but he understood her more than dean or logan ever did


2x19/6x08 parallel So basically I just wanted to show you that. Tell you–tell you that I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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Love your metas! I would love to hear why you prefer Rogan to Literati. To me Logan is just so smug, shallow, spoiled and sleazy...? But we agree so much on Bangel and other things about fandom so I am open to changing my opinion!

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Have been busy ready HP fanfiction *cue eye roll* 

I’m so happy to hear that you love my metas! I was expecting a Buffy/Angel question to be honest, but I love Logan too!

Well, I don’t prefer Rogan to Literati because I prefer Logan to Jess (although I do). It’s not really about Logan or Jess but rather about their dynamic with Rory, their story, etc. 

Literati wasn’t that bad. I think Jess had a number of issues which caused problems in the relationship. He didn’t do things for Rory (like attending town events, unless challenged by Dean). He wasn’t there for Rory like she wanted him to be. They didn’t spend that much time together or shared much of their lives. Jess was hiding his job and his problems. He made Rory cry and doubt herself. He embarrassed Rory by showing up with a black eye at Emily’s and didn’t even justify himself. He left town without a goodbye. Essentially, Jess was not a present, doting boyfriend, and Rory, in particular, was always happier with giving, affectionate boyfriends like Dean and Logan. 

Like I said, Jess had issues and he grew out of them. I don’t blame him very much. It was a short lived relationship. Jess and Rory are better has friends. She chose Dean and Logan over him in seasons 4 and 6, she was actually quite disrespectful at his book event, but she clearly still cares about him as a friend (which the revival proved). 

Rogan, on the other hand, is an OTP of mine. I know they had their issues: Logan’s lack of commitment hurt Rory in the beginning, but she agreed to the casual relationship; Logan’s lack of experience caused some issues (like the bridesmaid debacle which Rory is partially guilty for since she ignored the fact that Logan broke up with her via his sister), and Logan’s occasional bouts of immaturity caused some issues as well. Logan was never perfect. However, unlike Jess, he always apologized for what he did wrong (and he was very specific about it) and he never repeated the same mistake. 

Logan offered Rory the best of both worlds. He offered her the comforts of being rich (lavish parties, diamond bracelets, vacations, etc), but was humble enough to enjoy the small town life as well. He was exciting, but offered security (he was always there for Rory, offered her a home twice, cheered her up and on, etc). He was her intelectual equal but they had slightly different kinds of smarts which challenged Rory. He was easy going and a bit of a slacker but could keep up with her ambitious side if he wanted to. 

More importantly, Logan and Rory loved each other very much and made each other very happy. Even the revival proves that their love and understanding of each other still stands despite their flaws as individuals. 

Lastly, I love Logan for who he is. He grew up, not as a child, but as an heir. He realized quickly that the best way to get attention and to defy his destiny was to rebel. He took advantage of his privilege and indulged in all money could buy. He was young and tried to do the best with what he was given. Yes, he could have been less reckless and wasteful, but he knew he had a few years at best to be everything his father despised before he was forced to become everything he despised. I understand and accept his actions. 

It’s important to notice that while Logan was smug, as a result of his upbringing, he wasn’t arrogant. He didn’t look down on people who had less than him, he wasn’t judgmental, he acknowledged his privilege and became more humble when he lost his money. He was just a young man who still had a lot to learn in life. His smugness was never overbearing, imo, and never crossed the line into actual arrogance, like his father. 

He also wasn’t shallow. He was passionate, knowledgeable, creative. He understood people and life. He had his eyes wide open. He recognized the usefulness and the good of his world as well as the shallowness and the bad. He cared for the people his father intimidated and bullied, he cared for Rory’s well being and that of those close to Rory, he cared for his friends. I never saw him as shallow at all. He gives the impression of being that way but is actually more cunning, perceptive and intelligent than Paris, Rory or Emily. 

Logan can’t exactly be spoiled since he was so neglected. He can be occasionally spoiled but is that really the worst thing ever? Like I said, he wasn’t arrogant. He was giving to those he cared about, he didn’t thrown tantrums when he didn’t get his way. Don’t forget that he fit in both his world and Lorelai’s. Someone spoiled and shallow wouldn’t get along with “lesser beings”.

Finally, Logan isn’t sleazy. Do you believe this because he slept around? If you take Rory as an example, he was very upfront about himself. I have no problems with him sleeping around as long as everyone is one the same page. 

I see Logan as someone who is brilliant, fun, full of life, passionate, cunning, perceptive, adaptable, kind, mature enough to accept his flaws and improve on them, thoughtful. His many qualities more than make up for his misgivings imo.

That’s just my opinion though. Thanks for the ask! I hope I convinced you a little bit :) 

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why are you pro logan and con jess? please be 110% honest.

Okey dokey then.

Pro Logan

  • Logan challenged Rory and opened the door to so many new experiences. Things that she had never experienced before because Stars Hollow is kinda sheltered in a way. 
  • He believed in her and what she wanted with her career. She didn’t stop Rory from taking that internship with Mitchum even though he knew how it would end. He knew that that internship was important to her and didn’t get in the way.
  • Yes, he had issues. Let’s be honest, both Rory and Logan had issues, but the best part was that they were both always there to support each other. Rory didn’t give up on him, instead she let him face whatever it was the way that he knew how to.
  • Logan wanted to be perfect for Rory, he practically changed his life so that they could be together, that just shows how important she was to him.
  • Logan wanted to be part of “Rory’s two worlds”. He loved Stars Hollow and he was always open to mixing those two worlds up.
  • Logan understood how important Lorelai was to Rory and vice versa.
  • LOGAN WENT TO LORELAI FOR HELP (aka. the balls-iest thing that’s ever happened on tv).
  • He always apologised when he screwed up, that’s how he handles shitty family and Rory got that.
  • Logan chose Rory over and over and over again. When he had to stop being a fuckboy because he faced the reality of losing her, he did. When it was between being with Rory and pleasing his family, it was about Rory. When Logan was falling down a hole after his business venture failed he could have turned into his old self, but he didn’t, because he didn’t want to throw all the progress they’d made together in the trash.
  • Logan didn’t force Rory to go back to Yale, he understood her need to have some time off and didn’t scream in her face about going back.

While I’m happy Rory said no to Logan’s proposal (it was so OOC, he had worked so hard to keep her for 3 years and to just give her an ultimatum like that wasn’t Logan), I hope Logan’s off ruling the world. I hope when they reunite in the revival that it isn’t awkward and they can just have adult conversations etc.

Con Jess

  • Jess spent more time leaving and disappointing Rory than he did with her. He just showed up in her life whenever he felt like it.
  • He was terrible to Lorelai and Emily, he never understood how important family was to Rory, and he never tried to make it work.
  • He openly broke Rory and Dean up, and that was a dick move (while yes, I don’t like Dean, I think breaking a couple up because you want one of them is crap).
  • He wouldn’t go with her to the freaking Winter Carnival - idk why, but that annoys me so much. He only went because Dean was there and he was jealous.
  • He thinks he knows Rory so well, *newsflash* he doesn’t.
  • He freaking screams at her about going back to Yale, yes it may have been a trigger but the whole thing was building up as soon as she had left Yale - I just think she needed to hear it from someone who wasn’t directly around her all the time.
  • He constantly lies to everyone, including Rory.

I’m not saying Jess is a terrible person, I liked him as a character. I can’t base future him on the 2 episodes he randomly shows up in, but I’d rather see J/R as just friends who can talk about books and stuff.