but he's adorable and perfect so it's ok

Some more fluff…cos…I think I’m falling in love with his beauty @plaidstiel-wormstache…urgh…he’s so adorable!! Also for @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation Day.

Nini’s 1K Gif Celebration Masterlist

Smile For The Camera

“Ok! Now, we need a smoulder!”

You took picture after picture of Chris, looking into the camera as though he was going to take it out for dinner, sweet talk it into bed, and give it the night of its life.


Chris was always so easy to work with.

He listened to instructions easily. Made all the expressions you asked, without hesitation. And he always did it so naturally.

Not to mention that he was smoking hot.

So there was literally no way he could ever look bad.

“Ok-now-how about a cheeky tongue?”

He sniggered, shaking his head at you, before sticking his tongue out like a child.

You smirked, biting your lip as you took over a dozen pictures of the same pose, the lights just making his tongue glisten.

You gulped, wanting that tongue in your mouth, all over your body, and inside you.

Shaking the thoughts away, you looked back up, wondering what else he could do.

“Uh-how about-act cute?”

“Cute? Like-how?”

You shrugged, looking back through the viewfinder and waiting for whatever pose he did.

“I don’t know. You’re naturally cute. Do whatever comes to you”.

Chris smiled shyly at your praise, his heart fluttering, before he got back to work, trying to act cute.

First, it was his palms on his chin, fingers cradling his cheeks-like a flower.

You giggled, just wanting to pinch his cheeks.

The next was lying on his stomach, feet crossed in the air as he moved them around, holding himself up on his elbows, face resting in his hands.

“Look, y/n. Don’t I look adorable?”

You nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly.

“You sure do, cutie. Last one?”

He got up, staring right at you.

Not the camera, but you.

Pushing his index fingers into his dimples, he smiled, making him look like the world’s cutest man.

You took the pictures, before calling him over.

You leaned down to the laptop, Chris leaning with you, an arm draping across your back and holding your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“You are too adorable”, you commented, looking through the pictures and smiling.

“Is that why you married me? Just for my looks?” he asked, feigning offence.

You chuckled, nodding.

“Yep. Your hotness. That’s all I want from you”.

He shook his head, smiling as he kissed your cheek lightly.

“Sure. I know you love me”, he mumbled, resting his cheek against yours, his scent surrounding you.

You turned your head, smiling softly at him.

“I know I do. My perfectly beautiful, amazing, sweet, loving hubby”.

You kissed his lips softly, cradling his face in your hands.

Pulling away, his forehead against yours, you turned back to the laptop, getting back to work.

“Anyway, time to pick which ones you like best. And I think I want a few more cute pictures. Just for me”, you added, wanting to have a reminder of the adorable man you’d married with you at all times.

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Reasons why Nyongtory Might be real..!!

Is Nyongtory real? Yes,No,Maybe? who knows.. Indeed most of us wonder if they are real or just playing with our hearts,souls and minds.. but anyway  I personally Believe that there is something going on between G Dragon and Seungri.Here are some of the reasons why i believe that they might be real  Or at least they have feelings for each other and it is not just Fan service.Because these 2 have seriously gone past Fan Service..

First and foremost,,Have you seen the way G dragon Stares at Seungri?? and the way he smiles at him.? Like OMG. I’m sure most of you including me of course wish we had someone to stare at us the way Ji stares at Ri..

In this world there is one thing that can never be faked..And that is the way you stare at someone you love. Ji literally stares at Ri the way i stare at my food..You can indeed see the love in GD’s eyes just by the way he stares at Ri, and it is not just any look,It is the look of “ I really Like/adore you!”.And even Seungri has been seen giving G Dragon that stare,  its like the “ i cant believe you are mine ,You are so perfect and i am lucky i met you kind of look..”

How they Play Fight and tease each other.Whats there more to say??

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How G-Dragon always wants to kiss Ri..

OK this might be part of Fan Service,,But really..Ji really wants to kiss Ri and we know it..He has been trying to kiss him since way back and our wish is that Panda stops acting silly and let The Dragon kiss him because most people want to be kissed by the Dragon and This Panda literally takes it for granted..Aigoo!!

Originally posted by seungriseyno

How they take care of each other

The Secret outings/Trips just for them two and the couple things!

Why is it That GD mostly take trips/go out with Ri..I mean why not other members? And these couple rings once again..Other people say they don’t mean anything since they wear them on TV and stuff ( just part of the costume) ..But!! here is the thing, GD has been wearing this ring for a really long time and Not only when he is on stage/Tv or performing and He literally does not take them off..(Check his Instagram/ Fan  pics)..He still wears the Ring even now that BigBang is not on tour or performing..(Although Ri does not)..And what baffles me is that Why is it that GD and RI are the only ones spotted with these rings? if they were just BigBang accessories then at least we would see other members wearing them..Why is it Just Nyongtory who wear these rings??????? COINCIDENCE??  I don”t think so!!!

The perverted look that GD gives to Seungri!!

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

Originally posted by k-livee

Like really Now..G Dragon looks at Ri like he wants to bite that piece of Cake..Its like “I want you and i want you now!!” Is this normal? Do you give perverted looks to your friends or people u don’t care about?? What is with this Sexual Tension i sense between these 2? 

Seungri posting Nyongtory Pics when They are in different Countries.

OK OK..Seungri is the biggest Nyongtory Shipper and we appreciate that..But really now..Seungri was in America Recently and yes BigBang is on Vacation.They are not promoting anything at the moment and Ri posted this on his Weibo account..

Why is Seungri posting Nyongtory when BigBang has no activities and To all those who claim that This is all part of Fan service..Seriously who is Seungri Servicing when he posts pictures of him and GDragon when they are not together??If anything this seams like G-Dragon service to me..And he has posted a lot more nyongtory pictures online (Check his instagram account) ( isn’t this what couples do? Constantly uploading pics of each other?) 

How they touch each other/ Skinship

Originally posted by letstalkaboutgri

There is a sense of ownership in the way G-Dragon touches Seungri..It Just Screams “I own you” he locks him in like “you are mine” and i love touching you..I get it..Skinship is not a big deal in korea but really now..People are just so blinded these days, i believe that most people especially idols who have desires for same sex relationships literally Disguise their desires for same Sexual relationships through this Skinship and Fanservice since people will not suspect it as “it is deemed normal in Korea.” And what the hell were they doing in the last gif where GD bent over/grinding on Ri..How is that normal?? and Ri seems to like it!!

And what about the Jealousy, The Love bites/Hickeys on their necks for the past few years??And more couple rings,clothes,Accessories,Constantly talking about each other,Constantly taking photos/Videos of each other e.t.c.The Glances,The touching??..Anyway What i am saying is that indeed there is no way to know if they are real or not unless they confirmed it themselves/got caught by the media or something..And Maybe it is normal for 2 Guys to act like this in Korea but where i am from and live(Australia) you wouldn’t find 2 Straight guys acting the way these 2 act around each other.. (would this be normal in your countries? or is it just me?). I get it that there is cultural differences but still i don’t think that straight men in Korea act like this..Correct me if i’m wrong..!

MY OPINION (Not Nyongtory Related)

Most people should know that there are gay idols in Korea..That is a given!!, These idols suffer in silence and they are in denial because of their fans and their culture, and for all those who support Same sex marriages the least they can do is support these idols.) 

CR To Gif owners..!!

BTS reacting to your cynophobia

“Hey! I loved your reaction for BTS when their s/o calls them oppa for the first time. So I was wondering, if you could do a BTS  and monsta x reaction to you having cynophobia!! (fear of dogs) Please? Thank you so much <3- Anon″

Hello! Is this for real?? I have cynophobia too! I am terrified of dogs. I am going to have fun with this reaction so thank you for requesting this! and thank you for liking the previous reaction. I will do BTS first, because I only do 1 group at a time. Monsta X will be up after this :D


He would kind of understand your fear although he would feel a bit weird about it. He would try to fully gain an understanding of your fear by asking you questions. If you were out and you happened to see a dog, he would try to divert your attention. He would let you hold his hand and squeeze it as hard as you wanted. He wouldn’t mind if you left some nail marks, because he did not want to see you scared. Lowkey though he would find it a bit funny, but he wouldn’t say a word about it.

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Suga would have a hard time understanding your fear at first. He would be honest about it with you. “I dont really see why you are scared. Whats there to be scared of?” But he would want you to make him understand. Once you did, he would be on the same page as you. If you saw a dog while with him, he would quickly switch sides with you, so the dog would pass by him and not you. “Its ok y/n, just breathe jagi” he would smile at you. 

Originally posted by chyogi


He would be an absolute sweetheart about it. “Its ok jagi, we all have fears. I cant watch horror movies, and you are scared of dogs”. He would laugh that you guys make the perfect pair. However, if you saw a dog when you were out with him he would quickly distract you so you didn’t see the dog and maybe get you of the place.  He would find it cute that you got so scared. 

Originally posted by chyogi


This boy would find your fear the most adorable thing ever. He would find it so adorable. But that is not to say he would not understand and be responsible about it. “Jagi, you don’t have to be scared when you are with me” he would always assure you. He would feel grateful that you told him about your fear. When you see a dog and he is with you he would smile a little to himself, seeing the expression on your face. But he would hold you by your waist and let you cling on to him. 

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This poor baby will be a bit sad that you were scared of dogs. He loves dogs.He would try his hardest to understand though. “But Jagi, they are so cute and adorable” He would not force you near dogs, if he saw you were really scared. But he will subtly try to get you to open up and pet the smaller dogs. “Its ok, I am here with you. Dont be scared” he would assure you. 

Originally posted by watanuki-sempai


When you would tell him about your fear, he wouldn’t believe you. “No way. You are really scared of dogs? Just like Hoseok hyung is scared of anything horror related?” he would ask you. He would be totally stunned because he likes dogs too. He would find it a bit amusing but, but he would help you out when you would go stiff seeing a dog. He would rub your arms, and hold your hand, so that you knew you weren’t alone and he understood. 

Originally posted by jimintensify


For this boy, it would be a chance to get into the protector role. “Jagiya, when I am with you don’t be scared. I will be with you, the dogs wont bite you” he would smile at you. If you saw a dog and told him, he would let you hide behind him, and he would stand in front of you so the dog didn’t come near you. He would smile and giggle at how cute you were when you held on to him. For this reason he would sometimes on purpose divert your attention towards a dog, just so you would hold on to him. 

I hope you like! Feel free to request again :) Have good day/night


You mind if I continue invading Germany?


When Clint came to visit me during the ComebackClint saga, it was my job to take pictures of everything that he has collected. Let me just say, these things are so wonderful, so now I am going to gush on and on about them all. The gushing is not in chronological order, and reblog and claim what you made!

Covering that junk

Clint had a solitary pair of underwear when he started his journey, but he NOW has more fun boxers than any doll i’ve ever seen. He has spiderman ones, superman, wonder woman, some cool flannel ones, and they are all so cute and great! They are thin enough to easily fit underneath the SUPER TINY knit black pants.  In addition to the underwear, there are TWO DIFFERENT Hawk-Blocks, one with the face of Hawkeye which is meticulously cross-stitched, and one with the face of Deadpool…because of could there is. :D So very excellent job, guys, in making sure that Knit-Clint’s Knit-Junk would never be seen by anyone, ever!


Clint now has an entire wardrobe of awesomely made clothing! He has his FULL Mini-skirt outfit…yes…I’m serious. Its the mini-skirt dress thing, BOOTS with tiny little fold over parts, and his headband to match. The triangular pattern is even right and everything. You knitters are so crazy! He also has some knit black pants which were integral to Clint’s journey, and some knitted purple shoes that even have little knit-tread on the bottom. Clint also has an assortment of custom shirts, a triplet of Hawkeye-related ones, which have been swapped in and out throughout his journey, and also a Black Widow and Captain America fan shirt, which are fantastic and give him a great variety. But the best part is that the people that made these, sent along the SHIRT PATTERN! I hope Knitpool scans it for you guys so you can make shirts for your knit-people. OK OK, but then…in case Clint decides to go to the opera, he also has complete period formal wear, with little stockings and little pants and a little tux jacket with tails and a white, powdered wig. All of this is sewn and the jacket is lined! 


Clint has a wonderful variety of accessories. The bow is brilliant and so is the quiver, which is backpack style so that it actually stays on. He does have arrows, too, and I’m just so glad someone took up the challenge of making sure he was properly weaponized. He also has a cooking apron. This apron was put together with maniacal genius, so that I couldn’t figure out what it was at first, and then suddenly, it went together so simply. He has TWO hats, made by different people. One is purple and the other is black with the H on it, and BOTH of them fit great on his giant poofy head which is an accomplishment all on its own. And he has a hoodie too, with a teenie little zipper and this hoodie looks SO CUTE on him, gah. Again, kudos to making anything that fits a small-body, big-head doll, because its completely insane. And speaking of completely insane, how about a functioning knit backpack? WUT. Ok…and…the adorable sleeping bag?! Its literally made from the most perfect fabric on the planet. And he has a harness, like this badass climbing harness with the proper rings and everything.


Clint has two pets. Apparently, one of them is a bee. He had two bees when he came to me. Now he has one bee, BECAUSE I STOLE ONE. They are so cute. More on the bees later. But his true pet, Lucky the Dog, is so precious and suits his scale so well, that its almost like a true character of its own, so I just couldn’t include him in accessories. Yes, some brilliant knitter out there took the time to give Clint his little dog and its wonderful. 

I tried to take pictures of everything, and I hope I covered everything! If I missed something, please forgive me! (another post coming of the OTHER things with Clint)

MakoHaru Fic Rec #1

There’s never enough MakoHaru fics, but here’s some of my favourites that I’ve read so far!

let’s ignore the fact this list is dominated by e/m rated fics, ok?

Baby It’s Cold Outside - RyuDanna

Rated E :: Incomplete

When the heater in Haruka’s house suddenly stops working, he heads to Makoto’s to cohabitate for a few days. It seems like a good idea. Then Haruka remembers he hasn’t said everything that needs to be said between them.

((jesus fucking christ just go read this fic ok? ok. lots of cuteness and goodness yes.))

Big Love - thoughtless_dreamer

Rated M :: Complete

It’s not that Makoto doesn’t feel absolutely loved. No, Haru has always made sure that Makoto feels completely adored, from his hair to his toes. It’s just a thought, a feeling, something niggling at the back of his mind whenever they change for practice or shop for new swimsuits at the mall.

So he’s self-conscious about his body. Who ever has to know?

((give me all the body-issues being shattered by boyfriend fics in the world please))

Color Me in Love - AleishaDreams

Rated T :: Incomplete

The world is full of beautiful colors.

There is the happy yellow, the romantic red, the hopeful green, and the calming blue.

Colors are really appreciated in this world and society…

Because colors appear in front of you once you see, for the first time, to your one and true love at their eyes.

((I cut the summary short for the sake of the post, but this is the cutest fic in existence. I’ve read a few of these colour=soul mate fics, but this one is by far my favourite!))

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? - AndthereIwas

Rated E :: Complete

Makoto volunteers at his university’s Student Help Hotline, set up as a safe space for students to call when stressed. While working the graveyard shift one night, he gets a call from a student that sets the ball of fate rolling. Cute, slightly angsty, and the perfect recipe for some good old Free!style drama.


How I Handle Business - sparklecringe

Rated E :: Incomplete

23-year-old Nanase Haruka stumbles into a job as the PA for the marketing director of Future Fish Swimwear, and is less than thrilled about the prospect of being stuck in a boring office job.

His boss is a different story.

((Ok, imagine hot, sexy, daddy-type Makoto, whilst he still regains his utter adorable kindess, getting it on with the fucking gift that is Haru. Yeah… this is a fic and a half))

Lucky Just To Linger - loquaciousEscapist

Rated M :: Incomplete

They’ve moved to Tokyo and are renting separate flats, which seems ridiculous to Haru. Logistically.

((Give me all the Tokyo MakoHaru fics… and this one is just so cute and IC and agh))

Tadaima - uchiuchi

Rated G :: Complete

Five times Makoto welcomes Haru home, and five times “home” is redefined for Haru.

((Short and so fucking sweet I need fillings, ok?))

The Ordinary Life - Ad_Astra

Rated E :: Complete

At the end of their first year of living together, Haruka thinks that cohabitation isn’t exactly what he thought it would be.

It’s better.

((Everyone needs MakoHaru domestic AUs… and this is a perfect one))

Your Blue Eyes like the Ocean - ectoBisexual

Rated E :: Incomplete

Makoto is kind of in love with his best friend, and he also kind of doesn’t realise it until they move in together.

((This is adorable and stressful and heartbreaking and cute and ugh))

as we all know 5sos reached a milestone today making their U.S tv debut on the BBMAs and in honor of that i thought i would make a fetus masterpost

lets start with luke


I just…i have no words for little luke

now lets move on to calum

look how adorable he is

Hes so little he is missing teeth this is so adorible

if you don’t know where that picture is from the i feel sorry for you

ok moving on again this time to michael

those mirror selfies though…

just look at those gorgeous curls

now my computer was stupid or i would have added a photo of michael from today because lets not ignore the fact that he is blonde again

and now we have ashton

those serious and yet somehow a little attractive and adorable photos though…

and what kind of person would I be if i didn’t put this…

iconic perfect funny picture that pretty much sums up not only ashton but the whole band

ok now we go onto group photos

they are so adorable wearing their own merch

those attractive poses are to much for me to handle

all of that straightened hair

Finally lets get a few gifs

and pose

ok im done now…im going to leave you with this last gif of them taking a selfie and being adorable

and lets not ignore michael because who knows what he is doing but its still adorale

(not my pictures or gifs credit to owners)

anonymous asked:

Kingsman HC: When Harry is sick, he, like, crashes. He's sick rarely, but when he gets a flu, it's like the biggest, meanest monster ever. I'm talking about exhaustion, constant sneezing, sore throat, no strenght to get up... He wonders how he ever got better alone, now that he has Eggsy, this perfect, patient young man whom's making Harry some soup and rubbing menthol gel onto his chest and cleaning and making tea an D LOOKING AFTER HARRY SO THAT THE MAN CAN FOCUS ON GETTING BETTER.

Ok so this is absolutely adorible and I love you right now Anon. 

So yes he does barely ever get sick, it’s just not his thing. Some people get sick a lot but not him but when he does he practically has one foot in the grave. 

So lets take it back before he met Eggsy he probably just dealt with it. Maybe he would have Merlin come over and make him something to eat quick, let’s be real he’d probably burn the house down if he tried in that state, but he for the most part took care of himself.

BUT then Eggsy comes into his life, all bright eyed and caring and the dictionary definition of ‘motherhen’ that could put Merlin to shame. So let’s say it starts out as a cold or something, Harry’s laying on the couch with a headache and all grouchy because of it and Eggsy comes along and just takes Harry’s head into his lap and massages it, tossing a tissue his way every time Harry so much as sniffles.

And Harry gets MEAN when he’s sick because no one likes being sick and since he like never is, it’d make sense that he gets a bit grouchy. But Eggsy takes it all in stide, never missing a beat, gently running his fingers through Harry’s hair when he throws up and helps him back to bed where he will collapse and just sleep for another couple hours. And Eggsy realized pretty quickly that when Harry’s sick he gets SICK so he makes it his personal mission to see that Harry never gets up when he’s sick. Not that Harry really has the strength to but still the idea is there. 

So Eggsy makes a run for the store and when Harry wakes up he finds a water bottle and some cough drops on the nightstand. So he rolls over and grabs one before Eggsy comes in with homemade soup. Now Harry’s had Merlin make soup for him when he was sick before but this just puts Merlin’s to shame cos who knew Eggsy could cook? Harry’s usually the one that cooks. And you bet that Eggsy helps him eat even if Harry insists that he can do it himself and Harry you can barely lift your arm let alone eat an entire thing of soup. Harry eventually gives up and lets Eggsy do it cos it’s kinda nice to not have to do anything and let him do all the work cos really his body is just not up to it at all. 

And Harry’s asleep on and off all day but when he wakes up he finds some tea on the night stand, with a sugar and small amount of cream in it, exactly how he likes it and Eggsy damn well knows it, and when Eggsy comes in later he finds Harry with his eyes half closed and half a cup of tea in his hands curled up on the bed. Eggsy just takes the cup and puts it on the nightstand and kisses Harry again and leaves him be to fall back into a nice long sleep again. 

And then at night Eggsy crawls into bed with him Harry curls up right next to him with his laboured, sniffuly breaths and he supposes being sick isn’t so bad if he’s got this wonderfully beautiful man next to him.

So I got a little carried away but I could seriously go on and on but all of Eggsy taking care of Harry, just all of it.

In the [Millennium Falcon’s] cockpit, Rey headed for the copilot’s seat, only to find her way blocked by a massive hirsute form.

‘Chewie, the Falcon flies better with two people at the controls, you know that. I’ve already sat in that seat. I’m ready to do so again.’

A series of moans came from the Wookiee. Then he turned–and sat down. In the copilot’s seat. 

Rey felt herself tearing up. 'You’re serious, aren’t you?’

Chewie groaned and, to make certain she grasped his meaning, gestured to his left. Toward the pilot’s position.

Sitting down, she settled herself in. She could do this. If Chewbacca felt she could do it, then who was she to dispute him? As she hesitated, the Wookiee reached over and mussed her hair. Grinning, she made a show of trying to slap his hand away.

He had no idea how much this innocent, familial gesture meant to her.


Star Wars The Force Awakens novel by Alan Dean Foster

Chewie insisted Rey pilot the Falcon! (@ all the dudebros who hated that, you are now in direct disagreement with Chewbacca) He musses up her hair like a proud parent!! Rey’s reaction to both!!! whyyyyy wasn’t this in the film this is a perfect little moment to cap off Rey’s found family arc throughout the story and also its so adorable i cant stop smiling

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What are your favorite Narry moments from each WWA leg? I miss them so much even though it's been only a few days :O

ok ok

south america;

  1. tu eres loco, harry in chile because … this is so them? u know? i know u know
  2. harry on his knees for niall - argentina
  3. singing you & i to niall in brazil <3 <3 <3
  4. this fucking thing. i’ll never let this moment die. it was hot and i love how they’re looking at each other and smiling, especially niall. he looks so smug uGH
  5. also this because you know harry loves everything irish :)

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Reason #448273 Seokjin is adorable -  When he’s got a mouthful of food his upper lip turns into a perfect pink heart 💖

anonymous asked:

Top 10 dallon pictures go

ok here we go sorry for taking 8 billion years to respond also these are in no particular order but I point out my absolute faves if you read my commentary :)


This one is Dallon being hecka cute and sassy but also kind of demonic but i enjoy it like look at that cute lil pick on his forehead!







I just love this picture because I don’t understand why it exists?? BUT ITS FLIPPIN ADORABLE and probably one of my ultimate ULTIMATE fave pics of Dallon as well he’s such a cutie aw 


HAIRHAIRHAIRHAIR just look at it?! And honestly he just looks to perfect to exist. As usual. Another one of my ultimate faves


Oh LAWD he just looks so good i want to cry. You can NOT hate this man. Not only is he a super sweetie but also a super hottie aw yea


OK HERE IT IS. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PHOTO OF DALLON WEEKES EVER. THIS PHOTO RIGHT HERE. His hair and his eyes and his face are all super perfect?!?!?


Ok I also decided to add my favorite pictures of Dallon that I have personally taken and here is one from about a month ago that was featured on their website and everything?!?!? And HE LIKED IT. I PUT IT ON INSTGRAM AND DALLONS PERSONAL ACCOUNT LIKED IT I STARTED SCREAMING but yeah he just looks super rad in this pic so i love it :)


This is another pic that i took, but back in December! I absolutely adore this picture because even though Bden is blurry, Dallon is making the BEST bass face EVER and i adore it (and am super happy i got it on camera!!)


Here it is!! My tenth picture, which i also took at the december concert! It’s my favorite (good quality) photo I’ve ever taken of Dallon, I mean just look at him. LOOK AT THIS DROPDEAD GORGEOUS MAN. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures :D

Daddy’s Little Soldier Girl


Steve was surprised when Stephanie came to her one day with something she wanted to do, as odd as it sounded he thought it would be pretty cute, and it was perfect, that and he couldn’t say no to her. So he agreed to treat her like a baby, it took some time but over the course of a few weeks they had transformed the extra room they had in their apartment into an adult sized nursery for her. They painted it the adorable pastel pink and put up decorations of the disney baby characters all over, it was perfect, perfect for her. 

The moment came to unveil it to its new occupant. “Ok sweetie just a little further.” Bruce told her gently as he held his hands over her eyes and guided her to the new nursery, “Ok open the door and then open your eyes!” he told her as waited for her to open the door before he removed his hands from her eyes.