but he will still be


look at them being all clingy (ꈍᴗꈍ)


Another thing that bothers me about Gabriel is like…his complete disregard for his son’s safety like?? All of Adrien’s classmates have been akumatized…and while some of them may be ridiculous…others pose a significant threat. Timebreaker for instance–nearly murdered (in essence) Chat Noir. Granted he probably didn’t/doesn’t know his son’s secret identity, but the rest of the class almost evaporated from existence. I’m sure he’s well aware Adrien spends most of his day with his class and could easily become a casualty due to his antics. That or he can at least sense his son’s presence.

He could have been crushed by Stoneheart, diminished by Pixelator, mauled by Animan, literally thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Volpina (yeah he was an illusion, but I wouldn’t put it past her to do it).

“But Ladybug reverses it all anyway, so is it really an issue?” …Yeah…he’s banking on LB and CN losing…so she can’t reverse anything…I mean…

Then he pulls the frantic; “Adrien! My son! Where is he? I want him to be safe!” bs. I genuinely think he panics to a degree when Adrien disappears…but only when it’s not by his hand (Christmas Ep.). Again, the way he feels the need to dictate and control his son is upsetting.

do you ever cry bc in blue lily lily blue when ronan is dreaming up the murder shit adam is disgusted with himself and is like ‘blah blah left to his own devices ronan manifests beautiful things but when im given the power i manifest filthy murders etc etc’ rip my heart out adam on so many levels with this one EXCEPT EXCEPT earlier in the book ronan straight up says to adam 'maybe i dreamed you’. maybe. i. dreamed. you. ronan dreams beautiful things and adam is so so beautiful to ronan that he could be one of them and he all but says as much to adams face but adam still cant see how special and wonderful he is rip me.

if jaime doesn’t pound away brienne’s morals, making her forget about honour and oaths for a moment because all she remembers is his name then what is even the point of game of thrones? what’s it good for? where’s the teachable moment? where’s the catharsis?

also idt i ever made a formal post about my pronoun preference, but to get super nitpicky i’d prefer: they/them be used by people who dont know me well, and he/she by friends and mutuals!

really though im ok with any pronouns kfjsdkjf the only time i could ever see myself correcting someone on my pronouns is if a cis person uses she/her for me. don’t do that but otherwise anything is fine!