but he is transparent!

It’s April 26th, and it’s hot, unbearably hot. Harry feels like his insides are melting, about ready to ooze out of his body. He doesn’t remember it being this stifling the last time he was deployed; it’s like the heat is magnified, weighing him down, dragging him into the dirt. He’s trying to stay focused, he really is, but he has sweat dripping into his eyes and he’s miserably dehydrated and he feels off balance in every sense of the word. Liam asks if he’s feeling okay, and Harry nods slowly, furrowing his brows, wondering if he’s really that transparent. He feels pathetic, slightly, and weak for being the only one this affected by the 108 degree sun. He forces himself to keep up with Liam’s strides, his gear heavy, and by the time they catch up to Rob and Colin, Harry’s vision is spinning.

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Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  

'Force Awakens' One Year Later: John Boyega and Daisy Ridley's Post-'Episode VII' Gigs | Hollywood Reporter

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

A year after TFA, Daisy Ridley is set to star in 4 films and in talks for another. Only 1 is a CGI/voice over role.

Meanwhile, the article lists John Boyega’s roles in Pacific Rim 2, Kathryn Bigelow’s Untitled project, The Circle, and his theater role in Woyzeck.

On face value it seems that they’re doing equally well, until you remember that John booked and filmed The Circle before TFA and that his staring role in PacRim2 is partially because he’s also producing the film.

So Daisy Ridley has four staring roles lined up where all she had to do was basically audition, if that, while John Boyega has a theater role, a voice over in an animated ensemble Netflix remake (Watership Down), and a live action ensemble role (Bigelow’s Untitled Project). The only new starring role he has is in a film that he’s helping to make.

John had prior film experience before TFA and yet she’s the one with more booked, new gigs. Whiteness has always been a commodity and “qualification” in Hollywood. This is just another example of Black folks working twice as hard and getting half as far.