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I have always said that Stiles is my favorite character and I’ve made the occasional joke about Coach being my favorite, but honestly Theo is.

If Stiles was still in season 6, he’d probably still be my favorite but also I love Theo more than words can describe. 

Cody is such an amazing actor and the way he portrays Theo is honestly astounding. The way he puts his heart and soul and everything into his acting and especially Theo makes me love him so much.

I will admit when I first watched season 5, I was not a fan of Theo. He was hurting my Stiles and I was not happy about that. At all. 

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But, towards the end of the season I started to think about it and I began to really like Theo. 

I saw how much pain he was in. He didn’t know what it was like for people other than the dread doctors (who he experienced no love from) to be around him and try and show him some kind of compassion so he didn’t care about anyone either. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t understand love. He didn’t grow up around love. His whole life he didn’t have that.

Yeah, he did awful horrible things and I can’t defend him on killing his sister but once Liam brought Theo back, he started to experience what it’s like for people to share some kind care for him. 

It was very obvious from the beginning of 6a when Liam brought back Theo that Theo was experiencing some kind of care to him.

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Once Theo came back in 6A I was so happy and excited and everyone else was pissed and hating on him AND Cody, which is not OK. And that’s still the case.

He use to be quite heartless and that’s not his fault. But he’s nothing like that anymore. 

He has a heart that holds love in it. He’s doing everything he can to be helpful and care and save people and he’s doing so damn well.

Theo isn’t totally like Scott because he’s still got downs but he’s gaining a lot of Scott’s qualities. And Scott cares about people. 

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Theo has saved Liam countless times and he cares about him. SO much. He said he would abandon Liam and the next scene he was back saving Liam and trying to get him to go with him.

But I mean you know, Theo is still pretty heartless. I mean he used himself as fucking bait and risked his life to save Liam. 

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And then there was when he rushed over to make sure Mason was okay after the anuk-ite boy was trying to attack them. Theo wanted to take Mason’s pain away and when he couldn’t he was so hurt and was trying not to cry. Obviously he would rather leave Mason there to die, not caring about how he’s doing, instead of trying to take away his pain and not leaving Mason’s side when Theo could leave because he wasn’t hurt.

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The times Theo said, “I don’t care what you do, just let me help you.”

and “I did all of this to keep you from being taken”

Or truly listening to what Liam is saving about history and saying “I’m impressed”

LEt’s not forget when the guy who use to hurt and try to kill people, helped Liam control his anger and stopped him from almost killing Gabe.

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AND almost killing Nolan.

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All of this means nothing though, right? He’s still the same person he was in season 5.

And that’s a load of bullshit.

I will defend Theo in every way I can and I will always love him, flaws and all.


So I saw this ask while i was on vacation and I occasionally thought about what other hairstyle suited Zen and well.. This is what I got lol..

  1. I tried his hair grown out and his bangs covering one eye. I feel like there’s a character like this already LOL.
  2. Uhhh.. Idk if you can tell the difference.. His hair is grown out here, but it’s more messy lol. Like, he still has some short layers sticking out;;;
  3. Lol my attempt at Cult Zen OTL his eyes would turn mint right.. idek LOL
  4. Yeah, I have this thing for pushed back hair and I’d say this one is my favorite that I’ve done HAHA

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You know what's crazy....louis has an almost two year old child, a "gf" he's dated since 2011 including 2016 because Danielle who. And a baby momma. And yet louis still can't even go to Harry's concert publicly???? It's so fucking stupid like do they think if louis had stood next to Niall at Harry's show last night that his eyes would shoot rainbow lasers at Harry's flower trousers . Would louis standing next to niall meant he was some gay unicorn doing flips in the air to SOTT?NO. FUCKING HELL.

one part of me is glad that he can still be there for him at such a pivotal moment in his life and the other is so incredibly sad that even after seven years they’re still denied to publicly support each other but i gotta say at this point the convenient mia time that always lines up with what the other’s doing speaks just as loud

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So what are your thoughts on Keith's vlog? I personally feel like it vindicated your metas about Keith being lonely rather than a proud loner, him wanting to connect to people, being well aware of his flaws, especially his shortcomings to socialize and befriend people and disliking that feature. However, there are a lot of people complaining that the vlog "proved" that Keith's a jerk who treats others badly and wallows in self-pity.

I think that it contextualized/vindicated a lot of reads on Keith that I had before. No accounting for how some people will read it, obviously, but personal things that I think are very interesting:

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First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space                                                           Third Part: Plotting                                                                        Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                       Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                                  Sixth Part: Distraction

Part 7 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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Once again, Virgil wakes up so, so slowly. He is cocooned in warmth, and he sighs contentedly, keeping his eyes closed, just enjoying the moment. Eventually, he realises there’s some sort of weight on him, and he opens his eyes. He blinks the sleep away and the first thing he sees is Roman’s arm, flung across his stomach. Then, he notices that Roman’s copy of the Wicked script is by his hip, and he smiles at the thought of Roman falling asleep reading it, the book eventually slipping out of his grasp.

Roman’s fingers twitch, and Virgil turns his head. He sees that Roman has given him all of the covers. He looks completely dead to the world, but Virgil can see that he’s starting to shiver, goosebumps running up his forearms. And, that won’t do at all. He tries to shift at least half of the covers over Roman, and Roman turns in his sleep, moving closer towards him.

“Hmm…flying…” he mumbles.

Virgil blinks. He waits a few seconds to determine that yes, that did just happen and yes, Roman does sleep-talk. 

And it’s adorable.

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Park Playdates

Part Two in the series. 

Part One

Shawn and Y/n are four now. 

They turned out just the way their mothers expected.

Best Friends. 

“Mom! Can we please go to the park now.” Shawn pleaded with his mother.

“Shawn, she’s not their yet. We have to wait a little longer.” Karen tried to explain to her impatient four year old.

“But Mom! I want to be there before they get there.” He pouts crossing his arms.

“Why? Won’t you be board without Y/n?” Karen asks, becoming confused with his request.

“No, I want to pick Y/n some flowers from the field.” He says looking up at his mom with his wide brown eyes.

“Why do you want to pick her flowers?” Karen asks.

“Daddy told me that when you love a girl you get her flowers.” Shawn shrugs, his curls bouncing. 

“Well then honey, get your shoes on.” Karen gives in. How was she supposed to argue with his logic. 

For four years old he is so mature and smart. 

They arrive at the park and Shawn takes off for the field, excited to pick Y/n some flowers. On the ride over all he could talk about was getting to see Y/n today. He has been a little sad and disappointed when Y/n and her family moved to the other side of town. But the mothers do everything in their power to make sure they still get to see each other all the time. They are even going to start Preschool together. 

“Hi Karen.” Y/n says softly walking up to Karen.

“Hi sweetie how are you?” Karen asks turning towards Y/n. 

“Um good, wheres Shawn?” She asks looking at the playground. Karen stands and sees Shawn in the field. He’s got a huge bouquet of flowers, mostly dandelions, in his hand. 

“Shawn?” Karen calls out. He looks up at her. “Shes’ here hun.” Karen points at Y/n.

Shawn’s face breaks out into a smile and he races back to his mom and best friend. 

“Hey.” Y/m/n says taking a seat next to Karen on the bench. 

“Watch this.” Karen says as Shawn comes running up. 

“Hi Shawn!” Y/n squeals. 

“Hi, here I picked these for you.” He says handing her the flowers. She takes them and smells them. 

“Thank you Shawn, I love them they are so pretty.” Y/n looks at Shawn. 

“Let’s go play.” He says holding out his hand. 

“What do I do with my flowers?” She asks.

“Oh?” Shawn comes to realization that she can’t play holding her flowers. He looks at his mom. 

“I can hold them for you.” Y/m/n interjects.

“Thanks Mommy.” Y/n says handing her flowers to her mom. She turns back to Shawn and takes his hand and they go off running to the playground. 

“What was that?” Y/m/n asks Karen. 

“He insisted on coming early to pick her flowers.” 


“Manny told him that when you love a girl, you get her flowers.” Karen says meeting Y/m/n’s gaze.

“Oh, wow.” Y/m/n smiles.

“I know. They might just be more than best friends one of these days.” 


When you almost lose your best friend again.

Before Barry got knocked out, he saw Hal getting wounded. So in his coma dreams Hal was dead again (with Barry feeling responsible for it). Hal never left his bedside and he talked to him a lot, trying to get through to him. It worked but probably not the way Hal imagined. 

I do just want to say that despite the horrific insanity that was the Home Farm stuff with Robert in the second episode, these two episodes were lovely and Maxine still remains the best writer that Emmerdale has even though she can’t even save the Hell Plot.

However, quick note on that stuff before we move on. It was awful, don’t get me wrong but it was somehow still well written?! I mean like it could have felt more like contrived awful plottiness and in some ways maybe that would have been better cause we could laugh it off more but somehow it wasn’t. I don’t know what I’m trying to say but Maxine just has a way of writing that doesn’t feel like anyone else who writes for the show. Also, Ryan was fantastic and John Bowe was tolerable tonight because he’s always great with Ryan.

Moving on, the awkward Aaron and the Doctor stuff was great. I knew he’d be gone after today so I was never worried but this was just fun to watch and since it’s Maxine, we get all of these little details about Aaron watching top gear and boring him with car chat and Liv teasing him about it and it’s awesome. And jealous Robert in those scenes was everything we ever wanted him to be. The moment with Vic and coming over and sitting down at their table was amazing and perfect and once I process a bit more, I will rewatch that. Charity taking pictures for Chas and filling Aaron in on her text was also a fun little, totally in character moment and I loved it.

The Aaron and Liv content in this episode was amazing. Aaron snapping at Liv and then finally opening up to her was perfect and sensitively done. It’s kind of terrible that they were talking about missing Robert when he’s off doing ridiculous and awful things but let’s forget about that and focus on the positives. Their little scene playing video games where Liv sees his scars and she asks if it was her fault was heartbreaking but I’m so glad they did that. I’m happy to see them happy and trying to rebuild. I also loved all of the talk about Aaron needing to take his time with things and talking to his counselor because that is everything I wanted from this break up with Aaron.

Prior to the nonsense, Robert talking about how Aaron deserves perfect was heartbreaking and I loved that once again Maxine had Robert bring up his bisexuality and come out to someone other than Aaron. I loved that she directly tied it to the shooting because it’s something we’ve all headcannoned but never really got to see explicitly stated so that was a nice detail and call back but I expect nothing less with Maxine.

And aside from all of the Roblivion scenes, the rest of the episodes were fantastic as usual. The Laurel and Nicola scenes were touching and beautiful. Jimmy’s comedy was a welcome relief. Lydia being Lydia and tackling Lawrence and being awkward with Jimmy was brilliant. Laurel and Bernice’s chat about Gabby was heartbreaking for Laurel and I love that Bernice is kind of oblivious to the real issues, which is very her.

Also, these episodes made me start missing Finn already. Now that he’s not caught up in stalker plot hell, Finn is great again and I’ve missed him. All of his interactions with Vic and Adam and even his part in the Robert and Lawrence stuff were great. And I’m sincerely sad that they are killing him off. Couldn’t they have killed Pete instead? Haha

Anyway, Maxine is still amazing and I love her and still wish she wrote every episode of this god forsaken show because it would be better for it.

Chosen ~ Part 1

Genre:  Romance Fluff/Angst/ Future Smut - Vampire and Royalty AU

Characters: Kai x OC x Sehun

Description: When the annual choosing ceremony comes rolling through, Lee Sora is confident a plain Jane like her won’t get chosen. Which is fine because she had no intention of ever becoming any of the Kings’ chosen queen. Imagine her surprise though when King Kai sets his sights firmly on her. Once a vampire king has decided, there’s no going back.  

It had been almost a full century since he has last been close proximity of his mortal enemy. And Sehun still looked as arrogant and full of shit as ever. Barking order after order at his royal guard like they were dirt at his feet instead of the trusted subjects they really were. In some cases, those receiving the said harsh treatment were some many would consider his friends. Not Kai though, he knew Sehun well enough to know the bastard didn’t really have any friends. He was much too cruel for anyone to be stupid or eager enough to step up into that role willingly. He really did feel sorry for the woman that was about to be chosen to become the queen to the likes of the ruthless king.

It wasn’t his concern though. Not when he had to worry about finding his own queen.

Kai felt an involuntary shudder tear through his frame and he prayed that the events of nearly one hundred years ago would never repeat themselves.  A bloody and ruthless war between their fathers had left the vampire world in ruins and had been the ultimate end to the choosing. It was a war that could never happen again. The vampire species would not survive a second war.

But as his mind wandered back to the thought of his fated mate, he already knew he would never be able to remain sensible where she was concerned. As soon as he found her, his instinct would demand he took care of what was his and he would dispatch anyone who so much as thought about taking her from him. No one would ever live to breathe another day if they ever harmed even a single hair on her head. She was too valuable, too precious of thought.

Turning, he surveyed the crowd and basked in the feeling of the electric currents running through his body that signaled her closeness. According to the lores, he would be able to sense and find her even in the largest of female filled crowds. He hoped that was true because judging from the noise that projected from outside, there were many females who had come in hopes of being Oh Sehun’s queen.

“Ready?” Jongdae asked as he moved to stand beside him. His eyes never faltering once as he turned to stare up at his brother’s gaze and Kai knew exactly why his older brother and head of his guard was staring at him so intensely.

There was no one on this earth that Jongdae hated more than their neighboring king. It was a wonder his brother hadn’t acted on that hate after all the years, but the truce was more than enough to thank for that. Especially since it required the two covens to keep any and all interaction to a minim. This event was no exception.

Kai allowed his gaze to roam across the room once more. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Your eyes are glowing brother, maybe you should keep yourself from looking in that direction for now.”

Kai glanced at Jongdae’s own glow free eyes, the stormy grey orbs as clear and glow free as could be. Of course, always the collected one. “My eyes have nothing to do with that bastard at the moment, and everything to do with my female. I can sense her, and the urge to mate is strong. I just hope that she’ll be agreeable to a speedy union.”

“I told you it would be wise to take a female before you meet her. Even if just to satisfy your hunger. Humans are…easily broken. We don’t want any accidents where it concerns your female, brother.” Jongdae’s voice was softer than a whisper, ensuring that no one would be privy to their conversation.

“I have a plan.”

“Please, tell me you at least drank recently,” Jongdae’s eyes narrowed dangerously. When Kai made no move to reply, his brother’s eyes narrowed even more. He made a sound of disbelief  at the back of his throat and continued, “Brother, should you harm our future—”

“Enough,” Kai growled.

Jongdae’s intense gaze faltered before falling to the marble floor at their feet.

“I said I have a plan. My future queen will come to no harm.”

Jongdae nodded. “Understood. It is time.”

Kai allowed himself to take a deep breath. He had been raised for this moment. Everything that took place in the next few minutes would determine not only his future but that of his coven’s as well.

No pressure.


Sora had never seen one of the vampire kings in person. Like most of the world, the closest she had come to laying eyes on them was through the tabloid pictures that the media seemed to have no shortage of. But even through pictures, it was painstakingly obvious that they were some of the most gorgeous creatures ever created.

All the more reason why her homely self would never have any place at their side. Not that she would want to be even if she did at least look half as good as any of the other gorgeous woman that roamed the planet. The choosing ceremony was much too out dated for her liking and downright sexist. One would think modern day woman would rally together to oppose such a downgrading act, yet every eight hundred years the woman would swarm in hopes of being chosen as the next queen.

The worst part of the entire ordeal was the fact that vampires and humans didn’t really interact so there was little very little known about their species. Least of all, what of the many lores concerning them were true and false.

For what felt like the hundredth time, she wished her best friend Yoona was there with her. The whole thing was a real circus and she had never wanted to cling to her friend for support more. She hadn’t realized how many women there were in Exodia between the ages of twenty and thirty. Aside from the age, there had been many requirements, a long list in fact, that the drafted women need to meet. Everything from a clean medical record and height and even weight.

Sora sighed irritably as a group of older and giggling women squeezed past her to get a closer spot to the podium, loudly proclaiming that it would give them a better chance of being chosen for one of the kings. She almost wished she was divorced just like Yoona, that would have automatically disqualified her from being drafted and then she wouldn’t have been forced to attend the choosing ceremony in the first place. The orders had been clear, if you met the requirements it was mandatory to be there. For whatever reason, the human justice system went along with this whole farce once a century. Only those wanting a fast track to jail failed to show up.

But what scared her the most though was the thought of how many of these women were actually hoping to be chosen today.

Vampire queen.

Sora cringed at the very thought. For once she was thankful for her plain brown hair and brown eyes. Men preferred women worthy of being called supermodels. She would be more than safe.

The entire courtyard practically buzzed with excitement. The two kings were handsome, yes, but they also happened to be vampires. They drank blood casually for goodness sake. Had all these women forgotten that in the mists of hoping to become royalty?

It was early afternoon but you wouldn’t have been able to guess that by how some of them were dressed. Little black numbers, low cleavage showing tops, sequins, jewelry and even a few evening gowns seemed to be the order of the day. The amount of skin on display alone was obscene.

Sora did a double take as another woman nudged past her to get closer to the podium, her eyes bulging at the sight of the woman. The woman was clad in a sheer, completely see-through, dress. Her lady bits on display for every John and Jane Doe to see. With all that exposed skin, Sora hoped the woman had at least used sunblock. The highest possible factor.

She glanced down at her Chuck Taylors, worn out jeans and her simple lavender top. Maybe she should have put a little thought in her appearance but then again, she had no plan of getting noticed by anyone. Her plan was simply to blend into the crowd and wait for the kings to swoop away with one of the supermodel like women so she could return to her normal, vampire-free life. It wasn’t much but her little bookstore meant the world to her.

She had owned Lolita Books for over two years now. Reading had always been her major passion in life, that and a good steaming mug of tea. There was nothing better than delving into a good book, one that took her mind off just how messed up the world could be at times.

It had been almost a year since she had last dated too and that relationship had ended…badly. But that was fine because sex was just overrated as far as she was concerned. She could just imagine how much worse it would be with a bloodsucking vampire. It wasn’t like one of the kings would ever think of choosing a plain Jane like her anyways. What a waste of her precious time.

There was silence followed by a chorus of sharp gasps as two of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen walked onto the platform. Sora had expected fanfare. A trumpet call. An announcement at the very least. What she hadn’t expected was to be shocked stupid. The pictures she’d seen of the men didn’t do them any justice at all.

Tall, check.

Built, check.

Painstakingly gorgeous, check.

The women in the crowd swooned from all around her. Another, closer to the front, fainted and barely even a second later a duo of medics had swooped through the crowd and placed her unconscious form on a stretcher.

The king on the left was slightly taller and from what she could recall from her aunt’s love of reading tabloids, he had to be the king known as Sehun. His face was that of one that sculptors would die to kill, features that seemed to be carved out of cold marble. His raven black hair framed those features and even from the long distance between them, she could tell he had equally as dark eyes that seemed like they could pierce right through anyone and everyone’s soul.

The second king oozed charisma, his dark brown hair falling in effortless perfection across his forehead. There was no mistaking King Kai even if she had wanted to. He, like the king beside him, was the very definition of what the media told us gorgeous was. And they would both look even more so if they smiled, that she was sure of.

“Pick me!” One of the women close to platform suddenly cried, her arms waving wildly in the air when it appeared that the kings were ignoring her outburst.

A group to the side even hoisted a ‘Look over here’ sign up in the air.

What was it with these freaking women?

Both men seemed to be beyond tense, their hands fisted tightly at their sides as they silently observed the crowd. Eventually, the crowd grew even more restless and suddenly there seemed to be women pushing from all sides of her, all suddenly trying to make their way to the front and gain the attention of one or both of the handsome kings.

Then King Sehun stepped forward, those impossibly dark eyes locking with her own. What the hell? Adrenaline surged through her blood, but her mind immediately rejected the idea that he was actually looking at her. It had to be some sort of mistake.

Those dark eyes swept down her form, igniting a sudden burst of flutters in their wake. His gaze seemed to stay on her for what felt like an eternity and then she watched as he tore his eyes away from her to glance at the tense King behind him, a visible sigh vibrating through his body. When he next turned back to the crowd, a bored look was etched upon his features.

“You,” His voice held no emotion as he gestured to a woman on the other side of the crowd. Almost immediately a group of leather-clad men surged through the crowd and towards the woman.

Sora shivered, thanking the heavens that she hadn’t been chosen. She was still very sure the past few minutes had been nothing but her imagination and yet, those dark eyes were simply not something she could forget. She could practically still feel him on her.

Then the woman surged forward, a panicked cry escaping her lips as King Sehun’s guard neared her. “No! Please, I don’t want this.”

If the King or his guard heard her, they certainly didn’t seem to care for her protests because a second later one of the men had caught one of her arms and slung her over his shoulder. It was such brutish action that Sora couldn’t help but gape at the circus show even as the guards sauntered past her and towards the platform where King Sehun was waiting for the woman.

This wasn’t right.

How could this be allowed to happen? Sora looked around her at the multitude of willing ladies. Women that were practically throwing themselves at the vampire kings and would quite possibly kill to be in that woman’s place. Why did he have to go and pick one of the few that wasn’t interested?

Sora found herself taking a few steps towards the platform, halting only when she realized what she was doing. She couldn’t get involved. She couldn’t afford to. She had a carefully constructed plan that would get her back home and to the safety of her bookstore. Besides, it wasn’t like a human like her could change anything. The choosing ceremony had been a tradition for thousands upon thousands of years.

A large group of women at the front screamed to Zane that he pick them instead. One of the young ladies even lifted her top to reveal a very braless chest.

But King Sehun was much too busy to conversing with the head of his guard to pay any of the women even the slightest of attention. He didn’t even glance up once to observe the ear-shattering screams of the woman he had just chosen to be his queen.

“Please don’t do this. Please, I beg you. I have someone I love.” The woman wails had turned onto full on sobs at this point and Sora’s heart ached to hear them. It was more than she could bear.

Finally, King Sehun glanced away from the head of his guard but not to acknowledge the pleas of the sobbing woman. Instead, he simply nodded towards the waiting SUV that would soon escort him and the sobbing woman away.

“Oh God, please no,” she was sobbing in earnest.

It proved to be about all Sora could take because the guards hardly even taken a single step towards the fan before she was pushing towards the front and the vampire king. “Stop! What you are doing is downright barbaric.”

The rowdy crowd hushed.

“She doesn’t want to go with you. Let her go right now.” Sora projected, sounding more confident than she felt as those dark eyes turned on her again. “This is a sexist, disgusting tradition that needs to be put to an end. Why can’t you choose someone that’s actually interested in going with you? Why does it have to be her?”

King Sehun glanced back at the rigged king behind him with a look of disdain as if though he was the one to blame for the sobbing woman’s state. “This woman has been chosen as my mate. What is done cannot be undone.”

Without another word, he made his way towards the SUV as if though his answer was enough to silence any questions she had about how sexist and unfair the choosing ceremony was.

“Easy, little one.”

Sora froze at the sound of the smooth voice in her ears. Mustering as much courage as she could, she slowly inched her head around to found the smoldering gaze of King Kai who had somehow appeared behind her in the mist of everything.

“Would you like me to remover her, my lord?” A voice to the right of the king asked.

His smoldering eyes remained locked on her, his nostrils flaring as he took a sudden step towards her.

“Lord Kai?” the voice inquired.

”She’s coming with me.”

Sora felt like she was stuck in her frozen state as he took her hand and started leading her towards another SUV. She wanted to pull away, to dig her heels in the ground, but her traitorous feet kept on moving in time with his. It was only when they reached the waiting SUV and Kai opened the door and gestured for her to enter, that she finally snapped out of it. Part of her didn’t want to believe this was happening. As ridiculous as it seemed, King Kai had chosen her.


Surely not.


His eyes snapped down to her. Intense, smoldering and buzzing with what seemed to be excitement.

“This isn’t happening,” she whispered. Maybe she’d tripped on her way to confront King Sehun, knocked her head and was stuck in the middle of a really confusing nightmare

The corner of his mouth quirked up into a gorgeous smile. Damn, but he was good to look at. His dress shirt clung to him in all the right places. Dark jeans hugged legs of steel. For a second she was tempted to get into the car, to forget about her life. To focus solely on the delicious man in front of her, but who was she kidding? He was a monster. He drank blood for effort’s sake. It wasn’t going to happen.

He cocked his head to the side, a gesture for her to continue.

“I think you may have made a mistake,” She somehow managed to croak out.

Compared to the mob of screaming ladies, she was greatly underdressed. She loved cupcakes far too much, especially vanilla ones with strawberry icing. As a result, she had plenty of feminine curves. Her ex had complained on many occasions, he’d even gone so far as to set up an appointment with a dietician for her.

“No mistake,” His smooth voice ignited strange feelings inside of her. Those smoldering eyes swooped down her form and she suddenly felt as if though a furnace had been turned on inside of her body.

And then with the gentlest of tugs on her hand, he pulled her into the SUV with him. Sora went with him, telling herself that he would be much more willing to let her go once they were in private and he realized he walked away with the ugly duckling of the crowd. He would soon realize his mistake and rush back to the crowd to nab one of the much better-looking women.

King Kai’s scent engulfed her senses. A sweet mixture of pine and musk. All man. It was so delicious that she had to bite down on her lip from whimpering out loud.

“So you drink blood?”

Sora’s eyes widened at the sound of her own voice blurting out the intimate question. Clearly, her brain and her mouth were not on the same page.

“Sorry. Forget it. I don’t know what I was thinking. Do I call you Lord or Your Majesty?”

His lips twitched up into that gorgeous smile again, her heart skipping a beat at the very sight of it. “You may call me Kai, little one. As to the blood…” His gaze dropped to her exposed neck. “I only partake from other vampires, so you have nothing to fear.”

She nodded feeling oddly disappointed. It was like she’d actually felt excitement at the prospect of him biting her. No freaking way.

“What is your name?” He stretched out on the soft leather seat, his thigh brushed hers. Heat seared at the area where their bodies touched.

It took a few seconds for her to register that he had asked her a question. “Oh, um…Lee Sora.” What an idiot, she extended her hand out.

His eyes crinkled at the edges as he smiled at her once more and leaned forward and clasped her hand in his much bigger one. The air inside the SUV must have thinned because she struggled to draw a breath.

“I’m pleased to call you my own, Lee Sora.”

She was screwed.

She loved the way he said her name.

Loved it far too much for a woman trying to escape.

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I love Klance, literally with every bone in my entire body, but? I love them both equally and separately. I want them to have their own moments, their own acknowledgements, their own time to be appreciated. This is especially true when it comes to Keith, because of how gravely misinterpreted he is to some (MOST) people. Keith and Lance are still their own individuals through and through. Not everything has to be Klance this or Klance that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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After All Things (Part V&VI:) A Preview

The rest of this should be up sometime this weekend, hopefully. I’m actually thinking it will be two parts. A part 5 and a part 6 (which I will more than likely submit at the same time,) because there are some elements to this that need to be separate from each other in order to do them justice. Peter has more to tell; he needs one more part all to himself.

Until then, here is a little sneak peek for you:

‘He was still on his knees, red and blue of his suit glowing against the pale color of your sweater, strong arms clinging to you, fingers tight and scrunching at the knitted fabric where he held onto everything. You pulled away from him, chestnut colored curls spilling all over the place as you ran fingers through sweaty locks; glossy brown of his eyes like kindling for the fire in them as he looked up at you.

The bird that was your heart rattled in the cage of your chest, his words terrifying and exciting and enough to cause that thing nestled below the strength of his arms to shift and kick at your insides; precious, fluttery warmth asking you, asking him, the only way that it knew how.

The feeling of his words was crushing, but in that way that made you jittery and consumed with good.

But then your brain reined you in, clipping at the feathers of those wings a little to prevent your heart from flying away too soon. To prevent you from falling too hard when the reality of his words sunk in and he realized this was probably just a reaction to what had almost happened again.

When he started thinking too hard and too fast.

“Peter, sweetheart, you need a minute to calm down,” delicate fingers smoothed over messy brows, working to put them back into place; disturbed from the violent way he’d ripped his mask off to get at you, to bring his skin to yours in the desperate way he’d needed to, “I’m not going anywhere, you don’t nee - ” Your lips halted as you took in the dejected expression on his face.

He looked down, shaking his head, ducking low and messing his brows up again as he pushed at knit wool to hide his frustration; irritation at the way he was feeling and the thoughts racing in his brain; his inability to say what was necessary.

He breathed you in, taking in the scent of your skin through itchy fabric, rubbing his forehead gently across your stomach, “It’s not that, not at all,” words carried on his exhale.

“Tell me,” and your fingers were in his hair again.’

Reassurance (ROMAN REIGNS)

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Hope I did your idea justice anon

Also hope this career choice was as clever as it seemed to me lol tried to be different


Reader has been dating newly divorced Roman for a few months but has her insecurities about their relationship: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


I stood off in the background as Roman and Galina had their moment together.

He still looks at her with so much happiness, I thought to myself while I watched him smile at her deep in conversation.

Even after the whole cheating scandal she put him through, not to mention the divorce.

But wouldn’t it on anybody who has to find out in the tabloids that their then, wife was hooking up with some random?

Uh, yeah.

Yet he can still flash a smile, laugh and hang around her on any given day like everything’s the same.

Was it love they still shared?

That question popped up in my mind often, way to often.

Me and Roman’s relationship was sorta new. We’ve only made it official a few months ago. Our careers brought us together when I became a publicist for WWE and him being one of the top wrestlers.

The attraction was always there, on my part anyway. As for him, he was married and I respected that and kept my distance but then as his marriage slowly came to an end our relationship began.

And as it so happen, I was appointed to help with the backlash Galina caused when she stepped outside her and Roman’s marriage.

I always saw it as a blessing in disguise considering that’s what really brought us closer.

I was brought back to reality when I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist.

“I didn’t even notice you coming back over babe,” I smiled, looking up at my boyfriend. “I thought you were still talking with Galina.”

Roman shook his head. “I had to come give my favorite girl some attention. You were looking a bit lonely.” He replied and I sighed.

I know he meant it as a joke but that really was how I felt.

“How else am I supposed to be looking while my boyfriend is chatting it up with his ex wife?” I questioned trying my best to not to be heard.

But of course I was.

Roman removed his arms from around my waist, taking a couple steps back to look at me. “Am I missing something?”

“No… I.” I groaned. “It’s just that, you seemed so happy to see her. Like always, Rome. And I get it, you and her have a long history, a long friendship but you was also married to her at on point in time.” I began rambling. “Just… do you still love her?”

I looked at him for what seemed like eternity waiting for an answer from him only to get a chuckle.

I slapped his bicep. “This isn’t funny, Roman. I’m telling you how I feel.”

“And I’m laughing because the way your feeling is stupid babe.” He answered.

Great. Just great.

He thinks that’s stupid. Just what I needed, something else to add to my insecurities.

He must have saw the how much that sentence stung me because before I could even say anything he began talking again. “No I’m sorry Y/N. I meant that in the best way possible though, so don’t think you shouldn’t have come to me with this.”

I nodded a stray tear rolling down my cheek.

When did I start tearing up?

Roman must have noticed it too considering he reached out and wiped it away. “Look, what I’m saying is, I only love you. You my girl. It’s me and you now, no one else. I may care for Galina still, but that’s only in a friendly sense. You have nothing to worry about Y/N. All my love belongs to you.”

He gently pulled me in to him, leaving no space between us.

“Only you.” He spoke softly, leaning down.

This time it was me who closed the space between that separated our lips. I placed my palms on both sides of his cheeks, losing myself in our shared kiss almost instantly.

“It’s only you too, Rome.” I whispered breathlessly as we pulled away from each other.

“Of course it’s only me.” He smirked. “I mean, it’s not like you can find someone as sexy as this.” He said referring to himself.

Oh this man, I thought keeping in a giggle.

“But you can find someone as sexy as me?” I asked wanting to mess with him.

“What–? I didn’t say–” Roman stuttered.

I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

My giggle escaped my lips as I began walking off ahead of him. “I’m joking Rome.”

Roman caught up to me in no time, effortlessly scooping me up in his arms, causing me to squeal.

“I love you.” I heard him say in my ear causing my heart to flutter.

I’ve heard it from him at least a handful of times now but let’s be real, when a man who looks like mines does, it doesn’t matter if you’ve heard him say it a thousand times, your heart would flutter.

“I love you too.”

gotham spoilers s4e1: ivy and oswald

alright i’m making this post bc it seems like not a lot of people have addressed this

i do not think ivy meant to do long-term harm to oswald or ruin his reputation.

a lot of people forget that despite looking like a full grown woman, she’s still like 14 years old mentally. teenagers can be very irrational, they hold grudges and do stupid shit (literally look at any high school drama to prove my point).

she was annoyed at how oswald treated her earlier in the episode, and it was probably built up with recent events, with oswald being super busy and frustrated. he just wanted some alone time to sort his thoughts and get his feelings out by ‘talking’ with frozen ed, and when she interrupted him of course he’s gonna say some shit bc he’s oswald and also has a very short temper. it’s obvious that ivy sees him in a ‘big brother’ kind of light, and we saw that even when they first met she absolutely hated when oswald got snippy with her and just wanted him to like her.

and also, what ivy did wasn’t inherently super bad. she turned the power off, big whup. i don’t think she fully realized the gravity of the situation and couldn’t predict the fuckin shootout that it caused, nor oswald getting sprayed with the fear toxin. she probably just figured it would leave everybody confused, ruin the party, maybe cause a scuffle.

but all in all, i really don’t think ivy’s turning on oswald. she’s a very emotion driven person and a teenager that will hold grudges and do petty shit to get back at people, especially someone like a sibling.

i’m not saying what she did was okay, for her or the writers, but i don’t think it will completely ruin the dynamic her and oswald have built.

the freak family’s still okay.

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your josh post is brown erasure. he's not afro latinx. he has some cousins/uncles that are black but he himself is not. he's BROWN. stop with the brown erasure.

listen Josh’s family themselves said that “our grandmothers are black, my father is black” if you have direct family members that are black…you’re black. mixed or otherwise. He’s still latino, i’m not saying that he’s not, i’m definitely not erasing that part of him AT ALL…and that’s what people are focusing on, anyway: that he’s the first latino winner. What’s the harm in celebrating his afro-latino identity too? There’s too many afro latinos who erase or are ashamed of that part of themselves. Can’t i just celebrate that extra bit of representation? 

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KRAGS AND DRAX SPARRING AND BOXING EACH OTHER (Krags gets beaten bloody, no mistake, but the match ends with a well-planted elbow in Drax's chest that knocks the wind out of him and lands him on the floor)

I’m betting, like, all my non-existent money that Kraglin does manage to land a hook on the other’s jaw that leaves quite a bruise. He did learn some things from Yondu, after all, and Yondu in turn from Stakar - who surely has to be a boxer (*cough* because he is space-Rocky *cough*) - and Drax shows the bruise off to everyone afterwards as if it’s a badge of honor.

Kraglin might not be so proud of his own bloody bruises and the black eye he has, but is still grinning because Drax is so happy and he did hold his own, after all.

Gamora smacks them both over the head while Peter smiles helplessly, still trying to patch up Kraglin who “absolutely ain’t needin’ it, Pete, thanks” while Groot imitates the two’s boxing moves and is super excited about it all.

hc that one of the things that damen loves to gift laurent are books. beautiful gold-trimmed editions of some of laurent’s favorite childhood books that auguste read to him as a kid and laurent now remembers fondly. trashy romance books that damen thought laurent might enjoy bashing (while avidly reading). books about wrestling after laurent seemed to be interested in the sport. because even if laurent is different from the bookish boy he once was, damen still loves to indulge and cherish that part of him that laurent has kept hidden for so long, the softer side of him that now damen gets all to himself.

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a's has called Dick the detective too (and official DC info does call Dick the 2nd best detective in the world. still true in Rebirth since Wally called him that too). What made me think why Ra's is focused on Bruce, Tim and Damian but not Dick or Jason comes down to control. Damian is his grandson and Ra's will always carry some interest in getting him back as he grows in skill under Bruce. Bruce has this inner darkness that Ra's wants to use against him. After all Bruce himself believes if-

2 he crosses a line he won’t come back. I’m honestly surprised Metal doesn’t have a Al Ghul Batman considering how much Ra’s pokes and prods at Bruce being not so different and wanting him to take over. Tim seems pretty similar to Bruce deep down. Out of the Robin’s I remember Tim coming off as being very cold when he wants to be. When he lost his parents and Bruce, Tim became pretty ruthless in a way Bruce and Dick at their worst never were. I think Ra’s saw some potential to mold Tim. -

3 Dick doesn’t have that same kind of darkness though. Dick hates Talia and Ra’s and doesn’t give them any chances. His character is about being free and overcoming his trauma. Bruce has Dick’s undying loyalty, but he’s (and Jason) the protege Bruce has the least control over. Ra’s has no chance with Dick either and I doubt wants to even bother. In the end I don’t see it as liking or favorites but what Ra’s can work with. Heck, Rebirth Tim is getting creepy w/his dictator views. =p

That’s very well said and I agree wholeheartedly! 

Filet Mignon

@notedchampagne man, I hope there’s enough fluff in this to make up for the lame title.

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