but he is important

In the color spread, Orihime stares at Ichigo who’s staring at the audience. Her eyes are fixed on him, and his eyes are fixed on us. 

In the last volume cover, Ichigo stares at Rukia. The audience is ignored. His eyes are fixed on her and her alone. 

With the height difference it’s hard to say for sure if Rukia’s staring back, but considering her posture it’s safe to say she is. 

You’re telling me Ichigo is giving Rukia, his not-love interest, blatant regard that he does not give his wife. 

Color spreads/volume covers are important as they reflect the heart of the story they’re going to tell. 

What are you trying to tell us, Kubo? What are you trying to tell us, WSJ?


Oh my God. What ever happened to professional distance and good old foster care?

glenn rhee was so important to me especially because he was an asian american character. not many TV shows that i watch have an asian person casted in a large role and i was so connected to glenn for that very reason. his character development was so incredible to watch and he’s become a hero in my world. hats off to steven yeun for playing someone that’s been so important to me for so long. he is and always will be an iconic legend

As far as I can tell from Social Media, Justin Trudeau did not meet with the hunger strikers who travelled from Labrador to Ottawa (in regards to methylmercury poisoning concerns from the Muskrat Falls dam). According to a recent article, he knew they were coming to Ottawa. He just choose not to talk to them.

I’m disappointed but not surprised.

It really puts a damper on his claims that indigenous relations are so important to him and his government, when he refuses to meet with indigenous land protectors who are in very real danger of having their traditional life style and health destroyed by this dam.

you know sometimes in my castle Kaze says that he doesn’t do much recreationally and that he doesnt really have any hobbies. And I realized that’s probably the case because he’s been raised to be used as a weapon his entire life and taught that duty is more important than anything

……………I just made myself saaaaaaaaad

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What kind of sandwiches are the rfas favorite? + v!!!!!

Jumin likes something horrible and fancy, of course. He imports only the most gourmet cheeses, handmade sourdough bread, the most decadent cuts of meats and the most obscure and tastiest of veggies. This man is a loser and probably eats his favorite “commoner” guilty pleasure (Jumin a sandwich that costs more than $7 isn’t considered commoner food, let alone a sandwich that costs $150) on a Spanish rooftop, with Elizabeth 3rd lapping milk at his feet and a bottle of French wine at his disposal

Zen, despite being sort of a health nut, can’t resist the call of a good pulled pork sandwich. He’s the sort to order a salad at a restaurant and then steal half of his date’s much more delicious looking meal. Let this mean eat a nice hearty sandwich.

Yoosung likes the classic trio; PB&J, grilled cheese, and BLT. On his more fortunate days, when he’s not stuck eating instant noodles and eggs, he’ll have sandwiches all three meals a day. When he’s feeling more innovative, he’ll look up a good-looking recipe on the internet and try to make it from scratch. He’s actually pretty good at putting together a sandwich.

Jaehee isn’t a huge sandwich person, but she does enjoy a nice breakfast sandwich on occasion. A toasted and buttered biscuit, an egg or two, and some ham and cheese is all she needs to enjoy a nice brunch. 

Seven is a monster who hasn’t eaten a proper meal in years. He’d probably try to soak some WonderBread in Dr. Pepper and dump a bag of chips on the whole monstrosity and eat it. If he was forced to eat a sandwich, though, he’d probably insist on something really fucking gross or weird just to spite everyone. He’d look you in the eye with a shit-eating grin on his face while he stuffed a mayonnaise and banana sandwich in his mouth. What a freak

V is a nerd who probably goes to Panera Bread every chance he gets. He doesn’t care if it’s overpriced or whatever; this man laps up the nutritious garden-fresh bullshit Panera puts on its menu. The employees there definitely know his order. (For reference, it’s the turkey, apple, and cheddar sandwich).

but some people still believe l*caya will rise?????????????????????

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I think I'm falling in love with this boy, he's the cutest and funniest person I've ever met, he kisses my forehead and remembers every little thing I tell him, he makes me feel important, i get to seem him very often and he's made my life so much better, i know it's too soon to say I love him but I can't believe how perfectly everything has fallen into place, he's a dream come true and I feel like I don't deserve him, I feel so lucky



*she didn’t even know anything was broken until you walked in and started crying
*being so focus on her work, she didn’t realize she had broken something very important to you
*at first she figured it would be brushed off as nothing
*but the minute you started crying oHH BOY
*there were lots of apology hugs
*after that, she spends hours of her time trying to find a way to replace it
*Once she figures out how to replace it she makes sure it gets to you as soon as possible


*was trying to mess around with you while you were busy
*Long story short he went a little too far and ended up breaking something important
*at first there was just an awkward silence and then
*YeP HeRe CoMe tHe TeArS
*He’s immediately apologizing and trying to comfort you
*he didn’t mean for this to happen and now he can’t stop feeling like he’s the worst person on the earth and anyone who makes you cry shouldn’t be
*You eventually have to cut him off
*after he’s apologized, whatever he broke will be replaced as soon as possible
*He stays up all night trying to fix it
*and you better believe its as good as it was before because there was no way he was going to give you anything less


* Doesn’t understand at first
* He can just buy you a new one
* When you start crying he internally freaks out
* Awkward hugging
* Promises to fix it
* Spends the rest of the day making sure it is fixed probably
* Apologies while cuddling
* Ends up apologizing every 20 minutes
* He never wants to hurt you


* when he breaks it he freaks out
* starts crying
* then YOU start crying
* now he is crying more
* both of you are crying while it’s lying on the floor broken
* eventually you forgive him and laugh at the situation


* freezes when he breaks it
* tries to fix it
* fails horribly
* you come home
* Now he’s panicking
* you start to cry
* his heart shatters right there
* “MC, i’m so sorry, it was as accident I swear.”
* Scoops you into his arms
* Tries everything to get you to stop crying
* ends up cuddling the rest of the day
* apologizing every time you look at him

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