but he obeys eventually

For @ha-tep Spock is in love with the reader and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Warnings: Lots of stupidity. Also please read A/N

Word Count: 1,889

A/N: Lovesick and drunk Spock is my favorite Spock. Also thanks to lovely Bee for this amazing idea!


Spock knew something was different the moment you entered the bridge.

He was aware of the alien feeling he recently started to feel in certain situations, those certain situations always involving you. At first, it gave him quite the scare that he considered seeing the ship’s CMO. But later on he realised he welcomed the sensation. Even though it seemed to lower his work performance.

You left the turbolift in a hurry. Your messy hair and crumpled uniform gave away the fact that you had just got up from your -probably- brief sleep.

“Permission to enter the bridge, Captain?” the words left you as you tried to regain the much needed oxygen.

“Permission gran- Did you work overnight again? [Y/N] I told you that the report could wait until next week!”

Spock watched you as you smiled sheepishly at the captain and rubbed the back of your neck. He couldn’t help but notice how cute you looked even with your crazy case of bed hair.

When he felt the temperature rise in his ears he dug his head back to his station, though his sensitive ears never left your voice.

“I’m sorry Captain. But I have a lot of work to do, I wanted to get this over with.” you said and gestured to the PADD in your hand.

“If you continue like this I swear I will get Bones on your ass.” Jim shook his head. “Very well. Please lend that to Mr. Spock.”

Spock felt the urge to smack his head on his station when he heard his name. But he quickly cleared his throat and sat up straight, hoping you wouldn’t stay for too long.

“Commander, here is the report on the pollen samples the away team brought in.”
you said and left the PADD next to his hand. “Is there anything else you need?”

Spock lifted his head to say that you could leave but his eyes caught your tired form. Your eyes had dark bags under them from sleepless nights but they still managed to shine with happiness. Spock’s already racing heart started to slam against his side.

Your eyebrows furrowed when you got no answer. “Mr. Spock… Umm, are you alright?” you asked and ran a hand through your hair.

That was the last straw.

“Captain. I require medical attention.” Spock managed to say through gritted teeth and got up, holding onto his side. Jim turned to see Spock’s slouched body and bolted out of his chair immediately.

“What is it? Are you in pain, Commander?” your voice filled his ears and his heart threatened to burst out of his body.

“What’s wrong?” Jim rushed to his friend side, communicator ready.

“I am in pain.”

Jim raised an eyebrow at the area Spock clutched with his hand. “You mean your heart?” he snorted in an attempt to hold back his laughter.

“[Y/N] you get back to your post.” Jim sneaked an arm around your back and pushed you in the direction of the turbolift. “I’ll handle this.”

You sent a worried glance at the commander before nodding and leaving the bridge.

The captain rolled his eyes and turned his gaze to Spock. “Sit down and breathe.” He obeyed Jim’s orders and eventually his heartbeat went back to normal.

“So… [Y/N], huh?”

Spock opened his mouth but no word left it. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Jim raised his eyebrows, waiting for his first officer’s answer.

“What about Lieutenant [Y/L/N]?”

Jim let out an annoyed grunt at his response and mumbled something about dense Vulcans before leaving Spock alone for the moment.


“[Y/N]! Unwrap yourself from that towel and come here! I told you, you look fine.”

You groaned and angrily threw your towel onto the bed in your hotel room. You were currently in Risa for a much needed shore leave but if there was one thing you were self conscious about it was the way you look in you swimwear.

Jim rolled his eyes at your childish behaviour. He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of your room before you could protest.

“We haven’t seen organic sunlight for almost a year [Y/N]. Enjoy yourself a little.” he stopped before wiggling his eyebrows “And Spock is gonne be there.”

You slapped his arm in response but it didn’t stop your heart from skipping a beat.

“He is right.” you thought to yourself and tried to relax in your lack of clothing. It’s been quite a while since the crew took a shore leave and you were going to enjoy every single moment of it.

You pulled your hand away from Jim’s grip and walked beside him to the beach. But nothing could have prepared you to the sight you were just about to see.

“Spock. No shirt. Swimming trunks.” you could feel your brain burn.

Jim saved your brain from short circuiting by nudging you with his elbow and wiggling his eyebrows yet again. “Like what you see?”

You forced yourself to snort but still felt your cheeks turning red when you made your way towards Spock.

“Commander! To be honest I didn’t think you would be here…” you trailed off not really knowing what to say.

Spock opened his mouth but found himself not able to speak. He looked behind you briefly to see Jim sending him a threatening look.

When he returned his gaze on you he couldn’t help but notice how carefree and beautiful you looked in your current outfit. The now familiar feeling returned to his side.

“I… didn’t think I would be here either.” he finally answered, making you giggle. Spock could have sworn that he could pass out right there.

“So…” a huge smile appeared on your lips. “Would you like to go for a swim with me?” You expectantly looked up to him.

It was his brain’s turn to start short circuiting when you directed your smiled at him. He couldn’t believe how he turned from the serious first officer to a malfunctioning lifeform in a matter of seconds.


Your smile turned into a frown. “Commander? Are you alright?”

“Yes, t'hy'la.”

Jim spurted out the water he was drinking and started coughing harshly. His eyes widened and he thanked the day he asked Uhura to teach him some Vulcan words.

While Jim was trying to decide if he should be laughing or be concerned, you gave Spock a confused look. “What?”

Spock -who was starting to panic inside- quickly blurted out a “I need to go.” and turned around to leave.

A second later Jim was by your side and he said something like “I bet he is just a little nervous don’t worry.” quickly before going after Spock. You tried to hide your hurt feelings with a smile.

“Spock! Where are you going? It took me 3 hours to drag you here! Come back!”


The last person Jim expected to see in the ship’s bar was his first officer. But yet there he was, with a glass of something he couldn’t clearly see.

“Spock?” Jim sat beside his friend, trying to understand why he was here instead of his quarters.

“Hello to you too, Jim.”

The slight slur in his voice didn’t escape Jim and he quickly snatched the glass in Spock’s hand. He gasped.

“Spock! This is hot chocolate!”

“That is correct!”

“You willingly consumed chocolate?!”

“That is also correct!”

Jim looked at his friend in disbelief. He knew the Vulcan felt something for you since the moment he first laid eyes on you. But Spock being desperate enough to get drunk? “Looks like there really is a first for everything.” he thought before squeezing Spock’s shoulder.

Spock rubbed his temples and whined. “Why are they so aesthetically pleasing Jim?”

Jim tried not to laugh at his un-Vulcan-like behaviour and pulled his hand away. “You mean beautiful?”

“Yes. Yes I do. Their hair, eyes, smile. Everything about them is perfect!” He threw his hands in the air and Jim could no longer contain his laughter.

You were just about to enter the bar when you heard your Captain’s laugh. You knew it wasn’t okay to spy on Jim but you grew curious when you heard the first officer’s voice shout “It’s not funny.”

“This situation is lowering my work performance!”

“Is he drunk?” you thought and considered leaving.

“And it’s all [Y/N]’s fault! I hate them for it!”

You couldn’t keep the gasp that escaped from your lips. “Why? Did I do something wrong?” you asked yourself. “Of course you did [Y/N]! Like you always do!”

You wanted to leave them alone and return to your quarters in silence. But that hope was crushed when you heard Jim say “You stay here, I’ll be right back.” Apparently he heard you.

You were already walking away when Jim reached you and grabbed your arm. “How much of it did you hear?”

You rolled your eyes and pulled your arm away from his grip. “Enough. I don’t even know what I’ve done wrong.” tears threatened to escape your eyes.

His eyes widened. “Oh, no no no no! You just came in the wrong time [Y/N]! He-”

“Captain, I would appreciate it if we stopped this conversation. He has made it quite clear he hates me so I-”

“I don’t hate you.”

You looked behind Jim to see Spock, holding onto a glass of what seemed to be hot chocolate. For a moment no one said anything and Jim used that moment to his advantage.

He pointed at the glass Spock was holding and said “Maybe I should take that away from you.” He snatched the hot chocolate from his hands and started to quickly walk away towards his own quarters.

“What? Jim you can’t leave me here!”

But Jim was already in the turbolift when he said “Good luck!” and with that, the doors of the turbolift closed.

“I don’t hate you.” Spock said (more like whined) once again to take your attention away from where Jim used to stand.

You let out a sigh. “Mr. Spock… You don’t have to pretend. I… I should escort you to your quart-”

“No, listen to me first. The reason why I said I hate you is because you are so b-beautiful a-and you are intelligent and I like yo-your voice and you are distracting me and I…”

You looked at him with amazement. You couldn’t believe the person before you was Spock. The first officer of the starship Enterprise. “It seems Spock tends to lean more to his Human side when he is drunk.” you noted in your brain.

“…a-and the Captain told me you felt the same way but I couldn’t believe that someone li-”

You temerariously cut him off with a quick peck on his lips and watched him turn into a walking spinach. You couldn’t help but giggle and exhale in relief.

“Maybe we should have this conversation when you aren’t drunk.”

He looked at you for a moment before throwing his hands in the air and yelling “That’s a great idea, t'hy'la!”

You laughed at his erratic behaviour and linked your arm with his, leading him to the turbolift.

“You called me that before, on our shore leave. What’s the meaning of it?”

“If I tell you, you will make fun of me until the end of time.”

Longing Touches - Yuta Smut Scenario

Hello! I did another Yuta smut, enjoy ✨.

Genre: smut
Word count: 1k

Yuta handed Y/N a box wrapped in ribbons. She opened the medium sized black box to reveal a flesh colored vibrating dildo. She looked at Yuta with shock.

“Use this, I wanna see you masturbating in front of me.” Yuta commanded.


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I read way too much Malec fics and love them all. Then I thought, I should make a post that no one actually asked me for. All of these fics are work in progress.

Destiny Calls by clockworkswan (@swans-hooks-and-books )

(Imagine Malec in a fairytale or maybe in a world like LOTR’s. It’s just that good.)

Chapter: 11/?   Word Count: 109k   Rate: Mature

Summary: A Knights of the Round Table inspired AU.

When Prince Alec of Idris and his knights are tasked with finding the legendary Mortal Cup, they must risk venturing through the Shadowlands; home to many fearsome creatures, and downworlders.With the reluctant warlock, Magnus Bane as their guide, the quest soon becomes something more.A war is brewing in the Shadowlands. Dark magic has begun to call to creatures and mortals alike. A race to prevent the Cup from falling into the evil, exiled Lord Valentine’s hands adds even more danger to the prince’s quest.Loyalties are tested and hearts are swayed, but who will destiny call to?

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Or Something Like That) by @lecrit

(Read the story of world-class thieves and see how they suffer or fall in love or actually both.)

Part two of The Avengers Initiative. This will make no sense at all if you haven’t read part one. 

Chapter:11/?   Word Count: 73k   Rate: Mature

Summary: The thing is… Their plans have a history of not going accordingly so when they finally do, maybe they build a confidence a bit too quickly. Breaking Magnus out turns out to be indeed a formality. Selling the ruby, too. So what could possibly go wrong now?

In which our team of misfits has to deal with the consequences of messing with a dangerous man and again, everything goes according to plan. Or not.

I Won’t Let You Fall by @jezthemadficster

(Poetic, full of dance and emotions. Your heart might stop while reading.) 

Chapter: 6/?    Word Count: 75k    Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

Kiss With A Fist by clockworkswan (@swans-hooks-and-books )

(I don’t know how but this fic kills me everytime.)

Chapter: 17/?   Word Count: 124k   Rate: Mature

Summary: When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble.
Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. Enemies to friends to lovers.

Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks by Insomiak (@chairmanmeow-and-church)

(When you love a fic so much and you can’t write a proper comment on it because of your emotions.)

Chapter: 21/30   Word Count: 98k    Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec had never dreamt he’d be a father by the age of 25, let alone the father of a Warlock. He’s sure he can handle it alone, though. He doesn’t need anyone and neither do his kids.

(Or: Alec takes Max to Warlock School and finds himself falling fast for his teacher).

Set Me in Motion by @lemonoclefox

(Read the story of being a boyfriend of the wrong neighbor. But the right one is Magnus, so there is nothing to worry about.)

Chapter: 12/?   Word Count: 72k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Magnus spots a handsome stranger in the elevator of his apartment building – which wouldn’t be a big deal if said stranger didn’t turn out to be dating Magnus’s neighbor. In other words, his and Magnus’s paths end up crossing more than once, causing a friendship to slowly develop. Magnus should be complaining, but he’s not.

Take Me To Church by @m-aleciseverything

(My first Malec fic so I’m very emotional about it. :’) Are you ready for one of the slowest burn in history?)

Chapter: 18/?   Word Count: 201k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec is the acting head of the Institute trying to deal with the new pressures this title brings. A string of Mundane murders and strange demonic markings leads him to seek help from the nearest High Warlock, Magnus Bane. Upon meeting him, Alec realizes that his secret is at risk of being revealed. He tries to keep his growing attraction for Magnus hidden as best as he can. With the support of his sister, Isabelle, who is trying to find love herself; they both try to discover if they can let their worries go and accept love with open arms.

The Children of Merlin by @lecrit

(Imagine Auror Alec and shameless Professor Magnus!)

Chapter: 7/?   Word Count: 64k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Magnus Bane has everything he could have hoped for: a job at Hogwarts, a chaotic made-up family that he loves more than anything and the freedom of doing what he wants whenever he wants.

When his friends manage to drag him to a Quidditch game, he doesn’t expect it to change his life. For better or worse.

They call themselves the Children of Merlin and they are going to make his life a living hell.

Under New Management by Thessili (@highwarlockkareena)

(It just seems like a fake marriage because we all know Malec can’t be fake, ever.)

Chapter: 11/?   Word Count: 42k   Rate: Mature

Summary: Alec and Magnus never met each other. They didn’t join forces to fight the Circle when they attacked his lair, they never met to help Clary recover her memories.When the Clave refused to investigate the rumours about the rise of Valentine, Magnus, Luke, Raphael and the other Downworlders saw the problem coming for them. They banded together and rose up to stop Valentine.This story is set six months after his defeat.

Wild Life by crazyellephant

(I looove road trips and now I love ‘em more.)

Chapter: 3/?    Word Count: 39k   Rate: Not Rated

Summary: Alec Lightwood likes to go on road trips. He doesn’t pick up hitchhikers. But the one time he does, it’s Magnus. He’s in for an adventure or maybe even fall in love.

A Matter of Time by darcenator

(Imagine Malec as they are like Doctor & River Song.)

Part 2 of A Matter of Time Series. Must read Part 1.

Chapter: 4/?   Word Count: 19k   Rate: Teen and Up Audience


Excerpt from the Prologue: 

Magnus: “As a time traveler, Alec visited him in different eras of his life and yet time itself never distorted. Time obeyed in his presence. When he would eventually vanish back to his present, Magnus would discover new interests, spells, and pleasures in his absence until the next time they meet and time fixes itself again.

The ultimate curse of immortality: being left behind.”

Alec: “It’s agony being anywhere Magnus was not. Being immortal means having been abandoned by loved ones more times than he deserved and yet he would still choose Alec.

Time travel is cruel that way. Always going where Magnus can’t follow.”

Blue, Yellow and Green were our little cars by Realitysucks

(Gotta read if you wanna see cute little Malec in kindergarten.)

Chapter: 3/?   Word Count: 33k   Rate: Explicit

Summary: “For $200, Alec has to kiss a boy !” shouted Lily before raising her glass of vodka.

Alec stared at her with a frown. $200? he thought. It was a lot. He wondered with confusion how many books it would make and could already imagine them in his room. He really wanted those $200 now, but he didn’t know who to kiss and even less how.

He didn’t want to kiss a stranger, the only people whom he thought about were Jace and Magnus. His choice was quickly made, Jace was straight and had Clary whereas Magnus had no one.

Alec hoped he wouldn’t mind a little kiss.

For $200, he motivated himself before standing up under the encouraging and alcoholic cries of his friends.

coconut cream chapstick || peter pevensie

requested by: @alwaysinnarnia
prompt: A and B are best friends. A is applying a new flavor of chapstick.“Can I try it?” B asks curiously.“Sure, it’s coconut cream-” A starts to reply, but before they can finish, B kisses A on the lips.
pairing: peter pevensie x reader
word count: 858
listen to: strange things will happen - the radio dept.
warning(s): i don’t think there’s any tbh
notes: this was super fun to write and i just adore peter so much asdfghjkl

Originally posted by theandrophile

“How much longer?”

“Maybe 30 more minutes?”

“30 minutes?! We’ve already been waiting for 1 hour, Peter!” you shot up from your seat next to Peter, who was busy reading Jane Eyre on his bed.

“We need to let it cook properly, (Y/N), we can’t give them raw meat,” he sat up next to you, closing the book and placing it on his lap. 

You sighed and placed your chin in your palm; patience was never really your thing. Looking over at Peter, you noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. “Aren’t you cold? It’s almost 15 degrees Celsius inside,” you weren’t too flustered over the fact that Peter was shirtless, in fact, it was quite a common occurrence in your close friendship. You had to admit, however, that he had a very nice body, and you definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him like this more often.

“Not really. But you look like you definitely are,” Peter let out a laugh seeing you shiver. “There’s a sweater in the top drawer, you can wear it.”

You stood up and made your way over to his drawer, pulling out a navy blue cable ribbed sweater and held it up to your torso. Averting your eyes back to Peter, you couldn’t help but notice a small mischievous glint in them. You tilted your head up and cocked your eyebrow. “Well?”

Peter narrowed his eyes. “Well…”

You loosened your poise and sighed, waving your finger. “Turn around, Peter.” 

He held your gaze for a few seconds and let his smirk grow. But he eventually obeyed and turned around, facing his back to you. It was obvious (to everyone except the two of you) that you had feelings for each other. Neither of you was wanting to admit that, as you worried whether it would ruin your friendship.

You removed your t-shirt, leaving you in your bra. Flinging your shirt in some random direction, it ended up next to Peter. You bit your lip awkwardly as he turned his head ever so slightly at the sudden movement, being able to see your figure out of the corner of his eye. He immediately turned his head back, a blush rising to his cheeks. You smiled to yourself as you pulled the sweater over your head and walked back to the bed. “You can turn around now.”

Peter swiftly turned around and shuffled his way to the each of the bed, taking a good look at you in front of him. He smiled softly as a rush of indescribable feelings and thoughts flooded his mind. You cocked your head to the side, unsure of what he was smiling at. “What’re you smiling at?” 

His smile was still there, and his eyes gleamed with love. Peter shook his head and looked down at his hands. For the first time in a long while, he was lost for words. You let it go, but the thought still lingered in the back of your mind. “Anyway, you know, there’s just one thing that sucks about fall.”

Peter looked back up at you to see you digging through your pocket. “What’s that?”

You pulled out a chapstick and opened the lid. “My lips get really chapped. It’s quite awful, actually,” you ran it over your lips and puckered them a bit.

“Can I try it?” Peter stood up in front of you.

Nodding, you handed him the stick. “Sure, it’s coconut cream-” Before you could finish your sentence, Peter hastily set his warm lips upon your cold ones. Your eyes were still open, your eyebrows furrowed, not sure what to make of the moment. Although you never thought that you would admit it, you undoubtedly had feelings for Peter. You hoped for your friendship to blossom into something more, something like this. Eyelids fluttering shut, you smiled into the kiss, slowly running your fingers up his neck and into his golden locks. Peter’s rigid hands became loose and moved from his side to place one on your lower back and the other on your neck. 

You shuddered, feeling his warm hands upon your cold skin. All your senses became heightened; you smelled the incense of vanilla radiate off Peter’s body, you tasted the coconut from your chapstick, you heard the light ticking of the wall clock in the next room, you saw flickering white spots in the back of your eyes. Peter seemed to hold the kiss for forever, but just as you thought that he was going to pull you closer, the smoke alarm rang.

The two of you pulled apart immediately, eyes opened wide. Your gaze went from Peter’s swollen lips to his icy eyes, noticing a flicker of enchantment in them. You stood looking at each other for awhile until you were brought back to reality again by the smoke alarm. “We burnt the turkey?”

Peter smiled graciously, finding your innocence to be charming. “We definitely burnt the turkey.”


To the Stars

‘Everlasting life? I imagine it would be kind of lonely.’

In the ruins of Zurich, with death looming over them a decision has to be made…and sometimes even those who possess the heart of a star can’t live forever.

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere​ and this POST. Epilogue can be found HERE

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Let’s begin the Monsta X party~ I hope you like it, anon that requested it! So when we open Hyungwon’s chart without his birth time it looks like this:

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some random hcs woo

  • cooking dinner together, making their own music as they sing a boisterous country duet, makin’ out during the instrumental bridge and overcooking the pasta
  • rhett before their first date in college, accidentally locking his keys in his car and having to wait 2 hours for a locksmith. rhett is super mad at himself about missing their reservation, but link just laughs and kisses the pout off his face, offering to take them to a drive-in screening of godzilla instead
  • link waltzing into their office after making his coffee for the day, a pep in his step. he makes his way over to where rhett’s fiddling with the printer, spins him around, grabs him on both sides of his face and plants a long, deep, electrifying kiss on him. he skips away with a smack to his butt and a cheeky “good morning,” while rhett stands quite a bit more stunned and aroused than you’d expect for 9:36 in the morning
  • rhett blinking awake to a fully-dressed link plopping on the edge of the bed, already tying his shoes. link turns, feeling watched, and smiles at his fluffy companion, chastising him for missing their alarm. rhett only smiles back, reaching a hand out and puckering his lips in silent invitation for a morning smooch. link laughs with an, “ah-ah, no sir! not ‘til you get up and brush those teeth! i’m not rewarding bad behavior!” which only serves to make rhett groan (though he eventually obeys)
  • the two swaying slowly on a porch swing facing rhett’s mom’s frosty garden back home, bundled up, gloved fingers snugly laced in between their thighs. rhett floats in his own world, speaking animatedly about his latest interest as link stares sweetly at him and listens with all he has. he doesn’t feel inclined to tease him then, but content to let his adoration bleed through for now, for this moment, in a below-freezing front yard with his smart, handsome man. if rhett had asked him a question, he hadn’t heard him, because he spends a good three seconds gazing into perplexed gray eyes before he says, “i can’t wait to marry you.” rhett only beams and shakes his head at him. link buries his nose between his chinstrap and his scarf and breathes, “keep talking.”
  • link being anxious about company things, smashing a ceramic bowl on their kitchen tiles at the mercy of his shaky hands. rhett walks into the room at the sound of link’s cursing and crouches down next to him, kissing his forehead over and over and telling him to go lie down while he makes his cereal for him
  • link teasing rhett about wanting to be the little spoon sometimes. rhett retorts with a spiel about how, “hey, big men can be pampered, too! n'un wrong with that! i should let you take care of me more, anyway.”
  • link getting annoyed with rhett for leaving beard shavings in the sink
  • walking the dogs together on the weekends, hand in hand, donned in trendy sunglasses
  • uhhh that’s all i got lol they gay

A/N: Y’all ‘bout tah get some real jealous Boomer, everybody.

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1332
Warnings: theft

7th October: Apple picking | feat. Captain Boomerang and Chato Santana/El Diablo

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What a Tease - Calum

Author’s Note: Alright so here it is. The teasing game that I presented in an earlier post, now a short/imagine. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. Leave some feedback about it babe:) likes/dislikes, you name it. -xo

PS. I’ll probably end up editing and making some minor changes when I reread it.

His hands cupped my ass as he softly kissed the side of my neck. His thumbs and fingers leaving hot trails all over my body as I gently threw my head back with a moan. We had easily picked up where we had left off before Calum had to leave me to play on stage. As soon as he had reentered the dressing room, however, his body was pressed against mine, and my arms were thrown loosely around his neck as his hands roamed up and down my body.

“Damn it, Y/N.” He growled in between our lips. I giggled. “I couldn’t fucking think straight out there.” With this he tightened his grip on my ass to pull me closer and grind his hard on against my inner thigh. It pressed against his tight jeans almost painfully, and I couldn’t help but grin at the fact that it was because of me. Still feeling playful and lusty, I palmed his erection. This time it was his turn to throw his head back as a deep groan escaped his throat. I rubbed my fingers over the jean fabric, and the muscles in his arms and neck immediately rippled as he tensed against my slight touch. I smirked, amused that I could play him so easily in my hands. Continuing with my ministrations, I slowly ran my hands up his chest, pulling his shirt up and over his head to reveal chiseled features. After throwing the piece of clothing off to the side, his arms fell back to his sides and dark eyes met mine.

And then we were kissing again, heated and sloppy, but passionate as we fell into each other’s familiar touch. Huge hands held my head as his lips hungrily touched mine, only leaving my mouth to nip and suckle at my neck. While one hand was still tangled in my hair, the other snaked down my neck, between the valley of my breasts, over my stomach, and then in between the heat of my legs. Calum’s fingers made to push past my thin pair of shorts and panties, causing me to tremble, but just as he brushed against my core I grabbed his wrist to stop him. He pulled away and confused, brown eyes met mine.

“Did I do something wrong, babe?” He spoke against my skin, his voice soft and yet full of concern, a hint of desire still at the edges. I shook my head and gave him a small smile before taking his hands and placing them by his side again. Without saying a word I began to undress his lower half. First the button, and then the zipper - all the while never breaking eye contact. He could only look down at me with hooded eyes, absolutely mesmerized by the pleasurable touches I left him. When I reached into his pants to palm him again, this time through his boxers, he sucked a breath in before biting down on his lip.

“Feel good?” I whispered as my fingers slipped beneath the last piece of cotton between him and I to wrap around his dick and slowly pump up and down his length. For a moment he could only nod his head in response, obviously enjoying the hand job I was giving him. I leaned forward to gently nip at his bottom lip and jawline. As we kissed I sped up and his breathing would hitch, but when I slowed down again he would groan into my mouth unsatisfied. Each time he would attempt to tell me in broken words, interrupted by his own moans and grunts, that he was close. And each time I would stop before he could climax.

“Babe…” He whined and reached for me again, but I shook my head.

“No,” I wrapped one hand around his dick, “I’m in charge tonight Cal,” and lead him towards the couch before roughly pushing him to sit back.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” I commanded. He raised an eyebrow.

“And if I don’t?" 

"Then you’ll be punished,” My answer was quick, and I sounded confident. I don’t know what had happened between the last time Calum and I had messed around, but I was different. I was ready for him. This time it would be him squirming under me as I teased him, instead of the other way around. It seemed to take a second for him to accept this answer, but he eventually obeyed. His eyes never left me as he did what I said, picking up his hips to push his jeans and boxers down to his ankles before kicking them off along with his shoes. I watched as his erection finally escaped the confines of his tight jeans. He moved to touch and relieve himself. 

“No.” I surprised myself with how angry I sounded and I could tell Calum was surprised too by his facial expression. This time, however, he reacted much more quickly, immediately obeying my commands now. I bent over to kiss the tip and flicked out my tongue to taste his precum. When I was sure that I had captured his attention I said, “Now watch,” as I hooked my thumbs in my own shorts and panties to slowly shimmy them off. Purposely swaying my hips as they slid down my thighs. He groaned as I continued to strip, watching me as a took one of his old t-shirts that I had been wearing off with one hand.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He whispered, running hands through his already messy hair and over his face in exasperation, “How the hell did I miss that?” I shrugged. I had been without a bra the entire time.

“No touching.” I straddled him, slowly grinding my hips against his hard on. He threw his head back with a hiss and his hands formed two fists as he gripped the couch, trying to control himself. I continued to ride and tease Calum, covering him with my warmth and wetness over and over again until his breathing was harsh and knuckles were white with tension. I began to feel it too, the knot in the pit of my stomach forming, but I pushed it away. I was wet and horny and could have easily slipped his length inside of me whenever I wanted, but watching him struggle was it’s own form of pleasure. His eyes and mouth would screw up into pleasurable little o’s as I slid over him, the muscles in his neck and chest would tense, and his adam’s apple would bobble up and down as he swallowed. I reduced his will to nothing, until he was begging me to release him, and even then I did not. My name rolled off his tongue repeatedly and over time became hoarse. No amount of groaning, moaning, or begging would convince me otherwise.

“Please, babe.” Calum begged for me again, “please. I can’t-” He cut himself off with a painful groan. A response to me kissing the base of his cock before slowly licking up the shaft and kissing the tip.

“Tell me how much you want me, Cal.” My lips moved against him, “I want to hear how much.” I positioned myself above him and steadied myself by placing my hands onto his broad, tan shoulders. He was so obedient, so willing to do my bidding that I finally decided to allow him the satisfaction of climaxing; and then only if he responded correctly.

“I want to be buried so deep inside of you. Fuck me hard. Ride me, babe, until I cum-” Calum couldn’t finish his sentence as I began to drag his dick across the opening of my pussy, drenching him further with a shocking amount of wetness. Back and forth, I teased him. His moans grew louder with each passing second, when finally he broke. All the tension and teasing that had been dammed up behind a wall of will broke with thundering lust. In one swift motion, Calum’s hands were around my waist as he violently bucked up into me, and I cried out at the sudden intrusion. Once. Twice. Three times, he slowly thrust into me, touching spots that I didn’t know existed, before simply hammering into me, our hips smashing together as wet, sloppy sounds filled the room. Long fingernail scratches ran down his chest as he drove into me over and over again, and when we both neared our orgasms, I couldn’t help but shake and shudder with pleasure. I fell over the edge, Calum following behind only seconds after. I screamed his name, throwing my head back in ecstasy, and he continued to push into me, riding out the ebbing waves of pleasure that we had both just experienced before coming to a slow stop. I fell against his chest in exhaustion, both of us breathing heavily in order to catch our breath. For a while we laid there before Calum smirked.

“Let’s play again. This time it’s my turn.”

So I received this request yesterday:

Anon cus it is kinda silly…. but I have a sort of nsfw request and I don’t know if you do those… But I love your passion and writing. So I have to ask. Can you do a short fic of Mikey being a complete virgin and having to be shown what to do? He is experiencing and discovering that part of himself for the first time with his bae. She shows him the ropes to completion. Thank you!!

At first I was going to politely decline, because I don’t usually write anything NSFW, but the idea of a nervous and VERY insecure virgin Mikey was giving me major feels and demanded to be written. I’m sorry if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for, my anonymous friend, but I greatly appreciated the opportunity to write this piece and share it. Your kind words were my inspiration, so thank you!

Here we go!


Warnings: very little plot, but a lot of steam (nothing explicit), embarrassment/secondhand embarrassment 

Words: 2462

“Mikey, mind cleaning up while I use the potty real quick?”

“Aye, captain!” Michelangelo saluted his girl as she left the living room with a giggle. The end credits of Deadpool (their third movie of the night) were rolling across her large television and Mikey began to sing the catchy Salt N Pepa tune as he launched himself from his perch on the sofa to begin doing her bidding. 

She had invited him over for the first time after months of knowing each other. While she was friendly with his brothers, it was clear that she and Mikey shared a different sort of connection. As much as Leo had warned him to keep the relationship platonic (’I just don’t want you getting hurt.’), it was becoming difficult to deny the chemistry that bubbled between them. From the unexpected embrace she had given him before leaving the lair one night, to the way electricity spread through his fingertips as they accidentally brushed against hers while they both were reaching for the remote at April’s bi-monthly movie night, there was no denying that the spark that had formed over weeks of late night “check-in” calls and text messages had been fanned into a flame. 

He was finally coming to terms with the idea that she might actually enjoy his company in a more romantic sense, despite Leo’s warnings and apprehension, and boy was that a lovely feeling. However, up until this point that was all the two had really shared; company. Innocent moments spent in the company of each other and his brothers or April. That is until he received a random text from her that afternoon, asking him if he wanted to come over for pizza and movies. Just the two of them. 

He nearly had a heart attack when he felt her press against him from behind as he leaned over the table to gather the empty pizza boxes scattered over her coffee table. He had been too caught up in his thoughts to notice her returning to the living room. It shouldn’t have been that easy to sneak up on a ninja…

She placed one well-manicured hand on his shoulder and let the other lazily trace the lip of his carapace. He clumsily dropped the boxes in his shock.

“Thanks for coming over tonight, Mikey,” she whispered, guiding him to face her. He was now intensely aware of just how close she was to him. She intertwined her small fingers with his three larger digits, her other hand moving from his shoulder to his neck and finally landing against his cheek. Her thumb traced circles over the cool flesh.

“Heh, sure thing angelcakes.”

The feeling of her chest flush against him made him dizzy. Her light perfume, mixed with the subtle scent of chocolate still on her breath from the dessert pizza she had splurged on for the occasion invaded his senses and left him breathless. He awkwardly placed his free hand on her waist and silently prayed she could not feel him trembling as he lowered his face toward hers. When their lips met, he felt as though he would faint. Instinctively, he removed his hand from hers and brought it to her face, his grip on her waist tightening ever so slightly. The hand she had against his cheek snaked its way to the back of his head, fingers scraping delicately over his skin.

Michelangelo felt like he was in a dream. His head was clouded with euphoria and every bit of him that was in contact with her prickled with electricity. The woman fascinated him, enthralled him. He didn’t have the faintest idea what he had done to attract her, but he had obviously done something right.  Her tongue slipped past his lips and made contact with his, which sent him reeling. He mimicked the action, feeling somewhat confident in his skill when he heard a soft moan from her. She bit his bottom lip with the most pleasurable amount of pressure and he suddenly knew exactly where she wanted this to go.

She melted against him, faint moans echoing in her throat with each movement his mouth made against hers.

The small woman began guiding him backwards with an urgency that took him by surprise. He obeyed her and eventually found himself falling into her love seat with a whoosh. Their lips parted momentarily as she threw a toned leg over him to straddle him. He was frozen in astonishment at the boldness of her actions. Seemingly unperturbed by his rigidity and clamminess, she directed his hands to her waist and pressed herself against him tightly. An embarrassingly feminine gasp found its way between his lips.

His mind was beginning to short-circuit. She whined huskily as she ground her hips against him. Oh god, she was a kitten. Her nails dragged lightly across his neck as she made to untie his mask.

His arousal came to a crashing halt when his bandanna had been removed and reality began to set in once more. She was a kitten, and he was an enormous, mutant turtle. There was no possible way he could satisfy her. Leo was right. He was beginning to wonder how loud she would scream when she saw his obviously inhuman downstairs anatomy when he felt a pressure against his said downstairs anatomy.

In one fluid motion, she had yanked his shorts down around his thighs and slipped her hand into the opening of his boxer briefs.

He was suddenly and acutely aware of his lack of erection as her slender fingers snaked their way around his tail and began stroking. Oh god, did she think that was his…? He was going to vomit. Explaining how his reptilian sexual organs worked was absolutely not the kind of pillow talk he wanted to have with her. His anxiety was replacing the heat in his gut with ice cubes faster than he could control and he braced himself for her inevitable disappointment.

Giant mutant turtle, and apparently impotent; he really was a catch.

It was almost painful, letting her stroke him so sensually, knowing that the more she looked at him that way, the less likely he was to grow. Damn his nerves. Damn them. He had no issue popping boners at inappropriate times, why the hell couldn’t he muster one up now?

He tried to find the silver lining in the situation as he watched her futile attempts to arouse him. He most definitely would not be able to satisfy her lust properly. After all, porn could only teach so much and he honestly had no clue what women actually thought felt good. What if she thought the noises he made were strange? What if he got too sweaty? Would she even find his naked, scaly body attractive? Could he really go through with this? Maybe it was best that he couldn’t even try, so as to spare her the secondhand humiliation.

But what if she blamed herself? What if she thought he didn’t find her attractive? The idea filled him with a cold dread that softened his manhood even further. He began to wonder if it were possible for his entire tail to become inverted.

Finally, after what seemed like an agonizing eternity, she ceased her ministrations and folded her hands in her lap. Her bright eyes met his and the subtle hurt that shone within them made his stomach turn.

“Sweetcheeks,” he choked, his mouth unbearably dry.

“Did I come on too strong?”

Mikey sighed in frustration and shame, returning his treacherous tail to his pants and pulling his shorts back up. The thought of his girl thinking him too delicate for sex brought on a wave of nausea unlike any he had ever experienced, even if it was apparently the truth.

“You’re perfect,” he replied honestly. He wanted nothing more than to throw himself out of her tenth story window. Or at least put his bandanna back on.

“Really Mikey, if I was too forceful, we can go slower…”

“No!” he barked. She cringed and deflated, making him feel guilty. Calming himself, he nervously placed a hand on top of the one she had moved to rest against his thigh. She certainly had not been too forward. In fact, had he not been the defect that he was, he would have flipped her over and blown her mind right there on her couch. And maybe again on her bed. And in her shower afterward, if he could muster a third.

“I’ve never done this before,” he admitted weakly, keeping his eyes down and focused on their hands. Hers was so much smaller than his. “Not many girls find this mug too appealing, ya know.”

She hummed softly. Of course she knew that. How could she not?

“What can I do?” He chanced a look into her eyes at her words, noticing how composed she looked. He scoffed internally. 

When he did not reply, she grasped both sides of his face, forcing him to look directly at her.

“I want to share this with you, Mikey. I want us to enjoy each other. If you aren’t ready or if you don’t want it—”

“Oh god do I want it,” he breathed, feeling small under her stare. In his frustration and mortification, he hadn’t noticed that she had unbuttoned her blouse during their kiss. Her ample breasts peeked through the fabric, covered only by her burgundy lingerie. It felt wrong to have such a beautiful creature leaning over him like this, partially exposed and asking him what she could do to arouse him. He had never felt more unworthy of something in his life.

She seemed somewhat reassured by his words and loosened her grip on his face.

“Tell me what you like. We’ll talk through it.”

He wanted to do anything but talk through it. Well, babe, this here is the cloaca, and it’s where my freaky turtle penis comes out when I’m not a complete and utter dumb ass….

“I d-don’t know.”


“I don’t know!”

“Michelangelo. You cannot tell me you have no idea how to pleasure yourself.”

“I’m terrified!” he blurted, standing abruptly and putting as much distance between them as he could. “You’re…you’re so beautiful, and damn sexy, and I’m…well, I’m not human. Leo was right, I couldn’t possibly make you happy.”

She smiled sadly at him, but not without a hint of mischief. She walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck, purposefully pressing herself against his groin. “From what I felt earlier, you certainly aren’t lacking the tools to ‘make me happy.’”

Mikey groaned dramatically. Normally he had the uncanny ability to stay positive through any experience, but right now while his heart was in the gutter and his masculinity was in shreds, he wanted nothing more than to begin his walk of shame home and bury himself in comic books. 

Feeling this uncomfortable in his own skin was so unlike him, but the thought of disappointing the goddess in front of him was terrifying. 

She separated herself from him, walking to the kitchen and pulling a bottle of orange crush from the fridge and a decanter of vodka from one of the cupboards. “For your nerves, Magic Mike,” she teased in response to the look he gave her. After pouring each of them a generous portion, she handed Mikey the cool glass and took a sip from her own.

“I’m not upset, but I don’t like it when you speak so poorly of yourself.” He was about to reply with another criticism of himself when he paused and decided it would be best to busy himself with draining his highball instead. Her warm skin made contact with his once more as she raked a hand over the plates of his plastron.

“I think very highly of you, MIkey. You have been nothing but wonderful in the few weeks since we have met, and I have no ill thoughts concerning your… eccentricities. You’re a turtle. You’re also passionate, creative, funny as hell, and my best friend.”

Mikey’s heart swelled so much at her words he thought it might burst.

“You may have doubts, but I know you would be an excellent lover because, well, it’s you and I…I love you…” Her voice became softer with each syllable and he had to strain to hear her. When her last three words finally registered in his head, he felt he needed to grab hold of something lest he fall over.

She loved him. He had heard the words directly from her sweet mouth. He wasn’t dreaming.

What a fool he had been.

Words began to tumble from his mouth in jumbled waves. He no longer had control over his thoughts or actions and as he sputtered and rambled at her, the desire to steady himself against something increased tenfold.

“You love—but I’m…me, uh—oh.”

Sunday grabbed the glass from him with a grin and placed them both on the coffee table before pushing him back toward the sofa. He tumbled into it and she straddled him once more, this time leaving a respectable amount of distance between their groins.

“Deep breaths,” she teased. Mikey instinctively brought his hands to her waist, still in complete awe of her confession. Was it possible she was just saying this to get him back in the mood?

No. He wasn’t going to let his unfounded doubts crush the euphoria building within his chest. Not this time.

After weeks of watching, a month of pining, and several more weeks of getting to know her…She was here. She was his.

Most importantly, she was happy to be his.

She had tried to show him just how happy she was to be his right here on this couch, but his uncertainties had stopped her.

Oh, what a fool he had been.

Overcome with emotion, he pulled her body flush against him and let out a whoop! She squeaked and giggled, driving him mad. “I am so lucky,” he told her, kissing her deeply between each word. No joy compared to what he felt in that moment. He wanted to lose himself in her embrace, to explore every inch of her and forget about the world around them. She loved him. She loved him.

As soon as the kissing began, she pulled away from him. His lips suddenly felt cold and he mourned the loss of her nearly bare chest touching his.

“You could never disappoint me,” she whispered. Her eyes twinkled with sincerity.

In that moment, he knew it to be true. In that moment, he needed to prove to her that he knew it to be true; that her assurance was all he needed.

And so, on her love seat and later in the bed and even later in the shower, he did.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that if Barristan hadn't been banned from the Kingsguard he would have beat Sansa when Joffrey ordered him? I'm conflicted about it, because I like Barristan, but I do believe that he would. Just like he didn't do anything with Aerys, I think he wouldn't do anything with Joffrey either. Maybe he would have protested initially, but eventually he would have obeyed his king.

I’m conflicted about this as well. Barristan is the epitome of what a proper knight of the kingsguard should be. Always loyal to the king and to his oaths, he does what he is commanded, he knows it’s not his place to question the king’s orders, but to serve and protect him. Which we know is an inherently flawed mindset. The institutionalized system of honor, oaths and chivalric ideals is rotten to the bone, but Barristan is no Jaime Lannister, he lacks that kind of blind arrogance to actually remove himself from that system that shaped his whole career as a knight. And he probably even lacks the intellectual lucidity to see those flaws critically and be proactive about it. Just like Ned, even if deep inside he knows that the system is corrupt, he just doesn’t have the fiber to openly rebel against it.

But… he is a deeply honorable, just, honest man, and I believe the years spent serving Aerys and being unwillingly complicit in his atrocities left a mark on him, and after his death he promised himself (or at least prayed) he would not serve another tyrant. Robert Baratheon came in; he was a horrible husband and a mostly inept king but hardly a tyrant. Then it’s Joffrey’s turn and he has written ‘psychopath’ all over him. In addition, Joff (and Cersei) show an utter lack of respect for the kingsguard as an institution and a lifetime sacred duty and go as far as humiliating Barristan in front of the whole court because he’s apparently too old to serve as Joff’s royal guard: 

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Closed starter for @ngoisaotim

Sora was recently given a new important mission again by Academia. This time he was told to go to Synchro and bring back a prisoner that had been able to escape. He wanted to succeed in his mission this time, and nothing wouldn’t have stopped him from capturing that runaway and bringing it back to the Academia prison. But, when the Professor revealed the target was another one of the bracelet girls, Sora began feeling very concerned. He was tired of always being the one to capture these girls and forcing them to go to Academia. Still, he couldn’t disobey the Professor another time, as he was under an obvious threat.

He decided to teleport to Synchro as soon as he could, even though he was tired of serving the Professor and so betraying his friends. He began looking for the bracelet girl he had to capture until he finally found her sitting on the side of an isolated road, probably trying to escape her cruel fate. Sora came closer her carefully, still wondering if it was a good idea to keep on obeying the Professor’s orders even under threat. Eventually, he decided he had to talk to that girl anyway, no matter what his final decision would be. “Hey, you” Sora called out to her. “You are Rin, aren’t you?”

Stucky Gothic

-You’re reading a Bucky recovery fic. You have been reading Bucky recovery fics for months and months. You have read hundreds of thousands of Bucky recovery fics. You are beginning to suspect that there was only ever one Bucky recovery fic.

-Bucky is at therapy. Steve waits outside anxiously, but he calms down when he catches the glare of the sun reflecting from a distant rifle scope. Bucky is watching him from a rooftop somewhere. Steve glances down at the watch. He needs to start heading home soon. Bucky usually started cooking dinner around now. He steps outside the building, and Bucky is waiting for him on a motorbike. He climbs on behind Bucky, and they head home. Bucky tails the bike, three cars behind. There is a homeless man with a silver arm huddled in in the alleyway next to Steve’s house, and he nods at Steve when Steve passes him by.

-“Jerk.” Steve says meaningfully. “Punk.” Bucky replies. It seems that all that they ever say to each other these days is the same tired exchange of Jerk and Punk. “Jerk,” Steve sounds strange. “Punk.” Bucky answers. They try to say something else, anything else, but those are the only words that come out of their mouths. They try to call for help, but their mouths cannot wrap around the words. “Jerk!” Steve shouts, frustrated. “Punk.” Bucky growled in reply, sounding like a trapped animal. They yell and scream, trying to form any other word, but their mouths do not obey. They give up eventually. “Jerk.” Steve says, when he really is asking Bucky what he wants for dinner. “Punk.” Bucky replies, and somehow Steve knows that Bucky meant that he wanted mac and cheese.

-Lately, every song has become a song about Stucky. Ever since you started shipping this ship, you’ve been splitting songs into songs about Stucky and songs not about Stucky. Lately, the songs from the second category have begun disappearing from your iTunes library. You have begun making up convoluted headcanons just so you can keep your music. Lately, every song had become a song about Stucky.

-You are talking about Stucky with your fellow shipper friend. “I hope I never stop shipping Stucky.” You say. “This fandom is so lovely and I really love talking to you about all my headcanons.” Your friend laughs. “Oh, don’t worry, you won’t.” they say. “I sold your soul to change the ending of Planet Hulk. You’re gonna be here for a long, long time.”