but he's already beyond reach seeking salvation in death with his mind with his soul with his body

Oneshot #17

Rating: T

Relationships: AkaFuri.

Characters: Akashi Seijuurou. Furihata Kouki. Ogiwara Shigehiro. Sakurai Ryou.

Wordcount: 2000 words

Tags: Harry Potter AU. Mentions of death. Pining. Fluff.  Cliché as hell. Brunet Trio. Not Hogwarts AU.

Summary: Akashi searches high and low for the one person who had successfully escaped his clutches. 

Author’s notes: This was the product of falling in love with that beautiful shadow puppet play in the film. Really short but I had fun writing it in twenty minutes. Not edited I am so sorry, I just wanted to post this as soon as I was done with it((which is something I know I shall regret tomorrow)). 

Flowers shoot from the ground, buds bursting with unique colours emerge valiantly from hiding and bloom out in the world, spending their lives in bliss and spreading their colourful joy to the world. Before ultimately, they grow tired, weak and wither and die.

Seasons change, spring to summer to autumn to winter. Time passes and life goes on.

And Akashi waits.

Impatiently, restlessly, pacing back and forth, he waits.

Helpless to change the way the cards were dealt. 

But he knows, that the flower he seeks, the flower he was waiting for, shall start to wither soon.

And he shall have his salvation then. The blessed relief he imagines he would experience then, is heady even to think of.

And makes the wait all the more torturous.


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