but he looks happy about it


No one asked for late night doodles but here I am uploading them anyway. Just wanted to do a personal take on them. Evidently, my take on them is mainly BTAS with hints of other iterations. I dig it. Have a good week ahead folks. :)

Limerence [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 8.7k

Pairing: Jongin x Reader

Summary: Blind to the signs and deaf to the warnings, you’d realized maybe love was anything but simple.

Limerence Masterlist

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Clacks sounded against the metals steps as you took them two at a time, the stairwell near empty besides yourself and Sehun charging up them. He was a flight ahead of you, having the advantage with his longer legs, the duffel bag hanging off your shoulder serving like an anchor tugging you back. Light streamed in the windows lining the landing, coming into your view as you hopped up the last group of two, Sehun’s back against the wall as he caught his breath. His arms were folded breezily over his chest, a confident grin in place that informed you of how badly he wanted to gloat about beating you. He loved to win and even more so loved to be right, which was probably why he’d been rushing to dance lessons to begin with. He wanted to see you and Jongin, Baekhyun’s exaggerated recounting of class a week ago enough to confirm to Sehun you were practically in love with your dance instructor.

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Boyfriend! Yoongi (Pt.2)♡


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∙ passionate discussion about tv shows you watch together
∙ like there’s a certain time and place to watch at least one episode then you analyse that shit straight after
∙ never any pda
∙ but if he was in a happy mood, maybe a lil peck here and there
∙ but that’s in front of people
∙ alone…a whole different story
∙ breathy kisses
∙ throaty moans
∙ head falling back
∙ this bitch can just look at you and BAM you’re on your knees
∙ hands all over the place
∙ lazy morning sex
∙ also kinky as F U C K
∙ also passionate as S. H . I . T . 
∙ anyway back to pg
∙ playing with your hair to help you fall asleep on his lap
∙ playing with his hair to help him fall asleep on your lap
∙ you’re the first to listen to any kind of music that he makes
∙ buys you everything and anything
∙ but you don’t really ask for anything, he just knows what to get you and when
∙ whenever you wind him up or torment him he pretends to be annoyed
∙ “you love me yoongi…”
∙ then you start to kiss his neck…
∙ “…okay maybe a little bit”
∙ hypes you tf up when you both go out and you decide to dress up cause your his Queen™ 
∙ “whoa…that’s my girl!”
∙ fucking serving l o o k s; a savage couple
“stop texting hOBI DAMNIT”

Only Love

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Summary: Steve isn’t paying attention to you, and you don’t like it one bit.

Warning: angst, confidence issues


Steve wasn’t paying attention to you, and you hated it. You had come home from work, looking forward to some cuddles with your boyfriend and a relaxing evening. But to your dismay, Steve was busy writing reports about his last mission to Amsterdam.

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Hi Tink! In 13x05, Dean had to burn the masks. He asks Sam "all of them?" and I wondered why? It's weird. Like, "Yeah, all of them, why not? why ask Sam? are you really a hunter?" It seems, I don't know, uncalled for?

Metaphorically this season is hugely about facades and projecting one image that is untrue. It’s all about performing!Dean.

We have Asmodeus the shapeshifter, actual shapeshifters, one that’s even called Buddy which is a huge performing!dean destiel thing, the doctor who wears masks, the ghoul who masquerades as other people.

Dean even says in 13x06 that he’s sick of hunting things that can look like other things.


So yeah, do they have to burn all the masks? Hell yes! All the facade has to go.

Good riddance! Does a little happy dance.

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After seeing your Siren Victor art...I think I have died and went to siren heaven, where I enjoy seeing Siren Victor and Yuuri doing the mating dance and see which one manages to seduce the other the most (。♥‿♥。) Thank you so much for sharing us all these beautiful drawings and I thank Lucy for her stories! *deep bow*

Hehehehehe, I am happy you enjoyed that piece >w<
It was really fun to think about what Victor would look like ^w^
and we’ll see where exactly he shows up in this AU~
I am also very grateful to be working with Lucy on this project!!! ;w;

This was a year ago…. this happened year ago….a year ago today…. Taylor asked Joe how he would feel if he had a song written about him…. His answer must’ve been good…oh we were so not ready for it

This might have been the moment she asked him that question, she looks shy in the photo and it would have been cute if he decided to pull out his phone to document… and my heart is happy for her


When you and Jared met for the first time, you hated him. You think he’s arrogant and a flirt. You not liking him, drives him crazy. Eventually, over time when you finally start hanging out as just friends you both open up to each other, and things start to change. Jared thinks you’re the most beautiful person he has ever met, not just look-wise but also because of your heart and soul. He falls completely in love with you, and can finally see himself actually having a future with someone. You both end up being inseparable. Constance and Shannon both love you, and are happy to have a new member in the family. Shannon especially loves how you aren’t afraid to put Jared in his place. Since you two got married, every time he’s being interviewed, Jared brags about being married to the most amazing woman in interviews.

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Happy Trails

Request: Being Ben Platt gf and being there for his last show! IT’S SOOOO SAD THAT HE’S LEAVING! 😭

Ben Platt x reader headcanons:

* You woke up about 15 minutes before Ben did

* It was the big day where e would have his last performance

* You knew you would be his rock for the long day ahead

* You smiled softly as you looked over at him sleeping. He was just so adorable and cute.

* You placed a soft kiss on his forehead before kicking your legs of the side of the bed to get dressed for the day.

* Except he woke up and pulled you back into the bed to cuddle him

* “Ben we have to get up and get dressed sweetie. We’ve got to hurry over to the theater.”

* “I don’t want today to happen though” he said in his morning voice.

* “I know love. But picture this, tomorrow you don’t have to wake up early or go do a show or go to a rehearsal. Instead we’ll be packing to go visit your family” you said running your fingers through his hair “now c'mon if you want to get some coffee before you have to be there”

* So now fat forward towhee you arrive at the theater.

* People were already lining so you had to sneak in so no one would figure that it was you and Ben.

* He had been scrolling through his social media and replying to all the farewell messages.

* The one from Will Roland made him shed a tear or two so you just hugged him tightly.

* You both hung out with the cast and crew backstage and exchanged your favorite memories of Ben.

* It was just a surreal experience to see how much these people cared for Ben.

* You could tell Rachel would miss him the most.

* And now it was an hour to show time and you had to leave to go sit in the audience.

* You kissed Ben and told him to kill it out there tonight me grace the audience one last time

* You also told everybody else to break leg and gave them all a hug before leaving to go take your seat.

* A few of the fans recognized you and asked for photos

* While you waited, you scrolled through social media and saw some pictures of you with captions like “look at Ben’s girlfriend being supportive from the audience”

* You couldn’t be a prouder girlfriend because Ben did a stunning job and you were just over the moon to continue seeing him how as a performer.

This photo is a goldmine of sassy captions for me to write about

1. Jhope is just an angel. His smile is adorable and he looks so cute i can’t-

2. Yoongles looks so done. He’s side-eyeing the shit out of that lady.

3. Pretty sure Joon is totally with Yoongi on this, but his eyebrows just make his judging face a whole lot better.

4. Jungkook is not happy about something. I don’t know what. But he’s not happy. He looks like he wants to snap the presenter’s microphone in half. He’s literally glaring at it. arms folded. wyd kook.

5. Jimin looks…really shook. He’s just been told that Chimmy is a trademarked name and he cannot use it because it is a brand of expensive australian cheese.

6. Tae knew about the cheese. He told Jimin. Jimin didn’t listen to it. So now we have the embodiment of ‘I told you so” in a facial expression. 

7. Jin is clearly practicing the spinebreaker dance in his head. 

(credit to @allforbts for the picture)

when namjoon said ‘i mean, u know us’ he looked so happy when he said, bc that guy (zach) actually knew a lot of stuff about them, and asked things about unicef, their music, etc, like he really asked really good questions which they were more than happy to answer, and he looked so interested in their answers too, and he was really nice, and anyways can he do the rest of the interviews,,

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Did you see the Zach Sang interview??? I'm so happy someone actually asked the important questions! Zach is the real MVP. Honestly, the only I interview I actually liked. BTS looked so happy to be finally asked about their UNICEF campaign.

yes!!! i really liked the zach sang  interview!!! he really looked into bts, talked about the things they do (like their lyrics, and unicef) and he made sure that bts knew how much they were appreciated. he also told them to write in korean, not english??? like, everyone please go watch this interview. it was the best so far. 

So many people want Team Cap to be super ashamed and feel awful in Infinity Wars, but naaah fuck that man.

First of all, OBVIOUSLY the Accords were shit. like, Steve legit just dismantled S.H.I.E.L.D after finding out HYDRA - the organization he died to stop - had infiltrated. And Tony just expected him to roll over and be like, “Yeah, okay, sure thing!” Not only would that be ridiculously out of character, it just wouldn’t make sense.

Now let’s talk about Steve all throughout the movie. Tony tried to say that Steve was emotionally compromised, and while I’m sure he was, he was very stoic throughout. When he and Bucky finally talked, it wasn’t a happy reunion, it was a Captain interrogating. He doesn’t look happy, or thrilled, or emotionally damaged. He has a straight face and when his BEST FRIEND from the dead can’t answer a question, he says, “I’m gonna need you to do better than I don’t know.” Is that the actions of a man who is putting emotions first? No, thats the words of a man who is trying to get to the bottom of a misson.

Now we go to the actual battle between them all. Steve tries to explain to Tony, tries to say that this isn’t a battle worth having, that there are bigger forces at work. Tony doesn’t wanna hear it, just wants to take Steve in. To end up in a jail cell. Steve is trying to save everyone, and Tony won’t listen.

And last but not least, Siberia. Was Steve wrong in not telling Tony? Absolutely. No complaints there. But Steve knows that Bucky didn’t have a choice, and thats what it comes down to. Steve will always stand up for the underdogs, the ones who don’t have the power to defend themselves. Because that’s what Bucky did - when Steve got in over his head, Bucky was the one who helped him. Steve knows that Bucky just flat out didn’t have a choice, and he finally gets the chance to go to bat for the person that went to bat for him. He was doing what needed to be done. He was the only one who would stand up - so he did. Tony was aiming to KILL. Steve was always aiming to DISARM.

And what happens to Steve? He gives up Captain America. He drops the shield, the one thing he had. He drops the only thing he believed in, because he is guilty of many wrongdoings and he knows it, and doesn’t think he’s worthy of the mantle. He walks out with Bucky in his arms, only for Bucky to go into Cryo. He gave up everything, and yall still want him to suffer?? No.

Steve Rogers has suffered enough.

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(Discourse anon) they were making comments about his appearance/ weight... yikes. Now I remember why I avoid petty issues like that. It's a waste of time and energy tbh.

They were making fun of his weight and looks??? Those SOBs better be thankful that I didn’t stumble upon the discourse. I would’ve have ripped each of them a new one.

Dan has been through hell and back over the last three years - struggling to find a balance between battling his depression, making videos, interacting with us, tours, and living his own personal life. I can’t even imagine the toll it’s taken on him. He pushes himself beyond what anyone can mentally and physically handle to make us happy, yet they feel the need to talk shit about his appearance? I hope karma rolls back around and gives them what’s coming to them. They’re not true fans. They’re immature children purposely starting drama to get their five seconds of fame because they know by saying such things, it will cause an uprise and get tons of people who love Dan with everything in them to scream at them.

In my opinion, Dan is the happiest and healthiest this year than he has ever been. You can hear it in his voice and see a sort of shine radiating off of him, even through the computer screen while you’re watching the videos. Those idiotic people’s words do not mean a thing. They’re just trying to get a response out of him, which will not happen. He knows how to ignore them and knows that more people love him than not. The support we give him majorly outweighs the hate. I’d just block those imbeciles and try your best to ignore it. Or even just log out of Twitter until it passes over.



He asked about UNICEF

And about their struggles, and their dreams

And he mentioned the mic drop remix and about learning English, but asked them TO KEEP MAKING LYRICS IN KOREAN BECAUSE MUSIC TRANSCENDS LANGUAGE


I just wanna say that I really loved the Zach interview. He was respectful and he actually did some research on them. He asked them meaningful questions and not useless questions about celebrities crushes or comparing them to western boybands. Also I’m sohappy because I can see that the boys really appreciated that like you just need to look at namjoon face and behaviour to understand that he was really at ease and happy to be able to talk about theit music and projects. And I just wanna point out that yoongi actually talked I’m this interview opposed to all the other ones and I love him for that. Ok, this is becoming long and nobody will probably see this but I’d just lake to say thank you Zach for being respectful and lovely, for actually asking about the important things, for encouraging them to keep writing songs in Korean instead of asking for a English album, for making them feel at ease and happy and for being overall awesome.

THANK YOU, a random a.r.m.y. on the internet.

Always and Forever- Chapter 10 (Final)

Jungkook x Reader ( Mayze) warlock x vampire AU

genre: Angst x Fluff x Smut

Chapter 9

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January 11th 2018

“This is wrong. Everything is wrong. I was finally happy and now everyone around me dies or it’s in danger. Why can’t we have a happy eternity?” She whispered holding the mirror her father was trapped inside, against her chest.

Jungkook turned around holding a glass of water and slowly walked towards her.

“Baby, everything will be fine, I promise. We will find a way to save Namjoon.” He squatted in front of her and caressed her cheeks ,wiping away her tears. “What did you see?” He asked slowly.

“What?” She raised her head to look at him, confused about the subject of his question?

“In Namjoon’s memories, what did you see?” He continued.

“Darkness and death. He was a very bad person. He chased me through a field and then we entered a house. It was him and my mom before I was born.” She whispered as the memories with her mother were coming out from the “It was box inside her heart. "I wonder how you say goodbye to someone forever?” She choke as her tears continued to run down her cheeks.

Jungkook pressed his lips against her forehead and slowly grabbed the mirror from her grip. “ I have an idea. I know how to bring Namjoon back. Call Momo and the rest of your family.”

“She is with Hana, they might be far” She spoke now a lot more clear than before. This made Jungkook lean over and mold his lips with her. Even in times of despair he always felt like melting under her gaze. And he knew this is no good news.

Suddenly the doors open and revealed Momo, Jimin and Yoongi dragging a drunk Seokjin inside.

“There is something you are not saying about this.” Momo accused standing up and slamming her hands on top of the table. “If something will happen to Hoseok , I will peal the skin of your bones and throw it to the wolves.”

“Easy girl if you are attached to your fur. You won’t get to lay a finger on him” Mayze stood up and met her infuriating state.

“Sit down Mayze she is right. There will be the need to give something in exchange. Immortality.” The last word made everyone in the room gasp.

“I will do it.” Mayze spoke determined. “Wait” She said sensing that Seokjin and Jimin will both be against it.

“There is no way in hell you are going to expose yourself like that” Jungkook whispers.

“You can’t sacrifice her life but you would sacrifice Hoseok’s?” Momo yells her eyes turning bright yellow and her fangs appearing.

“Jungkook come with me” Mayze stepped in between the two of them and the walking up the stairs towards her bedroom.

“Mayze, that can’t happen. I can’t see you die” He whispers and the stands up abruptly making me take a step back.

“We can’t be together like this. I can’t see you die alone. How am I going to live after that? I see nothing after you just like I don’t want to remember what was before you”

That hurts. God, does it. She’s seen that life. He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. In his mind, they are just some possibility that could continue like this, but in her mind, he’s the only possibility.

She stepped close to him, close enough to see the stubble on his cheeks. She reached up to touch it, and it scrapes against the tender side of her hand. Jungkook closes his eyes. He looks like he had a rough night, day, maybe week. She knew he hasn’t got much sleep.

“There’s a house uptown on Atlanta ; we live there together in that life,” She saaid softly. “Everything is green, green, green in our huge backyard. We have two children, a boy and a girl. She looks like you,” She stops. “But she acts like me.” Slowly her fingers caresses his cheek because she knew it’s the last time she was going to get to do it like this. Jungkook’s eyes are open and storming. She ran her teeth across her bottom lip before she continued. “In the summer, we make love outside, against the big wooden table that still holds our dinner dishes. It’s the food I learn to make while you judge me from the doorframe of our kitchen. And we talk about all the places we want to make love after we put the kids to bed.” She licked the tears from her lip where they are pooling. Running in a straight line down her cheeks, a leaky faucet. “And we’re so happy, Jungkook. It’s like a dream every day.”

She reached up on her tiptoes and kiss him softly on the lips, letting him taste my tears. He’s staring at her so hard she wanted to crack. “But, it’s just a dream, isn’t it? Because none of that can happen if I am immortal and you are the only one aging every day. I know it will be a big change and I know that probably I will find it hard at the beginning but at least I know I can die knowing I lived a life worth the eternity.”

“I am scared” He confesses finally letting his tears run rivers down his red cheeks. “Like this I know nothing can hurt you but mortal you are exposed to all the bad things.” His hands are in my hair, his fingers slowly massaging my scalp.

January 12th 2018

Jungkook drew a circle on the ground with salt then he took the knife that reflected the light of the moon and ran it through his flesh, letting the blood drop inside the bowl. Then passed the knife to Jimin that cut open his palm then turned his hand into a fist to squeeze the blood into the bowl. The same gesture was repeated by Seokjin and Yoongi.

Just as Jungkook was about to start the spell, the doors open revealing Hoseok.  Momo stood up imediately and took a step closer, whispering his name.

“Oh love, but Hoseok is long lost in the darkness of his soul.” He spoke letting at a mocking laugh at the end.  Yoongi was the first one to react and pulled Momo’s hand , angry she turned around to meet the one that was stopping her from reaching towards her love. Hoseok’s hands were wrapped around Momo’s neck in a second. She was feeling life slip away through her fingers but she couldn’t bring herself to fight against him. Just as she closed her eyes embracing her end, her whole body was relived. Jimin broke his neck in order to stop him from killing Momo.

“This method is a good one for two reasons. First, it uses a force so pure that when the demon leaves the body of the victim, it will already be so immersed in this energy that it will be annihilated. Secondly, you do not need to adapt the incantation according to the identity or strength of the evil spirit, since the power of the gods still exceed the power of the demon.” Jungkook spoke slowly taking a step closer to Hoseok that was laying on the floor after Jimin knocked him out. He slowly dipped his fingers in the blood and drew a circle on Hoseok’s forehead.

Placing the bowl down he grabbed Mayze’s hand and squeezed it tightly before speaking  " Regna terrae, cantata Deo, psallite Cernunnos, Regna terrae, cantata Dea psallite Aradia. caeli Deus, Deus terrae, Humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus Ut ab omni infernalium spirituum potestate, Laqueo, and deceptione nequitia, Omnis fallaciae, libera nos, dominates.“ Slowly Hoseok’s body started to shake and a dark smoke started floating towards the cealing. Suddenly everyone in the room started feeling nausea. Jungkook opened his eyes and yelled at Yoongi and Seokjin to take Momo and Hoseok outside. Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s free hand and closed his eyes channeling his power to kill the witch once and forever and pull Namjoon’s soul out of that mirror.

A great numb feeling washes over her  as she lets go of the past and look forward to the future. Pretend to be a vampire. She doesn’t really need to pretend, because it’s who she really is and it will never change. Now she will be an emotional vampire, feeding of Jungkook’s love. He lets go of her hand and slowly wraps his arms around her small mortal body. Slowly her hands grab tightly the hem of his blouse . His hand is on her head pressing her face against his shoulder to muffle her cries. Everyone in the room is dead silent, looking down at Hoseok’s body. Upstairs someone was walking. It took Seokjin a while to realize who it was and soon Namjoon stood before him. He never felt the need to throw himself in the arms of the older vampire but he did now and Namjoon was not surprised. Deep down he was grateful that everyone worked together to save their precious family.

January 18th 2018

"You can’t forget how important coming together is, whether it be a mom and a son, a dad and a daughter, whether the family be ten people, or twenty people, or a million people. Dinnertime is the perfect time for that. Dinnertime is the perfect time when you can sit down, you can offer thanks to your kids for making you laugh, or to your parents for supporting you, or to whomever you want. You can just close your eyes and open them again and realize that you have the opportunity everyday to change your life, or change someone else’s. Dinnertime is a great time to think about that. ” Seokjin spoke from his place at the table.

“Did you really called us all in here to lecture us about how important is to have family dinner?” Jimin spoke, aggressively clear in his voice. The way he was tightening his fist on the table made Mayze take a deep breath and place her hand over his.

“You were late” Seokjin fired back.

“I was late because I am still trying to find Taehyung and my daughter” He yelled and stood up, his chair almost falling from the force it was pushed with.

“Control your anger! We are all trying our best to find her” Namjoon finally intervened in their heated argument.

“No! We are trying our best to pretend that we are a happy family that has dinner together! Mayze is a mortal now and Hoseok and Momo left the town, and I can’t find my daughter” His sharp words were echoing through the room.

“Why is daddy yelling?"A small voice said making everyone turn around. Jimin’s red eyes were now changing back to their dark brown color and he froze on the sport. "Hana.."He breathed softly, his eyes now clouded by tears.

"I told you I was going to take care of her” Taehyung smiled and slowly passed Hana to Yoongi. The child still had her arms wrapped around Taehyung’s neck  causing his to move forward and closer to Yoongi. Seeing the older vampire’s face so close forced Taehyung to pull on a forced boxy smile.

“Papa” Hana called Jimin that was furiously wipping his tears. “I’ve never seen you cry. Is it because you missed me?” His big hands cupped her warm cheeks, pulling her head slightly to place a kiss on her forehead. “ Bad guys came after us and Taetae beat them all and then suddeny booom they were ashes” She said mimicking the explosion with her short hands.

“I assumed you killed the witch and we could come home” Taehyung spoke softly, his eyes never leaving Hana.

March 18th 2018

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She never thought that this moment would come . Her whole life has been shaped to protect her and keep immortality safe. She knew that she’s about to change all of that and she should be terrified but she wasn’t because now she could entirely be his.   Mayze leans forward and brush her soft pink lips across his. The fact that the fear never comes and all she can think about is Jungkook and his mouth on hers gave her the courage to speak.

“Jungkook, make love to me.” She breaths against his lips before pressing their bodies closer. His arm wrapped around her waist firmly pulled her body against his and  brushed her lips with his. Staring into her eyes, he lightly slid his tongue across her bottom lip. She drew a deep, staggered breath in response to the wave of heat she felt flushing through her. He lightly swept his tongue between her lips, pressing his warm, soft lips to hers. He slid his hands up her body and cradled her face with his hands. Then, he passionately kissed her, tickling her tongue with his.

“Please,” she gasped out.

He just brushed his lips against her shoulder letting out a throaty snarl of approval. She steps back and bites hard on her bottom lip as he removed his pants, along with his undergarments, revealing the proud, thick length of him. Her mouth goes dry, and she dragged her gaze up his muscled torso, over the panes of his chest, and then she was suddenly pushed on the bed. As her back hits the mattress the dust sparked in the air like a fairy dropped her bag.

“Come here,” he growled, so roughly the words were barely discernible. His legs on each side of her body. His hand fumble with the hem of her dress, pulling it over her head and revealing her nakedness.

“Jungkook” she begged. He palmed her breast, his thumb flicking over her nipple. Mayze cried out, and he buried himself in her with a mighty stroke.

For a moment, she felt like was nothing, no one.

Then they were fused, two hearts beating as one, and she promised herself it always would be that way as he pulled out a few inches, the muscles of his back flexing beneath her hands, and then slammed back into her tightness. Again and again.

She broke and broke against him as he moved, as he murmured her name and told her he loved her. And when that lightning once more filled her veins, her head, when she gasped out his name, his own release found him. she gripped him through each shuddering wave, savoring the weight of him, the feel of his skin, his strength.

For a while, only the rasp of their breathing filled the room.

She frowned as he withdrew at last but he didn’t go far. He stretched out on his side, head propped on a fist, and traced idle circles on her stomach, along her breasts.

"I desire to be with you. I miss you. I feel lonely when I can’t see you. I am obsessed with you, fascinated by you, infatuated with you. I hunger for your taste, your smell, the feel of your soul touching mine. I love you” She turns her body to face him. His head moves closer but his body remains in the same place.

“When I first saw you across that room I was bewitched. I have never in my entire life felt the need to be close to a girl before, a vampire even.  Never dared give much of myself to anyone before but Mayze I belonged to you from the first second you looked at me and I always will. Tomorrow I think will be the most emotional day of my life. I never thought this day would come soon enough” His fingers brush slightly her cheekbone as he speaks.

“You know I never fucked anyone for more than 3 months” She joked, slightly scraping his scalp.

“ Oh well you fucked me for only few months and you are marrying me after a year of being in love.” He smiled and closed his eyes enjoying the sensation her nails were giving him.

“ I can’t wait for our real adventure to begin” She breathed against his lips.

His eyes snapped open and he pulled his head slightly away from her face “ So being hated by a vampire, killing the most powerful witch and becoming immortal in the process was not adventurous enough for you?” His question made her laugh so hard tears were falling down her cheeks. He never saw this side of her, the one that was madly laughing until her face was getting so red he was scared she would choke. She looked beautiful and tomorrow she was going to become his wife.

celestialcyndi  asked:

The interview BTS did with Zach Sang is up! He really gave the boys the questions they deserve. I know you felt strongly about this (as did most of us 😭) so I think you'll really like this interview. It's great to see them so happy being asked questions that really matter to them as individuals rather than just random questions picked out of a hat. I really hope others could learn from this.

I saw it when I woke up earlier - and you’re right I did feel so strongly about this! I loved the interview and I really have so much respect for Zach, because he asked questions majority of us were dying to hear. Non of that repeated bs. Joon looked hella impressed and happy when he said thank you for asking and how he was the first to ask about the Love Myself Campaign - can you believe that they’ve been in the US for this many days, been on this may radio shows and interviews, have they only just been asked about it once? I really hope so too! It’s honestly given me hope!

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is that magus bride anime any good? i see it a lot in my dash lately

Yes!!! Definitely, the show is amazing! I might be a bit biased (I love the manga so any kind of adaptation would have probaby made me happy, I was looking forward to it for a long time) but even so, it has a lot of good reviews everywhere so it’s not just me saying this, hahah.

I can definitely recommend it, you should give it a try and see for yourself ^^. I’m still really excited about today’s episode, my favorite character was finally introduced and I like this part of the story a lot, next week will be even better I’m sure. Go watch it rn! :P

So this normal girl moves to the city, right?

And she helps this old man keeling over on the side of the road. Turns out he’s actually the head of a powerful organization, and through a series of weird coincidences she gets invited to his headquarters. 

She meets a bunch of younger (and hotter) guys who answer to him, and some think she’s the heir to the old man’s power while others completely write her off.

She ends up having to partner up with one of the guys due to more weird stuff happening. At first they are not too happy about this, and look for an opportunity get out of it the first chance they get. 

But then they keep getting thrown together in difficult situations and have to work through them together. Because of this, they start trusting and relying on each other, and fall in love. 

Together, they eventually rise to positions of power and influence, with the old guy’s blessing, and they get a happy ending and anyway that’s my summary of Be My Princess thanks for reading.