but he knew they were meant to be

SamSavelo: Thank u again iamValC 4 stopping 2 take a pic. You were amazing in the show + it is always great to c u :) Hope u all enjoyed the cupcakes.

  • I can’t thank iamvalc enough for last night. I waited at the stage door and was so excited when he came out. It seemed like he was in a rush and headed towards the bus passed us. I was sad but understood because I knew they were tired and it was cold out. So I turned my phone off to save my battery and the next thing I know Val turns around and said I can take some pics. He took my phone turned it on and took a self of us. I was in shock I barely remember it but this meant the absolute world to me. He is the sweetest and I will never forget last night ♡♡ 

oneshot fic: reconnect: extended 
WC: 4000ish

Special thanks to @iliveforfatcats without whom this fic would not exist.

Fic excerpt:

“I mean,” Izuku said hurriedly, “People they… They know some our history. Especially those who knew us when we were younger too, like Nedzu. It makes sense that before they officially hired you they’d want to give me a heads up. I mean, they don’t know if we can… work together after everything that’s happened between us.” He fidgeted in his seat, shifting his legs a little.

Katsuki shoved a large bite of food into his mouth, forcing himself to take a moment to reply instead of blurting out the first thing he thought of. He hadn’t really thought about the fact that working at Yuuei meant working with Izuku again. Despite how much of his life had had Izuku in it, the last near decade had been abroad, with a different culture and a new family. Katsuki was different now- changed because of his work, his experiences.

Could he work with Izuku without causing any problems?

He looked at Izuku, really looked at him.

i was thinking about amazonian telepathy and i don’t think i can use this anywhere so

There were responsible ways to deal with being bored during League debriefs. Rather than do any of them, Diana adjusted her legs so that her knee touched Batman’s. A ragged tear in his suit meant that it was skin-to-skin contact.

She reached out tentatively.

Black Canary’s hair looks cute today, she ventured, an idle thought to share. She was careful not to go searching for any answers he did not give. She expected him to say nothing, and break contact.

Doesn’t matter, came his answer, so terse a dismissal it almost startled her. He didn’t move his leg. It seemed unlike him, but this form of communication did tend to be more honest.

How unfortunate, to imagine this was what he thought of their occasional conversations.

I’m sure she put a lot of work into it, Diana tried again. The bright blonde locks had been curled into ringlets before being drawn up into a ponytail.

Not for me.

She frowned. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

Don’t need to.

You’re being awfully rude.

It’s fine.

If I’d gone through such trouble, I’d want you to notice.

Not for me.

It will be, Diana decided. I’ll do my hair just like that, to spite you, and it will be the cutest.

Batman said nothing. Then he leaned back just a little, only enough to see where their knees touched. He glanced at Diana, then away. Was that you? he asked finally.

Of course, she said.

How long have we been having a conversation? he asked.

Since I pointed out the cuteness of Black Canary’s coiffure? she said. Batman did not respond. What did you think was happening?

Intrusive thoughts.

She tried to look at his face sidelong, though she didn’t know why. Looking at him directly would make it no easier to decipher his minimal expressions. Do your intrusive thoughts often sound like me making observations about other women?


Can you two keep it down? asked J'onn. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

No you’re not, Diana accused. You just heard gossip and wanted in.

We’re not gossiping, Batman said. Don’t make me break truce.

I had also noticed Black Canary’s hair, J'onn said, ignoring Batman.

Isn’t it cute? Diana asked.

Batman sighed.

Do you think I could pull it off? J'onn asked.

Batman had a sudden coughing fit.

Meeting Drarry shippers in public

So I was in the Harry Potter section of Hot Topic a couple weeks back looking for more Slytherin stuff (you can never have enough) and there was an EXTREMELY talkative employee stocking the shelves next to me with T-shirts. He noticed I was already wearing a Slytherin t-shirt so I guess he took the hint that I was a slightly obsessive fan. I have no idea. Anyways, naturally he started up a conversation with me.
“So are you a fan, or are you like… you know… a FAN?” He had asked me. And I knew EXACTLY what he meant. So I told him I was the second option (he winked at me) and had a Tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter (I didn’t tell him that my Tumblr was the gayest thing since my birth because I thought that might weird him out. Anyways).
So of course he had to ask me who my favorite fanfiction authors were, which surprised me because I would not have guessed he read fanfiction. This just goes to show how painfully prejudiced I am without even being aware of it. So I said @julietsemophase and saras_girl and his eyes got SO BIG OMG
and he just goes
And I swear he had the biggest smile on his face and it was SO funny to me.
Like here I am in Hot Topic, and this guy has to be in his late 20’s. He’s really genuinely attractive, looks like he works out, long hair, and definitely not my idea of a nerdy Fangirl type. At all. And here he is, flipping out in the middle of the store about gay wizards. It was a truly magical experience. I love making new friends.



until this moment, wylan hadn’t quite understood how much they meant to him. his father would have sneered at these thugs and thieves, a disgraced soldier, a gambler who couldn’t keep out of the red. but they were his first friends, his only friends, and wylan knew that even if he’d had his pick of a thousand companions, these would have been the people he chose.

things that always get me:

  • the pram pushed against the wall that was probably never used because they weren’t allowed to go out
  • ‘james potter fell like a marionette whose strings were cut…’
  • lily screaming, not only because she knew voldemort was after her and harry, but also because she heard james fall and she knew that meant he was dead
  • ‘she dropped like her husband’
  • baby harry thinking it was just his parents playing a game
  • ‘his father… making more pretty lights’
  • ‘his mother would pop up any moment, laughing—’


In Love Again

Request: Can I request a newt x reader where he holds your baby daughter for the first time, and he falls in love with you and her all over again please? Lots of smiles and fluffiness please?


You hated that Newt had to see you like this, weak. A thick layer of sweat plastered your hair to your clammy skin as you cried out in absolute anguish, tears rolling down your cheeks, every part of your body screaming with hot fire. You just wanted it to be over, you just wanted it to end. Newt had been more supportive than you could ever thank him for, but until now, a part of him struggled to comprehend that this was his child you were giving birth to, and not just another of his creatures. Watching you now, the lovely smile he once wore was replaced by crippling sadness, crystal tears pouring from his vibrant blue eyes and down his freckle kissed skin. You knew why; Newt was incurably empathetic, which meant that seeing you in any pain would simply overwhelm and distress him to this point. The doctors encouraged you with each push, but their words were easily drowned out by your sobs of despair.


His voice was the most quiet in the room, but the only one you heard.

“N-Newt,” you gasped through your tears, your head rising as he spoke.

“Sweetheart, I need you to listen to me, alright? Listen to the sound of my voice, I’m right here,” he encouraged softly, entwining his slender fingers through yours.

You gave another push, shaking your head back and forth, “I-I can’t do this.”

Newt squeezed your hand, “Yes darling, you can. Look at me.”

You rolled your head pathetically to the side, catching Newt through your bleary vision. His elbows rested against the table, his ember colored fringe drooped over his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together in worry.

“You only have a few pushes left,” he promised, rubbing his thumb against your skin. “So when the next one comes, squeeze my hand and know that I’m here, know that I love you, and you can do this. Can you do that for me?”

It was a rare occasion, hearing Newt utter multiple sentences without a single stutter. You gave him a nod, and as you gave your last few pushes, you focused on the sound of his soothing words, your nails digging into his flesh but not causing him to flinch at all. It hurt like hell, but there was not a chance in the world that you could’ve done it without him. Once it was over, you collapsed back into your pillows form exhaustion, your breathing heavy and unstable. The doctors quickly took your baby to get cleaned up, and Newt edged closer to you, using his knuckles to push your stray hairs affectionately behind your ears. 

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I wanted you to think I was brave, but I’m not.”

Newt bent over you, his lips coming to rest briefly like a whisper on your forehead. He pulled back, caressing your cheek lightly, “I’ve never seen you braver,” he whispered, his cool breath fanning over your skin.

You laughed softly, bringing your hand to cup his, “Thank you.”

Newt opened his mouth, but was cut off by a doctor.

“Here she is,” the doctor smiled warmly, passing your baby girl into your arms.

She was wrapped snugly in a plush pink blanket, her chubby cheeks rosy as she stirred, and you were surprised to see that, unlike most newborns, she wasn’t crying at all now, but instead looking genuinely content to be in this new world. Her warmth spread into your arms, and you stared at her in awe, starting to cry again after just having stopped. She had her father’s eyes, big blue green orbs filled with wonder and charm.

“We made that!” you squealed softly, brushing off a tear and looking at Newt.

Newt pulled his eyes up to yours, a short airy laugh emitting from his chest, “we made that,” he repeated in disbelief. “She’s an absolute b-beauty,” Newt breathed lovingly, “must’ve gotten that from you.”

“Really? I’d say that’s all you,” you glowered.

You raised your fingertips to touch your daughter’s squishy little fingers. “This is a bit different than raising your creatures,” you giggled breathlessly.

“Well, considering you are the only one I have ever trusted to care for them, and considering how much kindness and love you gave to them, I’ll bet you’re going to make the best mother anyone could ever ask for,” Newt grinned.

Even after years with Newt, things like this still caused you to find yourself furiously blushing beet red.

You pecked your daughter on the head and smiled down at her joyus little face, and as carefully as you could, you passed the little bundle into Newt’s arms.

He grasped her tightly against his chest, staring down at her for a good while, his mouth hung open as he searched for the words to say. After a long silence, he raised his head, closing his eyes as he struggled to gain composure, a fresh wave of tears now rolling down his cheeks.

“It’s like-” his voice cracked and he shook his head again, his lips twitching upwards as he cried softly and left his sentence unfinished.

“It’s like what?” you smiled, using the pads of your thumbs to brush the tears from Newt’s soft skin.

Newt brought all his attention to you, his shimmering eyes softening as he gazed dumbfounded at you. “I-It’s like,” he breathed quietly, “It’s like I’m falling in love all over again.”

Your heart practically melted right then and there. “She is pretty easy to fall in love with,” you smiled warmly, looking back down at your child. But Newt continued on staring at you, his fingers crawling under your chin and lifting your face back up to his.

“Not just her,” he sighed, tilting his head. “I’m afraid, my love,” he said, searching your face, “that I am falling for you all over again.”

You shook your head in amazement, “what did I ever do to deserve you, Newt Scamander?”

“Exist,” he said simply, without a moment’s hesitation.

You were going to say something, but a sudden wave of sleepiness crashed over you, and you found yourself unable to suppress your yawns.

“Merlin’s beard,” Newt said, “that was supposed to be romantic, not put you to sleep.”

“Mmm,” you said faintly, “sorry sweetie, I’m just so exhausted.

“Yes of course,” Newt straightened up, “you need lots of rest. But…not to worry, I’m not going anywhere darling, I’ll be right here when you wake up!”

“Don’t worry,” you mumbled, “you have to go and take care of your beasts.”

“They’ll be alright without me for a while. After all, I have a new beast to take care of now,” he giggled to himself, tapping your daughter lightly on the nose.

“Newt! Don’t call her that!” you snorted with laughter.

“A-and once you awake, I will be sure to give you a proper good kiss,” he smiled bashfully.

Your eyelids drooped, but you smiled, “how about you kiss me right now?”

Newt blinked a few times, the corners of his mouth twitching up into that smirk of his you loved, his cheeks flushing, and adorable dimples appearing. You bent cautiously forward, your fingers coming to lightly brush Newt’s velvety golden red hair from his eyes. You sighed contently, tapping your fingers lightly against Newt’s temples as you gazed deep into the pools of his familiar blue eyes.

“I want you to know that, with you…well, I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you. I am so in love with you, Newt Scamander,” you murmured.

Newt’s skin turned hot under your palms.

“A-and I you,” he stuttered softly.

You strung your arms loosely around his neck, Newt’s hands coming to gently cup your cheek. You tilted your head, eyes fluttering closed, your lips finding Newt’s familiar ones with no trouble. It was easy, with Newt. Your lips molded easily together like two puzzle pieces, and every time you kissed, you found your heart springing to a thrum at the sensation of his soft and plump lips against yours. You pushed a little further, your nose pressing into Newt’s skin, your hands coming up to trail through his locks. Newt hummed lightly in content, the vibrations sent through your locked lips. His thumb caressed your cheek gently, every move of his cautious and careful with you, his intensity always soon to mimic yours with ease. Newt smiled radiantly against your mouth, and you could practically taste the happiness on his lips. You briefly bent your head in deeper, Newt quickly dipping his lips forcefully against yours before pulling back, his grin still plastered to his face.

“I needed that,” you sighed, collapsing back against your pillows.

“Rest well, beautiful,” Newt soothed in reply.

He shifted slightly to raise the blanket around your body, tucking you snugly in, the sleep already coaxing you into darkness. As he lifted his hands away, you used your last bit of energy to grab Newt’s wrist midair and hold his hand. You held it like that against the sheets, and a moment later, you were gone.

Newt leaned back, the smile on his face never faltering for even a second. And so he sat like that, admiring his two favorite girls in the world and wondering how he ever got so lucky.

He has someone else

Hi guys! As promised, this is the One Shot of Harry cheating. Hope you’ll like it!

Plot: Harry’s girlfriend is confronted with the knowledge that he’s cheating on her and has no choice but to deal with the consequences. 

Warnings: There’s hints on smut as well as a smut scene, but it’s not too dirty. 

The pic isn’t mine, but oh so beautiful. 

It was Wednesday when the life I loved ended.

The day had started and been nothing but completely ordinary, until now. Because at this moment, both of my hands were numb, shaking and sweaty. My lips were bitten and I couldn’t recall when my eyes last had to fight so hard to keep the wave of tears at bay.
Nick had meant well, as he always did, being one of the nicest people I knew. He was staring at me, unsure what to say and I could read by his expression that he was doubting both, my sanity and whether or not he had made the right decision to tell me. His words kept replaying in my mind, becoming louder and louder by the minute until they resounded inside my head as a yell.

“Harry has been sleeping with a girl he met in LA for a while now. About 3 months, I’d say, but… maybe a little more than that.”

At first I hadn’t believed him. Because how could it be true? Harry and I loved each other and neither of us could ever betray the other like this, right? Understanding my doubts, Nick had grimaced and pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons before turning the screen so I had a perfect view onto the numerous texts he had received from Harry. They had proven everything and told the story how he had met her and how, though he’d felt bad, had slipped into a relationship with her. My vision had blurred once I got to the part of him describing what had gone through his head while sleeping with her for the first time, and I had felt sick.
The reality of it all had yet to kick in as my mind tried and failed to make sense of it at all. It was most certainly not what I had expected to hear when Nick had called me this morning and asked if I could meet him for coffee. I’d expected it to be about Harry’s upcoming birthday. Sure, a little early, but hadn’t we started to plan his birthday party early last year as well? We had been so in love back then and, at least as I thought, still were. All the butterflies in the world erupted in our tummies when the other smiled. Our hearts beat in the same rhythm. We had the kind of connection every couple desired to have themselves and therefor stirred jealousy in them.
The smile left my lips as all blood drained form my face. Nothing would be the same from now on, I realized. The life I’d led for the past two years was about to end and turn into an unpredictable and unwanted replacement.

“Y/N?” Nick’s voice was soft and low.

One of his hands which had both been clasping his coffee mug reached out for me and took a gentle hold of my wrist. His kitchen in which we sat, suddenly seemed awfully small and a restlessness settled into my bones.

“You are welcome to stay here. I have two spare rooms so… you’d have your space. It’d be easy.”

Nothing about any of this was or would ever be easy.
Harry had held a girl who wasn’t me. His lips had kissed someone, other than me. He had sex with a girl. And she was not me. What made the tears fall from my eyes and spill onto my cheeks, what caused my heart to shatter into pieces was, how just because he had her, he hadn’t stopped holding me at night. Harry and I had still kissed, often, and with so much love we lost our breaths and believed to be in a different world. He had still come to bed with me and touched me, and looking back I could not recall feeling any less loved. But I must have been lacking his love for a long time, because otherwise, I would have surely been enough, right?
The skin of both cheeks was wet and no will was left in me to somehow stop the tears from spilling freely from my eyes. Nick’s expression of sadness and regret increased with each cry and yelp slipping from my lips.

“Y/N,” he spoke in a pleading tone, though I believed neither of us knew what he was pleading me for.

“I appreciate it, Nick,” I whimpered, sounding utterly ironic, “for telling me. I know that I-”

A sob wrecked through my body, interrupting my sentence and I briefly shut my eyes and attempted to catch a breath.

“You love H-Harry and he… what I mean to say is thank you so much, Nick…”

“Of course, Y/N,” he answered gently, a hesitant, yet warm smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

I tried to give him a smile back and raised my own mug to my lips, taking a small sip from the lukewarm camomile tea. Nick’s eyes followed my movements.

“What do you think you’re going to do next?” he asked quietly.

My shoulders lifted and lowered in a shrug and my aching lungs filled with air when I took a deep breath.

“I think I’ll go home.”


The sound of my home front door falling shut behind me had a shiver rush over my skin. The noise echoed almost in a mocking way and I hurried to drop the keys in the small bowl we kept by the wooden hall-stand next to the entrance. My feet made their way to the kitchen where I began the ordinary task of making tea in hopes a warm liquid to drink would calm my distraught emotions. To my great luck the tears had ceased to fall during the quiet car ride. Nick had insisted to drive which allowed me to settle down in my seat and try to collect my thoughts. Though I had not quite figured out how, I knew what I needed to set as a goal from this day forward. Ending what had been Harry’s and mine relationship for the past two years. There would be a lot to decide, plan and organize, finding a new home was at the top of that list, and no matter how much this all pained me, it was the only thing I could do.

Harry had taken someone new to be his partner, and though it may ‘only’ have been in the physical sense so far, it might as well have become an emotional connection by this point. It wouldn’t have mattered much concerning my decision. This wasn’t something I could possibly tolerate. The only thing knowing he was only in it for the physical act brought me, was a strange sense of relief. One that I couldn’t explain.  
Harry and I had stopped being the happy couple we had been for a long time, exactly 3 months and 2 weeks ago. That was, I assumed, not a coincidence and marked the day he had started to seek comfort in someone else. 14 weeks ago. 14 weeks, in which every sign, act and word of love had meant absolutely nothing.

I flinched when the front door opened loudly and slammed shut, indicating Harry’s return home. He didn’t call out to actually announce he was back, just like he hadn’t done in a long time. My fingers hastily rubbed my cheeks, drying them off and with both eyes squeezed shut I willed myself not to scream. I didn’t turn around when I heard his steps coming closer until he stopped to stand in the doorway.

“Hi,” he spoke, nothing but plain indifference in his voice.

Taking a deep breath I looked over my shoulder, wearing a fake smile like a mask while my hands brushed over the wrinkled shirt I wore.
His appearance robbed me of my last breath. Everything about Harry was so familiar to me, I probably could have described him in detail without having seen him in a month. And still, now that I was looking at his body, his effortless beauty felt overwhelming. The soft and slightly curled brown hair was styled up, freeing his forehead and making room for his green eyes to sparkle without any disobedient strands covering them. He stood tall, adorning the typical black and tight jeans combined with an almost see through white shirt, complimenting his physic by showing off every muscle. He looked like and angel. Perhaps that was why I had stayed a fool for so long. My gaze left his again and I turned to look back at my hands.

“Hi,” I breathed, pretending to be busy reorganizing our tea supplies. “I didn’t expect you to be home already.”

“It’s 7 PM. When else was I supposed to be back?”

Any other time you please, I thought. His words and the faint tone of mockery in them stung, as Harry hadn’t come home by the time he’d promised he would in a while. But I let it go.

“Right,” I mumbled, “How silly of me.”

“What’s for dinner?” he demanded, unfazed by my reply, just as if he hadn’t heard it at all.

Before I had gone to meet Nick, I had prepared a lasagna for Harry and I, thinking a nice dinner might give as a chance to talk a bit. Now it seemed like a joke when I stared at the food in the oven, watching how its crust slowly began to melt.

“It should be warm in about ten minutes,” I quietly informed the man standing impatiently by the counter, his phone in his hand, clearly not granting me any of his attention, “I’m not feeling too well, so… I’ll be upstairs.”

From the moment I exited the kitchen, I felt as if I was separated from my body. It couldn’t be my feet which moved up the stairs, fleeing from the man I loved. It wasn’t me who’s palms pressed the door to Harry’s and my bedroom shut and it certainly couldn’t be me who’s fingers turned the key in its lock with so little hesitation, locking him out. I refused to believe that the girl kneeling in the middle of the room, with her shoulders shaking as sobs and cries wrecked through her entire body, was me. But it was. And no matter how hard I tried not to, there was no resisting against the despair I was feeling. All of a sudden every last bit of strength left me alone with my excruciating pain and I felt utterly defeated.
The walls of our house were thin. So thin actually, Harry had often even claimed he could hear my every move upstairs over the TV playing in the living room. Back then this had made me laugh, now it gave me the knowledge that Harry could hear every painful noise coming from me. And the fact that there was no knock on the door made clear that he really didn’t care. He was punishing me with total indifference.
My trembling fingers reached for my phone and opened Nick’s chat, typing one simple message.

Don’t tell him I know.


Today it marked 17 days since I had learned of Harry’s betrayal and until two days ago I hadn’t done anything to work towards settling everything to leave him.

Harry had taken no notice of my despair. He hadn’t commented on my swollen and red eyes when I’d faced him after that awful first night and neither had he mentioned the fact that he’d had to sleep in our guest room, given that I had fallen asleep without unlocking the bedroom door for him. He hadn’t spoken one word about it, but instead stopped coming home most nights. And when he did, then he either behaved horrible to me or stayed silent all together. Simply put: we had become even less of a couple than what we had been anyway.
Noises like his rough voice announcing his departure or sights like him swallowing down his food without chewing so he could run off again, had me longingly miss the times where we hadn’t been able to get enough of each other.
I’d picked up on my plan only two days ago, after spending the night before with one of my best friends, Kate, who was quick to put me into my place. 

* one night earlier *

The heavy taste of alcohol on my tongue left my head feeling dizzy and my body in an almost tingling state. It needed more concentration on my part not to fall off the bar stool than it had in the beginning of the night, but I didn’t mind at all. This was exactly what I needed to relieve me from my ache. Next to me sat my friend Kate, very tipsy herself but in a much better shape than I was. She rested a gentle hand on my wrist and lectured me on my life choices.

“I know you love him still,” she said.

I shrugged and lifted my shot glass, tossing it back and swallowing the burning liquid. Though some days had passed, I hadn’t learned how to live with the newly gained knowledge of Harry’s unfaithfulness and until now I’d simply tried to push it to the little corner far away at the back of my head.

“I cannot comprehend what went wrong, Kate. What it was that I did to send him away.”

“You didn’t do anything, babe,” she spoke kindly.

Her blue eyes fixated on me and though I could tell that she didn’t approve of me drinking another shot, she didn’t comment it. It was my fourth tequila of the night and by this point, even my fingers began to tingle.

“I do love him. That’s why I haven’t kicked him out yet,” I admitted, my focus set on the tiny drops left at the bottom of my glass, “Well, that and the fact that the house is his.”

My sticky hands brushed over the skin of my cheeks as I hid my face behind them, shaking my head repeatedly. The liquor I had consumed kept the feelings at bay as I was, once again, overcome with the pure emotion of betrayal. My tears were kept from forming in my eyes and after taking one last deep breath I removed my palms, facing my friend.

“I love him, Kate, love him so, so much.”

I swallowed noisily as my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. Over the past few days I had been overcome with thoughts and memories of Harry and I whenever someone mentioned his name. The image of him lazily smiling at me as we lay in bed together after a stressful day was one that came back often. There had been a time in which it was part of our night routine, right after showering together, drying each other’s skin off and shortly before we began to make out tiredly. My stomach turned at the thought of what had become of that lovely ritual.

“Harry, he’s… everything. I mean…” I trailed off completely, my mind slow as it tried to find the right words to explain the situation I was in, “At least he has been so far and now that’s just supposed to change? I can’t make sense of it at all.”

“You didn’t choose any of this,” Kate spoke softly, taking a sip from her own drink, “Of course you don’t now how to make sense of it.”

“You know what’s the worst about all of this?” I asked.

The loud music around us seemed to quieten, as if anticipating what I had to say next. The air of the room felt so tense as if I could touch it.

“He still had sex with me.”

Tears shot to my eyes at the confession but I forced myself to ignore them, hoping they’d go away again. Kate’s brows furrowed as she, though understanding the pain I was in, didn’t know what I was getting at yet. My swollen eyes briefly focused on her face before moving to fixate on the empty glass I held between two fingers.
My next word voiced what had been frightening my for the past week, something I could only admit to someone as close to me as Kate without feeling embarrassed.


Her forehead set into a frown as she failed to follow my trail of thoughts. Then it seemed to dawn on her and for the first time since I’d told her of the dilemma I was in, Kate truly looked like she didn’t know what to do to help me.

“Are you… Y/N, did he knock you up?”

I let my head fall back before shaking it vigorously. “No. I’m not pregnant.”

“Then what is it you’re trying to tell me?”

“Harry fucked me bare because he likes it better that way. How do I know he didn’t do that with her as well, Kate? That he didn’t have his way with the both of us, without using a condom?”

“Sweetie,” Kate began slowly, still unsure of what it was I was trying to say, “what is it?”

“What if she’s ill?” I asked, staring at my friend with desperation.

“No,” Kate shook hear head as her eyes filled with sadness, realizing how frightened I was, “We’re not even going down that road, Y/N. Stop troubling your mind.”

“You can’t tell me it’s not a possibility,” I argued.

Cold fear ran down my back and settled into every cell of my body. The thought that Harry’s infidelity may have caused me to have a sexually transmitted disease like HIV, had begun to burden me that very same night I had learned of his lover.
Kate, who’s hand still rested on my shoulder, smiled and squeezed me gently. Her eyes still held a softness, but their usual confidence had returned.

“You are fine,” she decided and with a final short increase of pressure to my shoulder, she released me and snapped her fingers to get the bartender’s attention.

Kate’s obvious beauty had caught his eyes easily and the young male was quick to follow her request of bringing us two more shots. Once we received them, Kate clinked her glass to mine, her prefect eyebrows raised and a certain smile pulling at her lips.

“You’ll go home and get to packing your things. You can stay at my place until you’ve found something else, that’s not an issue.”

My mind rushed back to the moment Nick had offered the same thing and though my heart still ached, I was overcome with a warmth as I once more learned how good hearted my friends were.

“Thank you.”

Kate shook her head and held up one finger. “I’m not done yet. You need to get out of that house and away from him. That’s your part. Get all your things sorted out and plan a good way to dump him. Make it brutal!”

I opened my mouth to protest, but she went on talking before I had a chance.

“In the meantime, I will get us both a doctor’s appointment. I won’t let you run around with that stupid worry in your head.”

She downed her shot and squeezed her eyes shut as the liquid burned her throat.

“Thank you,” I repeated, meaning it with all of my heart.

Her arm nudged mine. “What are best friends for, huh? Besides, I could use a check-up as well. It’s been a while since I’ve gone in and made sure my most precious region is alright.”

The laugh that escaped me at that comment was probably the most honest one I’d let out since losing Harry and I made a metal note to from now on keep in mind, that you might just get by with a little help from your friends.


It was now day five since Kate had ordered me to get everything arranged and so far it was save to say that I was doing fine. I had received several replies from landlords who were willing to rent their apartment to me, one rather eager woman had even been friendly enough to send out a handwritten welcoming letter. I’d gone through my options, but before I would actually go and look at them, I had decided to take up Kate’s offer and stay at her place.
We hadn’t decided on a date for me to move in yet, but she kept it easy and had simply said I could come over whenever I’ve had enough of my cheating boyfriend. The day would come soon, I knew that, but I strangely didn’t dread it so much anymore. It was a strange thing to describe, but the whole planning process gave me an almost thrilling feeling and though I still wasn’t happy about having to leave my home and the man belonging to it, it wasn’t as bad as it had been in the beginning. I could somehow see where my future would be going and that certainty gave me strength.
Kate had kept her word and so we had both been to the doctor’s and though the HIV test needed a couple more weeks until the results were ready, I was clean from any other STDs. This knowledge relieved me from a great burden that had weighted on my shoulders and even lifted my spirit a little. 
That spirit darkened however the moment I was left alone with Harry for too long. Though I hadn’t seen much of Harry in the past days. I didn’t know where he went as he didn’t bother to tell me and I didn’t want to ask either. Never would he actually own up to where he was, but even if he did, I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing her name falling from his lips, along with some useless explanation.

Speaking of the devil, I heard the front door fall shut and a pair of feet walking noisily down the hall. I quietly shut the bedroom door and hurried to hide the few bags I had already packed by pushing them under the bed. I hadn’t stuffed them with anything he would have noticed gone. They were mostly filled with female products, a couple of shirts and some books, little things I could carry myself and didn’t need the moving company for.
Just as I was rising to my feet again, the bedroom door opened and Harry stepped inside. My heart beat so hard and fast I believed he must hear it, too and I clenched my hands, hoping he wouldn’t notice the letters addressed to me laying on our bed. Though I had somehow come to terms with my situation, seeing him was difficult. He still looked so much like my Harry. The one I had loved and cherished for two years, the person I’d given anything to and whom I believed I would spend all of my life with. His angel like face still looked the same, aside from the softness it had lost over the past months. The green of his eyes still shone with warmth despite their cold color and I had to remind myself to not look at them for too long, or else I might imagine finding love in them.

“What are you doing?”

His voice was rough and came to me as a surprise. After not having him heard say more than one word for several days, it almost felt foreign to hear him speak.

“I was just tiding up a bit,” I lied.

He gave a slow nod as reply and I bit my lip, unsure of what to do or say next. My eyes met his and for a moment I believed to see the same uncertainty in them as I knew mine held. When had we become such strangers?

There had been a time in which Harry and I had been inseparable. No matter where we’d gone, he would have always been touching me somehow. We’d walked with interlocked hands, stood with our arms wrapped around each other, his around my shoulders and mine around his waist and we sat with either his hand on my knee if we were in public or my feet in his lap when we were at home. When things got heated between us, which they had often, I would somehow end up sitting in his lap, grinding my hips to his whilst kissing down his neck and afterwards, when we’d lay in bed, he’d have his head on my chest and our legs tangled together.
If someone would have asked me back then if I believed we’d ever end up where we were now, my answer would have been a strong and certain no. Not ever. Us falling out of  love seemed as unlikely as snow in August.

“Alright,” he mumbled and then leaned down to have a closer look at the letters on our sheets.

My heart stopped when he picked up the envelopes.

“What’s this?” he asked, a frown appearing on his forehead.

I went cold when I recognized the envelope as the one holding the handwritten letter inviting me to look at an apartment east from here.

“Nothing,” I spoke quickly, but calm enough not to alarm him, “just an invitation.”

For a moment I believed to have my Harry back, because suddenly I could see something in his head clicking, as if he, in that moment, knew that I was hiding something from him. A flash of realization crossed his face and my mind rushed to make up a story, but before I could even begin to explain myself, the spark in his eyes was gone. His indifference towards anything considering me was back and he let the letter fall onto the mattress with a court nod.

“Okay, well,” he began and cleared his throat, “I’ll be out.”


The house was quiet when Harry entered it, finding the hallway deserted. Though a lot had changed for him in the past months, coming home meant looking for me. Even now, considering everything, the habit had stayed and so he timidly turned to enter the living room. There I was, laying on the couch, feigning to be asleep so I could avoid him. I briefly wondered when I had begun to follow the noise of his feet wherever he went. When had this become the only way for me to know where he was or what he was doing?
My act was broken when his fingers stroking my left cheek ripped me from my thoughts. He stared at me with surprise when my eyes shot open and for a moment we both seemed to be holding our breaths.

“I’m sorry,” he spoke hastily.

For what, I wondered, waking me from my pretended sleep or for ruining everything we’d had for someone else?

His forehead was pulled into a frown. “I didn’t intend to wake you up.”

“It’s alright, Harry.”

He gave a short nod. With him crouched by my side I could clearly see every detail of his beautiful and kind face, the evident jaw and the clear sparkle in his deep green eyes. All of a sudden the urge became too much and I reached out my hand, trailing the tips of my fingers along the skin of his soft cheek. My heart stopped beating when I felt the faint movement of him leaning into my touch. All breath left my lungs when his own hands lifted, one settling on the curve of my waist as the other clasped my wrist, keeping my hand on his face.
I stared at him with wide eyes. He seemed just as surprised at the affection we were showing each other, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, his face slowly leaned in, coming closer and closer until the tip of his nose gently nudged mine. I held my breath. A mixture of fear, excitement and sadness settled at the pit of my stomach. My heart picked up on speed and beat so fast as if it was trying to flatter away.
Though I hadn’t felt the touch of his lips in a very long time, there was nothing unfamiliar to his kiss. When he leaned in further and began to really move his lips, I wasn’t at all surprised that my own knew exactly how to fit to them. Warm hands wandered to my jaw, trailed down to my breasts where they stroked the skin for a moment before lowering further to my hips. Crawling into a sitting position without breaking the contact wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed and before I knew it my knees where on either side of his narrow waist and we were kissing while he hoisted me up and swiftly carried me to where our bedroom was.
We hadn’t laid on this bed together in a long time, I realized when he lowered me onto the mattress, but I pushed the thought away once his body came back into view. Harry’s eyes found mine and I could see uncertainty in them. Suddenly his touches didn’t feel as sure anymore and he hesitated before climbing to kneel over me. Though there was still lust evident in his orbs, I could also recognize a hint of sorrow and regret in them. He was breathing hard and the light hold he still had on my hips tightened, as if he worried I would disappear. Still wanting to ease his pain whenever he felt it, I reached out and gently brought his face down to mine, where I leaned up to press little kisses to his forehead, his temple and lastly his right cheek.

I knew it wasn’t right. Him and I shouldn’t be looking at each other like this anymore. We shouldn’t be touching each other’s skin like we loved one another and wanted to care for the other’s wellbeing. Harry’s mouth wasn’t supposed to settle onto my neck while his fingers freed me from all my clothing as my own hands did the same to him and the little moan escaping me when he pressed his naked frame to mine should not have left my mouth. And still it happened, with no no awkwardness between us. It wasn’t difficult to open my legs for him like I had done so many times before. Holding onto him felt like finding the home I had lost and feeling the warmth of his breath fan over my face as we kissed, somehow settled my nerves.

“Y/N,” he mumbled, his voice sounding rough and quiet next to my ear.

I could hear the question in his tone, asking for permission to continue.

“Condom,” I replied, my thoughts rushing back to the discussion I had had with Kate.

There was still a risk if we’d have unprotected sex now, a risk I didn’t want to take. A frown formed on Harry’s lovely face as he raised his head so he could look at me. I knew it felt better with no condom on, for the both of us. But I wouldn’t give in.

“I forgot to take my pill,” I lied.

He didn’t look as if he believed it and once again I swore to see a flash of realization cross his features. But he didn’t say anything, and instead silently moved to reach his black jeans. I didn’t ask when I saw him pull out a condom form the back pocket and instead tried really hard not to think about the woman he had bought the condom for, as he hadn’t used any with me for a year.
His tattooed chest moved rapidly and I noticed his fingers shake a little as I watched him put the latex on. His green eyes found mine before he slowly began to lean back down and over me again. The green of his eyes locked with mine as he came impossibly close. Our mouths met in a heavy kiss which said so much more than any of the words we had exchanged in the past few weeks. A kiss I broke off when a gasp fell from my mouth, a reaction to Harry bringing his hips forward and connection us in the most intimate way.

My heart burst and my tummy tingled. Harry’s hands touched me with such a gentle care it made me cry. He didn’t notice the silent tears running down my cheeks, too caught up in his own pleasure, though I could tell he was different than normally.
Sex with him had always been a big deal and meant a lot to the both of us. Sure, we’d had our fair share of short and rushed fucks in situations where we just couldn’t wait, but most of the time, it was about experiencing the open vulnerability and the other’s trust.
But tonight, it appeared to hold even more meaning to him. His movements, though firm and deliberate, weren’t harsh. He didn’t want to force me to an orgasm, but rather tried to gently coax it out of me. My lips were swollen from the kisses he left on them every now and again and I gently pressed them to the skin of his neck, sucking on it, leaving a final mark.

It felt good, even when it wasn’t supposed to. And when I came I cried even more, knowing that this would be the last time I’d feel Harry this close to me. Never would we be as connected to each other again. His moan followed suit and his body tensed above mine as he released. Our breathing continued to puff out rapidly and I whimpered when Harry pulled out, only quieting down when he came back to wrap himself around me.
That was it what broke my heart. His head still fit so perfectly into the crook of my neck and our legs tangled together so naturally. The soft snores leaving his mouth calmed my breathing and though I still cried, in that moment I was happy. Tonight, he allowed me to relive some of the hours we had spent together, hours I cherished and missed so badly. He’d allow us those few moments of loving each other goodbye.

I kissed his sleeping face and pulled up the sheets around us, before I secured my arms around his naked torso.

“I love you so much,” I told him in a whisper, “And I’m sorry you had to do this to me.”

A sob wrecked through my chest and I wound a hand into his soft hair, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. I needed him to let me absorb him some more, so I would have this moment as a clear memory.

“I wish you hadn’t found someone better, Harry. Someone else to take my place,” I cried and cursed silently when I was hit by another wave of tears.

“And above all I wish I wouldn’t have to leave you, my love,” I whispered.

My blurry vision settled onto his sleeping face and my heart ached at the knowledge that I would miss him so much more than I was ready for.

“But I do.”

I kissed his head one last time before closing my eyes. Harry hadn’t heard one word and though we both knew the end was coming, we spent that last night together in each other’s arms. Me crying softly as I caressed his hair, oblivious to him being tormented by nightmares.

Hope you enjoyed it and that it didn’t upset you too much. I’m super against forgiving a cheater so that’s why I chose this ending. 
It’s a subject I’m interested in so I’ll probably write something similar in the future. 
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Rowan knew when he was talented at something. He excelled in the art of war, was a superb fighter, a strong magic user, and an exceptional lover.

Rowan also knew that his knowledge of cooking was… limited at best.

If it was foods from the wildlife like roasted duck or snacks made from rare reeds he could make you a feast that would make you forget that you were anywhere but the most lavish of restaurants. Rowan had the survival knowledge that meant none of his soldiers - or himself - starved while fighting a war. But although he knew how to care for a whole regimen, keep anyone away from the brink of starvation, he did not know how to make Chocolate-Hazelnut cake.

And Gods save them all if he didn’t figure it out soon.

His mate was practically radiating fire from her office in their palace in Orynth. It had been a very frustrating day and everything he normally did to calm her down or placate her wasn’t working. He had nibbled at her ears to distract her, tried to take over from her, sent Lysandra in with gossip and scones, but nothing could get her out of her foul mood. Rowan didn’t blame her, he would also be furious if there were lords still refusing to give him his crown after saving the whole world from utter destruction in a perilous war, and he hated the situation she was in as much as she did. The only difference between the two is that he’s had three hundred years to learn how to deal with unexpected pain and turmoil, and his Fireheart had yet to learn that particular skill. Rowan hoped that she never would, because that would mean that she hadn’t suffered enough pain to.

Rowan was stuck on how to make her feel better. He had just finished a patrol, where he was inspecting the guards to guarantee their skill, when he saw the statue of Aelin that a craftsman has insisted he erect after the war. It was his queen, in all her blazing glory, in as much detail as the artist could muster. It was truely beautiful - nearly as much as the real woman. The flames of his state made him reminisce on all the antics she’d caused with her flames. It made him think all the way back to Mistward when they had just started training. Then, he remembered a time when a simple cake had given her such joy after having to deal with his monstrosity of an ex-lover. And if there was anything that was able to make Aelin as made as these lords were, it was one of his ex-lovers. That was it - that was how he was going to make her feel better.

So he sent the cadre away to do his work for him, ordered Aedion to summon Elide and deal with the few lords that were still hesitant with the powerhouse that is Aelin Whitethorn Ashryver Galathynius and her reign, and then he stalked into the kitchen ready to make the best Gods-damned cake of the century.

The cooks, who were washing up after lunch, stopped what they were doing to bow to him in respect. Rowan had told them not to do it, especially when they did it multiple times a day, but it seemed like it was a habit none of them were going to break anytime soon.

“If you could all leave, I would be very appreciative.” He said in a low voice. They nodded quickly and left their dishes in the full sinks. He could’ve asked them how to make a cake, but he was pretty sure he had the basics down. And besides, maybe if he made it Aelin would feel better just because it had come from him.

He started by getting all the ingredients out - well at least what he thought the ingredients were. He lied them all out on the stone bench and then made an approximation of how much he thought he would need of each one. He mixed them together, put them in a pan and put them in the woodfire oven.

He sat there for an hour, Aelin’s thoughts flowing freely through their bond. She had been this distraught all day, and as much as Rowan wanted to run to her and tuck her safely into him he knew the most possible way to make her feel better was to get her this damn cake. This damn cake that was taking forever to bake.

Rowan inspected it closer, it hadn’t changed a bit, and that’s when he realised he had been so distracted by Aelin’s thoughts that he hadn’t set the fire that would heat the oven. His cake had been sitting in an unlit oven, and it had taken him an hour to notice. He sighed inwardly, and lit the matches to light the oven. He was a true idiot sometimes, more often than he would like to admit, and it was always when he was too distracted by his wife. Whether it was her stunning blue and gold eyes, her blonde hair he liked to wrap his hands in, the smooth curve of her breasts, the spot just below her earlobe that if you kissed undid her, the -

Stop. He needed to stop.

He could definitely see the cake baking now, and with no small amount of smugness, saw that it looked far more appetising that what Aelin had given him all those months ago. Just thinking about the cake she made for him in Mistward and its foul taste made him gag. He ate nearly the whole thing though - even then he loved her so much he would do anything for her. Back then, just him taking a small bite of the cake brought a brightness to her that was too far few and in between for his liking. His Fireheart. His love. His mate.

When he thought it was cooked to satisfaction he used his wind magic to pull it out. That way he didn’t have to bother finding the mits the cooks used, and he cooled down the cake enough so that it was ready to be eaten.

He didn’t bother with icing or any fancy decoration - he just put it on a plate with a knife and fork and swept it up to take it to Aelin.

She was still seething in her office. When he opened the door, he saw that she had her head resting on the table and her arms splayed around her. Her hair was messy, and her green dress was crumpled. She looked up at the sound of his entrance, and her focus snapped onto the plate in his hands.

“What’s that?” She breathed. Her eyes had gone so wide he could see a full ring of white around her irises.

“It’s the love of my life’s favourite cake.” Her reaction made him smile tenderly. Her fists had clenched and it was clear she was trying to refrain from snatching it out of his hands.

“Where did you get it?” She said slowly.

“I made it. I know you’re having a bad day, and-“

She interrupted his answer by launching herself at him. He nearly dropped the cake, but it held it in one hand while his other arm firmly wrapped tightly around her waist to lift her as she kissed him.

“I love you I love you I love you,” she said between peppering kisses all over his face.

“Well are you going to eat it then?” He teased.

He eased her down with a sweet kiss to her lips and as soon as her toes hit the floor she plucked the cake from his hand and went back to sit in her chair. She put in on the desk in front of her - crumbs already littering the spread out papers - and leaned in to smell the cake.

“It smells delectable.” She sighed happily. She looked up at him, a small smile gracing her lips. “Thank you, Rowan. I don’t know how you remembered it was my favourite-”

“Of course I remember! I doubt I will ever forget the time you made me eat that piece of sh-”

“Well I doubt yours is any better!” She scoffed playfully. She eyed it again, a smile playing on her lips. “How do I know this isn’t just revenge from when I served you a cake that I’d made? It could just smell deceptively good and then when I bite into it be so rancid it makes my stomach turn.”

“I would never dream of something so sinister, Fireheart.” He laughed. He approached her from behind and bent over so he was half draped over her chair. “At least not when it comes to you.”

“Rowan - I…” She pulled her hands away from the cake and reached up so she could hold tightly onto his hands that were clutching the back of her chair.


“I am so grateful, and it’s moments like this where my love for you hits me hardest… but I feel sick to my stomach, I don’t know if I can eat it. It’s wonderful though, truely. I just can’t stop thinking about…” She shuddered hard at the thoughts of the lords denying her her crown.

“Stop thinking about it, Fireheart.” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “Just eat the damn cake.”

She tilted her head to capture him in a kiss. “As you say.” She kissed him once more before turning back to the cake on her desk.

She picked up her fork and greedily ate into it. “Oh Gods,” she moaned. “This is way better than mine. I hate you for that, but I also love you for it.”

She had eaten, not that she would admit it, nearly three quarters of the cake before she offered him any. “Did you want a taste?” She said as sweetly as she could with a mouth full of food.

“I wouldn’t mind one,” He snickered.  

Aelin cut off a piece and held the fork up to his mouth. “Did I mention I love you?” She asked.

“It’s never something I’ll say no to hearing.” He joked before swallowing the bite she held up.

As the taste entered his mouth, the absolutely putrid taste of dry cake, he choked and spat it out on the table. “What in the God’s name was that?!”

Aelin giggled and danced away from the table and him. “It seems my true calling is to be an actress. Maybe that’s what I’ll do if I can’t be Queen!”

Rowan scooped up the remnants of the cake, one hundred percent ready to throw the awful thing out. He then decided against it - it had been a while since he’d given Fenrys a gift, and he looked forward to seeing him try this ‘delectable’ cake.

“I can’t believe you ate so much of that. It was disgusting!” Rowan exclaimed.

Aelin was still prancing around the room, breathless with laughter, and didn’t stop until she had made her way back into Rowan’s arms. She didn’t stop dancing though, and simply pulled in the front of his shirt until he was swaying around with her.

“That’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.” She happily confessed.

“I’ll make sure to never cook for you again.” He grumbled - albeit, also happily.

Even if his cake had tasted like the streets of the slums in Rifhold, it had still achieved its only goal - to make Aelin happy again.

A slight breeze swept over. 
She lied there staring at the blank sky, with no clouds to crowd the beautiful star-filled evening. Her mind began to drift off into thoughts of her past. Her father once told her, “If you truly love someone, you will give them a star.” As a child, she asked, “But Dad, how could I do that? The stars are up there and I can’t just take one.” She recalled her father’s heartfelt laugh, as he explained that she would one day understand what he meant.
And she finally did. When you love someone, you are devoted and will do anything for them. It’s insane. She looked up at the deep blue art filled with sparkling worlds. She knew that she had given many people a star. Her first love, her past boyfriends, and her “almosts”. Looking up at what reminded her of moondust dispersed across the sky, she knew there was hope. She would love again, as there were many people to love and many stars in the sky to give.

moondust in the sky.


After a long day of fielding phone calls and text messages and surprise visits, Neil is finally glad to call it a day.  He appreciated their efforts.  After that first birthday, it was like they were trying to cover up the bad memories with good ones.  It didn’t work like that, he knew and he was pretty sure they knew, but it meant something that they tried.

He takes off his arm bands, the watch Matt got him three years ago, plugs his phone in to charge, and places them all on the bedside table.  As he’s turning, Andrew puts a hand on his shoulder as he puts a picture frame behind Neil’s watch.  Neil freezes, unable to breathe or blink.

Delicately, he picks it up, traces his mother’s face with a finger, tries to remember the blue eyed boy in the picture, tries to remember how he could smile so big.  A wave hits him and he closes his eyes, feeling the wind from that day, smelling his mother’s hair as it billowed out over his face periodically, back before bleach and every color hair dye besides her own.

His eyes burn but the hand still on his shoulder grounds him, pulls him back to the present.  "How?“

“Your uncle,” Andrew says.

It means something, feels like he’s being torn apart on the inside, that Andrew had reached out to his uncle for a photograph of his mother just because he’d mentioned a few weeks ago that he couldn’t remember what she looked like, and he didn’t want to look online in case he saw pictures of the Butcher.

He stands up and slowly puts his arms around Andrew.  He’s not a hugger, neither of them really are unless it’s to get closer while making out, but “thank you” seems too small.  So he says nothing and when they crawl into bed, he clutches at Andrew, lavishes him with kisses, burrows under Andrew’s chin the way Andrew likes but refuses to admit, and continues pressing his lips to wherever he can reach until they both fall asleep.


A meeting with the vampires always sounded dangerous but Clary wanted to have a strong alliance and that meant they had to work with you.

But when one of them lost it and tried to attack you, a part of you just wanted to shout at Clary that you’d told her this would happen. Instead you dodged the attack and flipped the vampire over, so he landed hard on the ground. Before he knew what was happening you were over him, pinning him down.

You didn’t want to kill him. Whatever had  made him attack you, could be something else than just the fun of killing you. Maybe he was new and his instincts had taken over. You never killed anybody without being 100% sure that it was necessary.

“Her.” The deep voice of Raphael came into the silence that was left after the attack stopped. “I will work with the Shadowhunters, but only if she is the one I have to talk too.”

You looked up, seeing the leader of the vampires smirk. Something told you this attack wasn’t a vampire taping out of line. Raphael had tested you and it seemed like you had passed it.

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Toxic - Newt Scamander

A/N: I might make a part 2 if enough people ask for it, but as for right now it has a really emotionally frustrating ending, you’re welcome 😂 also I wrote this on my phone so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes! Love you xx
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Warnings: none unless you count extreme angst and hurt feelings

You had known Newt for as long as you can remember; your parents were friends, as well as both of your older brothers. So it was only natural that the two of you became best friends at a young age. However, it wasn’t until your third year in Hogwarts that you realized that you were, in fact, in love with him. You knew better than to hope for the cheesy ‘best friends who end up together’ scenario, though. Both fortunately and unfortunately, you could read Newt like a book, which meant that you could tell when he had romantic feelings for someone. You had been lucky enough to not see any signs of it your third and fourth year, but as soon as he met Leta Lestrange, it was over. Deciding that Newt’s happiness was worth your own emotional distress, you pretended that you were entirely okay with his feelings towards her, encouraging him to talk to her. Pretty soon, he didn’t need your encouragement and they were talking on their own.

The feelings of being unwanted started out small at first, you being able to scold yourself and push it away. Newt was still including you in the things he was doing, he just wasn’t giving you the amount of attention you were used to. Then it progressed to him making plans with Leta without you. You ignored the hurt, smiling and telling him not to worry about it when he realized what he was doing. “No, it’s fine! I was busy anyways!” You would say, and he would give you one of his heart-melting smiles which made everything okay again. You ignored the pang in your heart when he smiled that same smile at Leta, and you knew it was wrong to dislike her when she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, but you couldn’t help it. You wanted to be in her shoes, you wanted to be on the receiving end of his affection.

Your 6th year is when you finally broke. You had spent your 5th year and the majority of your 6th drifting farther away from Newt, as Leta grew closer and closer. You had gone from seeing him numerous times everday to once a day, and from there only a couple times a week until you saw him a mere once a week. To say that it wasn’t taking an emotional toll on you would be lying, and you secretly hoped that maybe he would notice. But he never did. You knew it wasn’t his fault, he would never intentionally make you feel that way and if you told him how you felt, he would fix it immediately. But you saw how happy Leta made him and you didn’t want to take that away from him. So, you kept your feelings locked and hidden away. And then his expulsion came.

You weren’t upset with him because he got expelled, you were upset with him because you had to find out from your potions partner, who was known as the school’s gossip. “Psst, (Y/N)!” She whispered, making sure the teacher didn’t hear her. “Did you hear about Salamander?” She continued when you didn’t respond. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked over at her. “You mean Scamander? As in Newt Scamander?” Your tone was a bit irritated due to the nickname some bullies had given him. “Yeah, sure. Anyways, I heard he’s getting expelled today! Apparently he and that Lestrange girl got into some trouble or something and he took the blame for all of it!” The small vial in your hand fell and shattered against the ground before you knew it. The teacher rushed over, presumably to ask what had happened, but before they even got there you were running out the door and down the hall.

You knew it was true when you reached the entrance to the headmaster’s office and there he stood with his trunk. “Newt.” His name left your lips in a whisper, so quiet you weren’t sure he would hear you. Surprisingly, he did and his head turned you you, his eyes gleaming as they saw you. “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” He sounded surprised to see you and for some odd reason, that broke your heart. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Your voice was weak and thick with the tears you were holding back. He swallowed and looked down at the ground for a moment, as if contemplating what to say. “Honestly?” His eyes flashed up to yours. “I… I didn’t think you would care.” The words that fell from his mouth hurt. If your heart wasn’t already broken before, it had been completely shattered. You rushed towards him, hugging him tightly as you cried into his shoulder. He hesitated, before wrapping his arms firmlu around you. “Why w-would you ever think I could stop caring about you, you big dummy?” Your words came out harsher than intended, but if they hurt him, he didn’t show it. “You just weren’t around much anymore. You were always with other people and you seemed… happy, I guess. Much happier than you appeared to be around me. I thought maybe you realized how weird I was and were just too nice to tell me.” You took in a sharp breath, not expecting those words. You wanted to yell and hit him and hug him and whisper that you loved him more than anything all at once. Instead, you pulled away and looked him in the eyes, not bothering to wipe the tears that were falling from your own.

“Where’s Leta?” The question caught him by surprise and he winced visibly. “(Y/N)-” He started. “Where is she?” You asked again, for forceful than the first time. He lowered his eyes, which were now sparkling with tears. “She… She hasn’t come to say goodbye yet.” You felt your blood boil. “So she’s the reason you’re getting expelled and she can’t even say goodbye.” It wasn’t a question, he knew that. And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, you were right. That was exactly what had happened. “(Y/N), please-” You cut him off once more, your voice now soft and hurt. “Why?” He looked at you, confused by what you meant. “'Why’ what, (Y/N)?)” He asked. You took a deep breath, folding your arms self-consciously across your chest and looking down. “Why did you choose her?” You mumbled, immediately embarrassed. “I’m sure I don’t know what you-” You looked up at him, the look in your eyes stopping his words in his throat. It was a look of desperation, hurt, sorrow, and loneliness, and it killed him inside. “I would have never treated you this way, Newt. Look at me, for Merlin’s sake! You’ve been ignoring me and ditching me for the last year for Leta and I still came running when I heard you were in trouble! I didn’t even hear it from you yourself, you were planning on just leaving without saying goodbye, and yet I risked getting in trouble myself by running out of class just to come see you! She isn’t here! She caused this, and yet she doesn’t even have the decency to stand by you when you need it most! I know you love her, and I’ve kept myself out of it for a long time, thinking that you would be happier this way. That’s why I stopped initiating the conversations, Newt! I wanted you to be happy! I have done nothing but sacrifice things for you, and yet you love her! Someone who would take advantage of you and leave you to clean up the mess all on your own! Do you even how toxic your friendship is with her?!” You had begun to raise yoir voice throughout your rant. “She’s not that bad, (Y/N)! You don’t even know her! And if you wanted me to be happy, why did you stop talking to me?” Newt was frustrated, not understanding why you were so upset. “Because I’m in love you, dammit!” His eyes widened and his body went still.

You took a deep breath, running your fingers through your hair and whispering, “I’m in love with you, and I didn’t want to interfere or cause problems with any possible relationship between the two of you. I know you love her, Newt. And I’m sorry.” His mind was reeling since your confession, and he just barely managed to catch your last words. “Sorry? Why are you sorry?” You bit your lip and turned away, your back now facing him. “I’m sorry I can’t be her, I’m sorry I can’t be the person you love. But if it means acting like her and hurting you, I’d rather deal with unreturned feelings.” With that you walked away. And he didn’t stop you.


Sirius was never one to pine after girls but with you… it was different.

He was usually very up front with his thoughts, not really having much of a ‘filter’ as Lily Evans once said, and he would just go up to girls that he thought were fit and asked them out on a ‘date’. However, after meeting you, Sirius decided that if he was to have a real and genuine relationship then he’d have to go about things differently. Well, that was his excuse for never even approaching you and for blushing furiously whenever you looked in his direction.

“(Y/N)’s coming this way!” James said as he and Sirius were sitting in the courtyard, “just… act natural?”

This caused panic for Sirius. He looked at James with a wide eyed expression but he knew there was no chance now to ask him for help because you’d entered the courtyard and you’d be able to hear him. Act natural? Sirius didn’t know what he was meant to do. So, he just turned to look at the wall beside him as if he were looking out at a horizon.

“Bloody hell…” James mumbled, slightly amused but sounding more pitiful than anything.

“Interesting wall, Sirius?” you said, grinning at the boy whose cheeks began to turn pink.

“Er – yeah – we were just having a really good conversation,” he tried to joke, causing you to laugh before disappearing back into the castle.

“She smiled at me! And she laughed! Did you see that?!” Sirius beamed, slapping James’s arm in excitement and James shook his head.

“Forced laughter, mate. She probably thinks you’re an absolute loon now.”

Newt x reader :: Be My Valentine?

Request: @slythendorbitch Hi there! :) could you do a story where newt x reader (Slytherin) are falling in love and he wants to kiss her but due to his nervousness everything goes awry? It should be so fluffy and cute and sweet that everyone dies haha

Notes: So fluffy it’s like clouds made out of whipped cream and marshmallow and butterbeer foam (I hope you don’t mind I left out the bit about everyone dying!).

WC: 1,192

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Newt had asked you to tea with him at Madame Puddifoot’s for Valentine’s Day, which, all all Hogwarts students knew, meant things were really official.

Every year, as long as anyone could remember, Madame Puddifoot transformed her already doily-decked tea shop into a candied confection of pink and red. It made you feel slightly sick to your stomach, but you liked Newt far too much to let it stop you.

He was noticeable in his yellow-trimmed Hufflepuff cloak and his going-every-which-way reddish brown hair. Having grown substantially the previous summer, he seemed a head above the other students clustered around the entrance to the tea shop. Giving him a warm hug in greeting, you stepped in together, the door jangling happily, and you were immediately blasted blasted with the scent of strawberry shortcake and what could only be described as great-grandmother perfume.

The “Valentine’s Day Special” included a small tower of sweets for each couple (themed, of course), a special blooming rose tea that turned the drink glittery as the petals opened, and a small, fluffy, white rabbit that sniffed all your crumbs in docile delight, and whose only purpose seemed to make patrons continually go, “Awww!”

You and Newt looked stole glances at each other as you both worked through the sweets at your table, occasionally smiling and commenting on how tasty they were.

You noticed that Newt had a puff of whipped cream stuck to his chin, “You have a dab of cream…just there,” you demonstrated on yourself.

He wiped it away quickly, mumbling thanks, and looked quite flustered.

“I must say, I’m happy you decided to come with me. Thank you,”

“Of course, Newt. I’m glad you asked me here.”

The words exchanged were simple, but you both felt your hearts warming more with each moment. You had crushes in past, of course, but this was different for the first time. This felt like your best friend and crush were the same person: one wonderful parcel–Newt.

He reached across the table and took your hand, fingers fumbling awkwardly for a moment, “I-I suppose by now, that you…that you know I really fancy you.”

He’d said it for months, but you pressed your lips together and politely nodded. He looked so earnest.

“Well, since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, I was wondering if maybe you would allow me the honor of being your Valentine, and…”

Looking a bit woozy, he scooted his chair around the table to be slightly closer to you. “Are you alright, Newt?” you asked.

“Yes. Yes, I’m perfectly fine,” color rose up his cheeks to his forehead.

You thought Newt was lovely, but sometimes so terribly bad at articulating himself so you decided to take over, “What do you want to tell me? You’re making me nervous as well.” You added a small laugh. As a Slytherin, your no-nonsense practicality wanted him to get on with it.

Quickly he said, “So sorry. Please don’t be nervous, (Y/N). I was just wondering if I, well,” he filled his lungs, “May be allowed to kiss you?” He gave you a timid but hopeful grin. Your heart tried to break out of your ribcage.

“Yes!” you replied decidedly, “But, er, here?”

You both looked around at the dozen or so other couples within close proximity making nauseating cooing and kissing noises. You felt like you were in a dizzying washing machine of adolescent love.

“Erm, yes, shall we go outside?” Newt and you threw back the last of your tea, you plucked another biscuit from the table, and both of you wove your way through the maze of tables and saccharine decor to the door.

You walked in silence.

“So…how shall we, I guess, do it?”

“I honestly hadn’t planned quite this far,” he said under his breath.

“How about we…” you looked around at the students wandering from shop to shop, “How about we just take a nice little stroll?”

“Let’s,” he agreed.

You felt Newt’s hand slip into yours, and squeezed back a few times playfully. He looked down at you, smiling a rather goofy grin. A few weeks ago, you remember how he had confessed to you that you had been one of the first people to be patient enough to deal with his gracelessness. He sometimes didn’t know the right way to say something, or how to act, but his lack of tact didn’t bother you at all. In fact, it usually let you feel more free in taking charge of situations. The two of you just seemed to work.

The sun had begun starting the futile work at melting all the snow that had fallen, causing it to glisten and sparkle, and the icicles to shine like prisms. Occasionally, a student would throw you a certain look–A Hufflepuff and a Slytherin? Madness–but it didn’t bother you in the slightest, and Newt didn’t even seem to notice.

The both of you walked along the main road, stopping now and then to look at quaint storefronts, but never dropping hands. Newt seemed to be avoiding the whole kissing topic, and every time he looked at you, you felt your heartbeat pick up steam, only to have it die down again when he mentioned the litter of kneazles that was found taking shelter in Greenhouse 2.

Eventually, the two of you wandered all the way down to Hogsmeade Station. The Hogwarts Express sat like a resting beast, exhaling the occasional puff of steam. Standing aside it provided a relative bit of privacy, as most students were still down in the village.

“Well,” you said, coming to a stop.

“Well,” Newt echoed, adding a nervous laugh “I guess this is the end of the line.”

“Ha, ha,” you laughed in a teasing tone, getting restless, “So…”

Newt turned to face you, looking conspicuously down at your lips and then back up to your eyes.

“I’ve never really done this before,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Just, erm, put your face closer to mine,” you tried.

“I know that,” he was outwardly disappointed himself, as he seemed to be cringing at his own mistakes. It was simultaneously painful and irresistible.

“Maybe it’s best we do it at a count,” you offered.

He nodded, and you took both his hands in yours, bringing them up and down with each count,



You breathed “one” into his mouth, as he brought his lips to yours with surprising fearlessness. He dropped your hands and held you gently by the waist as your hand creeped upwards to caress his cheek. It was an exploratory kiss, considerate, but daring. You felt the warmth that had built in your chest suddenly gush out to the tips of every limb.

As you pulled apart slowly, he suddenly let go of your hips, as if he had done something that crossed a line.

“How…how was that for you?” his eyes searched your face.

“It was perfect,” you said honestly.

“Thank goodness,” he sighed, “I thought I’d botched it all. As usual.”

“Mmm, maybe a little,” you said teasingly, “But perfect would be boring. This…is memorable.”

You tilted his head back down to yours for a much longer, and certainly more relaxed, kiss.

EXO Reaction - Running your Hand Through their Hair when You’re in the Mood

Request: Can I have an exo reaction to you running your hands through their hair when your in the mood please?


Baekhyun would be super surprised at your actions first wondering why you were stroking his hair like he was an animal; then next thinking that you weren’t as innocent as he thought when you had placed yourself on his lap; straddling him and kissing down his neck. 


Oh boy, you should have regretted your actions; Chanyeol knew what was up as soon as you started running your hands through his thick hair. That’s just when his teasing started and the next thing you knew you were being thrown onto your shared bed.


This innocent duckling would be pure clueless at first. Like Baekhyun, trying to understand why you were running your hands through his hair; That’s when you really had to step up quite a few notches and show him what you meant.


Who said you started teasing Kyungsoo? This child isn’t as innocent to the eye as he seems; one moment you’d be cuddled under a blanket in the EXO dorms with Kyungsoo, the rest of the EXO members in the room and then the next you know this little shit’s hand would be climbing up your thigh under the blanket. *Excuse the fact he’s in a prison jumpsuit, i could explain why I love this drama in 1000 ways*


You didn’t intend to turn Luhan like a light switch, you only wanted to do slight teasing in the morning before you jumped into the shower: but as soon as your hands hit his hair that was it, he certainly wasn’t letting you out of your bed.


I swear to god with this guy you don’t even need to run your fingers through his hair to show him you’re in the mood, he can read you like an open book as soon as you start playing with your own hair. Prepare for a long day/night because cold guy Kris will be on it like Sonic. (Or on you, take your pick.)


Like Kyungsoo, Xiumin isn’t as innocent to the eye as it seems: He surely looks almost like the youngest member despite being smol and innocent but as soon as your hands crawled to the back of his head, running your fingers through is soft hair then you were done for. Completely. (He’s probably one of the most dominant guys in EXO tbf)


Okay this little fluff ball can definitely be sexy on and off camera but is completely and utterly clueless when it comes to suggestive sex. The world could be crumbling apart around you both and you’d have to explain to this poor soul what was literally wrong. Tao literally thought you were fixing his hair for his next selca, okay literally just make out with him or pull him to the bedroom if you’re in the mood because he’s too fluffy hOLY SHIT.


This child, you just need to stroke his fringe and he’s throwing you over his god damn shoulders and running you both up stairs faster than Sonic could run. Sehun is the horniest little shit you will ever meet likE wow. But he’s whiny and a semi-sub so if he makes suggestions, expect to be a dom. just saying.


It would be your first time so when you were making subtle hints by running your hand through his hair and started whispering dirty innuendos in his ear, he’d start wiggling his eyes like he’s already prepared everything. (He probably has you just probably don’t have no fucking idea, it’s Yixing we’re talking about okay, the EXO M members are wild.)


It would literally start out with a shower together when you juSt got wow in the mood because it’s Kai and when it’s Kai.. you’ll obviously get in the mood and when you asked him can you wash his hair, you literally accidentally fucking moaned #showersex


Oh boy all you need to do is look each other in the eyes at the right moment (no hair stroking required) and bam! Next thing you know you’re in bed, but he’s probably a hair puller so make sure your hair is in a ponytail or tied up because he’s like the kinkiest shit out of the whole group. (He’s my bias wrecker rn crying)

hope you enjoyed my shitty sarcastic reactions.

Snowbarry stans: Barry is so in love with Caitlin yet he has to be with Iris, so sad😭

-you look amazing
-is it that obvious
-As a scientist, I know there is nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else. But then I see her smile… Man, that cannot be science
-what other girls?
-I love you Iris.. When we were kids, I loved you, I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant
-Iris and I have these moments and when I’m looking into her eyes, It’s hard to think she doesn’t feel the same way
-I never stopped thinking about you
-all I want is for Iris to be happy
-do it for me, Barry
-Everytime I falter or make a mistake, the thought of you is what picks me up and keeps me going
-Without you, there wouldn’t be the flash
-she’s just not Iris
-we can do this together
-she is Iris, she is to me, no matter what universe I’m in
-right now, we have to help Iris first
-i’m not leaving your side
-all those cars came at us and it was like the whole world froze, you and i were the only two people in the world
-i knew that i could save you
-you’re everything to me and you always have been
-the sound of your voice will always bring me home
-i love you too and i always will
-some people are just meant to be in your life
-it escapes definition
-it’s love because this is what love feels like-ever since the day i met you
-i have everything i’ve ever wanted
-there is no flash without iris west
-i couldn’t do this without you
-you’re my life

I saw this ask and I…I just had to. @tomakehimfree I hope you like it. ^^

Warnings for mpreg if that’s not your cup of tea (it didn’t used to be mine, but I can’t pretend it hasn’t grown on me…dammit) 

He found it in a second hand store behind a set of novelty salt shakers, and bought it for less than the price of a soda. It wasn’t until he was already walking out with it that he realized just what it really meant.

It had a chip on the rim about the size of his thumb nail, and he was sure he could probably break the handle off without trying too hard. He doubted Victor would ever want to drink anything out of it – Yuri didn’t think he wanted to either. But the words printed on the front of the mug were enough for him, no matter how little use either of them would probably get out of it.

World’s Greatest Dad. 

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