but he still says it

Zidane says (for the umpteenth time this summer) that James is staying | August 27, 2016

I know this has been done a bajillion times, but I just really needed to illustrate this. The song “Here Comes a Thought” is really helping me through my social anxiety. I get anxiety over doing the simplest of things and this song truly helps me work through my thoughts. This is probably my new favorite episode. 

I’m re-reading Dino’s debut chapter in the manga for reference (chapter 27), and he’s kind of a total asshole to Tsuna at first (for all of like three minutes), and I can’t stop laughing because I just realized that’s probably the jealousy talking???

I mean, he did say “Truth be told, there are still many things I wanted to learn, but he insisted on coming to Japan to teach you so I had to let him go.”

Reborn must have been teaching him for several years at this point, and it’s obvious Dino still needs a bit more training (he’s a wonderful boss, but he still has that whole clumsiness thing to work out) so can you just imagine he wakes up one day, to find that his beloved tutor is ditching him to go to Japan to teach another kid?

It must have hurt, if his relationship with Reborn was anywhere near as close as Reborn and Tsuna’s becomes (and all the signs say it was).

So just imagine this dork shows up in Japan, totally ready to bully the new kid who stole his tutor from him, and then he sees this total cinnamon bun.

And he’s just like “oh no.”

And like, long story short, he accidentally ends up adopting him as a little brother.

So a while back, a man came in telling me “He slipped in the store last night”, now this being the south he sounded like he said ‘slept’. I joked back about “oh yeah? Was it comfy?” And things like that (crazy people come in here yapping about God knows what and you gotta just be crazy back or you’ll lose your mind), so this goes on for about 3-4 minutes before he starts to get angry with me, and wants to speak to my manager. I call my manager and he tells them he slipped in the store last night, except they actually understand what he is saying. Now I feel like a total asshole and completely apologetic to the man. He disregards me.

The store ends up giving him $100 to go to the doctor, and he says to me “see do you still think I’m lying now?” I said no sir I never thought you were lying. I just misunderstood you

Everytime this man comes in he says something to me about how I could have lost my job because of him or how I SHOULD lose my job and harassing me everytime he comes in.

Today I spoke with my store director and she spoke with him, I am so thankful for this and I hope he leaves me alone now…

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Y'know, I'm upset about Juvia dying and all, but was it weird that I didn't cry? I knew that she would come back. At least, something told me she would. Somehow someone will bring her back, either from the Fairy Tail side or the Spriggan side.

I knew shed come back but still cried especially when reading how gray says hes serious about her begging her to wake


Looking down at the ticket in my hand, I check the number again before looking at the numbers listed above the seats. When I finally arrive at the correct one, I see my seat neighbour already there.

“Excuse me.” I said, and when he turns my breath catches. His blue eyes are what draws me in first, then the kind smile on his face, and his messy brown hair falling into his eyes.

“Let me guess, window seat?” He asks, his voice rumbling through my body. All I can do is nod, unable to form any words. He stands quickly, allowing me to slip past him, our bodies making brief contact.

I fiddle with placing my bag under my seat, using the time to gather my thoughts and control the redness blossoming on my face. Sitting back upright, I turn to look at him, just as he turns to look at me.

“Hi.” He says, smiling still. The stranger holds out a hand for me to shake. “I’m Joe.”

I lift my hand to place in his, and shake it, giggling slightly. “Y/N.”

“Figured since we’ll be sat together for the next eight hours or so, we should know each other’s names.” Joe slowly releases my hand, and for a moment I miss the warmth, before remembering he’s still a total stranger.

“Well, nice to meet you, Joe.” We settle back into our seats for a moment, letting the noise of everyone finding and settling into their seat wash over us, occasionally my eyes flicker over to his to study his profile.

Finally, it seems like everyone is settled, and the flight attendants do their final checks.

“Looks like we lucked out,” Joe leans in close to speak softly in my ear. “It’ll just be us two for the entire trip.”

“How’d we manage that?”

“I bribed the lady at the counter.” For a moment, I believe him, before realizing he’s joking, and we both start to laugh, quieting when the flight attendant walks by to check our seat belts.

It seems like only moments later, our plane begins to move, and a knot forms in my stomach. I had briefly forgotten we were actually on a plane, but the nerves that had disappeared suddenly hit me, twice as hard. My grip tightens on the armrest, as I watch the ground slowly move below us.

“Not a fan of flying, I assume.” I hear from beside me, and I nod, unable to drag my eyes away from the moving tarmac. “Here, maybe this will help.”

I feel my hand removed from the armrest, and a warmth replaces it. That does make me shift my gaze, to see Joe’s hand in mine. I give him a questioning look, which he shrugs at.

“Some times, its easier if you have a hand to hold.” As soon as the words leave his lips, our plane bumps slightly, and my grip tightens in his.

“Sorry.” I say, but he shakes his head and squeezes my hand. “It’s mostly just the taking off and landing that bother me.” I explain, closing my eyes as I feel the plane turn.

“It’ll be over soon.” Joe’s voice washes over me, and it soothes me.

Somehow, the plane takes off and I manage to not have a full blown panic attack. I don’t release his hand until the light blinks off for seat belts and people start to shift in the cabin.

“Thanks.” I tell him, looking down at his hand, seeing the red marks fading. “And again, sorry.”

“No worries.” Joe moves his hand to his lap, as if nothing happened. “So, you don’t like flying, but here you are, flying from LA to London.”

I laugh before responding, “I know, seems crazy. But my family wanted me to visit for a while. They offered to pay for the flight, so I figured I could manage it for them.”

“That was sweet of you.” I lower my head as I blush, feeling his shoulders shake as he chuckles.

“Well, you know why I’m flying. What’s your story?” I ask him, lifting my head again.

I see something flicker in his eyes, and he studies my face for a moment, before answering. “Work.” When I raise an eyebrow, he raises both hands in defense. “Honestly, flew over here for a work related thing.” Joe offers me an honest smile, and I nod slowly.

“What type of work do you do that flies you to LA?”

Again, something flashes in his eyes, and he seems to hesitate before answering. “An online media business.” He finally says, licking his lips. “But I used to be a thatcher.” Joe’s voice turns proud at that.

“Wait, the people that put straw on roofs?” I ask, and he nods in response. “How’d you get into that?”

And from there, our conversation doesn’t seem to stop. Joe goes on to tell me about how his interest came from his uncle, and how he got into it. From there we talked about family, then interests, and school. The words just flowed easily between us, it felt natural. I talked to him about the stupidest things to the most private things. I loved talking with him.

At some point, my eyes grew tired, and Joe must have realized exhaustion was kicking in. The lights were dim in the cabin, and most people had fallen asleep long ago. Now he draped a blanket over us, and told me to lean against him.

“I’ll protect you from any turbulence, don’t worry.” Joe’s words were spoken softly, so he didn’t disturb anyone else sleeping. I smiled before leaning my head on his shoulder, falling asleep to his hand once again taking mine.

Next time I woke up, the flight attendants were preparing for landing. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up, looking over to see Joe watching me, that adorable smile on his face.

“Good morning, beautiful.” His voice was rough, he must have fallen asleep at some point as well. “Sleep well?”

“For a plane? Yeah. Thanks.” I stretched as much as I could in my seat before looking out the window, seeing England down below.

“Nearly there. Do you need my hand again for the landing?” I looked over to see Joe offering me a teasing look, but his eyes told me he was serious. I nodded shyly as we settled in for the landing.

After waiting until the crowd cleared off, Joe and I finally made it off the plane and into the terminal, both of us walking slower than needed, not quite wanting to separate after having spent the past eight hours together. There also seemed to be a nervousness surrounding Joe, and his eyes began to dart around as we headed for customs and baggage.

“So,” I start, and his eyes focus on me for a moment before they dart to the doors that lead to the rest of the terminal. “Are we ever going to see each other again?” I ask, deciding to be bold, not wanting to lose this person from my life.

The question draws Joe back in, and he smiles down at me. “I would love to see you again. Can I grab your number?” He asks, pulling me to the side before we pass through the doors. I nod and pull out my phone, and we exchange our information.

“Y/N, before we pass through those doors, I just want to say something.” I look up at him concerned, his nervousness rubbing off on me. “You made my flight the most enjoyable time, and it was so nice to just sit and talk with someone, to be myself. I loved meeting you, and genuinely hope we continue to see each other, because there is so much more I want to discover about you. So thank you.” Joe finished with a kiss on my cheek. “I’m going to leave you here though, I have to pop into the toilets.” I laugh at him, and shake my head as he pulls me into a hug. I watch him head for the bathroom before making my way through the sliding doors that lead to baggage.

Joe’s words stayed in my mind, but I never shrugged off the weird feeling and just focused on the good feeling that came with it while I watched many bags pour out onto the turning machine. Just as I grab my bag, I hear a large group of girls start screaming. Turning my head, I look over to see which famous person has decided to grace this airport with their presence.

In the middle of the crowd? Joe.

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I think a lot of characters would technically exceed him but i'd still like to say Canada. He's always pushed around and forgotten about, but he still tries his best! Even if his best isn't enough all of the time he still tries. He tells people his not in fact america, that he is there and has on several occasions tried to stand up to america to varied success. And trying (and knowing you'll most likely fail) can be so hard to someone like him, and that what makes him strong!!

You’ve captured so well what makes Canada strong–that he tries no matter what the outcome may be! He has such fortitude that he could definitely be called the strongest mentally! 

Girl Meets Bear Highlights:

I got no life lesson from this episode at all because I was to busy watching all the blatant foreshadowing going on everywhere. 

Analytical Points:

Rucas’s relationship is being held together by two people living in the past: The whole message I got from Lucas’s “Gold” story was that he is (like Riley) still holding on to things that he has outgrown. Lucas saying he won’t even open his bag of gold because he’s afraid it won’t hold the contents he thinks are inside is a direct parallel to him not wanting to find out Riley isn’t who he really wants to be with. 

Farkle & Topanga Identity Growth: Okay so I know that no GMW characters are replicas of BMW characters but this whole scene was screaming with arrows flashing all over the place “HE’S THE TOPANGA!”.  I loved this moment because it showed the audience how similar Topanga and Farkle are and that from the beginning of the show they are two characters that evolved the most. If you look back to season 1 at the core four you’ll notice that Farkle has evolved the most and Maya has done quite a bit herself but Riley and Lucas are sill pretty similar to their starting characters. Knowing that Riley and Lucas haven’t done there evolving yet makes you wonder what will change when they do.

Favorite Heartfelt Moment:

I loved the Zaya in this episode, even if there ship never sails I want a lot more friendship between these two. It was great that Zay picked up on Maya feeling a little lonely and left out since Maya was one of the first in the group to make Zay feel welcome, it was a nice full circle moment. I really hope we get to see more of this side of Zay, he is always perceived as the funny guy but these sweet moments really make his character. 

Favorite Funny Moment:

The moment that had me laughing had to be Auggie asking Farkle to go to the movies and him responding: “What?”. I replayed that a dozen times.

“There he is again”my friend said to me, looking at the direction of a certain guy.
He drew near to my location and smile at me. He thought I was that dumb to trust him again. He tried to persuade me with his sugar coated lies and what ifs. What if he never left? What if he choose me instead of her? What if he’ll say he still love me? But I’m not buying anything anymore. Because every time he talks to me or even come closer to me, I only see the truth. The truth that everything is not the same as before. He maybe thinking that I’ll believe him again but no, I’ll never believe him, never again. He once broke my trust and nothing can amend and bring it back to pieces. Why is he here talking to me like there’s nothing happen? He’s such an idiot, apologizing with the only thing he’s only good at. Lying. He’s a great liar and pretender. He’s an actor too. He can act like everything’s fine and be friendly as ever. He’s into that sweet gestures, letting me feel all the emotions all at once again, nervous, sad,elated, excited and in love. But as for me, I’ll not trust my heart to that douchebag again. Now I know that he’s not capable of handling it and don’t just throw it away like a garbage. I already learn my lessons and I will not fall onto your trap again. 

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do you think kaneki still loved his mother after all she has done? he was saying that but i'm not sure if he just was pretending or not

That’s a really touchy issue and I don’t think I know anywhere near enough about child abuse to answer this in depth. But I don’t think he was pretending at all- there are a LOT of complicating factors in any abusive relationship which means its not as simple as “she hit me so I don’t love her”. 

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Hi, I have a follow up question to iconoclastes....what if everyone I can find of that Navajo tribe, the people that still live that is, all say no, I can't work with Coyote. But he still really wants to work with me. Do I just say sorry bro, can't the people of your culture said I can't?

In my opinion (and let’s be real, the opinion of many ppl who are from Closed Cultures), the answer would be yes. You tell the spirit/entity “sorry bro, can’t”. Just cuz a non-physical being asks doesn’t mean you have to oblige. Even when the non-physical being is being a fuckwit about it, you still don’t have to oblige. 

You can’t say that you respect the culture, and then ignore their wishes. When we’re looking to find out whether we can participate in their religious practices, we’re basically looking to gain consent. And if consent is not given, and we choose to ignore that, that’s being a jerk.

So yeah, if you get told no, then the answer is no. We don’t always get what we want, nor to the spirits/gods. If the entity is truly from a Closed Culture, they should understand why their people feel that way, and understand why you’re honoring their wishes. And if they don’t, well that’s technically on them, not on you.

For some of the boys out there who are feeling insecure about their bodies, I want you to look at some Olympic athletes:

Mo Farah, 10000m gold medal winner. He’s quite small and doesn’t have huge muscles. But he’s still a champion

Lasha Talakhadze, weightlifting gold medal winner. He’s not skinny; he clearly has body fat and a rounded face. But he’s still a champion 

Kōhei Uchimura, gymnastics gold medal winner. He’s muscular, but is only 1.61m tall (5ft 3″). But he’s still a champion 

So what I’m trying to say is that men and boys are often given expectations to be muscular, thin and tall - the diversity in male Olympics athletes shows that you absolutely do not need to be all/any of those things to be valid. You and your body are valid no matter what.