but he is an old man

(2/3) “One day I found a box of old love letters that my dad had written to my mom. They were romantic letters. They said nice things. I was surprised because I’d never seen him say those things. All of that had disappeared before I was born. My father had never told me anything about himself. Everything I know about him, I learned from my mom. She told me that the romance had been an act. She told me that she later realized he was a very cold man. But Mom always told me that we shouldn’t blame him. She said he had a very rough childhood. His father abandoned the family when he was very young. His mother married another man, and sent him to live with an uncle. She raised an entirely new family and left my father behind. He had a very lonely childhood. So my mother always told me: ‘You must not blame your father.’ She told me that always. Especially after she got sick.”

(Santiago, Chile)


You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of fanart and fics where aged up Lance has scars on his skin, and man do I dig that aesthetic, but what if it’s the opposite? What if healing pods not only repair injuries to the point where there’s no scarring, but they also repair old damage? Like, say, regenerating tissues and cells to the point where the whole body is like brand new.

The scar that Lance’s sister gave him when he was four? Gone. The old burn he had when he was twelve and touched the stove? Like it was never there in the first place. And siblings fight, and Lance has a lot of siblings, so he’s bound to have many “battle” scars, but they’re wiped away, one by one  — like they were never there, like his past with his family never happened.

So maybe at some point, when he only has so many scars left, Lance starts fearing taking an injury, not because of pain and blood, but because that means another trip to a healing pod. Another mark of his past, proof that he really is a boy from Cuba, washed away like ocean foam. Maybe at some point, even if the injury is severe enough for to warrant a visit to the pods, but not quite severe enough that it’d keep Lance from piloting Blue, he denies Coran when he suggests he visit the infirmary. Maybe he wants to heal naturally, welcoming new scars to join the old ones.

Maybe he learns to accept it, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe the birthmark on his hip is one day wiped away, replaced by unblemished tanned skin, and maybe Lance stays up till two crying because there’s so little left of who he used to be. What’s left of him that hasn’t been stomped on by parades of war and sullied with blood, tears and duty?

And maybe, when years have passed and the universe is finally well off that they can return home for a few vargas, maybe… Maybe Lance still looks the same.

Maybe all his visits to the healing pods; being exposed to their magic and quintessence has regenerated him to the point where he still looks exactly the same as he did when they snuck out of the Garrison that one oh so fateful night. Maybe it’s been two years, maybe it’s been ten, but the Paladins all look the same, to the dot, like they’re untouched by time. But Lance’s family doesn’t. His little sister, who used to only reach Lance’s hip, all pigtails and freckles, maybe she’s now tall enough to reach his chest and better at math than Lance will ever be. Maybe she has new scars Lance has never seen or kissed away.

Maybe his mom has worry lines and grey hairs Lance knows she didn’t have when he last saw her, and maybe she talks less than he remembers. Maybe she has to pinch herself when she first sees her son after however many years, because he hasn’t changed a bit. Maybe she breaks into tears at the sight of him, and her hug is just as warm and three times as tight as Lance remembers.

Maybe his siblings give him a new scar to cherish before there’s another planet, another crisis that needs Voltron.

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How do the boys age? Y'know, who's going bald, gray etc?

Noctis: He’s the type to look good for his age up until he reaches 70 and it hits him all at once. Gets a decent amount of wrinkles, but they aren’t too deep. Like Regis, he’d have a full head of hair well into old age.

Prompto: His face gets fuller, and he also gets a few gray hairs. He ends up dyeing them before they get out of control. Prompto also finally decides to change his hair, going for a short side part that is significantly more tame but still familiar.

Gladio: Doesn’t start to gray for a surprisingly long time, but the deep laugh lines and crows feet make up for it. Once those grays start to show Gladio opts for a braided man bun to keep his mane contained.

Ignis: Virtually ageless, save for the salt-and-pepper hair he starts developing in his mid-forties. Once Ignis starts going gray he chooses to not color it and goes for the au naturale™ look. His hair would thin a little, but he wouldn’t go bald.

Do you know how I joined the Order? I’ve never forgotten. My mother asked Qui-Gon if he would take me away, if I would become a Jedi. He said yes, and that was all. My entire life, decided right then. I was nine years old. Qui-Gon said Jedi training was difficult. That it would be a hard life. I saw a magic man, with a sword made out of light and a starship. I was a slave, on a world made of dust. What was I going to say? NO?
—  Anakin Skywalker to Obi-Wan Kenobi (Obi-Wan & Anakin #04).

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What was the last thing that made you happy?

My son’s friend, as he was leaving to go home after sleeping over last night and going with us to see my dad, being the most gracious and polite 11 year old young man I’ve ever seen in thanking me for having him over.

First impressions with my 11 year old brother - GOT7

Mark: Such a lady’s man
JB: He just tries too hard
Jinyoung: Looks like a High School Musical extra
Youngjae: He looks like he’s being forced to do this, why
Jackson: What a gangsta, hes always wearing a backwards cap like “yo”
Bambam: Is he the youngest? (me: “no”) hoW IS HE NOT THE YOUNGEST? HE LOOKS THE YOUNGEST???
Yugyeom: He’s always looking right in photos… in more ways than one ayYYYE

More first impressions 

Request a group for my brother to react to!

I’ll Be Around For You

I saw Angelica Hamilton’s piano when I visited The Grange this past summer and let me just say that her story hurts me the most of all the sadness that befell the family. But right here they’re happy! We’re in the eye of the hurricane, kiddos… (Wanna read the previous chapters?)

PART TEN: Someday, someday…


John Laurens had watched Philip Hamilton become a bold, confident young man. At eighteen, he reminded John more and more of the love of his life, the boy’s father, Alexander.

Philip had something Alexander didn’t, though, because he had Eliza for a mom. Her compassion and kindness were just as evident in the eighteen-year-old as were Alexander’s scrappy wit and intellect.

It was early in the evening and Philip was home from classes. Eliza and the three youngest children were still out, and his father was still at work, so it was just Philip, Angelica, Alexander Jr., and James.

Philip found Angelica at the piano that the aunt for whom she was named had sent her from London. She’d come to spend most of her days on that bench.

“Hey, Sis,” Philip said as he flopped onto the settee in the back of the room.

Angelica smiled in acknowledgement of him, but kept playing. This was how it usually went. If Philip, or anyone, for that matter, dared to speak to her while she was playing, Angie would simply keep playing until she was finished.

Everyone indulged her in this because she was an especially talented pianist, and because she’d grown into a kind of quirky girl. John worried about her from time to time, but, even when she seemed to slip into another world every now and then, she always came back; she was always cheery.

Once she was finished, Philip started to applaud. She laughed at his shenanigans. John smiled at the siblings, who reminded him of his own, sometimes. He missed them. He missed them more and more each day. Some days, he wished he could see them again. But that would mean leaving Philip, and Philip needed him. He said he’d always be there for Philip, and, by god, he would be.

“Want to go look at some birds, Angie?” Philip asked.

Piano and birds: Angelica Hamilton’s favorite things.

Angelica Hamilton: Philip Hamilton’s favorite person in the world.

John remembered when Philip was younger–– oh, the fuss he’d put up about not having a brother. And then he gets brother after brother, only to attach to his sister the most. In fact, he’d only gotten a second sister this past year–– a little one named Elizabeth, for their mother. Not since Fanny left them to go live with her married sister had there been a second girl in their home.

They all made such a bit fuss over the baby, but perhaps nobody made more of a fuss than Philip and Angie. They loved to make the baby laugh, to soothe her when she cried. John loved to watch, imagining how great a father Philip would make some day, how loving of a mother Angelica would be to her own children.

Their futures seemed so bright. That year, everything seemed so bright.

“I’d love to,” Angelica said, a smile spreading across her face.

“Then let’s go,” Philip exclaimed.

John smiled as he watched the siblings race outside into the early evening sunlight.

One time when I was in Japan, there was an old man who was our taxi driver. He was really stoic and said nothing to any of us. During the drive he got out of the car for some reason, then came back. I asked if everything was okay- (大丈夫ですか) and he just got so excited, his face lit up, it was adorable, and then he started talking in the fastest Japanese I’ve ever heard. I understood none of what he was saying because he was talking SO FAST but he was so exited I had spoken in Japanese it was adorable 


Dean Winchester x Reader

2350 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @fangirlingfanatic2442  Love you are your writing, you are super sweet ahh. So I have a one-shot request for you. The reader has always had a strange ability, to tell how dangerous a person was on a scale of one to ten, so a trained man with a rifle would be an eight while a seven-year-old child would be a three. One day in her school a boy walks into her class with a ten above his head. She is curious and terrified, and soon finds out why he’s so dangerous.

Your life wasn’t like everyone else’s. It was hard to live a normal life when you had a set of skills no one else had even heard of having. At first they had thought you had been lying, but when you continued, they had marked you off as having a mental illness. Finally, when you were starting high school, you had pretended it had gone away, just for a little piece of mind. It was hard having people staring at you, talking about you when they thought you couldn’t hear. Saying how weird you were, how you would no doubt end up in a padded room before you even graduated.

It wasn’t like you could kill people with your mind, or even thought you could read their minds. You could just see a red number hanging over people’s heads. At first, when you were a lot younger, you hadn’t even realized it was there, or what it was. But as you grew up, growing smarter, you wondered why everyone had a number, from one to ten. It took you a long time to realize those numbers measure how dangerous a person was. When your sister was born, she only had a two over her head. And she sure proved that she wasn’t dangerous at all. As sweet as she could be, she was the type of girl everyone loved, even you. Then there was that boy in seventh grade that had a six over his head. He ended up breaking your heart by dating your best friend behind your back.

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I did an essay today about following your dreams, and I wrote about you, Ethan, and G. My teacher, who is a 65 year old man told me he loves your videos. (He said he likes Ethan and g, but they are too extreme for him) he said your videos are what he watches while grading papers. I've never been happier than finding out he love the great bagel lord and meme king, girbeagly. 💛

Your teacher is awesome! Us old guys gotta stick together, I guess :P

destined to fall

For @ketlingr, @theboringprincess, @windcalling and of course everyone else who’s interested!

This is just little old ReRe, bringing some Stuckony goodness to your dash. Includes insecure Angel!Tony, flirty Demon!Steve and Teasing Human!Bucky, angst and no proper communication whatsoever. You’re welcome and please don’t hate me.

Steve Rogers is quite possibly the most twisted, corrupted, genuinely evil guy Tony has ever had the pleasure to meet. 

And by ‘evil’ he doesn’t just mean wearing shirts so tight they should be illegal, pulling off moves on the dance floor that make Tony swear he can literally see the pure sin rolling off the man’s skin and flirting relentlessly with Tony, even though he already has a boyfriend. An unfairly hot, sarcastic boyfriend who looks far too good in leather jackets to be left unsupervised, damn it. 

No, Tony means the literal evil as well. Because naturally the first person he falls for after his breakup with Pepper just had to be a demon. Really, Tony doesn’t even know why Rhodey was surprised when he’d confessed his crush–not that he had to, with the way it had been weighing on his mind Rhodey must have felt it from miles away. If anything it’s a miracle that this is the first time Tony has fallen for one. His luck was bound to run out eventually.

“Hey there, butterfly,” Steve’s husky voice interrupts, successfully bringing Tony’s internal self-berating to a crashing halt.

He glares up at the other man–and it’s so incredibly hot irritating, the way Steve’s at least a head taller than him and looks like he could break Tony in half with his pinky (he couldn’t), how is this even fair?–though going by the smug expression he gets in return, it does little to hide his burning cheeks. The traitors.

[Story continues under the cut. Or at least it should. With any luck, tumblr will be in a good mood when you see this and it’ll work.]

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Like what really grinds my gears is that this man is in his 30s. He SHOULD be acting like an adult. 

But once again, the fucking truth is that musicians (especially men) have to be in dick measuring contests all the time and act like 15 year olds. 


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Hey do you ship s*alladin?


I don’t mind when others do, but i look at it from a different perspective. I guess paladins can have a hero crush on Shiro becuase he’s like a role model for them, but I can’t imagine Shiro falling for a teenager. 

When my friend had admirer who was 17 years old we were teasing her by singing: “well he was just…seventeen, you know what I mean~” and saying it’s time to watch “17 again” that ridiculous it seems to us- 22 years old, let alone Shiro- a 26 years old man, tired with life.