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Hi! Can you please do a RFA+V reacts to an MC that constantly trash talks Rika please ❤️

A/N: God damn I hate Rika lemme at her ~Admin 404

if y'all are reading this and actually like Rika im sorry but she can catch these fists


           -MC please stop that

           -He like WORSHIPS his cousin

           -Even after everything is done he still does and he just

           -Why would you say such nasty things about his cousin??? MC that isn’t alright

           -Throws fits all the time. Full on will pout and throw himself to the floor until you apologize

           -HATES IT

           -Loves you, but hates the things you say about his cousin

           -He’s very loving to absolutely everyone and cannot wrap his head around why you would say such mean things about his own family???

           -You work on keeping your opinions to yourself and he’s so proud of you <3

           - but you mainly hold your tongue because you love him and yandere yoosung is scary




           -He thought Rika was really sweet!

           -Of course he was closer with V than he was with Rika and all, but he never saw a reason to dislike her

           -Every time you go to say something bad about her, he’s right there with a finger to your lips

           -“No MC, you don’t talk ill about people, it makes you ugly on the inside”

           - you talk bad about jumin though so like um should we talk about that zen

           -Now yes, you’re allowed to have you opinions, as long as you express them without hate

           -Hate is very strong, MC, don’t just throw it around

           -Eventually you just…kinda stop? Because you don’t end up saying anything anyway since he’s always right there to remind you that it’s bad to talk about people


           -She wasn’t very close to Rika (Since she joined the RFA late and all)

           -But she thought she was a nice and kind person

           - so pure so innocent

           -So when you say something negative about her the first time she’s surprised

           -First, she never expected you to be the type to talk shit about others

           -Second she just can’t see why you would say such things about Rika???

           -Most of the time she just lets you say what you want because they weren’t close enough to know what she was truly like and defend her

           -Like she can’t confirm nor deny that she’s crazy, it’s your opinion and she can’t change that

           -Isn’t the type to talk shit but she’s definitely down for a little gossip if you wanna tone it down a bit

           -As long as you take into consideration other people’s feelings  *coughYoosungcough* and don’t say anything to intentionally harm someone, whatever MC


           -“MC you shouldn’t talk like that”

           - i can talk how i wanna thank you very much mr trustfund kid

           -He obviously knows she’s done some bad things but he can’t talk ill about her

           -Sure he used to have feelings for her and all but that’s not what keeps him from being negative

           -He’s just not the type so see a point in it

           -What will talking shit bring you? What will it fix? What use is it? There is no use for it

           -You can talk all you want but most of the time he just stays quiet and lets it slide

           -But some of the words that come out of your mouth MC, how can such a pretty mouth say such dirty words

           - lets see how dirty your mouth can get, wink wonk im soRRY

           -Just please don’t say anything extremely rude, he doesn’t like it, people deserve some sort of level of respect


           -Preeeetty sure he’d hate her at the end of it all because???

           -She brain washed his brother and all this shit?????

           -No thank you

           -Wouldn’t say anything when you say negative things about her

           -Gets quiet and just nods

           -He doesn’t bring anything up but if you’re already talking about her, he’ll input his opinion if you want it

           -Actually thinks it’s a little funny? Because you’re just so feisty and just bring it up randomly

           -Y'all could be laying in bed, 2 AM, almost asleep, and you just whisper “god I hate her”

           -And he can’t help but laugh because it’s just so out of nowhere

           -Just wow MC, you can hold a grudge can’t you?


           -MC that was the love of his life at one time

           -Yes, he knows that she’s crazy but he still loved her

           -Yes, he loves you now, but still

           -He isn’t the type to hold grudges or to really talk ill about someone

           -Understands that you’re angry about everything she’s done and everything she’s put him through

           -Lowkey takes it as a compliment because wow you love me this much to hate this person

           -But is also like “MC hate is a strong word- MC YOU SHOULDN’T CALL ANYONE THAT NAME THAT IS A BAD WORD”

           - okay but listen v,,,,, am i wrong???? no i am not

           -Just quietly listens to you rant and say what you want most of the time because you’re allowed to have your own opinions

           -But you can’t help but apologize because?? He’s so sweet and it’s kind of heartbreaking to talk about his past love that way when it was very obvious he really loved her


           -“Fuck her she’s crazy” “I know right?”

           -Seriously I think he’d talk shit too

           -Like sure at one point he was like “THIS IS MY SAVIOUR” but once he’s gotten help and like out of her control

           -Wouldn’t you talk shit too??

           -At the beginning I’m sure he’d get angry and tell you to just knock it off

           -But as time goes on I think he’d start to realize how terrible she really is

           -So go ahead MC, trash talk all you want

           -He’ll just nod along or tell you some things you didn’t even know about her

           -Loves the fire you get in your eyes when you talk about it though because WOW

           -You care about him that much??? To have these feelings towards her??? That strongly???

“You should move.”

Victor buries his nose deeper on the crook of Yuuri’s neck. “Or maybe you should.”

“Victor, I’m cold,” Yuuri whines because Victor’s warmth on top of him can’t counter the cold from the ice beneath his body.

“I’m cold too, that’s why I’m holding you.” That, and Yuuri feels comfortable and soft and too lovely for Victor to let go.

“We’re going to get sick,” Yuuri says, but still he runs his fingers through the platinum strands.

“Perhaps,” Victor smiles into his neck. “Or perhaps we can warm ourselves up.”

“Oh? And what do you propose we do?”

“We can continue the training,” Victor replies, before he leans to bite Yuuri’s ear, “or we can do another workout together.”

Yuuri slips his hand under Victor’s jacket. “On the ice? Sounds fun.”

“I’m glad you agree.”


“Beka, I’m moving to Kazakhstan!”



I have lived 
and laughed and fallen 
in love with wolves 
now, darling, it is time
I die with them too 

teeth bared for what feels 
like the very first time,
not against the world 
just against him-
the man who has always been
the greatest monster in this story 

he stands stock still as I circle. 
I don’t think he understands
how I have learned to growl poetry,
it’s vicious in a way
the little nothings he whispered 
never could be 

I’m stronger now
I’m brave, I’m bigger than girl
yet, still, he says my name 

and I drop like prey 

man is the apex predator,
I am not sure there will ever be a day
when I don’t feel hunted,
beaten, broken down by a boy 
who I taught to bite back

—  the wolf’s worst nightmare || O.L.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.

- @markiplier : We love you so much. It’s okay to feel lost. It’s all apart of life. You’ll be okay, even if you aren’t okay all the time. As you always tell us: Believe in yourself. You can do anything you put your mind too. xx ❤-

While we’re all gushing about the adorable secondary characters in the live action batb, can we wake a moment to appreciate the nameless coat hanger man? 

Like. He never says a word, but he still has so much personality?? The way he shakes the snow off Maurice’s coat without him noticing? The way he droops so sadly as Belle is leaving? The way he catches Chip before he can shatter, since his mother isn’t around to save him anymore?

I just. I want to know the coat hanger’s story. This poor, quiet, long-suffering coat hanger. 


characters: Lofty Executor, Lofty Anpassen
pairing: ^ (rating: the concept of personal space does not exist)
words: 727
summary: Executor has bunny ears. Anpassen wants to touch them.

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So sad when you can see how much courage it took harry to say certain stuff like don't knock it till you try it and then there's people who just appear to be so homophobic and say it was a joke like...damn

he could explicitly say “i’m gay” and they’d still find a way to skirt around it and diminish it

All My Idols Ch 14: Exposed

A few days later

“Hold on a minute!” Seungri stops in the doorway, making me run into him and GD into me. He turns around still staring down at his phone, “Noona says not to leave and to turn on the TV.” I look over my shoulder at my other oppas who just looked annoyed by this demand.

“Did she say what this is about?” I ask as GD pulls me back to the living room of his apartment, plopping down on the couch with me in his lap.

Seungri shakes his head as he grabs the remote off the coffee table and turns the TV on. He flips through a few channels stopping only when we all see a picture of Seungri and I getting out of his car on a gossip channel. Seungri drops the remote and the room goes silent, all our attention on the words coming out of the pretty reporters mouth.

“Though not much is known,” The reporter continues, “Fans are buzzing about this new girl who has been seen with not only Seungri of Big Bang but with all of the other members as well.” More pictures of me with the other members flash on screen, mostly of us in parking lots or restaurants. GD’s grip around my waist tightens as I look to him, anxiety of what is to come.

“What now Oppa?” I ask as I burrow myself into his chest.

“We have to wait till Noona gets here to decide what we should do.”

“Am I going to get you guys in trouble?” I ask nervously.

GD smiles sweetly at me, “Don’t worry love, no one is getting in trouble.”

Suddenly the door busts open and Unni barges in, “She is in a whole lot of trouble.” I tense at her words, worrying how furious she must be with me but the apologetic look in her eyes tells me I’m not in trouble with her. “They are finding you in more and more pictures with other groups and the fans are all freaking out.”

I can’t help but ask, “Are they mad freaking out or curious freaking out?”

“I’m not sure yet, I’m hoping your magic persuasion potion will work on them too.”

“So are you going to take her public?” Daesung ask, worry obvious is his eyes.

“What do you mean public? She isn’t an idol,” Top snaps, he pauses for a minute as he tries to control his anger, something I’ve never seen. “Can’t we just ignore this? Charlie does not need to become some scandal.”

“It’s not that easy,” Unni says calmly, trying her best to keep everyone from freaking out. I look around at everyone’s angry or irritated face, feeling guilty for causing this trouble. I stand up and bow deeply, unable to ignore the tight feeling in my chest.

“I’m really sorry!” I say in a small voice, still staring at the ground. “I didn’t mean to be a bother. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Youngbae comes over to me and hugs me tight, “We aren’t mad at you. Don’t you ever think that,” He leans back as he scolds me like a father.

“He’s right, little one,” Top pulls me down to where he is sitting on the other couch. “We would never be mad at you. This is not your fault, it is ours for not being able to protect you properly. Now the media is going to make a giant mess of things. We should be the ones that are sorry.”

“We should be asking you this,” Unni sits on the other side of me. “Do you want to go public, or do you want to ignore it like Top says?”

“I don’t know, I trust you Unni, this is your field, whatever you think is best.”

She takes a deep breath as she thinks it over, scanning each man’s face before saying, “I think you should go public.”

“What?” The five men pop up out of their seats and glare down at their noona.

“Will you calm down?” She snaps at them.

“Noona, you can’t be serious,” GD nearly growls.

“You guys,” I say firmly, “I want to hear why she thinks that, so could you please calm down?” They all huff and grumble but settle back down in their seats.

“I think you should go public because it will snip their curiosity in the butt. If we continue to hide you, they aren’t going to just give up, they’re going to keep digging and digging until they find you. Also,” She looks to the boys, “if she were to become public you wouldn’t have to sneak around with each other anymore. You could post pictures of her, talk about her in interviews. No more having to go to the same private restaurants, you could go anywhere you wanted together.”

Top scoffs, “Charlie will also become a target of fan hate. She won’t be able to walk out in public without being mobbed. How do you not understand that her going public means her becoming like us, trapped in our apartments or venues?”

“Hyung I think you’re exaggerating, plus you’re scaring Charlie,” Seungri reaches around Top to place a hand on my thigh.

“She has the right to know what is going to happen,” Top snaps back.

“You could say it in a nicer way at least, this is a lot to deal with,” The two glare at each other.

“He’s right,” I say bringing everyone’s attention to me. “But I’m still going to trust Unni on this, I’ll go public.”

Youngbae strokes my cheek, “Are you sure you’re ready to be  stuck like us?”

I smile softly at him, “If I’m stuck with you guys, I don’t see a problem.” Though he won’t admit it, Top smiles at my words.

“But what about the fans?” Daesung reminds us.

“I was thinking if you guys stand up for her, she should be good, at least when it comes to VIPS.” Unni suggests as she looks to her phone and begins quickly typing an email.

“What about YG Ahjusshi, is he going to be mad about all this?” I ask looking to her anxiously.

“As soon as he found out he suggested that the boys back you up. In fact, the whole company,” She smiles at me.

I can’t hide my shock, “Really? Why?”

“Do you really think Ikon, your first knights, would let anything happen to you? And 2ne1? And YG himself? You’re the princess Charlie, they are just doing what knights are supposed to do.” I can’t help but be warmed by her words, my blush spreading across my face.

“What about all of her other knights?” GD pops up from his seat. “If we can get all of her knights together to basically say, ‘this is Charlie, she’s our friend, leave her the fuck alone or else.’ But more appropriate of course.”

“I like that,” Top chuckles, “I’m good with everyone saying, ‘leave her the fuck alone or else.’”

Unni nods, thinking it over, a smile spreads across her face, “Something like that might actually work.”


One week Later

“Are they sure this is going to work?” I nibble on my bottom lip as staff buzzes past me. Daesung hold on my hand tightens as he brings my small hand up to kiss the back of it, before giving me his amazing smile.

“Whether or not the fans like you, we all still love you very much,” He pulls me into a hug, placing a small kiss on the top of my head.

“I love you too Oppa,” I kiss his cheek, earning a large smile from the man.

Seungri comes and joins us back stage of the ‘special festival’ planned by manager Unni a lots of other people for my ‘coming out’ party. After all the people perform I’m supposed to go on stage and introduce myself with my oppas behind me. This is without a doubt the most nerve-wracking moment of my life.

“Are you ready to become famous?” Seungri teases as he also kisses my head.

“I don’t know how me being friends with you guys makes me famous but I guess so.”

The oldest three join us, all doing the same thing by kissing the top of my head like brothers or fathers. Top hugs  me tight before leaning away, still holding me with a small frown, “I’m really sorry you have to go through all of this Charlie. It’s all my fault.”

Without hesitation I wave his apology away, “Seunghyun Oppa, I don’t have a single regret after meeting you. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I love my life more than ever since you guys came into it. You are all the most amazing friends a person can ask for.”

“Aw,” GD coos as he basically rips me away from Top. “Our Charlie is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and will ever see.”

“Ya!” Unni pulls me away from the boys, earning non-threating glares. “You guys can have your moment later, right now we have a massive crowd of girls, boys, and reports waiting to see what is so special that all the companies got together for.”

I begin nibbling on my lip again as Unni leads me into the dressing room areas, bringing me to one with a cut out of a crown where the group name should be. Realization creeps in as she basically throws me into the makeup chair with two other unnies already waiting.

“Unni,” I whine confused, “What is going on?”

“Well, we all wanted you to look extra beautiful for tonight so we got you a little something.” She grins as she grabs a dress bag off the couch. “After your hair and makeup.”

With that the two makeup unnies start their work. It doesn’t take long for them to give me perfect winged eyeliner and matte red lips. Unni pulls me out of my chair and helps me into a bright red dress with a high neckline. The red lace is soft to the touch, the hem stopping just above my knee, making it just conservative enough. She hands me strappy black heels that I quickly put on. With the biggest smile I think she has ever had, she leads me to the full length mirror yelling, “Tadaa!”

I’m honestly surprised to see the girl in the mirror that is supposedly me. My normal mess of curls has been tamed into a beautiful milkmaid hair do with a few curls hanging free. My dress matches the bright shade of red of my lipstick perfectly. I have to admit, I kind of look like a princess with the slight poof of my dress. I turn to my unni, a massive smile on my face.

“Thank you so much for this Unni, you are absolutely amazing!” I wrap my arms around her and give her a massive hug.

“I should be thanking you, not only did I get an amazing dongseang but you made my life a lot easier, and those boys a lot more happy, so thank you our little princess.” We let each other go, still smiling like idiots. “Do you want to watch the performances? I have a private box ready for you so neither the people on stage nor the people in the crowd can see you.”

“Why can’t they see me?”

“I worked hard on this event, I want your grand entrance to amaze not only the crowd but also your whole army.” She grins.

“Let’s go,” I say as I let her drag me out of the room and through the maze of hallways. The private room give me a perfect view of the large stadium. With the only lights focused on the stage, the massive sea of light sticks looks like a galaxy. I stare in aw as group after group goes up and performs two or three songs until the last group starts performing and all of a sudden I remember what I’m doing here. Big bang steps on stage ready to perform bang bang bang, dressed up in their usual outfits or I guess in Youngbae’s case, dressed down.

Unni pulls me away from the window to go back down to the stage for me to go on. We sneak back, actually more like Unni would go a head and tell everyone to cover their eyes or move out of the way. She has me stand on one of the raising platforms blow the stage. Above I can hear big bang finishing Bae bae, after the crowd cheers, GD does his best to calm them down so he can speak.

“I bet you are all wondering what in the world this festival could be about,” GD yells into his mic, earning another cheer from the crowd. “I’ll tell you, but you all have to promise me that you will behave. So these are the rules, no booing, or yelling anything mean, or throwing anything. Understand?” Another cheer.

“You all have read the articles or seen the pictures of the dark skinned girl, correct?” Youngbae says this time. Less happy cheering. “Well that girl is a very good friend of ours. In fact she is not only our friend but also to many of your other oppas or unnies.”

Seungri takes his turn, “So we decided to hold this festival as a coming out party for you to meet her because she is not only our very dear friend, but she is our princess.” A blush spreads across my face.

“This is not only a coming out party though,” Daesung continues, “This is her official crowning as our princess.”

“So please,” Top finishes, “Welcome our princess Charlotte.”


I didn’t mean this to be a long post about Lee Geon …but it’s about to be. With a side of Walnut Line.

I always say Lee Geon is Mom bc of moments like THIS when he is clearly not feeling well but still pushes through.
He lies and says he fine. He smiles and acts cute for the camera during the vlive.

But in the background of other shots you can see he’s sleeping in the make-up chair and is obviously exhausted.

Even the sweet staff suggested they go to the hospital (I hope they did after the shoot) but Lee Geon just keeps persevering.

I always feel like Lee Geon is protecting Madpi. No matter how he feels personnaly he wants to show only pleasant things to us. Like a good mom he wants to bear the burden on his own so we can be blissfully happy.

And even though I KNOW he’s hurting and I KNOW it’s hard I still let myself believe his lies that it’s all OK. Bc somehow I really do start to believe that it will be. Just bc Madtown’s Mom said so.

And look at Daewon’s face in these shots. His face is calm but you can tell he is totally in tune with Lee Geon and can tell how he’s really doing. You can see the shadow of worry in our sunshine’s eyes for his precious friend. I’m so thankful they have each other. I feel better knowing that the Walnut Line is there for each other in moments like these.

Professor: what would we call this character- a uh… a boy toy, do people still say that? A prostitute?

Classmate: he’s more like a sugar baby

Professor: a sugar baby?! What’s that?

Me: the person who is on the receiving end … of a sugar daddy’s attention

Classmate: yeah, a sugar baby. You know, the one taking the sugar.

Professor: and a sugar baby is a girl or- oh? Boys can be sugar babies, too?

Me: it’s 2017, professor, of course boys can be sugar babies.

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I have never shipped Robin and Raven in any of there incarnations *be it comic, tv show, fandom* and the JSVSTT movie did NOTHING to sway me. It felt awkward and unnecessary and weird because is Damien still 10? I wanna say he is an actual teenager *like 13* since hes now a part of the TEEN titans but the time line is still pretty unclear to me and i dont know how much time has passed since SOB...your thoguhts?

yeah tbh i really just. don’t give a damn about the jl v tt movie and i don’t really care for robin n raven pairings bc i 100% hate how DC can’t move on from the trigon arc so they continuously age raven back down for no reason. (damian’s currently 13 as of rebirth i believe? which makes him 11/12 in r: son of batman bc he went on a year’s journey so time was a bit vague on if one or two years passed)

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I honestly don't know how anyone can think Robert wasn't that drunk in that ep, I mean she even phoned the next day to remind him of what happened! and ask if his head was ok implying the bad state she recognised he was in.

What can I say anon, some of the fandom, are determined to see what they want to see, regardless of the facts. They’ve actually said he was drunk, and yet people are still trying to say “he wasn’t that drunk, cause look at the Pub scene circa 2015.″ b

But tbh, Ryan’s acting wasn’t that great in that scene, it’s clear he hadn’t really ever played a drunk person before, so I’m not surprised he wanted to play it out a different way this time, and to me it felt very believable. 

The only thing we can do, is not let them get us down and annoyed (i am gonna try haha.) 

This will probably be the last time I talk about this, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.
I got my response back from him. I sent him a huge message telling him how much I love him even though he didn’t feel the same. I said that I was confused still and whether he had felt anything for me. To say the response was flat is an understatement. He acknowledged that he did like me but not as much as he should at the time. He then said that maybe his feelings for me might change in the future, but the tables could turn and I might be turning him down. He did want to remain friends though.
I don’t know how to feel. I’m sad that I seemed like nothing more despite putting in so much effort, but I’m annoyed that I was never given a second thought. I know he didn’t need to be in a relationship with me just because I wanted it, fair enough, but don’t I deserve a proper answer?
My heart hurts a little less now that I’ve told him everything, but I still have many things unanswered. I still have hope that something might happen out if this, but I know it won’t. I’m just so tired of being on my own, the loneliness and solitude is a hard thing to put up with when it’s the only feeling I’ve known all my life. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with him because having that sort of validation was something I never had.
It’s going to be a long road to stop myself from loving him. It’s going to be hard, especially if I do end up seeing them together flirting and kissing each other. I think the most important thing is to start loving myself. I never have and I’m finding that harder than anything else in the world. Hopefully I do because everything would stop hurting all the more.
I just have to carry on in the world by myself a little more longer. It upsets me but when you’ve been lonely all your life you do get accustomed to it. I do hope that I meet someone who actually wants to be seen in public with me one day, but now I want to rest my broken heart and be rid of the worst week I’ve had so far this year.

Wednesday Roundup

Today I’m going to be experiencing a full spectrum of what comics have to offer be it reading level, genre, story type, and values. Which is infinitely weird because it both promotes the fact that I have exceptionally bizarre tastes and that I’m nothing if not critical the most of the things I love the most. So let’s just jump right into it.

lso I’m not going to go fully into this in the actual reviews but it bears mentioning here: none of these covers are fair examples of the actual content of their issues. Like this is some 90s/early 2000s sorta marketing lies at this point. GIVE US COOL COVERS THAT ACTUALLY REFER TO THE COMICS, GUYS. So Diana has no fight with an army, Cass and Bruce have all of four pages together, Terry never is in contact with Curare, Pigeon Pete isn’t really doing more than he ever has in Turtles (which is, he says his name), Riri still hasn’t met any other superheroes yet other than Pepper, and the Spider-Fam DOES go against Sandman but he does not look that way nor are they in more danger from him than, say, Peter’s sanity is in danger of losing it when they go to a Chuck-E-Cheese with an annoying band song on repeat.

So these covers are from the LYING FAKE MEDIA is what I’m saying.

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, DC’s Batman Beyond, DC’s Detective Comics, Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man, IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC’s Wonder Woman

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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

why do i gotta ask for people to let this 30 yr old man live his 30 yr old life. like. drink a beer phil. call dan a cheeky fucking cunt when he’s being an idiot phil. make a disgusting sex joke that’s so bad it’s funny phil. live ur life. do it for me babe. im sorry people still treat you like a 15 year old scene kid who wants to fuck a plant.