but he's adorable and perfect so it's ok

Daddy’s Little Soldier Girl


Steve was surprised when Stephanie came to her one day with something she wanted to do, as odd as it sounded he thought it would be pretty cute, and it was perfect, that and he couldn’t say no to her. So he agreed to treat her like a baby, it took some time but over the course of a few weeks they had transformed the extra room they had in their apartment into an adult sized nursery for her. They painted it the adorable pastel pink and put up decorations of the disney baby characters all over, it was perfect, perfect for her. 

The moment came to unveil it to its new occupant. “Ok sweetie just a little further.” Bruce told her gently as he held his hands over her eyes and guided her to the new nursery, “Ok open the door and then open your eyes!” he told her as waited for her to open the door before he removed his hands from her eyes.