but he is really talented


14/  kim wonsik feat. collarbone tattoo

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HII! PLZ IMAGINE the kiss scene in OotP, but with Cedric instead of Cho - question is, does Cedric bend to be on Harry's level, or does Harry grab him by the collar to make him shorter?? Or both??

Okay I love you so much and I’m shrieking, also this is a headcanon of mine as well so I’m just going to embellish on this a little (it ended up longer than I thought sorry?):

  • Cedric is the guy who finally convinces Harry to set up Dumbledore’s Army bc they both know that they need it after what they saw in that graveyard
  • Cedric is a year above and really talented when it comes to magic so he would help out and alongside Harry teach the D.A. lessons.
  • When Harry talked to the class or taught a spell he always looked for Cedric just for comfort, because it’s a lot of pressure to teach others D.A.D.A when you have so much on your plate already
  • And Cedric would just give a little smile and nod of the head back which both of them thought was barely noticeable but the wHOLE OF DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY KNEW
  • Imagine Harry demonstrating a spell to the class and him turning to ask Cedric if he has anything to add and Cedric just walking over and holding his hand and lifting Harry’s wand arm a little higher because “it wasn’t quite right”
  • Everyone rolling their eyes while Cedric and Harry take every opportunity to ‘correct’ each-others demonstrations, just to be close to each other, when they are both more than capable of every spell they’re teaching
  • One day they’re left in the Room of Requirement bc lbr everyone is trying to make it happen by now
  • They talk for a bit and because Cedric is taller than Harry, as they’re talking he leans his head down a bit to hear Harry better, and Harry moves closer and they’re just waiting for the other to close the gap
  • It’s too slow and Harry gets impatient so he leans up a little and kisses Cedric
  • But then they’re off balance because Harry is on his toes and he accidentally falls back a tiny bit and so Cedric wraps his arms around him to steady him while Harry grasps at his shirt collar and pulls him down closer, all the while still kissing each other
  • There’s mistletoe above their heads and it’s just so perfect and then they hear the door open behind them and turn to see Nigel who was returning to collect something he’d left behind, and he blushes and apologises for interrupting and backs out of the room as quickly as possible
  • Harry and Cedric turn back to each other and just burst into fits of laughter because they’re idiots thinking no one would interrupt and “oh my god, the look on poor Nigel’s face”
  • They take comfort in the fact that Nigel would be too embarrassed to tell anyone so they wander back to their respective Common Room’s in a happy sort of daze planning to keep it quiet until the next day
  • When he enters the Hufflepuff Common Room Cedric is smiling and he looks up and the whole of his house is just grinning at at him knowingly, and Harry gives the Fat Lady the password and is swamped by all of his friends who all give Harry a good elbowing as he sits there and blushes
  • Despite Cedric and Harry being so oblivious to the fact they were crushing on each other so hard, everyone else saw it coming and because it was Hogwarts, when they finally got together it was only natural that the whole school already knew

Alright. We have Cookies and Cupcakes for Kookies bday! I did not have any eggs only one, so I made cookies (left) they don’t look that great I do not have the skills. And minyoongy made the cupcakes (right) and they look beautiful! We would usually have cupcakes and one pic, but today TT TT we couldn’t make them together bc in in the U.S so these are spur bday treats for Kookie! For pur JUNGKOOOOOK! WE LOVE YOUUU!♡ he are our golden maknae, who is so fluffy and cute and real weird at times. 09011997 is a special and great day for every army! he are our joy and happiness! We are really amazed at how far he has grown, and how talented he has become! Kookie, you are sweet like like a cookie!♡

I’m so in love with people loving and appreciating Harry and I can feel my heart bursting at the seams with joy whenever I see a post about Harry being good and nice and talented because he really does deserve.. All The Love :’)

Aug 2015 - Haru Hana Member Talk - Ricky Segment

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Ricky’s target is maknae Changjo!?

CHUNJI: Ricky’s good point is that he’s cheerful as always

L.JOE: His happy virus makes everyone energetic

CHANGJO: However there are times his pranks are awful, I’m often bullied (laughs). Like trapping me in the room. Stop that~

NIEL: It’s good that Ricky is manly and handsome. A bad point is that he has a phobia of the recording studio? Despite being really talented outside of the studio, once he enters the studio he doesn’t seem able to fully exert his power, it’s wasteful~

C.A.P: I think his good taste and quick wit is really cool

being both the best dancer and the best vocalist in tvxq/jyj is Too Much and that’s why junsu laughs like that and is a cat lady

No we haven’t. I’ve been on the road and he’s been hard working on his record and I’m sure whatever he does it’s gonna be great. Of course it’d be great to work together but I know even if he does it by himself, I mean, he’s that talented, he’s a really great arranger, musician, producer, songwriter. He’s pretty much the whole package. It’s really annoying.
—  Mark Ronson (Q: Have you been back in the studio with Bruno since, working on stuff for his album?)
I’m Scared. - John swift imagine

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Can you do an imagine where John is really stressed out from his new album coming up and he’s afraid no one will like it and he gets a panic attack and you have to comfort him and he starts crying and you get worried cause his breathing is out of control so you cuddle him all night?


y/n’s pov

I walked into the apartment that John, and I shared. It was a very nerve wrecking day for him, because tomorrow was the day his mixtape was going to drop. The day before all of his friends had a little listening party, and every song on there was really good, my baby had true talent. He was the only one that was unsure of himself when it came to his music. No matter how many times I told him, or Nate told him, or Sammy told him how good he was, and how good his music was, he never believed it himself.

When I saw that John wasn’t anywhere downstairs, I walked up to our room figuring he was in there. I knocked on the door lightly, waiting to hear any response and there wasn’t any. I walked him, and saw him, sitting on the floor on the side of the bed, his knees brought up to his chin, and he head down in his lap.

“John? Baby, what’s wrong?” I said, slowly walking over to him, sliding down next to him, rubbing his shoulder with my hand.

“My mixtape drops tomorrow, and I’m so nervous, what if people don’t like it? What if it doesn’t get good reviews? I’m scared.” I could tell in his voice that he was crying before, and was probably on the verge of crying again anytime soon. I had a feeling he was going to have to breakdown the day before his project was put out, he’s been stressing out so much, that it was bound to happen. 

“John. You’re music sounds so good. We’ve all been telling you this. You’re so talented. You’re the only person that’s doubting yourself, baby.” I pulled him in closer, and he laid his head on my chest. I felt a few teardrops, that were starting to fall down my neck, and I knew he had started crying. I unwrapping my arm from him, and lifted him up, he just rubbed his eyes, before looking at my, then looking at the ground. He was loosing his confidence. 

“Come on, John.” i grabbed his hand, and walked him over to the bed, he laid down first, and i laid on top of him, our legs tangled up, and his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me as close as can be. Every now and then he would lean up placing small kisses on my neck, and I would return the favor. We stayed quiet for a while, I wanted him to calm down a bit.

“Your music is great john. And i’m not just saying this. Your family thinks so, your friends think so, your fans think so, I think so. And that’s all that matters as long as the people you care about think you’re talented, and as long as you think you’re talented, that’s all that matters.” I lifted up my head, looking down at him, catching his eyes. poking at his chest, at the different points I was making.

“It’s just a lot of pressure. It’s my first time ever putting out music just by myself. I’m worried people won’t like it because nate, or sammy isn’t involved. You’re right, I should be way more confident about my music, and my talent. I’m just really stressed, that’s all. I love you y/n.” He sat up more, sitting up all the way, so now my head was resting on his chest. He leaned down, kissing the top of my head.

“You’re going to be so successful, John. I know it.” 

  • *breaks into your apartment at 3 in the morning*:hey, why is Chris Kendall so, underappreciated? He is a really funny, creative and talented young man and it just frustrates me so much that his youtube channel 'crabstickz' has just 655k subscribers because he deserves so much more and people really don't recognize him and his acting enough and if they do they usually just think of him as one fourth of the fantastic foursome or the guy that used to be friends with Dan and Phil and that is just not ok, do you understand me??

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Have you see the Rick and Morty episode Get Schwifty?

Yup. It’s my least favorite episode of the whole show. Honestly, the A plot (the save-the-world one) feels like it’d be more in place in Family Guy or American Dad. I don’t think that Rick would have bothered talking to the president in trying to solve the problem (and in the end he didn’t need to, really). The talent competition thing is… kinda eh. Despite going through so many bigger obstacles, Morty seems to get extremely stressed extremely fast and seems to bail all too quickly. And then come back all too quickly. The missile obsessed general is way too over-done. Also, what would have happened if Earth wasn’t accepted into the talent competition thing? Does that get Earth blown up too?

Luckily it’s saved by the B-plot, which feels a lot closer to typical Rick & Morty things with common people reacting to the bizarreness of what’s going on in a humorous way. 

you all should totally commission seasaltfoxes to draw something for you if you have the money to spare because his art is absolutely breathtaking and the price is really inexpensive esp for the quality of the work!! the commission info is here 


How in the hell was Thomas Brodie Sangster that amazing an actor at such a young age?? He was probably twelve while Entrusted was filmed, and he is just…ugh, insert all of the praise imaginable here.

His shorts in the film are scandalously short though. I was literally sitting and watching going “Put some pants, er, trousers, on, young man!” (Pants = underwear to the English, if you didn’t know.) His legs are so skinny too. He creates quite a dichotomy in me, because when he is young in his films he is precious and must be cuddled and pampered and is the biggest cinnamon bun ever. When he gets older I find myself less protective of him wearing concealing clothing. He’s still a cinnamon bun, but damn, he is one sexy cinnamon bun.

If you need another example of Thomas being a RIDICULOUSLY good actor as a kid, check out Bobbie’s Girl, it is a seriously excellent film, fun and sad in turns, and Thomas pretty much steals the show. It also stars Bernadette Peters, or as I finally figured out after an hour of listening, Rita from Rita and Runt on The Animaniacs. (Are any of you old enough to have watched that show??) It also features a lesbian couple that is never made into a big deal in the plot. It is treated as 100% natural by everyone, (which it is), and that fact is never a source of drama. Sometimes when you have a same sex couple in a movie much of the plot or characters have to make a big point of it, or continuously have it front and centre that a gay couple is key in the film. Nope! They never really talk much about it or treat it like it’s a big deal. It is treated exactly the same as if it were a heterosexual couple in the main plot, and it is so damned refreshing, because that is what true equality is. It is so low key and relaxed, I loved that about it.

I really cannot even go on long enough about Thomas. I’ll admit how much I love him from an aesthetic stance, but he is also blessed with such talent. I am only sad that I am getting down to the last few items in his entire filmography, some of which are simply impossible to locate. I’ll never get 100% completion, which is a shame since he’s amazing in everything, even when the movie he’s in is…uh…lacklustre, (yeah, we’ll go with that word) he still puts in a brilliant performance.

I could talk about him all night, and all his performances, but I fear I might start to become annoying. If you want recommendations though, I’d say Death of a Superhero, Bobbie’s Girl, and Entrusted are his best performances. (Note: I am not including Maze Runner or Scorch Trials, or Game of Thrones, since those are the roles most people already know him from.) Okay, I shall shut up now. Wish me luck in finding the few videos that I haven’t checked off the list yet!