but he just has to sit there and stare


“It’s a date.” Betty tilts her head and her pony tail does a cute little swish as she smiles at Trevor. Trevor returns the smile before leaving the office.

Jughead lets Betty’s words sink in and feels a rush of jealousy swarm through him. He doesn’t miss the look Kevin shoots him while Betty stares after Trevor. Jughead stares back at Kevin and figures, judging by Kevin’s face, that his weird feeling of jealousy is showing. He quickly fixes his face so that Betty doesn’t see.

As soon as Trevor has left and shut the door Betty turns around and walks to behind the desk Jughead is sitting on.

“It’s not a date.” She states.

“You just called it a date.” Jughead replied in his usual sarcastic manor trying to keep the jealousy and confusion out of his voice.

He turns to look at Betty.

“You literally said ‘It’s a date’.” Jughead complains. Kevin shoots him another glance and the raven haired boy pulls a confused face. Why is he getting so defensive and jealous over Betty having a date? It’s not like he cares. Does he?

Betty goes on to explain how it’s her cover so she can get information about Jason. For some reason this does nothing to calm Jughead’s jealousy and Kevin picks up on this, quickly changing the subject for Jughead’s benefit. Jughead shoots the other boy a greatful look and begins to listen to Betty talk about cheerleading.

Despite how much he tries, Jughead can’t stop thinking about Betty going on a date with Trevor.

To try and clear his head he goes to his favourite writing spot; his booth at Pop’s. He orders his usual- a burger and fries with a milkshake- and sits down at his booth. The tall boy pulls out his laptop and continues writing his novel.

He manages to get a chapter done before, unfortunately for him, Trevor walks in and takes a seat at the booth next to his. At first Jughead thinks that Trevor has ditched Betty but five minutes later the bubbly blonde enters the diner and sits so that she is facing Trevor with her back to Jughead.

As the couple’s date continues, Jughead finds himself getting more and more jealous of Trevor getting to be on a date with the beautiful blonde. He can’t concentrate on his writing so he orders another burger and subtly eavesdrops on their conversation. However, he can’t focus on anything they’re saying because he’s too distracted by Betty’s golden hair and how it swishes lusciously. Jughead can feel eyes on him so he looks up and catches Trevor staring at him. He’s been caught staring at Betty with god knows what kind of soppy look on his face by the guy she is currently on a date with.

Jughead shakes his head and tries to go back to writing. A few minutes later Betty excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

“What are you doing Jughead?” Trevor asks across the booth.

“Well I’m trying to write, Trevor.” Jughead replies seriously.

“That’s not what I meant Jughead. I meant why aren’t you on a date with Betty?”

“Er… because you’re on a date with her and I don’t do dating…” Jughead replies feeling uncomfortable with this conversation.

“Jughead, I don’t care if you date or not. I’ve never seen anyone look at someone the way you look at Betty.”

“That’s not-” Jughead tries, but Trevor isn’t having any of it.

“Jughead, you look at her like she’s the best thing in your life. Whether you know it or not you clearly have feelings for this girl. And I can’t be on a date with her when the boy who is clearly in love with her is sat right behind her.” Trevor explains.

“Trevor you’ve got it all wrong I-” Jughead tries to argue back but his heart isn’t in it. Deep down he knows that what Trevor is saying is true.

“I’m gonna do you a solid Jughead, but in return you have to promise me that you will give Betty all the love and respect she needs and deserves.” Trevor says seriously and Jughead is so shocked and confused that all he can do is nod.

Before he can pull himself together, Betty returns.

“Okay so where were we?” Betty asks with a bright smile on her face.

“Look Betty, you might hate me for this right now, but chances are you’ll thank me later.” Trevor begins.

“What?” Betty asks, her smile dropping.

“Well, after asking me questions about Jason, all you’ve talked about is you and Jughead.”

“I’m sorry Trev, I didn’t mean to ramble about mine and Juggie’s work.” She tries smiling again.

“Betty, you don’t want to be on a date with me. So I’m going to do the right thing here and end it now.” Trevor smiles. “Maybe you can find solace behind you” Trevor glances at Jughead before apologising once more and leaving Pop’s.

Betty is left confused for a second. She turns around and stares directly into Jughead’s eyes.

“What did I do wrong, Jugs?” She asks looking sad.

“Nothing! Betts it wasn’t you , you did nothing wrong. You’re perfect how could you do something wrong?” Jughead wants to hug the poor girl but he holds himself back. “C’mere.” He gestures for the blonde to come and sit next to him and she complies, dropping next to him and placing her head on his shoulder.

The raven haired boy revels in the feeling and tentatively places his arm around her, rubbing her arm soothingly.

“What did Trevor mean by saying I don’t want to be on a date with him?” Betty thinks aloud. “Unless he means I like someone else? But who?” She wonders. “Behind me?” She mumbles.

Jughead simply listens, not wanting to disrupts the blonde’s thought process.

“Am I really that obvious?” She asks.

“Obvious about what Betts?” Jughead asks.

“Okay clearly I’m not that obvious then.” Betty continues. “Maybe Trevor is just smart, or you’re oblivious.”

Now the tall boy is confused.

“Oblivious.” He echoes the blonde. Is she saying what he thinks she’s saying?

The door to the diner opens and is followed by the loud voice of Veronica Lodge. The girl spots her friends and heads over to their booth, quickly taking in the sight of Betty and Jughead embracing.

“Aww you guys are so cute!” She sits across from them, stealing Jughead’s untouched milkshake. “You finally told him then Betty?”

Betty pulls away from Jughead but still remains quite close to the boy.

“No, Ronnie, I didn’t. I was actually here on a date with Trevor until he told me I didn’t want to be on a date with him and left. Jughead was comforting me.” The blonde girl explains to her friend.

“Oh, bummer.” Veronica replies not sounding that sad.

“Told him what?” Jughead decides to join the conversation.

“Er….” Betty begins, flushing a delicious red colour. Jughead catches himself following the blush down her neck, wondering how much further down it goes.

“Told him, being you, how much she enjoys hugs! Duh!” Veronica covers for Betty.

“Yeah right.” The tall boy scoffs. “I’ve known Betty pretty much all my life, of course I know she likes hugs, just like she knows I don’t like hugs unless they’re from her.” Jughead states.

Betty blushes again and looks down.

“I, er… I’ve got to go.” Betty mumbles before standing up and leaving.

Veronica waits less than two seconds after the blonde girl’s departure before she begins interrogating the boy in front of her.

“Okay Jugs, that was the opposite of smooth. Spill.”

Jughead doesn’t want to spill. He’d rather not talk about how confused he is right now. But there’s a look in Veronica’s eyes, similar to the one in Kevin’s eyes earlier and he knows that his friend in front of him already knows what’s going on inside his head anyway.

So he tells the raven haired girl everything. He tells her how he felt jealous this morning and earlier when Betty was on her date. He tells her how warm and happy he felt when Betty hugged him. He tells her exactly what Trevor said to him.

And Veronica, loud, talkative Veronica, listens to the poor boy’s entire story before commenting.

“You’ve got it bad Juggie.” She states simply.

“I know Ronnie, but what do I do?” he questions. The girl smiles at him. It’s mischievous and enough to make Jughead nervous in any other circumstance but in this case, this smile fills him with relief as he knows his friend has a brilliant plan.

So, maybe it wasn’t a brilliant plan in Jughead’s eyes but to Veronica it’s the best plan. Her friends are both obliviously pining after each other and damn it she’s going to get them together. She brought Jughead over to her house before Jason’s memorial.

“So what are you planning on wearing?” She asks.

“This?” he replies, gesturing to his ripped skinny jeans and his paint splattered t-shirt hiding under his denim jacket.

“Absolutely not Jughead. You’ll wear this!” She produces a suit from who knows where and pushes it into his hands. “When I’m through with you Betty will be speechless.” She smiles at the boy before pushing him into the bathroom to change.

Jughead reluctantly puts the suit on, feeling as though he should humour Veronica. He emerges from the bathroom in the suit. He’s added his braces and he refuses to remove his beanie from his head.

“Well, it’s good enough I guess.” Veronica decides. “Now hurry up, you have to go and get Betty, I’ll see you there Jughead. Good luck!” She calls as she pushes the boy out of the door.

“Betty!! Hurry up I want to see what you look like!” Kevin calls to his blonde haired friend.

“I don’t see why you had to come and help me get ready for a memorial Kev.” Betty calls back before entering the room.

“Betty!” Kevin whines. “We’ve been over this! It’s to make Jughead realise what he wants!”

Kevin quickly sorts out Betty’s blonde hair, tying it into a top knot. He then goes over to the window while Betty puts on her cardigan.

“Oh crap! He’s here. I’m going to sneak out the back, have fun dear! I’ll see you there!” The boy calls as he leaves.

A few minutes later Betty hears someone coming up the stairs and she knows its Jughead.

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast.” She hears him say as he enters her pink room, in that overly sarcastic tone she loves to hate so much. Betty isn’t going to deny it; she finds his sarcasm attractive and very sexy. But she knows most of the time its Jughead’s defence and that breaks her heart.

She turns to face him and is pleasantly surprised by what she sees. He is standing tensely in the corner of her room. His body language screams awkward and gives away the fact he is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be there. But he looks amazing in that suit and he cleans up nicely.

The tall boy looks like he is ready to be mocked by the blonde girl and he shifts into a defensive stance. But the mocking he’s expecting doesn’t come and instead the blonde girl smiles at him while looking him up and down.

Jughead feels the back of his neck heat up with a blush but ignores the urge to loosen his tie.

“It’s the best I could do.” He says, feeling it was probably best not to give Veronica credit for his clean up. He feels a tension settle over the room when Betty doesn’t reply and just keeps staring at him.

She drags her eyes all over his body before flicking them up to meet his eyes. She shoots him a dazzling smile and all he can do is smile in return. Though he still looks awkward and is sure he looks as red as a tomato he feels truly happy in this moment.

Unfortunately the moment ends and the pair begin to walk to the Blossom’s house for the memorial.

“I’m sorry about your date Betts.” Jughead apologises to the blonde girl.

“Don’t be Jugs. Trevor  was right. It’s for the best, I have to stay single anyway.”

“Oh. And why would that be?” Jughead can’t help but ask.

“Oh just in case the boy I like figures out he likes me back.” She smiles.

Jughead feels a pang of jealousy at the mention of Betty liking another boy.

“You like someone? And you haven’t told me, your best friend of many years, who it is you like!” He replies in fake disbelief.

“I can’t tell you Juggie. It’s not that I don’t trust you it’s just that I can’t-” Betty sounds upset.

“Shhh, Betty it’s okay.” Jughead soothes. “Can you at least describe this boy? I’m intrigued.” 

The beautiful blonde girl nods shyly but still looks hesitant.

“If you describe the boy you like, I’ll describe the girl I may like.” Jughead whispers.

“O-okay.” She takes a deep breath. “Well he’s funny and I love his sense of humour. He makes me laugh and I can be myself around him. With him I don’t have to be perfect because he makes me feel like no matter what I do I will always be perfect in his eyes. He’s tall and sexy as hell and I’m sure my mother wouldn’t approve of the dark vibes he gives off. But I know that underneath all his layers he cares. He cares a lot more than what he lets on and that’s why I like him. He’s also a giant dork and is obsessed with one specific item of clothing.” She whispers the last sentence quietly, worried she’s given away too much.

Jughead’s eyes widen in realisation. All of that sounds like him, but a better version of him.

“So, who’s the girl you like Jugs?” Betty asks and smiles beautifully.

“Well, she’s beautiful and will always be perfect in my eyes. I spent a long time thinking she was head over heels in love with my best friend. I love her lovely blonde hair and how it curls lusciously.” He shifts awkwardly. “I find her beautifully breath taking and there is no way I can say no to her when she stares at me with her beautiful eyes. Everyone sees her as the perfect girl next door but I see her as the broken angel she is. She’s just a normal teenage girl and that attracts me to her even more. But what attracts me to her the most is how safe she makes me feel. She makes me happy and safe and that’s why I like her.” The tall boy rambles, revealing what he thinks is too much but once he’s started he cant stop. He is completely in love with this beautiful girl in front of him.

“Jughead…” Betty turns to completely face him, they have long since stopped walking. She reaches up to touch his cheek and he leans into her soft touch, his arms go around her waist. “ Is the girl you like…” She drifts off.

“It’s you.” He swallows. “Elizabeth Cooper, I don’t want to scare you off, but I am hopelessly in love with you, I have been since we met. It just took me a while to confess it.”

“I-” She smiles another beautiful smile. “Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third I am completely, irreversibly in love with you too. I think I have been for a long time.” He can’t help but return her gloriously happy smile.

“Betty.” He whispers, leaning closer to her soft face. “I think I’m going to kiss you.” He says being uncharacteristically brave.

“I think I’d like that Jughead.” She whispers, before sealing his lips in a searing kiss that takes his breath away. It’s the raven haired boy’s first real kiss and its perfect. All he feels is love, any previous feelings of doubt and jealousy disappear as he clutches at the small blonde girl in his arms. He doesn’t want to let her go.

Unfortunately, she pulls away.

“Crap, we’re going to be late!” She cries and takes of running towards the Blossom’s manor. She pulls the dazed boy along behind him. The make it to the house on time and enter the room. Betty immediately spots their friends and begins to walk towards them.

Jughead catches her wrist and moves his hand down, entwining his fingers with hers. The walk towards their friends hand in hand and sit down, their hands remain joined.

Kevin is the first to notice their hands.

“Yess! Go Betty girl!” he cheers, gaining the attention of their friends.

Archie looks hurt for a brief second before putting on a grumpy face, Kevin continues cheering and Veronica joins him.

When they both calm down Veronica turns to Kevin with a smile.

“ We totally nailed it!” She cheers and high fives the other boy.

Betty rolls her eyes at her friends crazy antics but she can’t wipe the massive smile off her face.  And when she turns to face her new boyfriend she can see his face is mirroring hers and her smile gets even bigger.

Maybe she will say thanks to Trevor.

Infidelity and Honesty
By Organization for Transformative Works

Harry/Ginny, Harry/Draco. 10k. Mature.

(or read on FFnet instead of AO3)


Harry wakes up after a party naked in Malfoy’s bed. He has no memory of what happened. The first thing he does, is tell his wife.


Harry bit the inside of his lip, and stared at him, unsure what to say. Everything he wanted to know, he also didn’t want to know. He felt shaky, angry. This was the man he’d cheated on his wife with. He was why Ginny was hurting. Or, at least, one half of why Ginny was hurting.

Just sitting there, silent, eyes sharp, Malfoy didn’t spark any memories in Harry. Partly, he was disappointed. If he remembered on his own, he wouldn’t have to talk to him. But mostly, he was glad. He wasn’t sure he wanted to remember.

“Was I right?” Malfoy asked, finally breaking the silence.

The sound of his voice made Harry feel a flurry of things. Anger, disgust, sadness, curiosity. Malfoy’s tone was carefully neutral, but that didn’t make this any easier.

“About what?” Harry asked, hoarsely. He quietly cleared his throat, wishing Malfoy had wanted tea. It would have been a temporary distraction.

Malfoy stared at him for a moment, looking hesitant. “Ginny. Did you tell her?”

At the sound of her name, spoken by him, Harry felt a hot surge of anger, and looked away, gritting his teeth. He wanted to yell at him, or hex him. But what was the point? It wasn’t all Malfoy’s fault. Harry might not remember, but he wasn’t a fool. It took both of them to do what they’d done, whatever it was that they’d done, and he didn’t believe for a second that Malfoy had done anything untoward to get him into bed, even if he did struggle to imagine the alternative.

“Yes,” he said shortly.

Malfoy inhaled sharply. “Well then, I wish I could say I was surprised. You’re still disgustingly noble then.”

“If you’re going to be like that, you can piss off!” Harry snapped, glaring at him.

“Sorry,” Malfoy muttered after a few moments of tense silence. “Habit.”

“How did we end up in bed? We don’t even like each other!” Harry couldn’t help but say.

Malfoy’s face made a strange contortion, and he exhaled slowly. “How much are you unable to remember?” he asked, his tone once again neutral.

“All of it,” Harry admitted, feeling sick.

willynylanders  asked:

tv show chef au where Jo is a guest on Nate's show or s/t and he is terrible in the kitchen and Nate finds it really endearing

Omg I would write this if I knew anything about cooking shows but

Hockey player Jo guest-starring on Nate’s show, and Nate is doing a cooking segment that’s like “Protein-rich, healthy meals for you professional athletes out there” and Jo just picks up a spoon and is ???? the whole time. He’s okay at beating the eggs and pouring stuff but he’s shit at doing anything with fire (his specialty is ice, okay) and he probably also gets distracted staring at Nate and Nate’s arms. Jo keeps trying to touch his own hair and face and Nate has to keep grabbing his wrists to stop him. Nate loves the stupid little faces Jo makes when he’s confused and trying to follow along, and his French cursing (bleeped out, of course) and nervous babbling are endlessly endearing.

In the end they sit down with the meal which was mostly Nate’s doing and it’s really good despite Jo burning the vegetables a bit, and Jo compliments Nate so much that the camera eventually cuts away. Once the crew stop filming Nate offers some private cooking lessons for Jo because…you know. He’s just so bad at cooking, Nate figures he could do with some help. At Nate’s house.

(Yes they’re the type to fuck in the kitchen. Nate’s good with wiping surfaces down and turning the stove off because he’s a professional but please don’t fuck in the kitchen in the middle of cooking)

my brother is sitting in the chair in my room studying a practice test thing for his final test before he becomes a fully certified EMT tomorrow and he’s mumbling some of the questions out loud and he just went “a child has fallen from a monkey at school…” and he just got dead quiet and stared at the wall for like a solid minute with the most stricken look on his face before he whispered “there’s no protocol for monkeys”


bro it means monkey bars 

Let’s take some time to analyze this small bit from the episode 10 preview

Not sure if it’s been done already. You guys are hella fast when it comes to analyzing scenes holy wow.

So at the end of the preview for episode 10, we see Yuri and Viktor standing/sitting/whatever face to face, right? Okay, so what I noticed, is that Yuri, at first, is staring down.

Then he blinks and looks up at Viktor. In my opinion, his facial expression makes it look as if he’s surprised. Not in a shocked way, but more like in a shy way, if that makes sense?

He’s blushing harder than we’ve ever seen him blush, too.

Then we see Viktor. Viktor has a really gentle and adoring expression on his face. He, just like Yuri, is also looking down, and still looking down by the time Yuri has focused his own eyes on Viktor’s face. 

So what I’m thinking, is that Viktor gave Yuri something. A present, perhaps. Because in the voiceover, Viktor was talking about Christmas presents. Yuri’s birthday is also coming up. So maybe a Christmas present or birthday present.

Looking at their faces, this isn’t just an ordinary present. It’s not some fancy piece of clothing, it’s not katsudon, and it sure as heck is not a pair of socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. I’m thinking it’s something much more intimate. Like a ring.

Or maybe it’s not just a simple Christmas or Birthday present. Maybe it’s a love confession. But if it were, then what could the two be staring down at? Maybe Viktor is holding Yuri’s hands while confessing?

Still, the movements and body language are rather giving me the idea that Viktor is slipping a ring around Yuri’s finger. Realistically, this seems a bit early to be an actual marriage proposal. I mean, it’s totally possible! But despite the whole proposal talk in ep. 9, I’m not sure if their relationship is already at the point where a marriage proposal is the obvious next step. I wouldn’t mind those two getting married already tho lel 

Maybe it’s a love confession where Viktor gives Yuri a ring or something as a token of their relationship/love? Not quite like an engagement ring. but more like a ‘this ring will show everyone that we belong to one another’ kinda ring? 

Or maybe they’re just talking about a touchy subject and Viktor is too shy/embarassed to look at Yuri, but Yuri feels brave enough to look up at Viktor. Viktor hasen’t ever really shown his vulnerable side towards Yuri, not in the anime at least. So this makes sense imo. Maybe all this is just me doing some good old wishful thinking.

But whatever is happening in that preview, we know it’s gonna be good anyway. I mean c’mon, that body language, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

I can’t wait ‘till next week.

can u imagine even getting to the cafeteria and seeing that cute boy he keeps seeing all week and having a little internal freakout and then like. conviently sitting right in front of him so he has a good view, and then these girls start bothering him about a group and he looks past them to see! that cute boy! looking back at him!! staring at him!! and he immediately looks down but u bet that even’s heart is beating so much faster and he’s like ok gotta go to that group just in case he goes too

Befriend the demons

For some context, a few friends and I are playing a 5e D&D campaign. The characters consist of Ryan a human fighter, Vladimir a drow rouge, Yeerlin our DMs npc half-elf ranger, and my character Eilora who is a half-elf druid. Eilora is a tiny little innocent girl surrounded by characters who are exactly the opposite.

Currently we are entering a city filled with spider demon monsters. We are making our way down a hallway when a spider demon lowers from the ceiling and stares at Eilora. My team is getting freaked out but Eilora has a different idea.

Eilora: “I roll for animal handling.”

*natural 20*

DM: this spider is now your best friend. He offers you a ride on his back.

*She climbs on. Now this cute little 4’ 11” Half Elf druid is sitting on the back of a huge, furry, black, fanged spider demon just smiling cutely*

Vlad: What’s his name?

Luckily, our NPC companion Yeerlin knew the spider’s language.

Y: he just says 7351

Ryan: Let’s give him a real name

V: Jeffery!

R & V: Jeffery! Jeffery! Jeffery!

DM: *Turns to me expectantly*

E: ….. Jeffery?

*Cheers erupt from the other two*

Being Batmom would include......

- Waking up every morning to Damian staring at you on your side of the bed.

- “Damian, sweetie, it’s 5:30 in the morning what are you doing up?”

- “ Getting up early is a healthy way of building strength and endurance and no mother of mine is going to be weak”

- But you get up anyway because you know he’s just trying to show he cares about your well being.

- Which means you make chocolate chip pancakes while he sits on the counter and talks your ear off about random things.

- Always being there for Jason when he has his nightmares about his death.

- He always in the kitchen in the middle of the night with tears in his eyes.

- You know because you hear his light sobs downstairs, knowing he doesn’t want any of his brothers to see him cry.

- As soon as he sees you, he hugs you tight as if you would slip away if he let you go.

- “it’s okay baby, you’re safe.”

- Dick always calling you when he can’t figure out the simplest of things.

- “Mom, does cinnamon go bad?”

- “Hey, do you know how long does it take to dry clothes?”

- “Mom, how do you make cereal?”

- “Dickie, I swear it’s like you’re 14 and not 25,”

- Tim not liking when his school friends have crushes on you.

- “ If you even look in her general direction, I will find you ”

- “Tim, just because someone finds me attractive does not mean you can scare the daylights out of them”

- Damian getting extremely jealous because he has to share your attention with everyone else.

- I mean, very jealous.

- Jason and Damian being the most protective of you.

- And I mean frowning at every single guy that even glances at you.

- One time, you made the mistake of bringing Damian with you to the grocery store and there was a guy who started flirting with you in the fruit aisle.

- And then Damian judo kicked him in the stomach yelling “Get away from my mother, you asshole!”

- And then you hurrily leaving, pulling Damian with you before you guys got kicked out.

- “ Damian, I love you but you cannot just do that in public!”

- Each boy fighting over who is your favorite.

- if you’re lucky, nothing’s broken from their fighting.

- Alfred usually being the voice of reason when it comes to their bickering.

- But Bruce is the one to stop their physical altercations.

- Making you have a massive headache.

- Each boy not wanting to ever dissapoint you.

- You loving your babies with all of your heart.

- And they loving you just as much.

It stings that

Lucifer has so little belief in himself that he find all these reasons that the Detective kissed him- but none of them are that she actually likes him for who he is. First he thinks his powers are finally working on her. Then he thinks she’s being manipulated by his mother. Now he thinks that his Dad has something to do with it.

I’m just sitting here like, Luci babe, no. Your Dad made her immune to your charms so she could fall for the real you. You sweet as hell deep down inside under all that self-loathing.

Also can we talk about Chloe being hella into him?

She’s full on staring at him with heart eyes and having sex dreams about him and Lucifer’s in the corner going ‘she’ll never love me I’m a monster’. Like he’s the best partner she’s ever had, always has her back, calls her beautiful, defends her to a fault, never lies to her and pretty much worships the ground she walks on… but you know. Why on earth would she ever like him ?

Luci, you damn fine. But you also dense as fuck.

today’s happy place, 11/1

Jack has a bay window in his apartment. Bitty’s found him cushions to put on it, and sometimes in the morning when Jack’s gone for a run Bitty will peel himself out of bed and bring a cup of coffee to the window. He sits on the cushions and loses himself staring across the Providence skyline.

This morning, he’s so lost in the view – distant mist and indistinct buildings – that he doesn’t even hear the apartment door open. So when Jack’s cold fingers draw up the hem of his sweatshirt and press against his ribcage, Bitty yowls like a cat and jumps. A few drops of coffee go splashing onto the windowpane.

“JACK!” he protests weakly as Jack sits behind him, lifting one leg onto the cushions and drawing Bitty into his lap. “You sneak. How you creep across this floor without making a sound I’ll never know.”

Jack huffs a hot breath against Bitty’s neck, a bit of a laugh. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re freezing, watch those fingers, Jack!” Bitty wriggles as Jack encircles his waist under the heavy press of his sweatshirt. “I’m trying to drink coffee and you’re being a menace.”

“Mm-hm.” Jack presses a kiss to the shell of Bitty’s ear. At least his lips are warm. “I’m such a menace.”

“You are, though.” Bitty says, weakly, sighing. He’s got no defenses against a Jack cuddle. “A cold, horrible menace.”

Jack kisses his jaw. His stubble scratches Bitty’s skin. Bitty turns his head, ostensibly to get away from the itch, but Jack’s lips capture his, and all at once he’s pressing into that sweet warmth, savoring the warmth of Jack’s tongue as it swipes against his. He whimpers as the kiss ends.

“Menace,” he repeats, lifting his free hand to swat Jack’s arm halfheartedly.

Jack’s hands on Bitty’s stomach cinch tight. They’re warmer than they were. “Stay with me,” he murmurs.

Bitty sucks in a breath and holds it.

“Please,” Jack adds. His voice is earnest.

Shaking his head, Bitty sighs and nuzzles Jack’s flushed cheek with smiling lips. “Well, okay, I suppose.”

“You know what bothers me?” He said as he frustratedly pulled at his sleeves.

She paused for short while before letting out a sigh. “Do I want to?” She replied.

He broke eye contact and began to stare at the wet grass beneath their feet,
“It bothers me how you sit and cry and you pour your heart out for someone who doesn’t even care enough to give you a second thought. Life isn’t easy, life is real and nothing that’s real has ever been easy. There are seven billion people on this planet and one day, he’ll just be another one of them.”

—  One day you’ll be ok.
// excerpt of a book I’ll never write
Imagine trying to reach for a potion ingredient off the top shelf and, being as clumsy as you are, slipping and falling on top of your classmate Newt Scamander, whom you have a giant crush on.

You scream as you fall grabbing onto the first thing in front of you. You land with a soft ‘Omph’ and feel something warm beneath you. A body. And not just any body. You lift your gaze to see brilliant hazel eyes staring at you.

“Oh my goodness, (y/n) are you alright? Did you hurt yourself in any way?” You feel yourself being grabbed at the sides and lifted gently. You sit on Newt Scamander’s lap as he stares up at you, worry evident upon his features. He accesses you to see if any damage has been done when his gaze lifts to yours. You stare back at him, tongue flicking out over your lips instinctively. His eyes drop to your mouth then snap back to your (y/e/c) eyes. His face is scarlet and you feel the blush burn across your own cheeks. He leans in slightly, cautiously, causing your breath to hitch. But before his lips can touch yours a loud crash sounds from the front of the classroom startling you both out of the moment.

“All of you back to your desks!” your potions professor barks. Students who had been surrounding the two of you, and doing their own depraved things, scrambled back to their work stations. You lifted yourself off of Newt and stared at the floor. He was about to walk past you when you felt his hand graze yours.

“If you want to…W-we could hang out sometime…” He stuttered, obviously flustered at your previous encounter. You smiled to yourself, feeling the blush spread across your face once more as you whispered back. “I would like that, very much.” You peeked at him through your hair, a small smile on your face. He kept his gaze on the wooden floor but a sheepish grin spread across his features as he walked back to his desk.

no guarantees

When the knock falls on his door in the middle of the afternoon, Chowder is so grateful for the distraction from his homework he could cry.

He gets up, opens the door, and smiles–it’s Farmer, and she has a cardboard tray with two carry-out cups from Annie’s in her left hand. Kissing her briefly in greeting, he grabs one of the coffee cups. (It doesn’t matter which he takes, since they both drink it the same way anyway-no cream, two sugars.)

“You just saved my life, Cait,” Chowder informs her, sitting back down in his chair as she sits cross-legged on the bed. “I’m pretty sure another two minutes of staring at this screen and I’d, like, snap. Like those people on the news who are just, you know, postal workers or whatever, but then one day out of nowhere they try to stab a nun or something.”

Farmer raises an eyebrow. “That bad, huh?”

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What if all hallucination!Oswald said to Edward was ‘I love you’. He just says it over and over while water drips off of his clothes and his cloudy eyes stare unblinkingly at Edward. Sometimes Edward wakes up with Oswald sitting on him and whispering ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’ and he has no idea why his mind is subjecting him to this, but he feels like he can’t breathe every time it happens, like he’s back on that dock and he’s the one under the water.

A sick Otabek is a silent Otabek, Yuri concludes. Not that Otabek is a chatterbox to begin with. He makes his point in as little words as possible, but Yuri still understands him. He understands his silences, his quirked brows, his frowns and his smiles. Otabek doesn’t need to speak for Yuri to listen.

But now Otabek has the flu and he’s quiet. He’s stationary. He doesn’t move enough for Yuri to be able to decipher his silence.

And Yuri has graciously offered to take care of him. He’s definitely not doing it because he wants to stay as far away from lovey-dovey Viktor and his damn pork cutlet for as long as possible. He cares about Otabek, and the distance from those two just happens to be an additional perk.

As Yuri stands in Otabek’s kitchen, stirring what remains of a soup he has made the day before, Otabek sits on the couch in his living room, staring for the past fifteen minutes. Yuri belatedly realizes that Otabek is staring at him.

“You know that one phrase?” He calls from the kitchen, pulling the ladle from the pot and setting the lid on top to let it simmer. “Take a fucking picture. It lasts longer.”

Otabek’s lips curl into a lopsided smile. Yuri rolls his eyes. He’s too sick, Yuri decides. Too sick and too delirious.

“You’re beautiful,” Otabek counters, his deep voice coming out as a nasally crack.

Yuri feels the heat spread across his cheeks as he lifts a hand to drag his palm down his face. “You’re sick. You’re damn delirious. You won’t think that when you’re healthy, Beka.”

Otabek leans his head back, turning his tired stare on the ceiling. Yuri almost doesn’t catch the response, but Otabek is good at making sure Yuri hears him.

“I always think that, Yura.”

“Shut up and lay down.” Yuri blames his red cheeks on the heat of the kitchen. Next time he’s giving Otabek the nighttime medicine during the day.

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Ritsu could learn intangibility to go with his disassociation

this has been sitting in my inbox for a while and holyfuck i laugh every time i look at it. Like, could u imagine? if his intangibility happened when he was disassociating.

like he’s just walking to school, his soul not in his body. he doesnt even notice it when he walks right through a lamp post. Or hes chillin in his room, staring at a wall. the next thing he knows he’s on the ground floor. but he never notices. he just thought that he, like, walked out of his room and downstairs and doesnt remember it. or something

ritsu once somewhat caused a car accident without realizing it when he was walking across a street, head in the clouds, and a car phased right through him. The driver freaked out and slammed right into a building. he kept walking

As far as Destiel goes, I am super torn between shipper Sam, and totally oblivious Sam:

Either, he has known they love each other for years (longer than Cas and Dean even), has been trying to drop subtle hints for ever, is so done with the staring and sexual tension whenever they go anywhere, owes his perfected eye-roll to these two idiots, probably has an account on some Supernatural fan site where he vents, has already half written his best man speech, and is THIS close to locking them both in a cupboard until the penny drops.

Or, he has always prided himself on his observation skills as a hunter, but where his brother and the angel are concerned he doesn’t have a clue. Dean gets up with a hickey on his neck and Sam wonders when the hell he had time to go out last night. They are sitting, staring at each other, and Sam just thinks, thank God for some quiet, I can get on with this research. He does frown when Dean insists on booking a separate motel room to him, but Sam’s got a cold at the moment so hey, maybe his brother doesn’t want to listen to him snore. In the end, it’s a tiny thing that gives the game away. The faintest brush of Dean’s fingers over Cas’s knuckles as he serves dinner one day in the bunker. And every little thing from the last six or so years suddenly slots into place, and Sam almost falls out of his chair laughing. 

Clingy Shawn

request: You should make one about Shawn coming home after a long day and he just comes and sits in between your legs with his back on your chest and you just releasing some of the tension he has by rubbing his shoulders and giving him kisses and playing with his hair.

request: A needy or clingy shawn? Like he wants to be held and the one taken care of

a/n: i couldn’t think of a title. i was staring at my computer for like, ten minutes just thinking (if anyone has a better title, tell me pls)

You were in the kitchen when you heard the door to your apartment close, and you turned around, smiling at your boyfriend. “Hey, hun.” He smiled, kissing you.

Frowning, you looked at him. “You look tired, go sit on the couch.” You shoved him out of the kitchen and put away the pasta salad you were making for your sister’s birthday party that weekend.

Shawn didn’t even hesitate, he fled to the couch before you even finished the sentence. You quickly followed him, and smiled when you saw Shawn sitting on the couch, flipping stations on the tv. He stopped it on some cooking show, and you snorted. “Cooking?”

“Yeah, these shows are growing on me.” He said, looking up at you. “Can you sit behind me?” He asked, smiling at you with puppy eyes.

Sighing, you nodded, climbin onto the couch and positioning yourself so your legs were on either side of Shawn, and he leaned back, smiling. “Your boobs are nice pillows.”

“I’m going to get up.”


You shook your head, and began massaging Shawn’s shoulders, and he sighed in content. You occasionally would comment something about the show you two were watching, but it was mostly quiet in the apartment, which meant Shawn was pretty beat from his day at the studio. You grew bored with massaging his shoulders, and moved to brush your fingers through his hair, elicting another sigh from your boyfriend. “Your amazing.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, sweets.” You replied, twirling a longer piece of hair he had. “You need a haircut.”

“Yeah,” Shawn agreed, playing with a loose string on your t-shirt. “Was this my shirt?” he asked, scooting down so his head was tucked in the space between your neck and collarbone. You thought he looked uncomfortable, but didn’t say that.

“Mhmm, stole it from you before you left for the last tour.” You murmured, enjoying this time.

“Looks better on you.” Shawn yawned. “‘M gonna take a nap.” He informed you, before falling asleep rather quickly.

You smiled to yourself, and continued to brush your fingers through Shawn’s hair. He wasn’t often in moods like this, when he wanted to be cuddled like this, but you loved it. It was a part of him only you saw, and you cherished each moment of times like those.

a/n: i’m not a fan of this but i’d still like feedback. (also i might open the requests up again soon, look for a post about that sometime this week- probably thursday because that’s the only day i don’t fucking work!!!)

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what would happen if keith met an earth housecat?

When Keith first sees the cat, he’s confused because? It’s so small?? You don’t understand, Lance, Galra just build whatever they need. If it’s organic, it has to be pretty damn strong to be worth the trouble of feeding.“He’s a pet,” says Lance. “You know. You pet him, you feed him, he makes you happy?”

Keith stares at him like the universal translator just stopped working, and Lance sighs.

“Go sit on the couch.”

Keith does so, and Lance picks up the little black shorthair. (Okay, maybe not so little, he looks pretty long once he rolls over in Lance’s arms and stretches his paws out in both directions.)

“Keith, this is Mick. Mick, Keith.” Lance settles Mick on Keith’s lap. There’s a moment of mutual confusion before the cat settles in.

Keith looks up at Lance. “Mick?”

Lance’s grin is pure trouble. “Mick Jaguar.”

(Keith doesn’t get the pun. Lance can’t help being a little disappointed, though he should have expected it, but he explains it anyway.)

Then Lance settles in beside Keith, his back against Keith’s shoulders, his feet up on the arm of the couch. He reaches across Keith to scratch behind Mick’s ears, and Mick starts purring. Keith’s eyes go wide.

“It means he’s happy,” Lance explains.

Keith hums, looking at Lance, and there’s a little bit of a purr there, too. “I know.”

one thing i like to think about is if when everything is Over and the war is won and keith n lance r boyfriends and w/e, keith still has this habit of sitting up in the middle of the night and pulling out his Cool Galra Knife and just kinda staring at it before going back to sleep. so the first night they sleep together lance isnt wearing his headphones or anything and hes a Light Sleeper and hes like what the fuck when keith just sits the fuck up and WHIPS OUT A KNIFE and hes like OH GOD hes gonna KILL ME in his SLEEP but then keith just. sets it down and snuggles up next to him again and lance is just laying there. wide eyed. in complete shock. like what the fuck is up with my boyfriend and his knives. what the fuck. what the fuck