but he totally does lol

Thanks to the Mikayuu/Yuumika gods for this video!

I’m in heavens with this S-rank event, because it has a little of everything the fandom has been obsessing with lately: thirsty Yuu, nagging wife Mika, overprotective Yuu… And I’m happy that this video lets us see that Mika has a routine that doesn’t include Yuu 24/7, like he is perfectly fine even without Yuu around and is not stalking him at all (at least in this video lol).

I took a few liberties in this video because I felt it was more natural this way, but I’m open to suggestions.


Suho imitating Hwan Hee’s pose in her movie. (Looking like a fish on land lol??) ❤

I made some more edits of this a soft pastel Ryuu lol but yeah it looks a tiny bit weird but I lowkey like it and he’s still adorable

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I was thinking no need or anything. Its just... Really hard to find people who would do Naruto with long hair. I was wondering if you could do something with Naruto having really long blond hair and Sasuke playing with it or something? Please!

This certainly is something..

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Sam! The texan dude in the New York City episode of Donut Showdown is a doppelganger for Chris Evans 😂😂. Have you seen it? Thought of a Bearded!Cap entering this contest and lost it 😄.

LOL, he totally does have the look! 

Foodieverse Steve is very averse to food tv, because he had such weird experiences with it in the past, but he’d do it for charity! 

I’m thinking of doing a short where he’s the “cheap” option and Tony is the “pricey” option on Worth It, where a couple of guys from Buzzfeed eat cheap, midrange, and high-priced meals and decide which one they like best. If you all haven’t seen it, it’s AWESOME. The sound guy is my favorite.

“They have chicken sandwiches here too, right?” 

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 


“If this was a movie, you would die first.”

bean-about-townn replied to your post

“bean-about-townn replied to your post “help i’m in love with…”

‘listen i came here for captain badass and i’m getting CAPTAIN FEELINGS. that CONVERSATION WITH MIRANDA. MY HEART.’ …………s2 may kill u

i watched 2.01 this morning. how can an episode be so perfect??? i????

flint: *points at a fucking star destroyer of a ship* mine


everyone else: seems legit

also look i’ve seen a lot of gifs of that first meeting between hamilton and flint. it’s what got me here. but they did not convey the….the blantant homosexuality. RPJ deserves an award. like fucking hamilton is whipping out a checklist of Life Goals For BoyFriend Material. And poor unsuspecting babyFlint and ALL HIS SASS right to a fucking Lord’s face. Also Miranda in that carriage going ‘so how do u feel about threesomes?’. 

reiji after story summary/livetweeting/translation???

I was livetweeting the Ayato, Subaru, and Reiji after stories from Diabolik Lovers V earlier and since there was some interest in this being posted to Tumblr (for archival reasons/ease of access/etc) I’m compiling my livetweets here! /o/ The Reiji livetweeting was way longer/more detailed than the other two because I wanted to torture arriku ww gomen so that’s the only one I’m posting here… I don’t think I was detailed enough with the other two that it would be interesting to read slkdfjsdf

there’s a lot of very bad grammar due to me having to fit things into tweets and obviously spoilers abound so watch out

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can we talk about how Katara willingly opened up to Zuko and no one else about the traumatic events of her mother’s murder

Never kick an octo-ghoul out of bed, even if you’re yourself a ghoul. A headcanon by oikawa-saan and myself. Some quotes of a possible fanfiction (thank the amazing Shirry and her hide-puns):

“Hide who wakes up being all refreshed, looks down the bed and finds Kaneki laying there.
“Did you fall for me, Kaneki? Again?” *insert Hide wiggling his eyebrows at a not so amused octo-ghoul*

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What are some embarrassing things Miles and Alex might do but that the other finds endearing?

Ahhhh probably my top headcanon for stuff like this is Alex wearing Miles’ clothes to sleep when he’s away (or jumpers or such if it’s cold) and he’s not particularly embarrassed about it but he does fluster a bit if Miles catches him, like miles will FaceTime him and he’s already snuggled up in bed and whining a lil bit about how he missed Miles and when is he coming back? And Miles will be like “I know darling,” but then he can’t feel bad any more because that HIS tshirt, it absolutely has to be because he’s pretty sure Alex doesn’t own a little flames t-shirt?? Or does he? (Actually he does but he totally lets Miles think it’s his lol) and he’ll bring it up and alex will hide his face but Miles just internally screamed because that is absolutely insanely adorable!
ALSO when they were younger Alex would get super embarrass how his voice broke on certain songs, especially acoustic things but Miles smiles to himself every time it happens because honestly it’s just adorable :’)))

I think Miles’ embarrassing thing he does is like mother-hen Alex, like sort his tie and brush down his jacket before he’s going out, asking him “have you eaten yet? I’ll make you something” when Alex comes over, and stuff like that. He catches himself doing it and gets really embarrassed and completely goes quiet but Alex finds it really sweet that Miles is so caring like that so he’ll grab him in a hug and kiss him till he’s giggling again instead of mumbling apologies for being so awkward!
Alsooo Miles gets embarrassed if he can’t immediately play something on guitar or sax or what have you, he plays the thing over and over until it’s perfect and Alex can see him going over it in the corner on his own even when everyone else is taking a break. He won’t go over though because he knows how Miles is about stuff like that, never a wrong note, so he’ll watch and admire quietly instead :)


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Not my intention to be pissy, but when girls ask questions like " what does it mean when a guy does...." and says sth that obviously shows affection and/or interest,I immediately jump to the conclusion that they are "bragging" and/or what people to say " Oh yeah he is totally into you" I am single AF!!!! Does it show???😂😂😂😂😂

Lol its fine, i dont mind helping. Guys can be pretty confusing I myself dealing with one can tell you that. You would think girls would be the harder to read, dramatic and more confusing ones but thats not always the case. Some people also like a second opinion so they know for sure it’s not just them imagining it in their heads incase they wanna confront the guy.

INTP–ISTP That is NOT Lab Procedure!

ISTP: Wait, INTP, so, these things that we’re doing the experiment today…

INTP: Yes.

ISTP: Aren’t they dangerous?

ISTP: We literally just read right here that this stuff was really harmful to everyone a few years ago, and now we’re just doing a casual lab with it? Why would we do that I don’t get it.

INTP: Well, the only reason it was dangerous is because people were unknowingly directly interacting with it. Skin contact, drinking it, that kind of thing.

INTP: And drinking it isn’t part of our lab.

ISTP: Pfft, says you.

ISTP: I’ll drink it if I want, you can’t stop me.

INTP: omfg ISTP, if you willingly drink the toxins that we’re using when you were specifically asked not to, and you die, I will not feel bad for you.


ISTP: Dude it’s fine, don’t worry.

ISTP: It’s just algae.

ISTP: Blue-green algae, see it’s like

INTP: Oh my god.

INTP & ISTP: A flavour.