but he ripped off his own leg though

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Hi, I really like your profile. Could you maybe do one where they see MC for the first time in a strapless and short dress?


  • goes RED IN THE FACE
  • if you look carefully enough, you might notice his soul leaving his body
  • can’t look you in the eye for the first 2 minutes
  • he’s so embarrassed to the point where you get secondhand embarrassment 
  • poor child worries that you’re going to get cold wearing just the dress
  • can’t even get a full compliment out because he keeps tripping over his words
  • in the end, you have to grab his hand and lead him out the door before you’re both late for the dinner reservations
  • literal puppy during the entire date
  • he was right you got cold but it’s okay since he carried around an extra jacket for that very moment


  • almost choked on his cup of water when you walked out of the room
  • had to step outside on the balcony for a few seconds to calm down 
  • when he walks back in, he makes a beeline past you and into your room
  • reemerges with an armful of jackets and dresses
  • “babe, you should change into something else”
  • “what, why? is this one bad?”
  • “n-no, it’s great;;; so great i don’t want any other men seeing it”
  • “but zeeeen i’ve wanted to try this dress on for a long time”
  • “….then at least wear a jacket”
  • even without looking, you could feel him giving the stink eye to anyone who even tried to glance at you
  • “yes, i made reservations here for me and my giRLFRIEND”
  • he showers you with compliments during the dinner though, which made you really happy


  • she actually got really flustered
  • reflexively turned around so she wouldn’t see
  • “jaehee… i’m not naked, you know”
  • “oh… i didn’t mean to offend you, i was merely surprised”
  • “does it look bad?”
  • she cleared her throat before turning back around, giving you a once-over before smiling and saying that you look great
  • once she got past the embarrassed stage though, she wouldn’t stop staring at you
  • it’s one of those appreciative and admiring stares that you thought she only reserved for zen
  • insists on you having outerwear as well, to keep yourself warm when needed


  • froze for like 5 seconds before striding over towards you
  • “…shall we spend the evening at home instead?”
  • “what? why?”
  • “i’d like to be the only one who can see you like this”
  • “but… the restaurant reservations” cause food is life
  • “if you’d really like to go, then i have no choice. however, bring something to cover yourself while we travel. it’s chilly at night”
  • he tried taking a picture of you during the meal
  • but all he got was a blurry mess he decided to hire a photographer for next time
  • watches you like a hawk to make sure you’re comfortable
  • sneezing because your dress is a bit too short? he’ll nearly rip off his jacket so you can cover your legs
  • loves your dress though, and hopes you wear more like them for future occasions


  • this idiot takes it as a competition
  • dashes back into his room and reemerges wearing a dress of his own dear god it’s way too short for a man
  • “what do you think, MC? this one really shows my legs doesn’t it?!”
  • oh my god, you are not going out like that”
  • “haha are you worried i’ll look better than you? don’t worry, your outfit is on par with my hacking skills!! i could never beat it!”
  • “never mind that, that dress is shorter than mine! aren’t you cold?!”
  • “… well, i do feel a slight breeze down–”
  • he really thinks you look great, though
  • looks all smug and giddy while walking with you outside
  • you noticed him carrying around this big folded fabric in his arms, and ask him what it was
  • he says it’s for when you get cold and you tell yourself to never let him know you’re cold
  • because it’s this horrifying shade of green and is littered with sleeping kittens it’s kind of cute but it’s not
  • he actually brought it to cover you when he thought too many guys were making eyes at you so when he suddenly unfolds it with a flourish and drapes it around you like some cape you’re mortified
  • wait, i’m not cold!!”
  • “hmm~ it’s a precaution! did you feel it? that breeze just now!”
  • that breeze was from when you flapped this blanket thing!
  • “this isn’t a ‘blanket thing’! it’s a fortified defense against wind chill and low temperatures!”
  • in the end, you gave up and trudged around with the monstrous cape while he happily rambled on about what other plans you two have for tonight the blanket was actually really warm but you’ll never admit it
{PART 2} Blurring The Lines (M) // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by ceohan

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: After giving a believable excuse to leave the others, you meet Jaebum on the 4th floor in the old practice room where you both get up to no good~

A/N: This is the final instalment of a two part series ^^ I recommend you read the first part before reading this part (which I have linked below) :D Thank you!

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut, dirty talking and rough sex~

{Part 1} {Part 2; Final}

You made up an excuse to slip out of the room, telling everyone else that your manager wanted to speak to both you and Jaebum. “Leader stuff!” you recalled exclaiming as you skipped up the steps to the 4th floor, wondering what would await you when you entered the unused dance practice room. As you bounded up the last flight of stairs, you couldn’t shake the recent feeling of Jaebum’s possessive grip on your hips – the way he pulled you right into his broad frame so aggressively; making you hungry for more of what he had to offer you.

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-Smut Alert-



“Just relax…” He says in his nonchalant monotone manner that always makes you hate how emotional you are. You lay there under him, he’s looking down at you, while you hide your face from him, embarrassed that you were so shy. You’d never done this before and it made you even more nervous to know that Shownu would see just how inexperienced you are. 

He grabs both of your wrists and pins them down to the bed, his face getting closer and closer to yours. He smiles slightly at the cringed look on your face as his face makes a detour toward your neck, where he leaves a soft kiss right below your chin. You shiver from this and he smiles even wider, eyes almost completely disappearing. He tilts his head to the side and goes right at it. His lips and tongue feel like magic on your neck, making you whimper and wrap your legs around one of his. You suddenly want to touch him all over, though his hands around your wrists prevent you from doing so. 

It’s not until he’s satisfied with your moaning that he sits up from his spot and rips his shirt off over his head. You gape at his muscular form and swallow hard, reaching for your own shirt when he motions for you to take it off. When your shirt is off and discarded to the floor, you yelp in surprise as he grabs your hips and undoes your jeans to slowly pull them off of you. He takes off his own pants as soon as yours are off. He resumes kissing you softly, this time on your lips. Your arms automatically move around his neck suddenly feeling a little more comfortable doing something you’re more familiar with. 

You suddenly feel a bulge rubbing against your core so you decide to wrap your legs around his hips, pulling him closer to you and allowing his bulge to grow even larger against you. You hear him groan from the friction and you smile against the kiss. You start to feel a lot more comfortable seeing that he is enjoying it so much. Moving his tongue downward, he makes his way to your breasts. He pulls aside your bra roughly to trap an already hard bud into his mouth. Electric shocks run through you as you arch your back. He licks your nipple one last time before moving down again, this time to be in line with your pussy. When he peels away your panties your hands instinctively move down to cover yourself, due to his close proximity to your core. 

“Don’t be shy,” He says to you in a husky voice you’ve never heard from him before. Removing your hands from in front of him he stares at your pussy for a second before he attacks your clit with his tongue. He circles it with the tip of his tongue as he looks at you squirming under him. He stares into your face, with a hungry look, as he begins to rub your clit with two fingers. You feel an unimaginable feeling begin to approach as he continues to rub you and you can’t help but feel turned on by how he stares at you so intensely. 

He stops what he’s doing to move back up towards your mouth again, kissing you passionately. You can taste your juices on his lips, which turns you on even more. Your hands move towards his muscular shoulders pulling him closer to you. One of his hands move down to pull off his boxers as he continues to kiss you. You two part lips when his penis bounces free and you can’t help but feel nervous again.

“Please go slow,” You plead, looking into his eyes which are doing that thing they do when he smiles, again.

“Of course, baby.” He tells you as you feel his cock rub against your clit. You jump at the contact though you grab onto him tighter allowing him to rub his cock against your entrance. He asks if you’re ready right before he slowly enters you. You feel yourself getting lost in the pain but also loving every second of it. 

When you’re finally adjusted to his length you close your eyes and hold his shoulders all the while getting ready to go along for the ride.


I decided to cut it off at that, cause it seemed like the perfect spot to leave everyone hanging lol!

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would it be to much to ask for a one shot nsfw with fili?

Here we go! I used an imagine from imaginexhobbit for inspiration:

Book of Secrets

-smut warning-

Oh no, you thought to yourself as you frantically searched for your trusty notebook. The worn old thing had been through some very turbulent times with you, including a trip to a whole other world. Yet, it was no where to be found in the leather tote which carried your few measly possessions. You tossed the bag to the ground as you ran your hands roughly through your hair; there were things in that notebook which should not be written anywhere but in your mind.

You heard a gasp and turned with dread as your mind figured out what must have happened to your notebook. The entire company of dwarves had their backs to you in a half-huddle, though you did not need x-ray vision to know what they were all whispering about. You closed your eyes with a cringe and held back the urge to cry or run away. Instead, you forced your eyes open and your feet forward as you approached the meddlesome dwarves.

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A New Court  Part II

PART I   III   IV   V    Part VI  Part VII   Part VIII Part IX

AN: Thank you all for your wonderful responses to the last chapter! I’m so happy you guys liked it. Every like and reblog makes my day, and when you guys comment or send me asks, truly and honestly, that can pull me out of a bad mood. EX: Yesterday I came home from work, and my guards hadn’t really been listening to me all day and they were rotating very slowly to their spots, and I didn’t get to take a break the entire 5 hours I was working, but someone sent me an ask thanking me for the chapter and my bad mood was completely gone. I hope you enjoy this!

Rhysand was already waiting at the camp by the time Lucien and I managed to convince Tamlin of our good intentions—and that we really, truly didn’t need him to accompany us. We’d tied our horses to a couple of trees and grabbed each other’s hands before winnowing to the war camp.

Rhys was leaning against a tree, but unhitched himself as soon as he caught sight of me.

The pain of seeing him was agonizing. The pain of knowing that I couldn’t get too close to him, couldn’t touch him at all was even more so. Still, I dropped Lucien’s hand and ran to him, my heart pounding in my chest, my mouth still foul tasting from this morning’s bout of nausea.

We ran to each other, close as we dared without catching each other’s scent. I saw my own pain mirrored in his eyes and for a moment, I saw the situation from his point of view. He had spent so many years in agony—most of it before I was even a thought, before I was even born. He spent three more years in even more pain because he knew I existed, but he couldn’t touch me, or see me, or feel me. And when he finally did, I was not his. I loathed him. I spurned him. I was a member of the household responsible for killing his family. His pain was unfathomable.

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If Hichigo met each of the espada

As requested by anon. :)

Hichigo doesn’t usually get to wander around in a body all of his own, but for the purpose of this post, let’s say he does. If he met each of the espada individually, how would that go?

1. Hichigo + Ulquiorra = fighting

Ulquiorra was super ready to finish his fight with Ichigo….but then he crumbled into dust. If, through the magic of, um, fan wishing, Ulquiorra got to see Hichigo again, I’ve no doubt they’d finish their fight.

Ulquiorra: [waiting]

Hichigo: Uh…some reason you ain’t drawing your zanpakuto, espada?

Ulquiorra: You did promise to tear off your own arm and leg, you know.

Ulquiorra: A gentleman would keep his promise.

Hichigo: That was the king. I don’t do that sort of thing

Hichigo: I can rip YOUR arm and leg off, though, if ya want!

Hichigo: May do that anyway!

Ulquiorra: Oh, it's on.

2. Hichigo + Grimmjow = fighting

Those eyes just make Grimmjow attack. They are like catnip to a kitty…if catnip turned kitties into a murderous, screaming claw-machines.

Hichigo: Dude! Look at how big my eyes are in these glasses!


Hichigo: I am basically Pavlov.

3. Hichigo + Nnoitra = fighting

Not because they have any particular grudge. That’s just Nnoitra’s only way of interacting with anybody.

Hichigo: Yo.

Nnoitra: That a challenge?

Hichigo: What else would it be? A lame greeting?

Nnoitra: OH IT IS SO ON

Hichigo: I think I like you!

4. Hichigo + Szayel = taste-testing

Because it turns out that unlike Szayel’s fellow “oh we’re too busy” espada and unlike his shinigami “ew go away you freak” bosses, Hichigo actually WILL taste Szayel’s new fraccion recipes. Because Hichigo is cool that way.

Szayel: Okay now try this one. It’s something I just whipped up last night.

Hichigo: Hmmmm….pecan with a hint of….nutmeg?

Szayel: You have such a good palate! So, thoughts?

Hichigo: Gotta be honest. So far nothing tops the raspberry hazelnet peanut butter fraccion.

Szayel: Yeah, that is one of my best.

Szayel: Can’t believe Gin refused to try it!

5. Hichigo + Yammy = Q & A

I mean, or fighting, but let’s be real: that joke is played out.

Yammy: You an albino?

Hichigo: No, there was just a tiny incident with the whiteout.

Hichigo: And then a much bigger incident with the flour.

Yammy: Why would you use whiteout and flour in the same place?

Hichigo: The…..recipe was wrong and I needed to fix it?

Yammy: You seem pretty sharp.

6. Hichigo + Halibel = bathtime

For Hichigo, of course.

Halibel: What are you doing here, hollow?

Hichigo: Just came by to say ‘hi.’

Hichigo: Maybe talk about whether or not this Hueco Mundo monarchy really needs a king AND a queen, ya know?


Halibel: Cascada.

7. Hichgo + Starrk = pranks

Mostly because Starrk just never woke up.

Hichigo: Behold! I have stacked not 1 not 2 but 29 bobble heads on Starrk’s body!

Hichigo: Now to get them all in sync…

Lilinette: What the HELL are you doing?

Hichigo: Oooh, a helper! Got a sec?

8. Hichigo + Barragan = awkwardness

Not that either of them show it. At all.

Hichigo: Hey, nice crown. You a fellow king?

Barragan: I have no fellow kings. I am the king.

Hichigo: I hear that a lot.

Hichigo: But I’m pretty sure in the end, I’m the real king.

Barragan: Excuse me?

9. Hichigo + Aaroniero = awkwardness

Not at first. But once Aaroniero took off his mask…

Aaronerio (in Kaien form): …


Aaroniero: Are you albino me?

Hichigo: Are you what Ichigo would be without his hideous hair?

Aaroniero: Are you the ghost of the lieutenant I ate?

Hichigo: Is that ruffled collar really necessary?

10. Hichigo + Zommari = serious philosophical discussion

What? Zommari likes hollows.

Zommari: Tell me, hollow, what are your thoughts about the current state of shinigami-hollow relations?

Hichigo: I think they suck. Does my shinigami let me have his body more than like five seconds a year? No!

Zommari: Shameful.

Hichigo: Does he pay me for my work? Not so much!

Zommari: Disgusting.

Hichigo: Does his soul world have FIOS? Nope! Dial-up! Dial-up!!

Zommari: My heart bleeds for you.

Zommari: So…want to join my union?

Zommari: I have pamphlets!

Jack Gilinsky Smut

•Smut: Jack Gilinsky playing with your naked body for anon ❤️

“So fucking beautiful.” Jack said quietly as he admired my naked, tied up body from the foot of the bed. I had decided to let him fulfill one of his fantasies, and tying me up was his choice. We had to use what we had around the house to tie me up, which was three of his ties and one of Jacks. I was so wet with anticipation, but I knew Jack was going to take all the time in the world. Jack took a swig of the beer that was in his hand then set it on his dresser before lightly dragging his fingers up my leg then slowly pushed a finger into me, making me buck my hips, wanting more. Just as quick as he had slipped his finger into me, he pulled it out quicker and brought it up to his mouth, tasting me. “Been eating pineapple baby?” He asked rhetorically with a smirk. “Jackkkk, don’t tease me.” I whimpered as I pulled against my restraints. “I can do whatever I want baby girl.” Jack said while smirking, then leant down and began to teasingly lick my left nipple. His other hand lightly gripped my other boob as he lightly bit my nipple, making me gasp while shutting my eyes. He kissed his way up to my neck, leaving a small hickey before pressing his lips to mine, instantly sticking his tongue in my mouth. I wanted so badly to run my fingers through his hair, but my hands were currently tied up. “Want me to eat your little pussy?” Jack whispered against my lips, making me buck my hips up against him. “Fuck yes, please baby.” I whimpered, making him smirk. Jack began to kiss his way down my body, sucking both my nipples on his way, then when he got down my right leg, he got off the bed and untied both my feet so he could settle comfortably in between my legs. “You gotta be quiet baby, we have company in the living room.” Jack said, referring to Jack, Sam, Nate, Matt, Nash, Daniel, and James. I nodded my head even though I knew they’d end up hearing me sooner or later. I felt Jack wrap his arms around my thighs, then felt his tongue lightly lick up my pussy before giving my clit little kitten licks. “Stop fucking teasing,” I breathed out, making Jack suddenly suck my clit, making a moan slip from my mouth. There’s no stopping him now. His tongue was licking my clit every which way, making moans and whimpers spill out of my mouth. “Holy shit,” I moaned out in pleasure as I pulled against my restraints, wanting to grip and pull Jack’s hair. “Please untie me,” I pleaded, making Jack shake his head. Soon two of his fingers had entered me and were curving up, rubbing against my g spot, making me nearly scream. A whole new feeling had engulfed me, making my chest heave as my hips began to move against Jack’s tongue and fingers. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me come,” I whimpered, making Jack work even harder. A third finger had joined the other two, rubbing against my g spot, and Jack was sucking my clit with all his might. I suddenly came, hard. I was seeing white spots, loud moans were slipping out of my mouth, and I could feel my thighs shaking. “Oh fuck, oh my god,” I moaned out as Jack continued to lick my clit. I wanted so badly to push against Jack’s head to get him away from my sensitive clit, but I couldn’t. When Jack finally stopped and was settling himself between my legs, I could feel how wet the sheets were underneath me. “What the fu-” I started to say but got caught off by my own moan when Jack slammed himself into me. “You fucking squirted baby, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Jack breathed out as he fucked me into bliss. His words went in one ear and out the other as I came again, pulling against my restraints so hard that the ties ripped and I quickly pushed Jack so he was on his back and sat back on his dick. Even though I was so fucking sensitive, I continued to fuck Jack, eager for us both to come. I threw my head back as I moved myself up and down on his dick, feeling myself about to come, once again. “Come for my baby.” I moaned to Jack as my orgasm hit me, making my pussy spasm against his dick, which triggered his orgasm. Our moans and groans filled the room as our orgasms raked our bodies, and I was pretty sure alllll the guys heard. I laid down on Jack’s heaving chest, feeling sooooo worn out. “I can’t believe you squirted and tore those ties.” Jack said in between breaths, making me chuckle. “Me neither baby.”

• Requests are closed but I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! ❤️

Neighborly- Harry Styles Series: 6/6

{ Catch up here: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 }

A week and a half later, you were home alone for the night while your parents and brother were a few towns over for your brother’s soccer games. He played all across New England, just as you did with basketball. The weather was even worse than before, the hear creeping higher into the triple digits, the humidity feeling like you were swimming instead of grabbing the paper. It was awful. You hadn’t left your air conditioned house in days.

You were cooking spaghetti in the kitchen and dancing to Little Mix playing off your phone when someone knocked on the door. You padded bare footed there, surprised to see Harry on the other end. You hadn’t seem him since the wedding.

“Uhm, hey?”

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I Don't Have to Keep Imagining


okay, so it is my darling brielle’s 20th birthday and i remember one of the first full-length texting conversations we had was about the lack of harry/daisy fic and i just, i HAD to write you a little something even though you know how stressed i am!!! 

anywaaay, i was going to write something ooey, gooey, sappy buuuuuttt i will just leave you with this!!! i am so proud of you and i hope you like this bby, happy 20th!!!

title’s from your favourite 1d song, something great!!! (i think you’re something great)

“Harry, stop looking at Daisy’s nipples!” Nickshouts from the head of the table.

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klarolineforevermine  asked:

kc+ “I let you have a few sheets of darkroom photo paper, to pay me back you offered to model privately for my Studio Photography assignment” AU

Let’s treat this one as being in the same universe as the previous one that I just wrote. Rated M, consider yourselves warned.

“Hey.” She goes up on tip toe to press a gentle kiss to her boyfriend’s jaw line.

Klaus smiles at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pressing his lips into her hair. He’d been staring moodily at the corkboard filled with his photographs for a solid five minutes now and she still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

“What can I do for you?” He asks quietly, turning his gaze back to the board.

“Can I borrow a few sheets of photo paper please?” She asks innocently as he turns that intense gaze on her. She loves it when he’s in the zone like this.

“Let me guess sweetheart, you chose your rent over photography supplies again.” Klaus quips knowingly as she rolls her eyes. “There’s some in my bag. Take whatever you need.” He adds with a kind smile.

“Thanks. Is there anything I can do to pay you back?”

Usually Klaus waves her off with a smile and a no but the strange look on his face is one that usually spells out trouble for her.

“Actually there might be something that you can help me with.” He begins hesitantly. “But only if you want to.”

“Of course.” She replies immediately.

Klaus takes her hand, running a thumb over the back of it.

“I have an assignment for studio photography. It’s fairly open to interpretation, but the theme I was given was ‘ecstasy’” Klaus pronounces lightly.

“Okay. What does it involve?” She asks curiously, because Klaus was nothing if not creative when it came to his assignments.

Klaus presses a brief kiss to her lips.

“How about you come around tonight and I’ll talk you through it? If you’re willing we can start then.”

“Okay.” She remarks with a laugh. “Do you need me to bring anything?”

Klaus looks thoughtful for only a second before replying.

“Just your gorgeous self. And some sexy lingerie.”


It’s with some trepidation that she knocks on the door to Klaus’ place. Similar to Bonnie, he was renting out a gorgeous loft space with plenty of space and light.

Klaus opens the door, pulling her into a kiss immediately.

“Hi beautiful. Thanks for coming.”

“Of course.” She replies, letting him help her with her coat. She smiles at his sharp intake of breath as he spots the tight silk and lace dress that she’s wearing, the heels that she’d paired it with making her legs look a mile long.

“You look gorgeous. Can I get you something to eat or drink?” Klaus asks, tugging her gently towards the lavish double bed. She blinks in surprise at the crisp white sheets, used to seeing blue plaid or even black.

“I’m good. Now tell me, what did you have in mind for your shoot?” She asks coyly, walking her fingers up his chest. He catches them with a somewhat regretful smile.

“Not a lot if you keep doing that sweetheart.” He says with a soft laugh. He takes a giant step back, putting some distance between them.

“Tell me.” She commands, perching on the edge of the bed and crossing one leg over the other. Klaus’ eyes widen as her dress rides up at the movement.

Klaus clears his throat and begins to talk. Her eyes widen slightly at what he has planned, tasteful shots of her in the throes of passion, dressed in lingerie and stretched out on his bed.

“Will anyone see these?” She asks, because yeah, it’s sort of a legitimate question.

“Just Meredith.” He replies immediately, referring to their lecturer.

She arches a single eyebrow but nods her assent.

“And how do you propose to capture me ‘in the throes of passion’ if you’re behind the camera?” She asks curiously.

“With this actually.” He produces the mini vibrator and the remote control from his back pocket.

Being with Klaus had sort of been like a sexual awakening for her. She had a vibrator in the bottom drawer of her nightstand, and used it regularly enough, but it had been Klaus that had introduced toys to their sex life, and she hadn’t complained a bit.

He’d used dildos and vibrators on her, and she’d explored her wilder side with some roleplay and some more daring lingerie. It had made her more confident, both in bed and out of it.

“Are you game?” Klaus asks challengingly, and her lips curl into a smile as she stands, sauntering over to him and plucking the mini vibrator from his hand.

“Hell yeah I’m game.”


She eyes herself off in the mirror, unzipping her dress and letting it pool at her feet. She contemplates taking her heels off but decides against it. They do make her legs look amazing.

She’d decided on red and black lace, embracing her vampier side with a plunging cleavage and barely there panties. She had several more sets in her bag, in case Klaus decided that he wanted another colour on her.

She fingers the mini vibrator gently, shivering in anticipation at the possible pleasure that it might bring. She and Klaus hadn’t experimented with this particular type yet, Klaus preferring to be more hands on when they’re in bed together.

Without a second thought she nestles the vibrator in her panties, making sure that it pressed up against her clit.

She gets to witness Klaus stunned into silence when she finally steps out of the bathroom and back into the loft. It’s not often that he’s caught off surprise, and he swallows audibly as she crosses the short distance to perch on the end of the bed.

“Where do you want me?” She asks with a wicked grin as she perches on the edge of the bed once more.

“Laying back against the pillows.” Klaus replies roughly. “Shoes off.” He adds, almost as an afterthought.

She does as she is bid, kicking off her black heels and arranging her hair over Klaus’ pillow. Klaus hops up onto the bed next to her, kneeling over her as he holds a light meter next to her head. She nips at his wrist playfully as he smiles at her.

“Perfect.” He murmurs to himself as he stares down at her. “You look amazing.” He adds.

“Well you better hurry up and take these photographs.” She remarks playfully, yawning into her fist. “Your bed is so comfy I might just fall asleep.”

Klaus just shakes his head.

“Oh sweetheart. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of time for sleep once we’re through.”


“It begins with a gentle but insistent buzzing against her clit. It’s not enough to make her hips rocket off the bed just yet, but it’s still pleasant. She stretches her arms over her head and lets out a content sigh, totally ignoring the soft click of the camera.

“Spread your legs for me Caroline.” Klaus murmurs. She complies, running a gentle hand over her breasts, toying with the lace and silk covering her mounds.

Another two clicks.

“God you look gorgeous. All spread out and waiting for me.” Klaus murmurs as he points the lens of the camera at her torso, clicking away. He reaches into his pocket and fumbles with the remote.

“Well you better hurry up so you can join me.” She gasps out at the change of rhythm against her clit, legs snapping shut as she arches her back.

“Soon.” Klaus promises. “are you okay?” He asks gently.

She nods, unable to form a coherent sentence over the sensations the toy is pulling from her.

“Rest a hand over your stomach.” Klaus instructs, snapping away as she does so. He pauses for a moment looking back over some of his shots and adjusting the settings of his camera.

“Klaus come on.” She almost whines, so close but not quite there, vibrator thrumming quite insistently against her clit, keeping her near the edge but not quite tipping her over just yet. It’s exquisite and excruciating all at once, and the heat in Klaus’ eyes as he watches her writhe and moan makes things worse rather than better.

“Just a few more shots sweetheart.” Klaus promises as he bends over her once more.

She doesn’t even see him press the remote, but all of a sudden her hips are rocketing off the bed and she’s letting out a long moan as she bites her lips at the new sensation.

Her orgasm comes over her suddenly, and the insistent clicking tells her that Klaus has captured every single frame of it. She’s curious to see what it’ll look like on film.

The vibrator stops suddenly and Klaus is on her, ripping her panties from her hips and shrugging off his own clothes. She watches him roll on a condom, hitching her leg over his hip and plunging into her to the hilt, seating himself fully.

He doesn’t give her time to recover from the sudden intrusion, after effects of her orgasm still washing over her as she buries her head into the crook of his neck.

He sets a punishing pace, thrusting into her just this side of rough. She likes it though, digging her feet into his butt, urging him on as she chases a second orgasm.

The tell tale tension builds in her stomach, and she arches her hips off the bed, chasing that feeing of nirvana that he always gives her.

She sees stars as she falls apart in his arms, and the sound of his name seems to urge him on as he adjusts his angle and slams into her, gripping her hips tightly and impaling her on him with every thrust.

One orgasm rolls into two, and finally, Klaus’ body stiffens for an instant as he murmurs her name against her skin, ragged moan vibrating against her collarbone.

She cards a hand through his sweaty hair as he comes back down to Earth, pulling out and rolling onto his back.

He winces as he reaches down and pulls off the condom, planting his feet on the ground as he disappears into the bathroom to clean up.

To her disappointment when he reappears he’s got on a fresh set of boxers and his face is regretful when he bends down to pick up her now ruined panties.

“Sorry. I liked these ones.”

“I can always get some more.” She allows with a tilt of her head, unclasping her bra and accepting the shirt he brings her from his wardrobe.

Klaus looks slightly disappointed when she pulls it on over her head, watching as the hem settles around her thighs.

Klaus moves to snatch up his camera.

“Do you want to see how they turned out?” Klaus asks curiously as she shakes her head, sauntering towards him.

He lets her pull the camera from his grasp, gently setting it down before pushing him back towards the bed.

He sits down on the edge of it, eyeing her off somewhat warily as she kneels before him and peels back the hem of his boxers.

“Later. Right now I’ve got plans for you.”