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Charles Martinet Says He's Still The Voice Of Mario

Charles Martinet Says He’s Still The Voice Of Mario

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People were understandably worried when Charles Martinet’s Facebook page changed to say that he was the former voice of Mario and company. Well it turns out this was just a glitch/error on his Facebook page and he has reassured fans that he is still the voice behind Mario, Luigi, Wario, Baby Mario, WalLuigi and Baby Luigi. Thanks to those who sent this in!

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BTS React to: Going on a Haunted House tour with you on Halloween!

Namjoon; Lowkey wants to impress you by holding you close and keeping a cool disposition to ‘protect you’ but fails miserably when something pops out from behind the curtains, causing this big doofus to scream, making you scream even louder, resulting in both of you screaming your heads off like little kids. “Ahhh, I wasn’t really scared babe - I just didn’t want you to feel left out so I screamed along with you…you believe me, right?”~

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Seokjin; Holding on to you the entire time as you both shuffle through the house with your flash lights - him pushing you both through quickly and just wanting to get out without pissing himself from being so freaking scared. When you both finally get out and you ask him if he’s okay (because he’s still clutching on to you for dear life) he says “Baby please let’s never do this again, next time let’s just stay in and eat until we can’t move any more…please?” :3

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Yoongi; Would remain relatively calm until someone starts chasing both of you down the last long hallway - Yoongi grabbing you by your arm and bolting out the door faster than he ever ran in his life. Expect lots of shouting and giggling and holding on to you once you both got out safe and alive with him chuckling at how scared he got “Damn, I didn’t think I’d be that scared…you were scared too right? Right? Please tell me you were also scared…” c:

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Hoseok; You and Hobi would have already decided to just run really fast through the house to get to the end as quick as possible - screaming along the way in hopes of frightening whatever was intending to frighten you. However, when Hoseok trips over his own feet, neither of you can help but burst out laughing at Hobi’s wisecracks as if your both in a damn horror movie “GO ON (Y/N)! SAVE YOURSELF! Wait I was juST KIDDING DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND”

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Jimin; Would try to act cool and flex his muscles like “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll save you from any ghosts inside” as he wraps his arm around you and smirks to himself thinking he’s so manly - but when you tell him that muscles mean nothing when it comes to ghosts, the colour drains from his face as he looks at you like “Shit, u right” just to make you laugh. Even though he’s a bit scared, he’s having tonnes of fun spending the night with you c:

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Taehyung; Expect to hold his hand the whole way through like you can bet this boy will not let go of you, always in your ear with serious questions like “How easy would it be for a spirit to possess me? Would you still love with me if I got possessed?” While you assure him that none of it’s real and he pulls you in closer to him like “Let’s protect each other, I got u, we can do thiS TEAMWORK” You’d both probably end up laughing the whole way through thanks to his silly jokes to ease the scariness of the situation <3

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Jungkook; Would end up getting scared at things that weren’t meant to be scary, like a floorboard creaking or another couple going through at the same time as you both. He would love that you clung on to him when something popped out, your grip around his arm making him smile when he should be screaming along with you. When you both got out, he’d be like “Let’s go again! I like it when you cling on to me from being a little scared” c:

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Vampire Kisses Taste Like Pizza

pairing: jin x reader

genre: fluff, humour, vampire!jin, demon!yoongi

word count: 5117

note: part of the halloween series thingy. there’s kissing. and a really naughty, really sexy jin. like. damn son. demon!yoongi makes an appearance even though it’s not his fic because why not.

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There is a bat in your room.

You sigh, un-tucking your legs from underneath you and not even looking up from the words getting typed on your laptop, your research thesis for school now are your only problems at the moment. The pest can bother you any other time than this.
It’s bad enough that he likes hanging out at the corner of your room, he just has the loveliest interest on your cabinet drawers. Especially the second drawer. Containing your underwear.
“Stop touching my underwear again, Seokjin,” you mumble, fingers still typing. Adding quietly, “Stupid vampire.”
“Heard that,” he says in a sing-song voice.

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After taking some shots from Rubio, Obama returns the favor
Marco Rubio based much of his 2016 message on the idea that President Obama is trying to undermine the United States on purpose. Yesterday, Obama responded.

During his ill-fated presidential campaign, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) based much of his message, especially as the primaries got underway, on the idea that President Obama is trying to destroy the United States on purpose. In effect, the far-right Floridian believed the way to connect with GOP voters was to accuse the sitting president of treason.

Yesterday, Obama traveled to Miami, where the president was able to fire back at Rubio, reminding voters that the senator is supporting Donald Trump’s campaign, despite Rubio’s previous insistence that Trump is a “con artist” and “dangerous.” The Tampa Bay Times

“I’m even more confused by Republican politicians who still support Donald Trump,” Obama said. “Marco Rubio is one of those people. How does that work? How can you call him a con artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says and then say, ‘But I’m still gonna vote for him?’ C’mon, man!”

“C’mon, man,” he repeated.

“You know what that is? It is the height of cynicism. That’s the sign of somebody who will say anything, do anything, pretend to be anybody, just to get elected. And you know what? If you’re willing to be anybody just to be somebody, then you don’t have the leadership that Florida needs in the U.S. Senate…. That’s why you’ve got to vote for Patrick Murphy. That’s why you’ve got to vote for Hillary Clinton.” […]

Time for a gripe session because I need to get this off my chest. (Dad related bullshit)

This is the kind of crap my dad is doing lately. 

Note: Dad is cognitively intact and his only real disability issues are the movement/speech difficulties caused by his Parkinson’s. His memory is perfectly fine even if it takes him an extra second to get a word out, he can still say the words he wants to say despite the delay. 

But he’s developing this whole ME, RIGHT NOW attitude and acts like his needs are the top priority and how dare you take a second longer than he thinks you should to answer to him.

Gonna put this behind a cut because it’s a bunch of griping. I need to let this steam off.

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Conservationists in Madagascar Race to Exterminate Troubling Toad · Global Voices
Conservationists seek to eradicate a deadly Asian invader.

“I cannot imagine how decision-makers in Madagascar could sleep at night if they simply said, ‘Sorry, it’s going to cost too much to deal with this. The cat’s out of the bag already’” says Pete Lowry.

The Asian toads, which scientists believe snuck into Madagascar as stowaways in industrial shipping containers, could turn out to be just as destructive as the cane toads have been in Australia, according to James Reardon, a zoologist with New Zealand’s Department of Conservation and co-author of the report. “I absolutely know that if we could go back to a time when cane toads were limited to a small area in Australia — as Asian toads currently are in Madagascar — that we would throw everything at an eradication attempt,” he says. 

“Right now it’s still worth going forward with eradication,” Jonathan Kolby says. “At some point it will become infeasible. The longer it’s delayed, the less likely it is to succeed. Without a doubt, we’re running out of time.”

Full story here on Global Voices: Conservationists in Madagascar Race to Exterminate Troubling Toad 

I’m going to have deeper roots this season. 
I don’t want to be carried off with the wind. 
That might be part of the point to God’s silence - to remind you to keep grounded. Even though He isn’t saying much right now I still have His words.
Building up the patient endurance that He will speak again. 
I still have His words. Every conversation still lines up with my reading. Even my struggles line up with my friend’s prayers, and we can speak into one another.
He doesn’t go away.  
“I’m not going to say anything about this thing because you already know.”
“I’m not going to say anything about this thing because I want you to be with me.”
“I’m not going to say anything about this thing because I want you to dig deeper.” 
There is so much depth to Him. 
I want deep. And deeper still.

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Yes I think this was a joke and believe me I’ve said far worse things about my brother in public and in front of him. But he is still mt baby brother (he would knock me out for saying that) and I am the big sister he confides in whenever he screws up.

I guess there is an extra sting because William constantly makes fun of Harry’s dyslexia and also, he is working there and it is not exactly professional

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I think this song allowed her to write a song the way she has wanted to , femail pronouns, and she hid it behind him. It's still very confusing to me him saying he'd never work with her then it coming out they had . I would like to think she chose to expose she wrote it to come out a little but I'm still unsure what cal and her agreement was regarding the song.

I agree. I found it interesting that Taylor used a pseudonym to write the song. There would be no reason for her to unless there was a good one. Of course, there is the rumor in Hollywood that if couples work together, it often ends in disaster. I mean, look at Rita Ora and Calvin. It was a nasty breakup. But since Taylor and Calvin didn’t date, there was no problem in working together. But, Taylor did choose to write with a pseudonym, until she released that she was the one who wrote it. I do believe that this could have been a two-way reason: one, to give herself credit for what she wrote, which she should, because the song received a lot of recognition. Secondly, it was an attempt to show that what was written supposedly from Calvin’s point of view, was actually written by Taylor and showed her point of view. I think maybe using Rihanna was to break down a barrier of gender. If Calvin sang it, people could say that Taylor wrote it for Calvin to sing about her. But Rihanna sang, and therefore still made it a girl singing about a girl. It’s very interesting.


Was this a stranger or a citizen of his empire in the eastern fringes? It would not matter the answer, for the sight of another rabbit was a pleasing one during his travels. What better person to find than one of his own kind? All the races out there were savage xenos scum anyway. So O’hare could only give a friendly grin, not at all going to even say anything about the fact he is still wearing his officer uniform.

“Greetings there sir, are you visiting tourist of this planet or a native? If you are the second option…I must say this world could use more rabbits to improve it’s population quality.”