but he won the girl


Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

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Jon, now that you're a ghost, will you pull mean pranks on Eduardo to get revenge on him for all those times he threatened you?

JON: Of course not! I wouldn’t do that to him! Eduardo is a friend! My friend!

JON: Even though he called me names and drank all the Diet Cola in the house and yelled and gave me wet willies and swirlies and basically never showered and took my lunch money and…

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.

So apparently jungkook will have to interact with female idols for the special stage that will happen on the 29th and some immature fans started up shit again. CUT HIM OFF SOME SLACK. YES HE WILL PROBABLY DANCE WITH A GIRL.OR MAYBE HE WON’T. SO WHAT???!! He gets payed for this and he’s working hard for it. DON’T THROW SHADE AT HIM OR AT OTHER GIRLS JUST CAUSE’ THEY’RE HUMANS WHO CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER. MALES AND FEMALES CAN INTERACT IRL TOO FFS LMAO. JUNGKOOK IS A MALE. HE WILL SOMEHOW HAVE TO TALK TO GIRLS ONE DAY WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. HE CAN GET A GF TOMORROW IF HE WANTS.HE CAN GET MARRIED NEXT YEAR IF HE FEELS LIKE IT TOO.Before he’s a kpop idol. He’s your regular 19 years old guy who can crush on girls, flirt or even get laid if he wants.He’s basically a normal human like all of us. You don’t get to control him. He belongs to his own person.Support jungkook the right way  <3

Zendaya has been cast to play Mary Jane Waston aka love interest of Peter Parker who is known to be white and have red hair. This is her:

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But Peter won’t be interested in her, oh no, he’ll be crushing on another girl, his classmate Liz Allan, also traditionally white and has blonde hair in the comics, who is being played by Laura Harrier:

cue the sound of butt hurt comic book fans in an uproar and wanting the actresses to look like the characters and ‘staying true to the comics’. Meanwhile black girls are winning and I’m like

He likes someone. A girl. A girl who won’t treat him right. A girl who is rude. A girl who is possessive over him. A girl who is only sweet to him “sometimes.” A girl who has an ugly personality. A girl who isn’t me.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2
They’re Mine (Suga)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. Can I request a scenario where you and Suga have twins (1 boy and 1 girl) and he won’t let the rest of BTS hold them❤️😍❤️

Yina and Sihoo were Yoongi’s whole world. Today was their first real outing that they could really enjoy and they were going to see the boys of BTS. 


“Is their bags packed?” you ask as Yoongi grabs your hips “honey I got them don’t worry” he says as he pulls you in for a kiss. It was passionate as all can be before you stopped him “we already have twins” you says running your hands over his chest. “Have a good day” you tell him as he smiles and nods.


Yoongi held the hands of his twins as they waddled down the halls of Bighit. Half way down the hall they could hear a loud call and turned to see Hoseok there “ah its my favorite little people” he said as he bent down to them “don’t touch until you sanitize your hands” Yoongi said as Hoseok made a face and Yoongi began walking back down the hall.

After getting to the recording room Yoongi had his twins propped on his lap as they sat in a swivel chair so he could easily move away or spin the chair if the boys tried to touch his kids. “Why did you bring them if you won’t let anyone touch them?” Taehyun whines “you know fine art? You can look BT not touch” Yoongi says seriously as Taehyun looked annoyed as he reached over and quickly poked Yina’s cheek then took off running. Confusion filled the little one’s face as Yoongi kisses her cheek and gets back to what he was working on.

His phone rang and he reached out for it and almost instantly two sets of little hands were reaching for his phone. His head tilted back as he slid the green button and brought the phone to his ear. “Hey babe” he said “you won’t let the boys touch the twins?” you say as he rolls his eyes “who tattled?” he asked “Taehyung wants to hold his niece and nephew and your greedy little butt won’t let him” you call him out. “They’re mine” he says simply as Sihoo stood up and looked him at him. He smiled as his son basically stuck his hand into his mouth. “Let them hold them or I’m holding out on you” you state. The no sex threat usually got him.

“Done without it for nearly 6 months before” he states “you got other things that weren’t sex” you say to him. You two covered other bases when home run wasn’t an option. “You won’t touch me at all?” he asks “that’s what I said” you say in a sing song voice. “If I let them. I’m expecting smething after the twins go to bed” he tells you as a naughty smirk comes across his face. You sighed “fine” you tell him “alright-” “pictures as proof that you let them” you say as he laughs “love you” he says “love you too” you say as the call ends. “I guess you can hang out with your uncles” he says to the twins as he brings them close and gets up heading out to find their uncles.

Wake up.
He doesn’t think about you at all.
He doesn’t care.
Maybe he did.
But if he did, he could’ve done something about it won’t he?
Now wake up girl.

Work out. Get that dream body you’ve always wanted.
Have fun. Party at that club downtown.
Go out with your friends. Or go somewhere alone and enjoy it.
Study. Aim for the best. Get the highest score in class.
Do something you’ve never done. Be good at it too.

Stop thinking about him. Do something for yourself.

Because you’re worth it.

—  It’s okay to be selfish.

It’s Friday night and he’s watching Netflix
like every other Friday night
and you’re guzzling drinks to forget his name.
It’s Saturday and he won’t get out of bed
because he’s heartbroken over the girl he left you for
and you want to invite him out with you,
but you stop yourself before the phone even rings.

It’s not your place anymore,
but you wish it was.
Because you miss him.
Because you gave him an excuse: The boy was sad.
The boy was so sad and insecure and tired,
so tired, he took the first opportunity he could
to double-cross you, took the first girl out
that he found while beating himself up
over not being good enough for you.
Kissed her, even. Kissed her knuckles bruised,
touched her tender, loved her even,
the same way he tried to love you.
Left you for her. Blocked your number, too.

But the boy was sad.
The boy just wanted to be wanted
and you couldn’t stop yelling
and she made him feel a little more whole than you did-
how could you blame him?
He was so insecure, he needed two
to prove to him that he was of worth;
one wasn’t enough-
your love wasn’t enough.

So the boy was insecure
but he made you second-guess every other
relationship you’ve ever been in,
made you insecure too,
made you insecure for a goddamn good reason.
So the boy screwed you over because
he was afraid he wasn’t good enough for you.
It’s because he isn’t.


Your sadness doesn’t mean shit

After Fortesa Latifi

Stiles telling Lydia he had a crush on her during Junior year....

Junior year was from Season 3 to the end of Season 4…. Malia came in during Season4.

So it’s FACT now that Stiles played with Malia’s feelings for his own gain. Stiles stans - Stydias you no longer have an argument against this. Stiles went full fuck boy - Teen Wolf turned Stiles into a fuck boy in order to fan service a ship - made it so Stalia never exited - glossing over the fact that Stiles played Malia/treated her like shit because he couldn’t get the girl he wanted……

And I bet Lydia won’t give a shit either that he treated Malia like garbage.

I must be stopped

He watched the little girl stare up at the night sky. 

The same night sky he would gaze under with Soo many years ago.

Jung had agreed to spend one night at the palace.

One night. 

Wang So walked over to the young girl and took a seat beside her. 

“That one over there,” he said, pointing up at the group of stars. “Is called Pegasus.” 

The little girl’s eyes widened slightly as she realized the King had approached her. 

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, smiling down at her. “I won’t bite.” 

The girl seemed to relax a bit as she turned her attention back to the stars above. They sat in silence as the night crickets chirped around them. 

“What was that one called again?” she finally asked. 

“Pe-Ga-Sus,” he said, enunciating each syllable. “Pegasus.”

“P-Pe-sus…” she repeated, her brows scrunched in concentration. 

He laughed and fell back onto the ground, letting out a breath of air. He hadn’t felt this much joy…in a long time. 

“Do you know any others?” she asked, laying down beside him. 

He pointed up at another constellation and began to tell the stories behind it. 

The same stories he had heard from her many years ago. 

The stories that brought him comfort and joy.

He took his time as he told the young girl the stories of each constellation.

Because for one night, Wang So could pretend. 

He could pretend that this was normal. 

That he was just a father telling his daughter the story of the stars. 


Pt. 1/10
A murderer killed a 9 year old girl while y/n was supposed to enjoy her holiday with her family. Because of various reasons she came home earlier and met with Spencer. Since y/n has a crush on Spencer she thought she should slowly bring that topic up but got negatively surprised. Now the team tries to set y/n with Spencer up so he won’t end up with another girl and so he finally notices that he’s in love with y/n as well.
Though things go not as planned.

Warnings: (maybe) angst, deep thoughts, swearing


I heard that Lin Manuel Miranda might be in the new Mary Poppins movie and so I had to draw this little crossover. I know that it’s a sequel and he won’t be Bert, but a girl can dream right?

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what do you think would be owen & dean's ideal type ?

Owen Ovadoz: Someone who is confident, who knows what she wants in life; would be a major plus.  Owen isn’t really into name brands and such, so  I don’t think he’d like a girl who’s too materialistic; it’d be a turn off for him.  From what I’ve observed he won’t be into girls who see hiphop as just a “fashion trend” or just simply  a “trend”. 

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Dean: A girl with a lively personality, who can keep up with his 4 D personality. Someone who can still tap in to their “inner child” and have fun yet have maturity over their emotions and the ability to be a flexible person when needed. Preferably around his age would be ideal for him.

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Eh. You'll never see Sam breathe in anyone like he does cait. Because, even IF he and Cait aren't together, he has glass face and is in madly in love with her. Even if he showed up with another girl on his arm, you won't get that essence he's breathing the girl in. Because that's reserved for only 1 woman in his life.

Awww, I know! and how sweet it is.  Even when they try to stuff another girl in beside him to take her place not only does she not get inhaled, she doesn’t even get the arm to be on.  It’s like he can’t bear to touch them. 

signs as calum hood quotes
  • Aries: "why would I risk my life to cross the road it's called common sense motherfucker i'm out"
  • Taurus: "sorry for my illiteracy, I dropped out of school for this band"
  • Gemini: "sell the kids for food"
  • Cancer: "least ya know what it looks like now"
  • Leo: "i want to have sex with michael clifford but he won't let me"
  • Virgo: "RT if you're a Michael girl"
  • Libra: "what fruit that has amnesia? Pineapple bc it's not pine at all"
  • Scorpio: "i'm not here to touch your penis, i'm here to touch your heart"
  • Sagittarius: "i hate the word moist, it just makes everyone in the room uncomfortable"
  • Capricorn: "stop tweeting me the word moist"
  • Aquarius: "why are you up in my grill i don't barbecue bitches"
  • Pisces: "I'm sorry I called you bitchatchos.. I don't know what came over me"

Jimin: I saw everyone become very flustered after seeing themselves, (referring to v, rapmon and suga crossdressing) but I think I would be pretty as a girl. Once, at a school festival, I wore a traditional girl’s dress and won first place. But that doesn’t mean I want to dress up as a girl. Really. 

…you sure about that Park Jimin? 

Because … I’m his mother

Kushina to Minato, chapter 664

“This boy will be naughty and say he wants to become Hokage and he won’t listen … he will oppose his teachers! And he won’t understand girl’s feelings …” (Kushina to Minato) 

“How can you already know that he’s definitely a boy and will want to become Hokage?” (Minato to Kushina)

BECAUSE … I’M HIS MOTHER.” (Kushina to Minato)

“Anyway, I’m a Hokage, I won’t die so easily. I’ll protect him, no matter what! It’s ok!” (Minato to Kushina)

“ That’s pretty bold of you to say that!” (Kushina to Minato)

WELL … THAT’S BECAUSE I’M HIS FATHER.” (Minato to Kushina)  

Trailer Park AU

the Fab Four:; a group of teenage runaways that are squatting in a previously abandoned trailer.

-Poison and Kobra: ran away before they could be sent to a conversion camp because they were nb/trans respectively

-Ghoul: mom was murdered by a robber when he was at a friend’s house. ran away from social services in the ensuing confusion/chaos.

-Jet: ran away from foster care. lost his eye in an accident he won’t talk about. the mother of the group.

The Girl: a kid that comes and goes. no one knows if she actually has a home or not, but everyone takes care of her when she’s there like she’s their own.

Dr D: a veteran - no one knows what war. runs a very small radio show out of his trailer. the Wise Old Grandpa of the park.

Show Pony: a mystery. no one knows their story, except for D. they help out with the radio show. collects the tackiest ornaments ever.

Tommy: owns and runs a slightly beat up convenience store near the park. he’s known for being a hard ass, but he does give breaks to the people who need them.

Cherri: former junkie/gang member who’s just trying to get his life back together. works for Tommy and writes poetry in his free time.

Phoenix Witch: the Wise Old Woman of the park. reclusive - no one really sees her that often. she’s shrouded in mystery - everyone comes up with increasingly ridiculous stories about her and her exploits.

Mad Gear: everyone’s long since given up trying to figure out what he does with his life. they think he’s in a band, but who knows. anything’s possible - he’s a wild card. missile kid is his cat.

Better Living: a real estate agency that’s looking to build new suburbs in the trailer park + lands surrounding it.

Korse: a representative that’s trying to boot all the residents of the park out through escalating means.

Val Velocity and the Ultra Vs: these suburb kids who just like to mess with people and have nothing better to do with their lives. no one likes them.

I don’t really know what else to add or what to do with all this