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[It’s been a while]

It’s been a while
Since I posted anything~~~
Guys, is this the place where the fans of Billboard singers are gathering happily together??????
I came here to say thank you and hi to everyone. 4 days have gone by. 4 days have passed?? I still can’t believe it. Because of everyone’s love and support we received such a huge award !!!
You guys know this, right !!!??? This is your award!!!
At this moment, I want us all to love and support each other !!!!
We arrived in Australia today. We visited many great places and ate delicious food
We will perform well at tomorrow’s show!!!!!!
I will do well and come back safely like I always do ~
Here are some pictures~~~

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Could I ask you guys to pray for me? I’ve lost over 20 pounds since November, four in the last month, and ten ounces in the last week (which was with a concerted effort to eat more than usual) and I don’t know why. Nothing in my diet has changed, I certainly don’t exercise, so this sudden and rapid weight loss being completely unexplained is definitely concerning. All the blood work my doctor ordered to try and figure it out came back negative, and we’re stumped. It’s a little scary, so please pray that my family and I will have faith to trust that God is in control, and that He is good, because I’m definitely struggling to see that right now

  • Me: * rewatching Legend of Korra *
  • Me: * going through the Korrasami tag*
  • Me: Awe.. Such a tender loving ship.. It reminds me of a certain ship.
  • Me: * stumbles upon a post that compares Korrasami to Klance * Not that one..
  • Seungcheol: Jeonghan? nah, what a jerk, what a– [trips and hundreds of thousands of photos of Jeonghan spill out of his pockets] w-what an asshole, i– these aren't mine, i'm just… [gathering them up frantically, sweating] …listen, i– just listen– oh crap… [thousands of pictures of Jeonghan scatter across the floor] crap, i'm holding them for a friend, just listen!

honestly, I was ready to stan tlj, I was ready to argue that they probably wouldn’t make it exactly like esb because now that they’ve got the faith of the viewers that they won’t be exactly like the prequels, they can make it creative (and some small part of me is still clinging to that hope) 

but as I see the plans for the movie, the fact that we don’t have a definitive arc decided for the trilogy, the fact that we’re still apparently looking at aliens as grotesque and comedic when tcw, swr, and numerous novels have had this shit figured out for a long time, the fact that our trio (or quartet now, because of Rose) hasn’t even been in the same room, conscious, at the same time or talked once and it looks like they won’t for another movie, I’m slowly starting to lose my earlier confidence and wondering if this’ll disappoint.

The Ten Good Things About Turk (with thanks to Judith Viorst’s children’s book ‘The Tenth Good Thing About Barney’):

  1. He was brave.
  2. He was smart.
  3. He was funny.
  4. He was clean.
  5. He was cuddly.
  6. He was handsome.
  7. It was sweet to hear him purr in my hear.
  8. Sometimes he slept on my belly and kept me warm.
  9. He was tolerant of his brother JD.
  10. He was a fighter to the end, but he knew when to go.

My heart is broken. I will love you forever, buddy.


no offence but this lady in this healthy eating vid im watching was like ‘for lunch, i like a really hearty meal’ and she just made a chickpea salad im fucking screamign how do yall live like that???????

I remember when I still wasn't into KPOP and my cousin showed me the video of BTS dancing to BigBang in their dressing room. She told me something about fans not liking Hobi and how they treated him in on brodcast. And till this date it makes me wonder why someone could not like a sunshine like him. He's legit such a happy soul, I just want to protect him forever .

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I’m way too bored so here is some Ethan’s Speaking Spanish because why n o t.