but he just doesn't get things sometimes

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?

  • • let's get to the point, there is // so much // angry sex
  • • they are both left with bruises all over by morning
  • • instead of "I love you" It's a lot of "Fuck you" and stupid smiling followed by things like "You imbecile" and just a thousand loving/hateful insults
  • • they don't do things like hold hands or kiss cheeks; soft stuff like that isn't their thing
  • • Alex is a fighter; he absolutley doesn't fall at Jeffersons feet, and he absolutley doesn't beg for anything from the man
  • • Alex likes to play with Thomas' hair all the time, to the point of sometimes annoying Thomas
  • • Alex blurted out "I love you" in like the second week and it's the only time he's ever seen Thomas flustered and nervous
  • • Thomas cried after saying "I love you" a month later and Alex makes fun of him for it

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I'm not hating, Joker doesn't hate Harley, he just doesn't treat her right. But then again, I get these things that he "loves her in his own way". I don't really get that?

thatwell, it’s because joker is a complete psychopaths and people like that can’t express love like a sane person. Joker does love Harley, but he doesn’t know how to show it and it scares him. So sometimes he is cruel to her and it is awful but he is a villain he isn’t going to be prince charming.

Here are some examples of joker loving harley in his own way 

 here joker has a picture of Harley on his desk

he also has at least two pictures of harley in his cell

Joker actually carried around a napkin harley kissed and signed 

Joker wrote he loves her on this picture of them

here is joker holding harley while crying. This really shows how much he trusts her and is willing to show his vulnerable side to her 

This is joker holding Harley while crying. It’s really obvious how much he cares for her here, his facial expression is filled with sadness and almost compassion. Which is something that joker never feels, expect for when it comes to harley. He is just holding her letting her cry.

oh and i think this one speaks for itself 

This is my favorite moment between them.So here joker has his own personal reasons for wanting to destroy the universe, finishing with the revelation that in a new blank universe people like him will never come into existence. So instead of fucking with her in her last moments or being a total ass, he gently kisses her and turns her into fucking stars finally acknowledging how much she does mean to him, Omg I’m gonna cry 

 and here are some quotes from Paul Dini, mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin 

“He loves her as much as he can.
He loves her in his way.”

-Paul Dini

“…That, to me, is kinda their private life. Joker opens up and in those moments he is whatever he is at his core and all his demons come in. And the only one he trusts with that is Harley, or Harley’s the only one who knows how to deal with him in those moments.”                           

-Paul Dini

“Expressing emotion in any way that’s real and meaningful
is alien to the Joker,
but he’s learning those parts of himself,
however unconsciously, through Harley.”

-Mark Hamill

“Everyone else sees the Joker laugh;
only Harley has ever seen him cry.”

- Arleen Sorkin

So yes Joker loves Harley, but sometimes he is too much of a monster to show it but he does love harley in his own way 

Sometimes, after a particularly dangerous mission, Keith is unable to calm down. The excess adrenaline continues to course throughout his body, and he just… can’t stop moving. It’s not in huge, obvious ways, but more in the sense that his fingers keep twitching unless he taps them against his thighs; in the sense that he can’t stand still and has to continuously shift his position.

On these days, Keith burns off the adrenaline by heading straight for the Training Room and fighting with the bots. Lance catches him once; he scoffs and says that Keith needs to take a break (and mutters something about how “this is why I can never beat him”). Keith agrees with this sentiment; fighting after such a harsh mission is hardly the way to recuperate, and he knows resting is important. But he also knows that he won’t be able to sleep, that he’ll be restless, turning and twisting in bed. There’s no point in staying up and doing nothing, so he may as well get some training in.

On another day, Shiro catches him. Keith doesn’t notice until his simulation is done because unlike Lance, Shiro watches him until the end.

“It’s late,” Shiro says.

Keith nods. “Yeah.”

Shiro approaches him and takes his hand (as Keith drops his weapon), running his thumb across Keith’s knuckles. Until then, Keith hadn’t realized that his hand had still been twitching. But in Shiro’s grasp, it stills for a moment, and Keith no longer feels the irresistible need to move around.

Stumbling a bit, Keith leans into Shiro’s hold.

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I told my parents I want a copy of Akira (the 80's anime) for my birthday. They thought I was asking for an Acura car and have been trying to talk me down to a smaller gift, and I can't get the idea of your Bruce Wayne making a similar mistake out of my head.

he wouldn’t even question it tbh, he just buys tim an acura, tim doesn’t even like having to drive in a non-remote-controlled context because it makes him anxious but bruce figures there must be a reason because he seemed like he really wanted it and not even in some weird ironic internet way

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okay because I had a moment earlier: Shiro getting intrusive thoughts like 'what if I just broke this' bcs sometimes he truly doesn't know his strength so every once in a while somebody from the team walks in and sees Shiro like bending a spoon with his teeth and that's kind of hard to explain away

Honestly, I’ll bet he absolutely gets those kinds of thoughts a lot.  And in Shiro’s case, with no previous idea that could happen, it’d have to freak him the hell out.  Why does he suddenly want to hurt things?  What’s lurking in his head?  Was it something Haggar put in there?  

So Shiro keeps it to himself, and for the most part it’s not a huge problem.  Shiro’s always been just a bit distractable in his head anyway, with the tendency to chase after a random question when the situation isn’t dire enough to require his full concentration.  The tendency makes living with aliens a bit harder than necessary (Shiro once spent an hour in the system trying to figure out if Alteans sneezed, when Coran nearly started out of his chair when Hunk did it).  But it makes him a bit more immune to the random impulses, even when they persist.  They push at him, tug at his mind, what if what if what if, and Shiro tries to distract himself with what’s actually important.

But some days are harder than others, and there are times when Shiro just…slips.

Unfortunately, the Galra arm makes it really easy to succeed.

Shiro snaps silverware from his snacks pretty often.  Luckily, there are tons of it, made for huge royal parties, so a few missing hasn’t mattered yet.  Once, he stabbed a fork into a cutting board so hard that the had to physically climb onto the counter to get it back out.  Another time, he just snapped a pad in half in his room.  No reason, there was nothing bothering him on the screen.  Just ‘can I? can I?  What if I…?’ and it was in pieces.  

The worst impulses are ‘what would the Galra arm do to that?’.  Those, Shiro is best at keeping down, because activating the arm takes more thought and effort than just using it’s strength, so there’s a bigger hurdle to actually doing it.  But there are a few cushions on the couch that were hastily flipped upside down, and one wall in his room has a gouge that hopefully he’ll never have to explain.

Shiro managed to hide it all.  For months, no one had any idea, because Shiro desperately wanted to keep it from them.  What would they say, if they knew what Shiro really was like?  If they saw how destructive he was?  Everything that wouldn’t be missed, Shiro threw into a closet in his room.  Everything that would be was rearranged.  And he knows it’s from his time with the Galra.  He knows it.  It’s about collection weapons, it’s about knowing the destructive potential of his arm, it’s about being able to make a dent on his environment, being able to change it.  He’s vicious.  Shiro can’t let them know that.

Until he slips in front of them.

At lunch, Shiro looked at the fork in his hand and thought ‘can I?’

The thought nags, pushes at his brain, scratches his mind with urgency until Shiro gave in. His right thumb pressed against it, heating it up.  Then he jammed the fork against the edge of the table, hard enough for the red-hot tongs to twist together into one sharp point.

Shiro tilted his his head, considering, before he blinked himself back into awareness.

The whole room was staring at him.

“Was there something wrong with that fork?” Pidge asked, brow furrowed.  

Oh no.

Most of the gazes were confused, and Shiro could deal with that.  Shiro could work with that.

But he saw dawning comprehension on Hunk’s face, and Shiro’s stomach dropped to his feet.  “I’m sorry, I need to-”  He was giving up the game, he was giving himself away, he should smile and come up with some kind of distracting excuse, but the knowledge in Hunk’s eyes is killing him.  

So instead Shiro ran out.

Later, there was a knock, and Shiro opened it, already knowing it was Hunk.  This confrontation needed to happen, but at least it wasn’t in front of the others.

But it was just as well he got chewed out for it.  Rightfully.  What business did he have, acting like he wasn’t not dangerous?

Except Hunk asks something about intrusive thoughts, and Shiro has no idea what that is.

So Hunk explains, and the whole time Shiro felt like he was about to fall over.

It’s not that he’s broken, it’s not that he was reformed, it’s not any of the things Sendak said to him.  It’s part of the human brain, part of anxiety, a compulsion.  Something that it’s not just him.

It’s not just him.

Shiro nods into Hunk’s shoulder, accepts the hugs and soft reassurances, repeats to himself that he’s not wrong, he’s not twisted, he’s not bad.  He reluctantly let’s Hunk help clean out the closet full of broken items, tries not to wince too badly at every reminder.

It doesn’t really help, when the thoughts are screaming at him.

It does help when he’s picking up the pieces after.

am I really the only one who doesn’t see the chin grab as ~romantic~? I don’t know to me it was just Gaston being a manipulative asshole and taking advantage of LeFou’s love and loyalty to force him to lie, it’s not a thing to be ‘aawww they’re so cute I ship them so hard *heart eyes*’ about, but anyway

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descend fully into cubicle hell imagine with me viktor pulling yuuri out of a meeting he doesn't want or need to be in by asking the person running it what *viktor* can do to help *that person* get their job done properly


Whenever I read any installment of Cubical Gods, all I can think about is the obviously deleted scene where Yuuri is doing that thing he sometimes does after hours which is Hide From His Priorities Under His Desk and and he’s considering whether he should actually cry or just kind of let Existential Dread consume him for the next half hour while he sits in complete stillness and stares at the dust under his power strip.

And Viktor takes a wander by and pokes his head underneath the desk and is like “YUURI! :D” 

And Yuuri is startled and also kind of wants Viktor not to see him like this so his body’s reactions kind of go in ten directions at once and he ends up KICKING HIS DESK CHAIR INTO VIKTOR’S GUT while shrieking “I’M FINE!”

“Oh,” Viktor wheezes, and sits down on the floor. He crawls partially under the desk with him. “That’s good. Okay, let’s just–hey, let’s sit here for a few minutes and not move.”

“I was already doing that,” Yuuri hisses, and pulls his knees up to his chest to make more room for Viktor. He tugs him under the desk with him like they’re in the zombie apocalypse and Viktor has been wounded and Yuuri has found them a hideout in the sewers.

Viktor glances around under the desk and says, “I love what you’ve done with the place” and Yuuri pulls out a box of Sadness Twinkies and tells Viktor he can have one if he doesn’t, just doesn’t.

There is a security camera that gets a really good shot of Viktor Nikiforov’s legs sticking out from under Yuuri’s desk for the next twenty minutes and the next day they get called into Celestino’s office.

“Do I even want to know what you two were doing under Katsuki’s desk at one in the morning last night?” he asks them, rubbing his eyebrows.

“Eating Twinkies!” Viktor chirps.

The sound Celestino makes can be heard throughout the floor and Yuuri shrinks to two inches in height and tries to disappear into the pile of the carpet.

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I know this is random but I have no one else to tell. It just dawned on me that Ciel might be a bad dancer because he doesn't have half of his vision. Vision helps with balance. And I was imagining Ciel dancing with Sebastian without his eyepatch and being good and very charming. That's it thanks

An interesting thought! Losing half your vision has to interfere with a lot of things and Ciel usually handles his shit so well that it’s hard to take that into account sometimes. I just looked it up and apparently you can strain the one eye from tasks like reading and you get lots of headaches from it. Also, people that lose vision in one eye have ‘declines in their abilities to accurately track moving objects, to judge distances, and to perceive depth’. No wonder Ciel struggles with dancing!

Nothing is ever too random, thanks for the message! Here’s a random drabble for the hell of it:

“They do say practice makes perfect, Young Master, but in your case -”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!”

This should be the height of simplicity, Sebastian thought, since they were only practicing the box step - nothing too ambitious. Still, regardless of all his patient teachings Ciel still couldn’t seem to help stepping on his toes at every available opportunity.

“Are you quite sure your actions aren’t intentional?” The demon asked after a particularly hard stomp.

The young Earl huffed and nearly overbalanced as they moved backwards together.

“Argh! I wasn’t ready!”

“Might I remind you that you are supposed to take the lead?”

It was too much for Ciel. He ripped his arms away from his butlers and pushed his eyepatch up over his head without even bothering to undo it and let it flutter to the floor.

“Again!” He said, breathing hard.

The demon simply smiled and allowed his arms to be taken up once more. What he didn’t expect was the perfect box step - suddenly the child had rhythm, he stepped at the exact same time as Sebastian and his toes remained unscathed this time.

“Very well, let’s move on to a chasse. Begin from promenade position”.

This step had Ciel’s brow wrinkling in concentration since he was forced to take a more dominant stance of leadership. Despite it all he did a fine job, pausing at all the right moments and guiding Sebastian to turn into their movements.

“All right, and now the spin. We’ll use the box step again with perhaps a quarter rotation”.

Ciel executed it perfectly, holding his arm aloft with elegance and raising his chin to make the movements appear noble and effortless. Where was the flailing mess from a moment ago? Sebastian decided he must be a genius.

“Excellent, though please allow me to fix your attire once more. You’ll be dancing with Lady Elizabeth, after all”.

The eyepatch was tied neatly behind Ciel’s head and adjusted, eclipsing the Earls peripheral vision completely.

“There now, Young Master. Let us try a reverse turn, this time”.

The demon’s toes were trampled on immediately, all grace lost as coltish legs struggled to find the right places to step. All that proficiency seemed to disappear completely as the Earl stumbled and cursed. Of course, Sebastian thought, far be it for his job to suddenly become easy.

Still, he couldn’t complain about the view - Ciel always did look so good with his cheeks flushed, hair mussed and a scowl on his face.


you know how i prepare for the holidays? writing more shitty comics about my ‘diego as dio’s brother’ AU. the sum of the AU is they are a bit explosive when in the same room, but instead of alternate selves exploding literally in front of each other, they just sort of explode metaphorically

but sometimes things are okay. siblings can just be jerks occasionally, especially if they’re brandos.

(there are captions if you click! if tumblr makes the comics look unreadable, here’s an off site link. the new york salt was provided by my friend who lives there, and told me immediately what borough would be the least exciting one to receive from your all-powerful immortal brother for christmas)

  • Me: My POOR bias 😭 is so sick 🤧😷🤒🤕 and STRESSED 😩 You need to STOP 🙅✋ whatever you're doing and get LOTS of REST 🛌🌙and take some medicine 💊🌡 and eat good FOOD 🥘🥒🍱🍕🍎 because staying HEALTHY is THE most important thing 😊☺️ I love you ❤❤
  • Also me: *pulls all-nighters with 104 degree fever, skips meals to make it to class on time, gets 3 hours of sleep a day, doesn't take medicine bc no money, is stressed af 24/7, sold my soul to the devil, hates myself*

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Um...i love your Nishimura seeing Yokai series! If you are still taking requests, maybe the Fujiwara's picking up on him starting to act a bit off at times like Natsume and maybe asking him about it? Because they just want to help Natsume but they can't help but notice things are sometimes just off about him, but acting out for attention just doesn't line up with how they know he is. They're just worried about their kid who still tries so hard not to make trouble for them.

the full circle au


Satoru rubs his eyes hard enough to see stars, trying to wake himself up as he steps through the Fujiwara’s front gate. He might have to cave and ask Taki or Tanuma for help getting rid of the ghost in house. Even after a few months of this he can’t sleep with that thing staring at him from the ceiling.

Touko is in the yard, hauling a basket of laundry out to hang up on the line, and she brightens when she spots him.

“Satoru-kun,” she says, setting the basket down before he can offer to help with it, “how nice to see you!”

He smiles back at her, like a knee-jerk reaction. Touko kind of has that affect on people. “Sorry for intruding! Is Natsume home? We were supposed to do some of this homework together.”

He pats his bag. Touko promptly covers her mouth, aghast.

“Oh, no, I sent him out to get groceries while I finished the laundry! That boy, he should have said he was expecting a guest!”

Satoru grins, and folds his arms behind his head. “I don’t mind waiting. Do you need any help out here?”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that, Satoru-kun. But if you’d like, I could run back inside and make you something to eat. Would you like…”

There’s something about half Satoru’s height, with one too many eyes and long double-jointed arms, climbing the side of the house. It doesn’t notice Satoru watching as it disappears out of sight over the roof.

A light touch on his arm brings him back to the conversation, and he flushes at the considering look Touko is giving him. “Sorry! Sorry, Touko-san, there was a - bug. Over there. It’s gone now, though. Uh, what did you say?”

Touko smiles again, slowly, and says, “Would you like to meet someone?”

She beckons him closer and Satoru comes to stand at her shoulder, following her hand when she points up into a tree.

“We have crows around here, you know,” Touko informs him. “They’re old friends of mine. Do you see them?”

He spots the first one right away. It’s preening, digging through some crooked feathers on its wing. It takes another moment of careful scrutiny through tired eyes to catch the flash of white past the leaves and branches, and he lights up when he finally finds it.

“I see them! Wow,” he says, shading his eyes to get a better look. “I’ve never seen a white crow before! That’s so cool!”

When he turns to her, Touko is giving him a long, measuring look he can’t make sense of, but her eyes are warm and fond.

“Yes,” she says knowingly. “It’s very special.”  

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I bet you see Monty angry cry sometimes. He throws things around and punches a wall so fucking hard there's a hole in it, and you stop him. You put your hands on his forearms push him gently against the wall he just punched. "Montgomery. You need to calm down." You call him by his full first name gets his attention, and he's still so angry that he's shaking but he's got his fists clenched so he doesn't lash out and hurt you -- he'd /never/ hurt you. And he's so overwhelmed that he cries.


Also, just crying in frustration a lot. Like, he doesn’t want to be angry all the time, and he’s angry for so much of it. And that in and of itself makes him mad, which is so frustrating.

And whenever this happens it’s of course behind closed doors and you’re probably one of very, very few people that he’s cried in front of, and you sit on the floor with him and wrap your arm around his shoulders and let him lean into you as he just lets it all out, and you wish you knew how to help him, but you know he needs professional help and he doesn’t want to seek it out. And suggesting seeing someone for it always leads to a fight, which doesn’t help matters in the least.

But once he’s done crying he’s just exhausted, because he went from anger, to frustration, to breaking down all so quickly that he just has nothing left. And you sit there with him for as long as he needs and it’s always heart breaking the next day when you see him and he’s got his mask up and he’s as cocky as ever (if not more, because he’s trying to prove to himself that the events of the day before never happened, because what teenage boy is okay with having a cry when they need it?) and he’s extra vicious towards other students, over compensating for something no one even realizes happened.

Every once in a while I remember that a creature with tusks that visibly protrude from its mouth would probably have some decent trouble speaking, at least in some languages, because they might not be able to make all the mouth shapes or closed consonants like m or p or b.

So like I’ve mentioned before that Kesk probably has some trouble with Common (not like trouble trouble, but like they can’t make all the sounds so some words sound off)

But also, to a lesser degree because his tusks are much smaller, Sal would probably have some trouble too.

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Help! I woke up today thinking about Harry desperately begging to come inside you. (& not because he doesn't have a condom or whatever) but simply based on his primal urge that he's normally able to control but you've somehow managed to unleash it during a nail raking, lip biting, hair pulling, sweaty skin to skin sticking fuck. (Probably induced by a heated argument sparked by jealousy or maybe just from being away from you so long that he's actually gone mad with missing you? 😭😭😭


This wasn’t a request, but I held onto it, cause sometimes you get a thing and you just… know… that the wheels are turning and things are clicking. 

Tonight the wheels clicked, against my better judgment. It’s short, it’s PWP, it’s… it is what it is. Enjoy! x

Gentle Reminder: Requests are closed! New requests will be posted immediately and catalogued. 

056. Primal

The first thing Harry notices is that he’s hard. 

He’s not even opened his eyes yet and he can feel himself, full and warm, against his belly. His brow furrows and he lifts a heavy arm, sore from how tense he’d been supporting himself above you the night before and the gratuitous bite marks you’d inflicted on his tattooed bicep, to creep down in search of… what, exactly? Proof? Confirmation that he’s not been fucked out of his mind and he’s having a phantom erection?

When his hand, clumsy from sleep, collides unexpectedly suddenly with his not at all phantom erection, his stomach clenches while he bucks up and he hisses, eyes flying open and squinting promptly against the early morning sun.

You’d fucked him good last night, and he likes to think he’d given as good as he’d gotten, but apparently he wants more.

And why wouldn’t he?

Your voice had been hoarse by the final time you two had disconnected from each other and your breaths had been infused with faint whines of disbelief.

Harry wraps his hand around his dick and pulls up with a slight twisting motion of his wrist and he watches the end of him disappear under skin, the tip leaking just a bit.

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Boyos having a friend who's v affectionate towards him (i.e. holds his hand a lot, gives tons of cute kissies, etc). Bc tbh these boyos need lots of affection.

Edd: he finds it very cute and appreciates your friend affections, sometimes he’d fully return the affections but usually he just smiles and kinda just pets you. Good friend, thanks for the affection

Matt: oh yes, pamper this boy, over flow him with loves, no matter what situation he’s all for any and all types of affection. This prince thrives on it, and he can be a very affectionate fellow himself so he’ll always return the small kisses, hugs and such. Like who wouldn’t want to give their love to this boyo?

Tom: he’s a bit embarrassed by this, he feels as if he’s being babied. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy it and would return hugs and smaller things like that but the things like kisses and hand holding will just get a little pout from him and a small blush, also a small chuckle sometimes

Tord: hmm depends on how he’s feeling to be honest, sometimes he honestly just doesn’t want to be touch and would tell you right out to not touch him, other days he welcomes the affection and would return some of the things back. If you give him a side hug with your cheeks pressed together he’ll even be the one to blow a kiss. Just respect him on the days he doesn’t feel affectionate and he’ll have no problems. He does enjoy it

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I feel like there will be days when Damian is just with his pets all around him. He's just reading by himself while resting against Titus' flank. His pets are either napping or enjoying the sun. Tim often finds Damian doing it and joins him. Damian doesn't say a thing. Tim reads together with Damian and about the same speed as Dami. Sometimes, Dami just falls asleep and Tim hugs him during their naps. If Tim wakes up first, he'll carry Dami to bed and lingers there prob. thinking to nap or not

When he’s surrounded by his pets is the only time Tim can get within distance without getting his hand chopped off for anything. Damian’s pets make him polite, practically. And it’s still such a crazy concept to Tim.

It takes him ages to ask to join Damian, because obviously there’s some magic or shit going on in these animals to mellow the kid out this much. Damian allows him to, and Tim just absently asks him what he’s reading, and Damian actually tells him, and they have discussions or read it together, because Tim’s read it before and liked it, so likes to know what part Damian is on and gage his reaction to each part. 

It turns into maybe listening to music or podcasts together, or watching movies. And then one day, they’re watching some film, and Tim’s munching popcorn and feels something slump against his shoulder and sees it’s Damian sleeping and just.

He’s so flabbergasted, he looks up at Titus who’s staring at him incredibly expectantly and Tim just guesses, “I should…go tuck him into bed?” And Titus chuffs in approval, and he and Alfred-cat stay with both boys the whole way.

And Tim’s always called Damian his brother, but he’s never felt it until he’s pulling the blankets up to Damian’s neck, and really looking at his face and how peaceful he is. 

Hetalia Characters Playing Cards Against Humanity
  • Italy: Always laughing, plays cards that don't necessarily makes sense but then always picks the weirdest, nastiest, most sexual ones when he's czar.
  • Germany: Everyone expect him to be nasty but he's actually just a little embarrassed the whole time. He gets suspiciously awkward when someone plays the "German Dungeon Porn" card.
  • Japan: Calm, collected, actually pretty serious about wanting to win the game. When someone doesn't know what something is he's always the one to just casually explain it while other people are like 'OH GOD DON'T GO ON GOOGLE IMAGES'
  • America: Such a teenage boy about it. Constantly making comments about how fucked up things are. Also he's always laughing, sometimes so hard it gets difficult for him to actually keep playing.
  • England: Ready to fight if he thinks his card was better but it didn't get picked, especially if France was the czar.
  • France: Actually not as much of a fan of the game as you might think. A lot of the cards remind him of something that happened one time. The other players usually do not let him tell his story.
  • China: Constantly surprised by how inappropriate the cards are. He ends up holding all of those ones in his hand and tries to play the clean ones first. When he eventually has nothing but offensive cards left he'll play one, but insist that he's just throwing a card away. Usually that's the first time he wins a round.
  • Russia: The cards he plays range from the kinds of fucked up that make everyone in the game worry, to cards that are actually... cute. But when he's czar he undoubtedly picks ones that he finds "funny", which are almost always the gory or violent ones.
  • Canada: Never admits which card was his. If he wins, and his card was messed up, it usually takes everyone else saying that wasn't theirs and America finally remembering he exists for them to figure out who played the winning card. His turn for czar often accidentally gets skipped
  • Prussia: Plays to win, strategizes about how to adjust his card choices based on who the czar is, but also has a really good time and is always laughing his ass off at the card choices. He takes forever to pick when he's the czar.
  • Austria: Has really bad luck, plays his best card that he's been saving and then doesn't win, always manages to pick the card that the person with way more points than anyone else played when he's czar, pouts about it.
  • Spain: Is the one that people have to explain cards to. He totally doesn't care about winning and just wants to have a good time.
  • Romano: Gets flustered about the sexual cards, especially when Spain asks what they are, because he always asks him first. If he played a good card and it didn't get picked he'll complain about it loudly.

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May I request Bakugou with his straight-laced girlfriend who isn't used to cursing? It doesn't make her uncomfortable, it just surprises her every time he casually curses.

((i just did hcs for this one bc I’m low on steam today but I had to write SOMETHING you can send this in again if you want a scenario))

  • It takes him a little time to figure out what’s wrong like babe come on why’re your eyes the size of fuckin dinner plates
  • Honestly he makes no effort to stop if she’s not uncomfortable
  • He might do it just to surprise her sometimes. And he can get creative and it’s the funniest thing
  • Funniest couple dynamic out of every couple in UA

Life would be so much easier if I could hate Furuya you know?



His intentions are so pure and straightforward and what the hell he’s come a long way from that kid from the start who couldn’t even fathom that there are actual people he can trust when he’s on the mound

What the fuck this made me emotional :( Polar bear just wants to be the best for this team. 


Okay but I think here lies Furuya’s mistakes lately? He’s trying to shoulder everything? Am I right? Am I wrong? WHO KNOWS, ALL I KNOW IS T-SENSEI WANTS TO RIP ME APART _(」∠ 、ン、)_