but he was good to his mother


Here’s Hiiragis parents!

Sho never mastered his quirk correctly so all he can do is make little flames with is index fingers; you’ll never need to worry about forgetting your lighter with him around //sHOT. He’s a bit awkward but he’s very smart and a really good daddy cook!

Tina in the other hand is very outgoing and loud, much like her son (she used to be the class delinquent back in the days so she can be rather brute and rowdy)- She’s a hair stylist! Her quirk gives her the ability to turn into any type of hound dog, her fav being Pharaoh hound :)

Some family life?

You could say the house is a very boisterous place with Hiiragi and his mother yapping at each other on a daily, and/or getting into some sort of argument. Nonetheless they make up fairly quick once they realize it was over silly things. Sho doesn’t usually step in if he’s around because he knows things will be fine. (he’d probably be making some sweets for them after they’re done with their bickering.)

Any pets?

Nope, no pets sadly.

How good is he with making his own food?

Hiiragi is actually fairly good with cooking! Sho teaches him everything he needs to know <:3c

Heathers JD's Hamster Headcanons

-JD isn’t exactly good with people, he hates social interactions of any kind and only talks when he has to

-when he was little his mom saw how lonely he was and decided to get him a pet that he could take with him everywhere, finally deciding on a hamster

-JD loved the hamster he named Bubbles and with the money he saved up ended up buying Bubbles a hamster ball

-his dad didn’t like the small rodent and soon after his mother’s death Bubbles mysteriously “disappeared”

-he suspected his dad had something to do with it but didn’t want to confront him

-Sophmore year there’s a pet store closing down and giving away their remaining animals, this includes a smaller hamster in a little plastic ball that looks like his old pet

-he hides it from his dad, which proves to be very hard when they’re moving

-the new hamster he names Salinger and he shows Veronica who doesn’t get what’s so adorable about the hamster

-after JD blows up Veronica sneaks into his house and takes Salinger with her so the poor creature doesn’t starve

-she renames him Fitzgerald

I went out to dinner with my family tonight and ran into an old friend from high school who is going away to boot camp in a few weeks. I talk to him lightly through text from time to time, but when I hugged him goodbye on leaving the restaurant (he works there) my mother after told me that when he hugged me he closed his eyes and and she could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t want to go, and mentioned that “you can tell that he loves you very much”.

It made me think, we will never see the faces of those we hug or hold in that moment. A hug between friends and those we love is a simple yet beautiful exchange, and we can always do it but can never be aware of the heart’s expression on the face in that small time. What if the expression on the face could tell us more of that affection underneath than the strength of the hold or the pull of the arms can? Maybe the people we miss love us more than we know, and we often simply can’t see it.

Flirting doesn't work on Abriel
  • Coworker A: Heeeey Abriel-san~
  • Abriel: *taking orders*Hm?
  • Coworker A: *wraps their arms around his shoulders*How would you feel if our bodies were switched~?
  • Abriel: *blinks slowly*What?
  • Coworker A: Like I'm inside of you~*smirks cutely*
  • Abriel: I would of said "I’ve dreamed about you saying that, but in my head it was a lot sexier".*small smirk*
  • Coworker A: *blushes*Ah...!!
  • Abriel: *smirk leaves and returns to his blank face*However I despise every fibre of your being. You have no redeemable qualities whatsoever.*walks off to the counter to hand in orders to the chef*
  • Coworker A: You fucking ×ಠAಠ
  • Abriel: Oh by the fucking way, can you do your job as a waitress instead of flirting? Maybe then you'll be tolerable instead of an eyesore.*walks off to the next table*
If Boruto was the one cooking

Hinata wankers: Oh he’s so sweet helping his mother, she’s probably busy so she can’t cook.

Pro sakuraharuno: but she’s a housewife, she’s just not doing her responsibilities.

 Hinata Wankers: Shut up! What she’s doing is good, unlike Sakura who cooks for her daughter and doesn’t teach her responsibility.

The Reiner Situation

I really hope in the end Reiner gets a good ending, I know he is the reason so many people died but you can see it in his actions and his eyes in the latest chapters that he is messed up in the head.

I mean look at it this way;
☆he never got to know his father because hes Marleyan and Reiner is a half Marley/ Eldian
☆he lived in a ghetto, punished for being an Eldian
☆his mother was brainwashed with lies
☆all he wanted was to reunite his mum and dad
☆mainly because of his mum. ☆trained as a kid soldier, and struggled
☆teased and bullied for being weak
☆gets this huge responsibility at the age of 12
☆this means he only has 13 years to live aka till hes 25
☆again. Bullied for getting the armoured titan ☆sent off to a island with the others to destroy the ‘devils’
☆hes completely brainwashed to believe what hes doing is right
☆watches one of his friends get eaten, after marcel saves his life.
☆then after destroying the inner wall, has to live within the walls.

☆While within the walls, he meets the rest of 104th, who show him kindness and respect. He becomes their big brother and falls in love with historia who again shows him a kindness which he has probably never had.

☆Realising they are in fact good people, and hes one of the reasons they are in this mess right now. Why some of them lost family and friends

☆then he is conflicted between his soldier persona and the warrior. His inner conflicts must be tormenting him. WE KNOW he cares for the 104th or why would he ever save them or help them at all
(Examples: helping Eren train, saving Conny, saving Historia from falling etc)

☆yet with the situation with Marco, he is a warrior while taking away his 3DMG but once they moved away he is wondering WHY Marco is being eaten, he had snapped back to soldier persona that quickly..

☆then shit just goes down, i feel like if beast titan (aka zeke) hadnt shown up, they wouldnt of revealed themselves at all, it was probably the pressure of knowing he was also there now.

☆finds out ymir ate his friend, so now has to take her back to Marley too, while fighting to get Eren to come along. But in this moment all of his friends turn their back on him, wanting him dead. He is unwanted once again. ☆then he doesnt even leave the island without being pressured by Zeke, having to fight him to decide what to do about annie.

☆he goes back, not knowing what happened to his friends annie and berthodlt (they havent mentioned his death yet from Reiners POV)

☆is straight away back into being used as a puppet of war for the Marleyans

☆sees the ‘next generation’ of titan shifters. One including his little cousin Gabi who is determined to be the next armoured titan, she doesn’t realise the reality that if she was to get it, reiner would be completely gone (she believes they will always be together)

And he cant even tell her the truth

☆goes into the ghetto again, living behind more walls

☆he comes home to what he left. Nothing has changed apart from the fact his mother is still brainwashed if not more, so proud of her family having 2 warriors, yet she has not become any better off since Reiner left all that time ago.

☆again he cannot tell the truth, he has trouble talking about his time there.

☆then is flung straight back in to war discussions about going to destroy the ‘devils
(All while knowing they are his friends, or were his friends who all now want him dead)

☆he doesnt know what has happened to the 104th, he doesnt know if anyone has died lately etc

So overall from here Reiner is extremely messed up, hes been trapped behind walls all of his life, expected to be a strong warrior, yet is shown so much kindness and respect by the 104th and people around him so now he is again stuck in

He is always trapped behind walls for the whole of his life, he goes from the ghetto to paradis. He was always seen as being unimportant, he was rejected by his dad before he left on the mission (his dad did come to see him off) although their meeting hadnt been a good one. All 12 year old Reiner wanted was to come home a hero and a good son.

You could only just imagine what is going through Reiners mind right now. He found his own family within the 104th not with the Marleyans. He was treated so much better with the 104th. Treated like crap by the Marleyans yet now has to kill the 104th because THEY are the devils… when really Reiner knows they are not.

His mother is so proud of her family yet what benefits did she get when Reiner became a warrior? NONE. Yet she is still yapping on about how they are all devils on the island. Then she has to REMIND Reiner that they are the devils and they are good. She is also determined to see Gabi become the next armoured titan… That would mean the death of her son. Does she even care though or is it for personal gain. We do not know a lot about Karina aka Reiners mother but it seems she was the one to push him into the life he is having now.

Now imagine your own mother doing that. So obsessive over the warrior program and being ‘good Eldians’ that she basically sent her son to his death. Her only son, the only person who could ‘reunite’ her with Reiners dad.. Did she do it because she loved him or out of her own selfishness?

Reiner too had it so hard, he was not strong at the beginning and struggled in the warrior program. He had to try so god dam hard to even get near the top because he wanted to make his mother proud. Again his mother.

(This also explains the reason why he helped armin in training too, because Marcel helped Reiner) Not to mention THEY ARE CHILDREN.

Finally now think about being 12, told to go destroy these so called devils. Ending up watching his friend get eaten by a titan after being pushed out the way (now the guilt of Marcels death is strong due to Porco being salty) being told her should of died not marcel. That he shouldn’t of been the armoured titan in the first place. Reiner couldnt even go home instead up to the age of 21 (9 years) he couldnt go home and see his family. Instead had to live a lie and under his soldier persona. Lying to people who showed him kindness and helped him.

Reiner just wanted to be a hero and a good son. But his life has been nothing but traumatising for him.

I guess as the chapters continue too we will see more of how messed up his life is knowing he only has -4 years to live now before he too is killed off by another child soldier who will also go through more trauma.

These are my own thoughts on the situation with Reiner. What do you think?

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bakugou-hateblog  asked:

yo so uh this is probably pretty OOC and whatnot but i came up with this headcanon a while ago that bakugou plays the piano?? he picked it up against his will when he was younger bc his elementary school quirk counselor thought it would help him practice control and calm down. (the latter obviously didn't work out lmao) he didn't really like it at first, but i think that as he progressed, it became another thing for him to perfect and be the best at.

!!!!! this is a really good hc actually! i like it a lot

  • the first few times they made him try to play piano he exploded the keys out of spite
    • after a lot of time outs and scoldings from his mother, he eventually (albeit grumpily) agreed to properly learn 
    • he already had a surprising amount of quirk control as a child, but piano just helped him more 
      • they only made him try for extra control bc of how volatile his quirk is lmao
    • they find out that he has perfect pitch
      • it helps with his lessons!
    • he stops lessons around middle school but continues to play
      • he likes the sound & it’s good stress relief
      • he still wants to be best at being a hero; being really good at piano is like… secondary but still important to him
  • the first time his classmates learn he can play piano is chaotic
    • everyone’s just surprised at the gap between his personality and the vibe that piano-playing gives them
    • kaminari feels betrayed bc yet again his friends have demonstrated attractive qualities. damn it
    • deku’s just surprised that bakugou still remembered how to play bc he hadn’t heard bakugou’s music since around elementary school
  • developed a habit of tapping tables with his fingers like he’s touching piano keys
    • mostly done when he’s impatient or bored

I’m at the vet with Bacch, Creme, and Fluff. a young girl around 8 was like super interested in my rats and her mother let her come over and say hi to them and I let her pet Creme and she loved the rats!!

Except then she looks at my big boy Bacch and was like “oh my god what’s that giant lump under his tail! that doesn’t look good, is that what he’s at the vet for??!” and I was faced with this horrible realization that she was talking about my rats giant testicles.

I panicked because I’m not qualified to tell a strangers 8 year old about testicles and was like “yeah that’s what he’s here for but he’ll be okay” and she was like “yeah I see them on dogs a lot and they seem okay too” and the vet saved me by calling me in but like….yikes

I just watched Psycho for the first time (I know, film major who’s never seen psycho, alert the press). Unfortunately the ending had been spoiled for me years ago but WHATEVER I still really enjoyed it–the score, the cinematography, the acting was all superb.

what I was not expecting coming in was to end up feeling an intense heartache for Norman. You can clearly see at his core he is a shy, sweet man who was traumatized as a boy and had an abusive mother and developed a dissociative disorder because of this. You can see how much Norman is suffering. Anthony Perkins’ performance is so truthful and nuanced, he really makes you feel for Norman and how trapped he is by Mother.

I know the writer’s intention was probably “mental illness! ooh spooky!” and “oedipal complex lmao” but I guess what I’m trying to say is Norman’s story is truly heartbreaking and I really felt for him.

so my little brother is gay as fuck and i always knew he was, one of the kindest people ive ever had the privilege of knowing and it fucking hurts me to see the shit he’s gone through and to think of all the shit he might possibly go through, but what hurts the most is how the aunt he was so close to go to him and call him a faggot and talk all this shit to him, ive never seen him cry with so much pain, how could you do him like that, all he ever did to you was trust you like a friend and love you like a mother, tell me how good it made you feel to go up to a 16 year old’s ear and whisper ”you fucking faggot” its been 4 months since you broke his heart and he still cries when you try and come through with your bullshit apologies, he lost an aunt that day but you lost the only family thats ever had your back, youre lucky youre a female, i wouldve kicked your teeth in 4 months ago

Oh yeah so for anyone new to my blog and unfamiliar with my Jon design:

Jon is creepy, really creepy in appearance.  And by this I don’t mean he looks weird, ok yeah he kinda does, but not like he’s ugly weird because personally I don’t think “looking deformed” means you’re scary looking, I mean he doesn’t look like he SHOULD exist.  He looks…too good.

Let me explain.

Jon facial features and proportions resemble a doll, specifically a ball-jointed doll, because I personally find them the creepiest.  A lot of his other features are a mix of Native and European features.  His skin is a light copper color and his hair is black, though it acts very much like his mother’s hair, wild and untamable.  His eyes are blue and he has freckles.  No one is really quite sure where his other features come form.

Jon’s features are inherently unsettling when neutral, they’re essentially uncanny, particularly his facial features.  This is not made any better when he makes any facial expressions because it doesn’t look like he should be able to make any facial expressions, and as a result his expressions look more exaggerated than they are and therefore, unsettling at best and utterly horrifying at worst.

Couple this with hypermobility and Jon can literally look like a contorted unnatural thing straight out of a horror movie.


The Woods twins were next to arrive to the dorms. Once they were by the front doors they both took a minute to soak everything in. High School. A part of their lives they just wanted to get over.

“No point on just standing around, let’s go check out our dorm! Good thing we’re dorm buddies, it’d be weird having to sleep in the same room with another dude..”

After several wrong turns, they were finally in their dorm room. They weren’t quite excited when they got there, but it was good enough. Cruz, the more social twin, was first to notice some things that weren’t there.

“Mom said there were TVs in each room. This is very upsetting.”

Alez was more aware of the real life. He knew his mother filled Cruz’s mind up with sweets and candy about this place.

“Cruz… Mom would have said anything in order for us to get the hell out of her house.”

He was right. Their mother was never truly fond of her children. The two boys kept looking around their dorm room and started unpacking their luggage.


Our party is going through our first campaign and just made it into the second dungeon of the lost mine of Phandelver, when they enter the room housing a few skeletons. Our half-elf fighter recognizes the place is of elvish nature, so our half-elf Sorcerer makes his own perception check.

Sorcerer: (rolls a nat.3) Uuuh-

DM (me): You look the skeletons over, see the runes and slowly start to believe you finally have found your mother.

Sorcerer: Mommy..?

Barbarian: Does that mean we can’t raid the place anymore?

(after a few more minutes he moves forward, starting the fight. The first skeleton gets shattered, the second hit by an acid bubble, leaving it prone and half dead)

Sorcerer: I roll to persuade the remaining skeleton of our good nature (rolls a nat.20) I, Alim, come to bring an offering to the eldest-

DM: As soon as you tell it your name, the skeleton seems to gasp and pulls it’s hands in front of his mouth, before it lets go of it’s weapons and runs towards you. It proceeds to hug you tightly. It deeply believes you to be her son.

  • WHAT SHE MEANS: star confessed her feelings to marco, after living with the fact he had a crush on someone else and purposefully playing matchmaker because she just wanted her best friend to be happy and put her feelings aside. while she goes back to Mewni, knowing she probably may be injured, or even die because Toffee is hunting down her and her mom. while Marco mourns for at least a week and a half that his best friend and love of his life left him, while listening to music that repeatedly says, "Don't leave me my love, etc." decides to respect her wishes until he realizes star may be in danger, brings her favorite cereal for her, starts an alliance with a dude who humiliated him and star, sneaks into Ludo's castle, beats up some baddies to free her. Just to get to hold star in his arms after not seeing her for two weeks, the longest theyve ever spent apart since she moved in, gets called cute, just to have star sacrifice herself aGAIN FOR THE GOOD OF HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY. SWIMS IN TOFFEE GOO, DIES, GETS SENT TO PURGATORY WITH GLOSSARYK. TOFFEE, TELLS MARCO AND MOON AND BUFF FROG ,THAT HE WAS UNABLE TO SAVE HER AND THAT SHE IS GONE FOREVER. MARCO PUNCHES A WHOLE THRU TOFFEES LITERAL SKIN, SKELETON, EVERYTHING WHERE HIS HEART IS SUPPOSED TO BE. While simultaneously supporting Star's grieving mother, who Toffee has now murdered both her mother and daughter, by helping her collect the remains of star's wand after EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NO HOPE TO HOLD ON TO. I'M FINE.

Top 20 McCall Pack Dynamics: (as voted by my followers)
   ⇾ #11. Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles Stilinski

“I remember when Stiles first got his Jeep. It belonged to his mother. She wanted him to have it. The first time when he took a spin behind the wheel, he went straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble. But he always had a good heart. Always.”

Hearing Voices

“Is there something hidden in his room? Why would he seem so scared of something there?”

@mari-esponja (can’t tag you) in reply to this image: 

Sangwoo is actually not only scared/freaking out/going crazy over thinking Yoon Bum is dead/dying but he is also vividly hallucinating about his mother due to PTSD. 

He actually does mention before that that he sometimes “hears her”, in Chapter 5. 

But there is more. 

We never saw this happen to Sangwoo before even though he mentions that it did happen before but…

The moment Sangwoo thinks Bum might have died, so left him, Sangwoo started hallucinating about his mother. His brain was left so understimulated that it had to conjure something artificial to keep him sane. 

The moment his brain realised that he was alone again, it filled the surrounding itself with the presence of his mother because it couldn’t bear to have no one around. It makes me think one of the reasons why Sangwoo is keeping Yoon Bum is because he realised that Yoon Bum is almost therapeutic for him. When Yoon Bum is around, Sangwoo isn’t scared anymore, he doesn’t hear voices, he doesn’t feel out of control, he feels as close to normal as he can. 

I wonder what kind of life Sangwoo had before Yoon Bum, maybe having to kill people just so he could get a good night’s sleep, so he could stop hearing his mother banging on the door all night, calling for him. Then one day noticing someone entered his house, telling him he likes him, and then realising that even though he didn’t kill him, the voices just stopped because he didn’t feel alone anymore. His brain substituted for the lack of his mother’s presence with Bum’s presence, so it didn’t have to artificially bring her there every day anymore. And finally, Sangwoo could stop being so afraid all the time.   

Guys, Sangwoo is so lonely. 

everyone and their mother knows about that injustice scene where superman casually walks through the glass/wall separating him from an incarcerated bruce wayne, but my favorite part during that ordeal is how clark goes “with good behavior you could be out soon” and bruce just replies “i’m not exactly behaving well in here, clark. i’m beating up A LOT of people” with a smile on his face, because it’s exactly what would happen if he’d realistically go to prison in canon and had no incentive to break out

all the bad guys he’s helped get caught ready to jump him because there’s too much bad blood between them, and bruce putting down his book, standing up, dusting with orange overalls and nonchalantly going, “i’m glad we’ve all gathered here today, under this fine weather” before people start crying and flying across the prison yard, a random cat yelping in the background while things crash audibly


tiny children

anonymous asked:

I know you probably have a lot of requests with the gods and monsters - but would you ever do an Ares based one?

Zeus’s mistress Io remains in her form of a cow, guarded by Hera’s servant Argus, and Hera is content.

She will remain in that form until her death. Hera hopes that lying with her husband was worth the sacrifice.

Zeus won’t speak to her, unwilling to admit the cow is actually his lover and ensure her death, and equally unwilling to stand against his wife to try and rescue her. Hera has him just where she wants him, and it can’t last, it never does, but she intends to enjoy it while it does.  

Then Artemis comes to her, gold and fierce. She never flinches away from her queen, staring her in the face as if she is nothing more than another of her huntresses. If Hera did not hate her for being her husband’s daughter, she thinks she might actually like the girl. “Io has a destiny,” she says, “you must let her go.”

“I don’t care for her destiny,” Hera says idly, “especially when that destiny involves getting with my husband’s child.”

“She is to give birth to a new line of kings,” Artemis hisses, “to be the wife of a death god, to be mother goddess of a whole new people. She is not meant for us. You must let her go.”

“I am Hera,” she says, “I am Queen. I must do nothing.”

Artemis growls, hand twitching for her bow, but Hera only raises an eyebrow. Let the girl try. There are few that can stand against her, and the huntress is not among them. Artemis lets out a low breath and says, “Do it, my queen, and I will grant you what it is you most desire.”

“Some peace and quiet?” Hera asks.

“A child,” she answers. “Let Io go, let her fulfill her destiny as a goddess of the Black Land of the Nile. If you do that, I, the patron goddess of childbirth, will personally use every ounce of power I possess to ensure you conceive and deliver a child of Zeus.”

Hera’s eyes narrow, “Neither my power nor his has ever been able to achieve this. What makes you think you are any different?”

“We all have our domains,” she says, “just as you cannot command the sea, just as your husband has no power over the art of weaving, so can I ensure a healthy child when you could not.”

She taps her fingers against her throne. They call her a mother goddess, though she’s raised no children. Hephaestus may be her precious son, but he doesn’t know that it was not her that threw him from Olympus. Very few people know that. And she didn’t raise him regardless, that honor belongs to Hecate.

A child, of her and Zeus. A child she can raise.

“I accept,” she announces. “You may take her, and Zeus may fulfill her destiny.” She leans forward, brings the oppressive weight of her power to the fore and lowers the pressure of the air until Artemis is left shivering. “Know this, Patron Goddess of Childbirth. If Io births a son of Zeus before I do, I will travel to the Black Land of the Nile and slay her and her children with my own two hands. Not even Hades will be able to put her back together again.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Artemis says, unable to keep her teeth from chattering.


Hera is true to her word. She allows Hermes to think he’s tricked Argus and to steal Io away. She pretends to be outraged at the audacity, at the pure white cow traveling to the sands of the Nile.

Artemis is true to her word. Hera lies with Zeus, like she has so many times before, and a child grows inside of her. One day she stands before her husband and brings his hand to the swell of her stomach, “This is your child.”

Something almost like happiness steals across his face. She forgets, sometimes, that they hate each other only as much as they love each other. After so much time together, many would think it would be one or the other. They simply opted for both.

Artemis is there during the birth, her easy confidence more comforting then Hera will ever admit. Delivering Hephaestus was easy compared to this. She screams and cries and Hestia’s hands on her shoulders are all that keeps her from collapsing and begging someone to just cut the child from her. She doesn’t think she can die in childbirth, not with Artemis between her legs. She wishes she’d thought to ask before this began.

But she does not die. Her son is born, just as healthy and beautiful as Hephaestus was. “Well done,” Artemis says softly, placing the squirming child into her arms.

Zeus touches her hair and kisses his son’s forehead. “We shall call him Ares.”

“Very well,” she agrees, so tired her eyes struggle to stay open.

She hands her son to Hestia, and finally allows sleep to take her.


Ares grows into the spitting image of his father. Same copper-red skin, same silky black hair. Her husband keeps it short, but her son lets his grow long. The minutes Hera spends every morning brushing his hair are among her favorite.

He has an eager smile and a soft heart. Hera doesn’t know where he got it, since it’s certainly not from her or Zeus. Demeter tolerates his bumbling after her, though any time Kore attempts to meet her cousin Demeter’s temper frays. Poseidon allows Ares to explore the depths of the sea with a minor sea god acting as his guide. Apollo plays for him, and Artemis teaches him to hunt. Zeus’s lightning doesn’t burn his son, and when storms rage he takes Ares to the top of Olympus and teaches him to throw lightning bolts.

Hera selfishly does not allow Ares to go to the underworld. She knows he would be safe there, that Hades would protect him as he protected Hephaestus, but that’s precisely why she won’t allow it. They got to raise one of her sons already. It pains her to share Ares with them now.

He is happy, and kind, kinder than anyone would expect a child of her womb to be.

“He must choose a domain,” Zeus rumbles, watching Ares shoot arrows with perfect accuracy.

“He is a child still,” Hera says, “let him remain so for a little longer.”

“If he does not choose a domain,” Zeus warns, “one will choose him. We are gods. We must be gods of something.”

She flickers her gaze at him, and he scoots an inch away from her. “He is a child, and for now a child he will remain. We are not Demeter. We shall not thrust the responsibilities and power of a deity on a child who is not prepared for it.”

Zeus disapproves, but says nothing more.

Her son will be the god of something patient, something soft. The god of lost children, of heartbroken suitors, of forgiveness. Something where his gentle heart will aid him instead of hurt him.

She traded her happiness for power. She doesn’t regret it. But Ares doesn’t need to do the same – she’s the most powerful goddess that still walks the earth. He’s her son, and he’ll want for nothing she can provide.


Ares is almost fully grown, long hair reaching his hips even braided, and the strength of his limbs is such that he can keep up with Artemis on her most vigorous of hunts, that he can throw his father’s lightning bolts halfway across the world.

He’s been to every place, and met every god of the earth, sea, and sky.

Except for one.

 It’s not hard to find the volcano. He’s strong enough and old enough to take care of himself, and his mother does not worry when he says he’s going to the earth. But he did not tell her where, precisely, on the earth he was going.

He has strong legs.  It’s easy for him to climb to the top of the volcano. He’s almost made it there when something grabs his shoulders, stilling him. He turns, and stares into a single large eye. “What are you doing?” the cyclopes growls.

“I’m looking for Hephaestus,” he says, “He’s my brother.”

“My master has many brothers,” the cyclopes says.

Ares shakes his head. He is not the product of his father’s fling with a sprite or mortal. “I am Ares, son of Zeus and Hera. Just as Hephaestus is. I came here to meet my brother.” The cyclopes hesitates. He asks, “What’s your name?”

“Brontes,” he answers, surprised.

“Brontes,” he smiles, “I just want to meet him. I’ve never met him before. I won’t linger.”

There’s a moment where Brontes looks conflicted, and Ares tries to look as unassuming as possible. “Fine,” he huffs, “but don’t get angry at me if he dips you in lava.”

“That would be fun,” he says brightly. Lightning doesn’t burn him. So far the only thing hot enough to cause him pain is Hestia’s fire. He probably could go swimming in lava.

Brontes looks at him as if he’s slightly unhinged. He just keeps smiling.


There are more cyclopes underneath, and bright glittering machines that Ares can’t even begin to wrap his mind around. “Who are you?” someone demands, and a hand grabs his wrist and yanks him away from a boiling vat of lava that he’d been peering into.

He looks up at a man taller and broader than he is. He has skin almost as dark as the obsidian of his volcano, but lighter eyes. They are the color of dark amber, of molasses. “We have the same eyes,” he says happily.

Hephaestus releases him instantly. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Why not?” he asks, “The mortals talk of you. No one else will. But you’re my brother, right?”

“You shouldn’t be here,” he repeats, “Does Zeus know where you are?”

He shrugs, taking a step closer. His brother takes a step back. He wonders if he’ll have to treat Hephaestus like a spooked horse.  “Father doesn’t keep track of where I am. Mom know I’m on earth.” Hephaestus flinches, small enough that he almost doesn’t notice. “We have her eyes, you know.”

He can’t stop starring at Hephaestus’s skin. They do not work like mortals – Demeter, Hestia, Zeus, and Hera are all different shades despite coming from the same parents. But – Ares looks so much like his father. Kore looks like Demeter. Yet Hephaestus looks nothing like their father. He can see their mother in him, in the eyes and shape of his jaw, even in how angry he is right now. He looks like Hera does when she’s about to lose her temper, lips pressed into a thin line and the careful stillness of his shoulders.

“I wasn’t trying to make you angry,” he says plaintively, “I only wanted to say hello.”

Unlike their mother, Hephaestus lets out a deep breath and seemingly all of his anger along with it. “I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Why? You don’t even know me.”

Hephaestus kicks him lightly in the shin, the pretty gold and copper of his metal legs catching his eye. “You have legs, and I do not. Hera did not throw you from Mount Olympus as she threw me.”

Ares looks hard at his brother’s face. The stories say his mother threw her son away for being ugly, but he seems just as handsome as any other god Ares has seen. His features are strong and chiseled, and he supposes that could have looked unattractive on a baby, but –

– his mother loves him. Hera loves him with a ferocity only matched by her temper, she loves him at his most mischievous and irritable, loves him when a stray thunderbolt sets Demeter’s hair on end, loves him when even Artemis and Apollo have grown tired of his antics, loves him when Athena can tolerate no more of his questions. He is her son, and so her love comes without conditions.

He doesn’t think Hera would have loved his brother any less just because of how he looked.

He also knows that if he tries to say that, it’s likely Hephaestus will push him into a lava pit.

“Well, that’s not my fault,” he says, “If you don’t want us to be brothers, can’t we at least be friends?”

Hephaestus’s face softens. He looks like their mother then too.  He crosses his arms, “You can’t tell your parents.”

Our parents, he thinks but doesn’t say. “Obviously. Where did you get so many cyclopes?”

The last remnants of his brother’s stern façade shatters as he throws back his head and laughs.


Ares is very near maturity, more adult than child, and his father constantly pressures him to choose a domain. He usually quiets with one sharp glance from his wife, but the fact remains that it is time for Ares to take his place among the gods of the pantheon, to have temples in his name and worshipers like a proper deity.

He doesn’t really want any of that.  He wants to continue hunting with Artemis, learning with Athena, building with Hephaestus.

His brother lets him help out in his workshop sometimes, if he’s very careful and does exactly as he’s told. Otherwise he sits on a table, legs swinging, and watches his brother work and tells him about what he does in the time in-between visits. He talks about their mother enough that Hephaestus doesn’t flinch at her every mention, which Ares can only consider an improvement. Sometimes Brontes will stand beside him and they’ll eat sweet buns together.

Unfortunately, all things, good and bad, must come to an end.


There are two giants, Otus and Ephialtes, who grow tired of hearing of the golden boy of Olympus, who grow jealous of his kindness and his beauty.

These two giants sneak onto Mount Olympus in the middle of the night, sneak into Ares’s room, and kidnap him. They’re not stupid enough to attempt to kill him. Instead, they stuff him into an urn, and seal him inside. Ares rages and fights, uses every trick he can think of to break out his prison, but none of them work.

Stuck at the bottom of the urn and seething, he can’t help but think that if he’d listened to his father and chosen a dominion he might be strong enough to free himself. But he didn’t, so he can’t, and instead he waits.

And waits.

And waits.

Days turn to weeks turn to months. He knows they’re looking for him. He knows his mother will tear apart the whole universe attempting to find him if nothing else. But – what if they can’t? What if he’s stuck in this urn for the rest of eternity?

In his darkest moments, his sorrow turns to rage. He is a god, son of Hera and Zeus, how dare they do this to him?

Then, one day, the urn opens.

Hermes peers down into it, then his face splits into a grin. “We’ve been looking for you!” He reaches down and hauls Ares out, and for a moment all he can do is blink at the glaring sun. Then his vision clears, and he sees they’re in the midst of a battle. The giants are fighting against the gods, against his parents, against the twins, against his brother. It’s bloody carnage, but – he can’t help but feel touched that all these people came looking for him. “Almost everyone offered to help find you,” he says, “but Hera didn’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves trying to sneak into their territory.”

No sooner has Hermes finished speaking than a giant barrels into his mother with sickening snap. Her shoulder slopes at a grotesque angle, but it hardly even slows her down.

“I have to help,” he says, a desperate urgency filling him. They came to help him, and now they’re getting hurt. That’s never something he’d wanted.

“Ares, wait!” Hermes calls out as he goes hurtling toward the battle. He doesn’t wait. Fighting on the ground can only do so much good, they’re strong but they’re outnumbered one hundred to one. He darts to Artemis, twisting around the bodies she’s throwing over her shoulder. “I need your bow!”

“Ares!” she says joyously, then, “What?”

“Trust me,” he says, “give me your bow.” A giant comes running towards them. Artemis flips him over her shoulder while continuing to stare at him in confusion. He’d be impressed if he wasn’t so worried. “Artemis, please!”

She hands over her bow. She moves to give him her quiver of arrows as well, but he’s already moving away from her. Next it’s to his father, who’s hurtling lightning bolts towards the swarm of giants crowding him. They’re deadly, but only so effective at close-range. He grabs a sizzling lightning bolt right from Zeus’s hand, the only being on the planet who could do that and survive, and keeps running. “Get clear!” he calls out over his shoulder. “Everyone move!”

He runs up past Hermes, needing to get to high ground for this to work. “Get everyone off the battlefield,” he says to Hermes. “Now.”

Hermes pulls a face, but by the time he makes it to the top of the mountain, the gods have shaken off most of the giants, are far enough away that he doesn’t have to worry.

He can do this. He’s Ares, the son of Hera and Zeus. He’s been trained in archery by the great huntress herself. He breaths in, and strings his father’s lightning bolt like an arrow. He pulls it back, breaths out, and lets the lightning bolt fly.

It lands in the middle of the battlefield full of confused giants. With a great clap of thunder and a burst of light, they’re all gone.

All that remains of the traitorous giants is a crater.

The gods are approaching him, his mother at a limping gait that makes his chest ache. Zeus gets to him first, grin stretched wide as he grabs him by both his shoulders. “My boy! That was magnificent!”

“Thanks,” he says. The smell of charred flesh is in the air, and it makes his stomach roll.

They kidnapped him. They stuffed him in an urn for over a year. They hurt his mom.

That doesn’t mean he enjoyed it. He never wants to do anything like that ever again.

“This was destiny,” his father says enthusiastically, and Ares has no idea what he’s talking about. “This is what you’re meant to do, son.”

He stares. He hopes it’s not.

The other gods are still at the bottom of the mountain. Artemis and Apollo each have one of his mother’s arms slung over their shoulders and are helping her up the mountain. Hermes and Hephaestus aren’t far behind.

He’s never seen his father look so proud of him. There’s a leaden pit in his stomach he can’t explain.

“In honor of my son’s great feat,” Zeus booms, his voice carrying across air, speaking with the voice of the king of the gods so his words become law, so they spread to every corner of the world, “I declare him Ares, God of War.”

Ares can’t breathe.

This isn’t what he wanted.

gods and monsters series, part xvii

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