but he really is one of my favorite artists

Weird thing about drawing Shiro is he always ALWAYS turns out looking PERFECT or super weird and there is no in between.

Lapis Lazuli by tassietyger

So yesterday I spend the entire day watching season three of BoJack Horseman - I love that show so much. It such a moving show that it really hits me hard especially their 11th episodes. It looks like a dumb, Family Guy wannabe but it is waaaay better and smarter too! I emphasize with BoJack a lot it is scary, makes me think of my life at times. He is one of my favorite, cynical characters to be created; the other being Lapis. So what better way then being Lapis being BoJack-esque in this parody poster.

It is interesting how both BoJack Horseman and Steven Universe have a lot in common - they are both shows that are beautifully written, very deep and focuses on relationships we have with others and the consequences. The difference is the former is focuses how the unhealthy decisions and our fears affect us and others, while the latter is more on how we should always look on the bright side of life and do the right thing.

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name: denise

nicknames: denisan

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 173 cm

age: 20

hogwarts house: hogwarts

favorite color: depends on my mood but pink and peach are always good

time right now: 10:11 pm

hours of sleep: 6h T.T

lucky number: 14

last thing i googled: “why are there so many ppl in japan” my dad was freaking out today when he found out how many ppl actually live in japan lol 

blankets i sleep with: only one

favorite bands/artists: too many :A:but exo, a-ha, sistar, one ok rock, michael jackson, owl city, shinee, big bang, babyface dhfdkjkdfdk

dream trip: um i dont really know but I really wanna go to the amazon rainforest and africa but also hawaii and japan (but im going to japan in 2 months!!!!11)

dream job: fashion designer or makeup artist

what i’m wearing right now: baby pink t shirt and pajama shorts (cuz its hot af and im dying in this heat) 

when did you make this blog: 2013 in march

follower count: 133 

posts: 25.635

what do i post about: mostly exo cause im trash but also other kpop groups and just things i find funny 

most active followers: these beans @naegawonho @la-fille-en-rouge @thestefunnyone @jonginsacne  @1dleavemebreathless @guiltyeol @falling-for-yeol @sment-homo

when did your blog reach its peak: ????? 

why did you get tumblr: its all exo fault…everything is exos fault

do you get asks on a daily basis: nope

why did you choose your url : because its literally how i feel whenever chanyeol does something, its like no chanyeol…no lol 

Tagging @naegawonho @thestefunnyone @guiltyeol @falling-for-yeol @1dleavemebreathless @bangtanbullshit @reinedeselfes @prince-lee-taemin @aegiyaah @p1nksoo

anonymous asked:

Do you like The Amazing Spider-Man (post-Secret Wars)? In my opinion, there are some interesting moments, but in general, just meh :/ I really don't like that he's wealthy now and basically is “a poor man’s Tony Stark” :/ I liked Peter more as an underdog because it made him more realistic, more relatable.

I really don’t like this serie.
Bad writing, I don’t like Peter’s characterization (really flat!)… I continue to follow this series because in the next issue there will be the events of Dead No More, but after this story arc I think will abandon this series.
Dan Slott is a bad writer.

I can save drawings, Giuseppe Camuncoli is one of my favorite artists. 

avesinstrumentalist  asked:

//idk if i didnt send my other ask, sorry my dear-\\ Hello, dear! May I ask to have a matchup? I'm a female Aquarian, and I'm a huge fan of blue and the arts [specifically music, drawing, and writing]. I'm quite the emotional and innocent person, and I always put on an act around people I know and love. I love using details in writing or in speaking [as shown by one of my stories like hot damn-]. Also, I love animals and I'm a huuuge pacifist! :0

Originally posted by mintsky-a

Your match is Karamatsu!

The two of you would get along like two peas in a pod!  He is an avid lover of the arts and would love to get your opinion on so many things like what some of your favorite musical artists and authors are.  He loves learning new things so you be very gracious if you introduced him to some songs, books, or artists you really like.  He think it’s adorable how innocent you are but will get a tad overprotective because he doesn’t need some of his brothers *coughOSOcough* to try and corrupt you.  He’s very emotional, he’s the guy who cry at the end of movies or if he sees something too precious and is happy you’re the same way since he usually gets a lot of shit for it.  He’s glad you can both get emotional around each other and not get embarrassed.  He’s happy you share a lot of the same views as him especially being a pacifist, he doesn’t like resorting to fighting and would rather use words to settle something.  He’d only get physical as a last resort.  He finds your love for animals super cute and would like to learn more animals you really love and would suggest taking trips to zoos or animal sanctuaries.  

I was tagged by @fruityrice tysm for tagging me!!!!!! this is sooo late but aahhh I either couldn’t or forgot about this ;n; i’m horrible 

nicknames: elainey, nerd, gay  

gender: gender fluid 

sign: cancer 

height: 5′2" i am a smol

age: 17 (about to be 18 like tomorrow)

sexual orientation: pansexual  

hogwarts house: I don’t read the hp books and i haven’t finished the movies so idk

favorite color: turquoise!!! 

time right now: 3:11 pm

average hours of sleep: 6 p much and i take lots of naps

lucky number: i have no luck whatsoever my brother took it all so don’t have one?

favorite fictional character: out of this fandom gotta be Lance,, , he’s my bOI

blankets i sleep with: one blanket it’s too hot for multiple

 favorite bands/artists:  hmm i go around everywhere I don’t have a fave? really just oh i really like this then i’ll listen to shit on loop and then move on or just go everywhere at once its weird 

dream trips: any where in europe really only other country i’ve been to is mexico

when did you make this blog: july 4th actually!!

when did your blog reach its peak: when I made that need more blogs to follow it got too much attention which i loved and a bunch of people followed me idk

why did you choose your URL: I knew i needed it to be lance related so i was like ok i love the head canon of lance being pan why not lanceispan? and it wasn’t take so yea

I tag @tododekv, @lahnce, @pan-lance, @keithsexual, @preciouspidge, @god-bless-shiros-ass, and @catchthevoltron!!!

friendlywildflowers  asked:

3, 8, 10, 21, 29, 36, 41? For the dreamy asks

3. Name three artists (musical or art) that have inspired you or impacted you. hmmm…this one’s actually kinda tough.  There are so many artists that I draw inspiration from.  Well, firstly I’m gonna go with Alan Lee.  He was one of the conceptual artists on The Lord of the Rings movies, and he and John Howe both inspired me to want to use my art in films.  Then I’m gonna say @studiozealot also because her art is so lovely and has challenged me to push my limits and try new things.  Finally, I’m gonna say Steven Curtis Chapman because God really used his song “Do Everything” to encourage me and motivate me during a dark time right after I started taking college classes. 

8. What are your favorite names?  This seems so hard b/c I have so many.  I actually really like my name, and I like Jenna Marie (my mom wanted to call me that but it didn’t work out), David, and Alex (as a girl’s name).  There are so many more, but these are the ones that popped into my head. 

10.  How does art or music make you feel?  To say that either of them make me feel a single way wouldn’t do them justice.  Music can make me feel fierce and strong.  It can make me feel happy, sad, joyful, or annoyed.  Music is definitely important to me and makes me feel all sorts of things.  Art makes me feel a lot too, but I’m not usually as aware of it.  I feel free and happy when I have my headphones on and I’m sitting at my computer drawing, lost to the world.  So I guess making art makes me feel happy?  Also, art can fill me with such longing too.  Especially looking at other people’s art.  I think the best way to describe this is when fanart for a fandom that I don’t want to join for personal reasons really makes me want to be a part??? If that makes sense. 

21.  What is the best dream you’ve ever had?  Okay, since I wrote an essay for the last question ;) here goes: I don’t know.  Nothing comes to mind.  I’ve had dreams where I met online friends before and that was super cool, but I honestly can’t remember what the best dream I ever had was.  I tend to have a lot of …interesting dreams.  Not really good, not really bad.  Just interesting/weird/etc. 

29. Do you know how beautiful you are?  I really want to say yes.  I used to let my size bother me.  I’ve never been obese, but I’m not exactly a slim person, and I used to be really self-conscious about my weight.  But I finally decided to stop worrying about it and own me as me.  I’m still not particularly slim, but I just think of it as that meaning there’s more of me to love and it makes me a tougher opponent (more weight to throw around) if I ever got into a fight (pff! like that’s gonna happen, although, my mom and I both agree that it’s a good thing that I didn’t go to a public school b/c I have one of those protective personalities that wouldn’t tolerate people bullying me or my friends ;) .  Also, because of my bone structure, I feel like my extra bit of weight adds to the sturdiness that I can portray.  So, yeah? I guess I know how beautiful I am?  I do know that I’m way prettier when I smile then when I don’t :)

36.  What is your aesthetic of choice?  I’m not quite sure what this means?  I like country roads and cemeteries and fields with green grass, trees, and cows.  I love stars and sunrises.  I adore overcast days, thunderstorms, and (temporary) power outages.  Is this even remotely what it’s talking about?

41.  Have you ever seen the ocean?  Yes, I have several times.  I actually prefer big lakes though.  The ocean is so salty and it has big, scary stuff in it. 

Just found out that the cartoonist Jack Davis passed away at age 91, and it feels so surreal. I always loved looking @ his artworks in the old issues of MAD Magazine. He was one of my personal favorites featured in MAD, along with Angelo Torres and Sam Viviano. Davis really was a truly one-of-a-kind artist, and I only hope to be as good as he was. May he RIP.

happy-polarbear  asked:

Who are your favorite artist on tumblr?

I mean there are a lot of pretty popular ones that a lot of people already know: @johannathemad @bevsi @burdge @viria @emirra

 @birdloaf  @midnigtartist @yamhaylet @wickedalbion which is good if you like hamilton although most are not exclusively hamilton but their art is great (actually i’m pretty sure Hayley isn’t really into Hamilton anymore)

@toddnet is great he actually influenced my own style a bit

um…. These are probably biased but I have some really talented friends:

Aerin Artists

My mom wanted to base a character off of me for one of her books, and asked me to make a list of artists I listen to on a daily basis. I added the my favorite song from each artist (Which is different then the best song because I have shitty taste in music.)

  • Jenny Owen Youngs (Ghosts In Empty Houses)
  • Ani DiFranco (If He Trys Anything)
  • Mree (Blood, originally by The Middle East)
  • Lauren Aquilina (Fools)
  • Amy Kuney (Love Is Trippy)
  • The Civil Wars (Birds of a Feather)
  • Amber Run (I Found)
  • Motion City Soundtrack (Antonia)
  • Regina Spektor (Wallet)
  • The 1975 (Settle Down)
  • Damien Rice (The Blower’s Daughter)
  • Mumford & Sons (Ditmas)
  • Walk the Moon (Avalanche)
  • Meg & Dia (Hug Me)
  • Florence and the Machine (Ship to Wreck)
  • Laura Marling (How Can I)

Artists that basically only have the one song I listen to, but should be on the list anyway-

  • The National (Exile Vilify)
  • The Oh Hellos (Hello My Old Heart)
  • First Aid Kit (Silver Lining)
  • Stars (Dead Hearts)
  • Kimya Dawson (Delicate Cycle)
  • Keaton Henson (You)

ghostmelody  asked:

so how was seeing peter gabriel live!!!!! i dont really like sting that much so i didnt feel like blowing the big bucks on this tour. i saw pg in 2012 and it was incredibly moving.....he deff became one of my favorite artists of all time after that night. the next day i was totally in a daze listening to all my pg albums on repeat and crying.

IT WAS AMAZING honestly even as someone who also loves stingo i was like 90% there for peter because i was raised on genesis and solo p gabes. as a little kid i was like, madly in love with him. i still can’t believe i was in the same room/arena as him for over 2 hours I was just absolutely starstruck. i got teary a lot but i also laughed a lot because he has such a nice sense of humor and he’s a big goofball on stage. watching him and sting have cute banter on stage and switch off verses on songs and covering each other was such a great experience. i really love peter gabriel…

peter if you’re reading this i am inviting you to a big hug

Did some fan art of one of my favorite Youtube Transformers reviewers, Thew Adams! He has such an excellent and hilarious style when he does his videos. He sang the Ulysses 31 theme with his name. So I figured this needed to happen.

Please check him out! https://www.youtube.com/user/barutazaru

Never really watched Ulysses 31. But I dig the animation and concept. 

drfunk98  asked:

◐ - Favorite minor villain?

I think its more than obvious….

Its not only Tim the one that is madly in love with—
Oh sorry, i meant: The one that is DEFINITELY NOT madly in love with this guy.
I am also deeply in love with him <3
He appears for  a couple of chapters and stole my heart by killing off my favorite character.

Wanted to go with something different and draw one of my favorite characters of Young Justice,Aqualad.A real shame that the show died,it was sooo good .I pitted him agains one of my all time favorite Dc characters,Deathstroke.As good as Aqualad is I really dont believe he would have a chance of winning against Slade unless he got aid from his teammates.

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Nickname: Witch Girl, Pixie, Faerie Girl

Gender: Female

Cat Name: I wish I had a cat >_<

Height: 5′3

Potter House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Silver

Time: 1:23 pm

Average Sleep Hours: 4 hours

Lucky Number: 6 & 8, I go back and fouth between them. I have an odd thing for angel numbers….I’m a weirdo

Last Thing I Googled: Images for an Oracle deck I was eyeing

Fictional Character I want as a younger sibling: Magnus Bane, He has style and he has magick, win win

Blankets I Sleep With: 2 blankets, one is my anti-aexnity blank that is really a kid’s blanket I’m way too old for but I dont care. I cooked my other one in the dryer

Favorite Bands/Artists: Twenty One Pilots

Dream Trip: Ireland, I love faeries and I’m of Irish descent

What I’m Wearing: Owl necklace, pink shirt, blue jeans and sneakers

When I Made This Blog: I can’t remember

How Many Blogs I Follow: around 200 or so, I did a mass de-follow as my interests changed

What I Post About: Wicca, Angels, Divination with a random burst of aro ace sex repulsion with an odd mix of depression and anexinty posts

Pick A Word That Starts With The First Letter Of Your Real Name and Ends With The First Letter of Your URL:  Mana

Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: I try but most I get are trolls asking my sexual questions like how to use crystals as sex toys…

Why Did You Choose Your URL:I want to embrace being aro ace more, I’m proud to be a virgo, I’m a witch and I do divination (mostly oracle and tarot cards)

and….I tag everyone who wants to do this….Im tired and lazy >_>;;;

get to know me and tag 10 people you’d like to know better !

i was tagged by @clowntrixie and @spankinbettie so thanks y’all :-)

nickname: madi/maddy, mads

gender: cis girl

star sign: taurus

height: 5′4″; i’m taller than most of my friends but shorter than most of my family so it’s balanced i guess

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

favorite color: pink

time right now: 4:13 pm

average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours

lucky number: 6- i used to stan this american football player a lot and his jersey number was 6 but then it actually brought me luck so it’s been my favorite lmao

last thing i googled: roy lichtenstein (he was a popular artist in the american pop art movement and i really like his work/i am lowkey making a drag character after that style so yeah)

favorite fictional character: i don’t have one but right now i can only think of selina meyer from veep. she’s like one of the funniest political characters i’ve ever seen

favorite bands/artists: ok i forgot this question the first time- but i have too many so i’ll do 5: beyonce, fifth harmony, 5sos, troye sivan, and tori kelly (i mostly listen to pop)

blankets you sleep with: none i’d get way too hot

what i’m wearing right now: a university shirt and green workout shorts

when i made this blog: june 1st so like a month and two weeks ago lol

how many blogs i follow: 100

what do i post about: 99% drag queens and 1% occasional random stuff

do i get asks on a daily basis: nah

why did you choose your url: naomi smalls + trixie mattel = naomimattel
they’re two of my faves and i needed a url. c’mon basic story!

these are all off the top of my head so:

@bring-back-my-ru-girls @cmon-drag-race @kim-chachki @dragracefaves @biadoredelaska @haus-of-piss @adore-delano @chaachki @flazeda-chachki @jackdail


by @batmarg

Nickname: Kyoko, Kyo, Mina
Gender: Female
If you had a cat, you would name it: I have one cat. Name’s Tyger. He’s a demon.
Height: 5′8″
Favourite colour: Blue
Time right now: 1:30PM
Average hours of sleep: 6-7
Lucky number: I don’t have one. I am hella unlucky and always have been.
Last thing I Googled: Suburban Animal Hospital. My cat’s pancreatitis seems to be flaring up again. Yaaaaaaaay.
Fictional character I would like as a sibling: Oddly enough, my own damn character, the archangel Gabriel. He’s kind of this weird mixture of my favorite traits in older brother characters I’ve seen over the years. Otherwise, Kenshin Himura would be a lovely older brother.
Blankets I sleep in: Comforter only, no sheets.
Favourite bands/artists: too many to list. Right now really into: the Fallout 4 OST, The Black Keys, The Kills, and Vampire Weekend
What i’m wearing right now: blue jeans, Batman: Arkham City t-shirt, shoes, socks, silver hoop earrings
How many blogs I follow: 72 (I am REALLY picky, sorry)
What I post about: favorite various fandoms, writing related resources, writing advice or writing jokes, general funny fandom things, occasional movie reviews, occasional rants about my life
Do you get asks on a daily basis: Not daily, but weekly or bi-weekly, unless I reblog a meme requesting one
Why did you choose your url?: childhood nickname
Tagging anyone who sees this. Forgive me. The coffee hasn’t kicked yet and I’m too tired to tag individuals at the moment.

About Me and Stuff

I’m so sorry if you tagged me to respond to any memes and such in the last… long while. This is the busiest time of the year for me and I’ve fallen behind on them to the point that I’m not sure which ones I’ve filled out and which ones I haven’t. I apologize. Here’s one!

Thank you, @bioticsandheadshots for the tag! You are marvelous!

 Nickname: I don’t really have one. Perhaps my name is short enough that it’s not really necessary?

Star Sign: Pisces
Time Right Now: 9:15AM
Last Thing You Googled: Cornbread recipe (had a potluck to attend!)
Favorite Musical Artists: I have a lot in all types of music. Clint Mansell, Noah Guthrie, Aerosmith, Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, etc. etc. etc.
Song Stuck in Your Head: Work by Rihanna. I have a coworker who sings it all the time to drive us crazy. He regularly succeeds. Awful.
Last Movie You Watched: I watched part of The Avengers when I saw it on TV while I was doing other things.
Last TV Show You Watched: Family Guy
What Are You Wearing Right Now: My favorite black and white polka dot dress. It has hidden pockets! Woo!
When Did You Create Your Blog: October 2015? I think that’s right.
Why Did You Choose Your URL: I’m not really sure. I just like wordplay, I guess. Nerd to the core.

Get To Know Me Meme
How tall are you? 5'9″
Hair color/style: Just past shoulder length, brown, and straight. Nothing spectacular.
Eye color: Brown.
Glasses/contacts: None yet. I was miraculously blessed with good vision despite two parents who are practically blind!
Braces: I haven’t had them. My teeth were always nice and straight until my wisdom teeth came in and pushed the bottom ones a little askew. I’d be okay with doing it now to straighten that out, but I’m also a poor kid.
Fashion style: I’m all for comfort. I try to make sure that the fit is good and things are comfortable, then I’m happy. Jeans and t-shirt are my go-to.
When were you born? February 24, many years ago. 
Siblings: None.
What kind of student are you? I’m a good student, actually. I’m not sure how that happened. I think it’s because I have a talent for tuning out most distractions and being able to focus. I’ll force myself to do it when I have deadlines coming up and it works out well for me. Huzzah!
Favorite subjects:  Marine Biology… or any science, really. Oh, and English writing courses. Shockingly, I enjoy writing.
Favorite shows: Uhhh… I don’t know that I watch enough TV to really have favorites.
Favorite books?  I heart fantasy. It’s my jam. Anything well-written that falls in there works for me. I do have a special spot in my heart for things written by Brent Weeks, though.
Favorite past time: Writing, reading and video games. Woo! Nerdery!
Any regrets: Anyone who says they don’t have regrets is a dirty liar. I think mine are minor enough to overlook because I can’t think of them right now. Maybe jobs I wish that I’d applied for? I always try to take advantage of opportunities, and if I miss them, I get mad at myself.
Dream job? Honestly, I think I’m doing it now. I work with marine animals all day. People tell me they want my job all the time. It’s hard work and it doesn’t pay worth a damn, but it is fun and there’s always something new to learn. If I were to do something else completely, I’d love to be an author. One that makes a living doing it, I mean. Heh.
Would you like to be married? I would. Maybe someday it’ll happen.
Would you like to have kids?  The more time goes by and the more I observe other parents and kids, the more I lean towards no on that one.
Countries I’ve visited:  Canada and South Africa. That’s about it.
Scariest dream ever: I don’t remember my dreams, so this one is difficult to answer. I’d imagine that my scariest dreams involve my loved ones dying. I think that’s pretty standard… isn’t it? Right? YES?
Enemies: I’m not much of a grudge-holder, so I don’t think I have any of what one might consider enemies. Life’s too short for that mess.
Boyfriend/girlfriend? None at the moment. I hate the act and awkwardness of dating so I have a hard time getting over that. Might be on my own forever! Ha!

Get To Know The Blogger Tag

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Name: Angela

Nicknames: Angi, Ang, devil, küken

Gender: female

Star Sign: capricorn

Height: 166cm

Sexual Orientation: Men who are dorks xD

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favorite Color: Blue & Purple

Time Right Now: 6:03pm

Average Hours Of Sleep: around 6-8h

Last Thing I Googled: if I wrote Gryffindor right XD

Favorite Fictional Character: Izaya, Max Black, Kida…

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: one but at the moment I have a second one to cuddle with XD (It smells like the man who slept under it and eventhought we’re only friends he smells really really good)

Favorite Band/Artists: Astro, BTS, Infinite, Exo, Got7, B.a.p, FTIsland and many mores

Dream Trip: I will go to Seoul in September so thats my dream trip

When Did You Make This Blog: have to go check it wait… I started this sideblog in Feb ;)

Follower Count: 601

Posts: 3.524

Your Most Active Followers According To Biggest Fan (in order): 

@id-chaeunwoo, @keumoo, @sockaesthetic 

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: the moment I posted that post about Rocky & Moonbin being in sync all the time

When Did You Get A Tumblr: I got my first tumblr in 2012

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I had no plan what kind of url to use also didn’t I have a set bias then but I liked Jinjin already a lot so I wanted smth with jinjin in it and then i just thought of binjinjin and thought it sounds really cute 

Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: haha good joke… I wished I would but no

I tag: @asterocky, @ceceliinee, @astro-are-my-stars, @moon-hyuks, @keumoo, @yoonsanhe, @minheart, @binwoo not nearly 20 but i stop here