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I'm wondering if we're going to get more moments of unrequited love from Tulip and Cassidy? there were moments in Season 1 that led me to believe this would be an ongoing thing.

you bet your bottom dollar we will. cassidy is very much in love with her - we see that confirmed time and again, including in the opening of the s1 finale as he describes her as having been “burned into his brain” and later his reaction to her hugging him…and ofc his jealousy, quickly suppressed and put aside, when tulip and jesse kiss (although he doesn’t know it’s bc jesse used Genesis lol). 

the thing that makes jesse/tulip/cassidy so tragic is that cassidy loves them both. jesse is the best friend he’s had since before he was a vampire and he’s in love with tulip - they’re two different kinds of love and he won’t pursue tulip bc that’s his best friend’s girl. it’s literally that song “jesse’s girl” lol but basically cassidy goes from having no one at all to having two people he cares about deeply very quickly…and that’s a lot more compelling and layered than any regular old love triangle. I do adore jesse/tulip but tulip/cassidy will always be my fav and under other circumstances I think they’d be perfect for each other. in any case, they have a beautiful friendship on the show I imagine will only develop further, and cassidy’s tenderness towards her is a lovely thing. 


Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

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Jon, now that you're a ghost, will you pull mean pranks on Eduardo to get revenge on him for all those times he threatened you?

JON: Of course not! I wouldn’t do that to him! Eduardo is a friend! My friend!

JON: Even though he called me names and drank all the Diet Cola in the house and yelled and gave me wet willies and swirlies and basically never showered and took my lunch money and…

do you guys realize how amazing this clip and this whole relationship is. not only bc of the clear chemistry and adoration between these two pure kids but it’s the way they speak about their beliefs: a boy confesses why he gave up on some parts of islam to a muslim girl and he knows that the girl won’t judge him. and he doesn’t judge her.  they like each other and have a crush on each other, but better yet - they fucking respect each other. and to see islam presented in this way - in a new, complex way - in a tv show feels kinda fucking revolutionary and amazing to me, and im not even religious so I can only imagine how it feels for religious people!

i ran for my engineering department’s undergraduate president position just so that the only guy running wouldn’t just win by default. my slogan was “i want you to choose”. it really pissed off the graduating year because they wanted a legacy (apparently he was drinking buddies with all of them) but at least the ballot had two names on it. if anything, i went down as that bitch in our department who wouldn’t let that one guy be president without doing anything

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Yo yo yo- so trans lance right? bUT he also really likes feminine stuff like skirts and pretty flowy dresses and makeup and stuff so back on earth some assholes were like 'you're not a guy your a gIRl' abd the do it almost every day and it really upsets Lance to the point he's like 'I'm throwing all my pretty dresses and nice skirts and stuff (but he keeps the makeup more on that later) and his siblings are like lance??? Why?? But lance is super stubborn. Fast forward to being with the gang 1/?

In space where he doesn’t let them know he use to be a girl so they won’t judge him or make fun of him bUT they know he wears makeup (see?) and just think it’s because it’s narcissistic but it’s ACTUALLY because he still wants to hold onto some of his femininity without being bullied maybe? And so he does all this until one day he A. Can’t find his binder B. His fave makeup is gone and C. He just is out of it™ and walks into breakfast without his binder and stuff and everyone is like ??? 2/?

But they don’t say anything because they don’t not want to be assholey and he goes the whole day without his binder (maybe not realising after breakfast I dunno) until it gets to night when he’s getting changed for bed and just FREAKS OUT. He’s just off the walls crying and AND yelling and bad stuff until Keith walks in and (you continue the rest) 3/3

And talks him through the panic attack, and he literally ask Lance if he feels like a boy, too which Lance nods, then he says, “So you’re a boy. We don’t care if your genitals are not a traditional boys, you are a boy. You’ve always been a boy.” 

Lance sobs, wondering if he could ever be an actual boy. Except he voices these thoughts, and Keith smiled, takes his hands and speaks again, “You can’t be something you already are, Lance. My favorite blue boy.”

Be a Good Girl

Author: @onceratheart4life
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Rating: NSFW 18+
Warnings: Explicit Language, Dirty Talk, Teasing, Daddy Kink, Praise Kink, Very Slight Dom/Sub Themes, Bondage, Fingering, Oral (M>F), Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids).
Word Count: 3,829 words
Request: Stiles x reader where they’re studying and he finds her web history and discovers her kinks. He starts trying to distract her but she won’t move until he says ‘be a good girl for daddy’ leads to rough sex etc. Please tag me in it ☺️☺️ thanks xx
A/N: So this is my first smut and it’s hella smutty in my opinion. And because it is my first smut, it’s written in third person and may not be as good as other writers, but it’ll improve over time. And my Professor Dylan O'Brien AU is on hold, as is the other requests because I have to study for about six major exams coming up. And also, thank you @proudglader for the deliciously sinful request.

Studying with Stiles wasn’t always “studying.” He’d test (Y/N) by stripping her and kissing nearly every body part of hers, quizzing her and won’t let her come until answering almost all the questions correctly. It often lead to rough and passionate sex, which made up 50% of their sex life. The other percent was soft, slow and tender sex.

That’s what she loved about her boyfriend, that he could be both dominant and submissive, rough and gentle at the same time or one in different encounters. It was always different with them, they would try different things out. Handcuffs, blindfolding, and once spanking. Every time with Stiles was exciting for her, no matter what the mood was.

Tonight they were studying history alone at her house, her parents were gone for the week so they had the whole house to themselves. When he asked her if she wanted to study, she couldn’t tell if he meant "studying” or actual studying, but he had brought his books to her house about half-an-hour ago so she knew it was the latter option.

She was sitting on her bed surrounded by books when Stiles got up from his spot next to her, making her head turn to ask him, “What are you doing?” He shrugs, heading over to her desk where her laptop was. “I’m gonna search something up real quick.”

(Y/N) didn’t think anything of it afterward, but she was kind of nervous. Sure, she and Stiles had an amazing sex life, but she often read smut that involved her kinks. Kinks that he never knew of because she was scared he wouldn’t be into it and think she was a freak. After ten minutes of his fingers tapping away on the keyboard, it stopped abruptly. “(Y/N)?” He called out.

“Yeah, Stiles?” She asked, not looking up from the textbook despite her curiosity.

“What exactly does DD/LG stand for?”

Her head snapped up so fast she was afraid she’d hurt her neck but her embarrassment clouded the pain. “What?” She squeaked, her hands clammy and heart pounding against her ribs. He didn’t turn around, instead his fingers tapped away on the keyboard and her face paled when she saw the page he pulled up.

“Daddy dom and little girl?” He questioned, spinning around with a devious look on his face, eyebrow arched. His eyes were a shade darker than the whiskey brown (Y/N) loved which reminded her of Void. Void was obsessed with her because of Stiles’ feelings for her, which made him lust after her. But of course, no matter how hard it was, she never gave into it.

“You have a daddy kink?” Stiles asks, standing up and sauntered over to the (H/C) girl.

She looked down and avoided his burning gaze, eyes glued to the words on the page as the bed dipped next to her and his fingers ran down up her bare arm, igniting a spark in her gut. DD/LG was one of her kinks, but she also had a kink for his hands, or more specially, his fingers. When ever he wasn’t there, or late at night, she would fantasize about those long slender fingers touching her as she got off on it.

His fingers traced her collarbone and he brushed away her hair to place a kiss against her already heated skin, right below her ear, and she had to bite her bottom lip to keep herself from letting out a low and filthy moan. It got harder as he trailed feather-light kisses up her neck and across her jaw, lips soft and teasing. His hand landed on her thigh and trailed it up slowly, getting closer to the juncture of her thighs. She clenched them together to try to relieve the ache that formed in her core, already wet from his touch alone.

“Answer me, princess,” he ordered gruffly against her skin.

She shook her head, skin a light pink from the desire and embarrassment. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much power he had over her.

“Be a good girl for Daddy and answer me.”

Oh shit, she mentally cursed, finally letting out a soft moan. “Yes,” she bit out, flustered and awkward.

“Do you want to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked, licking a stripe up her neck. She nodded shortly, eyes falling close as she gave herself up. “Then spread your thighs for me, princess.”

She did as told, spreading her legs a bit, still feeling shy. But it was all he needed, hand cupping her sex over her pajama shorts. When his thumb rubbed little circles over her covered bundle of nerves, a low moan left her lips, head falling and body curling into his. He wrapped his free arm around her waist, lifting her to sit sideways in his lap and urged her to lay her head in the crook of his neck. Her hands balled in the material of his black t-shirt, whimpering when he slipped his hand into her shorts and panties, fingertips coming into contact with her already swollen nub, softly caressing it with the pads of his fingers.

“Do you want to go slow or fast for tonight?” He whispered against her forehead.

Last time they had sex was a few days ago, after a lacrosse game and it was pretty rough so she still felt a little sore from that, so she answered, “Whatever you want-” She cut herself off with a strangled moan when he rubbed over her soaked entrance. “Fuck, you’re so wet,” he growled, gently slipping in his index finger, her lips parted and moans escaped them. “Is this all for me?”

“Y-yes,” she stuttered. “Always.”

He hummed, dipping in another finger and slowly pumped them in and out of her tight sheath, listening to her soft moans and whimpers. His fingers moved slowly, rubbing along her walls, finding her spot easily. His thumb moved over her clit in small circles, teasing her there but reaching all the right places inside her canal to trigger her climax.

“Please, don’t stop, Daddy,” she begged, using one hand to grip his toned forearm, quickly climbing to the edge. “I’m so close and I wanna cum for you.”

He bent his head down so his lips hovered over hers, her breathing labored as her moans grew in volume, his fingers moving more quickly as her walls began to flutter and clench around him, his cock hard and nearly painful. Her hips began to rock against his fingers, rubbing against the bulge in his pants, a strangled noise leaving his lips. He never knew the word “daddy” could be pleasurable for him, and it was quickly becoming one of his own kinks.

Finally, he twisted his wrist a little to press down hard on her clit, rubbing quick and tight circles over the flesh and she shattered, a cry leaving her lips that she muffled by pressing her face into his shoulder, thighs quaking as pleasure coursed through her. He gradually stopped moving his fingers, waiting until she stopped clenching around him, and gently removed them from her, her body shaking from the aftershocks of her orgasm. She watched as he brought his glistening fingers to his mouth and wrapped his lips around them, humming at her taste.

A moan slipped from her lips, still wanting him. “You’ve been such a good girl for me. Do you like being a good girl for daddy?” He asked in a husky voice and brushed his lips against hers. She nodded, curling into him more and pressed her lips to his fluttering pulse. “I like being good for you, daddy,” she answered in a whisper, her other hand slipping around his neck. He searched her (E/C) eyes before crashing his lips to hers, teeth clacking and his tongue dominating hers. It was messy, hot and passionate, a new flood of desire crashing over (Y/N)’s body. He moved their bodies so he was above her and between her legs, her body positioned a little bit above him so her head was on the pillow. 

He didn’t waste anytime to strip her, pulling her shirt over her head with her help and her shorts, revealing her soaked panties and bare breasts. He groaned at the sight, but kept his composure

“You’re scarves are in your closet, right?” He asked, more mischief in his eyes. She nodded and bit her tongue to contain a whine that threatened to leave her lips when he raised his body off of hers and crawled off the bed, heading towards her closet.

She was quickly lowering from the delicious high Stiles gave her moments ago, but she was still slick with arousal. Thoughts of what he was gonna do with the scarf ran through her mind, thinking about him gagging her, blindfolding or bondage, the thoughts only making her more wet and her core throb. She rubbed her thighs together to relieve some of the pressure, hips arching up slightly and she took the opportunity to remove her ruined panties, throwing them carelessly over the side of the bed. A cluck of disapproval made her still, eyes snapping to the foot of the bed where a shirtless Stiles was standing, a black scarf hanging from his palm and a look of disdain on his face.

“Ah ah,” he admonishes, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart, squeezing her one ankle as a warning. “No touching yourself of any kind. It’s my job.” He pointed his index finger at her and winked, knowing how hot she found it when he winked.

She nods and smiles coyly, “Sorry, Daddy, it’s just uncomfortable.”

A feral grin spread across his face and he slid his hands up her legs, crawling back up her body until he slotted his hips against hers with her legs on either side of him. He grabbed her wrists and held them together in front of him, wrapping the soft material around her wrists and tied a knot that he could untie later, letting go and she dropped them. “Keep them up there,” he ordered, his voice low and rough. It caused another flood of heat to pass through (Y/N)’s loins, her clit throbbing.

It amazed her how worked up he could get her within a very short period of time, something he used to his advantage quite frequently. A little gasp leaves her lips as he pressed a short but hard kiss to her lips, placing a kiss on the corners of her mouth, her jaw and neck where he started to suck and lick.

His sinful tongue against her flesh had her eyes rolling to the back of her head, moans left her lips as he bit down where her shoulder met her neck, soothing the bite and continued to give her neck and collarbones attention. The spark within her turned into an inferno, heating her skin and core.

When his lips wrapped around one of her hard nipples, biting down gently on the hard nub, a whimper left her lips. He used his other hand to cup her other breast, thumb and index finger tweaking the nipple until it was erect and taut.

“Please, Daddy,” she mewled.

“Please, what?” He taunted, sliding his lips to her other nipple and licking over it, sucking a purple mark to the underside of her right breast.

“Please do something,” she breathed out, eyes closed and lips parted as moans slipped from them.

He hummed, kissing down her stomach slowly to her hips, kissing the crevice where it meets her thighs, purposely teasing her. She bucked her hips ups and he held her down, spreading her thighs a tad bit more to kiss from her knee and up the inside of her thigh and he sucked tiny marks into her skin. He was deliberately teasing her, working her up and under certain circumstances, (Y/N) would enjoy it, but the throbbing between her thighs was too intense to enjoy the teasing.

“Daddy,” she moaned, hoping he’d take mercy on her.

And he did, a very loud moan leaving her as his tongue came into contact with her core, licking a stripe through her folds and wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking harshly. “Mmm,” he hummed against her, the vibrations traveling through her and made her thighs twitch at the sides of his head. “You always taste so good, baby girl.”

As he continued his onslaught of using his tongue to stimulate her bundle of nerves, she wanted nothing more than to thread her fingers in his silky brown hair, but she knew she couldn’t. So she settled for holding onto a pillow, her eyes falling shut and her back arching up, as well as her hips. His hand clamped down onto her hip, stilling them to continue feasting upon her.

“Oh, fuck!” She cursed as she felt his index finger circle her entrance, the digit quickly being coated in her juices that accumulated from his tongue against her.

“Not yet, princess,” Stiles smirks against her, slowly sliding in the digit, a second one following quickly, his tongue never stopping its assault on her clit as he fingered her for the second time that night.

Her walls fluttered and clenched around his long fingers, hitting all the right places like before, but this time he scissored his two fingers gently inside her, stretching her walls deliciously. “Ooh,” she let out, her back arching and deep moans came from her throat, skin flushed pink from the blood rushing through her veins and the stimulation. “Oh, my God! Please!”

“What do you want, baby?”

She opened her eyes and looked down, meeting his eyes from where he was between her thighs, the sight sinful, and she said in a slightly trembling voice, “I want you to fuck me after this.”

He grinned and wasted no time, curling his fingers and stroked her sensitive walls, sucking harshly on her clit and she broke, a strangled cry leaving her throat as her hips started to jerk. As soon as her hips stopped moving, he removed his fingers from her, and she felt empty as he did but didn’t make a single sound of disdain as he left her body and the bed. 

The sound of him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants traveled to her ears and she watched as he discarded his shoes, socks and then his pants. Her (E/N) eyes darting around his tall frame, his muscles toned but not as much as most guys but (Y/N) loved it, pale skin dotted with moles and freckles, the small patch of dark hair in the middle of his chest and the happy trail leading down to his erect cock that stood proudly. The slightly red tip was glistening with precum.

A moan left her lips at the sight, her hips grinding down into the mattress to try to get some relief but found none. He returned to her body, moving between her legs so his hips were against hers and his hands on either side of her head, his cock between her folds, and he moved his hips to glide it through her folds, lubricating himself in her copious amounts of arousal. A whine of frustration left her lips, squirming. “Stop… Teasing,” she huffed out, the intense sensation between her thighs almost painful.

He smirked and with no warning, he slammed into (Y/N) to the hilt, her head falling forwards with a whimpering cry leaving her lips and her eyes rolling to the back of her head. “Daddy!” She gasped, moving her arms to loop it over his head to pull him closer to her, hearing no objection from the teen above her as he fell to his elbows, his bare chest grazing hers. His hips stilled, buried deep within her and letting her adjust to his generous size.

She didn’t say anything to let him know she was ready, instead lifting her legs so her knees framed his hips. He pulled out and slammed back in, setting a quick and hard pace, the only sounds in the room being her moans and whimpers, his grunts and growls, and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

His thrusts were powerful and quick, and he looked down to her face, eyes closed and expression contoured in pleasure with her lips shaped in a “o” and skin shinning with perspiration, eyes falling down to her bouncing breasts. He bent his head down to capture one of her erect nipples, laving the bud with his tongue and lightly bit down, her squeal of pleasure music to his ears. With her having an orgasm just a few moments ago, he knew she was undoubtedly close to her climax with the way her tight walls were clenching around him, amplifying his own pleasure, he snaked his between their sweaty bodies and found her swollen clit, quickly rubbing it.

“Daddy!” (Y/N) screamed, the knot of pleasure in her stomach bursting, intense pleasure crashing over her as she orgasm for the third time that night. “Oh, fuck, Daddy!”

A load groan leaves his lips as her walls clamped down on his pulsing member, triggering her own orgasm and he came with a grunt, his essence coating her inner walls. He continued to move his hips, slow to prolong their climaxes for as long as possible.

Soon, he stopped, panting and her body was shaking beneath his. They buried their heads in the other’s necks, holding each other close, the sweat cooling on their skin and he softened slightly in her. But at the slightest movement from her got his shaft to stiffen, the recovery rate pretty impressive. When it came to sex with (Y/N) he could go for hours, slowly increasing his stamina over time and it made it a lot more enjoyable for them.

“I’m not done with you yet, baby girl,” he panted in his ear, moving to wrap his arms around her back as it was arched, rearing backwards so he sat back on his haunches with her perched in his lap, still within her and her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She couldn’t respond, chest heaving for air and hair messy, but she didn’t object, her need for him not yet sated. “You got enough energy?”

(Y/N) nodded, sucking in a deep breath and start to slowly rock her hips against his. Her hips were most likely going to be bruised by the morning, and sore for a few days, but sex with Stiles was too good to stop in that moment. “Always,” she said in a low voice, kissing Stiles’ jaw as his hands found her hips and helped her move her hips, steadily gaining speed and the knots within their abdomens as she started to bounce in his lap, skin slapping against skin once more. 

The muscles in her thighs tightened, walls involuntarily clenching around Stiles’ cock, eliciting a loud moan from his plump lips, “God, do that again, baby.” She did it again, a little bit more strong than the last that got a rough growl from her lover, “Good girl,” he praised. “Such a good girl for Daddy.”

Pleasure surged through her at the praise, and he felt it from her reaction around him. “You like being praised, don’t you?” He asked in her ear, voice purposely low and rough as their hips continued to thrust against each other. “Oh you do.” He stilled her hips with his hands, making (Y/N) whine in complaint, but he pulled his head away and moved his hands to hold her flushed cheeks, taking in every detail of her face. Lips swollen and parted as pants left her, eyes half-lidded, hair sticking to her temples from sweat and yet he found her to be as beautiful as always, maybe even more now in the throes of passion.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he murmured, running the pad of his thumb along her lower lip and she pressed a kiss to it, the once sexually intense moment now a emotionally intense moment. He couldn’t tear his eyes from hers, not even when she went back to lifting her hips and dropping back down onto him, letting him out half-way from her sheathe. “So are you,” she says, barely inaudible but he heard her. 

(Y/N) started to grind her hips against his, barely lifting her hips as she was on the edge of an earth-shattering orgasm, her fourth and final one of the night. The tip of his cock kept hitting her g-spot, his pubic bone rubbing against her bundle of nerves and the dual sensations sent her into overload, the knot bursting and her body spasming and a loud scream of his name, not “Daddy” but “Stiles,” left her lips and their eyes still connected. 

He started to snap his hips up, jaw clenched and muscles straining as he was getting closer and closer to his own peak. “Come for me, Daddy,” she said under her breath, exhausted but wanted to see him come one more time. And he did, cock pulsing for the final time tonight and this climax, like (Y/N)’s, was intense, coating her insides again with more of his seed. But she didn’t care, getting off on the fact that it claimed her as his, and vice versa,

Her body sagged against his, wrists rubbed sore as well as the rest of her body. She could barely keep her eyes open, wincing when she lifted her arms from around his neck and he was trying to catch his breath. “Next time we do that,” he panted. “I’m taking you from behind.”

She didn’t laugh, merely gave him a tired smile as his shaky fingers untied the scarf from her wrists, letting it fall over the side of the bed and she fell backwards, back hitting the mattress and he fell next to her. 

“Might be a while,” she said, pressing her hand against her chest and felt her erratic heart beneath her palm, gradually slowing down. 

He frowned and turned on his side, pulling the sheets above them to look at (Y/N) with worry etched into his face. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He asked anxiously, biting his lip. 

“No,” (Y/N) whispered, eyes drooping as weariness started to take over. “It was perfect.”

The anxious look on his face disappeared, her fading voice filling his ears as he watched her close her eyes and passed out, skin glistening with dried sweat and hair messy. A breathy chuckle left his lips and he shook his head, pulling the sheets up more to cover her body up to her chin, snuggling closer to her and gently pulled her to him and she instantly curled into his side, head on his chest. “I love you,” he whispered against her forehead, and even though she was asleep, she heard him, a small smile spreading upon her lips.

I love you, too.


Kallias and Viviane’s story, because these two stole my heart and I can’t resist writing them! This is going to be a prequel to the events of ACOWAR so be prepared for the journey of a precious friendship formed and lasting bond that will tie them together for eternity!

Chapter 1: Serendipity 

The Winter Court was vibrant today. The small city in the open snowy landscape was busy with trade. Residents of the city walked the streets with their pale bodies almost blending into the snow falling from the sky. Voices intermingled with the busy market noises as furs were swapped for precious metals to be forged into weapons or jewelry.

Overlooking the city a boy sat looking outside one of the tall glass windows of the castle. His white hair hung loose around his pointed ears as his blue eyes watched for anything that could seemingly pull him from his boredom.

Today had already been filled with lessons on court etiquette at his father and mother’s request. Of course their requests were considered orders to those that served them. For they were the High Lord and Wife that ruled the Winter Court.

And Kallias was their sole heir.

“Sir Kallias,” a female fae stepped forward and gave a slight bow of respect to the eight year old who didn’t spare her a glance.

“What is it?” Kallias asked still looking outside.

“The High Lord and his wife have dismissed your lessons for the day,” the fae responded. “They have guests today that will require your tutor’s attention.”

Kallias nodded. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence and Kallias was an apt enough learner that he already memorized the text that would have been discussed today.  Perhaps now he could walk outside to his heart’s content after having been cooped up inside this past week.

“You’re free to go,” Kallias dismissed the fae who promptly returned to whatever task she had been doing before she was sent as messenger.

With as much calmness Kallias could muster he walked down the long hall and obtained his dark grey fur cloak with blue stitching. He snuck outside the servant’s tunnel that led to the gardens.

Though these gardens were nothing like the Spring Court’s.  Here the snow covered grey stone pathways that wove between evergreen hedges and the occasional burst of red from winterberry trees.

He breathed a sigh of relief. His breath pluming in a little fog from his lips as he walked around one of the large pine trees in the garden.

Suddenly his ears picked up a noise. A tinkling noise similar to bells that were usually placed out for festivals. It was a beautiful sound and Kallias slowly followed it.
His hands went to the small dagger at his hip. He was trained in combat, but he knew from his instructors that it was better to avoid a confrontation with physical blows. Even his magical abilities were a bit rough, but that was better than nothing.

He rounded the corned and froze at what he glimpsed between the brambles of a bush.

A young girl that was not quite his age was spinning in the snow. Her long white hair twirling and catching snowflakes that made her hair glitter in the sunlight.

And then her laugh.

Kallias stared in awe. Listening with wonder at this magical fae before him. He almost thought her to be a nymph from the stories his nursemaid used to tell him as a toddler.

Deep in his chest something tugged at him. Go to her.

He took one silent step forward. Then another. Hoping not to startle the girl. But for all his training he still stepped on a branch that snapped loudly under his foot.

Immediately the girl stopped. Her dark blue dress swirled around her knees until the folds rested against her brown boots.

The garden was quiet. So silent that Kallias could hear the girl’s breath as she settled from her exuberant spinning.

“You’re…” Kallias sought for something to say. Even his intensive reading offered him no help as he stood blinking at the girl before him. He swallowed down his nerves and realized that this was the first fae child he had ever met around his age.

Children were a rarity. Among the Winter Court that was even truer from the harsh weather that offered no forgiveness to those that succumbed to it. Even Kallias’s older brother had fallen to Winter’s deathly kiss not long after Kallias was born.

Still this girl…she was so… “You’re little,” Kallias whispered without another thought.

The girl blinked in shock and bounded over to him. Her feet giving a slight skip as she stopped in front of him. Her face mere inches from his face that Kallias was too shocked to even back away from her forwardness.

Who was she that she dared to share the same breath as he? The High Lord’s son and heir?

“I’m taller than you!” The little girl said happily with a smile. “See!”

At the Kallias realized what her intentions were for her nearness. And even more disturbing was that she was indeed a few inches taller. Much to Kallias’s sudden disappointment.

He brushed away her hand that hovered above their hands to show evidence of just how much taller she was.

“So?” Kallias said. “I bet I’m older than you.” For some reason Kallias felt the need to prove something to this girl who gave him a full grin.

“I’m six,” the girl responded.

“And I’m eight,” Kallias crossed his arms proudly as if he won the Winter Solstice sled racing tournament.

“Wow you are old!” The girl laughed and for a moment Kallias wondered if she meant it to be and insult, but her smile said otherwise. As if she was teasing him.

But then she grabbed his pale hands with her gloved ones and gave him a pleading look. “Will you play with me? All the others inside say they can’t or are too old, but you’re not right?”

“I – ugh,” Kallias had rarely ever stammered in his life. He couldn’t even remember the last time it happened, but looking at his hands wrapped in her fingers thoughts flew away from him. “You shouldn’t hold my hand.”

“Why?” The girl asked. Then her eyes narrowed. “Don’t tell me you’re like those other boys that are afraid of girls right.”

“Why would I be afraid of girls?” Kallias asked. How could I be afraid of you? As if it was possible to be frightened of the female that stood before him with bright eyes shining in the evening sun. 

Instead of voicing his thoughts he added a different reasoning instead. “Besides it’s not proper for us to whole hands.”

“So you won’t play with me?” The girl visibly deflated in her happiness. Her blue eyes dulling with each passing second.

Awkwardly Kallias shuffled his feet. “Well it’s just that…I’ve never played with anyone before.”

“Really?” The girl cocked her head to the side. “Isn’t that lonely?”

Kallias opened his mouth to say that he is always busy with lessons so how could he be lonely, but then it hit him. He was lonely. Walking the halls with no one to play games with or steal cookies from the kitchen after they had been baked.

“I am alone…” Kallias admitted dazedly at his realization and looked down at his feet. Unsure of what to do with the wave of sadness rising in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t supposed to feel this way. One day he would be High Lord and these emotions would need to be locked away since they showed weakness.

But then the fingers holding his own tightened and he glanced up to see the girl giving him a small smile. He could feel the warmth of it. How it eased his worries in a single second.

“Then I’ll be your first friend,” she said with a tinge of excitement and hope. “I’m Viviane. What’s your name?”

“Kallias,” he answered and squeezed her hand back. It wasn’t like the handshakes he was taught to do by his elders, but this felt special. Far more important than any handshake he would ever have to do in the future.

“Come on then!” She tugged him into the open space. “Let’s play tag!”

She took off running and he readily gave chase after a moment’s pause to consider the options. But he found not better choice than to run among the hedges with this free-spirited girl.


Soon Kallias began to laugh with her. Filling the garden with a wonderful noise as two souls began a journey that would be filled with happiness and loss. As children they were naïve to the world’s horrors. It would be many years before their peace was shattered into broken shards that would rattle their friendship to the core.

Not My Alpha Or My Daddy

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Peter x Fem!Reader

Summery: Peter shows the Reader who’s in charge

Warnings: +18, Swearing, sex, dirty talk, Dom!Peter, oral, Sub!Reader, Omega!Reader

“Derek I’m staying for a few days!” You called out as you dumped your bag on the floor, heading to throw yourself over Derek’s couch.

“Well if it isn’t our favourite Omega, how can we help?” Peter drawled and you glared at him as you grabbed at your phone, wiggling around until you could pull it out of your pocket.

“Piss off Peter.” You hummed as you unlocked it and started to scroll through your apps.

“Well that’s just rude, you should know better than to argue with an Alpha.” He schooled and crouched next to you.

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Church Mouse

Request: Can you make headcanons about the reader dating Wade but being shy? I am a very shy and non social person to strangers but if I know you well then I will talk about lot.

You sat in a booth by yourself waiting to see if your pick for the dead pool was dead or not. You had quite a bit of money, and a lot of faith on your bet. You watched the door seeing if your pick would come in. The bar’s phone rang and Weasel answered it; you watched him, wondering what news was being delivered. He looked upset, and after a sigh he hung up the phone.

“Hey! I got results on the dead pool!” he yelled. The bar quieted as everyone awaited who was dead, and who would get the money.

“Snake Eyes got stabbed to death outside of a Toys R Us. He is definitely dead and that means Church Mouse won the dead pool.” He announced. Groans and curses filled the bar and you got a few nasty glares. They didn’t bother you though, you were so good your name never even made it up on the dead pool. You got up and went to the bar to accept your reward.

“Alright, Mouse, $2000,” Weasel counted out the money in front of you and you accepted it with a small smile, “Nothing, no scream of happiness, not even a little word?”

“Shut up, leave me alone,” You grinned. Weasel was a friend… in loose terms. There was a reason you were called Church Mouse, mouse for short, you were as quiet as a church mouse. Most of the people in the bar had no idea what your voice sounded like. You just weren’t comfortable enough to talk around them. You preferred keeping to yourself. You only came to the bar for jobs and the dead pool. Weasel kept people from bothering you.

“Hellooo beautiful!” a voice called out as they came undoubtedly over to you. Weasel kept everyone from bothering you, everyone except Wade Wilson.

“I thought maybe you died,” you said with a smile.

“Ha ha, as if you could be so lucky,” he laughed, hands going to hold your waist.

“I don’t know, Wade. Tonight’s my lucky night. Snake Eyes died,” you grinned.

“Snaaaake!” Wade wailed out.

“As if he didn’t get enough of you Metal Gear Solid references when he was alive.”

“Well, you won, why don’t you take a pretty girl like me out for a night on the town.”

“I will, when I find a pretty girl like you around,” you threw back.

“Ouch,” he laughed.

“So this is what she’s really like?” Weasel asked, looking between the two of you amusedly. You rolled your eyes and put your money in your bag.

“Yes, but ssshh it’s a secret.”

“Shut up, Wade.” You laughed. You walked around him to leave. He took your hand and pulled you back.

“Wait, wait,” he spoke and you let him pull you back so you were in front of him again.


“Balls in holes?”He asked.

“I want the big ass Panda.”

“Come on then.” he was running off to the exit as fast as he could. You let him drag you along, laughing all the while. As you walked about the arcade Wade held your hand pulling you along to whatever caught his eye at the moment. He was good enough at ski ball that he got the Giant Panda for you without any problem. As you walked back home you carried the panda with one arm while Wade continued to hold your hand.

“Yes! A jalapeno popper grilled cheese,” You laughed.

“I have never even thought of that! Are these the things you think up when you’re so quiet?”

“Some of the things.”

“You’re like a junk food Einstein.”

“Oh and you’d love my cherry crescents,” you continued.

“Oh I’d love to eat your cherry crescents,” he grinned wildly as the two of you headed up the stairs of your apartment. You punched him in the shoulder, all the while laughing.

“Wade! That’s not went a meant!”

“I mean it in whatever way you meant, and how I meant it too.”

“Fine, come on up and we’ll see what kind of cherry crescents you get.”

~Mod Lillian (Yo jalapeno popper grilled cheese is the best thing ever. And cherry crescents are those crescent rolls with chopped maraschino cherries inside with a cherry glaze. They are soo good. They are both things that I found out could exist at like 3 AM.)

Dating Zach Dempsey would include:

• You always being at his games cheering him on.

• Him always having the biggest smile when he’s with you.

• You always talking about him with your friends to the point were they get annoyed.

• “We want our friend back! He’s always talking about you now he won’t shut up!”

• Cute nicknames: baby girl, baby, babe, my love, beautiful.

• Always going to his house so you guys can nap together.

• You basically stealing half of his closet.

• “But babe that’s my favorite sweater” “But it smells like you!” “Fine, take it you’re lucky you look cute in it.”

• Being there for him when he realizes he’s on the tapes.

• Cute dates at 1 am to McDonalds.

• Everyone always rolling their eyes when you guys are together because you guys are too cute.


• Slow long kisses.

• Heated make out sessions.

Babies? (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do another one like Just a Dream. But where Jughead and the reader are married and Jughead has a dream where him and the reader have a daughter and she is a daddy’s girl and when Jughead wakes up and he tells the reader he wants a baby. Btw love your stories!!

A/N: Hey! So I’m sitting on the beach while writing this. Actual goals right now. I’m writing this as a continuation of “Just A Dream” but you don’t have to read that to understand this one!


Babies? (Jughead x Reader)

A few years had passed since Jug had his dream of marrying you. You two had been married for almost two years now.

As your anniversary was coming up, thoughts of kids had popped in your mind a few times. You had talked to Jug about it but you knew he wasn’t sure if he wanted kids. He was terrified he was going to end up like his father.

He knew that there could be a chance of losing you and a child like his father had lost his wife and jellybean.

You had assured him that he wasn’t his father and that you didn’t plan on going anywhere. He would just shake it off and change the subject.

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|| The Chase ||

{summary: what happens when you punch a famous gymnastics coach in his face and nearly break his nose in the process?}

so i finally got around to watching [the bronze] and let me say lance tucker is a fucking asshole and i would love to punch him in the face before kissing that stupid smirk of his. his only redeeming quality is his good looks. this is something i wanted to write to thank my readers with ;w; i’m going to do my best to portray lance in the most canon light that i can lmao so wish me luck.

warnings: sexual innuendos and cursing

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


There was this really annoying guy who came almost every day to your gym to ‘work out.’

But you weren’t stupid. You knew that the man with the dark hair and teasing blue eyes did less working out and more of checking you out.

Sadly, there wasn’t much you could do about this prick since he did give your gym the business you needed.

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Tamlin's Redemption

Tam’s redemption was such a ride, it starts with him destroying his cover in Hybern by helping feyre and Azriel escape. Then the ultimate redemption comes in because despite feyre practically destroying all his ties to his sentries, he gets them back and comes to the battle with all his forces and helps them. Then after the battle is won, he sees feyre, the girl he once loved and probably still loves, and watches her sob over her dead mate and knows that even though he’s jealous and mad and hurt, he has to help. And he brings rhys back and tells feyre to be happy because that’s all he ever wanted despite what he’s done in the books and I feel like that SJM wrote that so perfectly.

Thank you @hitomebore08 

Top 5 OSTS: 
The King and the Clown - Fate by Lee Sun Hee
Cinderella and the Four Knight
Sophie’s World 
Top 5 Actors (males and females): 
Lee Min Ho
Won Bin
Park Bo Gum
Park Seo Joon
Park So Dam
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Amanda Righetti
Wu Chun
Mike He
Yeo Jin Goo
Kim So Hyun
Shin Rin Ah

First Girl Crush: 
Rainie Yang… hm, I think I can remember further back… Jessica Hsuan.
Or, American… then the lady who played Paige in Charmed. 
First K DRAMA you watched: 
Is it bad that I can’t remember? My first K movie was My Sassy Girl. 
Oh, I remember, it was Winter Sonata (not sure if I finished). But then it was years later that I started getting into K drama. It may have been The Heirs… but I doubt it. I’m sad that I can’t remember. I’ll have to try to find out. 
Lee Min Ho
Emm, I don’t know how to answer this one. 
Ultimate K DRAMA otp: 
Park So Dam & Jang Il Woo in Cinderella and the Four Knights
I’ve only seen running man 
Defendant with Ji Sung - This show doesnt seem to have a big following on tumblr? Or have I just not found their sphere
My Only Love Song

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sassysimoneevans  asked:

I was on a cruise and I was thinking about Viktuuri on a cruise. Any headcanons you have for Viktuuri on a cruise ship?

I hope you had a great time :D ohhh cruise headcanons? let’s see :

- Yuuri and Victor massaging each other with sun cream. Yuuri would be the kind to admire Victor’s body while doing it, in taking his time to caress him along each muscles. Victor would be the kind to not resist to kiss Yuuri’s back at the same time and having fun to put his hands in embarrassing places x) and squeeze his love handles

- Inspired by this art, Yuuri would end with a weird tan, because Victor couldn’t stop to cuddle him x)

- They would reproduce the “I am the king of the world!” scene from Titanic for sure so romantic

- They would have several romantic dinners, and Victor would invite Yuuri to dance a slow under the starry night <3

- But other nights they would go on the dance floor and begin a fiery and sensual tango, while everyone would admire the show and cheer their performance.

- They would be forbidden to go to the bar, because the only time they went drinking , they ended making love right there…..oops

- There would be a swimming pool on the ship, Victor would propose a race to Yuuri where the winner could ask anything he wants to the other….Yuuri accepted immediately ;)) he won btw

- Victor would be pretty popular with the girls on the ship, but Yuuri would always make sure Victor would look only at him~

- As required by Phichit, Yuuri would take a lot of selfies during the cruise and would post them regularly on IG Yuri would be pissed because he wanted to go too

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.
HitsuHina & IchiHime Parallels (+ GinRan & RenRuki Parallels)

First off, I’d like to say that HitsuHina and GinRan are the only pairings I shipped seriously in Bleach, as I appreciated the relationship among Ichigo’s inner circle as nakama more (though I admit to having had a slight preference for IshiHime since I have a liking for nerdy-energetic dynamics). With that said, I am happy for the IchiHime and RenRuki fandoms.

I especially tip my hat to the IchiHime fans since speaking as an outsider, they reminded me of Orihime herself who was willing to wait for a love worth five lifetimes. Admittedly, the odds were against them if you based it on Studio Peirrot’s disproportionate portrayal of Ichigo’s relationship with Rukia and Orihime, which at times seemed already like malicious baiting (I really don’t blame the IR fans for the way they reacted, especially if you count in the BuriMyu, the openings and endings, the fillers, the movie etc.) I myself, watched the anime first, and though I didn’t ship it hardcore, I can see how many thought that IR was set in stone (especially as Orihime’s affections were often downplayed in the anime). While you have the usual bad apples in every fandom, most of the IH fans I’ve seen really do love Rukia and can appreciate her relationship with Ichigo (The really bad ones though, in both the IR and IH fandoms, phew, they formed a large part of the reason why I refused to ship either).

Anyway reading the manga retroactively, I found a lot of interesting parallels between the main canon ships and the second most popular ships (are they though? someone correct me if I’m wrong). @iserenademefan pointed out how Kubo loves to use a protection theme to indicate a deeper (possibly romantic) bond in the relationships he develops. Not only that, Kubo’s preference for romance seems to be those who already have a history with each other (also present in ShuNao and KenUno). I guess he also really likes the childhood friends trope.

HitsuHina / IchiHime 

  • childhood friends (though they weren’t close, Ichigo was a part of a huge event in Orihime’s childhood)
  • how they address each other (’Hitsugaya-kun’ ‘Kurosaki-kun’ ‘Hinamori’ ‘Inoue’ Though Hitsugaya does call her ‘Momo’ when teasing her, and Ichigo was already calling her ‘Orihime’ by the time they were married)
  • Hinamori was never afraid of Hitsugaya’s cold exterior similar to how Orihime was never afraid of Ichigo’s delinquent face and tough guy facade
  • Man oh man Aizen (is really good at reading romance tropes) uses the girl against the guy, to distract and break them
  • Just their general personalities, we have a serious guy and a sweet girl, for both pairs. Both Momo and Orihime are by nature pacifists and academically accomplished. I find it interesting how Momo in fact took on the role of a healer for much of the Quincy War. They both take cooking as a hobby. They really are so similar that it makes me think that they’d be such good friends. Both Ichigo and Toshiro are by nature stern, but are gentler and softer when around those two.
  • They both go berserk when the girl is threatened and have sworn an oath of protection specifically towards the girl.
  • We are treated to the feelings of one party extensively while the feelings of the other are mostly left ambiguous (with Hitsugaya and Orihime respectively, in contrast to Ichigo and Hinamori).
  • Looking back on it now, Ichigo’s dynamic with Rukia on the one hand and Orihime on the other reminds me of Hitsugaya’s dynamic with Matsumoto and Hinamori. Rukia and Matsumoto were the persons to lead Ichigo and Hitsugaya towards the path of a shinigami. Their bond of trust is shown often in the manga. Both Rukia and Matsumoto were privy to Ichigo’s and Hitsugaya’s struggles (and failures) to protect their significant others. (’more than a friend, less than a lover’)

GinRan / RenRuki

  • I’ve compared GinRan and HitsuHina before, but they also parallel RenRuki, especially as to how they grew up. GinRan and RenRuki definitely had a harsher childhood compared to HitsuHina; in the end all they had was each other.
  • how they address each other (’Renji’ ‘Gin’ ‘Rukia’ ‘Rangiku’)
  • The guy intentionally distances themselves from the girl for their happiness. (while one managed to reconcile, the other tragically did not)
  • In connection to the above, the theme of goodbyes is prevalent (I’m thinking of the scene where Gin left Matsumoto in the snow, and the parting scene between Renji and Rukia as she becomes a Kuchiki). In other words, the guy lets the girl go.
  • The guy was at one point enemies with the girl (Renji up to Rukia’s execution, Gin’s defection with Aizen), but eventually their true loyalties to the girl won out.
  • Aizen (yes, Aizen again, he really likes messing with ships) took something from inside the girl while the boy was watching (Hogyoku from Rukia, Reiatsu from Matsumoto)
  • Their rivals and first fights were with the guys from the above ships (Gin vs Hitsugaya and Renji vs Ichigo)
The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 2

Original request: I was messaged with a great idea from @avengersrulez1536 where the reader is Regina’s sister. Although she is nicer than her she is just as evil as Peter Pan….someone who she is about to come face to face with. Oh and she is a pirate! :D I had some fun with this so if they don’t mind I will do one or two more parts to this.

……..so here is Part 2 for you all!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: Violence and dark behaviour.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

You turn your back on the so-called ‘King of Neverland’ preparing to head a little further into the trees that bordered the shore. Although you couldn’t see the frown and that fell upon his face and the furrowing of his brows you could sense his irritation practically radiating from him. It was enough to cause an amused chuckle to escape your lips as they tugged up into a smirk.

Behind your back Pan holds out his hand and stares intently at it before a small cloud of smoke begins to form leaving behind in its wake an armed crossbow. Who was he to delay the fun that they could have? Might as well get started given that you have turned your back on him and made yourself an easy target.

Bringing the crossbow up and aiming it directly at you he wastes no time in releasing the poison soaked arrow. His eyes lighting up as he waits for it to pierce through your skin. But much to his bemusement that isn’t what happens. Instead of the arrow driving the poison directly into your body it stops, in mid-air, mere inches away from you. An invisible force seeming to prevent it from reaching its goal.

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