but he's fabulous

3x02 Clarke is just like…Peak Clarke:

plays dead
tries to garrote man 2x her size
screams when asked to be quiet
is petty
stabs a man in the chest
gets in roans head
is generally a Huge Pain in the ass
gives no fucks
cries about bellamy #relatable
begs for bellamys life

Pretty (Lazy)

Context: So our Paladin and I (the Rogue) were really badly poisoned after we all split up. My character recovered quickly while he was slowly dying. We were going to leave him like that until he started whining he was dying when we were going through the loot.

Paladin: C'mon, guys, it’s getting worse?

Me (OOC): DM, can I put this magic makeup on him so he shuts up?

DM(OOC): You… you don’t want to check it first? To see if it’s cursed or anything?

Sorceress(OOC): Can’t we do that afterwards?

DM: Alright, fine.

Me: Alright, makeup applied. [Sorceress], do your thing.

*rolls magic check*

DM: You notice that the makeup is not cursed. It also did not heal him. He is still dying, but he looks fabulous.

Paladin: Score. *fails check and passes out*