but he remembered our conversation and everything from last year

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Do you think Sam still loves shippers?

Maybe somewhere in the back of his mind. Honestly I don’t really blame him if he doesn’t. He’s had misinformation shoved down his throat for over a year now. He doesn’t have time to keep up with everything that happens so he has to rely on snippets of information and when those snippets are coming from people who are biased and who hate us, what is he expected to think? 

I remember last July when we had that conversation with him about what was going on in the fandom and he seemed genuinely interested in patching things up with us. He wouldn’t have bothered replying if he wasn’t worried about hurting our feelings and if he truly hated us. I tweeted him during that conversation and said that I know he’s in a difficult position and that none of us wanted this to happen. He liked it which tells me he agreed with it. Obviously things are different now and it’s been a long time since he’s acknowledged our existence in a positive way but I still have hope that he knows we’re coming from a good place and that the things certain people say about us aren’t true.

In Another Life

ToSummary: I can’t imagine having all that responsibility on my shoulders.”

Note: This is based on the “What If?” prompt from the original Round 2, weaving two of the ideas in it together. I’ve always wanted to read more fic exploring how Katniss might’ve grown up if her dad was still alive. :) All mistakes on this one are my own.

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