.

Kihyun smiles. And Hyunwoo is in love all over again.


Hyunwoo can’t help but to ruffle the younger’s hair.

“This is so beautiful. Thank you hyung.” A watch. He gave the younger a watch. A symbolism of his love.

“Thank you, hyung.” Kihyun smiles at him again.

And something in Hyunwoo snaps.

Slowly, hesitantly, he leans in, and plants a chaste kiss on the younger’s lips.

It’s soft. It’s delicate. It’s distinctively Yoo Kihyun.

Kihyun looks at him, shocked at first, but then, he closes his eyes, anticipating for more.

The inner beast that is trapped inside of his body awakens. He kisses the air out of Kihyun, his tongue tasting every nooks and crannies of the younger’s mouth, tracing rows of teeth with his tongue, bitting the plump bottom lip, eliciting a guilty moan from the younger.

A hand on his chest stops his every movement.

“Hyung…..” Kihyun calls, breathlessly. “I can’t do this. I’m not supposed to do this, I’m with Hoseok but you-”

Hyunwoo shuts him up with a finger on his now swollen lips.

“It’s alright.” He says. “It’s okay. I understand. It’s my fault. I got carried away.” He finishes his sentence with an awkward laugh and a broken heart.

Silence. The air around them is thick and dense. Hyunwoo wants it to fade away.

“You should go now. It’s your party after all.”

“O-okay. T-t-thanks again, hyung.” The younger stands up and left him all alone.

He curses under his breath, and he failed to notice the tears falling one by one from his eyes.

It hurts so much.

But he will wait. He is willing to wait.

Because even if time is running out, Hyunwoo will always crave for Kihyun, and will always wait for him, even if it takes a hundred years more. He’ll wait.

Because, it’s his symbol of love after all.

Rainy Days {MCxHunt Oneshot}

Summary: Oneshot where Liv and Hunt spend a rainy day together. Takes place before the fourth Hunt date. (Also the description of her outfit is so detailed partly because that’s what I’m wearing right now and partly because Hunt is very observant.) Inspired by airwreckyoface’s MCxChris fic “Storm” (amazing work!)

“In case you haven’t noticed it’s raining cats and dogs and you took about twenty minutes to open the door.” Alivianna huffed upon entering Thomas’ home. Hunt scowled and shut the door behind her. It had been a bit… awkward, after the charity auction. Little between them had been resolved except for the confirmation that Thomas did indeed harbor feelings for her.

“Hello to you too.” He said with disdain. “I see that you have dressed to impress today.” He said sarcastically as he quickly looked her up and down. She was wearing a loose-fitting white tee shirt with black sleeves that said “I Need Coffee,” most likely from Pink, grey leggings, and black high-top converse. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Secretly, Hunt thought she looked good all the time, but he dismissed it because he was biased to how she appears. She could show up in a garbage bag and he wouldn’t mind.

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