but he's been so entertaining tonight how could i not


// kiss me //

”Said, lil bitch, you can’t fuck with me if you wanted to. These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes,” my girls and I screamed the lyrics and directed the hostility at the men in the room. “Hit the store, I can get ‘em both, I don’t wanna choose. And I’m quick, cut a nigga off, so don’t get comfortable,” I pointing my finger and aggressively poked Justin’s head as he rolled his eyes while fighting back a smile.

We ate the rest of Cardi B as we wrapped every lyric. Khalil didn’t want to admit it but he knew the song just as well as the girls did. “I don’t got to dance now, I make money moves. Said I don’t got to dance I make money moves. If I see you and-“ The music suddenly cut off due to my incoming phone call. The whole house groaned in annoyance as I ran over to my phone and picked up the call instead of ending it so that I could be back on aux.

“Ya’ll got it!” I quickly disconnected for the surround sound before taking the call outside. I took a seat at one of the lawn chairs that was close enough to the edge of the pool that I could dip my feet in the water. I couldn’t stop giggling on the phone as my new man entertained me.

We had only been together for a month or so now but I almost always spend my nights with him. My friends, Justin especially felt some type of way about how I didn’t come around as much or stay long. My man is a bit high maintenance when it came to my time.

“Are you sure you’re not coming over tonight?” He whined into the phone, trying to persuade me otherwise.

“I can’t. Everyone would be pissed if I left,” I hummed. I haven’t received the lecture yet but I knew it was coming. Every time I got into a new relationship my friends claimed that I go ghost on everyone.

“They’d understand if they had a man as fine as me waiting for you to come over,” His deep voice spoke making me wish I was there.

“You think so?” I murmured into the phone

“Yes,” He confirmed.

“I’ll see what I can do. Maybe they won’t care if I go. I could make up as story about needing to-” I began to brainstorm my lie but was interrupted by the back door slamming shut. Through the glass I could see Justin’s body tensely walking away from me. I knew he overheard me trying to get out of tonight.

“Baby, I got to go,” I hung up the phone before he got another word in and quickly moved to follow after Justin. He angrily moved through the living room where all our friends were wondering what was going on. Neither of us said a word as he started up the stairs.

“Justin, wait,” I sighed, running up the stairs as well.

“Go ahead and leave Y/n. Go be with you little boyfriend,” Justin scoffed.

“Don’t call him my little boy friend like you’re my mother,” attitude fill my voice.

“No, I’m sure that when you’re with your mom you don’t try to bail on her,” Justin was over dramatic as he moved into his bedroom.

“Justin it’s not that serious. I’ve been here since dinner it wouldn’t matter if I was to leave. I didn’t even say I was going to for sure,” I tried to defend my actions.

“We never get to see you anymore,” He turned around and looked down at me. His eyes were calculated as he watched over my face.

“We or just you?” I questioned him, knowing its a trigger.

“It doesn’t matter,” He turned around again.

“I think it does because you’re the one thats always pissy with me when I come around anyway,” I nudged him into the wall so that he couldn’t walk away from me again.

“Because all you do is talk about him,” He rolled his eyes, agitated with as as usual.

“Why aren’t you happy for me?” He always did this. Justin would make advances that would never go anywhere and the moment I moved on, he always had some shit to say. Whereas if I were to say anything about any of the little girls he fucks with, I’m a joke to him.

“You know why,” Justin rolled his eyes. I watched as his adams apple bobbed as he watched me.

“You’re the one that never does anything about this,” I scoffed. No blame was to be put on me when all Justin does is play games that I don’t have time for.

“Whatever, Y/N. You can you leave. Do whatever you want,” Justin said the words what always get a rise out of me. Justin can’t just make a scene then dismiss me like I’m regular,

“I’m not leaving,” I shook my head. “You always mope around here bitter because I’m happy with someone who isn’t you.”

“Please you’re not happy,” Justin laughed in my face. There was genuine humor in his smile.

“How the fuck are you going to tell me how I feel?” I spat and pushed him again, knowing it would piss him off.

“You just  love the attention he gives you,” Justin gripped my wrists in his hands easily. “You know as soon as you get bored you’re going to toss him aside like you do everyone else.”

“That’s not true,” I denied the undeniable.

“Then why are you in my bedroom room trying to save face. And why do you have me pinned against this wall? I’m not about to do anything, Y/N. You know how I feel and I can wait this shit out,” Justin was officially back on his bullshit. The game of cat and mouse needed to end.

“We’re friends. I don’t feel the same anyway,” I shook my head. Justin made his intentions clear all those nights we spent tangled in the sheets of his bed and hotel rooms. But that was a long time ago.

“You don’t?” He challenged me.

“I don’t,” I lied. Looking up at his perfectly sculpted face. The entertainment of watching me was apparent on his face as I took in everything. I didn’t want him. I swear I didn’t want him again.

“Then why does it look like you’re about to kiss me,” Justin leaned in as if his lips were about to brush mine for the first time in a long time.

“Please, J-“

“I promise I won’t tell him. Go ahead and do it. Kiss me,” Justin challenged me.

“No,” I shook my head.

“Then why are you still here if yo-”

“Shut the fuck up, Justin,” I leaned up on my tippy toes and angrily joined our lips. Justin gave me half a second before he grabbed my ass and picked me up off my feet. I let out a little gasp as my back hit the wall and Justin began grinding between my legs that were open for him.

Our kisses were angry as we bit and sucked everything we could feverishly. My head was getting hot at the thoughts of how much I wanted him and not my boyfriend. My boyfriend could never make me feel this good.

“Say you want me,” Justin lips left mine and sucked and bit from my neck to the top of my breast. “You can’t go home to him like this can you? He can’t do it like I can, can he? Say you want me,” Justin hands trailed between my legs as he made my neck his property.

“I want you,” I gave in and in a second my back hit the bed.

from the best friends drabble list

not a request, just something that popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. mostly un-proofread for now so please pretend typos and weird stuff don’t exist. hope you all like it :)

“Harry!” You hiss at him, slapping his hand out from under your skirt for what has to be the tenth time. He outright giggles at you, flushed cheeks dimpling and body swaying in his seat.

“Come on, love,” he drawls once he’s contained himself, slithering closer to you and draping one arm over the back of your seat. His breath hits your cheek, smelling faintly like mint gum and whiskey, and you hate the way it makes you shiver. “You know how I get when you show off those legs of yours.”

“I know how you get when you’re drunk,” you counter, scooting as far away from him as you can in the backseat of the car. He gives a little whiny grunt, his forehead dropping to your shoulder and you try to ignore him, fixing your gaze out of the window. You were in Rome with him, and seeing as it was one of the few nights you were going to be with him you’d both promised to stay sober. You were the only one who kept your word, because halfway through the night someone had slipped your boyfriend some shots and he was leaning on you a little more heavily than normal.

“I’m sorry, love,” he puts his hands on you again, this time over your clothes, clinging onto your waist. “I’ve just been working so hard. I wanted to relax.” You sigh; in truth you aren’t that mad at him, annoyed, yes, but not mad. Harry rarely becomes stumbling drunk, usually more entertaining than anything, and it was pretty endearing how it seemed the tipsier he got the tighter he held onto you. By the time you’d left Harry was practically wrapped around you, and though you could tell he thought he was getting some tonight, mostly it seemed to stem from missing you, from wanting to feel you underneath his hands and his lips and remind himself that you’re there with him. Sometimes it’s the best way he knows to communicate with you, to tell you the things he can’t fit his tongue around to say.

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She Don't Like The Lights - Chapter 1

A/N: So, this is just a little something I’ve been thinking of doing for a day and it’s finally come to light. The main character will be you, the reader, because why not? Hope you enjoy! 

Word Count: 1,606 


Everything seemed to happen so quick. Justin’s rise to stardom seemed to have been thrown at him as if he were a dog, and being famous was the bone. I didn’t mind it of course, because I was supposed to be the supportive girlfriend. Justin went from the ideal boyfriend to someone completely different. But, let’s not move too fast now.

I was currently enrolled at UCLA, majoring in Science because I always had a thing for science and everything in it. Justin wasn’t just your regular, typical guy. He wanted to do something with his life and that was pursuing in music. Did I agree with it? No. But, I did support him. If that’s what he wants to do then, so be it.

I knew what the music industry was like because an old friend of mine was in it and things didn’t end well for them. I didn’t want the same to happen to Justin. I could never forgive myself if Justin got hurt, I wanted the best for him. 

The lecture my professor was giving was driving me insane. He was dragging on and on about Shakespeare and his many works. I could honestly care less because I’m not majoring in British Literature. The only thing that really made this class bearable was that Justin was in here. 

Uploading covers on the Internet wasn’t going to pay your bills, getting an education would. Occasionally, Justin would send me a goofy look and I would have to try my best from laughing. I’m sure everyone else could see the faces he was making but, he didn’t care. I looked back over at the blackboard and noticed the never ending notes. When did these even get here? I quickly jotted down what I could until my teacher erased everything, leaving the bare board. 

“Alright class, so I’m going to be assigning you all with a project on Shakespeare.” My professor began, “I want you all to pick your favorite work by him and give a presentation about it. If you want, you may work with a partner.” My teacher needn’t say anymore. 

Justin and I gave each other the ’we-are-working-together’ look. The bell rang, marking the end of the class. I gathered my things and left the classroom. Justin caught up with me in the crowded halls, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “Nelson really knows how to grind my gears. He’s really going to assign a project before the weekend?” Justin questioned. 

“What did you think this was? High school?” I raised an eyebrow, looking up at him. He didn’t answer. “We’re going to have to get used to this life. We have to deal with this for the next 3 years or maybe even more.“ 

“Maybe not. If my music career takes off then, we can leave UCLA in the dust.” Justin replied. What did he mean by ‘we’? There was no we, there was maybe him but, not the two of us. 

“Yeah, alright.” I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t mad about him wanting to do something good with his life, I wanted the best for him. We walked side by side to the library, where we could begin our project. We picked a table far away from the rest and began working on Shakespeare. “So, Justin I was thinking that maybe we could do something on Romeo and Juliet maybe? I mean it’s easy so—are you even listening to me?” I glared at him annoyed. 

“Of course I’m listening, Y/N. I’m just looking at specific topics to actually write about.” He responded, not taking his eye off the laptop even once. 

“Justin, I can clearly see in the reflection of your glasses that you are not looking at topics that even pertain to this assignment,” I scoffed. “Why are you worried about what people are saying about you on YouTube? Are your viewers going to pay our bills?" 

"I haven’t looked at it all day babe, cut me some slack,” Justin whined. “I promise, after I’m done with this we can do all the Shakespeare you want.” I nodded my head, not acknowledging what he said. I began actually looking for the topics that we could do. I was too busy typing up a storm to realize a group of girls who stood around the table. 

They were clearly here for Justin. “Hey, you’re Justin Bieber, right? The one who uploads the covers on YouTube?” One of the girls spoke. I knew that voice anywhere and I knew it was Veronica Smith. She always had a thing for Justin for as long as I can remember. 

“I am him.” He replied, smiling up at her. “Can I help you with something?" 

"Well, not really. I couldn’t help but, notice how well you sing. You have the voice of an angel!” She continued, sending Justin a toothy grin. 

“Gee, thanks. Means a lot.” He said, nodding his head. “Well, ladies it’s been nice and all but, I have to get back to my work. See you guys later." 

"Oh! I almost forgot!” She was so close to leaving, why couldn’t she just forget? “Me and a few girls are having a party tonight. It’d be cool if you could be the main entertainment." 

"Oh, that’s quite the offer but, we-" 

"Sure I’ll do it! Let me know the time and address.” Justin had cut me off before I could finish what I had to say. “Great. I’ll send you the details and hope to see you soon. See you Justin.” Veronica turned on her heels, her posse followed closely behind her. I then turned my attention back to Justin and I was in complete disbelief. 

“Really Justin? We have a project to do and it’s due Monday, and you want to go out and party?” I yelled at him which resulted in me getting a few ‘shushes’ from the other people in the library. 

“It’s not partying, it’s just entertaining. You could use some color in your cheeks.” Justin suggested. I didn’t need anything except getting this damn project done. 

“I’m not going anywhere tonight. You can go out and have fun. And you know what? You can even get wasted and sleep with some random girl for as much as I care. You do you, and I’ll do me.” I hated having to guilt trip Justin but, it’s the only way he’d listen to me. 

Justin closed his laptop and got up from where he sat. “Why you never like having fun is beyond me but, I’ll see you later Y/N.” I watched as he too walked out the library. Maybe now I’d get some time alone to finish everything.

The Neighbor Next Door 4/15

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, BONUS: XMAS Extra #1, XMAS Extra #2

Summary: (USUK) Arthur, an Omega has recently made the move to the US for a promising new job. He finds more than he bargained for when his loud Alpha neighbor won’t stop having sex at all hours of the night. Being sexually frustrated he declares war, but does Arthur want to be the victor when giving in feels so right?

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse

A/N: Thank you kindly for all the likes and follows!

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anonymous asked:

Imagine where your a YouTube vlogger and you introduce your boyfriend (Calvin) to your fans!! Please! I absolutely love your writing!! 💖💖

Good morning / Good afternoon! I don’t know when I will finish this and have it posted, so my timing may change a little. Be sure to let me know what you guys think. I know I haven’t been posting as many Leafy fanfics, sorry! I will try to post one, or have one ready to post, when I post one for another person. This is a really old fic request, sorry it took me so long to get to it!!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Introducing Leafy

It was just like any other day, you were setting up to film another video and Calvin was hanging out on his computer. It was a few months into your relationship and just a couple weeks ago, one of your friends “accidentally” said you were dating Leafy in her video. Neither of you were going to deny it, but you certainly didn’t confirm anything. This lead your fans to have a bit of mixed feelings. They wanted you to be with someone that would show you off to the world and treat you like royalty. What could the cyberbully of the internet do for someone special like you?

Sitting down on the couch behind you, Calvin sighs before saying, “Okay, I think I’m ready.” Laughing a bit, you stop setting your camera and face him. “What are you talking about?” You ask him. Fiddling with his hands, he says, “I’m open to you introducing me to your fans.” Raising your eyebrows, you reply with, “Really? You want to address this on my channel?” “I mean, we can do a facecam on my channel, too. But your fans will be a smaller obstacle..I hope..” He says, a little hesitant at the thought of your fans not approving of him.

Sitting next to him, you look to him and say, “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, I’m sure they’ll love you. What did you have in mind for the video?” He pauses for a moment before suggesting, “How about something short and simple like a Q&A? Or you could ask them what they would like to see?” “I’ll send out a tweet and see what they think, but I think a Q&A would be a good idea,” you say, taking out your phone and send out the tweet.

Within a good ten minutes you have a variety of answers. The majority was settled on a Q&A. Some people wanted a boyfriend tag while others wanted a “boyfriend does my makeup” tag. In the end, you settled on a mix of a Q&A and a tag. People would send in questions about you and Calvin would try his best to answer them.

Turning the camera on, you reassure the person sitting on the couch, “I can always edit something out later, don’t worry. Just answer them as honestly as possible.” Rolling his eyes, he says, “Y/N, if I answered honestly, then they for sure would hate me.” You laugh and simply say, “They like my humor, I’m sure they’ll enjoy yours.” Sitting next to him, you look to him once more and interlock your hand with his. Turning back to the camera, you begin your video saying, “Welcome back! Y/N here. As you can tell, we have a special guest.” Smirking, you continue by saying, “Leafyisbeefy has decided to join us today and answer some questions about me that you guys have sent in.”

Pulling up the tag on both of your phones, each of you select some questions. You thought it would be a good idea for him to pick some out that he would for sure know the answer to. Just as you start naming some of them off and he tries to answer them, it turns out to be a complete tragedy. Any question you expected him to get right, he either didn’t know the answer or gave a rather satirical answer. Sure, you were in a fit of laughter and it made you smile at his ridiculous answers. But, you knew that your fans wouldn’t take it as lightly as you. Even some of the questions he picked out, he got wrong.

Even with the laughter filling the room and lightening the mood, you could tell he was getting a bit frustrated at how poorly he was doing. Setting the phone down, you began coming up with questions off the top of your head. Starting off easy, you say, “How do I like my coffee in the morning?” Subconsciously, while looking at his phone for another question, the answer rolls off the tip of his tongue. Giving a flawless answer, you smile knowing your coffee was in the right hands. Naming off other simple questions, he easily answers them.

Looking up from his phone, he asks, “Where are you getting these from? I don’t see them anywhere. All of the ones in the tag are difficult,” whining a bit at the last part. You laugh before saying, “Okay, fine. Last question.” Signing in relief, he says, “Oh thank God. This is turning out terrible.” Looking at you anxiously for the last question, you ask, “Kiss me?” Stifling a chuckle, he smirks and says, “Did you even need to ask?” Leaning over, he kisses you sweetly on the lips. Closing your eyes and smiling into the kiss, you didn’t care how many questions he got wrong about you.

At the end of the day, he remembered the small things about you and could make you fall for him every time. With the sweet words only meant for you to hear, and the kind gestures you noticed, it didn’t matter if your fans could see that side of him. Once the video was posted, your fans had mixed opinions. They loved how he could make you smile and laugh, but were a little worried when he answered basically everything wrong. Granted, the short bickering about how his answer was “technically right” was entertaining. You two may have dodged a bullet with your fans, but the reptilian army was going to be an entirely different battle.

I’m sorry this one took so long to post T_T I’ve been quite busy with getting ready to move in tomorrow. I have short fic to be posted after this and a meme style blurb after that one to be posted tonight as well. Let me know what you guys think. I hope you are having a lovely night <3 100 Notes and I’ll do a Q&A ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)