but he was really fun to meet haha


“Tarth. I’m biased, but she keeps it together.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to HBO on which character do you admire the most?

“I love the character of Jaime Lannister. He’s just so complex…” -Gwendoline Christie

“Gwen and I have a lot of fun together, I wish it could go on forever.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“And Nikolaj is a very special actor. He’s brilliant, hilarious and mercurial. And again, incredibly highly skilled. I felt nervous about acting opposite someone that was so highly skilled that I’d be working with so intensely, but he completely went for it from the beginning and was not afraid to go full-throttle on all of the scenes. And to really feed the relationship off-screen, too, by endlessly teasing me, haha. It’s really fun and hard work. He’s a brilliant actor. And I’ve had an absolute ball. I’ve had a real riot.“ -Gwendoline Christie

“If you meet Gwen, you’ll know that she is light.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

anonymous asked:

Alex Summers!!! Im still so salty about his death man ..... so bitter

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

Prompt: “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

Character: Alex Summers

Warning: Alludes to sex

At 8 in the morning, after a long night, a long…naked…sweaty night you did not expect to unlock your phone to a text from your mother…saying that your parents were 10 minutes away and were coming to visit you at your apartment…on a Saturday just past 8 in the morning.

Any other morning that might have been fine. In fact it might have been most welcome. But this particular Saturday you had a naked and attractive stranger in your bed and 10 minutes to get him dressed and out of your apartment before your parents saw because the last thing you wanted was that awkward conversation…where your mother would assume he was a boyfriend and you’d have to explain you’d met him last night in a club.

The man in question, his name you seemed to recall was Alex, was still asleep in your bed and while you’d have liked to enjoy the morning with him and his very, very attractive body you couldn’t. 

You leant over and shook him away, more frantically than you’d have done any other day. 

“Hey?” He was still groggy and you really hated having to kick him out after such a fun night but you had to. You walked around the room and grabbed his clothes (he already had your number in his phone) and shoved them in his arms.

“My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on and you might want to leave?” You have him the low down, pulling on some fresh underwear hastily and grabbing something to wear. 

“Or I could meet the parents.”

“Haha, very funny” You didn’t think he was serious, of course he wasn’t! What sort of person wants to meet the parents of the person the fucked after a drunk night (a fun night still)? 

“I’m serious…I could just pretend nothing happened, that I’m a ‘friend’” Thankfully he’s actually pulling his clothes on now and you’ve never been more grateful for clothing in your life because your mother would have a shock to find a naked man in your apartment. 

“Why would you do that?” 

“Because I really don’t want to rush out your door at what? 8 in the morning?” He looked at his phone before looking at you as if you had the final stay on whether he stayed or he went. 

“If you’re staying you’re making breakfast and small talk.” Part of you was somewhat giddy about the thought. Your parents would be priceless to find a man in your home and you’d get to spend more time with him…so long as they didn’t know what went on last night it might actually work out?

B.A.P as Youtubers
  • Yongguk: Indie music artist, edgy monochrome home-made MV's of people walking in streets and broken buildings, actively doing charity events, does videos of him talking about social issues but with his face cut out of frame, literally everyone had tried to parody him and his voice at some point
  • Himchan: Lifestyle blogger with one of those really annoying intro's like "HELLO MY DEAR WATCHERS IT IS ME, HIMCHAN, AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!!". Always sponsored by beauty products, fashion lines, app games, diet foods. Really click-bait video titles and icons. Does loads of collabs because he's friends with everyone. Does regular meetups with fans.
  • Daehyun: Cover artist who changes genre of the song to make video's like "WHAT WOULD BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SOUND LIKE IF IT WAS AN R&B TRACK??????". Probably a huge musical nerd. A little bit Thomas Sanders with the good vibes and kindness. mas massive following of teenage girls who leave disturbing graphic comments on all his videos and instagram posts. Sometimes youtubers make fun of him until they meet him at vidcon and he's just the nicest guy.
  • Youngjae: Lets Player known for his really graphically violent threats at the game as well as his sneaky tactics and bad sportsmanship in online FPS'. Has not played a single other game since Overwatch came out. Sometimes sings as he plays to deal with his burning hatred for other gamers. Has a REALLY annoying LPer intro like "WHATS UP GUYS ITS YOUNGJAE AT IT AGAIN HAHA!!!". Has his own line of tshirts and assorted merchandise with his ugly af logo on it.
  • Jongup: Makes anime parodies or commentaries of pop culture movies and has a really fucking annoying fanbase that quote the same ancient meme for 300 years. Has a line of merchall based on said annoying memes. Sometimes plays games using the voice of the popular characters of the anime's hes parodied. Once bumped into Youngjae on Overwatch and they spammed the hello emotes at each other for the whole game.
  • Junhong: Sketch-comedy videos based on his #relatable life, all of them with over-the-top youtuber titles like "MY DOG NEARLY KILLED ME :O!!" "MY GIRLFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME BECAUSE IM TOO TALL :(!!" "I NEARLY DIED DANCING TO EDD SHEERAN!!". He owns several low-quality wigs for re-occurring characters in his sketches. Has a really embarrassing story about the time he bumped into Himchan on the streets and made a fool of himself. Himchan commented on it. One time he parodied Yongguk in a video and Yongguk put it in his favourites playlist and Junhong has never recovered.
Teacher Taeyong

Request: Can I ask for an teacher!Taeyong scenario, who’s really interested in you but can’t do anything because he’s your teacher?

A/N: this is short & bad im sorrry :-(

  • this could be a new series aw
  • a cute idea!!
  • and im sorry im writing it in markdown format because i feel like it’s easier??
  • but if you want me to do a scenario based on this you can request again!
  • hopefully this goes well
  • okay let’s go

  • so you’re currently in university

  • so he’s your korean teacher
  • and he’s the youngest teacher there like??
  • he’s only a few years older than you, probably 4-5 years
  • first day he came in to class your eyes couldnt leave him at all
  • and everyone’s shookt
  • because how can one be so good looking?
  • and when he smiled your heart just melted!!
  • “good morning class, i’ll be your teacher for the year, hope we’ll go along well”
  • and his eyes catches yours and you smile at him
  • and he gives you the sweetest smile back and you just??
  • “what did i do to deserve such a handsome teacher it’s gonna be a great year”
  • class starts and you cant keep your eyes off him
  • and occasionally he’d catch eye contact with you
  • not anyone else but
  • you
  • they’re intense yet warm
  • and he gives you a small tiny smile every time
  • after a long two hour lesson his class finally ends
  • and you’re the last to leave because you had a lot of things to pack
  • plus you wanted to stare at him even longer
  • so of course he notices
  • and he gives you a smile again, but this time different
  • it’s much brighter and you can see his cheeks flaring up
  • they’re all pink and he’s trying to hide it but it’s so obvious
  • but you were also blushing like mad
  • “so… how was my lesson?”
  • “ah haha it’s great!! really fun and surprisingly i didn’t doze off”
  • “glad to hear! haha, uhm…”
  • “oh and im Y/N btw!”
  • “nice to meet you Y/N! i hope we become closer throughout the year”
  • “sure uh-mr lee”
  • “lee taeyong, my real name haha”
  • so after that incident your head is just full of him
  • same for him, he’d stare at you a lot in class
  • and for some reason your korean wasnt improving
  • and you had to do well for the exam
  • so you had no choice but to ask taeyong to give you extra lessons
  • and since the school would be closed, he suggests to go to the library
  • and being the nice person he is, he’d agree right away
  • probably also suggesting to treat you to lunch
  • throughout the whole session you cant even concentrate because he was so close to you
  • but he was fully focused on helping you out
  • much more sincere than when he’s in class
  • for some reason he’s much softer? and he’s also very sweet with his words
  • eventually extra lessons turned into small little dates at cafes
  • and he even asked you out multiple times to watch movies together
  • he buys you gifts
  • and tries to help you out be it with school work, or personal problems
  • five months of all that
  • and you could already feel yourself falling for him
  • when you know you shouldnt
  • but you couldnt help it
  • likewise, he was falling even harder for you
  • yall were more of friends rather than a teacher-student relationship, and only your close friends knew
  • you have his number saved as “taeyong 💘”
  • while he has yours, saved as “y/n!! 💖💖”
  • but of course each of you dont know
  • you dont know how much his heart races everytime he looks at you in class
  • and how he tries to concentrate on teaching
  • but he gets so distracted by you he often blanks out
  • “so this word means- uh… it means…”
  • awkward silence
  • “mr lee? what does it mean?”
  • “o-oh it means …”
  • and you know it’s because of you because he’s straight up facing and looking at you
  • after school ends he always waits for you so he can pick you up and send you back home
  • even when you have extra classes or activities, he was willing to wait
  • by this time you could tell he was in love with you
  • and you knew that he noticed your feelings too
  • after that time yall subtly held each others hands in a movie theatre but acted as if nothing happened
  • so one day after school he’s waiting in his car like always, for you
  • and when you get in, he gets all nervous and flustered
  • his eyes are shifting around a lot
  • and suddenly he takes up the courage to tell you
  • “y/n i know a lot of things have been going on between us throughout the past few months and im sure we both know how we feel about each other. but i cant go against the school’s rules but at the same time i cant bear to not be with you, i just- im so confused as what i should do i really really like you-”
  • before you know it you shut him up with a kiss on his lips
  • and he stares at you with his enlarged eyes
  • and blushed up cheeks
  • “i need to be with you too”
  • this is very bad i sincerely apologise that yall had to read this
Smooth - Johnny [5]

A/N: Hellooooo Admin Kay is back from the dead c: jk I just wanna thank you guys for your patience, I know this took me f*cking forever to finish pls love me I’ve been having terrible writer’s block for this chapter for some reason… hope it’s not too sucky ._. but yeahhh 

I was honestly considering making this chapter semi smut but I was like ‘nahhhh the Johnny skanks can wait for pt 6 right?’ I’m so sorry

Anywayssss here is the long awaited Smoot pt. 5!! Happy reading!

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 5 - Mine 

Genre: Fluff, Subtle Smut 

Rating PG-13 

(slight language, suggestive content) 

Word Count: 3,362 

Keep reading

Sex with EXO analysis

For the smut lovin’ nation out there. Me being apart of it lol. Here’s my interpretation of how OT12 would be in bed…’cause I’m bored haha.  Enjoy.


  • Kris: Oh my. Sex with EXO’s sex god would be…mind-blowing to say the least. He would be rough and merciless. Lots of hard, deep, powerful thrusting. He would be quite audible during sex…lots of groaning and growling. He would also be quite the dirty talker. He’d whisper to you every once in a while demanding you to call for him and moan for him. “Scream for me baby girl,” he’d say. He might even go to the extent of slut shaming if he was feeling really kinky that day. He probably has a spanking and hair pulling kink so expect that. Yifan would be dominant—beyond belief. He’d always be on top. The only time you would be able to top him is if he feels like you’ve earned it. Needless to say, you’d be up all night with this sex demon. 

  • Kai: Sex with Jongin would be incredibly romantic. There would be an innumerable amount of kissing with him. He is also a very touchy lover, therefore I see a lot caressing, groping, and just touching in general. Not a single area of your body would go unexplored with Kai. His thrusts would be long and deep, so you two can savor each fleeting interval before he delivers another exotic thrust to your body. He won’t say much. He is more of the moaning type. The sound of Jongin’s breathy gasps and moans immersed in enjoyment would delicately envelop your ears, much to your pleasure. He is dominant but occasionally will let you be on top, just to enjoy the image of your body rising and descending upon his member, while your head is thrown back in unalloyed pleasure. Truly an event. 

  • Suho: Sex with Joonmyun would also be romantic but in a vanilla sort of way. Joonmyun is a gentleman and will be as such in the bedroom. He would shower you with all sorts of compliments like: “I love you so much Jagi, you’re beautiful,” or “you’re perfect Jagi…” The sex itself would be slow but in a pleasing manner. His thrusts would be slow and moderate, every once in a while he will lean in to plant kisses on your face. Suho does have a bit of a kinky side to him…nothing too extreme though. But he does not have a median to express that on his own accord so you would have to initiate it if you’re willing to. *wink* 

  • Chen: Oh dear, another kinky one. Jongdae in bed would be an adventure each time. He would be such a tease. He’d want you in control; you to pleasure him with whatever means. When he’s impressed, then he’ll give you a little sugar in return. Jongdae would be incredibly talkative. He’d basically narrate the entire sex session. He would utter things like: “Yeah baby just like that, keep going,” and “Don’t stop baby…oh god you’re so good” and “Ah yeah, that’s my girl…just like that.” I see him being really into doggy style. Thrusting into you while you grip the sheets, screaming into your pillow while he delivers a few well rounded spanks to your ass would turn him on greatly. Although he is mostly on top, I can see Chen really enjoying you riding him. I especially see him enjoying reverse cowgirl. It would all be highly convivial. 

  • Sehun: This little brat will be taking his brattiness to the bed without a doubt. Sex with Sehun would be kinda like sex with Kris. In the sense that he would be so freakin’ dominant for the entire duration. He might let you ride him, but only briefly. He would also be very talkative during sex. But he will only say things that meet with his satisfaction; things he wants to hear. “Yeah baby you like that?” “How badly do you want me Jagi? Show me how much you want me.” The little shit haha. The sex itself would be fast paced and rough. He’d grip your sides roughly as he thrusts into you with power and vigor, hitting all the right spots with impeccable timing. Seeing your face contort with clear registration of the pleasure would only drive him to get more reactions out of you. 

  • Chanyeol: Sex with our happy virus would be really fun and playful. He might crack a few lighthearted jokes here and there during the duration of the sex. During the foreplay is when he would be most lighthearted and playful, kissing your body in it’s entirety while murmuring a few jokes. But then, once the sex initiates, that’s when I see his rough side manifesting.  Like Chen, I see Chanyeol being really into doggy style. And like Kris, he might have a hair pulling kink, just a slight one. His thrusts would be lightning fast, but powerful, each one delivering bursts of pleasure each time. He wouldn’t say much, just lots of growling and grunting would be heard from him. Very energetic, fast sex. 

  • Lay: Lay would be such a sweetheart in bed. He would be incredibly romantic and sweet, putting your needs and pleasure as a priority while his is secondary. I can see him doing the cliche rose petals on the bed, romantic music in the background routine to really set the mood. There would be lots of kissing and caressing. He would murmur his ‘I love you’s’ while moaning softly throughout the sex. There would be an immense amount of foreplay beforehand. Intercourse itself would be slow but savory. He would always ask if you’re alright and make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Yixing is a very vanilla guy so I don’t see much kinkiness transpiring during sex. However, if you ask for something kinky, depending on what it is, he might comply. As long as you’re receiving all the satisfaction you need, that’s all the reassurance he needs. 

  • Luhan: Luhan is also a very romantic lover, therefore sex with our deer would be very sweet and saccharine. I see sex with Luhan being sweet in an erotic way rather than a vanilla way. There would be a lot of prolonged kissing and foreplay, mostly with you on the receiving end. Luhan is probably masterful at oral sex, so expect a lot of that. Like Kai, he won’t say much. Just lots of satisfied moans would escape his lips with each thrust he delivers. However, Luhan does have a rough side to him. If he gets turned on enough, that’s when you’ll be in for it. 

  • Baekhyun: Baek is definitely on the kinky side. Sex with Baekhyun would be lively…you’ll never know what you’re gonna get from this boy. His speciality lies in the foreplay department, especially with fingering. Him thrusting those long, pretty fingers of his into you, while you claw at the bedsheets, gasping his name breathlessly would certainly drive him over the edge. His thrusts would be brisk, but potent. They would be enough to send you into an enraptured state. He would use a lot of pet names with you in bed, calling you his “naughty girl,” or his “sex kitten.” Like I said, he is kinky, so prepare yourself for all sorts of new things. He’ll definitely whip out a few toys on you every now and then, so keep alert!

  • Xiumin: Minseok is…an interesting one to say the least. I see him being more on the submissive side. He relishes seeing you on top, straddling him. Anything you want him to do to you, he’ll comply; he’s yours to command. He is a bit of a freak so if you’re into some crazy positions or kinks, he’ll happily go with it because more than likely he is into the same things. The only time Xiumin would talk is when he wants to make sure he’s doing alright. “Is this how you like it Jagi?” “Am I doing alright Jagi?” He can be dominant, but only if that’s what you want~

  • D.O: Ah, our squishy Kyungsoo. He’s another romantic type. He would be an absolute gentleman in bed. Constantly asking if you’re alright and if anything hurts. He performs at the pace you feel best with. Expect lots of kissing and foreplay from him, because that’s what he would relish in most. Sex would carry on at a moderate pace, not too slow but not too fast; just right. It would be impeccable as he thrusts softly into you while kissing you squarely on the lips. Kyungsoo would want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world during sex. He will murmur a few amorous compliments about how beautiful you are and how he wants to kiss your entire body. He would worship your body as if it is a sacred temple of immense divinity. 

  • Tao: Tao’s a bit of a tricky one. Sometimes he can be absolutely adorable in bed and other times he can be a dominant, all controlling partner. It all depends on his mood and how badly he wants you. In his adorable mode, you can expect a lot of compliments and addressing you as “princess,” because that’s how he wants to treat you! You can expect lots of kissing and fondling and other foreplay related activities with this kid. But, when he is in dominant mode, expect rough sex. Rough, powerful thrusting is sure to ensue at some point. He would be hellbent on you pleasing him rather than the other way around where he reciprocates. He can be kinky. He’s probably into spanking and obscure positions…he’s a freaky one alright. 

*heavy breathing* 

Did I quench the thirst dear readers? Hope you enjoyed! Please do send me some asks and I’ll happily fulfill your fantasies! ;) 


striving-to-be-interesting  asked:

heyyy. i was just wondering if you read klance fanfics? and if you do, do you have any recommendations?? (i literally got into this fandom because of your comics. no regrets. also, love chu!)

Oh my god haha, well welcome! I hope you’re having a good time in the Voltron fandom? My word of advice is to surround yourself with good people that you like. It can be pretty easy to get swept up into discourse, and while I think it’s important to be aware of issues, don’t be afraid to unfollow people if you find it getting you down too much. 

And oh man… god like I used to read a fair bit, but honestly I think I’ve written more klance fanfic then I’ve read now. Or I’ve started a lot of things, and never followed them up. 

Is it tacky to recommend myself? Like is that really presumptuous?

Ah you know what? *Sits on my Voltron throne* I wrote Nightmares so fuck you, I do not deserve your judgement haha. 

So yeah I wrote Nightmares and that seems to be pretty popular. Check that out if you dig canon universe with lots of Keith and Lance spooning and having tender moments. I also wrote a fic called Costumed Identities. It’s a dumb cosplay au. Check that out if you like farcical plots with Keith and Lance not knowing each others true identities, and basically falling in love with both of their personas. Bonus points if you dig the idea of crossplaying Keith. 

Haha but in terms of OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF (which is probably far superior), I feel like Call me, Beep me is like… required fandom reading at this point. It’s a texting fic, and I’m super weak for those. It’s a cute fun time and there’s a lot of “oh WHEN will they meet!” haha. 

So Why don’t we fall is pretty archetypal, but it still has a nice place in my heart. Like you’ve probably read this scenario before, but you’re still like “mmm yes, this is good”. It’s basically Keith struggling with the notion of a relationship, but he loves Lance so he’s doing his best. 

Never been Kissed is also just like… really satisfying to me? Like that fic is my aesthetic. It’s super short, and it just about Keith and Lance talking shit and eating cheeseburgers and sharing milkshakes in space. i dunno. I think about this fic a lot and I wish I knew why. 

Those are it for now. I can tell you some fandom staples if you’re interested, but these are my personal faves I guess. Happy reading!

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What would happen if seed!Derek and seed!Stiles met? I find that it would be freaking cute!

Oh! OH OH OH! Nonnie, you asked at JUST the right time, because I was sketching their meeting as Seed Creatures while I was interstate for fun! (and I also coloured it because I plan to make it into merchandise!)

I can imagine that Seed Stiles doesn’t really have much of personal boundaries, because… that’s just the way it is. He’s kind of an obnoxious little Seed Fox, haha! I see their first meeting gets off to a rocky start, because Stiles immediately hones in on Derek’s ULTRA FLUFFY TAIL.

Of course, Derek is not impressed. (also kind of embarrassed haha!)

But then Stiles feels bad because he made such a bad first impression (even though that’s just how he is) and maybe raids the couch cushions trying to find something impressive to give to Derek as a ‘sorry I burst your personal bubble’ gift. (he didn’t think the chewing-gum wrapper or the bent paperclip would do, but he found a mostly-intact toffee!)

And then (of course) Derek is a total softie-failwolf and (of course) this starts off a weird sort of courting ritual where Derek brings Stiles all sorts of weird stuff to try and show he’s a good provider and an awesome mate. Things get serious when Derek presents Stiles with a shiny penny he hunted between the skirting board and the kitchen cabinet.

(Stiles thinks that he’s awesome and super-cute without all the presents, but he goes along with it anyway)

(they sometimes groom each other’s tails and it’s adorable as frick)

secretlvtale  asked:

What if after years of physical and emotional abuse from his parents Tom is finally broken and is now just a shell of himself. Like no longer reacting to anything and his body just going auto pilot. So it's up to Marco (and maybe even Star) to help him pick up the pieces after finally managing take him to the Diaz house to recover.

Oh my goshhh! Some angst! I had a lot of fun with this! You know how much I love angst and writing this was really sad but really fun to write haha. I hope it came out good and I hope you enjoy it!


“Have you spoken to him recently?” Marco asked. Star shook her head.

“I saw him at some diplomatic dinner a few weeks ago, where all the allied dimension’s leaders were meeting up. I tried to say hi but he just phased me.” Star explained. Marco bit his lip and played with the hem of his shirt.

“Star… I’m so worried about him.” Marco admitted. He bit his lip harder to try and stop himself from crying. “He won’t answer my calls or texts. We used to be so close. He won’t even speak to me. It’s like he’s just some sort of stranger, and he always looks so sad, and tired.” Marco explained. Tears were beginning to well up in his eyes. Star gasped and ran over to give her friend a hug. Marco sobbed and held onto her. “Why won’t he say anything to me, Star?” He cried. “I love him.” He blubbered.

“I know, I know.” Star smiled. “I love him too, he’s our friend but-” Marco cut her off.

“Not like that, Star!” Marco cried, and he shoved her away. “I LOVE him.” Marco repeated. Star pulled back and realized what Marco was saying. She sighed and pulled him into a hug, holding him tightly.

“I’m sorry Marco. We’ll get him back, we’ll bring him back to you.” She promised.


“Tom!” A harsh voice called. Star and Marco stood in the king of hell’s main hall. Tom entered the room and looked up.

“Yes?” He asked.

“The princess of Mewni is here, she requested a tour of the facility. Tend to their needs.” He commanded. Tom nodded and motioned for the two to follow him.

“Please, come this way.” He told them. Star and marco exchanged confused looks. Tom seemed like he didn’t even recognize them. He was just setting off on auto pilot. As soon as they left the room Marco put his hand on Tom’s shoulder to stop him.

“Tom, please stop this.” Marco begged. “We’re worried about you.” He told the demon. Tom stood there and seemed to not be paying attention to what he was saying. “Tom, we know what you’ve been going through here. It’s not hard to realize.” Marco told him. “I notice every time you came over with a black eye and I noticed all the times you flinch when when somebody went to touch you. I should have said something.” Tears welled up in Marco’s eyes. “I should have done something to make it better I just… always thought it was none of my buisness, and I thought you would rather me stay quiet. But I have to say these things now, Tom.” Marco grabbed Tom’s shoulders and he felt the demon stiffen.

“Tom, please come home with us.” Star begged. “We can help you.” She put on her biggest smiled and held both her friend’s hands. “We can take you to Marco’s house. Where it will b safe and nobody will hurt you anymore.” Star assured.

“Don’t you want that?” Marco asked. “To be safe? With me- I mean us?” Marco quickly corrected himself. “You don’t need to stay in the dark, you deserve more than this. Please come with us, for me?” Marco asked. Tom was quiet for a long time. He kept looking between Star and Marco and then at the door his father was on the other side of. He looked down at his hands through for a moment. He then looked up at Marco.

“If… I go with you…” Tom started. “Would anyone know where to find me?” He asked. Marco shook his head and took the demon’s hand.

“You’d be safe.” He promised. Tom looked back at the door and Marco could have sworn he saw a faint look of fear pas over his face. But Tom seemed so numb to everything it was hard to pin down exactly what he was thinking or feeling. He looked over at Marco and slowly reached his hand out, to touch Marco’s hand.

“I think… we should go.”


Tom felt the window with his hands. The glass was cold on his fingers. Tom was still for a long while, but jumped when he felt Marco touch his arm. “Sorry.” Marco apologized. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Marco assured. Tom was staring out the window with a blank expression on his face. He was looking intensly at the moon. “Tom, is everything okay? You’ve been here days but, have hardly said a word.” Marco asked. Tom’s eyes grew wider and he watched the sky.

“I forgot what the earth sky looked like. I haven’t been here in so long.” Tom reminded. Marco nodded and moved closer to him.

“I missed you. A lot.” He told the demon. Tom was quiet and he pulled away a bit.

“Don’t say things like that.” Tom whispered. Marco looked curious.

“Why not?” Marco asked. “You’ve been away so long. I missed you! I was worried about you!” Marco cried. He held the demon’s hand, but Tom pulled it away. He was beginning to show emotion of some kind. But it wasn’t the type Marco was hoping for. Tom was beginning to shake and his breathing became more ragged. “Tom, please don’t shut me out again.” Marco begged. “Don’t you see what’s happening to you?” He asked. “They poisoned you! You’re suffering and I want to help.” Marco smiled and touched the demon’s shoulder.

Tom’s eyes snapped open, they were glowing an angry red and he put his hand out. Marco felt himself freeze in place, like he was being held by some sort of invisible force. “Stop. Talking.” Tom hissed. “You can’t fool me again!” Tom seethed.

“Tom… wh-what… are you talking about?” Marco sputtered out. It was hard to talk with Tom holding him, frozen in place. He lifted Marco off of the ground.

“I know you don’t care! I know all you’ve done is lie to me!” Tom hissed. “I never should have come here… I let you trick me again!” Tom screamed. He slammed Marco down onto the ground. “I let you make me think you cared! I let myself feel again only to have you hurt me again!” Tom screamed. He raised his fist and conjured flames around it, Marco gasped and rolled out of the way. Tom punched the ground with a fiery blow.

“Tom! Did I do something wrong?” Marco asked. “You gotta tell me!” He begged. Tom made a move to hit Marco again. He ran towards him with a raised fist, but his steps became more shaky the closer he got.

Tom! You pathetic, worthless moron! I told you to stay away from them!

Tom went to hit Marco but he just collapsed onto the ground. Marco gasped when he saw Tom curl into a ball on the ground.

If that human claims to care about you he’s lying! No creature in their right mind would care about you! He’s only trying to hurt you! Don’t let yourself be so stupid!

“Tom?” Marco asked. Tom covered his face with his hands. Marco got on his knees next to the demon and hugged him close. Tom finally dropped his demeanor and latched tightly onto Marco. He cried into his shoulder while Marco held him close. “Tom please, you have to tell me what’s wrong.” Marco begged.

“I can’t do it…” Tom whispered. “I can’t get hurt again, I can’t let them hurt me anymore.” He cried. Big tears were running down his face and he cried. He tried to squeeze his eyes shut to stop them from falling, but it was no help. “I can’t do it, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T I CAN’T I CAN’T I CAN’T-” Marco cut Tom off by pulling him into a hug.

“You don’t have to. You’re safe now.” Marco promised. Tom cried and nuzzled closer to him. “Is that why you got so closed off? And you shut us out? You thought we would only hurt you?” Marco asked. Tom put his hands over his ears and closed his eyes tightly.

“Please stop talking, don’t make me listen.” He begged. Marco collected Tom in a hug.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to listen, just stay here.” Marco assured. Tom just fell totally limp in Marco’s arms, staring ahead at nothing. He just felt completely numb. Marco hugged him tighter and buried his face in his hair. “It’s not bad to feel things, Tom.” Marco promised. “You’ll be okay to open up.” Marco swore. Tom shook his head.

“I can’t…” he whispered. Marco bit his lip and held him closer. Tom wasn’t strong enough to be hut again. He’s been broken and beaten too much. It got to the point where all he could do was shut everything out. Marco held him closer.

“There has to be some part of you still in there that believes me.” Marco pleaded. “You just showed me you’re still there.” He smiled warmly. “You can cry and smile and laugh and scream. Those things are okay. Please don’t be void.” Marco begged. “I… I love you too much for that.” Tears streaked down his face. “I love you… the you that would laugh and joke with me… even the you that got angry and jealous of the stupidest little things.” Marco explained. Tom looked up with wide eyes.

“Did you say you love me?” He asked. Marco blushed deeply, but nodded.

“Yes, I do.” Marco repeated. “I love you, Tom.” Marco said again. He gasped when tears began to fall down Tom’s face. “Tom?” Marco asked.

“Are you lying?” Tom asked. Marco knew Tom wouldn’t believe him when he said no, so Marco took his face in his hands and gave him a kiss. When he pulled away Tom was looking at him with wide eyes. Marco gave him a warm smile and Tom moved closer, he looked totally shocked and frozen. “C-can you say it again?” Tom asked, very quietly. Marco laughed and nodded, kissing the demon’s head.

“I love you, Tom. I love you so, so much.” Marco smiled. Tom closed his eyes and leaned against him, he looked so tired. Marco wrapped him up in a hug and hushed him. “Just rest for a while, you need it.” Marco told him, brushing Tom’s hair away. “I love you.”

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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if bakugou and kirishima grew up together, can we really assume it would go well? i mean, kiri was a bit like deku in some ways, and if bakugou's childhood relationship with /him/ is anything to go by....

I’ve actually thought about this a whole damn lot - in the sense that this is an AU I’ve been thinking about for months and for a real long time I was super ambivalent about it because it could have actually gone both ways? It’s honestly one of the reasons why I found the idea so entertaining, since Bakugou is a complete asshat this might as well have been the only childhood-friends AU that could have ended my ship altogether hahaha incredible, usually that sort of AUs are all about the fluff lmao

Anyway now that I have Kirishima’s backstory I feel a bit more confident about the possibility of it ending well! Ah, this is assuming they’d always known each other like Deku and Bakugou have, but to be honest I think it could go fairly well whatever period of their lives they’d have met? The thing about Bakugou and Kirishima is that they like each other independently from their quirks, and that’s all the difference you need between their relationship and the one Bakugou and Deku have. 

Bakugou likes in Kirishima the strength to stand up for himself and speak out and not let others walk over him while still never putting himself above others, his confidence and his trust in others and himself; Kirishima likes in Bakugou his one track mind towards his objectives, his strength both physical and psychological, his “live without regrets” way of going about life - these are things both of them have always had, quirks or not, UA or not. They’re also things that with time you realize aren’t actually true about them, but the first time they met, when they decided that they wanted to be friends, that was what they saw - and I think whatever age they met, that’d be what they’d see in each other anyway, so I think they’d still get along. Kirishima even said that he doesn’t mind Bakugou’s habit of picking fights left and right!

There’s also how Bakugou isn’t the type to judge a person based on how far they can push their quirks at the moment/how well they know how to use it - even a seemingly silly quirk can be a great one when properly trained, he isn’t stupid enough to look at Kirishima’s hardening and scoff at it. And be it Kirishima’s insecurities or Bakugou’s bullying, I think growing up together and finding their quirks together (even training together) might have actually made both of them better, in the end.

A Bakugou that’s just found his quirk would look at hardening, the one thing that can oppose him, and think “this is a strong quirk”. And when you remember that it’s not their quirks that got them to be friends in canon, in this scenario too Bakugou would already consider Kirishima worth it for other reasons, and that would mean he’d have no problems with telling him that he can do better, he can be better - and the younger you make them the more this is bound to end up well, imho. Same goes for Kirishima seeing Bakugou start acting like a bully, I think. He wouldn’t keep quiet about it, Kirishima, and even in canon Bakugou does stop being an ass when Kirishima tells him to quit it so, again, the younger you make them the more this should work, for me. Kirishima would be inspired by Bakugou, Bakugou calmed down by Kirishima, they would have probably just started their growth way earlier if they’d known each other as kids

Then again, it’s not like we know for sure. All I know is that Kirishima has liked Bakugou since the start, even though he had straight out told All Might that he thought Bakugou was crazy, and that Bakugou has only ever bullied Deku just because he couldn’t read him at all and that made him convinced Deku was making fun of him, which is a problem he would never have with baby Kirishima

It’s just optimistic suppositions tho haha


Countdown to Black Canary:
↳ 2 Days to go » AU: While working in Central City on a case, Laurel visits Barry’s team in S.T.A.R. Labs and meets Dr Wells, who seems to know more about her future then he lets on.

kpoprivacy  asked:

hi ^^ it's me again haha :) can you a reaction for Jay park,Gray and Loco when their clumsy girlfriend trip and fall in a funny way in front of all AOMG members ? ( If it's too much people just do Jay ^^) thank you <3


Tbh… I really relate to this scenario… I don’t think you can meet a clumsier person than me 😂

Jay Park:

Jay would probably be the first one to laugh even if he is your boyfriend, but it’s all in good fun. He’d come over and help you up as soon as he’s done!

Originally posted by jayfatuasian


Gray wouldn’t be too fazed. He’d be like “Oh, Oh yea ok. ofc.” especially because he knows this happens A LOT. He’d still be somewhat worried and ask if you were okay as he helped you up. 


I feel like the second you fall, Loco would feel a little embarrassed and sorry for you especially because you fell in front of all the AOMG members. But I feel like out of these three, he’d be the most concerned and ask you questions like “Are you okay?! Does it hurt here? Can you walk?”.

anonymous asked:

I love the fact that Xixi and Jian Yi met when they were kids. Do you think you can write a fic of kid He Tian and Red head meeting (even tho we know nothing of their past yet haha)? I think it would be a really fun idea!! Plus little He Tian and Red Head just sounds adorable. lol

Hope you like it :)

Not as Planned: He Tian x Red Head Childhood fic

It was the kid’s toothy grin that caught his eye. Nobody had ever smiled at him before, at least where he was from.

He was mulling around the playground, waiting for his dad to finish some “business.” They’d only be in the city for a couple more weeks, or however long it took for his dad to squeeze money out of those who owed him.

He hadn’t planed on making a friend, but the red-haired kid was persistent.

Finally He Tian walked over, a scowl pasted on his face. He was only nine at the time, but he was probably the most intimidating nine year old in the city.

The red-haired kid wasn’t fazed. He pointed excitedly at the sandcastle he’d built, motioning for He Tian to join him.

He Tian kicked it over.

The kid just looked up and laughed. He handed He Tian a bucket and a shovel and showed him how to make a tower.

This is stupid, thought He Tian, but he copied the kid. His tower collapsed.

The scowl was back on his face. He expected the kid to make fun of him, laugh in his face, but instead he gave him a hug.

He Tian hadn’t been hugged in a long time. Not since his mother passed away.

The kid let go and rambled something about adding water to the mold.

They built sand castles until the sun reached its peak. The red-haired kid stood up and dusted himself off. He was leaving.

He Tian’s scowl returned.

The kid turned and motioned him over to follow him. He Tian didn’t know why he felt relief in his gut, but he followed the kid to a bench.

He pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gave He Tian half. They talked about things He Tian didn’t remember. But it was nice, the warm sun on their faces.

They split the apple he had in his lunchbox. He talked about his Ma and Pa and their bakery. He Tian avoided mentioning his mafia family.

He left the playground with the sun setting, a warm feeling in his stomach.

He returned the next day and the kid was there, grinning wide, missing a few baby teeth.

They played cops and robbers, they talked about their dreams for the future. He wanted to be a world famous chef. He Tian wanted to be a bodyguard.

They built more sandcastles. One time, He Tian found a long worm in the ground.

They wrapped it in a leaf and thought it would become a butterfly.

He Tian brought his share of snacks too. They weren’t as good as the homemade cookies that the red-haired kid had snuck him one time, but he didn’t seem to mind.

They had competitions of strength. Who could hold on to the monkey bars the longest, who could run from the slide to the swings the fastest. He Tian always won, and the red-haired kid would scrunch up his nose in defeat. But only for a moment before he was back to smiling and laughing.

Laughing. The week was a blur in He Tian’s memory but he could never remember laughing so much. It was so great that it almost made him forget the blood in the alleyways, the life he lived as night.

He would sneak away once the day was over and meet his dad. The Butcher, they called him. One day he wasn’t carful enough and the red-haired kid followed him.

It was dark. He was used to it.

His dad and some of his lackeys were holding a bloodied man. He was missing a couple fingers, and the knife in his dad’s hand showed that he was intent on taking more.

He grabbed the pleading man’s hand.

“Where’s my money.”

“I don’t know.”

Slice. Another scream. But it wasn’t just one this time.

One of the men kicked over the crate and saw the red-haired kid. He ran. The men ran after him.

He saw them. They would kill him if they caught him.

He Tian took his father’s knife and ran after them. His father nodded in approval.

He’d beat him in all the races, and he was sure to catch him now.

The men raced past an alleyway but He Tian stopped and turned. He walked down the narrow passage, past some trashcans, and sharply turned. The kid was cowering behind them, glass eyed.

He saw something he shouldn’t have.

He Tian grabbed his collar and brought him to his feet. The kid was shorter than him. Weak, his dad would have called him.

They would kill him. Painfully and slowly. He rolled the knife in his hand. If he cut his throat now he would be doing him a great mercy.

There was no toothy grin on the kid’s face now. But looking at him, He Tian couldn’t forget the laughter, the cookies and sandcastles.

He wasn’t planning on making a friend, but things didn’t always work out according to plan, did they?

He swung his arm and punched the kid square in the nose, just in time for the men to run down the alley.

They looked at the kid, his face and shirt bloody. It was dark and hard to tell where it was all coming from.

“I took care of it,” said He Tian.

“Atta boy, your father would be proud,” said one of the men and slapped him across the back.

They left him there. Later 911 got an anonymous tip that there was an unconscious boy in the alley.

He snuck into the hospital. The nurses whispered around the kid’s bed.

“Can’t remember a thing,” one of them said.

“Lucky to have woken up,” another whispered.

When they finally left that city, He Tian had learned his lesson. No friends.

He lived alone. He didn’t socialize unless his dad called on him. His days were filled with boredom and blood.

One day, his dad sent him back to that city. An assignment. Some blond-haired guy needed to be watched.

He enrolled in school, rented out a flat, and did what he was told.

Then he saw him. The red-haired kid sure as hell didn’t recognized him, but He Tian could not say the same.

He felt guilt and regret, and something else tugging at the strings of his heart. He tried to bury it; He wouldn’t get involved this time, it was not part of his plan.

But the thing about plans is that they don’t always work out, do they?

anonymous asked:

Does Hisoka have feelings (a range of them that is)? Is he like us? Whenever we see him in HxH it's this pleasant disposition that disallows further analysis of his persona... it's got to be intentional, right? No one can be in a stasis of polite "naughtiness" for their entire life. It's just weird because for as interested as I am in his character, it's almost as if I don't know him. Not just his past but his present as well. Is he even present? Been thinking: is his real name even Hisoka?

You had me at “does Hisoka have feelings”.

I think he has a lot of feelings he doesn’t express. When he does he’s rejected so unless he feels like talking, he just doesn’t say what’s on his mind. I do believe Hisoka is naturally the sexual, mysterious type. Remember the scene with the elevator, when he goes to kill that guy who sent people after Illumi? This, to be precise. There’s no one around, no need for him to sensually sway his hips as he walks. Being sexual is in his veins. It’s just the type of guy he is, amoral, wants to have fun, doesn’t care if he’s the good guy or the villain as long as he gets personal satisfaction out of what he’s doing.

I think his name really is Hisoka. I had doubts about that too. But seeing how Togashi named the kid assassin Killua, his manipulator in the shadows brother Illumi(nati), makes sense to call the sneaky, mysterious guy Hisoka (Japanese for how I described him).

Hisoka… to quote Ted, “lives in the moment”. After fun is over, he moves on. I doubt that when he meets with Illumi again he’d say something like “remember when we wanted to kill your sibling? Haha, that was fun.” as chit chat. He chases Chrollo around the world because he’s an unfinished project. After he’s done with Chrollo or Chrollo is done with him, Hisoka will move on. Hisoka leaves the past in the past really fast.

The Fanmeet
Request for anon:can you write me a chem scenario when it’s love at first sight and you’re a fan (not like crazy you like them for their music) and he wants to see you again?:3 thx i love your scenarios keep up the good work❤️Well, I assumed you meant Chen, so that’s how I wrote it. I hope you like it, I didn’t know how to go about this properly really haha, because i havent really written for Chen before! And thankyou :)-Admin Kitty

Sitting at the fan meet should have been fun, but yesterday you had broken your arm and it was not turning out to be as enjoyable as you’d hoped. Your friend, Min, next to you, was having a beautifully non painful time as she bounced up and down in her seat. “Oh my god,______! Aren’t you excited!!!” She squealed, she was already restless in her seat. “Yeah..” You smiled faintly as a pain shot up and down your arm again in the cast. She looked apologetic when she realised your pain, “Oh, ____….is it hurting again?” You nodded, then put on a smile for her, you wanted her to enjoy today, “But atleast you and i get to meet exo.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi!!!! I was wondering could you maybe do a request where the reader is in Hufflepuff, and is dating Fred when they get in an argument and break up but Ginny begs the reader to go to WWW with her claiming Fred wasn't working when it turns out he is, and just really cute and nice in the end?? Thank you love!! Adore your writing soooo much! xx

Here you go, I really hope you like it and thank you for requesting! x Didn’t check at all for spelling/grammar mistakes because I’m busy, hope it’s not too bad haha, have fun reading! x

„And that’s how I got detention“ you said before taking your cup and waiting for Fred to reply. He was sitting next to you in a little café you often went to; dinner had been the main occasion for you two to meet up lately due to the huge amount of work both of you had to fulfill, especially since you finished your last year in school while he was busy with his and his brother’s shop.       You had just told Fred about how you had - to your discontentment - been put to detention for accidentally breaking some equipment in a class room, and while he swallowed a piece of his meal, you eagerly awaited a reaction of his. “It happens, (Y/N)” he mumbled and wiped his mouth with a napkin, “I’ve broken loads of stuff. It’s really not the end of the world, and to be rather positive about it, you’re most likely to spend a good hour with… Filch, perhaps? Would be your supervisor of choice, right?” He chuckled at himself before turning to his food again, whereas you remained silent and watched him. Perhaps it was your anger about detention, but his comment had left you in an even worse mood than before. Fred seemed to be slightly irritated not to hear you reply. “What is it?” he asked. “Nothing, I just… I think that wasn’t a very nice answer” – “Well, depends on what you consider nice, (Y/N)” – “Maybe something rather comforting? I’m used to your jokes, Fred, and I appreciate them, but sometimes I just wish you were a bit more understanding of things” you mumbled, moving your fork over the surface of your plate; somehow, you had lost your appetite. Fred, on the contrary, tried to look at you and frowned. “Comprehensive? Of what? You want me to treat you like a child and be painfully sorry for you receiving detention?” You narrowed your eyes at his comment; you knew he could be easily-offended and thus, you internally prepared for more brash replies. “No, I never claimed to want your deepest sympathy, Fred. Just a little sensitiveness, perhaps. And by the way, just because you’re used to detention doesn’t mean I am as well, and to be honest with you, I am very upset about it. I just thought you’d acknowledge that” – “You’re making it look like I’m an ignorant git” he said, now looking grimly on his plate, “Just because I don’t weep for things that happen to you, (Y/N). I do care about your feelings, I just have a different way to deal with them. But if you’re that unhappy about me not being a “sensitive” crybaby about everything, then you might as well seek someone else to talk to” – “Fred, that’s not what I said!” – “Well, I never said I don’t take your feelings seriously either!” – “But to me, it really seemed like it-“ – “Well, then it must be right. Apparently your perception of things is more important than mine, eh?” – “FRED!” You looked at him in utter indignation; how could he be so rude with you all of a sudden? He really hated being confronted about his manner sometimes, but you had believed honesty was something he could deal with. “Stop talking to me like that!” you said, but he just glared at the wall on the other side of the room. “Fine. I guess we can just give up on talking to each other entirely, then” he mumbled before getting up. You couldn’t believe what he was doing; your cheeks got reddish when he actually turned around. “Fred, what on earth are you doing? You must be joking-“ – “If it’s my manner that’s bothering you, I might as well be understanding of your feelings and leave you alone” – “That’s rubbish, Fred, come back here” you exclaimed while frowning, but he just remained silent before turning around again. Your frown turned into a look rather angry glare, though, when he actually walked away. “Fine, whatever you wish for” you said just loud enough for him to hear, and after he had turned slightly once more, your eyes became reddish.

It had been 2 weeks after your, what it seemed to be, break-up with Fred, and although you tried to swallow it, you felt quite miserable, especially because it had escalated so quickly, and normally, fights weren’t common characteristics of your relationships to people. It bothered you immensely, but at the same time, you were still sad and angry about what he had said to you – or, you thought you were. It was a Saturday morning when Ginny met you in the Great Hall; she really had been a good support to you these past weeks and unlike her brother, she seemed to be rather understanding. “Listen, (Y/N)” she said, slightly fidgeting on the seat next to you, “Mind going to Diagon Alley today? I need to get some stuff” – “Mhm, Ginny, I don’t know. What do you need?” – “Well, I wanted to get a present for Luna’s birthday, and you know she likes weird stuff, so I figured I’d get her a Pygmy Puff” – “That means you’re going to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, then?” you replied rather darkly, for you assumed that she had asked you because of other reasons than merely spending time with you. “Why not Zonko’s?” you added. “I happen to get a discount at their shop, (Y/N). And just for your information, Fred’s not working today. They have schedules, and I asked George because I knew you’d be uncomfortable. What’re you saying, then?” – “Well” you mumbled, blushing slightly, “If that’s what it is… but are you sure? Bear with me, but I just don’t know if I’m-“ – “Yes, absolutely sure. Don’t worry, (Y/N), it’s going to be fine. I think a little stroll stroll through Diagon Alley will be fun” Ginny grinned, and you shrugged with a slight smile on your lips, unsure about if she was right.

Ginny pushed the door open, and immediately, the scent of sweets was greeting you. Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was packed with people, especially children, so both Ginny and you had to worm your way through the crowd until you finally reached the shelf with the Pygmy puffs. Your eyes wandered around the room quite often in search for either Fred or George, but you didn’t spot neither of them – thus, you felt more at ease and helped Ginny picking one of the fluffy, pink-ish creatures, soon rather careless about your environment. Just when you actually started appreciating the fact that you had agreed to accompany Ginny, a voice talking to her made you stand still for a second. “How long have you been here already, sis?” someone bellowed before she turned around; you could swear you had seen a slight grin on her face. “Quite a while, Fred” – He was standing next to his sister wearing his working tux, but he didn’t face her anymore, but his eyes were fixed on you, whereupon you blushed so heavily you wished you could simply disappear. Also, you tried to give Ginny a glare; you felt stupid for having believed and agreed to come with her, and now you found yourself in this utterly awkward situation, still holding a Pygmy puff in your hand. It was squeaking lightly as your eyes were fixed on Fred. “Didn’t know you fancied Pygmy puffs” he said rather darkly before adjusting those laying on the shelf in a quite arrogant manner, whereupon you placed yours on it as well to tease him. “Good guess, but I actually just helped your sister picking one. They’re very sweet, though” – Fred smiled sarcastically before turning to his sibling. “Really nice idea to come here, Gin.” – She looked utterly resolute with her arms crossed, and you could see Fred giving in when she narrowed her eyes. “I guess I’ll ask George for advice, you seem a bit uncooperative today, Fred” While she turned around, she brushed some packets of Ten-Seconds Pimple Vanisher, grinning slightly when she turned around. “Oops, so sorry, brother” – “I’ll take care of it, just go find George” he replied, probably assuming you’d be coming with Ginny, but she was faster. “(Y/N), maybe you can help Fred a bit and I will take care of the Pygmy Puffs” Ginny said, whereupon both you and Fred gave her a glare, but she just slightly grinned and walked away carelessly, ignoring the coughs you were letting out by now. Nevertheless, you kneeled down and started picking up some packets. Fred joined you, probably mainly out of competitiveness, but you actually tried making eye contact with him. To your surprise, he actually seemed to react, and when he started talking to you, a tickle was rushing through your veins. 

“So how was detention?” – “I had to clean some of the staircases by hand. You actually were right about Filch supervising me” – “Well, that’s the result of the many years of experience I have” he said, whereupon you smiled slightly. For a moment, there was silence, but then you got up again, looking at the packets in your hands. “It really wasn’t that bad, to be honest. Just a bit of an ache in my back afterwards” you mumbled. Fred seemed to think about what to say for a moment, but then he got up as well and put the packets onto the shelf. “Good to hear you survived” he grinned, whereas you shook your head, but you couldn’t help but smirk as well. “Can I punch you?” you grinned when he chuckled. “Not in my shop” - “Pity. I’ll do it later, then” Something told you that he wasn’t too serious about his behavior, and to your surprise, you felt rather relaxed talking to him again. You gave him a glance, and what happened next left you in such amazement you slightly gasped: Fred was cupping your face before putting a soft kiss on your lips, but it all happened so quickly you barely understood. “Fred?” – “Merlin’s beard, (Y/N), you know how hard it is to see have you standing next to me again and not do that? Sorry for being such a rude git about it, but I just couldn’t help it” You smirked at what he had said, although still in surprise over his sudden behavior. “It’s okay, Fred, I guess I’ll get over it” you teased, knowing that he was slightly embarrassed for his sudden outbreak, especially because he had been the one to leave you first, and now it seemed as if he deeply regretted his reaction. You could actually see him blushing, and somehow you weren’t that angry anymore, for there was shame visible in his eyes – a moment later, you returned the favor and cupped his face as well before giving him a trustful, considerably longer kiss. His hand was automatically brushing yours on his cheek, and you felt warmth flowing through your body. When you parted, you gave him a playful smile before your eyes met. Slightly startled he looked, with his nose taking up a bright shade of red, but then he also smirked, and it seemed as if most tension had gone. “I’m going to have a word with Ginny” he mumbled, whereupon you nodded. “Me too. I’m sorry, Fred. I probably overreacted; I didn’t want things to turn out like this” – “You think I did? And about overreacting, I guess I’m not bad at that either. These past few weeks haven’t been exactly pleasant, I have to admit. Missed talking to you” – “That’s sweet, Fred. Me too. I guess we’ll have a talk about it later, but you need to go back to work, don’t you?” – “Yes, the tradesman needs to do his work. But what about tonight, usual place? I’ll buy you a drink” – “How generous of you, Fred” you said when he wiggled his eyebrows slightly, and then, you took his hand softly, “I guess that’s a good idea” And after a short period of silence, you once again pressed your lips on his until a voice made both of you part. “That went fast” Ginny grinned at the both of you, “Good thing I had a plan, right?” – “Don’t be so bragging about it, Gin, I’m pretty sure we would’ve done the same even without your little plan” Fred replied, although he smirked proudly at his little sister, whereupon she frowned. “Right, but it would have taken you two babies about a decade, probably. Now promise you will have a good talk” – “We will” you said, squeezing Fred’s hand slightly when his eyes met yours. 

Meet Cypress, the eastern screech owl!

S/he is one of the birds I am able to work and do encounters with - so much fun! Never thought I would be able to hold owls. They are such cool animals! Only downside is having bloody fingers from their food afterwards, lol.

I thought I would be grossed out by touching mice/chick bits to feed these guys, but it’s really not so bad. Just kind of objectify it, and knowing that I’m feeding A FREAKING OWL got over that real quick haha

Troublemaker (TOP Scenario)

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I got quite carried away while writing this (which is why it’s pretty long) and I got surprisingly invested in the story as I worked on it haha. Had a lot of fun with this, so I really hope that you’ll like it, sweetie! Enjoy~

Summary: He’s not exactly a model student and the latest incident he’s caused has led to the school giving him community service hours. He therefore ends up at the Oncology ward at the hospital - where he meets her.

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10祭 Report

“Jussai Report”

It’s 1:30 in the morning here in Tokyo, Japan, but I thought I would write up a concert report while everything is still fresh in my mind.  I’ve never written a concert report before so I don’t know if there’s any format I should follow.  I did make a video report on 8sai when I went two years ago, so I’m just going to do what I did then: report everything I remember including highlights, skits, and songs.  Here it goes:

I went to the 10sai performance on August 9, 2014 at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo.  A typhoon was supposed to hit during the concert (and throughout the weekend), so we were all prepared for the worst.  However, it didn’t rain a single drop throughout the whole three-hour show.  That’s probably what I was most thankful for, honestly. 

The concert started at 5:30 PM.  I was in arena seating right in the middle so we could see the stage but couldn’t really see their faces that well, so we relied on those huge screens on the stage.  The concert starts off with a video of a typical Japanese matsuri (festival).  We see each member doing something you would do at a festival.  Off the top of my head, I remember Okura buying Yakisoba, Hina making takoyaki, Yasu playing those fish games where you try to catch them with the net, Maru buying a mask, Subaru sleeping, etc.  Then, all of them see fireworks and start to walk together towards the screen down the matsuri path.  That’s when the intro to “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” starts playing and they all enter the stage on floats with lanterns in their respective colors.

After “Naniwa,” they go into “Zukkoke Otokomichi” and that’s when they all board floats that go around the stadium.  I couldn’t really see them since I was right in the middle, but again, I relied on the screens.  There was also a water mister that was attached to the float so they would shoot water at the crowds.  They moved to the back of the stadium where they had another stage waiting.  Then, they performed “Musekinin Hero.” They got back on the floats while performing “Monjai Beat” and returned to the stage to perform “King of Otoko.”

After “King of Otoko,” they say their greetings.  I remember Hina saying they were thankful that it wasn’t raining and Yasu said that he wanted to meet us, etc. 

Then, they said how they were thankful for Johnny’s jimusho that they would perform a special Johnny’s medley.  This was so much fun to see especially if you’re familiar with other johnny’s artists and songs.  The songs they performed were: Omatsuri Ninja (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Sushi Kuinee (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), SHE! HER! HER! (Maru, Yasu, Ryo, Okura), Kamen Butoukai (Subaru, Hina, and Yoko), Garasu no Shounen (Maru and Yasu. My relative is a big Kinki Kids’ fan so she really enjoyed this performance haha), Real Face (Hina. It was hilarious when he did Koki’s rap and tried to imitate Kame’s wink),  Seishun Amigo (Ryo and Okura…oh, Torn), Original Smile (everyone), weeeek (everyone), Venus (everyone), Ai Kakumei (Maru. I just know this as the song Takki always performs at the Johnny’s countdown only Maru didn’t fly around the stage.  He did pre-record the spoken part and had a wig on like Takki’s hairstyle lol), Andalucia (everyone), A.RA.SHI (everyone wearing those sheer jumpsuits that Arashi wore during their debut.  It was hilarious.  I think I laughed to the point of crying when watching Hina try to do the sakurap LOL), and Ee jyanai ka (everyone).  They, then, went into “Takoyaki in my heart”, which is such a fun song live since you just jump around screaming Osaka and pretty much the whole opening in general was just so exciting XD Then, they did another “SHE! HER! HER!” at the end of Takoyaki. 

After the medley, while they changed, a clip (trailer?) of Eight Ranger 2 started to play on the screens.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m not sure what it was supposed to be.  However, it was building up to the next event which was obviously the Eight Ranger skit.  They performed the Eight Ranger theme before going into the skit. 

I’ll try my best to describe the skit: Basically, it was about how Black had a confession he wanted to tell everyone but Nasu went to the bathroom while he was talking.  Black told everyone else that he liked someone and that he wanted to use this “cupid’s arrow” to get her to like him back.  He accidentally shot the arrow and, then, it hit Nasu.  Nasu then suddenly falls in love with Black.  The other ask him “what do you like about Black?” and the screen shows a scene with Yoko in drag and another scene showing his “cool side” beating up a bunch of gangsters. 

The next scene, we see Red who notices that the girl who Black likes is being attacked by someone in a bee costume.  Red uses the cupid’s arrow to hurt the attacker.  Then, we find out that the person in the bee costume is Yellow. Yellow is in love with Red now.  Red confronts the group and tells them what happened.  They all ask Yellow, “what do you like about Red?” and the screen shows Red lifting up his arms showing his hairy arm pits and the next screen shows Red cleaning out his ears with two Q-tips and how Yellow says he likes Red’s face when he cleans out his ears.  While all of them are wondering what they should do, Green comes clean and says he accidentally hit Blue with the arrow. 

On the screen, it shows that Green and Blue were going to find a four leaf clover.  Once they found the clover, the arrow was placed right in front of it.  Green threw the arrow behind him not realizing it hit Blue, who is now in love with him.  Then, all of them ask, “what do you like about Green?” The screen shows half-naked Green.  Then, half-naked Green biting onto a bathrobe he starts to put on and Blue says he likes how he uses a bathrobe, not a towel.  Then, we see various pictures of Green (probably just Okura lol) sleeping and Blue says he likes Green’s sleeping face.  Then, the screen shows Blue’s favorite picture of Green which is Green with the vegetable Okra (Okura and Okra picture). Orange, then, complains that he’s the only one that’s not in a couple.  Basically, everyone starts fighting and the members who are in love with other members start defending the members they love and Orange is caught in the middle (and with his free time, he uses it to do impressions). 

Orange remembers that there’s a magical cure (like fairy dust?) and he goes on a journey to find it.  So we see Orange on the screen going to find the cure while everyone else is on stage, circling each other with knives.  Once Orange comes back with the magical cure, he is caught in the middle of the knife fight and everyone accidentally stabs him.  He spreads the magical fairy dust on himself and is cured. Then, they use it on the people who are in love with the other members.  We find that Nasu is repulsed by the fact that they would even ask if he likes Black.  Yellow says he finds Red cool, but as a member of their group, not that he likes him that way.  Then, we find that Blue actually is really in love with Green.  He planted a fake cupid’s arrow near the four-leaf clover just as an excuse to be infatuated with Green.  Blue then hugs Green who immediately pushes him away (this action however got a favorable response from the crowd though lol). Then, they segue into playing “ER 2”.

While Subaru, Hina, and Yoko change, the other four promote their respective projects coming up (Yasu’s play, Okura’s 24 hour drama, Ryo’s new drama, etc.).  Then, they switch, and Subaru, Hina, and Yoko talk.  Subaru promotes that he’s doing well haha. Then, they all go into band mode.  It’s a more relaxed band this time since everyone is still sitting and Ryo and Yasu have acoustic guitars.  They all play the song that Ryo wrote for Maru from their Hohoemi Date batsu game.  Then, they all play the song Yasu wrote for a batsu game last year and everyone wrote one line (I’m not sure, since I didn’t get to see that yet).  After that song, they play “Omoidama.”

Then, they go into the “Hachi Fes” corner, imitating “Arafes.” The characters on the screen look just like the Arafes characters when they did the rankings.  The animation was adorable:) First, they did album song rankings.  The top 8 were: 8. “tte!!!” 7. Rolling Coaster 6. Ichibyou Kiss 5. Doribura 4. Eden 3. Juu nen ato no kyou no hi mo 2. All is well 1. Buryure (ブリュレ) (which they performed live). 

Then, they went into single rankings: 8. Tsubasa ni Koi, 7. Ai Deshita, 6. ER, 5. It’s My Soul, 4. Mugendai, 3. LIFE, 2. Yellow Pansy Street (which they performed), and 1. Osaka Romanesque. 

Next was coupling song rankings: 8. Eightopop!!!, 7. Aoi Shashin, 6. Bansou, 5.Fuseiyou Ribit (浮世踊リビト), 4. I to U (Yoko says he likes this song), 3. BJ, 2. Cool Magic City, 1. Heavenly Psycho (which they perform).

Then, the next part was also one of my favorite parts of the show: the Solo/Unit Shuffle! They dressed up in the same costumes and learned the dances of their fellow members.  Ryo and Subaru sang “Kicyu” (Ryo as the Yoko part and Subaru as the Yasu part), Yoko and Hina sang “Torn” (Yoko as the Ryo part and Hina as the Okura part),  Maru sang “Watashi Kagami,” and Yasu and Okura sang “Pan Panda” (which was so adorable and I was hoping that was one of the unit songs and sure enough it was!!).  Then, Hina came on stage as Babun Man and sang the theme song.  Then, everyone came out wearing the Babun Man costume and it was hilarious.  Usually the crowd yells “Shingo!” during the Babun Man segment, but since everyone was dressed as Babun Man, the crowd yelled “Eito!” instead. 

Then, they had another costume change into yukatas, this time, fitting with the matsuri theme.  They sang “Junjyou Koi Hanabi” and towards the end of the song, fireworks started to go off, which was beautiful.  It really felt like a festival at that point.  They even had the audience do the wave.

After the song, everyone said their thank you’s.  Yoko got really emotional and started to cry.  He couldn’t say anything at first because he was crying so much.  I really liked Okura’s speech when he thanked each member, saying that he wouldn’t be who he is today without their help (he wouldn’t be able to talk on variety shows without Hina and Yoko or he couldn’t sing without the help of Subaru, etc.).  They are all thankful of the staff that’s been with them since the beginning and, of course, all of the Eighters who supported them for ten years. They ended with “Osaka Romanesque.”

They had one encore where they got back on the floats and performed “It’s My Soul” and “Aoppana.”  Then, they returned to the stage, introduced the band and the back-up dancers, and, then, end their concert with what they do every time: hold each others’ hands (while the audience does the same) and bow. 

Overall, it was a great experience.  I’ve been to 8sai and 8EST at Tokyo Dome, but out of the three, this probably has been my favorite.  From the beginning where we were all excited and full of energy to the end where we were emotional, it was a beautiful event that I was thankful to be a part of.  Thank you, Kanjani8 for a wonderful concert.  Forever Eighter❤

If you got to the end, thank you for reading!!(^o^)/

EDIT: There was a camera flying over the arena seating throughout the whole concert so I’m pretty positive they were filming footage for a DVD:)