but he looks funny hear

But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.


okay if you say so 🌝

3/? things luhan says

next week I’ll probably actually draw it but

I just have this headcanon that shin-ah finds jaeha to be… beautiful. like, not that he’s in love with jaeha or anything, he just finds him aesthetically (lol) pleasing

(like how the first night when they’re about to fight yan kumji and shin-ah knows that jaeha’s been awake on watch all night? like, he had to be looking out for jaeha, right?? and i just imagine him looking at the moon filtering through jaeha’s hair and being like “ahh… it’s… pretty…”)

but he’s still really awkward and flustered at jaeha trying to look at his eyes and I just imagine one day jaeha is trying to get him to take off his mask like “ohh come on but your eyes must be so beeeautiful” and shin-ah finally just very embarrassed mumbles “you’re more beautiful” and jaeha just sort of.. freezes… and starts spluttering and blushing… he was not prepared for this.