but he looks like a super douche what

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Hi :) could you do a hc of high school Stan please?


  • high school stan uris also known as stan “big ass glo up that no one was prepared for” uris
  • let’s say that it’s the 90s when he’s in high school and the losers are all in Derry
  • he’s still a nerd, but damn, he’s an attractive one
    • his jawline gets super sharp but other than that, he has very smooth features 
    • he has scars on the sides of his face from IT attacking him and a little bit of acne here and there, but his skin is usually pretty clear
    • super clean pair of black converse that look new even though he’s worn them everyday for at least a year (he keeps them clean bc he’s stan)
    • plain t-shirts, polos, flannels, and sweaters with jeans or khakis
  • he’s just a little bit grungy, but he’s too much of a perfectionist to be a super grunge kid
  • he loves 80s music the most (specifically the smiths and tears for fears), but 90s rock makes him want to stick it to the man
  • he still love birds. decades change baby, but people don’t
    • he has a little birdhouse that he makes sure is always stocked up and he has one of those hummingbird feeders too, because all birds deserve love
    • he is not above physically fighting the squirrels that try to mess with his birds
  • he has the type of brown eyes that make people fall tf in love within five seconds
  • he is absolutely in the robotics club
    • he has a notebook that he doodles his designs in
    • the losers are convinced that his robots are gonna take over the damn world
  • goes to rock concerts with richie, the grungiest boy
    • he always regrets it at first because it’s so LOUD and ANGRY, but by the end, he’s so into it.
    • he’s the type who really tries to listen to the lyrics, and he really loves the feel of rock music
  • stan goes through a phase during his sophomore year where he starts writing deep poetry with ben in the back of the library
    • he ends up loving the library and seeing it as a huge comfort spot, especially when he’s really anxious
    • ben usually writes haikus about fear, dreams, and beverly (his girlfriend)
    •  stan writes structured poems with rhyme schemes that he makes up about the usual angsty teen stuff, nature and birds, and he tries to subtly convey that maybe he’s not straight in his poems by using huge metaphors
    • he becomes really good friends with ben during this time
  • stan doesn’t really have a label for his sexuality which bothers him so much because he’s a bit of a control freak, but he just knows that he isn’t just straight
    • he comes out to ben first after ben reads one of his poems, and he finds that to be the best way to come out
    • so he then shows the poem to bill, then eddie, bev, and rich at the same time, and then mike
  • stan gets his license first and gets a minivan “for convenience”
    • takes some of the losers on road trips around new england
    • they never go too far, but it’s always fun for him to get out of town
    • one time he takes a trip with just bill and they get dinner at a small diner and set up a little camp at a random lake, skipping stones together. it’s super cheesy, but they have so much fun
    • he can’t wait until high school is over because he wants to Get Out of Derry as fast as he can
  • poor boy gets stressed so easily!! he’s always in advanced classes and gets l o a d e d with homework, but he always manages to do it.
    • well, he does it after he has a short mental breakdown and cries, but onLY A LITTLE BIT
  • lots of self doubt, anxiety, and a need to be “better”
    • afraid that his friends don’t like him as much as they like each other
    • he doesn’t really know what he wants to do with his life and it scares him
    • he always feels like he’s supposed to be doing things differently 
  • he has to take a language class to graduate, so he decides to take french.
    • he ends up loving it, even though it’s kinda useless for him
    • the look on richie’s face when he’s trying to be a douche and stan starts roasting him in french is priceless
    • it’s also super charming, so bonus points for that
  • the quarry is still a bomb hangout for the gang, no matter how old they are. they usually just hang out at the top and talk about where they want to go after highschool ends and the future
  • stan has a really nice, soft singing voice, but he never sings unless he’s singing with the radio or sometimes he’ll sing if richie is playing his guitar

college jin

i started this a while ago and wrote a lot in school but someone got distracted by sicheng x renjun interactions and also having her own sing along

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  • okay y’all im in math class rn and im not doing anything right now cause when we finished our project
  • jin was the next one suggested for the college series and i was like oh hell yah let’s go (bias wrecker material)
  • okay so jin
  • majors i dont wanna be basic and do cooking because culinary school is hella expensive and people can’t afford that, and while his parents wanted him to come over to america, they were like hey kiddo,,, we don’t have that kind of money,,,
  • and he thinks that culinary school isn’t all that promising, because running a restaurant and being a chef doesn’t always pay the best and so he’s like better try something else
  • he definitely minors in acting though, like that’s always been a passion of his and his parents are so supportive of that dream so he decides to go for that as his minor
  • he’s still thinking of a major when it kinda hits him one
  • “i like to help people,,, and i like kids,,, and im basically the mom friend™,,,”
  • and he’s like “mom, dad, i wanna be a nurse” and he’s smiling so proudly and he looks so cute and his parents just beam because their son is so talented and selfless
  • he wants to get into nursing that involves helping the older folks because in lots of asian cultures your family is the most important thing, and grandparents are around always, and they’re really important to everyone
  • and jin has been to america a few times as a foreign exchange student in high school and he saw so many nursing homes, and how the old people were basically neglected and he was like “i wanna make sure they’re happy and don’t feel alone!!”
  • before he leaves for america, like actually leaves for four years of college, his parents set this package on his bed
  • it’s these pink scrubs right, with the little mario characters on them like luigi and yoshi and mario and bowser
  • he keeps them right under his pillow every night at his dorm so he can feel close to his parents
  • btw jin starts college a little later than most kids in america do because in this au his parents didn’t have the money to send him over right away
  • which explains why his dorm-mate is a little younger than him
  • his dorm mate is cutie pie jung hoseok, a lil baby dance major
  • okay so the first meeting is kinda !!!
  • cause jin comes in, with all his luggage and he’s frazzled because he’s never been to america extensively and he misses his parents and he wants to be home, snuggled up in his mario room
  • speaking of which he’s holding a mario plushie to his chest and like some rude boys starting snickering at him as he walked through the dorm, absolutely horribly confused to where he’s supposed to be going,,,
  • he just turns around and the boys are literally blown away because he’s stunning and he looks so vulnerable and soft and an angelic that immediately they’re all running to help him find his dorm
  • he finally finds it and he slips in, thinking his roommate must also be running late or is lost or something cause the lights are all off and the room is so neat and tidy and clean
  • but then comes jung freaking hoseok, waltzing out into the main room from the bathroom, soaking wet, with only a towel wrapped around his hips
  • “wow you must be seokjin, you’re so pretty, we almost have the same name, see cause hoseok, and seokjin, we’re like double the seok”
  • jin likes him right off the bat even though hoseok is a lil intimidating cause he’s so open,,,
  • anyway
  • jin really wants to get involved with the school!
  • he thinks since he’s paying so much for this education, and it’s a once and a lifetime experience, he should seriously try and do as much as he can while he can…
  • hoseok tries to get him to join the dance team but he refuses
  • hoseok tries to get him to get and join the cheerleading team
  • seokjin refuses that one too
  • but he does find the drama department pretty easily, seeing as how his major revolves around that
  • at first he’s scared to join because of his accent and because he doesn’t know many people but everyone is pretty welcoming and they all dote on jin from day one because he’s a star actor
  • jin makes lots of friends here,,, like taehyung,,,
  • the school does a lot of little things throughout the year, and jin usually gets the lead,,,
  • people line up to wait for him off stage because he’s so damn handsome and he delivers his lines so flawlessly,,,
  • he also does some stuff with the baking club and he has this cute pink “kiss the cook” apron that he always wears around school
  • he often comes to class smelling like chocolate and has flour in his hair like 25/8
  • comes into class with chocolate on his nose and everyone volunteers to wipe it off for him,,, I wonder why,,,
  • okay so winter ish hoseok has crazy dance team stuff to get down and dirty with and jin gets upset because he wants to be on a team too and have something to do that’s active
  • boy goes out for the swimming team but why wouldn’t he like have you seen his shoulders have you seen them boy is like a god or something
  • he likes doing the butterfly the best and he’s actually pretty competitive and he legit has the biggest fan base in the world he has millions and trillions of students holding banners for him (and trying to catch a glance of him in the bathing suit,,,)
  • but a certain fan catches his eye,,,
  • okay so you’re not actually a fan, your best friend is like super madly in love with seokjin and they drag you along to every single one of his meets and they make you help hold the poster
  • but you’re kinda like “hey maybe we should respect him as a person!! and not just some fantasy that you wanna bang or something!!!”
  • and you’re really against everyone who suffocates jin because of his looks cause it must suck to have everyone appreciate you for your face value and nothing more and you don’t wanna be that person, you wanna get to know someone before you decide to be infatuated
  • but here you are, at every game, and you can’t deny that seokjin is handsome as hell
  • you don’t wanna be someone who just shows up for the speedo though, and you low key get on people that gawk and act like morons
  • hoseok happens to sit in on seokjin’s meets and he sits close to you a few times and he hears how you rant and rave about how jin is more than a pretty face and how he deserves to be liked for his personality and not just his body
  • hoseok goes back and tells jin all of this and jin is really taken aback???
  • like he loves being complimented and fawned over but sometimes it really hurts when people don’t look past the surface level and sometimes he’ll ask hoseok if he’s boring or too simple and hoseok has to play Mario with him until he stops sniffling
  • so the fact that someone cares about him more than his looks well that’s!!
  • and so every meet from then on he looks out for you before he actually swims and he sees you and his heart flutters a little you’re like his angel, always defending him
  • he doesn’t actually approach you though because he’s too shy and maybe you’re not really different than anyone else
  • but then it happens
  • the campus is hosting a lil game night and hoseok is so ready to go because jeongguk is going, and the two of them plan to challenge anyone and everyone to defend their just dance crowns and seokjin is like have fun but then hoseok says Mario party will be an option
  • and jin is up off the bed and he’s ready to go in like twenty minutes!!
  • guess who else is there!!
  • oh wait you are!!
  • and you’re already sitting down at the wii with the Mario party already set up and you’re waiting for someone else to come cause everyone wants to play COD and overwatch and destiny
  • and it’s kinda dark and jin doesn’t look before taking the seat beside you and you both reach for a controller at the same time and your hands brush like some sort of cheesy romance movie
  • he looks up at you and he almost screams because wait a second this is my hero this is the person who always defends me!!
  • “you’re super cute up close”
  • and you kinda choke because “what”
  • and jin gets all red and flustered and he starts to stammer because he’s literally being the douche now or at least he thinks he is
  • “you’re really cute too!” and you smile all bright “I think I wanna get to know you better, you seem nice. I always see you at the meets, you always congratulate everyone and you always cheer the younger kids on and you always bring snacks… you seem really sweet”
  • and he gets even more red and he buries his face behind his hands and he stays like that for maybe I don’t know five minutes and you have to tug his hands away and he’s so cute and flustered and he looks so scared but so excited at the same time and it’s so precious
  • because how many people know that about him? how many people take the time to look past his outward appearance?
  • and you two exchange names obv cause you need to know the name of your future boyfriend wink wink
  • okay and then you start the mario party game and he’s getting so into it like he throws himself around while playing the mini games and he almost takes you out in the process like he’s wild and he always apologizes and grabs your shoulders in an attempt to stabilize you and you realize just how big his hands are,,,
  • and you two obviously talk about yourselves and get to know each other and he tells you how he’s from korea and how he’s a nursing major and his favorite thing to do, even more than all his clubs, is go and volunteer at the retirement home down the street whenever he can
  • and your heart melts because he talks about how he’ll tell them stories from his childhood and he’ll ask about their grandkids and he’ll sing for them sometimes,,, it’s really super cute
  • okay but he has volunteering the next day and he tells all the cute elderly folks about you like he describes you for five hours and they all tease him cause he gets all red and chattery and he starts speaking really fast and everything,,,
  • okay but back to this
  • you two are playing and it’s a friday night and nobody else comes to play mario (thanks to hoseok who threatened anyone with silly string or something if they ruined the moment)
  • and you kinda accidentally sort of fall asleep
  • on jin
  • like right on his shoulder
  • and you’re snoring softly and he’s petrified as a statue because he doesn’t wanna move and wake you up, it’s also really cute and he wants to take in how peaceful you look, like that’s a really good look for you
  • at first he’s like well maybe i should move them but then he’s like better not wake them up,,, and so he decides he’ll chill and play some mario by himself and wait for you to wake up
  • execot you don’t
  • and it’s midnight and hoseok is like texting him “wtf dude you’re still,,, still there wow im glad youre having fun!!!”
  • and jin is like “it’S NOT LIKE THAT HOSEOK”
  • and hoseok just kinda “like what”
  • “nvm pal”
  • okay but you wake up cause he’s squirming and you’re kinda like where am i who is this stunning dream man
  • oh wait
  • and you bolt up and you apologize over and over again and you try to hide behind your hands and jin stats apologizing too and you’re kinda like wait what why are you apologizing??
  • “im sorry i didnt wake you up you probably wanna be in bed, and not with me, ill take you out to coffee to make up for it!!”
  • you and jin start out liking each other right off the bat
  • it’s not like oh friends who slowly realize that they like each other no, it’s obvious you and jin have the hots for each other from day one
  • like you guys get coffee and he’s wearing a button down and you kinda !! and he says it’s because he had to wear it from rehearsals but he’s a really bad liar in all honesty
  • and he ends up taste testing yours and you know you’re smitten because it doesn’t even bother you that an almost stranger stole half your drink like he’s too cute with a whipped cream mustache
  • and he’s really gentlemanly like he always offers to pay and holds the door and lends you his giant swim jacket whenever you get cold like he’s super cute
  • he always has you over his dorm for study dates that are “totally platonic” and every single time he gets distracted because he’s watching your lips and not trying to do the calculus problem on his paper
  • everytime you come over hoseok is really super un-subtle like he’ll look at you and then give you this really big wink and then smile all wide and you kinda ??? and he like coughs “jingetsomebuddy” and then he’s like “i said nothing” and jin is chasing him around the tiny room with a pillow and you’re laughing hysterically because what have you get involved in
  • but you do get kinda annoyed sometimes
  • as long as you’ve known jin, you’ve had feelings for him
  • and at this point you think that maybe he’s into you as well
  • like he’s always staring over at you, and your hands “accidentally” brush every five seconds now, and he gets really moody whenever you talk about hanging out with someone one on one that doesn’t seem to be platonic with you
  • but there he goes on, not confessing
  • and that would upset anyone obviously
  • like you’re being led on and being made to believe that he actually likes you, and it sucks that he won’t just ask you out on an actual date right now
  • like things are pretty serious
  • but you’re not dating?
  • like dude has brought you over to his dorm and he made you a freaking spaghetti dinner and it was just the two of you, and he fell asleep in your lap after a long strenuous dance battle, and dude still insists that you two are only friends
  • like boy texts you every morning with some bed head selfies and still has the audacity to be just a friend
  • like heck, you have twenty million of his sweaters hoarded in you closet
  • and you sleep with that bowser plushie he low key gave you one night when you were a lil bit scared of the thunderstorm “to hold when im not there to protect you from the lightning and thunder”
  • of course you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you tell hoseok all about your major huge crush on jin
  • hoseok tells jin in less than an hour and he also is like “bro wtf you can’t leave them habing please confess or i will confess on your behalf”
  • jin laughs this off but hoseok is making a card already and it has stick figures holding hands and hearts and jin nearly has a heart attack
  • so jin plans this out he’ll take you somewhere cute, like an actual date and then he’ll confess to you and it will be perfect
  • but then he chickens out and he’s like “hey me and hoseok are going bowling you wanna come”
  • and you groan as you read this text message because, while you love hoseok (who doesn’t) you don’t want to go with him, you want it to be you and jin, because honestly, if he’s not gonna confess well you are, because you know there are millions of other kids on campus who are trying to win his affections and you want him to know the truth
  • but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, hoseok is gonna come and it’s gonna be awkward if you confess so you decide well maybe it’ll have to wait for some other time
  • but see you don’t have the most time at the moment, because seokjin qualified for states, which means your boy is gonna be working and training extra hard for this competition
  • the bowling gets called off actually because his coach is like oh hey btw practice tonight
  • as the time gets closer and closer to states, jin gets more and more invisible
  • like you two would always hang out after classes every day and go get some coffee and complain about your econ class or go on walks in the park or head down to the library
  • but because of states he’s always in the pool, and when he’s not, he’s studying for something
  • he doesn’t even reply to texts
  • you hate to be sappy and you hate to sound weak but not getting any sort of acknowledgment from him all of the sudden hurts and you kinda fall into a state of despair because, even though in the back of your head he doesn’t mean to ignore you, maybe he found someone else, maybe you were too late and maybe he’s dating someone
  • hoseok realizes you two are struggling a bit he always asks if you can bring jin some sort of dinner because he’s hanging out with jeongguk or something (he’s really lying on his bed, playing harvest moon, but he’s matchmaking)
  • so slowly but surely you get to see jin and more often because you’re bringing him dinner instead of hoseok
  • your heart doesn’t hurt so much anymore but your wallet definitely does like how much can this boy actually eat
  • but then you’re like oh wait swimmer
  • but it’s not the same either, because he’s tired and you two hardly have time to talk, but you can’t deny the way your heart sinks in your chest whenever you have to hurry off, and how you want to kiss his lips and run your hand through his hair and all that other cheesy stuff
  • besides, getting up close and personal with shirtless jin, who’s hair is hanging low in his eyes, and has beads of water dripping off his flawless skin,,, well that’s a lot to handle
  • okay anyway it’s the day of states, and you and hoseok made jin this kick ass poster in pink with his name on it with some sparkles (thx hoseok) and before jin gets in the pool and everything, you two sneak into the locker rooms to wish him good luck
  • he’s a nervous mess
  • he’s like about to cry and you and hoseok are trying to calm him and remind him that no matter what happens, all that matters is that he tried his best
  • you especially are really calming and he almost blurts out “i love you” but then he panics and hides behind his hands (you wonder why,,,)
  • okay anyway im rambling
  • you two head back to your bleachers and the entire area is in an uproar because this is states, this is the real deal right here, and you hope you’re screaming loud for him to hear, you know hoseok definitely is
  • your heart is in your throat and your stomach is twisting in knots and everything is a blur as he situates himself at the edge of the pool
  • and everything becomes blurrier when the siren sounds and he dives into the pool
  • you’re screaming and you’re probably crying a bit, and you’re throwing yourself onto hoseok, and you’re covering your eyes, but peeking through your fingers
  • he’s losing, he’s falling behind, he’s not gonna make it-
  • but of course, this is a happy story, and he pulls ahead, and you’re shrieking now and hoseok is about to fall off the bleachers and it’s only a few more feet to go-
  • he touches the wall, but so did the guy next to him
  • the entire arena is deadly silent as they wait for the consensus
  • the referee coughs and then proceeds to scream “KIM SEOKJIN” and then his team
  • and now you’re really crying and you and hoseok are pushing past people to run and congratulate him
  • he looks so confused he’s smiling so widely and he’s shaking his head in disbelief and he looks like maybe he might pass out too and he’s beaming, like you have never seen him so happy
  • he’s swarmed by reporters and officials and a bunch of irrelevant people, and hoseok pushes you through the crowd
  • jin sees you and his eyes light up and you run over to him and even though he’s soaking wet you throw yourself into his arms and he’s laughing because you’re crying and hoseok is cheering “otp” from the back somewhere
  • and you barely hear it above the roar but jin says something, something that takes you a moment to process, something you think maybe you heard wrong, but now he’s staring down at you expectantly and you kinda !
  • “i asked if i can kiss you”
  • and you stand up on tiptoe and press your lips against his and you tangle your fingers in his hair and he pulls you close and it’s sappy and slow but passionate and everyone cheers even louder now like it’s deafening but that doesn’t matter
  • the only important thing is jin
  • after that you two are immortalized in school history
  • and you two obviously become official
  • and whenever you two are being mushy at practice, hoseok pushes you into the pull so jin has to come save you or something wink wink
  • he makes you audition for the plays so he can kiss you on stage and so he doesn’t have to kiss anyone else
  • and he makes you dinner so you don’t eat nasty campus food
  • always goes into nurse mode whenever you are faintly ill like with the scrubs and stethoscope and hat and heating pad and everything
  • and it’s perfect and wonderful the end

OMG This guy! Ok, I told this bad date story on one of my previous blogs. 

This guy I met off OKC back in 2015. The details are vague because he was that unmemorable, but I will try! He asked me for drinks after work for a first meet, and even though I wasn’t super excited about it (conversation was a bit dull) I agreed to meet him somewhere. Besides I had just moved to this area so trying out new restaurants was a plus. I gave him several options of places I wanted to try and every damn place I mentioned he had a reason not to go there. Finally I just said pick a place, so he did. Now at this point he was the one that wanted to meet, and he picked the fucking place so I was really not so excited, so I made “after the bad date” plans with a couple of guys I work with. They were so curious about what an online date looked like they ended up sitting across from us at the bar we met at to observe, and to whisk me away if I gave the help me signal. Ok, so when this guy gets there I am ready to pretend I forgot something or just run screaming out the door, because he could not have looked more like a douche if he was actually trying. This guy stepped right out of an Ed Hardy store. He wasn’t super attractive so this just killed it for me. His cologne was so strong that I couldn’t breathe, and if everything wasn’t already bad enough, he rolled his own “organic” cigarettes. 

Now, I sucked it up and tried not to breathe through my nose, and we were outside so that helped, and went on with the date. We actually had decent conversation, and at one point I forgot my friends were there and was having a decent time. Then came the end of the date. I got up to go to the restroom, and when I got back he was signing his check. I thought that was weird since we hadn’t even started the gotta go talk, but then I realize what he had done. While I was gone, he flagged down the bartender and had her separate our checks, then he paid his. He never said anything and because i saw the check (which wasn’t separate to begin with) was gone I thought it was done, until I saw a new check by me. 

Ok, so I do not mind at all separate checks and paying my own way, I do that the majority of the time. What I do mind is the fact that he was so sneaky about it. Waiting until he didn’t have to have what he thought was going to be a confrontation about payment. That is a douche move. So I called him out on it, and asked why he had to be so sneaky about it. His response? He wasn’t sure if I had a good time or not so he didn’t want to have to pay for mine if he wasn’t going to see me again. So I told him that I actually did have a good time, and was planning to see him again, but thanked him for showing what kind of a person he was before I wasted any more of my precious time. I went on to have a great night with my coworkers who watched the whole thing and we took a selfie of the three of us flipping him off and texted it to him. LOL!! Drunk Jeri is a bit childish sometimes. 


Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans; background James Potter x Sirius Black

AU: Modern, non-magical, Tinder AU

Word Count: 2,331

Written For: @reghoulus + @takeupserpents [#regulily gospel crew]

Lily starts dating James Potter in early September.

It lasts three weeks.

She gently breaks up with him after he rearranges his entire class schedule—changing his proposed majorfrom Criminal Justice to Discrete Mathematics in the process—so that he can ‘spend more time with Sirius’.

James seems genuinely upset by the news.

“Is this about Sirius?” he bleats, slouching into the truly ridiculous depths of his burgundy leather couch. “Because the cuddling—it’s, like, super fucking no homo, okay, there are hand checks and a bro code and the bro code clearly states that morning wood is, like, subconscious, right, you can’t blame us for—”

Abruptly, he cuts himself off, squinting at a platinum Crate & Barrel candlestick like it might tell him exactly what was wrong with literally everything he’d just said.

Lily sighs.

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Hey, its me, your resident justin oluransi fan, with some thoughts on his anxiety that are probably 99% me projecting woops anyway here goes

-he can’t handle too many audio inputs at once? like if a video is playing and a conversation is going on he subconciously tries to listen in on the conversation and then it gets to be too much
-Parties are kinda hard because of the number of conversations going on but he’s got places he can go if he cant handle it and its good to have holster there
-he gets fairly stressed if things are a mess! like the attic being a mess? it stresses him the hell out
-it was a little hard with holster living up there for a little while in the beginning, because he’s kinda a messy dude, but once he explained the situation holts tries harder to keep his stuff tidy
-on the note of holster, a brief segway: one of the few fights he’s been in at samwell was because some douches were making fun of rans’ anxiety stuff (basically invalidating his feelings) and he sorta punched them
-both of them
-a few times
-it wasnt pretty
-anyway back to ransom he’s been looking into stim toys because he fidgets a lot while he’s studying but he doesnt want anything super colorful and big, but thats what most of the stuff out there is
-he prefers stuff he can do with his hands, like sometimes he’ll roll the fabric of his shirt while hes studying or something
-holster got him a sleek looking spinner ring for their anniversary or his birthday and he almost cried. he mostly wears it when hes studying but also if/when he misses holster during class or wherever
-when he was a lot younger he carried around a real small rock in his pocket so he could kinda rub that when he was feelin Bad
-he has a hard time getting words out the way he means to sometimes
-am i projecting? yes

Detention Blues

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Summary:You are Stiles’ sister and when you get detention, you find something that leaves you surprised. 

Setting:Beginning of Season 2


Fandom:Teen Wolf


No. No. No,(Y/N) thought. No freaking way! How could I possibly get a F on the math test that studied for several hours? Oh wait, I didn’t study because my stupid, idiot brother keep up all night by dragging along with his birdbrained,daft best friend to figure more about the alpha and werewolves and how Scott can still deal with being a werewolf and still date Allison. Has anybody ever wondered what (Y/N) wants? Huh? How crucial it is to pass her math test that she should be studying for but instead goes on lunatic adventures with her brother and his best friend?

“Detention,Miss Stilinski!”,a voice boomed, knocking (Y/N) out her thoughts.

Great. Just what I needed.

As (Y/N) exited her classroom and waltzed into the halls, she spotted Scott.

“Hey (Y/N)!”

“Hey Scott”

“Are you okay? And don’t lie to me because I can hear your heartbeat”

(Y/N) let out a dry laugh before she responded to him.

“Well I got F on my math test and then I got detention”

“That sucks especially cause….”

“Especially cause what?”

“Especially cause Jackson just got detention”

Are you kidding me? My arch nemesis,Jackson Whittemore. He just had to screw up today of all days and get detention. I seriously feel like the world is gunning against me. And thing about Jackson is that I find him super attractive. Like just look at him. His jawline…and those abs….and smile. He’s like a God…but also a complete douche at the same time.

As (Y/N) enters the empty classroom, she sees that it is only Jackson and herself.

Oh joy!

When she sits down,the teacher begins speaking.

“Miss Stilinski,so glad that you graced us with your presence. You and Mr.Whittemore can restock the janitor’s closet. Now chop,chop! The sooner it gets done,the sooner you get to leave.”

Jackson nor (Y/N) make eye contact as they make their way towards the janitor’s closet. As they start restocking the closet, Jackson tries to make small talk.

“So….how’s your brother?”

“Good.I guess. I mean,he’s hyper-active and idiotic but that’s normal Stiles.”

Jackson lets out a light giggle.

What the hell? I thought I would never see the day where Jackson Whittemore would get nervous? Why is he nervous?

Finally, the awkward tension kills (Y/N) so she confronts Jackson.

“Okay! What the hell is going on with you? What the hell do you have planned because honestly I’m a little freaked out right now. I walk into the classroom and no witty comment about my perfect stature as golden girl is tarnished. You ask about my brother,which a whole different level of weird all by itself, and then I expect to completely bag on him and then you just giggle. Like,when have you ever giggled.”

Jackson,wide-eyed,looks at her and speaks.

“Didn’t know you had that kind of fire in you,Stilinski? I’ll guess I’ll just have to add that to the list of things that I like about you.”

Like? Jackson Whittemore does not like me.

“You don’t like me. You hate me. You despise me. You probably have made up a list of ways to torture me in your sleep. You are just messing with me to humilate me because I like you. Well,where are the cameras? Where are the freaking…”

Did I just say that I liked him? Shit.

“Did you just say that you like me?”


(Y/N) looks down,embrassed, and suggests that she leave.

“Hey..hey…wait up..”

Jackson stops her and pulls her into him and kisses her lips gently.They both feel fireworks explode in their stomachs. Jackson pulls away and says

“I like you too.”

This is the part of the film where Peyer should have been like “ill do anything I can to help you” instead he’s all like “I’m just gonna let you die or become a mentally ill, hideous looking super villian”. Like if he had done that, then we’d have some nice parksborn gifs, instead we have peter acting like a douche.

dana watches lucifer (2x05)
  • i am so ready for this ep
  • chloe ain’t dead there’s no way js
  • “ahh son of a biscuit dylan” haha me
  • guys i don’t care just tell me if chloe is okay
  • SHE hurt chloe?
  • omg chloe is fine haha she just gets out i love it no one can hurt chloe
  • lucifer is Protective Boyfriend
  • maze and chloe moving is my favorite thing
  • “read it to me now” trixie is literally demanding reading time i love it
  • oh nooooo she’s worried abt her mom i literally love trixie more than life itself i would die for her
  • haha lucifer acts like he’s turned off when clearly he loves it
  • “i call it tuesday but apparently it’s frowned upon”
  • “for the insta” i am so glad lucifer and his phone are going strong
  • lucifer is ready to go
  • omg so is ella “yeah i mean no
  • “clearly i got the fashion sense in the family” lucifer hits the important issues off the bat
  • what is this yoda bullshit uriel shut up 
  • lucifer looks frickin terrified
  • maze is so protective of chloe i love it
  • okay either chloe x maze x lucifer can be ot3 or polyamory i am good w either
  • i rly want maze and linda together i decided guys
  • “i won’t be leaving ur side” um yes all this deckerstar has got me living
  • “do you have anything constructive to add” no detective douche NEVER has constructive stuff to add i don’t even know his real name
  • “welcome to devil time” I LOVE IT HE IS SUCH A DORK
  • “you’re oddly adorable” DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE actually this detective douche x lucifer brotp has me kinda liking him better
  • don’t quote me on that it could change any second
  • see this actress who plays the mom is rly good and i know that bc in the age of adaline i felt like blake lively was super awkward pretending that her daughter was her daughter when she’s younger looking but the mom is totally believable even thought they’re the same age
  • lucifer is such a dork i love him
  • awww he wants his wife to be happy
  • “what happened to you man? lighthouse, pathetic” lucifer do you see the way you look @ chloe every 0.2 seconds um
  • “i literally don’t know what to say to you right now” i love chloe and i relate
  • the lucifer/amenadiel pep talk gave me life
  • yes amenadiel belittle uriel more i love it
  • my aesthetic is amenadiel calling lucifer “lucy” and uriel “urie”
  • okay i mean i knew uriel would rise bc the episode is like twenty minutes in but it doesn’t mean i’m remotely happy abt it
  • you gotta know that JUST when lucifer says she can go alone something’s gonna happen
  • “god it’s like get a room already” DID I MENTION I LOVE ELLA
  • maze is pissed 
  • lucifer looks devastated and so does amenadiel and i prepared to be sad about chloe not this and owwwww
  • they’re both crying p much but now lucifer is worried about chloe and omg this episode is murdering me
  • “maybe ur not so bad after all” lucifer female bonding is just the best i don’t care who if they’re two main female characters and they are in the same scene i love it
  • oh god chloe you gotta get outta the way 
  • oh god lucifer is so scared
  • oh god oh god oh god
  • aw chloe is crying i love this monologue and i love her my heart feels a little fuller right now
  • “well done detective” thanks for using my otp tag lucifer
  • “just buckle up” he loves her sm 
  • also i love how even though he’s worried for her he still respects her decision and need to do things alone sometimes
  • lucifer can’t lose his mum he can’t lose anything else he’s making me emotional 
  • last episode was full of smiles and friendship and bonding but this episode is so angsty and full of heartache
  • this mother son pep talk is so nice
  • if chloe does not arrive safely i will be very cross
  • i cannot lose chloe and cat grant in the same week okay
  • “maybe i’m building up to a big finale” um not if i can help it
  • that better not be finale foreshadowing
  • whoa he cares abt chloe more than mom
  • lucifer always has such great fight scenes
  • “you can’t stop me brother” lol you thought
  • oh no lucifer bb don’t feel guilty please
  • trixie finally gets the story yes
  • honestly lucifer looks so terrible i am so sad i am so sad
  • this lucifer/mom hug kills me and he’s just a wreck and i am just a wreck and maybe i will never watch this show again i hate it
  • that’s a lie tho
  • “what have i done”
  • next weeks trailer looks intense
ToG characters in college
  • Aelin: That jock girl who most people are afraid of but she's actually pretty chill once you get to know her.
  • Dorian: That boy who's parents are super rich and he drives an awesome car and he looks like a douche bag but he takes courses in women's studies and feminism and wants to be a social worker.
  • Chaol: That kid in the back of the classroom who generally has no idea what the fuck is going on. He gets 2 hours of sleep every night.
  • Nehemia: That girl who's always in the science building and the professors are taking bets on how soon she wins a Nobel Prize.
  • Aedion: That frat boy everyone has fucked at some point who never shows up to class yet somehow has an A in everything.
  • Rowan: That loser who got denied admission so now he just lurks around campus wishing he could be with the cool crowd.
The Case Against MCU Civil War

Can we talk about how DUMB a MCU Civil War movie would be? Unless it completely doesn’t resemble the original comic in any way. Which is honestly the only possible solution. Let’s review the important things that happened in Civil War.

  • A Connecticut elementary school gets blown up by reckless Teenage Superheroes. None of whom exist in the MCU. Depicting a Connecticut elementary school exploding would certainly be in poor taste.
  • The entire Marvel universe splits down the middle. The entire MCU consists of about 7 characters so wow how dramatic and exciting.
  • A robot clone of Thor built by Reed Richards kills Goliath (a black superhero) when he goes rogue. The Fantastic Four is not a part of the MCU, and won’t be anytime soon as they’re getting a reboot at the hands of another studio. Thor is very much alive, so the shock of having the alleged return of Thor in the form of a clonebot is gone. Technically they could just use the real Thor as the character, but even still there is no MCU Goliath.
  • Spider-Man reveals his identity to the world and changes sides. There’s no Spider-Man in the MCU. Plus, this was more of a big deal because Peter had become Tony’s pseudo-protege leading up to the event so his inevitable side switch meant more. Still, no Spider-Man.
  • Iron Man and Mr Fantastic build a prison in the Negative Zone to house super powered people that don’t comply with their Registration Act. Building a super prison is possible, but again different and continues to make America’s sweetheart Tony Stark look like a giant evil douche. Also the Punisher steals their plans and brings them to Captain America.
  • Johnny and Sue Storm switch sides and at some point pretend to be a couple. Not overly relevant but I wanted to remind everyone what creepy business was going on.
  • Lots of giant battles between superheroes. Again, we have maybe 7 superheroes
  • The whole story ends with Captain America surrendering and being arrested and Tony’s weird evil plot wins and he takes over SHIELD. Cap also gets shot like five days later.

So I’m not exactly sure what people would be expecting out of a Civil War movie, but I can guarantee you it wouldn’t look anything like that comic. Unless all you want is for Captain America and Iron Man to have man pain fights for two hours and arguments over morality that will probably make you despise one of them by the end of it all. And I’d also like to point out how literally none of the events of Civil War have any consequence at all anymore in the actual Marvel Universe.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fratboy! Michael, Please??? BTW I love your blog!

Hey Anon! Sorry this is late >.<. Also, this is very vague but I hope you like with whatever I write up for this! Also, thank you, I’m glad you like my blog :DDD

Let’s do dis

[Requested: Yas]

(Y/C/N)- Your Classmate’s Name


It boggles your mind how you were best friends with well known fratboy Michael Clifford. He was never known for keeping girls as, “just friends” but you were the exception. Michael was known to girls as a, “one time fling.” His habit was the same, he likes a girl and goes for her, after he finally gets her he tosses her aside, then the cycle continues. You pointed it out to him one time when you were playing video games in his dorm, and all he told you was that he had trouble with commitment.

You knew well enough to never fall for Michael, but you couldn’t help it. Despite everything you know, you liked the side that he showed you. He treated you differently, you guys were friends, though you wanted something more, you felt content with what you already had.

“So, there is this girl in my English class…” He says not taking his eyes off the screen.

“Michael, no, don’t.” You said.

“She’s really hot though.”

You sighed and paused the game, “Michael, what is the point with going for these girls if you don’t like them back?”

“It’s the feeling you get when you get someone you can’t.” He says.

“Remind me why we are friends?” You said before un-pausing the game.

“Because you like me.” He says simply.

Your heart felt tight with what he said so nonchalantly, you hesitated for a moment before agreeing with a simple, “yeah, okay.” 

The next day you saw Michael chatting up that girl from his English class. It always hurt seeing him going after girl after girl but you had to push these feelings down.

“Hey (Y/N).” (Y/C/N) said, bringing you back from your thoughts.

“Oh, hey.” You said.

“Did you start on that research paper yet?”

“Oh, no I didn’t.” You said chuckling a bit.

“Me neither. Since we kinda have the same topic, I was wondering if you wanted to go find information together.” He asks.

“Uh sure, tomorrow at 8?”

“Yeah.” He says smiling and leaving.

You watched him leave and waved goodbye. You felt arms around your waist and a heavy chin on top of your head. “Who is that?” Michael asks.

“A classmate.” You said feeling flustered from his touch and turned to face him.

“Anyway, guess what, I scored a number.” He says holding a piece of paper and grinning at you.

Your heart felt tight again and you pulled out another nonchalant smile, “well then, lucky you.”

“So, back to you, who was that guy?” He asks as he starts to walk back with you to the dorms.

“Uh, (Y/C/N).” You say and Michael looks at you surprised.

“Stay away from him.”

“What? Why?”

“He’s a douche.”

“Michael, he’s like super smart and pretty nice to everyone.”

“He’s in my fraternity!” Michael says.


“Everyone in my fraternity is a douche!” He says, “stay away from him, I don’t want you getting hurt. He plays with girls hearts and uses them to keep his perfect school persona.”

You stopped walking feeling a bit irritated from what Michael was saying, “Michael, you are being a hypocrite.” You said.

“I don’t want you hurt from guys like him.” He repeats himself.

Your mind was feeling clouded from the situation. Why would Michael care about a girl’s feelings? Why were you the only exception? You were just friends, not lovers. “He’s not hurting me, you are.” You blurted out and he looks at you with a blank face. You dismissed yourself walking passed him wondering why you said it.

You laid in your bedroom waiting for Michael to text you, to get answers, but your phone stayed silent the whole night. The next day you met up with (Y/C/N) at the library. The both of you studying and working on your paper. He didn’t hit on you, he didn’t try crossing any lines, he just sat with you doing work.

Walking back to the dorms you saw Michael and that girl from his English class. Both of them dressed up for a club, laughing over something random. You felt your heart tighten once more and was scared on how he was going to respond to you. You felt a arm around you pull you closer, (Y/C/N) seemed to pick up the tension and reassured you. Michael and his date passed you unaffected, and the farther you both were from each other the more your heart started to calm down.

“So, you and Michael aren’t okay?” (Y/C/N) asks.

“You can tell?”

“You two are kinda inseparable.”

“It’s just that, I have really bad taste in guys….” You said.

“I think he likes you, he just doesn’t want to touch you…. He doesn’t want to hurt you and ruin everything. I mean his reputation with girls after all…” He says.

You chuckle slightly before stopping in front of your dorm building. “Michael says you’re a total douche.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised, we don’t really like each other.”

“Even if you probably are like him, you are very sweet… Thank you for tonight.” You said before saying goodbye and heading inside. You got to your room and laid down on your bed trying to sleep everything off. 

Late at night it was starting to hit 2 on the clock. You woke up from light knocking on your dorm door. You felt kinda scared and worried on who would visit your dorm at this time. Your phone vibrated on the side table with a text from Michael who said to let him in.

You covered yourself with your blanket and opened the door. Your eyes readjusted to the dark, and the moon light peaking from your window made it a bit easier to see Michael’s face. His snap back placed backwards on his head, tuffs of his dyed red hair peaking out from the hat. His muscle tank was messed up, and when your eyes traveled to his face, you saw a bruise under his eyes and his cheek puffed up.

He closed the door behind him and looked at you with a vulnerable face, before you could question him he spoke in a whisper, “please tell me you didn’t let him touch you.” He says.

“Michael… I don’t understand.” You said and he gives you a hug. He smelt like beer and sweat, and slurred his words together.

“What happened? Uh, shouldn’t you be getting it on with that girl in your English class?” You said trying to joke and be normal with him.

“I couldn’t bother with her, seeing you with him bothered me the whole night. I kept drinking trying to forget and I just ended up going back to the fraternity house. Then he was bragging to everyone how he got you in the library and I got mad…. So we fought and I got kicked out for the night.” He says looking at you with that same vulnerable look.

“Michael, we were in the library doing work… Nothing happened, I promise you. Besides, why should it matter who I’m with or not with?” You asked.

“Because I like you (Y/N), I like you so damn much.” He says biting his lip, “This whole thing is confusing. A guy like me confessing to you while he screws with other girls is really messed up.”

“It is…” You said agreeing, “I like you too Michael, but why is it that you confess only now? My feelings for you are probably really obvious.”

“You’re different, you’ve always been different. I just don’t want to mess that up.” He says looking at you in the eyes and rubbing your cheek with his hand.

You didn’t know how to feel about this moment. You were angry, and you loved him. “You’re such a jerk.” You said before tugging on his shirt to kiss him.

He kissed your lips back and held you closer with his arms. You felt yourself travel back to your bed, the both of your still kissing. Nothing happened that night, Michael didn’t dare to cross the line with you. That whole night you innocently kissed and drew patterns on each other’s skin. When it hit morning you quickly hid Michael in your closet before your friends asked if you wanted to have breakfast with them. 

When the door closed again you opened your closet door to find Michael tiredly grinning at you. He leaned down to kiss you once more before waiting to sneak out of your room.

A/N: Had a lot of coffee and started typing, and my fingers just slipped…. Anyway Anon, I hope you liked this imagine. I really didn’t know what to write because it was pretty general. I hope you like it though :DDD

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