but he just sounds so bad

Capture the flag sounds like a bad idea because you can just have a Janus on your team and he can ult whenever someone gets the flag and they can just go through it and instantly get back home
Then again we don’t know what the map looks like so hopefully it’s an arena-style thing

  • Sarah: You alright babe? While you were sleeping you kept whispering Ryan-
  • Brendon: Gosling, yeah. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling so I dream about him sometimes.
  • Dallon: Dude, what was happening in the dressing room? Sounded like you were moaning Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Gosling? I know, I got a bit carried away he’s such a handsome guy.
  • Zack: Bren...I heard you singing Northern Downpour and sobbing the name Ry-
  • Brendon: Holy shit, can’t a guy just get emotional about his crush Ryan Gosling?? Jesus!
  • TMZ: So tell me about the thing with Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Ross? Yeah, we text sometimes. Actually I ran into him at a Halloween party and I almost didn’t recognize him cause he was wearing a gremlin costu- fuuuuuck.

Void!Stiles x Reader

Requested by @ashley-esme

“I know you’re not Stiles.” You muttered and he glanced across the room at you. “Stiles would have taken me to Scott if I was in danger.”

“What if Scott’s the danger?” He asked and you frowned.

“Why would Scott be a danger to me, aren’t I part of his pack?” You countered and he shrugged.

“Maybe I just think it’s not safe.” He offered as you shuffled from foot to foot.

“So, you want to keep me safe… why, Scott and Allison said you wouldn’t have any feelings.” You asked curiously and he mocked being hurt, putting his hand over his heart.

“Maybe I don’t, maybe it’s all Stiles.” He offered and you rolled your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

i got assaulted by another pacifist!sasuke concept: after part 1, sasuke is done with anything remotely related to being shinobi. so itachi wanted him to become an avenger? fuck you, he's going to do the opposite of what you tell him. so he runs away across like 3 countries and starts farming in a small village or something. the thing is, everyone assumes he went to orochimaru. meanwhile, poor oro is in sound like "wait what. why do they think i have the uchiha. what is going on. what the fuck."

It’s sheer bad luck that Orochimaru is just getting out of the shower when his old teammate and an ANBU team kick the door in. 

Because he’s a dangerous missing-nin, he doesn’t scream as he snatches up the closest towel. A futile moment is wasted on wishing it was Kusanagi, but the sword is on his lab table waiting to be cleaned, because this is Orochimaru’s private bunker and he hadn’t thought to need a weapon in the shower

“Damn it, Jiraiya!” he hisses, trying to arrange the hand towel to cover everything it needs to. He’s not a modest person by any means, but this is Jiraiya. He doesn’t get a free show. “What do you want, fool?”

“Teme,” Jiriaya retorts, though he’s blushing faintly. “Where’s the Uchiha?”

“Uchiha,” Orochimaru repeats slowly, feeling a headache build. He narrows his eyes at Jiraiya, at the six other faintly awkward-looking ANBU who can’t seem to decide where to point their weapons. 

Jiriaya blinks, his ready stance faltering. “You - you don’t have him?”

“I can assure you, Jiraiya, if I had an Uchiha you would never have caught me,” Orochimaru hisses, anger rising, and the towel slips. That’s fine, because all the remaining water from his shower and the steam from the air is condensing, whirling around him. “Now if you would be so kind as to GET OUT OF MY BATHROOM - “

Jiraiya yelps, and there’s a frenzied rush to retreat as Orochimaru’s rage shapes a dragon out of water and sends it roaring after them. 

Somewhere far away, with at least two countries between himself and Konoha, Sasuke bends down to check the tomatoes that are almost ready to pick, feeling satisfaction curl in his chest. He glances out at the neat rows of his farm, mutters, “Fuck Itachi anyways,” and nods in contentment. 

Things are working out nicely. 

Dex has felt like shit all week.

He’s barely slept, and when he has it’s been the lightest sleep waking up every half hour. He has a head cold that is quite possibly the worst cold he has ever had, and that’s not even an exaggeration. His back is out and he needs to go to the chiropractor and probably the physio as well, and it feels like every bone he has ever broken in his life is aching. He has migraine so bad that sound of his own breathing hurts his head, and he just blew his nose so hard that it started bleeding. Oh and he feels like he is going to vomit, constantly. 

Last week was finals week, and throughout the entire season/study period/exams he didn’t get sick. Granted everyone else did, but not him. It’s happened to Dex before, pushing his body to its limits to study in every waking moment, and avoiding sleep to do so, to then crash and burn when it’s over, all of it finally catching up to him.

He told the team he was going to go back to his dorm where it was nice and quiet but his head hurt too much to really move. He’d told the team it was just a bad head cold, one that he had caught from all of them, and he avoided telling them about the rest. That was just how it went, with seven brothers and sisters, and more often an aunt or uncle staying with them, the Poindexter’s learnt to deal with sickness on their own, only seeking help when it got really bad. The only problem was that when Dex’s little sister got cancer, all the kids stopped seeking help for any illness, no matter how bad.

The team were planning to go to Annie’s, planning quietly in the kitchen whilst Dex star-fished across the recently added jumbo bean bag. The team were nice enough to be quiet, as Dex had told them he had a ‘mild headache’. Dex listened as they finalised their plans, and tried not to cry with how much their talking hurt his head.

“Hey Dex, you wanna head with us to Annie’s, a hot chocolate or something will probably help with your cold, steam and all that.” Tango asked Dex quietly.

Not wanting to make to much of a fuss, or really let on to how bad it was he knew he had to go.

Dex opened his eyes to see Nursey reaching a hand out to pull him up, Dex grabbed it, closing his eyes to try and combat the nausea and the dizziness and the pain. Nursey pulled Dex up and for a second or two Dex was fine, but then black dots started appearing in his vision and the last thing Dex saw was Nursey’s concerned face as he dropped and his vision went black.

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Wrong Loves My Company Pt 6 (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t have much to say on this one except THANK YOU to @writing-obrien per usual. She helped me soooo much with this one, because contrary to popular belief, I suck at writing smut.


Word Count: 4526

Parts 1-5 [Here]

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Falling asleep on Daryl would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awwww Daryl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him being startled for a moment to feel your head on his shoulder and pushing you to the other side, only to realize it was you and grabbing you back

-Him feeling bad for his action earlier and just whispering apologies to you while stroking your hair as if to reassure you

-Him cupping your face and approaching you closer to his shoulder or sometimes even his neck to feel your warm breath on him

-Him tucking your hair away from your neck thinking it might be bother you and resting his hand there to comfort you

-Him always lowering the sound of the radio when he drives or telling the others to do so to avoid waking you up

-Him wondering if he should hold your hand, only to careful approach yours and slowly grab it

-Him sometimes just looking away from you to let you rest thinking that his gaze might bother you

-Him feeling your drool on him and just laughing, realizing how childish you are and jokingly telling you to close your mouth despite knowing you won’t hear him

-Him giving dirty looks to anyone around who doesn’t keep their voice down around you and just asking them sarcastically if they can’t see that you’re asleep

-Him letting himself get comfortable with you and slouching in the seat to let you rest on his chest before drifting to sleep

There is a VOID tourney I guess going on where people take old characters and rework them to enter into a death tournament. If they are fan characters you gotta make them not fan characters etc. I don’t plan on partaking but I caught wind of it and thought the idea was neat, so I took my old fan character from 2007 and basically threw everything about him out except for the hair and a few small design elements + electric powers and made a catgirl who is a completely different character lmao.

Named her Volt Ampere. Her backstory is likely to change slightly but I couldn’t resist calling a character OHMagod. Like…Ohm…and Oh my god (did he really name him that). Also the GigaGiga Rubber Force sounds like a fun bad guy team name, I wonder what they look like? I did do some sketches but they are so preliminary so I haven’t totally figured out what they look like. Currently they are just robots covered in rubber with rubber pompadours but I haven’t finalized them.

Anyway I like Volt, I will probably draw her again soon :>. I will be away for a few days so happy holidays everyone!

Bucky Barnes Imagine: Worried Dad.

I think a lot of you guys are enjoying pregnancy or cute dad Bucky imagines! i’m not complaining, I think those are the cutest! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending requests!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Too much Fluff, Protective Buck. 

Word Count: Lots

Request: Could you do one where Bucky takes care of you when your pregnant❤️❤️

“I swear Bucky!” you sighed, walking towards the kitchen. “I’m pregnant, not handicapped!” you said, Bucky following behind you close by as if you were about to fall or something.

“I know, sweetheart. I just want you to be safe and sound, I don’t want you to have any preoccupation, I want you all relaxed for this baby.” he said with a smile on his face as you two made it to the kitchen, you were craving a grilled cheese so bad. 

“Alright, alright.” you said, opening the cabinet and taking out a pan before placing it on the stove and heating it up, then going to the fridge and taking out the bread, some cheese and butter, before walking towards the stool to prepare it all. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you maaaaybe post a little preview of the blow job story please? ❤️

sneak peak!!! sneak peak sneak peak sneak peak!!!!!!!

Please do a sneak peak !!😭

Omg yes 😍😍

[roughly edited]

He walks with her until he can’t go any further. Until she’s got to go through security and board the plane home.

‘Just think about—’

‘Sucking you off in front of your mates, I know, I’ve got a good memory.’ She rolls her eyes taking her suitcase back from him when he’d offered to carry it.

‘Well when you say it like that sounds fuckin filthy.’ He mutters.

‘Isn’t it?’ She smirks. ’S’why you want it so bad isn’t it?’ She pulls out her boarding pass and passport from her handbag to avoid holding up the line behind her.

‘Can’t do much showing off with a blender.’ He admits. She still thinks getting him a blender for his birthday would be a good present, a good present to place in their new home. She probably shouldn’t have told him about it, should have just surprised him with one and that’s it. 

‘You could, you could make one hell of a smoothie.’ She grins.

‘I could I suppose.’ He plays along sarcastically.

‘Can’t say it’d taste as good as you do,’ she inches closer to him. ‘Or how good I do.’ She traces his jawline slowly. ‘You could try.’ She shrugs casually. She’s properly asking for it now and she’s not being fair to him one bit. Because she’s got to get on that plane and he’s gonna be left thinking about filthy things for the rest of the night. 

‘Who keeps letting you talk like that?’ He covers her mouth. ‘Fucking Christ—watch your mouth.’

She can’t answer him with his hand on her mouth but for one, he likes it when she talks like that. Craves it too. He’s just plain bothered now, wants her again but this is the last flight tonight and she will yell at him if he makes her miss this one too.

She shifts her head to line her mouth with his fingertips, he catches on far too late when she wraps her lips around his index and middle. He glares at her, looks at her like she’s actually crazy. He presses his lips together tightly when he realizes that this is nearly what he’s asking from her for his birthday and the picture starts racing through his head. His stomach tightens when she begins sliding her lips across his fingers. Her lips wet, pretty pink gliding across. And he can’t do this right now, in the middle of a busy airport with people walking by them to stand in the line she has to start queuing in soon. He’ll lose it, he’s already bothered and already missing her. 

‘Wanted this didn’t you?’ She whispers. ‘This is what you want from me…’

‘Get on the bloody plane,’ he reluctantly pulls his fingers away and she laughs before he grasps her jaw tightly. ‘Before I never let you leave.’

‘M’going m’going. Just wanted to tell you I love you first.’ She grins wrapping her arms around his neck and he wraps his arms tightly around her waist. ‘Come back to me quickly yeah?’ She buries herself into his neck. ‘Too many episodes of the bakeoff to watch alone, in a house much too big for just me.’

He nods, this bit is always hard. ‘Travel safe.’ He kisses her forehead and his lips linger there because they too, are having a hard time saying goodbye. ‘I’ll see you real soon, not much longer.’ He whispers before kissing her hard then shaking his head trying to avoid getting too sad about this. ‘I love you.’ He whispers. It’s always been like this and it’s going to keep being like this, they try not to get upset.

She finds her seat before reaching for her phone in her bag. ‘You win, like always. Happy early birthday. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Much better than a paper weight and a blender I’d say.’

Harry has already stepped into a late meeting when he gets the message. He grins widely at it, his stomach tightens again but he knows he can’t afford to think about this right now. He’s about to turn over his phone to get back to the meeting when it vibrates again. A blender is on their way to their home, should be delivered tomorrow at noon. He chuckles softly into his hand turning the phone over after sending her a message.

-M’not making you any smoothies.

You have to, m’blowing you in front of your friends. Start practicing your blending.

Arrived safe in Scotland. I’d say sound but Elusive Tumblr Dad is high key sick with strep throat so he’s just had his first NHS doctor experience (It was $50 you guys, $50 for a non UK citizen, so fucking cheap I could crrrry) and now we’re dealing with that plus my family so lmao fuck this year.

For those asking how I plan to burn the year down, the answer is candle magic. If ETD is up to it I’ll maybe try and get him to film it if anyone else wants to see the bad luck of the year go up in flames. But yea, this is a thing that is happening, so if you have anything you’d like to add to the spell send me an ask, I might not reply to you (limited internet) but I’ll read them all and add them all in. You’ve got till midnight UK time tomorrow to get them to me.

Thank you for the continued well wishes for my family. It means a lot. Things aren’t going so well but we’re together. Sometimes that’s all you can be.

10 Things Shawn Mendes Definitely Does: A List

got this idea from the lovely @aqua-harry :)))

1. He calls you stupid nicknames like “snuggles” and “pumpkin pie” when you’re in public just to embarrass you and see how red your cheeks get 

2. He kicks gently at your legs underneath the table at fancy restaurants while you’re saying your order to the server because he can tell that the whole uptight atmosphere really isn’t your scene

3. He lets you hold all the puppies in Petland even though he knows he’ll sneeze on the ride home because he feels bad that you’ll never be able to have a dog in the house while living with him

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hwayoung ; boys24

y'all are ugly as fuck if you say “hwayoung has the right to say those things + hes right + fans should be more aware of their breath”. uhmmmm no bitch lmao who the fuck does he actually think he is if he can say those type of words? these are the fans who put money in his pocket, put food on his table, buy their songs, damn i get its unpleasant to smell bad breath but doesn’t mean he has to be so damn rude talking shit with his friends about it . he sounded so ungrateful to all the fans who wait hours for the hi-touch with him. i don’t care what his deal is but to talk down on the people who make his “career” possible is just flat out wrong and if he doesn’t want to go through 700-800 people a day who actually support him then he can stop being an “idol” lmao. i hope he fucking chokes on his own words.

Civil War

(A/N): God I suck at titles so bad

Request: Could you do a fanfic where you and Bucky are dating and fight along side him at the airport. (You don’t have powers) you’re fighting black panther and you don’t block in time and he scratches you extremely badly and everyone stops. And Bucky panics and gets angry too, but please don’t let the reader die (just come close) IK this sounds dumb lol but thanks:)

Warnings: swearing, injury, blood

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

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    “Don’t you think this is a bad idea?” You ask hesitantly, eyeing “team iron man” with the utmost hesitancy. 

    “ ‘Course it’s a bad idea,” Clint smirks beside you, his hand unconsciously tightening on his bow. “All of Cap’s ideas are bad,” You smile softly despite the situation you were in. 

   You had just been sucked into this all, you weren’t even an Avenger nor a shield agent, before today you had no affiliation with these people other than Bucky. You had met him when he was on the run, injured, starving, and scared. You’d taken him in, patched him up, fed him, and cared for him more than you had ever cared for anyone. From there it had blossomed into a relationship, one the two of you had been able to hide for months and now suddenly everything had been dug up, including the two of you. 

   “Wait…they’re running towards us,” You state rather calmly, despite the worry in your stomach. “You guys, they’re running towards us,” 

   “Guess we better start running too then,” Steve mutters as he all but charges at the opposing team, the rest of team cap following not too far behind, with you in their midst. Thank god Bucky had taught you how to fight otherwise you’d be completely screwed here. You were up against some of the best and most infamous people in the whole universe and had Bucky not taught you everything he knew you’d be dead in seconds. 

    Within seconds of running everyone had mashed together, the two teams already fighting each other valiantly. The objective was to keep Bucky safe, get him to the jet, and get him out of here; Steve’s side instructions were to keep Bucky safe at all costs, no matter the price and you’d be damned if you didn’t follow a captain’s orders. 

   Right off the bat T’challa charges for Bucky, his running an almost intimidating speed. After the last run in with T’challa you were taking no chances, Bucky wasn’t going to fight him, not with how aggressive that man could be. So just as T’challa was rounding in on Bucky you fired a shot at T’challa, your aim impeccable as it hit T’challa’s suit spot on. Fortunately the shot was enough to distract him just enough that Bucky could slip by, unfortunately you were now the target for the clad cat suit man. 

  T’challa charged with great speed straight for you, his claws already reaching out to claw at you when Steve jumped in front of the line of “fire”, efficiently blocking the Cat’s claws from tearing you apart. 

   “What the hell are you thinking?” Steve yelled as he almost casually fought against the black panther, blocking his every move and even getting a few good punches in here and there.

    “You told me to protect Bucky at all costs,” you mutter through gritted teeth, shooting at the android flying ahead, vision, if you could recall his name. 

    “I didn’t mean try to get yourself killed in the process,” you curse to yourself as the gun runs out rounds. With a disgruntled sigh you throw it to the side, reaching for your other gun when Steve gave an exclamation of surprise and you just so happened to look up just in time to get a chest full of Panther Claws. You gave a loud cry as you dropped to the ground, your hands already clasped over your heavily bleeding chest. There were 5 deep scratches across your chest, each one burning as though a fire had been lit under your skin, slowly melting the skin away.

     "Shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,“ Steve cursed as he dropped his shield, dropping to your side. "Oh my god (Y/N),” he muttered as he frantically looked at your chest. “Fuck, we need help,” But the war between the two teams was raging on, no one having apparently heard your cry or Steve’s extreme use of profanity. T'challa on the other hand ripped his mask off, his expression that of complete regret and concern.

    “(Y/N), I am so sorry, I did not mean-" 

    "Not right now T'challa,” Steve muttered. “We gotta get them out of here, safely, we need to stop-”

    “Stop the fight, I understand.” Your chest suddenly constricted and you found it rather hard to breathe as your chest kept pooling blood, the red liquid oozing between yours and Steve’s hands. “Hey!” T'challa shouted, trying to get someone’s attention, anyone’s. “Anthony! Natasha!” But no one was listening, to busy wrapped up in the fighting to give a damn about the figures on the sideline. 

     "Steve-“ you muttered weakly, the sound coming out rather bubbly due to the rising blood in your chest. 

     "Don’t talk (Y/N),” Steve whispered, “you’re gonna make it worse,”

    “Steven, they are not listening-”

    “Fine, we’ll both scream then,” Steve mutters, staring out at the fighting as he does. “Tony! Clint!" 

    "Wanda! Rhodey!” The two cried out for the team to at Least acknowledge them and their efforts proved to be successful because at least one Avengers turned to look at the small group on the sidelines. 

    Bucky’s mouth ran dry as he looked over to the sight of all the screaming. There you were, laying on the ground as Steve pressed his bloody hands to your chest. T'challa yelled at anyone who would listen and Bucky just so happened to get a glimpse of his blood soaked claws. 

    “You fucker!” Bucky nearly screamed as he charged for T'challa, thoroughly taking him aback. With extreme force both bodies hit the ground, Bucky on top of T'challa. Without any hesitation Bucky pounds his fits against T'challa, hitting him with every ounce of anger he had. 

    “Bucky!” Steve yells to no avail, the man just kept punching away. “Bucky stop! (Y/N)’s dying!” Steve’s words seemed to snap something within Bucky because his relentless punches stopped abruptly, his fist still raised above T'challa’s face menacingly. Luckily the scene was able to gather everyone else’s attention because in one instant they had all stopped fighting, looking over to the group in shock. 

   With a menacing growl Bucky rolled off of T'challa, instead taking his place by your side, his gaze all sorts of worried as he looked at you.

    “We gotta get them out of here Buck, to a hospital or-" 

     "We’ve got medics on their way,” Tony states as he crouches down beside the group, inspecting your nearly blood spurting chest. “You realize you guys can’t be there, right?” Tony asks hesitantly, as though he were scared of the answer.

     "I’m not leaving them-“ Bucky states from the side. "I’m not, they can’t-" 

    "Bucky, you’re a criminal and wanted in almost every single country, if you come in with (Y/N) and the rest of us you’ll be taken into custody,” Tony cocks his his head to Steve, and you can only imagine his gaze under the suit is sympathetic. “That goes for the rest of you too-" 


    "No,” Tony shakes his head, raising a hand to silence Steve. “I’m giving you guys a heads start, if you’re still here by the time the medics arrive they’re not going to sympathize with you, they’ll call the authorities to have you locked up. So, before they get here I suggest you guys get out of here," 

    "But (Y/N)-” Bucky began. 

    “They’re in good hands,” The android nods to Bucky. “But tony is right, the medics are only a few moments away and they will call the authorities, I do suggest you take the jet and get Zemo," 

    "I am coming with you,” T'challa coughs as he wipes at his bleeding mouth. “You may need an extra pair of hands in battle," 

    "You’re the reason we’re in this mess you motherfuck-”

    “3 minutes away,” Vision mutters, looking up to the sky expectantly. Bucky sighs, finally relenting in his argument. He leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before pulling back just enough to leave your lips touching slightly.

    “I’ll be back for you, okay?” You nod your head, hissing In pain as you do.

    “2 minutes and 45 seconds," 

    "Buck, come on, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Scott, I suggest you come along too,” Bucky stares at you for only a moment before standing up abruptly, the rest of team cap following. Without so much as a second glance The group took off towards the jet, leaving behind team iron man plus one. 

    “You’re gonna be fine kid,” Tony mutters, his hands haven taken the place of Steve’s. “I promise you,” You chuckle wetly, small bits of blood rising to your mouth, nearly choking you as they do. 

     "Don’t make promises you can’t keep,“

Wishes for ch.54:

- The squad eating happily together

- Shinoa being sarcastic and mentioning that the food could also be poisened

- Everyone’s stop eating until Shinoa bursts out laughing, causing everyone to be mad at her

- Yuu and Kimizuki arguing over who gets the last piece of meat

- Yoichi trying to calm them down

- Mitsuba just rolling her eyes in annoyance

- Shinoa lying under the table, laughing her ass off

- Narumi being quiet for once 

- Mika just sitting there in silence with his usual calm expression but actaully happy inside that Yuu has fun

- Crowley watching them all bickering with each other in amusement and remembering his past while he thinks that having ‘comrades’ doesn’t sound so bad

- While the squad’s still occupied with talking, Yuu says he needs some fresh air and gives Mika a sign to quietly follow him

- Even though everyone acts like they don’t notice they all secretly know what’s up

- Yuu taking Mika outside and remarks the nervous look in his eyes he had the whole time while they were eating

- Three words: Blood-drinking scene

- Mika and Yuu having a heart to heart talk with Mika mentioning his slowly vanishing humanity and that eventually he’ll become an emotionless bloodsucker Yuu hated so much

- Yuu ensures him that everything will be alright while flashing him a happy smile

- Romantic tension

- Both of them being interrupted when someone from the squad calls them in again

- While heading back, Mika silently ponders about what it really is he feels for Yuu

- chapter ending with them all following Crowley down to the basement

But knowing Kagami the chapter will probably be like this:

- Angst

- More Angst

- Even more Angst

- Did I mention Angst?

- Ultimate Angst

- ANGST!!!!


You were in Derek’s loft. He was your boyfriend and you were currently waiting for him to return with his Uncle Peter. You like to call him the big bad wolf, it just sounds suitable for what everyone says about him. Suddenly the loft door opens and Derek walks in with who you presume is Peter. You stand up, fixing the shirt you were wearing while they both walked over to you. “ Y/N, this is Peter. Peter this is my girlfriend. So I expect you to treat her well, “ Derek says giving him a warning look. “ Well of course Derek why wouldn’t I be? Well Y/N if you really got to know me. You would find out I’m a really a humble man, “ he says winking at you. Derek scoffs and walks in front of you. “ Why don’t you go chain yourself up Peter before the full moon comes out. “ Derek says. “ Certainly, “ he says rolling his eyes and dropping his duffel bag. He unzipped it taking out silver chains and cuffs. “ I’ll just go make myself at home, “ Peter says walking up the staircase. “ Do you think he will be OK even with the chains? “ You ask Derek looking up at him. “ They should hold up. Besides, I’m here to protect you if anything here goes wrong, “ he says hugging you tightly. You breathed in his cologne and snuggled into his neck. “ I know, “ you mumble with a smile. 


Soon it was night and the full moon was out. You were down stairs on the couch listening to Derek trying to calm Peter down. But you kept hearing him growl. You looked out the large window, the moon was so bright it lit up the whole room. You looked at the different constellations you could see, but the got interrupted when a loud growl split through the air and the sound of chains breaking followed right after. You felt your heart beat accelerate, especially when Derek’s growls joined in with Peters. “Y/N!” Derek yelled. You were about to answer until Peter ran down the stairs in full alpha mood. Your breath hitched when you locked eyes. Derek tackled him to the ground but Peter threw him off, throwing him across the whole room. He hit his head on the wall knocking him out. “ Derek?! “ you gasp running to him. But Peter tackled you to the ground. A sharp pain struck your chest making tears escape your eyes. You think he broke one of your ribs. “ P-Peter, “ you whimper. You locked eyes with him again and his face softened. He took his large paw off your chest and started forming back into human form. “ Oh god, “ he says lifting your head. The moon light was hitting him, and you were confused on how he wasn’t still in his wolf form. “ My anchor, your my anchor, “ he says. You groaned in pain. Worried filled his eyes and he lifted you up and carried you over to the couch laying you down. He took your hand and suddenly the pain was gone. “ D-Derek, “ you say, your voice laced with worry. “ He will be OK, but I wont be when he wakes up, “ Peter says with a guilty smile. 

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