but he's becoming one of my favorites



They just don’t make them like this anymore!

This is one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons: Summer of 4 Ft. 2.

The episode starts of with Lisa on the last day of school. She goes around and tries to get her yearbook signed but nobody signs it. Lisa is devastated as she realizes that nobody likes her. The Simpsons family go on vacation and Lisa vows to change her image. She wears ‘popular’ clothes and meets a group of teenagers. They quickly become friends and as the summer goes on, Lisa has the time of her life! Bart becomes jealous, as he’s normally the popular one. He takes the yearbook to Lisa’s friends and shows them that Lisa’s a nerd. Lisa is heartbroken and runs away. She and Bart fight all day until Bart realizes that he really did make her miserable and ultimately feels bad. In the end, Lisa’s new friends decorate the car and reveal that they still love her. On the car ride home, Bart reveals that he took her yearbook back to her friends again. Lisa’s horrified until Bart reassures her and tells her to look in the back.

*Wipes a tear*

Man, I really miss the old Simpsons episodes…

Phanniemay 2015- Day 22: Favorite

One of my favorite post-accident Vlad headcanons is that Spectra was at the hospital while he was there, and that she had a hand in messing with his head to make him the person he becomes.

Seen here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11082332/1/Nullify-Vilify

And I guess this is also kinda relevant: http://promsien.tumblr.com/post/115999452889/then-you-really-dont-know-anything

(If you can’t tell, he’s holding that college photo we all know and love)

I’m falling more and more in love with Stiles and Dylan as the show goes on…. I’m sorry that it’s all I can talk about but it’s become something of an obsession XD

I knew that Stiles was my favorite character from his first 10 seconds of screen time in the pilot, but I’m realizing that he might be one of my favorite characters in anything ever.

Don’t even get me started on Dylan…

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If Hilary Clinton wins the election, does her husband, Bill, become first lady?

We won’t know what to call him, actually. He’ll get to decide. More importantly, Hillary will get to decide what a female president is called. George Washington famously decided that the president would be referred to as “Mr. President” while others were advocating for “Highness” or “Excellency” or even “Majesty.”

So Hillary will get to determine what she’s called, whether that be Ms. President, or Mrs. President, or (my favorite, and the one the writers of BSG settled on) Madam President. Or, I mean, she’d be within her rights to have the female presidential title be “Slayer” which I would also be down with.

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what are good collections of journals/diaries to read? besides like sylvia plath and kurt cobain if you have any recommendations bc i find it so fascinating but idk where to start!!

i’m gonna forget a lot and be lazy but from memory these are all notable/ enjoyable/ interesting ones i’ve read

diaries/ journals/ notebooks: 



This was one of my very favorite moments in all of The Vampire Diaries. Instant-classic. And makes me so, so excited to see what these two will get up to next season. We will discuss this later, but I’m hoping and praying that Season 7 becomes a small-town superhero saga, so maybe Bonnie can be the Wonder Woman to Damon’s Batman? With matching uniforms and everything? A fella can dream.  - Price Peterson Review 6.22

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omg au where dave and karkat become integalactic pen pals at a young age, dave because of a school outreach project and karkat to learn human speak because he wants to live on earth someday, and they become best friends and then during dave's senior year karkat arrives at his high school as an exchange troll and they go to college together and fall in love and all of that beautiful fluffy shit


karkat who has plans to have the striders as his host fam so dave who has his license by then drives to the airport w a big ol sign w some lame alien joke on it like welcome 2 earth take me 2 ur leader or smtn and a bad drawing of karkat on it and o my gosh them meeting face 2 face for the first time like daves coolguy facade is out the window and he fkn scoops karkat up in this big hug like DUDE UR SO TINY and karkat aint even mad bc DAVE ITS RLLY U 

o no the strider apartment is v small and the couch is dangerous so karkat would naturally stay in daves room right,, mb they got a makeshift recooperacoon w sopor in prep for karkat and its like alongside daves bed so they can lay beside each other and just talk about stupid shit and o no

dave laying @ the very edge of his mattress and karkat looking up @ him from his lower sopor trough and the moonlight thru the window catching in karkats eyes and dave is starting to rethink everything bc karkat ur 2 pretty wtf the fuck

karkat who is entirely enamored with daves pale skin and white hair and his freckles and how delicate his everything is and hes so protective of it all bc dave u could get hurt so easily i will be ur strong bf (brofriend) and keep u safe for forever

omg bullies going 2 pick on one of them and karkat TEARS INTO THEM verbally and its so fkn great o my gosh

highschool ends and karkat is told he can go home now and he hides the letter for a few weeks until they call the strider residence like yes hello pls return our troll and karkat who just blurts what if i want to stay? bc he and dave are already doing research on colleges; dave forgot karkat has to go back and karkat was forcing himself not to think about it

so ofc he has to go thru immigration shit but since the world is warming up 2 trolls hes allowed to stay and o man him and dave finding a college that will accept trolls, even tho dave is smart enough to go somewhere way more prestigious, and they bunk 2gether and are just super cutesy and then it starts getting romantic ahhhh

them as kiddies having gotten like one of those best friend necklaces thats in two parts and dave sent half 2 karkat and tHEY BOTH STILL HAVE THEM when they go to college and they hang them up 2gether when they find out the other still has his and its so cute ok theyre so fkn cute and everyone on campus thinks theyre already together when they move in

they banter like a married couple bc they know each other so freaking well and its just,,, bless u anon im so into this rn i love this au so fkn much h el p


Who will Willow marry? It’s up to you to decide!

As the founder of my 100 Baby Challenge, Willow can marry one of her baby daddies. Each generation, one baby daddy will spend the rest of his life with the heir(ess), and this is where I need your help!

Is there a baby daddy that you really liked? That you thought was best with the kids? Who produced the prettiest babies? Vote for him so he will become Willow’s lifetime partner!

I will be posting pictures with information about all baby daddies shortly.

The poll will be up for about 2/3 days!

Click here to vote for your favorite baby daddy!


In Hinduism, an avatar is a physical representation of a deity in the mortal world in the form of a beast or a human. Avatars are a central component of Vaishnavism, the worship of Vishnu, who has ten avatars that descend to restore cosmic order to the world. Of his ten avatars the most highly regarded are Buddha, Rama and Krishna, with the latter two being subjects in the epics the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita (A section of the larger Mahabharata).

Of the avatar stories, my personal favorite is the one of Narasimha. In a quest for vengeance against Vishnu, who killed his brother, the rakshasa king Hiranyakashipu underwent years of penance and meditation to be granted a favor by the god Brahma. He asks for invincibility, but when Brahma refuses he adjusts his phrasing: he cannot  be killed by day or night, inside a building or outside, by man or beast, by weapon living or inanimate. Brahma agrees to this one. As Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahlada grows up he becomes a worshiper of Vishnu, which greatly angers Hiranyakashipu. When Prahlada claims that Vishnu is the omnipresent supreme being Hiranyakashipu points to a nearby pillar and asks “Is Vishnu in this pillar?” When Prahlada replies that he is,  Hiranyakashipu smashes the pillar with his mace. Vishnu appears from the ruins in the form of Narasimha: half man, half lion, but neither man nor beast. Using his claws, he kills Hiranyakashipu on the threshold of his home at the hour of dusk. 

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Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the advice you've been giving us pre-med-schoolers, you put a lot of time into talking to everyone and it's great to see that. I also wanted to ask--what if you favorite part about medical school?

Hi there, teslatempest!

It is my pleasure :) I genuinely enjoy it and I appreciate those who are so patient and polite with me!

My favorite part of med school, huh? I had to really think about this one!

Answer:  The people I’ve met.

I think that may pre-meds enter med school feeling like the Avengers when they were solo. You feel lonely, isolated, fighting a battle by yourself that seems to have more casualties than victories. When you go into med school, you won’t love everyone you meet, but those you do enjoy become not just classmates, but a second family. Like the Avengers, we are better together. There have been many times that my mind went to dark places or I needed help. Having a dependeable, supportive group of med school friends, got me through it.

I want to also include mentors and role models. For example, before med school, I had no mentor. However, during med school I met a med-peds attending who changed that. Even though I didn’t end up in med-peds, she is my advocate and encourages me to contact her for anything. When I came to her with my crappy Step 1 score, my feelings of failure during BOTH my internal medicine rotations, she responded with encouragement, ideas for improvement, then followed-up via text and email. I have never really had anyone in my corner quite like that. It’s that type of positivity, empathy, and enthusiasm that I try to emulate and give to others when they ask for help. 

I could go on and describe the many fellows, residents, PAs, pharmacists, nurses OTs, PTs, etc. who have also made med school vastly more enjoyable and have helped me grow. 

Yes, medicine is awesome. There are a lot of great things about it, and awful things. But the best thing is and always will be the amazing people I have the honor of calling my colleagues and friends.

Reasons why you Need to Read My Hero Academy Right Now

Story: In a world where the extraordinary becomes ordinary people have gained superpowers.  Everyone has a unique power or quirk that they possess however some use their power to become a professional superhero.  Izuku Midoriya is that small part of the population which is quirkless.  He one day meets his favorite hero, All Might who helps him achieve his dreams of becoming hero.


1.  No “shounen bubble”

In every shounen there is no escaping it, the bubble that a collection of our main cast is in causing them to be unbeatable however there is no bubble.  If the chances are impossible our main character will not win

2.  The character designs are great

The quirks are creative and none of the characters look alike.  Our main character can be the exception for i saw him and though he looked like Gon from Hunter x Hunter.  The villains look amazing and the art quality gets better every chapter.

3. Each character is interesting

The characters are not just there and serve no purpose other than interacting with the main character.  They are always doing something when Izuku isn’t there.  The characters have well established bonds and have come very far in the story over the course of only 41 chapters.

4.  Our main character is not op

Izuku starts this series will a long way to go before getting good at anything as he is not the chosen one destined to be great at this power being born to become accustomed to it.  

5.  The art quality is amazing.

This definitely isn’t anything like Murata but the art quality becomes better each week as we can see the mangaka become much more accustomed to drawing the characters.  The art also gives you that marvel feel.

6. The fights are great.

The combat is great seeing how each character uses their quirk to fight which i cant wait to see when it gets animated as I feel it does have big chances to get adapted into an anime

Parent Head Canons

AKA Live Stream Chat

AKA Catching you All Up on One of the Best Discussions of the Night


AKA Blarg.

So… for those who were not a part of the live stream the other night, I would like to quickly update you on my two favorite moments when dealing with Bog and Marianne “Parent” fics. 

And for the people who said it, please tell me your name so I can tag you!

1. When Bog becomes a parent official he is going to run around screaming at the top of his lungs like R2-D2. This is undoubtedly true. To whomever said that, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

2. Bog was born with wings. His were functional by the age of 4. His children’s wings, most likely like Marianne’s, are not functional for quite some time. He is not aware of this and thinks the best course of action is to lovingly throw them off the side of a cliff yelling “fly my darlings! Fly! You can do it! You can… you… you can…? Maybe…………. oh shit.” This does not go well.

3. Bog keeps a giant box of hidden treasures to give to the children. It is called the “If You Don’t Tell Your Mother You Get Something From Here” box.

3b. The Box has to be refilled whenever Marianne leaves for a conference.

3c. There is a reward for never telling her about that either.

3d. She will eventually find out.

4. Bog tries very hard to be the cool parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the- OH FUCK PUT THAT DOWN! NO GET BACK HERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!

These are things that you missed. You have no longer missed them.

You are welcome.

Try Something New

Summary: “So you’ve heard of me!” When Captain Hook crosses paths with Emma Swan and company, revenge isn’t the only thing that drives his need to get to realm where Storybrooke lies. There is also a need to keep a promise he’d made to himself. That promise was made to honor those he’d lost in his life. It was also a promise he meant to keep. Not only for himself, but for the one thing that mattered more than revenge itself: his son.

A/N: Happy birthday, Lena!! lenfaz, you have become one of my most favorite people here:) I’m so happy that I’ve met you and gotten to know you. At your request, here is some pirate daddy!Killian. I hope you enjoy my first attempt of canon divergence.

Have a great day, Lena! You deserve everything good that you get today!! And thank you, Amy (zengoalie) for making this awesome banner!

“I’m… sorry, Captain.”

He watched as the midwife slinked away, her chin nearly hitting her chest as she did so.

Hook felt the wildness set into his eyes. What was he to do now?

He hadn’t loved her. After Milah… After Milah, love was something that he hadn’t expected anyway. That hadn’t stopped him from moving on. The physical enjoyment of having a woman in his bed was better than nothing.

He hadn’t expected the swell of belly only months after being back on land. He hadn’t expected one barwench to be any different from the next. This one had been different though. This one… had made promises of a babe to be born within a year of their meeting.

What she hadn’t warned him on was the fact that all births don’t end happily. Sometimes a life could be lost. Sometimes… both lives- mother and child- could be lost.

Hook looked at the lifeless body of the woman in the bed. He didn’t know what he was feeling as he saw the sweat still glistening from her skin. It could’ve been more. She had birthed a baby to him- a son. Her death should have meant more.

He heard the small cry from across the room. Turning his head back towards the vicinity where the midwife had crept to, he looked over at the bassinet.

Hook couldn’t see the wee babe, but he heard him. Strong lungs. Aye, his son.

His boot-cladded steps were heavy on the floor as he, too, moved towards the cry.

“What am I…”

The midwife turned back to him quickly, looking every bit nervous. Or maybe it was fear. Fear of a pirate captain who was now supposed to take custody of his newborn babe.

Needing to ask questions of her left tinges of pink high on his cheeks. That was unacceptable.

Hook moved closer to the bassinet, hiding his face from the woman.

“What… now?”

His breath caught in his throat as he caught sight of the thing. Such a little thing, already sleeping peacefully enough. There was no knowledge of the fact that his life had changed already. An orphan. Motherless.

“He… is… yours, Captain.” Her voice was meek and unsure.

From the heavens above…

He looked like…

Hook felt the swell of tears in his eyes. How was that even possible?

“Liam,” he acknowledged thickly. He didn’t see the woman who laid in that bed. He saw pieces of him and Liam. He even saw- the thought weakened him- bits of his own mother.

“Liam Jones,” he whispered, closing his eyes.

“Tis a beautiful name, Captain.”

“It is a strong name,” Hook murmured as a vision of the elder Jones brother crossed his mind.

“Would… would you like to hold him?”

He opened his eyes to find her leaning over the bassinet. A tiny baby in his arms?

What was he supposed to do?

Shielding his eyes as best possible, Hook watched closely as she pick up the baby. She was slow and careful as she placed Liam in his arms.

What was this weight? It was absolutely nothing. Yet, it was everything.

Liam barely moved, looking as if sleep was upon him.

Hook couldn’t help but look back at the fallen woman behind him.

She left this child motherless. She died to give him life. She died to give Hook something to live for besides…

He turned back towards the babe. His son. His own Liam Jones.

“This will be a journey full of unexpectedness, little one,” he whispered close to him. “But… I will do anything and everything to do right by you.”

Hook closed his eyes again, bringing the bundle up closer to his chest. He could smell new life. It was a sweet smell. A different scent to get used to when he was more accustomed to the stench of death.

“I will do right by you, my boy.”

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                             WELP, i’ve seen so many people do this, thought i’d
                  make one myself! i’m so happy how far venice has come. i honestly
                  didn’t expect much to come out from him, but he’s quickly becoming
                  one of my favorite blogs to be on. and really, it’s all thanks to you guys
                  for keeping my dash so great. so, thank you all so much!

                                            Fabulous People

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Personally, i don’t ship Croc romantically with anyone and i headcanon him as asexual. but my favorite (platonic) Croc ships are Croc/Luffy and Croc/Daz.

Croc, prior to the series, had already given up on his dreams to become Pirate King and even mocks Luffy for having that dream. He, at that point, believe that the only true power in the world was military might and he believed trust was worthless.

after Luffy beat him, Croc lost all motivation to do anything. He could’ve escaped jail when Baroque Works came to bust him out. but he had no motivation. he had nothing to do, no plans, and just decided to hell with it, he’d go to Impel Down because why not. there’s nothing better to do.

Daz follows him. Croc mocked trust, and yet here is Daz, following him literally into hell. Daz didn’t have to stay with Croc, but he wanted to and he chose to, and later on, Croc actually rewards this trust by letting Daz out of his cell. 

and Luffy. because of Luffy, Croc found motivation again, tho it was indirect. he heard Luffy was going to where Whitebeard was, and Croc found something to do with his life again. But when they got to Marineford, Crocodile found out that he was old, sick, and no longer the powerhouse he was years ago. he’s just a dying old man now. this isn’t the man that defeated Crocodile.

what does Croc do for the rest of the arc? He protected Ace. he ordered Daz to protect Luffy from Mihawk, and when Daz failed, Crocodile stepped in to protect them both himself. and when Luffy&Jimbei were about to get killed by Akainu, Crocodile stepped in and attacked a fucking Admiral AND created a sandstorm to get Luffy and Jimbei away safely. And then he stood right next to the Whitebeard Pirates, a group of people he was trying to attack not that long ago, to keep Akainu from getting close to Luffy.

Crocodile didn’t have to do that. he really didn’t. he didn’t have to protect Daz either. but i think because of Daz’s unwavering trust and loyalty, and the fact that Luffy defeated him before and showed Crocodile just how strong and stubborn he was, they earned Crocodile’s respect. Croc might even care for them on some level. I think Croc actually views Luffy as his new ‘Whitebeard’–he doesn’t want to get revenge on Luffy or anything, but Luffy proved himself to Croc and WB just died. Losing another worthy opponent/rival, especially one with so much potential as Luffy, would probably send Croc into.. not a depression but some kind of lack of motivation, like before. 

Crocodile is excited to see what the Straw Hats will do, what Luffy will do, and is actually motivated to act upon his dreams again. Daz even indirectly asks Croc if he’s ready to go on this adventure (which shows he cares about Croc’s wellbeing and doesn’t even hesitate to  agree to go with him.

Basically, Daz and Luffy are great for Crocodile, emotionally and mentally. Crocodile gave up on his dreams and now he’s ready to try again, and Daz is the kind of person who won’t ever abuse Crocodile’s friendship which is something Crocodile really needs, given his issues with trust early on

ALSO i just want to see cute moments between these three because Luffy is super goofy and Croc is so not-goofy and seeing those two together is hilarious and Daz is adorable (he wants to be a superhero wtf that’s adorable) and i’d love to see Croc stuck on the Sunny with the Straw Hats and having to endure their silliness and i love seeing grumpy characters stuck with little balls of sunshine


I was reorganizing my cards and thought I’d share some of my favorites.. Since some people are convinced I don’t even own a full deck.
I realized I’m a huge sucker for trap and spell cards and I’m also overflowing with earth and dark monsters (which is a-okay in my book).
The second picture is just a few of my favorites, my most prized being my chaos command magician because he was in one of the first packs I bought when I was 8.
I’m a huge card collector, not necessarily the duelist I hope to become.
I’m still not anywhere NEAR happy with my deck and now I’m on break I have more time to go to the flea market to buy cards, so I’m still working on it (◠‿◠✿)

You Suspect He Still Loves His Ex [Part 2] (Mashton)

Michael: “Baby, we have to talk about this.” Michael said stepping into the hotel room. You ignored him and continued to watch your [favorite tv show]. “Babe!” He said a little louder trying to catch your attention. You peeled your eyes away from the tv to glance at him and then return your attention back to your show. “Oh my fucking god.” He said becoming irritated. “Y/n!” He shouted. “If we’re not gonna talk about it can you at least fucking hear me out?” He asked. You reached for the remote and paused the tv before turning your body to face him. Giving him a look, he began speaking. “Babe, you know you’re the love of my fucking life. And I’m sorry that I upset you earlier. You know me y/n. You know how fucking lazy I am. If it makes you uncomfortable or insecure about me having pictures of her on my Instagram, then I’ll delete them because I’m not losing your over some bullshit like this. I love you and don’t you ever think that I still love her or anyone else. I only love you.” He was now sitting beside you with desperate eyes. You fixed the front of his hair and ran your hand down to rest on his cheek. “Okay. I forgive you.” You spoke. “Now delete them so I can kiss you.” He quickly reached into his pocket and opened the app. He scrolled all the way to the bottom and deleted all the pictures he had of his ex. He says “There.” And pulls you in for a long passionate kiss. “I love you so much.” He murmured against your lips. “I love you.” You murmured back. He pressed his lips back onto yours and pulled you into his lap. You stayed there making out for a while.

Ashton: “Y/N, open the door.” Ashton said when he got back to the hotel room and noticed you locked yourself in the room. “Go away.” You said. “Will you just let me explain myself? It’s really not at all what it looked like. She-” You rolled your eyes and got up to open the door. “Oh, really! It’s not what it seems like? because you telling your ex girlfriend that you love her seems like something to me!” You shouted pushing past him. “God dammit y/n! It was meant in a friendly way! If you would just shut the fuck up and stop assuming shit and let me fucking talk. If you actually read through the texts you’d fucking know that she was helping me with your birthday present! While I took you out here to enjoy yourself before your birthday, she was at our place setting everything up! I wasn’t gonna ask the boys to do it because I know for a fucking fact that they can’t keep a secret for long. I had no on else to ask, I ran into her while I was buying your present and I decided to ask her to help me and she was nice enough to do so. So, I’m fucking sorry that I’m nice and have a big heart and thank people when they help me! It was a friendly I love you because she was actually willing to help her ex boyfriend set up a surprise party for my now and forever girlfriend! I’m sorry I wanted to fucking do something amazing for you be I’m so fucking in love with you and would do anything for you!” He screamed at you with tears falling for his eyes. You stood quietly, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes as you watched your tall, muscular, bug hearted boyfriend cry. “Ashton I’m sorry.” You said walking up to him and hugging him. “I didn’t know. I just get jealous sometimes because I always think I’m not good enough for you and I can be easily replaced. I was just scared. I’m sorry baby.” You cried. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and rested his head on top of yours. The two of you just stood there for a few minutes, calming down from crying he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you. “I love you. You are the only one I love.” He said softly. “I love you.” You replied.

Part 1


I know three things about the finale:

1) A “fan favorite” is going to die 

2) Sam cries a lot

3) They are going to “go there”

Why do the first two things have to be mutually exclusive? Sam is a fan favorite, because he’s one of the two main characters, and he can still cry a lot during the episode before he dies. 

I’m not trying to push my own speculation as truth, but, if anything, this just shows that we really don’t know what’s going to happen because they would never give us enough information to actually figure out what’s going to happen. If anything, the most obvious implications from promos and interviews (and not the actual show) are probably the least likely (ie. Dean becoming Death). All these “spoilery” interviews want to do is fuel speculation (mission accomplished) while simultaneously leading us in the wrong direction so we would be even more shocked by what truly happens. 

Dean killing Sam is still on the table because one way to mislead is to give us info that is definitively about Sam and then say something ambiguous about another character. Because we already have info that is for sure about Sam, we immediately assume everything else is about someone else because why would all the “spoilers” be about the same character? 

Title: Five years.

Summary: Reader gets thrown into the future to see the unfolding of their and boys current plans but things are worse than expected.

Warning: i don’t think there are really any warnings expect for being knocked out.

Word Count: 1,292

Notes: The End is one of my favorite eps and I’ve gotten requests for more Cas so I thought I’d mix the two together. This might become another series I guess it depends on how well the first one does. So I hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

KnB imagine blog just pooped out here and there like rabbits. Anyway, GOM react on meeting s/o's older brothers who are NBA players, the father is the coach and the mother is manager?

Akashi: He would maintain his calm facade. He’ll try his best to impress your parents and your brother by talking about how he sees basketball and how much he loves playing it. He would definitely want to have a one-on-one with your brother. Your father would be deeply impressed due to Akashi’s skill, despite not being really tall. He would smirk to himself, knowing that he’s totally winning the favor of your family.

Aomine: In the beginning, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. He was fanboying deep inside because just oh my gosh. Was he really your brother? His favorite player? But when he finally meets them, he’ll become a stuttering mess. He won’t be able to become his usual self, and you had to be the one to mention to your family that he’s actually a prodigy. Your brother would be the one to ask if wants to have a one-on-one and Aomine will accept it as his confidence starts to come back. In the end, he’ll end up impressing your brother with his skills, coming to the point when your brother would say, “don’t you ever let go of that guy. I want him to be my brother-in-law.”

Kise: He would definitely fanboy, but unlike Aomine, he wouldn’t even bother to be shy at all. He would be his usual, bubbly self, making your mother adore him so much. When your brother found out about his skill (and its limitations), he asked Kise if he wanted to learn new moves. Kise loved the idea, like totally. He was indeed a fast learner and your brother was more than happy to see him pickup so easily.

“(l/n)cchi!!!! Your family is sooo awesome! I want to be a part of it, too!”

Kuroko: Kuroko kept his relaxed expression upon seeing your brother walking into the living room of your family house casually. Soon, your parents joined in. They learned that he actually specialized in passing and were really astonished by his talent, and how he actually incorporated his true nature in it. He ended up getting compliments from your parents, especially your dad, since he have never encountered such a smart way of applying misdirection. Kuroko kept on blushing, feeling really happy about how welcoming your family actually was.

“(l/n)-san, your family is really nice. Let’s visit them again next time, okay?” he suggested.

Midorima: He would pretend not to be affected by the fact that your family is associated with the NBA. He would try his best - but our tsundere would fail. He’d be blushing as your brother threw him questions about how he managed to make perfect shots. He’d be too shy to answer, and you had to be the one to save his butt from further embarrassment. You’d tell your brother that he’s following some kind of zodiac show, that’s why his shots never miss. Your mother will find it really adorable. Your brother will ask him to do one of his infamous shots from the other end of the court. It would leave him in full awe as he watched the ball go through the ring.

“Cancers ranked first today, nanodayo,” he said as he readjusted his glasses. 

Murasakibara: Your dad will definitely be amazed about how tall your boyfriend was. He’s only a few centimeters shorter than your brother. Your boyfriend  would have this hint of excitement but won’t really care at all the moment your mother brings out the homemade apple pie from the oven. He was able to finish a half of it, though he wished he had more, unfortunately, he had to share with you and your family. Nonetheless, he really enjoyed the simple treat.

“Ne (l/n)chin. Tell your mom that I really enjoyed the pie. Let’s go back to your house soon, okay?”