but he's black


0:45 Suga guesses Ty Dolla $ign

idk i saw moonlight on the day of the 45 election, in washington dc, with the black man i was dating. so i feel quiet about it. i loved it and it made me want to cry but everything about that day, that movie, that city, that experience, felt so un-mine, made me so aware of how i would be able to get on a plane back to australia, not be in the thick of the sadness, have only “but where are you actually FROM?”, and mispronunciations of my name, and casual anti-semitism, and not being viewed as an archetype of attractiveness, as the worst things to deal with.
after the movie he didn’t want to talk. we had to go to a radio station so he could do an interview for his new rap single. he was wearing a camo jacket and jordan 5s and only i knew that inside them, his toe nails were painted black.

You know why I think it’d be good if they show us Lance coming out as bi-sexual, its cause he is the most relateable character in the series, he’s got all those insecurities and internal sturggles which most people in our generation deal with on daily basis, Lance coming out as bi could help all those people who struggle with it because Lance is not perfect, because he is like us. He is relatable. Lance should be a good choice for an lgbt representation and it can also be a part of his character development too.


Today, Latvia decided to start making another scarf for himself.

He spent the entire day knitting before he ended up falling asleep on the sofa, still holding the needles.

yeah no i still wake up every morning — and the soft sunlight trickling in through my curtains and the birds chirping outside and my crops already watered by the early dawn rain — because lance is cuban, yes.