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Being Human... Almost

Summary: Sam and Dean finally return, bringing more drama to Jack and you while he was finally getting used to his powers.

Words: 1350

Pairing: Jack x Reader

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Warnings: Angsty, Season 13 Spoilers

A/N: So, I felt like writing a second part to this. maybe there will be a third even. We will see how this goes.

Becoming Human… Almost (You should probably read this first)

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Dating Jungkook from BTS

Hello Hello!!! I’m back again, with lots and lots of content. I’ll start of by answering a request from @luna208 . Sorry it took so long.

This is going to be the start of the “Dating BTS” series. I enjoyed writing this. Hope you like it too. Bonne lecture.

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Dating Jungkook

  • You first met at the grocery store where you had grabbed the last pack of your favorite crisps at the same time.
  • “Oh! It seems like that’s the last one.” You say handing it to him. “You can take it.”
  • Jungshook staring at you and not saying a thing
  • Which he regrets for the rest of the day.
  • “I’m so stupid I should’ve let her take it.”
  • A week later the same thing happens again, only this time Kookie actually talks to you (more like stutters).
  • That’s how you become acquainted, small talk here and there everytime you come across each other
  • Shy bunny kookie
  • One day he leaves practice late, and happens to save you from a stranger following you
  • He gets really mad at you for being out late without someone to keep you safe
  • “Why are you walking alone so late, don’t you know how dangerous it is? Oh God!!! if I wasn’t here at the right time…who knows what would’ve happened”
  • You stay stunned at his rection, first taken back but realising how much he cares, it makes you happy
  • He is surprised at his reaction as well
  • Awkwardly walks you home
  • When you have to part ways, you stop him and ask him out
  • Jungshook is back at it again
  • Says yes and that’s the best thing he has ever done
  • Maybe as good as joining Big Hit
  • Again he beats himself for letting you make the first move.
  • “Stupid Jungkook, you should’ve been the one to ask her out not the other way around.”
  • Your first date is a simple one at a cute coffee shop
  • You end up staying there four hours not paying attention to time, too immersed in the conversation
  • You go on as many dates as possible because of his upcoming schedules
  • You’re still at the beginning of your relationship yet the distance doesn’t seem to make the feelings fade
  • The longest phone calls possible
  • Until he falls asleep
  • “… don’t you think so?” You ask but there is no voice at the other end of the line
  • “I can’t believe this boy, why couldn’t he just go sleep when I told him to?”
  • When they'r back, you go to the airport and mingle with the other fans in the crowd
  • He sees you and wants to jump at you and hug the life out of you but can’t
  • You guys wanted to keep relationship secret until you both were confortable of it going public
  • He tries to teach you the coolest tricks in Overwatch but in vain
  • “Jagi you have to push the bottom harder. No not that one, the other one.”
  • You guys might not like skinship much, but in times like those you are the touchiest
  • Likes giving you piggy backs at any given time
  • The sweetest and deepest kisses ever
  • Always part breathless
  • You have to be present when he’s recording his song covers, and he listens to your advices only
  • Tries to teach you a simple dance, but gives up
  • “Jagi, you’re so cute. How can someone be so uncoordinated. You’re worse than Namjoonie hyung.”
  • Namjoon comes out of nowhere “What did you say?”
  • You somehow succeed in convincing him to wear something other than white shirts
  • The boys were in shock
  • “I waited my whole life for this moment. Y/N is surely the one for him.” Says Hosoek
  • You go on a date to the zoo and Taehyung tags along
  • Jungkook ends up being the third wheel
  • “Ya! Did you have to come along hyung?  She’s MY girlfriend, you know.”
  • Very jealous bunny
  • Glares at whomever dares breath near you
  • Gets you a puppy for you birthday
  • He is in general the shiest when you are all lovely dovy, the most competitive when playing (even though you’re the only one to whom he admits defeat), and he might be the most jealous among all of the boys.


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Boy Next Door | Ten

  • I saw a vid of him singing and got some major boy next door feels
  • You and ten have been next door neighbors since yall were little
  • And it was great that youre neighbors because yall are best friends
  • When you guys were little you two would sit at your windows and write on paper to talk to each other
  • It eventually evolved into email and then to texting
  • But it was a nightly ritual you two wouldnt trade for the world
  • Yall always had a great time together
  • When you guys were 8, you two both went through a “go hard go home” soccer phase
  • At 14 you guys went to the zoo a lot because suddenly you guys wanted to be zoologists
  • Ten even took a picture with a tiger
  • But at 16 Ten found something he loved
  • Dancing
  • It became his passion
  • He tried to teach you
  • But you couldnt keep up
  • He eventually auditioned for an entertainment company in korea
  • And when he got accepted into it, it broke your heart
  • But you had to be happy for him
  • I mean, this was his dream!
  • And what kind of friend would you be if you didnt support it?
  • So he left
  • But dont fret
  • He didnt leave you with nothing
  • At the airport, before he boarded, he turned to you
  • “Y/n i promise to come back so please wait”
  • He took out one of his earrings and put it in your hand
  • “Please dont forget about me”
  • “I promise ten”
  • And you guys hugged each other and pulled away, you two still holding hands
  • “Now lets not make this so sad Ten! We will definitely see each other again!”
  • Youre smiling but your heart is breaking
  • ‘Dont cry’
  • ‘You can do this’
  • Those thoughts were going through your head
  • Ten returns a melancholic smile
  • “Yeah…this is a see you later”
  • He then let go of your hand…and he was off
  • Your guys texted and called each other for a while
  • But that soon eventually fell out
  • Texts became shorter
  • Calls less frequent
  • What once was a daily thing is now every few months
  • Until you two stop communicating all together
  • A couple years go by and still nothing from him
  • You do, however, keep up with his entertainment company
  • Apparently hes a rookie known for his amazing dancing
  • Which doesnt suprise you
  • You knew he was gifted
  • A little while later, he debuted as an idol
  • And you fully suppoted him!!
  • You bought his song and jammed all the time to it
  • Life seemed to be treating him well
  • But what about you?
  • Its been years since you guys have seen each other
  • And all you have of him is the earring he gave you
  • You never take it off
  • It almost feels taboo to do so
  • At first you didnt know why you felt so attached to the earring
  • You thought it was just about you missing your best friend
  • But you soon realized it was more than that
  • The way you acted all those year ago when youre heart hurt when he left
  • You loved him
  • But it was too late
  • Its been years since youve had any contact with him
  • Does he even remember you?
  • The day he came back, it was a surprise to you
  • It was just any other Saturday
  • Or so you thought
  • You spent the day curled up in bed in the sheets watching netflix
  • When suddenly there was a knock at your door
  • You ignored it
  • Probably just a sales person
  • Not worth it
  • But the knocking continued for a solid 5 minutes
  • Maybe it was actually someone
  • You got kind of decent to open the door
  • “Hel-”
  • You stopped mid sentence when you saw who was at the door
  • “Hey y/n!! Its been a while hasnt it”
  • You didnt know what to say
  • You looked at him
  • He was really here
  • Ten
  • After a few years of being apart he finally makes his reappearance
  • “Y/n..you know who i am righ-”
  • You lunge at him and give him a hug
  • “Youre finally back you dummy”
  • He returns the hug
  • “Honestly y/n i was afraid youd forgotten me when you answered the door”
  • “I made a promise and i intend to keep it Ten. You havent left my mind since the day you left”
  • He just stares at you for a moment
  • Then all of the sudden, you guys are closing in on each other
  • And you kiss
  • Sometimes words dont need to be said about how people feel about each other
  • You just know that you two are meant to be
  • And thats exactly how the both of you felt
  • “Oh yeah y/n before i forget to say this, i busted my knee in korea”
  • “yoU WHAT”

We have political correctness which is the joy that is the other side of health and safety, which health and safety is a small oppression of our physical movement so we can’t do anything without the permission from the state and political correctness is the oppression of our intellectual movement so no one says anything anymore in case somebody else gets offended.
[x] - Steve Hughes on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow              


For 245 bucks you can get Buck’s ENTIRE DVD collection on groundwork, breaking a horse to ride, and working with the spade

or, for fucking TWICE that amount, you could buy Clinton Anderson’s foal training series, where he teaches you how to halter a foal, lead a foal, pick up their feet, and do basic groundwork (there’s a list of the exercises and yes, it is ludicrously easy and self explanatory, and simultaneously way too much to do with a foal).

it’s…… almost like…

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Hellsing crew relationship headcanons? 🙏🏻


  • holdings hands while he shoots his way through ghouls
  • taking pictures by the moonlight; Alu has his hat and glasses off, his short hair slightly ruffled to achieve maximum handsomeness
  • doing that crossed arms romantic maneuver where he holds a smoothie for you to drink, while you hold his blood bag
  • fast travel through the house, glitching through walls, Bethesda
  • often appears through a wall at lip level to steal a kiss
  • he teaches you slow dancing, Romanian dancing, but he’s rusty so you have to look it up together to refresh his memory
  • sticking close to his naked body on summer nights solely for the chill
  • lets you call him Vlad after a few years together and only when it’s just you two


  • awkward as heck, flinches when you’re in close proximity
  • forgets to smoke for days when she’s with you
  • suddenly likes rose tea
  • you two drink it together and she says the cutest thing in the universe, it nearly kills you on the spot: “It tastes like love.”
  • likes a long hug at the end of a hard day, loves it when you run your fingers through her hair
  • it takes a while for her to be comfortable with mouth kisses (which never bothered you, her cheeks are very kissable)
  • your first kiss is nonchalant
  • Integra leaves her seat during your tea break to head to her office and gives you a short peck on the lips followed by “I’ll see you later.”


  • smooching and more smooching
  • she’s shy in new circumstances but once she gets the feel for it she’s like home
  • especially in your arms
  • likes to have her back stroked and temple kissed
  • she goes out with you on dates during daytime
  • takes her rain gear, bottle of blood, your hand in hers and out you go
  • is a bit sad she can’t drink cappuccino but assure her Starbucks is worse every day and she’ll laugh, her sadness out of the picture already
  • likes to be complimented in cutesy ways; like smooch her nose, squish her cheeks and tell her she’s “fangtastic”
  • loves to pick outfits for you since she usually just wears uniforms
  • takes you on a night date to the place where Alucard killed her
  • you toast to life hacks


  • lots of slapping his hand off your butt
  • or not, your choice
  • he compliments you so much, you get dizzy from blushing
  • even his dirty compliments still mean a lot
  • heck, the man whistles at you from across the room and you feel like a French poet dedicated you a sonnet
  • prefers dates in fun places, like small taverns where you can get drunk and dance around without anyone judging you but joining you instead
  • when you’re out at night in the cold city he finds a romantic, secluded spot and he confesses a lot to you
  • how he feels for you, about himself, about his uncertain life span
  • hold his hand through it all and he’ll look at you with eyes full of love


  • I don’t think Walter would commit at this point in time
  • maybe have a fleeting romance with a dame his age
  • a couple museum dates, dessert in a fancy cafeteria
  • arms linked as you two talk about the uncertain times you live in
  • you feed the ducks and the pigeons in the park
  • sometimes Walter comes to the date with bread made by him
  • you’re never officially a couple but it’s a pleasant feeling to be in each other’s presence

Please? Part 38

2992 words

Please? Masterlist

Rick gathers you, Carol, and Daryl up. He mentions grabbing a few guns and going outside the gate to teach you and Carol how to shoot—or to keep yourselves educated with a gun. Really, you know what this means. Rick is calling a little meeting, the only place the four of you can talk without someone overhearing.

You follow Daryl over to the gate where Rick and Carol are already waiting, Carol armed and ready to go. You have Daryl’s crossbow slung over your shoulder so it looks as if you’re going to be using it. The weight feels strange in your hands after carrying a gun that can fit into your belt.

“Ready?” Rick asks, that new officer’s jacket hugging his body. It makes things feel more official now. “Gotta be back in an hour or so.”

“Hold up,” a man with a gun walks over to the four of you. This was a man you haven’t met yet, though you know you’ve seen him guarding the gate before. He’s a dark haired man with a dark beard growing in and a lazy right eye. He holds his gun with his left hand and points to you with his right. “You there, Deanna wants to speak with you.”

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Prompt: fluff

Something sweet, like platonic cuddles, or one character giving a back-rub to another one, or anything like this. Form and cast of your choice. Bonus points for the most unexpected plot, setting or characters.

I just couldn’t resist doing another one.

“How can you not know how to braid?” Yoon practically shouts in his disbelief, completely oblivious to the blush creeping along Yona’s cheeks at having yet another one of her shortcomings pointed out for the entire world to scrutinize. He sighs, shaking his head and gathering the twine together. “I’ll teach you later,” he states with conviction as he stands. “I have to start prepping for dinner, so don’t wander too far, alright?”

She nods numbly and he brushes off her silence as he heads back towards the fire where all of their packs are gathered. He does not see her fingers coming up to fiddle with the red strands beneath her hooded cape with timid hesitation, her embarrassed gaze downcast as she slowly stands and heads off into the forest alone.

But Jae-Ha does.


He finds her beside the stream, her face intense with concentration as she tries to untangle the mess that she’s made in her hair while attempting to use the water’s reflection as a mirror.

So cute.

“You know, Yona dear,” he says gently as he seats himself beside her, smiling at the small squeak of surprise that escapes her as her hands scramble away from the telling knot in her strands. “Yoon isn’t the only one that knows how to braid. It truly isn’t that hard to learn if you have a patient teacher. Would you like me to instruct you?”

She’s stiff beside him, her hands fisted in her lap and face hidden from view as she tilts her head down that much further. He thinks that perhaps he has pushed too far, until her meek voice, so small and shy, asks him timidly, “You wouldn’t mind?”

He smiles and tilts his head at her. “Of course! But first,” his hands comes up in order to remove the ribbon tying his own hair back and away from his face. “You’ll need something a little longer for suitable practice.”

Violet eyes are round as she watches him give his head a small shake, his fingers gliding through the long green silk effortlessly, her hand reaching out to touch before pausing in hesitation. He urges her forward wordlessly, holds back his sigh of pleasure at her touch, allows her to play and explore at her leisure before they begin. His own fingers show her how to part the strands before arranging her fingers accordingly, his voice calm and gentle as he patiently walks her through the steps. She fumbles a few times, which is to be expected, but he does not scold her, merely urges her to try again, teasing her gently to pull a smile from her every once in awhile.


It is here that Zeno finds them, sitting beside the gentle stream, the green dragon imparting his wisdom upon the once sheltered young princess. It looks like they are having fun and he wants to join the party, too! He stops and smiles brightly at their greetings, rocking back on his heels restlessly behind the princess as he watches her work. “Not bad at all,” he praises, delighting in the bright smile that graces her delicate features. “Has Ryokuryuu taught you any of the more complex ones yet?”

Two sets of curious eyes look his way and he happily seats himself behind Yona, his arms coming around her and hands covering hers in order to instruct her how to pull smaller pieces in order to make more intricate weaves, Jae-Ha’s own gaze downward as he watches their movements in order to log away the information for future reference.


What are they all doing?

Kija has been sent to retrieve them; it’s time for Yona to practice her swordsmanship with Hak and it’s been suspiciously silent without the rambunctious Zeno or ornery Jae-Ha lurking around, which is never a good thing. He stops short at the sight before him, a twinge of jealousy being quickly extinguished by his rising curiosity as he approaches. They’re all…braiding?

He wants to try. It can’t be that hard, if all three of them have been able to learn the skill. He plants himself beside Jae-Ha, his gaze intense and focused as he leans forward to watch the princess’s fingers fumble a few times, only for Zeno to gently re-direct her movements with a patience that only he can possess.

Kija stops them twice to have them repeat the movements; he didn’t catch it the last time around. “Slow down,” he pleads. “I can’t follow!” He will get this come hell or high water.


Hak and Shin-ah are silent as they stare at the strange little group settled in by the stream, the blue haired dragon immediately running over in his piqued excitement, eager to play and participate in something that has captured their attentions so thoroughly.

Hak merely sighs as he slowly trudges over to them. “Guys, Yoon’s gonna be pissed if we don’t head back,” he mutters as he crouches down in between Zeno and Kija, bored with having to be the adult in this situation. His brow furrows at the state of the droopy-eyed pervert’s hair, which is littered with so many damn strange braids that he can’t be anything but impressed. “Wait-“ he shoves the white snake aside in order to get closer and get a better look at one of the more sloppy looking ones. “This one’s wrong.”

Jae-Ha looks amused at the statement while Kija merely huffs at him and shoves him back lightly, “How would you know? I’ve seen it done in our village for years, so I know how it goes!”

Hak frowns at him before taking a more comfortable seat. “Seeing as how it originated in the Wind Tribe, I think I know what I’m talking about.” He fights the urge to stick his tongue out at the obnoxious pretty boy as Yona turns to him, excitement glittering in her eyes as she begs him to show her.

He sighs but agrees, Zeno scooting aside in order to allow the former general to take his place behind the small woman. Hak scoops her up and settles her into his lap effortlessly, his larger frame encompassing hers as he reaches forward and parts Jae-Ha’s hair into the correct formation. He quickly pulls forth dusty recollections of his childhood and sets to work, instructing her to pay attention.

Almost immediately, Kija stops him, begging him to slow down. “I can’t follow!”


Dinner is getting cold and they’ve all just disappeared. Morons, the lot of them. Where could they have possibly gone?

Yoon trudges through the forest and clenches his hands into tight fists when he comes upon them down by the stream, lazing about without a care in the world or a single worry as to how he was faring without them. He’d actually been worried there, for a minute. The nerve of them!

Coming closer, he stops. What is going on here, exactly? The perverted green dragon’s hair is filled with braids, they’re all huddled together and all of them are focused on Zeno’s strands as Yona’s fingers attempt to follow the thunder beast’s slowly drawled out instructions.

Morons, the lot of them.


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Heya! Could you do, Fresh, Error, Ink and possibly Gaster Sans reacting to the fact their S/O has some magic abilities but not a lot? Like they could summon a pup hellhound to their aid, but that's about it for them in the magic area, while their older brother can do much more and is the reason they could even use that small magic ability? Sorry if this is a lot! ^^;;

Hello o3o I haven’t done much of error or ink, but ill do my best to impress o3o

Freshy boi:

You can do magic? Because of him? He’s so proud! He’s gonna be hugging onto you while shouting “IM SO PROUD OF MY SWEET S/O!!!” He’s screaming happily and he’s gonna try to teach you how to do more magic, he likes the little pup and he tends to hug it a lot, they are almost always together, mostlytosnackbuteh

Error cutie bab:

He’s so confused. How did he teach you how to do that? He didnt even do anything? He’s impressed by the pup, he refuses to touch it though, he doesnt think its safe to get too close when that happens. If you ask him to teach you something, he’ll be hesitant but he’ll show you a thing or two if you really wanna learn, but he wont let you get more powerful than him though, he’d feel better to know that you know how to at least defend yourself.

Inky boi:

He’s happy that he got to taught you something, he’s confused as to how but he’ll happily show you other things. He likes the little pup, he likes to give it little bandannas with different patterns when he has the time. If you let him, he’ll try to show you how to paint with him to see if you can do similar magic to his, maybe even use the pup’s paws to paint too.He’s really proud of the fact that you knew how to use magic, he can’t wait to see what else you’re capable of.

G(reat boi):

What. Learning from him? He’s not sure how you did it, but hell, he’s really happy that you learned something from him. He likes the fact that now you have a companion to have around when he isn’t, he still thinks you should learn abit more, so he’ll do his best to sneak in some practice so you at least know how to defend yourself wihtout the help of your pup


Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

Click on pictures to enlarge them and enjoy fully

@clubakashi (I’m sure you’ll enjoy pic 2)

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Ooh ooh another idea how about some skels of your choice reacting to finding out their s/o is a witchhhhh

You calling me out? o3o

Freshy boi:(cuzhesfuntowrite)

Witch, huh? Pretty cool! He’s okay with it, but also really curious to find out what you can do, so he’ll ask you what type of magic you can do and if you can do stuff with him around.next time. He thinks that magic is really cool, and with you with it? It just got even cooler! He’s gonna ask you to teach him something, or if he can help you with supplies or something to help your practice. 

Red bab:(Cuzyouaskedthequesion)

No way. Prove it. If you do, you have to literally pry him off you as he hugs onto you, murmuring quietly, “You’re full of surprises, ain’t ya?” He’s ecstatic to find out more, so occasionally you’ll find him watching you do your practice, sometimes asking questions and sometimes just sitting there and observing. He tries his best to hide his excitement, but his eyelights brighten each time you say you were gonna go practice, giving him away.

Jeong Jeong: I have taught the Avatar a lesson about fire bending.

Zuko: You fucked up a perfectly willing student is what you did. Look at it. It’s got anxiety.

cue training montage that I do not have enough ink or stamina to finish

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There you have it, anon! And since I ended up finishing it anyway, you can also find it on my redbubble as a sticker/shirt/mug/a lot of other stuff!!!