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Mashima, have mercy

My baby is dead. But my OTP is canon. And my face is confused from smiling gleefully one second to being a sobbing mess in another. 

I’m squealing like an idiot that Mashima actually went above and beyond what I had hoped for in Chapter 499. Not only does Juvia sacrifice herself, but Gray was completely on the same wavelength as her and thought about ending his own life as well. She is so important to him that he would rather kill himself than live for his friends. He would rather kill himself than to fulfill the promise he made to Silver in destroying E.N.D. (cuz he ain’t gonna destroy anybody with a sword wedged in his torso) That puts Juvia one level above everything else Gray holds dear, and I LOVE that. And then, Juvia being Juvia saves him by performing blood transfusion magic. So now, Gray has to live with the aftermath of holding the corpse of his girl, screaming at her that he’s really serious about her this time, so she needs to wake up to hear it. Except that she doesn’t. Fuck.

But the sadist in me is fangirling anyway because Gray finally gets to mourn over Juvia and regret all that time he could’ve spent with her in the past. So far, only Juvia’s feelings for Gray have been transparent, so watching him cry and go apeshit crazy over her is a breath of fresh air! I think more than any other character, Gray needs to learn this lesson himself: you can close your heart to people due to your fear of losing them, but in the end you’ll lose them to death anyway, so it’s better to enjoy the present moment you have together when you’re both alive. 

Despite the dark turn, I know in my heart that my precious child will come back. I don’t care when, I don’t care how, but it better happen. At this point, Mashima can have a fucking unicorn from Edolas sprinkle magic rainbow dust on Juvia to revive her and I would. not. care. Just give me back my favourite blue haired princess. 

With that said, I hope all my lovely gruvia shippers won’t threaten Mashima for killing off Juvia. Please. These are just the spoilers, we don’t know what’s going to unfold in the next few chapters or until the end of Alvarez arc. Before we can all be 100% sure that Juvia will permanently remain dead, please don’t pressure him or insult him on his Twitter by saying that you’ll stop reading Fairy Tail. He already made Gruvia canon, and gave our OTP a beautiful, angsty development enough to cause heartburn. For all we know, he is planning to bring Juvia back much later in order to give us that highly anticipated kiss plus a sweaty sex scene. So please be patient and enjoy the story! :)  

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What's your favourite way to describe eye colour? I'm getting bored of brown, blue, and green.

more-legit here

I think the key is to think of it less in terms of eye colour and more in terms of relationships.

Legit wrote a tip about “unusual” eye colours a while back that I think is relevant here. In this case, eye colour is indicative of a character’s relationship to others. It’s less important to know that Harry Potter’s eyes are vivid green than it is to know he has his mother’s eyes. Less important to know Edward Cullen’s eyes are “topaz” than knowing it means he has made a choice to not hurt humans, and that this choice they all made is what makes him and the other Cullens a family.

The second thing is: noticing somebody’s eye colour is indicative of a certain level of intimacy. Try and think of acquaintances’ eye colours. Unless there is something particularly noticeable about their eyes (I can still remember an old classmate’s eyes, though I barely ever spoke to him because his eyes were a very striking light blue with deep golden flecks in it.), chances are you can’t. However you might know the eye colour of people you have a strong relationship to: your parents, your children, your significant other, your best friend.

So think about eye colour description as an act of intimacy (not necessarily romantic intimacy, mind you). Maybe your character is a mother examining her baby’s eyes for a resemblance with her own or her partner’s. Maybe your character is stealing glances at their new lover’s, finding their eyes beautiful, but not yet daring to stare into them. Maybe they are two friends sharing a moment of deep connection as they share intimate details of their lives,

Simple adjectives of blue, green, brown, black, won’t seem so dull when they come up in these contexts rather than in a generic description of “ a young girl entered the room. She had brown hair and blue eyes.” Instead hold off that description a while. The girl enters. The POV character will notice she’s young and has brown hair. Later, the POV character might get to know her better. And maybe they’ll get close enough that they will notice her eye colour.


Captain Nemo

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about who Captain Nemo is as a character and others knowing only movie interpretations or simply confusing him with the fish from Disney’s “Finding Nemo” …

What can I say, Captain Nemo is one of the best known antiheroes in fiction (yes, my precious) and he is quite a mysterious figure.

First of all, the name; Nemo is Latin for “no one”. It’s a name taken with the purpose to remain anonymous, influence events yet remain in the shadows.

Nemo appears in a few of Jules Verne’s novels, but the ones where he plays quite an important part in the storyline are “The Mysterious Island” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

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Stawberry Wine

Preview: Y/N Singer has been living with her grandpa Bobby on his farm since her mom died when she was 12. She is a country girl through and through. In love with music and horses.

The summer she turns 18 and just before she leaves for Juilliard, Bobby hires a new farm hand. 26 year old Dean Winchester who captures her eye and heart fast.

Is age all that important in love? And what happens when he goes back home and she leaves for college. Will love last?

A/N: It is a 6 part mini series  and will be based on the songs Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter and Another Man’s Gold by Dean Brody (yeah there is a team in names here people - it is accidental lol) and Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried.

Part 1: Restless Summer

Part 2: Banks of the River - Coming Soon!

Part 3: Love Growing Wild

Part 4: First Taste of Love

Part 5: This Man’s Gold

Part 6: Love On Southern Ground

Hunk headcanons bc he needs more love
  • Hunk is not a morning person. He’d doze all the way till noon if he could. He doesn’t like waking up all that early but is still rather energetic when he wants to be
  • He’s the model student, is polite to the teachers, does his homework, and his classmates all love him for the adorable sweetheart he is
  • He’s 100% paying attention to the prof in class and is constantly telling Lance and Pidge to put their phones away and listen because it’s important and will be on the test
  • He’s an organized and very neat person. He has drawers that his tools and stuff is in and they are all labeled and not a single thing is on the floor
  • Despite worrying a lot, in desperate situations, it’s actually Hunk that has the calmest head because he did the worrying beforehand, he knows how to solve the problem. Hunk’s got this shit handled.
  • He’s really good with his hands. It’s not just machine building he does, but he does great arts and crafts, and he can knit. He taught Lance how to do that too and they make scarves for each other in the winter
  • Hunk is the guy that’s first to cry during a sad movie, and when he finishes watching it, he blubbers the whole way home about how sad it was
  • HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS. They’re warm and friendly, and he can always sense when someone is sad
  • He’s actually a marine biologist enthusiast, and he loves dolphins
  • He loves animals, and animals love him He’d frequently is seen playing with dogs or cuddling a cat
  • He’s also very affectionate with his lion. Other than making repairs and polishing every inch to make Yellow all shiny and pretty, he adds in a few scratches and pats whenever he can.
  • Hunk NEEDS HIS SLEEP. He’s grumpy if he doesn’t get enough, but nowhere near as grumpy as Pidge or Keith when he’s half asleep
  • A lot of the other paladins like to talk to Hunk about their feelings because Hunk is very caring and open and he’s also good at comforting them when they feel sad
  • He probably really likes animal documentaries and cried during March of the Penguins
  • He’s not the best shot, but his bayard’s strength and wide range makes up for this
  • Him and Pidge trust each other with their feelings a lot
  • Hunk only gets motion sickness when he’s not driving, he’s okay when he’s behind the wheel himself
  • He’s very responsible and takes care of people well

ok but rival superheroes iwaoi au

  • oikawa is a college student by day, whip-wielding plant-controlling crime-fighting superhero by night
  • while he takes his job seriously, he also likes having fun so even though he can catch a, say, car full of people who just robbed a store pretty easily, he’ll drag the chase out just because he likes the thrill
  • because of this, some of the police are a bit cautious of him. others are just exasperated because “do you have to play around like that?” but fact still is that he gets the job done, and to oikawa that’s the important thing
  • of course, he’s endlessly charming. both his personas are, but his superhero self has a rather large following and he’s usually in online articles in one way or another
  • that is until one day, another superhero pops up in the headlines, some guy who can apparently control the ground like some kind of goddamn earthbender or whatever, not that oikawa cares
  • he does, however, begin caring when people start comparing the two of them, even going as far as making discussion threads online as to who’s a better superhero
  • the annoying thing is the guy is just so damn efficient and the police obviously prefer him, but oikawa also thinks he’s no fun and boring as all hell
  • once oikawa is chasing after a thief, just doing his usual thing, when the guy comes fucking swooping in from out of the blue and steals oikawa’s moment; the following day some paper comes up with an article saying that oikawa couldn’t even capture the thief himself so he had to call for assistance
  • of course from that moment on oikawa is like, oh it is on
  • and as though that’s not troublesome enough, oikawa also has to deal with his life as a college student, more specifically with his ever-growing crush on the student assistant who works the library desk every 3-6PM on thursdays and fridays
  • it’s iwaizumi, of course
  • he’s a good worker, quiet and quick and straight to the point. efficient. the first few times oikawa tried to flirt with him he was met with a deadpan stare and a book to the face.
  • ofc eventually iwaizumi starts flirting back, and oikawa just wants to ask him out to dinner already but it’s kinda hard to find the time to when he’s cramming coursework in whatever little free time he has between his academics and his duties as a superhero
  • one time oikawa finally manages to ask iwaizumi out, only for him to cancel at the last minute because why can’t these people wait another hour or so to rob a fucking bank i’m supposed to have a date tonight WHY
  • he only feels a little better when iwaizumi tells him something came up as well and that he was also just about to call oikawa to reschedule their dinner date
  • of course when oikawa arrives to the crime scene, there his rival is, already finishing the job (oikawa screams and tries to call iwaizumi to see if they could still have a late dinner but he only gets iwaizumi’s voicemail)
  • cue in a lot more inappropriate flirting in the library and cancelled dates and increasingly ridiculous excuses from both ends and mutual pining and oikawa being aggressively competitive with his rival and trying to set up a system where he takes a night-off of crime-fighting when he knows his rival would be patroling, but it still never works because it just so happens that whenever oikawa is actually free, iwaizumi oddly isn’t
  • until one day oikawa and his rival run into a tougher case and have to actually work together, and they’re surprisingly good at it
  • when oikawa finally properly speaks to his rival for the first time, he’s shocked to find that his voice sounds incredibly familiar and then he’s just like, wait, iwa-chan?!
  • (not) surprise his rival has been iwaizumi all along
  • iwaizumi is also shocked because we’ve been cancelling our dates to do this?
  • after that they finally go to dinner and fall in love and become The Greatest Superhero Duo mankind has ever seen
  • the end

i have answered this before, but i will answer it again.

if there were more humans like enrico pucci, i would hate them less. he is very smart and clever. whitesnake is a powerful stand, to match enrico pucci’s strong will. if we were to fight side by side we would be more than unstoppable. i am already unstoppable. he reads to me and teaches me new things. he is very important to DIO, so he is very important to me.

and his hands are soft.

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In your opinion Juvia is really dead? Because I'm reading a lot of comments from people who think Juvia will come back to life, but it is possible that Mashima will do the same thing he did with Gajeel, after a few chapters? It seems to me impossible that in the same arc and a short distance of chapters Mashima repeat himself

Yeah I haven’t even seen how Juvia will look like in the spoilers when she “dies” but I have full faith that she’ll come back to life. She’ll be fine guys! 

Mashima’s probably gonna make Juvia die like Gajeel did to force the so-called “romantic” feelings to “awaken.” Like before Gajeel dying, we never really got a clear statement whether Gajeel felt the same for Levy as she did for him. It’s the fastest way tbh, after all this time Mashima’s been “delaying” for it to happen.

I always knew Gruvia was the kind of ship that needed someone dying before everything’s laid out in the open.Ever since that balcony scene when he said he’d “give her an answer.” He would be forced to give it even before his mission to defeat E.N.D.

Besides, it happened in the GMG arc, remember? Well that was needed so that Lyon sees how much Juvia loves Gray, I guess.

It does seem impossible for him to do that again, but at the same time not really? Mira was almost implied death but she also turned out fine after a few chapters of Gajeel dying. And the Spriggans also revived themselves in the same arc. 

So one more incident of a fake character death doesn’t sound THAT impossible for Mashima to do.

TW Preference - How they let you know they love you without saying it

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you like it ^-^

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles liked to kiss you whenever he could. Usually when you were in public or with the pack it would be on the cheek or on your forehead but both of you favoured them. Whenever you made a witty comment or pointed out something important that the pack had missed he would pull you closer with his arm around your waist and press a kiss to just below your hairline. If you or him had to leave to go somewhere without the other, Stiles would not let anyone go anywhere without placing a quick kiss to your cheek. But sometimes, mainly in private, he’s just so in awe with how beautiful and talented and wonderful you are that he will place a finger under your chin so he can kiss you properly and you know exactly what he’s trying to convey when he does.

Scott McCall

While he was very proud of how hard you worked and everything you did for the pack, Scott knew that sometimes in the whirlwind of life you forgot to take proper care of yourself. Scott would turn up at your house in the early hours of the morning and found you sitting at your desk still researching, he knew he would never convince you to go to bed so he would close your laptop and lead you there. Without a word he would lay down with you and wait until you fell asleep before he would close his eyes with you in his arms. Every so often you wouldn’t turn up in the cafeteria for a few days and Scott would find you in the library. “Have you eaten today?” “Urm.” “Y/n, when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” He would see your guilty smile and roll his eyes but you knew he only did all this because he cares.

Isaac Lahey

You knew that Isaac had a troubled past but you’d never be able to tell on a normal day because he puts on a happy face and is ready to make sarcastic or funny comments whenever they’re needed. This is all most people see. But you know when he’s seeming a little off and when you get to your house later you tell him that it’s okay and he usually immediately falls into your arms. You can practically see the walls that he’s spent years building crumbling in your hands and you know that Isaac would let them fall for anyone else. You knew how much trust it must take and you were glad that it was in you.

Derek Hale

Most of your evenings were spent in Derek’s loft and so he took the opportunity to cook the most wonderful food he could for you. When you arrived after school the loft would usually already smell of the spices he was using to prepare it. Time after time you told him that he’s too busy to be bothering with all this effort. “It’s not too much effort if it’s for you.” If you couldn’t stay for dinner he’d either give you some to take home with you or a few cookies or a slice of cake to have after whatever you were going to have at home. Although you were still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing you’re favourite was when he gave you a box wrapped in brown paper with the instructions to put it in the fridge and eat it at school the next day. It was always amazing to unwrap it in the cafeteria or the library and find one of his wonderful recipes and a note on top reminding you to enjoy your day.

Liam Dunbar

Liam had been nervous when he asked you out and this anxious energy hadn’t seemed to disappear, only shift. During the school day he would find you between classes to check that everything was okay and once you’d reassured him he would shuffle quickly to his next class after placing a kiss to your forehead. You had to keep your phone on silent and away in your bag because it was always vibrating with texts, /how are you? x/ /everything okay? x/ /just checking in x/. To some they would seem annoying but you appreciated how much he cared about you. Once, during a Lacrosse game, after you had been hurt a little by a werewolf looking for Scott, Liam would hardly take his eyes off of you where you were safely guarded by Lydia, Malia and Kira. He got ran into more than a couple times and eventually Coach had to bench him after he was completely swept off of his feet, it was all quite endearing.

Jordan Parrish

“You’re so intelligent” “Have I told you how beautiful you are?” “How did I get so lucky?” “I’m so proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too” “Sorry I just keep getting lost in your eyes” Every time Jordan gave you a compliment you’d feel the blush spread across your cheeks immediately, you could never stop it. Whether it was over text or face to face, he would never go more than half an hour without telling you that you ‘made things so much better when you were around’ or that 'your smile lights up the whole room’. He knew that you had struggled with self-esteem issues and wanted to completely change that. So while it was sometimes embarrassing, Jordan made you feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t trade him or his ways for the world.

Allison Argent

While you and Allison had things in common, there were obviously still some differences. Most of them were what you got up to in your free time. What surprised you most is how keen Allison was to give up some of her free time that she could have spent practising archery going with you to take part in your hobbies. You could tell when she wasn’t really enjoying it and knew that it wasn’t likely that she would do it again with you but you were so grateful that she tried when most people would have a conversation about it with you once before changing the subject. After a while of experimentation you and Allison found something you could do together which often turned out to be the highlight of your week.

Lydia Martin

Lydia talks a lot, you definitely knew that, but what you didn’t know that the majority of the time when she was talking to others the subject was more often or not you or something you’d done. When Stiles told you about it you were completely blown away. Apparently she loved to talk people’s ear off about how kind and caring and intelligent you are. When you asked her about it, you found her innocent and slightly embarrassed face adorable and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

Kira Yukimura

As you found out pretty quickly, Kira wasn’t the best at showing her affection for you, but she was always making up for it. Before you even opened your locker you knew that there would be a sticky note on the inside of the door below the picture of you two telling you that 'I haven’t seen you today but I know that you look stunning’ or 'I hope you have a wonderful day’ or 'Keep your head up, someone might be falling in love with your smile (p.s. Someone is and it’s me’. You would tuck it into the front of your notebook so you would see it all day before putting it in a small box in your room with all the others. But that was not the only note you would find all day. You are pretty sure Kira had other people doing it for you because during the day, even more notes of the same nature would turn up. Your bookmark would be replaced when you got it out to read it at lunch. The page you were working from in your text book had a small post it note that she’d doodled a heart and a smiley face on. You’d open your pencil case in your third class of the day to find another that had definitely not been there in your other classes. Sometimes you just could not believe the extent that Kira would go just to show her affection.


I’m so sick of seeing these scenes with Furuya cropped out or blurred out. This is a fantastic canon scene of Miyuki trying to teach Sawamura and Furuya how to observe and think about games, to prepare them for him leaving next year and I’m tired of people making it all about misawa. Furuya is there too because he’s an important person to the team and to Sawamura and Miyuki.

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💢 - ship that is most misunderstood: i mean… i can’t think of any ship that i feel bad for in that sense lmao, so instead i’m gonna take it in the other direction and say that in my opinion (which is by no means the correct one or whatever) people misunderstand steve + peggy to be this huge tragedy and like they’re soul mates or whatever, idk like he obviously loved her and they had a very special bond but i think the friendship they had was a thousand times more valuable than, like, idle flirting and one kiss in the span of a few years. she was there for him when he had nobody else and i think that’s so much more important than a crush or whatever. not that they weren’t cute together, because they were (would have been) but it was like… the weakest definition of a fling ,and they both moved on from it. so ya that’s what i think

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Bayverse autobots reaction to their sweet pure so cussing someone out for the first time? R.

R. indeed, my old friend.

Autobots (Bayverse)

  • Optimus Prime would likely have little to no reaction to your actual words, but would be shocked to see you with such a burning temper. He wouldn’t make a move to stop you because he thinks it’s important that you release your tension.

  • Bumblebee would stare, shifting his glance between you and the other person, and then start to beep in shock at your sudden hostility. He’d only stop you if he thought you were getting too aggressive.

  • Ironhide and Ratchet would both laugh, glad to hear some stern words coming out of you, but probably wouldn’t make a move to stop you at all. Ironhide would bring it up later, and tell you how funny it was to hear you curse.

  • Jazz would stand there awkwardly, not sure what to do or if he should intervene, because he knows you’re normally so kindhearted. The actual words you say don’t faze him at all, though. He’s definitely learned some new curse words, even when he thought he knew them all.

sehun makes me so happy like I cant stop watching all these compliations of him,,,everytime I see him smiling or laughing I literally start crying like he makes me so emotional :(( ,,,I rlly love him so much I hope he knows how important he is and how much impact he has on people