but he was so adorable there okay

A high school taz au, based on this post (made by @flovvright and @shorthalt) about Kravitz stumbling into DnD because he’s just way too gay. 

Julia ships it. Hurley and Sloane throw back some beer. Taako scores a date. 

Julia’s smirking when the DnD club meets that evening, which is Taako’s first clue.

“What’s your beloved smirking about?” he whispers, elbowing Magnus in the shoulder. Magnus shrugs, too busy staring besottedly at Julia to formulate an actual response. God. Taako places a hand on Magnus’s cheek and shoves. He can’t afford to have Maggie’s sappy shit dripping all over him.

“All right, so,” says Julia, in her best I’m-the-DM-listen-to-me voice, which, honestly, works very well. Everyone shuts up, including Sloane and Hurley, who were chatting in the corner. They’re engaged in a battle of wits against Julia, trying to shove one of their crazy plots center stage, but so far Julia has foiled them every time. Taako’s pretty sure it’s going to end with their characters falling spectacularly in love. Art imitates life and all that. “We’re getting a new guest player today.”

“Who is it?” Angus asks with his adorable tiny pipes at the same time Taako groans, “Fuckin’ a, you’re not letting Lucas back in, are you?”

“Be nice,” says Merle, from the back of the room.

“Fuck you,” says Taako, and flips him off.

“Fuck no,” says Julia, and opens the Player’s Handbook. “Okay, so, here’s the scene: Hurley and Sloane, you two are in a tavern south of Broadsbrook - ”

“Hey, hold up, who’s the guest player?” Taako asks.

“You’ll see when they get here,” Julia says, and oh gods, there’s that smirk again. “I’ll set a different scene when they arrive.”

“C’mon, Jules, just tell me - ”


“Mags, make her spill.”

“Nope,” says Magnus, with the exact same inflection. 

Julia beams at him. He blows her a kiss. “You’re two feet away,” Taako points out irritably.

Magnus leans all the way over the table, sticking his butt in Taako’s face, to kiss her. “Oh my god gross gross gross, get this egregious display away from me - Merle, make them stop.”

“You’ve got Magnus’s butt within whackin’ range, take care of it yourself, kid.”

Magnus sits back down very quickly.

Taako finger-guns at him. Then, clearing her throat, Julia picks up narration. For ten minutes, they plod through a couple battles in a tavern south of Broadsbrook. Hurley’s playing a halfling - a joke she made about her own diminutive stature - and Sloane’s playing basically a fantasy Elven version of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Way, except with a  bonus tendency to beat the shit out of anyone who comments on Hurley’s height. 

The brawl ends with the four gerblins sprawled across the floor of the inn and Hurley and Sloane toasting each other atop a table. They roll to link arms and drink from their own mugs, the kind of stunt you see idiots do in movies. Sloane gets a fifteen. Hurley crit fails. Hurley’s drink ends up all over Sloane.

Then the door opens, and closes, and a smooth voice says “Hello.”

Taako looks up, and feels his cheeks flame red.

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Kirishima hc

☆kiri wasn’t touched a lot as a kid kit because of his unpredictable quirk.kiri in turn becomes extremely touch starved, so he is very affectionate with his friends.

☆he definitely wasn’t abused or neglected. But his mom’s didn’t touch him a lot because sometimes his quirk causes them to cut themselves on him.

☆ {also moms plural}👭🌈✔

☆okay but he doesn’t know actual boundaries because of this and touches people a lot

☆which results in some a+ kiribaku moments.

☆mainly bakugou getting adorably frustrated and confused.


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:


Jeremy’s massive thing of Aveeno and tissues. Same.

Will Connolly has nice legs.

Jeremy tucks in his shirt? What a nerd.

The choreography in More Than Survive is legendary.

Chloe is an asshole. Also, I’m pretty sure Jeremy was going to defend Jenna? Good boy.

Jeremy is so gleeful when he sees the sign up sheet? Fuck everyone who says he only signed up for Christine- this boy clearly wanted to do it, he was just too scared to go for it.

The sad look as he realizes that the signup is just going to end in humiliation.

CHRISTINE’S LIP BALM??? Get moisturized!


Brooke’s hair is gorgeous.

Jeremy bops along to Michael’s rap, which is adorable. It also shows that he’s only really comfortable around him- compare Jeremy in the chorus of More Than Survive, where he’s flailing and totally unable to keep with the choreography to Two Player Game, where he and Michael are completely in sync.

Handshake is repeated in Two Player Game! Motif confirmed!

Speaking of which, Michael himself is totally with the choreography. I think this can be taken as either him accepting his place in the hierarchy, or at least having the social skills to navigate it. Either way, it makes sense that he has trouble relating to Jeremy’s frustration with fitting in- in his own way, he already does.

Also, the prop and scene transitions are fantastic? The entire set is ridiculously versatile, and it’s incredible how seamless the transitions are and how they blend into the dancing. Also, the fucking sky bean bags. Who do you think had to stand up on the catwalks and drop those? I wanna know.

At 7:40 we have some quality hand flapping action? I mean, this entire scene is great- Jeremy stands up straighter and looks so genuinely excited, and he runs up to the poster, so ready to get genuinely into this play… and then Rich calls him gay and publically humiliates him.

Speaking of Rich, he’s kind of a dick in this, isn’t he? I mean, the whole bullying thing definitely is not a mild issue- Rich spends most of his time attacking Jeremy. At 2:40 he straight up punches Jeremy in the nuts, he actually lays hands on him during the “BOYF” scene, and when he’s singing to him, at one point he’s clearly about to punch him. Hard.

Speaking of that moment, I want to point out Jeremy’s instantaneous reaction to Rich raising his hand. That’s not a normal reaction. Normal people block their faces, obviously, but the way Jeremy automatically does it before Rich even finishes raising his hand, that’s not normal. That’s what people do when they’ve been hit. A lot.

Anyways, Michael is amazing? Such a supportive friend. So many good friendly touches. 9:45’s little face pat, and the entirety of Two Player Game stick out.


And lemme talk about I Love Play Rehearsal too. I love Christine, and she’s so amazingly extra in everything she does. I also love how happy Jeremy is listening to her, even if he’s too nervous to talk, and how Christine is totally cool with that! They have a lot of great chemistry in this!

I also love how it’s absolutely obvious that Christine is horrible at reading the room and is constantly unaware of the innuendos she’s making. My beautiful, oblivious daughter.

And, she’s so comfortable with him! You go girl! Shout at the sweaty man!

Jeremy is a ball of spastic energy. Constantly. I can relate.

Shout out to Jeremy putting his hands over his lap. It’s okay man. We all have boners for Christine.

Jeremy’s little smile during her song? It’s adorable. 100% wholesome. He’s so in love.

And Christine poking his… like, everywhere? Cute as hell.

And for that matter, Jeremy’s nervous tic of smoothing down his hair? Really cute. He does it a lot too!

Jake is apparently also on the Frisbee Golf Team. Make of that what you will.

Mr. Reyes hugging Christine. Quality comforting. My poor daughter, who then proceeds to harass him during the Hot Pocket Break. Perfect girl.

She also seems really hesitant initially with Jake. Her body language is very much “Leave me alone please.”

Jeremy has canonically had to go to the nurse over breakdowns.

Rich has seen Mr. Reyes urinate. This isn’t important, but like. It happened. Why.

Rich spends the entire discussion before his song urinating while rolling his hips. And doesn’t wash his hands. Then puts said hands all over Jeremy. Jeremy has indirectly touched Rich’s dick.

Rich’s lisp comes back when he shouts at Jeremy, then he slaps himself. Damn, that’s heartbreaking.

Also, irrelevant to Rich, but Jeremy’s hands are in his pockets 85% of the time. Like a bisexual penguin.

Rich at 20:33 keeps touching Jeremy’s face. He still has not washed his hands.


Please, someone make a tutorial for the SQUIP hand gestures. I love them.

Rich makes Jeremy stand straight. Foreshadowing much?

When Rich sings “Rule!” at 22:25, he does the rising fist motion from Pitiful Children.

Jeremy’s flailing at 23:09, beautiful anxious deer child. He’s beauty, he is grace, he’s gonna shove a SQUIP in his face.

“Aren’t you gonna wash your hands?”

Rich flashing Jeremy while he shouts about how the SQUIP makes it so he doesn’t get piss on his hands.

Rich is a nasty boy.

Jeremy’s reprise of the SQUIP Song is great.


Michael has reentered the narrative and they both sound so happy to see each other.

Beanbags, our twin heavenly Lords and Saviors, are made with space fabric.

Jeremy and Michael move in perfect tandem, like holy shit. They straight up swap controllers for a bit and keep playing as they talk and dance and annoy each other? Incredible.

This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. So full of holes.

Michael tickles Jeremy? GOOD SHIT.

Jeremy steals Michael’s controller and his face has such glee. So playful. So pure.

Friendly reminder that part of the reason Jeremy took the SQUIP and kept obeying it was fear of become his father- depressed and negligent.

The awkward hell of having to stare at Mr. Heere’s crotch. Every time he shows up. Jeremy, I feel your pain.

Mr. Heere goes in for the hair tussle and is brutally rejected by his son. In general, Jeremy is really upset by his parents, both his dad and his deadbeat mom.

Michael is super insecure.

Honestly, this whole thing is like watching the build up to a tragedy. It’s honestly unnerving to now Jeremy’s going to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Jeremy flipping Michael off at 29:07 is my aesthetic.

Rich and Jake helping with the scene transitions are amazing.

Michael’s constant glaring at Spooky Stock Boy is legendary. Quality moral support here.

Every Time Jeremy’s voice cracks, I triple in power.

The robotic backup singers and theremin during Stock Boy’s reprise are my sexuality.

Tag yourself, I’m massive hat lady.



More quality Jer-flaps at 34:23.


I mean, seriously, that’s an actual goddamn seizure. That’s horrifying.


Christine is so fucking worried, and she pushes Jake away for making fun of Jeremy. I love her.



a smile as bright as the summer sun


I bought Ian Sinclair a Juzo Sakakura figure a few months back, and I’ve been waiting to meet him at Tekko to give it to him. I asked him if he could say something in Juzo’s voice for me, but he wasn’t sure we had time (he promised to do it outside the autograph room later if I wanted to though), so I just had him sign my poster with the words instead. But then I gave him the figure and he FLIPPED OUT - he was so excited! He was like “You know what, give me your phone!” and recorded this! 


“He’s a good man, that boy." 

You turn away from pouring yourself a drink to face your grandmother, who is smiling at you. "Thor?” you ask. She nods, and you smile softly to yourself. “Yeah, he is." 

"He’s telling your great grand-father quite some stories.” She winks at you. “I just hope they’re all true." 

You laugh. "Well considering we met when he was pulling me out of a pile of rubble, they probably are.” Your grandmother pats your shoulder gently and moves away to talk to your cousin. You watch her briefly before moving to the doorway leading to the living room. 

Thor sits on the couch with your great-grandfather seated next to him and your father in the arm chair diagonal of him. He’s waving his arms somewhat wildly as he tells one of his wild stories-probably one from another one of the nine worlds by the way he seems to be speaking. You smile and turn away to go join your sister, not wanting to interrupt the moment. 

As nervous as you were to bring an alien home to meet your family, you could not be happier.

okay but i love love LOVE how elaborate and high key jake asking charles to be his best man is and adore how it was way more high key that the actual proposal itself - it just shows how well that jake knows the most important people in his life???? and i love that?????

he knows that charles will love and cherish that big celebration for years to come (and that charles desperately needs the validation, as we see him obsessively worrying over whether jake might choose someone else) - just like he knew that the proposal needed to be just them, just this sacred, special, vulnerable and beautiful moment he could share with amy.

jake peralta is the kind of guy that works and plans tirelessly to do things that make his best friends and the love of his life happy - and that only makes me love him even more.


Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

Requested by ~Anon~


Oct 14 — Happy Birthday, Seidou’s Toujou Hideaki °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° 

“It’s a challenge Youhei, let’s see which of us get to stand on the mound as Seidou’s first string pitcher first. I still haven’t given up on being a pitcher yet, you see.”