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That Little Girl

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (]platonic)

Request: anonymous: Could you write something where Rumlow had a daughter that they had the winter soldier protect and they gave her certain trigger words that disable the soldier mode incase he lost control? Since he’s dead now and she’s still a minor she runs away to find the avengers and gets the trigger words to them to help Bucky. He remembers her and how as a child she would sneak him snacks and how kind she was to him. The team ends up keeping her since she’s a kid with no place to go.

A/N: I find this fic really cute, the idea was great so the story turned out great. Thank you anaon! I am too tired to write ANYTHING anymore, so I’ll just stop. I didn’t wanna use google translate so I sneaked in some hindi in this fic. Please overlook any mistake I couldn’t edit that much. Hope you like it!

Warnings: mentions of being captive, being sedated, cells.

Word Count: 1696

Originally posted by coporolight

It was a usual day for him, for the winter soldier. After being stitched back together and being given the necessary to keep him just alive, he was thrown in his cell again. he didn’t struggle, struggling just made it worse. Struggling was of no use.

He looked up the window from where the moonlight or the sunlight would seep through sometimes, clinking his metal fingers against the bars so the biting silence which waited with its jaws open wouldn’t hurt so much. He was looking down, drumming his fingers when he couldn’t feel the light on his eyes. He looked up and found a child looking curiously at him. why wasn’t she scared?

‘are you the winter soldier?’ she tilted her head and looked at him with her curious (y/e/c) eyes. He was too tired to function, and he wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone, he kept mum and gave her a glare. ‘you have very pretty eyes’ she sat down cross legged and smiled at him. this was new.

‘go away.’ Was all he said.

‘it’s hot, are you hot?’ she asked unaffected by tone which was used with her. boy was he, they never gave him cold water, and the suit didn’t help either. ‘here, I got you an ice cream cone.’ She offered him the bright wrapper treat. He was always on a strict diet, he really wanted to take it, some voice inside him said he had really liked such sweet treats.

‘I can’t.’ He said almost grimly and looked down. ‘go away, or they will hurt me.’ he muttered and then looked at her. ‘you too, maybe.’

‘they won’t, please take it. you will fell nice and cool-‘she heard footsteps and quickly handed it to him. ‘sit in’ she pointed. ‘that corner, they won’t be able to see you there’ she said. ‘bye, wintey!’ she chirped and ran away.

It was an alien experience for him, he wasn’t used to such….. warmth. He hesitated a little but picked the cone up and unwrapped it. And that’s how the winter soldier had an ice-cream for the first time in decades.

Her visits became more frequent, and he wasn’t complaining. She was sweet, she would talk to him, crack weird jokes, bring him snacks, braid his hair, tell him stories, give him drawings of herself and him. it was all nice, he was feeling again. affection does that.

She came back and he eagerly walked to the window, almost forgetting his broken rib. But it didn’t matter, she was here, what was her name..? he didn’t care. He went there and received a little kiss on his cheek, it was the first time she had done that. She fixed her hairband and ran a hand through her (y/h/c) hair.

‘you look very happy, ___’ he looked at her.

‘yeah-‘before she could finish she was picked up by someone. It was Rumlow, he recognized him at once.

‘you slimy, sick, bastard, how dare you even talk to my daughter!’ he growled. Bucky’s ‘handlers’ busted in the room. everything happened so quick, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it all. She was being taken away from him, he struggled, he couldn’t let the little happiness he had left go away. He punched, he kicked but soon; he couldn’t. he was sedated.

  ‘he’s a bad man, sweetie.’ Rumlow started to walk away and rubbed her back soothingly. Her eyes were fixed on bucky’s and his on her. ‘wintey’ she mouthed with a hint of tears in her eyes. With the last of his strength, he shouted, he called out her name.

‘(Y/N)!!’ bucky shouted and sat up in his bed. he wiped the sweat and realized it was a dream, a repressed memory that found its way back to him. the memory of her, of (y/n), sweet, little, kind (y/n).

You were here, standing in front of the avengers’ base. you wanted to go, you wanted to help him, you wanted to expiate for what your father had done. But you couldn’t find the strength. After a lot of chaos, you made you way to the gates.

‘for him.’ you thought. ‘you were stopped by the guard. ‘I-I am Brock Rumlow’s daughter’ you said with great difficulty and the guard’s eyes gre wide. ‘I am here to help.’ You said and he was quick to make a call.

A call had set everything in a quick motion. What was it? bucky thought. A new mission? A new problem? Nobody would explain him. just pass away after giving him a soft expression.

You were standing in front on earth’s mightiest heroes, while they studied you. you hadn’t felt this conscious in your rugged clothes before.

‘I didn’t know he had a daughter.’ Clint broke the silence as he breathed.

‘he kept it off records, he knew the system quite well.’ Natasha said.

‘kid, we won’t hurt you, but before you tell us more about those codes you talked about, can you tell us how you got here?’ tony asked as he stepped forwards and looked at you. you too a deep breath and nodded.

‘i-I ran away. Dad was the only family member I had. With him gone… I couldn’t take it so I ran away. I don’t know how or what to feel about him. I just want to help,’ you looked up at them. ‘expiate for what my father did.’

‘it’s very brave of you (y/n)’ bruce smiled at you. it indeed was very brave for a teenage girl like you to travel such a great distance all by yourself.

‘where is he?’ you asked. Tony nodded and called steve.

Steve grabbed bucky’s arm and gave him an assuring smile, bucky returned it but he was scared, were they going to do something to him? he shook that thought away and got ready for whatever it was.

Bucky stopped when he saw the girl standing in front of him, same (y/e/c) eyes but less curious and more tired, (y/h/c) still shiny and what they seemed like soft, the same complexion just a little darker because of all the sun you must have been in. it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be you.

‘bucky, this is (y/n).’ steve said and he didn’t care what else he had to say. It was (y/n), his little companion (y/n). the sweet little, but not so little now, (y/n).

‘(y/n)?’ he breathed and you nodded with a familiar smile. ‘(y/n)!’ he moved closer to you and sounded happy. The avengers were very confused at this sight. Bucky wasn’t one to smile, how could he grin like that on seeing the girl?

‘wintey.’ You said rather sheepishly and he scrunched his nose. ‘how are you?’ you tilted your head in the same way.

‘very happy.’ He replied. ‘me too’ you said. ‘why are you here?’ he asked.

‘to help you.’ you answered. ‘your programming, I can undo it. you were once sent to protect me. I had a code which could bring you to the ‘neutral’ state if you were to lose control.’ You explained and everyone listened carefully.

‘buck, do you wanna do it?’ steve asked. Codes. The words did something to him he couldn’t explain. He was scared but it was you, you wouldn’t hurt him, would you?

‘I do.’ bucky looked steve in the eyes and then looked at you. ‘you won’t hurt me. I just know.’ He said and you nodded.

‘it’s a very powerful code and it was made in hindi. you might feel dizzy or faint.’ You said and he nodded understandingly. ‘okay.’ You smiled and took in a sharp breath. Everyone took a defensive position without looking too obvious.

‘dard.’ You said and his breathing hitched. ‘dost.’ He felt something flooding back to him. ‘vardi.’ He sat down, breathing heavily and steve and others stood by him. ‘loha.’ He felt a sting. ‘insan.’ Everything around him started spinning. ‘andhera.’ There wasn’t enough oxygen. ‘aatman.’ His eyes started to close. ‘shaanti.’ His eyes closed and you stood close to him.

‘what happened?! Is he okay!?’ steve asked and everyone looked at you.

‘he is. Let him sleep. he will wake up, things will start getting better.’ You smiled at him and lightly patted his hand.

17 hours. It took him 17 hours to wake up. steve greeted him with a tired smile when he rose from his bed.

‘how do you feel?’ steve asked.

‘light.’ Bucky replied after thinking a little. He rubbed his face ‘what happened?’

‘when (y/n) said the last word-‘

‘where’s she?’ he asked as the memory came back to him.

‘oh, here for now, sleeping on the floor in the living room.’ he replied and scoffed. ‘weirdly cute kid, said everything else was-‘

‘too soft.’ He interrupted and steve nodded. he quickly made his way to find you. upon reaching the common room he found you peacefully curled up on the floor with your old backpack. He ran to your side and sat down next to you. god, you had grown so much.

Your eyes shot open and you sat up to face him. your father had trained you well.

‘oh, it’s you.’ you rubbed your eyes.

‘yeah, it’s wintey.’he grinned and you chuckled.

‘I was a kid.’ You muttered.

‘you kinda still are.’ He shrugged.

‘not really,’ you stood up and he followed. ‘I have to be all grown up now.’ You gave him a tight smile and hung your bag. ‘bye, I gotta go, was just waiting to see if you are okay. I hope you have a great life-‘

‘nuh-uh. You are not leaving me again. you’re not going anywhere.’ He pointed. ‘but-‘

‘you can stay here, kiddo.’ Steve was leaning against the door frame. ‘we got plenty of rooms.’

‘thank you. but i-‘ you couldn’t speak anymore for bucky had pulled you in a tight embrace. When was the last time you got a hug?

‘nope, not going anywhere.’ He mumbled in your hair.

‘thanks.’ Your muffled voice came out. He pulled away and had a grateful look. ‘thank you,’ he kept a hand on your cheek. ‘for everything you did.’ he ruffled your hair.

anonymous asked:

if afterdeath is a couple, can you do a "storytime" with their first kiss? if they aren't, ignore me.

There are two stories actually. One of the first kiss like, kiss and one of the first romantic kiss

One of them has a continuation by @carlosthenoodle but that can be used later as a fic.

So, Geno, Classic and Sci are walking back to their apartment after class and blue comes across them and start listening to what they’re saying
Geno: Loco, yo me rompo el cráneo estudiando y el boludo de Death no haca nada y aprueba (Dude, I break my head studying and Death does nothing and he passes)

Sci: Con buenas notas? (With good grades?)

Geno: Y Mira, Con las peores pero pasa. (LOOK, with the worse you can get but he passes)

Classic: Si man odio cuando La gente aprueba sin estudiar. Por lo menos presta atención? (True man. I hate when people pass without studying. Does he even pay attention)

Geno: No. Se La pasa en El celular el gil. Igual, yo lo veo complicado en este tema sinceramente. (no. The ass pays attention to his phone. Tho I see him struggling with this topic)

Sci: Cuanto a que no pasa. (I bet he won’t pass.)

Classic: Tiene un culo, seguro que si. (Lucky ass. He’ll probably pass.)

Geno: Si pasa con La nota más alta, me lo chapo. (If he passes with the highest grade, I’ll make out with him)



Geno: Por favor gente. No va a aprobar. Y no me lo voy a chapar. (Guys please. He won’t pass and I won’t make out with him.)

Sci: Lo que digas. (Whatever you say)
So blue noticed the tones they were using and felt like something was off. He stopped following them and wrote what he remembered down, then looked for Outer.
Blue: Outer! I need your help!

Outer: Yes blue what is it?

Blue: Can you translate this???

Outer: this is not Spain Spanish

Blue: I know. Can you still translate it?

Outer:… If he passes with the highest grade I’ll make out with him.

Blue: :0



Outer: Ok. I promise.

Blue: Thanks!

So blue left and looked for other Russian students. He stumbled across Grillby and asked him where death was, and he replied like “He’s about to finish his last class I guess. He was at the science department.” when Blue gets to the science department, Death was about to leave, so he runs towards him and starts:

Dead: Dude what the fuck. Calm down. Why should I?


Death: Spanish and science. Tho Geno and his friends left quicker. I had to go do some things. Why do you a-






Death: w-why should I?

Blue: *are you kidding me face*

Death: …. Ok.
And so Death studies day and night with blue to get the highest grade he could get. Looking up for information in different places and stuff and the day before the exam, death read what he had written down and went early to bed

And next day he was READY ™

He didn’t finish first, but he did finish before than Geno, but Geno was too concentrated in his exam to notice Death without any worries.

So a week later, they all get their exams back And Death’s face lit up when he got 100/100 with a come see me note. He hid his happiness and excitement and with a serious face he walked towards the teacher’s desk as Geno left. He hid his happiness and excitement and with a serious face he walked towards the teacher’s desk as Geno left.

The teacher was shocked like wtf is going on
But yes. Death had the best mark he could get

Blue was waiting outside of the building, and when Geno was about to leave, blue’s like

“Where’s death?”

“He was called to the teacher’s desk. That’s what he gets fo not studying.”

Blue was extremely confused. Why would he get called to the teacher’s desk????

And two minutes later, death comes out of the building with the biggest evil grin and a passed test.

Blue is like HOLY SHIT!!!!!

And so they both walk towards the Argentinian houses to see Geno and company

Geno got a 89/100 and he was proud

That’s when the bell rang, and Geno opened the door.

Both Blue and Death with smiles from ear to ear.
Geno: What’s going on?

Death: Oh nothing. Just dropping by.

Geno: Uhuh…

Blue: Can we come in?



Geno: Why?

Death: you’ll see ;)

Geno: :T
So they all sit in the couch and sci prepares some Mate
Blue: So death! Are you going to tell them?

Classic: Tell us what?

Death: Oh it’s nothing

Sci: That doesn’t sound like nothing.

Death: It’s not important

Geno: Spit it out. What is it?

Sci: *sips mate*

Death: Nothing really​. Just that I got the highest grade on the test and I’m here to get my reward

Classic: QUE!?

Sci: *Spits mate*

Geno: 0____0

Blue: *snort*




Blue: You have to pay your debts man.




Death: ehem….

Everyone: ….

Death: I’m waiting…

Classic, Sci and Blue: OOOOOOOOOOOOO


Death: *Shows test*

Geno: Fuck.

Classic, sci and Blue: *Already leaving* have fun guys

Geno: *shakes*

Death: Hey.

Geno: !!!

Death: If it makes you feel better, I did that for you.

Geno: I-it defffinitely doesn’t

Death: *Grabs Geno by the shoulders* C:

Geno: 0//////0

Death: Come on….

Geno: FINE!… Soy buen perdedor…. (I’m a fair looser.)

And so they make out :v

(Here goes the continuation by Carlos lmao)

That was the first kiss as a kiss, but the first romantic kiss happened a couple of months after that, after hanging out with other friends

So Death and Geno start walking with the crowd, talking together about life and stuff. Their relationship had improved a lot and everyone was noticing there was something, and eventually they notice they’re completely alone.

It’s almost 1 am and they decide to go to a park to sit down and talk

So they sit down in a bench and carry on talking. They’re completely alone in the park at night

Eventually they start getting closer until they end up stating at each other.

Geno was sure this was going to be the second kiss but this time it was different. It felt different

They weren’t making out. It was just a smooch. A long one

Eventually Geno started feeling weird. His cheek was wet.

He broke the kiss and saw death crying.

Now here’s where he has a flashback of a nightmare where death kissed him before dying, so he panics


Death: I’m fine I just… I'm​ scared you don’t feel the same way I do… You know?

Geno: Ay dios boludo… (oh God you idiot…) I love you so much…

Death’s face lit up, and they carried on with the kiss until the sunrise.

After that, they both thought of each other as their couple.


NAPOLEON: Are you all right?
ILLYA: Of course I’m all right.  I’m always all right.

WAVERLY: Some of our departments operate with efficiency, Mr Solo!

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 3, Episode 26 - “The When in Roma Affair”

  • AKA, the one where Illya comes out of the closet–twice.
  • Also the one where Napoleon sit together in a car, in the moonlight, in lover’s lane.  (Sometimes MFU makes this too easy!)
  • Illya also spends a lot of time staring at Napoleon in this episode!.
  • Not one of the all-time great episodes, but it does have an appealing innocent, played by Julie Sommars, and a McGuffin for THRUSH and the boys to pursue all around Rome.
  • Napoleon is captured by THRUSH in the beginning of the episode, and is roughed up by them.  Illya comments that he looks the worse for wear, but… he’s his usual pristine self.  Oh come on, Make Up and Costume Departments, you couldn’t come up with one fake bruise or a crumpled suit for Napoleon to wear?
  • Rather than introduce himself to a strange woman in a restaurant, Illya resorts to cat burglary.  He’s promptly held up by small boy and blackmailed into reading him a bedtime story.  Sometimes I bet Illya wishes he could deal with small children the THRUSH way.
  • Something I’ve noticed: whenever there is some driving to be done, Illya nearly always does it.  Was it a David McCallum thing?  A Robert Vaughn thing?
  • Heh.  So of course when Napoleon and Illya steal a tour bus, Illya drives it.
  • Mr Waverly seems to be gradually losing patience with his agents’ incompetence in this episode.  I can’t really say I blame him. 
  • All’s well that ends well, but the tag at the end of this episode left a sour taste in my mouth.  Enter an U.N.C.L.E. secretary in too-tight skirt and push-up bra, va-va-voom stripper music playing on a sax in the background.  Every man in the room–including the Innocent’s love interest–swivels around to leer.  Did they have to end an episode where all the women had been treated as fully rounded humans throughout with a moment of “comic” sleaze?  And spoil the Innocent’s happy ending on top of it?  I know it was the sixties, but bleh!

Sam caught Steve’s elbow before he could stand. “It’s okay, man,” he said, voice pitched low. “Pretty sure it looks worse than it is.”

Steve looked at him, cocking his head in question. At the other end of the table, Billy and Teddy were up on their feet, wadded napkins in hand; Phil had already detached from the SHIELD table and was moving to intervene even as one of the counselors trotted toward the back of the huge canteen for a broom and dust bin. “I should have made him an Avenger,” Steve said, just as quietly. “I could tell he was wound up tight about all this—I should have moved things around so he could stay with me. He seemed comfortable enough when it was just us.”

“Well, yeah,” Sam said easily. “That’s because you’re not as hot as Teddy Altman.”

Steve punched Sam’s shoulder, laughing; across the table, Bucky nearly asphyxiated on a French fry.

I mean I just get emotional when I think about how horrible Luke would feel to see his long lost daughter again after fourteen years.

Let’s assume he thought she was dead, or she had been taken away from him forcibly and he never knew what happened to her.

He is seeing the shade of a ghost. That tiny child he once held in his arms is now a capable young woman who has been blistered by the desert heat of Jakku. Scavenging for income and means of eating something at the end of the day.

Luke looks at his daughter and he realizes he never had it worse than she did. He’d had an aunt and an uncle look after and protect him. And on the other side, Luke had Obi-Wan protecting him.

Rey was left on Jakku, counting down the days for her family to come back and tallying them on her wall. Rey licked her plate from meager meals she was given. Rey could barely remember her family, only that she remained assured they would come back, and they never did until she was summoned to the lightsaber that belonged to Luke and Anakin.

“That lightsaber was Luke’s and his father’s before him… And now, it calls to you.”

Big line. Dead giveaway.

Luke is going to blame himself for her heartache in every aspect and he is going to be the dad he never had, cuz I know this guy felt so much emptiness regarding his biological mother and father. If Rey isn’t a Skywalker, then they didn’t need to keep it a secret for two years.

I hate the mystery box bullshit. But what is obvious tends to occur in Star Wars. And even if you fight that basic knowledge of “VADER BEING LUKE’S DAD WAS SUPER SURPRISING” I just… 

Star Wars is notable as a family space drama from that moment on in 1980.

If you are trying to tell me that OUT OF ALL THE COMPANIES IN THE WORLD, Disney wouldn’t choose to continue the Skywalker legacy, I want you to clap yourself against the forehead. Skywalkers = Star Wars. Sorry not sorry.


“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

catfruits  asked:

Okay, so, I'd love to read a little something by you set in a world where Lavender made it out of the Battle of Hogwarts. Maybe not okay, but alive?

Once upon a time, Lavender had wanted everyone to look at her. She had been the kind of kid who put on dramatic plays for her stuffed animals, for any visitors to the house, and for any neighbor or passersby she could snag from the front yard.

Dating Ron in sixth year had been fun, most of all because everyone had kept sneaking glances at her. She had heard her name in curious whispers and she had grinned and giggled into Parvati’s shoulder.

Everyone was looking now, or pretending not to. She heard the whispers– oh it’s that poor Brown girl. Can you imagine, if it was your daughter, if it was you? Oh and she was so pretty before, too–what a pity–almost makes it worse, doesn’t it?

“You know Professor Lupin was a werewolf?” Hermione said, ten minutes into a very awkward lunch she had asked for in an equally awkward letter.

Lavender pushed a sauteed carrot through a little puddle of pasta sauce. “I think everyone heard about that one. Someone told the papers, or something, right?”

“Er, yes,” said Hermione. “Snape did. Which is what I– I mean, it’s related. Oh, I wish you’d gotten to talk to Remus about this. He was a lovely man.”

“Not as lovely as Lockhart,” Lavender said and she and Hermione spent a moment in wistful remembrance. “God, I feel old,” Lavender said.

“Anyway, Snape,” said Hermione. “Snape and Lupin. When Lupin was at school, Snape would make him a potion that would… tame him, on full moons. He could just curl up in his office and sleep by the fire. If you’re interested, I’m trying to learn how to brew it myself.”

Lavender shook her head. “We’re not friends,” she said. “Never have been. So why are you doing all this?”

Hermione looked like she was trying to say “we’re friends,” but she couldn’t get it out. “I was there, once, when Lupin turned without the potion. I was so scared. I thought we were going to die.”

“Afraid I’ll sniff you out on a dark night?” Lavender said, face twisting as she sank back into her wicker chair.

“No, I–” Hermione squeezed her eyes shut, and all the hesitation was making Lavender more and more uncomfortable. Even at eleven, Hermione had bulldozed through things. She didn’t waver. “I was so scared, but I think it was even worse for him. It hurt, but he looked so scared, too, I–”

“I know how it feels,” said Lavender, very quietly, and Hermione snapped her mouth shut. Lavender took a big sip from her tea. It was still steaming– it had not taken long to exhaust small talk, between the two of them.

Hermione cleared her throat and tried again. “I’m trying to do the right thing. I’m trying to make amends. I’m trying to– make things better. Do you want this?”

Lavender put her mug back down, shaking out scalded fingers, and said, “Yes.” Then, because her mother had raised her right, she said, “Thank you.”

“That sounds like a weird conversation,” said Parvati, whose door Lavender went and knocked on after she and Hermione had split the bill with the precise-to-the-Knut math of the vaguely acquainted and recently employed.

Lavender kicked through the fall of autumn leaves that had collected in front of the porch swing. “She was trying to be nice, I think.”

“She’s not very good at it,” said Parvati.


Her father wept. He tried not to but he was a crier, always had been.

“You were so brave,” said Lavender’s mother, cupping her cheeks in her warm hands and not even flinching at the scar tissue under her palms. “We are so proud.”

Lavender’s mother was a Muggleborn, daughter of a math teacher and a door-to-door salesman (“now there is a profession that requires some magic,” her grandfather used to tell her).

Her father was a wizard and he was trying hard not to cry, bending down to pet the dogs weaving between all their ankles. Lavender bent down, too, scratching behind Fiddlestick’s floppy ears while Mopsy cleaned her cheek forcefully. “Hey,” she said, and her father looked up, trying to firm his wobbly chin.

“You know I’m proud of you, too,” he said, trying not to tremble on it. “I just…” He reached out to squeeze her knee gently. “You did everything right. You did everything good. I’m so proud of you, chickadee.”

“I know,” she said, and she did. He was a Gryffindor, too.


It took Hermione more than a month to figure out the potion sufficiently well enough that she’d let Lavender try it. She was founding a non-profit for nonhuman rights, too, after all, as well as doing a fair few local speaking gigs, petitioning the Wizenagamot on a half dozen issues, getting an advanced degree, and supposedly, at some point, sleeping.

It took more than a month, so Lavender spent another night locked in her parents’ newly fortified cellar. She didn’t remember much, but she woke up with her throat sore and her nails ragged. The door was gouged from the inside. She wondered if she had been screaming. She wondered if that’s what the howls were. She felt like screaming, maybe, a little.

The door cracked open the moment the moon had dropped down below the horizon, outside. Her mother came in with a tray of her favorite breakfast foods– danishes and boiled eggs, steaming hot cocoa with the barest splash of bitter coffee in it.

Parvati came stomping down the stairs after her. “Graceful,” said Lavender. She winced at the roughness of her voice.

“Look who’s talking,” said Parvati. “Up, c'mon, eat your breakfast. We’re doing midnight manicures. Your dad says he’ll let us doll up his nails, too.”

The next full moon night, Lavender locked herself in the cellar again. “It should be safe,” Hermione had said. “It should. I mean, I’ve done all the tests. I followed all the instructions. It should work.”

Lavender didn’t remember, because she never remembered– she didn’t recall the cellar door unlocking and opening after ten minutes of post-moonrise silence. She didn’t recall Parvati Wingardium Leviosa-ing a comfy chair down the stairs, or her sitting down and pulling out a stack of Witch Weeklys, nor did she remember curling up on Parvati’s fuzzy button slippers and going to sleep.

But she did remember waking up in the morning, her cheek pressed into a soft pillow. She was tattered under a thick blanket, but she was human and looking upward at Parvati’s slack, sleeping face. Her dark plaits tumbled, curling, over the soft pink polka dots of her pajamas.

Lavender pulled herself up to sitting, stole the open Witch Weekly, and waited for Parvati to wake up.


“You’re going to be alright,” Professor Trelawney said and she wasn’t even looking at Lavender’s palm, just holding her hand tight in her cold fingers. “You’re going to be happy. You’re going to be fine. People are going to love you and stand by you and we will be there.”

The tower room was just the same as Lavender remembered it, down to the spicy-sweet tea and Trelawney’s big blinking eyes. Lavender squeezed her hands back. “I love you, too, professor.”

“You know, I think you can call me Sybil. It seems the time for it.”

Dean and Seamas’s housewarming for their ugly little first flat was a crowded mess, but the afterparty wasn’t. Lavender and Parvati came by with paint swatches, opinions, and hangover remedies. They ate greasy Chinese food on the floor, because it was about as comfortable as the couch.

They came back the next week, and the next. Parvati conjured a crackling fire in a big fruit bowl Dean’s mother had given him and they all sat around it like they were back at Gryffindor Tower’s hearths, procrastinating on homework.

On nights like that they sometimes talked about Hogwarts, but most of the time they didn’t. Dean had started drawing again and he walked them through his notebooks– his sisters, caricatures of the customers he dealt with in Ollivander’s wand shop, the snarky little comics he’d always scrawled in the edges of his notes. Parvati told them about the Auror trainees’ antics, going ut on their first field missions with their mentors. “All bravado and caffeine,” she said. “Bunch of show-offs.”

“So you fit in well, then?” Dean said.

“Nah, that’s Lav,” Parvati said. Dean and Seamas glanced warily at Lavender, but she just giggled and reached for another potsticker.

Seamas was considering going back to school. “Hermione’s been badgering me about it,” he said. “Says I have a talent for pyrotechnics, and there’s a whole major for fire magics at Brinxley.”

“What about you, Lav?” said Dean. “You still thinking about vet school?”


“Oh, uh, that’s the Muggle word. Veterinarian– a medimagizoologist?”

“The schools aren’t too interested in a werewolf as a student,” Lavender said, shrugging.

“Not that that stops Hermione from showing up on the doorstep with half-penned anti-discrimination lawsuits she wants Lav to star in,” Parvati said.

“When does she sleep?” said Dean.

Little children asked about it in the street sometimes. “Mum, why’s her face like that?” “How come she’s walking all funny?”

Sometimes their parents turned to Lavender with eager bright eyes in the grocery store line, expecting her to answer. (“I got hurt, but I’m okay now.”) Sometimes they shushed their kids and gave her little apologetic half-smiles, glancing away from the raised lines of scar tissue. Sometimes they pulled their children closer to them and crossed to the other side of the street.

Harry Potter had a godson. Teddy Lupin was four the first time Lavender met him, just outside Gringotts. Teddy clung to Harry’s pants leg, peeking past his godfather’s hanging robe. “Why’d her face do that?” he said and Harry dropped a hand down into Teddy’s hair, which was bright green.

“She’s just like your dad,” said Harry.

“Puppy,” Teddy whispered, eyes wide with joy, and his skin shifted until scars stood out stark on his smiling chubby cheeks.

Lavender bit her lip and sank down to her knees in the street, holding out a hand. “Why aren’t you handsome, chickadee. What’s your name?”

Once, Lavender had wanted everyone to look at her.

She hated stories that told you to be careful what you wished for. Were you not supposed to want things? Was that the answer? She was nearly twenty two and she could make things fly with a few whispered words. She had lived through her seventh year at Hogwarts, had stepped out into that battle with her wand out and her eyes open. She had woken up–hurting, wounds tended, poison in her veins–to Parvati sleeping on Sybil’s shoulder at her bedside.

She had cried when they told her about the lycanthropy. She had cried over her bunny because a fox had gotten to it. Both times it had been with her face buried in Parvati’s shoulder and Parvati’s hands stroking her hair. She wished and she wanted– animals that never left you, bodies that never betrayed you.

Once, Lavender had wished that everyone would look at her, and now they were. Everyone was looking– so Lavender held Parvati’s hand in the grocery store at midnight, because they had both been craving green apples. Everyone was looking– so Lavender curled her hair and pinned it up, wore tank tops and little skirts on any day hot enough that she could get away with it, laughed aloud in public spaces. Everyone was looking– so Lavender knocked on Hermione Granger’s door one evening and asked, “What would it take to get me into magical vet school?”

Hermione had her bushy hair all tied back and a quill behind each ear. “A lot. There’s some statutes we’ve got to fight, and even if we can handle that you’ll still be under intense scrutiny for years.”

“I can work with that,” said Lavender, and Hermione grinned.

When Teddy marched down the aisle with the rings, his hair was a shimmering swirl of pink and purple to match the flowers woven into Parvati’s braids and Lavender’s curls.

The honeymoon would be short–a week in magical Paris in the townhouse of a Beauxbaton girl they’d befriended fourth year. Lavender had more medical textbooks packed into her luggage than anything else. Parvati’s bags were lined with half-finished reports that she’d owl to Auror headquarters from a rumpled Parisian morning, getting croissant crumbs in the bedsheets.

But for now the hall was filled with pink and purple blooms, white candles, familiar faces. Hermione stood in a violet bridesmaid’s dress, and Dean and Seamus in matching ties at Parvati and Lavender’s respective backs. Padma was luminescent with joy over Parvati’s shoulder. She had taken Lavender aside that morning for a short quiet walk in the mist and told her, “I know tonight’s what makes it official, but I’ve thought of you as my sister for years.”

When Lavender leaned forward and kissed her wife, her father burst into proud tears in the front row. He was a crier, always had been. Lavender buried her face in Parvati’s shoulder, smiling so hard she thought she might come apart. Her scars creased and puckered in her dimples, and she was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


I still can’t believe that these two dorks imported from Transformers Prime are the 2nd pair of canon robots husbands in the IDW comics. They aren’t just window dressing either! There’s a story behind the vain, high speed racer that married a guy who is considered inferior by his whole culture. I want to see it play out so badly!

Knockout and Breakdown are precious and deserve all the love. 

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

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There’s a great mammal in the ocean known as the 52-hertz whale. All year, he practices his love song for the female. Travels thousands of miles to find her. But when he finally gets the chance to serenade her, she doesn’t give him a call back. Why? His love ballad is sung at 52 hertz, a sonic signature one note higher than the lowest sound of a tuba. The average female hears at 10 to 15 hertz. So she never hears his song.

LeFou 10/10

I originally thought that Disney would ruin LeFou. I expected him to be painted as an idiotic gay antagonist, only serving to make the LGBT community look worse.
Thank God, I was proven wrong.
//Spoilers Ahead//
LeFou ended up being a wonderful character and a great part of the movie. He was relateable and three-dimensional. He was misled and manipulated at first, but he was depicted as reasonable rather than foolish, only serving to make Gaston look worse. He was never particularly demonized at all, but rather elicited sympathy from the audience as they recognized the conflicting feelings of unrequited love that he felt. His humor did not go to make him look like a fool, but was witty and loveable and went to make the audience like him more. He honestly wanted to do the right thing and repeatedly tried to convince Gaston to do the right thing, but in the end he realizes that Gaston doesn’t care about him and that he was just too blinded by his love to see this before. He realizes he was a fool, but only for allowing himself to be manipulated. It is then emphasized that he dances off with another man, his sexuality not erased by his awakening. His story can easily be viewed as the sub-plot of the movie. He was redeemed and I love him.