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Man Face Monday - Stop, Look and Look Some More Edition

Hey Pal! How’s it going? Another week ahead of us. But this one is different, special and full of promise – because we finally get a new episode! What will happen? I have no idea. Been trying to avoid the spoilers, mostly. But hopefully there will be some cool new Prometheus developments, some sexy Bratva faces and the like. Without any further ado, here is some face to get us through the day on onto Wednesday!

Mayor face, non? Steadfast, earnest, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 

Broody almost weepy-face. Because he feels. so. much.

Bless @feilcityqueen for her gif below. This one says, I just had a teachable moment and I think I learned something.You go, face!

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Danger face. Do not mess with this dude during this face. 

Hot boy face. This needs no explanation except he is beautiful. 

And finally, to fuel your angsty dreams, the I’m broken and the only thing that will fix me is a kiss from you face. That is one powerful face, my friends. 

Well, that’s it for me. Must get on to the business of the day. I hope you have enjoyed some face on your dash. I make these edits not just with admiration for the face, but for you, my dears. You do deserve pretty things. Take care and be good to yourself this week. 

I hope the tags below the break work. They have been dicey lately. 

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Tummy Rumbles (Wonho x Reader)

Could you do y/n bringing Wonho his favorite ramen after a long day of practice?

I honestly forgot it said favorite ramen when I was writing it but hopefully this will suffice! Also, I couldn’t find out what his favorite ramen was, I researched.

Word Count: 1337

Genre: Fluff

Wonho was whining and hungry. In all honesty, he closely resembled a baby.

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Bargaining chip.  

The day Magnus met Alec Lightwood he saw nothing more than a pretty boy with intriguing eyes.

The day Alec met Magnus Bane he saw nothing more than a very hot guy that apparently was a good painter.

Alec had never been good in what concerns to people. Particularly hot people with dicks.
Good thing Alec won’t have to talk to him, just pose. For now.

(In which Magnus is a painter, Alec is kind of his model and Lily-Alec are my friendship goals)

So, I don’t know why I’m writing this well I do know why; because no one else is doing it! (and if someone is, please tell me I need to know).
Okay, the thing is, I was the other day in tumblr when I found this post with some prompts about a malec au in which Magnus is a painter/artist whatever and Alec kind of his muse and I couldn’t rid this idea out of my mind so I started to look fic with this kind of au and I found none but my fucking imagination couldn’t just give up and accept and instead of that began to fantasize thus I’m here.
Now it’s reading time. I hope you like it.
English is not my first language so if you find some weird phrase I apologize.

Chapter 1

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?

—Pablo Picasso.

Alec didn’t know what had done in his other life to be punished with awful siblings. Well, maybe they weren’t awful but they could be a pain in the ass. Like Jace in that moment, who was dragging him to the Brooklyn Academy of Art.

“Why am I coming, again?” asked Alec with a scowl even if Jace had already told him a hundred times.

“Because you’re my brother and I trust you and I trust you won’t let me do or say something stupid in front of Clary.” started Jace a little frantic and gesturing like if he was trying to make him comprehend the great importance of his words. “Or her friend in any case, what if I don’t like him? I like everyone, though but what if not. Friends are family to her and she’ll…”

“Just calm down!” Alec shouted, taking his brother by the shoulders “Breath” he mimicked inhaling and exhaling, Jace followed him. “Now, you only have to go there, pose and be quiet. Probably introduce yourself to the friend and that’s it. Not a big deal.”

“It’s just that— I really like her” Jace sighed. “And I don’t want to mess it up.”

“And you won’t. C’mon.” Alec patted his back. “Two more blocks.”

Jace and Clary were dating for almost two months. She had been a regular client of Java Jace for a while and Jace had asked her out a few times, always rejecting him, until something happened. Jace offered to Clary’s best friend Simon and his band Shadowhunters a chance to play in exchange for a date with Clary. Ones can call it blackmail; Jace calls it ‘use your means’. At the end they went out and again, and again and so on till they were officially dating.

Alec didn’t like Clary at the beginning. Okay, he hated her but not because of her, even though sometimes she was a little too much. The thing is— Alec hates changes, he always has, especially when they come in a breathing and possibly heartbreaker presentation. Nevertheless the little girl knew how to grow in him and her friends were nice, Maia and Maureen actually like him and Simon was not that bad when kept his blabbering to the minimum. However, there was one friend of hers they hadn’t met yet, one Magnus Bane. As Alec understood it Bane had been taking vacations abroad. Who takes vacations in September?

“Jace!” shrieked a voice and Alec realized they had arrived to the Academy; a redhead was waiting for them seated on the steps. When they were in front of her, she rose on her feet. Still stood up over two rungs Alec was almost a head higher than her. “Hey, Alec! You decided two join us?” she asked with her usual high-spirited tone of voice.

“Yeah.” that was everything he managed to say, seemed oddly to complain right know, when she looked indeed happy to see him.

“What about your friend? I don’t see him around.” Jace chimed in with a hint of hope in his voice. This shit was getting serious if Jace was really half as nervous as he resembled.

“Oh, no. He’s inside” said Clary while wiping the dust of her jeans and flannel shirt. “He’s preparing the materials and that. The class is starting like in twenty minutes so you’ll have time to know each other a little.” she led them down the hall until a room; there were easels forming a semicircle and inside of it there was a single stool, alongside the walls were brushes, acrylics, palettes and some other stuff displayed on the tables.

Clary was an art teacher and if he remembered correctly, an artist too but momently she was more invested in teaching. That was the reason of their presence their; apparently her model wouldn’t be able to come so she asked Jace to model for her class.

They entered to the classroom and then were when Alec saw him. He was turning his back on them so Alec felt free to wander his eyes. The man was wearing a maroon velvet long-sleeve shirt and black trousers, since Alec wasn’t that much into fashion the only thing he could think was: look at that ass! Seriously, Alec never felt gayer in his life.

“Biscuit, I think some of your kids may have potential.” said the man, turning over his heels. “Although nobody like you.”

Now Alec could see him from the front and was even better than the back side. He had the sleeves rolled-up and was holding a painting, observing it carefully for a moment and then he dismissed it, leaving with others in a rack. Alec noticed that every finger of each hand had at least one finger on them and wondered how much money he carried in them because they didn’t seem trinkets. The man fixed his hair which had the tips dyed in the same color as his shirt. Before Alec could continue with his scanning Clary decided to talk.

“Magnus let me introduce you. This is Jace, my boyfriend and he’s Alec, his brother. Jace, Alec, this is Magnus, one of my best friends.” gestured Clary towards them, always a smile on her lips.

Alec’s brain started to work again by this point. Thank God.

“Nice to meet you” said Magnus, with an easy smile, nodding to Jace.

Alec tensed a little when the man veered in his direction. Somehow his smile seemed different than the one addressed to Jace, maybe it had to do with that sparkle in his gaze, it made him feel like if he was being evaluated.

“And for you” said Magnus, extending the last word needlessly. “It’s a pleasure.” The words winded up in his tongue suggestively, in a way that Alec was almost certain was usual for the other man, however, not usual for him so Alec couldn’t do anything excepting to blush like the teenager he wasn’t.

Alec had never been good in what concerns to people. Particularly hot people with dicks.

For that reason he thanked God and the angels when Clary managed to involve in a conversation with his friend and boyfriend, leaving him aside. By now, he could pretend interest in the paintings hanging on the walls. There wasn’t really a pattern, some of them were portraits, others landscapes or abstracts. Nevertheless, there was one that really caught his attention, he didn’t know why nor dwelled too much on it.

The painting was simple, not ornate or filled with colors like most them; it was just a clenched hand in the middle and the rest was pure black but there was something in the grip, like if the person was trying to not let in something or, in any case, let out.

“I can’t believe this is still here” the unexpected voice made Alec skipped. Now Magnus was positioned next to him, looking at the same painting that Alec. He had a solemn expression and his smile was nor coy nor polite but nostalgic.

Alec enjoyed quietness and peace but not this silence loaded with who-knows-what.

“Who painted it?”

His words apparently drew him out of a trance because when he turned to see Alec there was question in his eyes. Brown pretty eyes, by the way.

“Who painted it?” asked again, this time a finger pointing at the picture.

“Oh, me, some years ago, more than I would like to admit” added with a wink.

Alec thought about it for a moment.

“So, are you a painter?” inquired Alec and nearly gave pats to himself when didn’t stammer.

“Sure I can paint and do marvelous things with my hands”

Magnus’ smirk was nothing but hussy and now Alec needed a blow on the head since he was quite sure his brain had stopped working.

“Tha— that sounds” Alec cleared his throat and tried to smother the urge to squirm. “Interesting.”

“We should go to take a seat, darling. The class will start soon.” Magnus said with amusement in his eyes.

Great, Alec you did it again. He just wanted to run out there.

Though, now that his brain was working anew, he repaired in the group of people that wasn’t there before. They were taking their places in front of the easels. Some of them were eyeing Magnus and whispering. Alec scowled in confusion.

Alec seated in a bench by the door. Magnus went to lean on one of the tables in the other side of the classroom.

Alec’s mind maundered between all his pending works. That wasn’t few. Instead of it, he was stuck there; in an art class wasting his time and entertaining himself by trying to identify all the colors of the specks that stained the floor.

During this lapse he could feel more than once a gaze over him but he didn’t dare to look up, having a strong feeling of whom he will find.

He didn’t pay much attention to Clary speaking, mostly being instructions to her students and Jace at least not until what he supposed was the end of the session when she called Magnus.

Apparently the man was sort of known and probably at what he did judging by the way the students fired one question after another. Some of them even asked for an autograph or picture. After a couple of minutes, students proceeded to gather their things and leave.

“So, how was I?” Jace queried Clary, putting on his t-shirt.

“Mmm, if you wouldn’t be moving like a worm each time I was distracted. It would have been a lot better.”

“What!?” Jace started to defend himself. “It’s cold and I was shirtless! I was trying not to die”

“Sure and for that reason I’ll ask Jordan better next time.”

“Are you serious Clary? Look, that hippie doesn’t have these cheekbones. I was born for this.

Alec was still seated in the bench, a little amused by Jace’s waffle while Clary merely disesteemed everything he said. This scenario wasn’t new for him; Clary sometimes did things like this for the pleasure of teasing.

“He has quite self-confidence.” Magnus pointed out, casually sitting next to him and crossing his legs.

“Well, he has a point there.”

Magnus turned to see Alec, certainly there was no bitterness in his voice or jealousy but there was something in it that made him pay attention to the man although he couldn’t unscramble what it was, yet. Nonetheless his faced told narrated other story; he had an almost imperceptible smile that barely lifted the corners of his mouth and his eyes were totally directed to his brother and a blink after, were focused on Magnus.  Beautiful hazel eyes framed by thick eyebrows. Eyes with conundrums swimming in them.

Magnus’ favorite combination had always been blue eyes and raven hair. Though, maybe that could change.

It was uncertain how many minutes they were there, just staring each other. It was admittedly unusual but not awkward. Magnus, who usually would be flirting and displaying all his charm he found himself content with the serenity that blanketed him.

All his surroundings muted to concentrate entirely in the sight in front of him. And this is how it would have continued if it had not been for a buzz.

Alec seemed to wake up of some sort of slumber and getting his cellphone from his rear pocket and checking it briefly then he returned it to his pocket, standing up.

“I gotta go.” Alec sighed. “So, I suppose I’ll see you around.”

“You can bet it” Magnus conceded with a wink and he got a shy smile in exchange.

Magnus noticed the couple chattering, seated in the desk and Alec addressed to Jace.

“Jace, it’s time” Alec chimed in, now waiting for his brother in the threshold.

“Pizza tonight?” Jace asked to Clary.

“Sure” She came by the threshold to say goodbye.

One kiss on the lips for his boyfriend. One on the cheek for his friend; Clary on her tiptoes and Alec slouched so she could reach him. Magnus found it more endearing than funny.

“Clary, I need his number” Magnus blurted out suddenly, helping her to store the material used in the class. “I just realized I didn’t ask him.”

“Why do you need Jace’s number?” Clary asked absently.

“Sure, your boyfriend is totally charming.” Magnus dismissed with a flourish. “But I’m more into the tall, dark and handsome type.”

“Then, why do you need Alec’s number?”

“Darling, what I need it’s not precisely his number but manners say I should ask him on a date first.”

Clary arched an eyebrow.

“Magnus, I know you or better said I’ve known some of your— partners.” The last word sounded more like a question. “Alec is not like them.”

“Don’t worry Biscuit.” Magnus dismissed her again. “It’s business— but well, I don’t have a policy against blending business and pleasure.” This time he had an expression of utter mischief.

Clary shook her head, more fondly than disapproving, so she just took her cellphone out of her pocket and gave him Alec’s number. She would think about all this later. She was sure she will.

Part 5 - Prom Night (McPharah)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 (Coming Soon!)

Decided I shouldn’t leave you all hanging.  Will Fareeha get that kiss?  Will it be all she ever hoped for?  But the real question is, why did I name this chapter Hotdog.  Guess you’ll just have to read and figure it out ;)


What would his kiss taste like, she wondered in those brief moments before their lips would brush against one another. And what kind of kisser would he be?

Fareeha had played spin-the-bottle as well as truth-or-dare, so she was familiar with kissing. She had learned that sloppy, wet kisses weren’t really her thing. Sweet and dry seemed nice. But, to be completely honest with herself, he wouldn’t object to hot and steamy, especially with Jesse. She’d never had a heated, passionate kiss like that before and, well, if it was with Jesse, she’d be all sunshine and rainbows for the next few months.

To think, her biggest dream would finally come true. She’d finally get that exchange she’d wanted.

Everything was perfect too. The way he held her-light and airy, yet semi-forceful and in control. The way he looked at her-sweet and innocent, yet layered beneath the naive stare was a bad boy whose seductive nature would surely kick in at first kiss.

Oh, she moaned to herself. They were so close!

She could taste his breath on her tongue.

Inches, just inches apart.


This is really happening!

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Ever since TSiP when Mycroft was introduced as a villain with his formal attire, umbrella in hand and super straight pose (sarcasm) I was like: WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING HOT? Are you good? Are you bad? Please take me with you.

I certainly cannot explain how much I love him even though he had little screentime in the show and not knowing anything about him made him all more applealing. Of course my love for him only grew more and more with each season and I know that even if he and Sherlock have a difficult relationship and say endlessly that they dispissed each other. They ALWAYS rely in the other but most importantly the protect each other.

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

Someone offers Jack shrooms. He's had acid before so he thinks he'll be fine, but he ends up on a seriously bad trip, and on top of that the drugs make him terribly sick to his stomach

A/N: Okay so this one became a really weird sort of format, but I think I actually like it and I hope you do too! 😊

           Aiden’s feet were aching. He’d just curled up next to Blake on the sofa with a blanket covering their knees and a mug of hot chocolate nestled in his hands. He was counting his blessings that he had a boyfriend who was willing to forgo a night out in order to spend time with him after his twelve hour shift. He could feel Blake’s chest rising and falling as he leant against him. Aiden could easily fall asleep right now.

           “So?” Blake said gently, nudging Aiden’s side. “You were going to tell me something?”

           “Oh yeah,” Aiden mumbled, “you know how I’m in a paediatric ward for my placement right now?”


           “I think that’s what I want to specialise in,” Aiden had been thinking hard about the decision that was rapidly barrelling closer.

           “Really?” Blake sounded excited. “That’s great Aiden!” Blake pressed a kiss to the top of Aiden’s head. “I always knew you’d be great with kids.”

           “It’s not just the kids though…” The compliment had stirred something in Aiden’s chest, a warmth seemed to spread through him and took his mind off his sore feet. “There’s something really great about being able to help and comfort the parents too, because it’s a scary place to be if your child is ill.” Blake sniffed and Aiden turned his head to look at him. “Are you crying?!”

           “No!” Blake protested, but his watery eyes attested otherwise. “I’m just really glad that you’ve found something you feel is right for you.”

           “You big sap!” Aiden chuckled as Blake tried to surreptitiously wipe his eyes. “I do think it’s right though-” Aiden’s words were cut off as Hey Brother began to issue from Blake’s phone.

           “Sorry,” Blake fumbled in his pocket and pulled out his phone, “ hell, it’s Jack.” He swiped across to answer and held the phone up to his ear. “Jack?” From the phone Aiden could hear a garbled stream of incoherencies. “Hey, hey, hey! Slow down! What’s going on? Where are you?” Jack? Jack?” Aiden looked up and saw the consternation on Blake’s face. “Jack, listen – stay where you are, I’m going to come and find you!” Blake was throwing back the blanket from his knees already, dislodging Aiden from his place of comfort as he hung up the phone.

           “What? What is it?” Aiden asked as Blake stood up from the sofa.

           “Jack’s, I dunno – doing a Jack,” Blake had grabbed his trainers from underneath the radiator and began to shove them onto his feet, he sounded a bit panicked. “I don’t know what he’s on, but he sounds awful! I need to go and find him…”

           “What did he say?” Aiden asked, sitting up further.

           “Something about a cow attacking him or, I dunno, he’s high as a fucking kite!” Blake was zipping his hoodie up as Aiden got up from the sofa. “What are you doing?”

           “I’m coming with you,” Aiden stated matter of factly, pulling his own jumper over his head.

           “No, Aiden – you’ve been at work all day! Stay here, get some rest,” Blake pointed back at the sofa, but Aiden was already shaking his head.

           “You really think I’m gonna let you go out looking for him on your own?” Aiden’s eyebrows raised so high that they disappeared behind his fringe. “And besides, I think I know where he might be – just let me grab my shoes.”

           Blake waited by the front door, repeatedly checking if he had his phone, wallet and keys, and almost vibrating with nerves while Aiden got ready.

           “Come on,” Aiden’s face was stern as he reappeared and slipped his hand into Blake’s, “I think I’ll know where he’ll be.”

           “Where?” Blake asked as he pulled their door shut behind him.

           “Jack said something about being attacked by a cow, didn’t he?” Blake nodded. “Well, the cowgate…” Blake’s eyes widened as they hurried along the cobbled street away from their flat.

           “Good thinking!”

           There was clearly something going on as Blake and Aiden forced their way through crowds lining the pavements as students queued to get into clubs to begin their weekend revelries. As Aiden pointed down to the club with the rear end of a cow protruding from its exterior wall, they could see a small group of people huddled at the bottom of the alleyway – and they could hear a yelling voice.

           “Fuck off! No – don’t! No!” Blake could just make out Jack’s voice and then he saw him and his heart plummeted. Jack was somehow halfway up a lamppost, wedged in between it and the wall right behind, and he appeared to be throwing things at the people closest to him, and his eyes were massive and alarmed in his face. “Fucking leave me be!” Even Jack’s voice, normally so confident sounded petrified.

           “Oh god – Jack!” Blake shoved his way through people to get to the lamppost, but as he reached it he felt something hard hit the side of his face.

           “Naw”! Jack screeched sounding terrified; Blake reeled back, clutching the side of his face as it stung. Aiden gripped Blake’s shoulders to check that he was alright, then looked up.

           “It’s Aiden and Blake, Jack!” Aiden called. “It’s us!”

           “Piss off! There’s nothing to see”! Blake turned on the small gaggle of people watching the spectacle. “Piss off!” Blake took an angry step towards them and they dispersed.

           “Jack? You need to come down!” Aiden stood at the foot of the lamppost and looked up,.

           “Yeah, and get fucking attacked? Nice fuckin’ try ya cow!” Jack snorted scornfully, pelting another handful of bottle caps down at them.

           “We’re going to protect you! That’s what Blake and me are here for!” Aiden replied quickly.

           “What are you doing?” Blake hissed, alarmed at Aiden’s odd announcement.

           “Playing into his trip,” Aiden muttered, sticking his hand out to grab Blake’s hand again. “I’ve no idea what he’s taken, but we need him down safely.”

           “Come on Jack!” Blake cottoned on to what Aiden was trying, and called up to Jack, who had gone quiet as he gripped onto the lamppost. “Jack?” No answer. Blake’s heart had begun to pound, and he looked across at Aiden, worried.

           Then, from up above, they heard a peculiar gurgling noise and Aiden suddenly pulled Blake backwards just in time as a wave of vomit rained down onto the pavement.

           “Jesus!” Blake exclaimed, he felt like things were moving in slow motion, like they couldn’t quite penetrate his brain. The two of them glanced up to see Jack going limp, and sliding down the pole; they rushed forwards, not caring about the sick they were standing in, as they attempted to catch Jack.

           Jack’s face was blotchy, his usually pale skin peppered with red patches, and his eyes glazed over. His legs didn’t seem to have the strength to hold him upright, and his entire front was covered in puke.

           “It’s okay,” Aiden was quicker than Blake, putting his arm around Jack’s chest and supporting his head. “We’ve got you Jack.”

           “What the hell have you taken Jack?” Blake questioned, but Jack didn’t appear to be capable of answering. He was wriggling slightly in Aiden’s grip, then suddenly he let out a tiny burp which was instantly followed by a gush of liquidy vomit that poured down his front, catching the sleeve of Aiden’s jacket as well as his own front. Blake let out a frightened cry, but Aiden barely flinched.

           “That’s it Jack,” he encouraged soothingly, “get it all out…” He was trying to lean Jack’s forward to stop him spewing all over himself. “Here Blake, help me support his head.” Aiden gestured to Jack, who gave another noisy retch. Blake did as he was told, although his hands were trembling as he put one on Jack’s shoulder and the other across Jack’s clammy forehead, cradling him from behind so he wouldn’t fall. Aiden slowly leant Jack further forward and they heard the gush as another wave of puke splattered out of him and joined that on the ground, the entire pavement was decorated purely by different splashes of sick.

           “Oh Jack,” Blake felt like he was being ripped in two – he hated this, watching Jack torturing himself over and over again, he never seemed to learn and Blake always had to pick up the pieces. “Why do you do this to yourself?”

           Jack’s only response was another belch which ended in another, much thicker, round of vomit hitting the ground. Blake could feel Jack’s whole body convulsing as he heaved repeatedly; it seemed like it’d never end.

           “Sorry,” the word was slurred and barely distinguishable through his gags, but both Aiden and Blake heard it.

           “It’s okay Jack,” Aiden said again.

           “Yeah,” Blake joined in. “We’ve got you now – don’t worry.” Jack had almost stopped gagging, but the two of them were still holding him upright.

           “When you’re up to it we’re gonna take you home,” Aiden told Jack, who nodded against Blake’s supporting hand.

           “ ‘s guy – thought it’d be like acid…” Jack burbled, but Blake squeezed his shoulder tightly.

           “Save your explanations for now,” Blake said firmly. “You can explain when you’re sober.” But he caught the look on Aiden’s face as he said this – Jack was barely ever sober nowadays.

           “You up to moving yet?” Aiden asked, noting that Jack had stopped gagging.

           “Yeah,” Jack’s voice was a weak rasp.

           “Okay, we’re gonna go real slow, just say if you need to stop.”

           With both of their arms hooked tightly around Jack’s chest, they lifted him bodily over the puddles of puke on the ground and waited for him to regain some kind of movement in his legs. The blotchy patches had disappeared from his face, leaving him a shade of white similar to that of the undead. They’d only gone the distance of a few streets before Jack stumbled over his own feet, needing to pause, he was shaking fiercely and panting hard.

           “Everything oka-” Aiden began to ask, but Jack’s cheeks had puffed out and he made a noise somewhere between a hiccup and a retch, then he was puking again – more liquid cascading down onto the ground.

           “You’re fine, we’re gonna be home before you know it…” Blake didn’t allow them to stop for long, before they were on the move again.

           In the end Blake and Aiden ended up half dragging, half carrying Jack back to their flat and up the stairs. They deposited Jack onto the edge of his bed, then Aiden went to remove his own soiled clothes while Blake tried to manoeuvre Jack’s clothes off of him. Jack was barely conscious, he was upright but swaying heavily.

           “You’re the limit Jack,” Blake told him as he pulled Jack’s t-shirt over his head. “You really are.”

           “ ‘m sorry…” Jack’s words were barely distinguishable. “Thought ‘shrooms would be like acid… oh god my stomach…” Jack curled forward, his arms wrapping around his bare abdomen. He looked a right state – there was something dark smudged across his cheek, and there was sick in his hair, but he’d have to sleep before he got cleaned up.

           “I brought a basin,” Aiden had returned, carrying a bucket which he placed at the side of Jack’s bed. “I think we should keep an eye on him, we don’t know what he’s taken…” Blake held up one of his hands.

           “Help me get out of these clothes and we’ll chuck them in the wash,” he said, and the two of them wrestled Jack out of his jeans and onto his side lying on the bed. Then Blake bundled up Jack’s clothes and beckoned for Aiden to follow him.

           “He took magic mushrooms,” Blake explained, stuffing all the dirty clothes into the washing machine. “He thought it’d be like acid, but clearly it’s not reacted well with him.”

           “Ah…” Aiden nodded, he looked exhausted. Once Blake had pressed the button to start the washing cycle he wrapped his arms around Aiden’s waist, and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

           “I don’t know what I’d have done without you tonight Aiden,” Blake said appreciatively. “You must be exhausted! Why don’t you go to bed?” Aiden looked like he approved of that suggestion, but then his face stiffened.

           “But-” he began to protest, but Blake was already shaking his head.

           “I’ll look after Jack,” he insisted, “you deserve some rest.” Blake kissed Aiden again, then turned to go back to Jack.

           Jack was unconscious. His chest rising and falling evenly, his breath coming in soft little puffs as Blake watched him – just in case. But Blake wasn’t really thinking about Jack. He was thinking about how lucky he was to have a boyfriend who’d drop everything to come and help him rescue his best friend…


  Prodigy Hero Bby | Bakugou Katsuki | ♥  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ *:・゚✧

i’m cute but psycho, she says. she smiles at me.

in my backpack are sixteen emergency items for panic attacks, for shutdown mode, for in case i can’t stop urges i can’t control, in case i am in trouble. i have under my bed razors i can’t bring myself to throw out, even though i’ve been recovered for ages. i forget what i said to him after i say it. i don’t mean any of it, but maybe i did. am i steering this ship or am i just a passenger on it.

i put the hot in psychotic, she says. i hear her laughing.

i can’t feel my lips. back when the hallucinations were bad i didn’t tell anyone but him, because i knew what was happening. when i woke up in a hospital i tried to kill the doctor. my therapy group was full of wonderful people. the girl who was schizophrenic had a beautiful singing voice. i can still hear her crying sometimes.

normal people scare me, he says. i know it’s from tv.

we faltered on the edge of bad things. when he tried to burn his house down he didn’t know what he was doing. he’s being charged as an adult, they tell me. when he saw me looking he said it was his responsibility. the girl with split personalities is sweet. her trauma rendered her largely unable to speak. i sit outside with the other three who raid our own bodies and we pluck flowers and play a game: what if i’d been born normal. what if i had been given executive functions. what if i hadn’t been given depression in bucketfuls until it overcame my lungs. my parents don’t know how to look at me anymore and neither do my friends. they all tiptoe around me like i will break at any second.

try yoga. it’s just a phase. we all feel that way. you have so much to be thankful for. someone has it worse. mentally ill people are dangerous. therapists aren’t real doctors and by extension you have no real problems. go for a run. just choose happiness. you’re not really sick. you’re faking it.

i lace my shoes. it’s nice to have laces back. i will try to work out without letting myself get back into my disorder, but we all know how well that will go. i have been working out since i was six years old. yoga is on my schedule but it’s never active enough. there’s a good chance that out of the people in my group, one of them is being taken advantage of. we are so quick to give ourselves out for the safety of others. the boy who, like me, has burn scars on his skin - he tells me his girlfriend likes that he’s sick. it makes him sensitive. the girl who is schizophrenic gets picked up by her father. i know he hits her. she says she kind of deserves it.

sadness makes for good art, she says. i don’t look up.

when they ask me where i’ve been i say i’ve been out of town. i feel fine thanks for asking. i don’t know who i am when nobody’s looking. i don’t know if i’m even real anymore. i don’t know how to get close to people because they’ll end up finding out and hating me for it, or i’ll be a burden, or they won’t know how to handle it. my family never brings up the hospital again. sometimes i think i dreamed it. 

you won’t find love until you love yourself, he warns. it’s been a long day.

i’m so alone.

He had Hazel draw a tattoo on his biceps with a marker: HOT STUFF, with a skull and crossbones. “What in the world are you thinking?” She sounded pretty flustered. “I try not to think,” Leo admitted. “It interferes with being nuts”

Alright buckle down, I’m gonna explain why Yuuri is the best character in this series not just because he’s hot, lbh he is, but because of his great understanding of himself and Victor.

To start, let’s break down Victor’s personality for a sec in this ep: he always wants to fix Yuuri’s problems. Yuuri knows he, himself, has always had anxiety problems and just because Victor is there, they’re not just going to magically go away. No. But Victor tries… and fails.

However, Yuuri is aware of Victor’s actions and tells him to just have more faith in him and to trust that he can win and what he really needs from Victor is for Victor to stand by him. He doesnt need Victor to keep on trying to fix him, he just needs Victor to be there while he figures out how to fix himself and if that RIGHT THERE isn’t proof that Yuuri is the best character on this show then I must be dreaming!

If there was ever a better way to show character growth between the two, it was this scene right here. This scene that tells us that Yuuri knows he’s broken and he has a lot to work on but he doesn’t expect Victor to solve his problems for him, he just wants Victor to walk beside him in times of trouble, to be his beacon when he cant find the way and to help support him when he finds himself lacking the strength to do so on his own.

It was emotional and beautiful and seeing that Victor helped Yuuri with his confidence, maybe now we’ll see Yuuri helping inspire Victor even more!

Ep 7 just ended and I’m thirsting for more! Bring it on ep 8! We’ll be waiting!!



Never gonna let you go
Giving you my heart and soul

“Sam and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“I know it’s a little strange, for the guy who flies around like a bird to own a cat, but I found him setting off a perimeter alarm while on patrol. He was all thin and sick and, well… I got attached. And hell, I’m down for irony. So, yeah, the Falcon has a cat.”

Sam is a soft touch for poor, neglected creatures turning up on his doorstep. He lets the cat chase Redwing around for fun and exercise.

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Hi, my name’s Keith…and I’m not like those other boys, oh no. I’m not a jock, or goth or a nerd. I’m just Keith. *pan over to Lance* That’s Lance. He is soooo hot. How does one begin to describe the hotness of the great Lance McClain? He’s like if Jeremy Shada and Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe had a baby. But me? I’m just Keith. And this is my story. *Dirty Little Secret plays*

Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of More Headcanons Appearing On Your Dash?

wOuLD yOU LikE TO?

So I like the idea of Sport and Robbie being everybody’s metaphorical fathers

(Can also be found at: @sportarobbieincantation)

•Robbie will sometimes take the kids into his lair when it’s too hot outside and just let them play around

•So long as they don’t break anything, of course
•He makes snacks and everything
•The first time Robbie “reluctantly” did this, Sportacus lost his shit
•He thought something horrible had happened and it made it worse because his crystal wasn’t saying anything
•Eventually, his elven hearing picked up on music coming from underground and he had never run to the lair hatch quicker in his life
•He raced downed it and was immediately upset that he hadn’t brought a camera
•Robbie was dancing the Macarena with the kids and they were all ENJOYING themselves
•"I knew you’d be a great dad.“

•Another time, Sportacus had shown up and they were all cuddled up in the chair.
•All of them, Robbie and all the kids just snuggled up together asleep
•Bonus points because Robbie had Stephanie cradled in his arms rather protectively and she was hugging him back
•Sportacus had a camera that time
•Robbie’s favorite tool will always be mallets and hammers. He has some type of magical connection to them that not even he understands.

•He has kinds of all shapes and sizes when it comes to his hammer tools, some even bigger than himself
•Sportacus failed to lift one of the larger ones, but then Robbie picked it up and slung it over his shoulder no problem???
•"You can’t even lift me!”
•Anything made with these hammers is connected to Robbie in a magical sense, like his microwave or his disguise machine
•Sportacus has seen Robbie wield them as a weapon only once and he made a vow to never make him mad enough to see again
•"How can you lift those?“/“Magic or sumthin’, I dunno.”
•Robbie *still sleepy af*: “Pixel’s a close second.”
•Sportacus *over the screams of angry children*: “ROBBIE PLEASE.”
•Sportacus caught Robbie dry cereal out of a cup while upside down in his chair and Sportacus swore to the heavens he had died on the spot
•Both have been called “Uncle” and/or “Dad” by all the kids at the least once
•In return, they’ve called them “my son/daughter”
•Everybody kinda stopped noticing after a while
•The kids like watching Robbie do magic as much as they love watching Sport do acrobatics
•Sportacus doesn’t like admitting when he needs help

•This has ended him up in many a situation that it was Robbie or the kids that had the save him
•Sportacus will sometimes bottle up his frustration whenever he can’t figure something out on his own, even after the problem’s been solved
•This is becausehe’s the hero and he needs to protect them, not the other way around
•Eventually, the dam breaks and he’s left bawling in Robbie’s arms
•Robbie helps him understand that needing help is okay and admitting you need it is okay too
•Sportacus still has this problem from time to time, but it’s not as frustrating anymore
•"Robbie, is that a skirt?“
•"Yes. Why?”
•"…Does it come in blue? And do you have any shorts to go with it?“
•Sportacus is gonna be the big spoon even if he has to fight for it
•Robbie is Emotional Support Dad™ while Sportacus is Physical Support Dad™

•Robbie lets the kids cry on his shoulder and even helps them through their problems
•Sportacus doesn’t let the kids out themselves down about how they look and always makes sure to bring their moods back up


  • viktor’s pov ?? 
  • viktor: “i think he’s the one named jj” dang the sass 
  • “sleeping beauty” 
  • viktor jumping on yuri while he’s all cold and wet 
  • The Date   
  • confirmed sugar daddy viktor 
  • viktor and yuuri holding hands and walking with their arms around each other 
  • yuuri’s blush during tHAT SCENE
  • viktor sPittinG OUT his drink when yuuri tells him he doesn’t remember talking to him 
  • (how had viktor never brought this up before ??) 
  • phichit telling everyone in the restaurant that his friend got married
  • otabek clapping with a completely straight face 
  • viktor looking hot af by the ocean 
  • yuuri basicaLLY humping viktor 
  • viktor’s little gasp when yuuri says be my coach 
  • ….. just ….
  • …..the whole thing ….
  • how is this real
  • still in shock 
  • b y e e e e
Show Me What You’ve Got

Title:  Show Me What You’ve Got

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Reader request: Dean x reader where they meet at a hunter bar and the reader helps Dean get out of a fight after he hustles some guys at pool? Just a lot of badassery on her part and he’s impressed by her maybe? - anon

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  2385

Warnings:  nsfw, explicit language (Dean has a potty mouth), explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), drinking, bar fight

Author’s Notes:  Written in Dean’s POV.

(gif courtesy of kendaspntwd)

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he’s all i aspire to be:

  • has absolutely no fucks to give
  • is the epitome of chill
  • doesn’t do much but gets shit done
  • take a closer look, his eyelash wing thingy is on point
  • has hot people riding relying on him
  • is noticed by takashi fucking shirogane

and now where is this magnificent creature?? aboard a ship with five humans who’ve only had alien goop for months, among them a master chef, and in the entirety of this season, kaltenecker is only seen in this episode, are. you. FEELING. ME???

Castings I want to see in the next P&P adaptation

- A really hot Mrs. Bennet in her early 40s. Mrs. Bennet, for all her nerves, is definitely a MILF. Mr. Bennet married her despite her personality because she was just that hot. They had five daughters together. He jokes if she goes to call on Mr. Bingley with her daughters he might like her the best. Sure it’s a joke but it would only be funny if there was an element of truth.

- Bingley with a northern accent. Oh come on, it’d just be funny!

- Georgiana Darcy who is played by a tall, well-developed 16 year old with dark hair. Enough of the skinny, whispy blondes! The entire point is she looks older and more mature than she is and she looks proud and haughty when actually she’s just a sweet orphan kid who’s had some pretty awful things happen to her.

- Light and witty Caroline Bingley. She has some wonderfully arch comments and while she is definitely a social climbing snob, she is also really quite funny. She is a foil to Elizabeth; they are not so dissimilar. Let’s see that in her casting and direction.

- Lady Catherine who isn’t too ancient. She’s probably between 40 and 50. Don’t forget she has a daughter who is unlikely to be more than Darcy’s age. She’s not an ancient Grande Dame. She’s more on the lines of Lady Russell or Mrs. Ferrars.

- Gaudy, modern Rosings. Rosings is a modern house with lots of windows. It’s not a grand Jacobean pile oozing old money. It needs to be as ostentatious as you can imagine without any depth of character. This is particularly to contrast it with Pemberley, which should be classy without gaudiness. (Which is where Chatsworth as Pemberley just fails so much in my view. There’s no way Mr. Darcy would be okay with all that gold and Baroque ornamentation. He’s a neo-classical man, I’m convinced of it.)